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February 3, 2020 Weld County Council, lam submitting my application, resume and experience for the open Weld County Commissioner at Large position, recently vacated by Sean Conway. | believe | can bring leadership to this temporary role. | have many years of experience in leading people either in my military experience or while | worked at the Cruise Terminal in Long Beach overseeing hundreds of long shoremen and succeeded daily in getting the task at hand done. 1am not campaigning for this office and do not intend to. | want to offer my skills and experience to help the transition until the duly elected winner is sworn in. | will serve with the fiscal well-being of Weld County being my top priority. | have proven experience working with the County and its staff and Board I have management experience and have led many teams in getting projects completed. My degree in land use planning and time on the Planning Commission will bring knowledge to land use issues that the County will face. | am proud of my service to my country and my community. | would appreciate this ‘opportunity to once again play a role in helping my community. Sincerely, p>—~— O eee Mike Finn Weld County Council BOCC Vacancy Application Commissioner Application IRE FulName: _ Z7ala/_ Yichtel re int reat a address: JO 2/ Jel" sz Shoat Koss ApartneaaF Gheeley Zo ELBE ity State ‘ZIP Code Prone: G7) SFO SPP Email AYAE Fae. FO0O \V Mes — Date Available: 2/19/2020. Date of Birth: fad 9 - Salary:See Below Position Applied for: Weld County Commissioner at Large yes. No Yes. No ‘Are you a citizen of the United States? Ta Cl ifno, are you authorized to work in the U.S.? EO Yes -NO Are you a registered republican elector? 2 CO ttyes, when?. 2o 08 Iyes, please expla YES _No_(Appicants subject to Weld County Sheriff background check Have you ever been convicted of a felony? C] for felony convictions) Commissioners salary shall be the 2020 prorated salary for this position eee High Schoot Lépywefel [pb ricross: