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Commissioner Application Weld County Council BOCC Vacancy Application PME Full Name: _EEELY DAVID Lee Date:01/31/2020 inet Fist i Address: 2711 W. 26th STREET ‘Sreet across Aearianitnt a GREELEY co. 80634 oy st 2 Code Phone 4970-339-0088 303-506-9916 cma dl Date Available: 2/18/2020 Date of Birth:_01/29/1954 Selary'See Below Position Applied for: Weld County Gommi ‘Areyous ctizenofthe Unted Sates? — Eno, areyou authorized toworkintne US.? ‘ES YES NO ‘Are you a registered republican elector?) Yes Have you ever been convicted of a felony? tyes, wien? ifyes, please explain No (Applicants subject to Weld Gounty Sherif background check 1B) for felony convictions) ‘Commissioners salary shall be the 2020 prorated salary for this position. Yes No From: 1969 To 1973 Did you graduate? Diploma: College: Address YES NO From To: Did you graduate? Tl 1 — Degroe:__ Other NATIONAL CAMERA Address: 2000 W. UNION AVE. ENGLEWOOD CO. 80110 YES NO From: 1978, To:_1979 Didyougraduate? & (] Degree: CAMERA REPAIR TECH. Please list Experience: ‘Signature of Applicant: “Attach additional sheet if needed Signature: Full Name: Relationship: Company: Phone: Address: Full Name Relationship Company : Phone Address: : Company: KEY CAMERA SERVICE /Procam_ Phone:303-772-7690 Address: 1428 MAIN STREET LONGMONT,CO, 80501 Supervcor: Job Title: TECHNICIAN & OWNER Starting Salary$ Ending Salary:$ Responsites: OWNER (ALL THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF RUNNING A BUSINESS) From: 01/1992 __ To. PRESENT Reason for Leaving: Yes NO May we contact your previous supervisor fora reference? — o Company: PK, PHOTO & ELECTRONIC _ Phone:CLOSED Address: 1370 S. RROANWAY DENVER,CO ‘Supervisor, PAUL KEYS vob Tie: REPAIR TECHICIAN Starting Salary:s 30,000.00 Ending Salary:$_ Responsibilities: REPAIR ALLTYPE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS From 1991 _ To_1992 Reason for Leaving: 10 BUY KEY CAMERA SERVICE Yes No May we contact your previous supervisor fora reference? Tl PAUL IS DECEASED Company: SPECTRON INSTRUMENT CORP _ Phone: CLOSED Address: 4342 4 CEDAR AVE. DENVER,CO-80223— SUPEMEO_picuaRD spect Job Tite: PROJECT SUPERVISOR Starting Salary:s35,000.00 Ending Selays SAME Responsibies: ORGANIZE ASSEMBLERS TO MAKE TEST INSTURMENTS MACHINE PARTS, MAKE " OO From: 1989 To:_1991 Reason for Leaving: closing business YES NO ‘May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference? —'T) Gi RICHARD IS DECEASED Branch: From: To: Rank at Discharge: ‘Type of Discharge: other than honorable, explain: PESEMren Ses | certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge, 1 this application loads interview may result Signature: January 31 2020 Attention: The Office Of WELD COUNTY COUNCIL I David L. Feely has been a resident at 2711 W. 26" Street Greeley, Co. 90634 form 1996 to present. I David L. Feely has been self employed for 28 years. My business is KEY CAMERA SERVICE/ ProCam at 1428 Main Street, Longmont, co. 80501 I have been at this same location for 28 years, I have been down sizing for retirement in the future and at this time I have 3 part-time employees. WELD COUNTY REPUBLICANS PARTY ACTIVITIES: A life long Republican. I have served on the Wild County Republicans Executive Committee as a District Captain J from 2009-2012 and again District Captain L from 2017-2019, Thave been a PCP & Precinct Captain in Precinct #4135062220, presently a PCP, Thave been elected several times to State and County Assemblies as a Delegate and as a Alternate. CLUBS & VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIE! ‘A Life Member of (ANA) American Numismatic Association. Also a certified ANA exhibit judge for national show exhibits, ‘A member of (IBNS) International Bank Note Society. I have organized and started a IBNS Rocky Mountain Region Chapter and is President. ‘A member of Front Range Coin Club and a board member. ‘A member of Greeley Coin Club and I am Chairman for the Greeley Coin Show. A member of the Colorado Camera Collectors Club, I am one of the founders 1983. A member of (SPT) The Society of Poto-Technologists,