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January 31, 2020 Elijah Hatch 25307 County Road SO Kersey, CO 80644 (970) 619-1921 To the Members of The Weld County Council: | am writing to apply for the open At Large Seat of the Board of Weld County Commissioners. As requested, | have enclosed a completed application, additional experience sheet, and a resume, along with letters of recommendation. This role is very appealing to me, and { believe that my strong leadership skills, business background and county volunteer experience make me a highly competitive candidate for this position. ! have many key strengths that would support my success in this position which include: ‘+ Ihave successfully built and managed several businesses. + Imanage 2 muitimillion-dotiar portfolio and budget annually. ead 30+ employees on a daily basis. ‘* am experienced in Planning and Zoning for the County. ‘© Ihave served on the Executive Committee for several county boards. Ihave a comprehensive understanding of County Commissioner duties and roles within Weld County. While I believe that | will make an excellent addition to the Board of County Commissioners, | want to take a moment to re-iterate my intent. {will be ecstatic to accept this position as a place holder and serve the remaining ten months of Commissioner Conway's term. | will not be seeking re-election, will not create an ex parte incumbency. | believe whole heartedly in the Democratic process, and want the choice to remain with the people of Weld County as to whom will represent their interests in the future. 2020 will be an important election year and |, myself, along with all of Weld County should have ‘the opportunity to decide with our votes as to who the next Commissioner at Large for Weld County should be. Thank you for your time and consideration. 1 look forward to speaking with you about this unique opportunity. Sincerely, Clyb itt Elijah Hatch Commissioner Application CYTE Weld County Council BOCC Vacancy Application Ful Name; Hatch Elijah Pate: 01/81/2020 ist Fist Mi ‘Adéress: 25307 County Road 50 Breet asiress Fearinant® Kersey co 80644 oy ‘State 21 Code Phone: 970-619-1921 Email ¢ Date Avaliable: 2/49/2020 Date of ith: 05/15/1980 SolarySee Below Poston Applied for: Weld County Commissioner at Large: Yes No Yes No ‘Are you acitzen ofthe United States?“ «E)_—fno, are you authorized towork inthe us?) YEs No ‘Are you a registered republican elector? —KI_—«E__—tyes, when?_06/22/2009 if yes, please explain YES No (Applicants subject to Weld Counly Sherif background check Have you ever been convicted of afelony? [] {4 for felony convictions) ‘Commissioners salary shall be the 2020 prorated salary for this position High School Platte Valley High School ‘Address: 901 Campbell St, Kersey CO 80844 From; 1994 To. 1998 College: Aims Community College Yes, Did you graduate? Bd No a ‘Address; 5401 20th Street, Greeley CO 80634 From: 1999 To: 2002 Did you graduate? ‘E) ' —_Degree: Computer Information Systems other Adress: ves NO From: To: Didyougraduate? Degree: REESE Please list Experience: Please see add) Signature of Applicant nal sheet, 1 Please see additional pages for references and reccomendation letter wh DIRE? / 20 Signature Full Name: Relationship: Company: Phone Address: Full Name: Relationship: Company: Phone: Address: ASE Company: Hired Gun Weed & Pest Control, LLC. Phone: 970-405-3249 Address: P.O. Box 517, Kersey CO 80644 Supervisor, N/A Job Title: ___ Qwner/CEO. Starting Salay'$ Ny) Ending Salary'$ 208,000.00 Responsibilities: oversee all aspects of the company including financial, technology and future planning, From: 2009 To; Present Reason for Leaving: N/A Yes No May we contact your previous supervisor fora reference? = X= Company: HG Solar, LLC Phone: 970-614-5667 Address: P.O. Box 517, Kersey CO 80644 Supervisor. N/A Job Tite: _Owner/CEO Starting Salary WA Ending Salary:s combined with above Responsibilties; | 0Versee all aspects of the company including financial, technology and future planning, From: 2019 To: Present Reason for Leaving: N/A Yes NO May we contact your previous supervisor for areference? = IK Company: HG Toys, LLC Phone: 970-400-1413 Address: P.O. Box 517, Kersey CO 80644 Supervisor. N/A Job Tite: Owner/CEO ‘Starting Salary's N/A Ending Salary combined with above Responsibilities: | oversee all aspects of the company including financial, technology and future planning, From: 2018 To: Present Reason for Leaving: N/A. Yes NO May we contact your previous supervisor fora reference? o Mee Branch: From: To: Rank at Discharge Type of Discharge: Ifother than honorable, explain: DEAN ‘cently that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, | understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my sioratue: Ply, ZL. LLibe vate [/37_(2aI0 MELT I sheet ‘Weld County Planning Commission ~ Commissioner At Large + Iwas appointed by the BOCC in July of 2018 and currently hold this position. Weld County Fair Board — President ‘* I served on the Weld County Fair board from 2011 to 2017, Elected to the position of President for the 2016/2017 term. After the re-design of the Fair Board in 2019, | had the opportunity to be re-appointed to the board. | was then elected as the President at the first meeting of the newly designated Weld County Fair Board and currently serve in that position. Platte Valley FFA Foundation Board - Board Member © Thisis my third year as a member of the FFA Foundation and continue to offer my financial and leadership skills Platte Valley FFA Alumni — Board Member ‘© Asan alumni of the Platte Valley FFA, | have served as a board member for the last ten years, | have been an executive committee member several times for the alumni and. will continue to offer my services. Weld County Horse Council President ©The horse council is a subsidiary of Weld County 4-H and the Weld County Fair, dealing. with all aspects of the 4H Horse Project. 25307 WR 50 Kemey, CO 20644 (70619-1921 chateb@hiredgun not ‘ Elijah Hatch as To further personal growth benefiting my family and community Employment Positions Jan 2009-Present Hired Gun Weed & Pest Control, LLC Kersey, CO Owner and State Qualified Supervisor ‘© CEO of pesticide application company '* Colorado state licensed and insured Qualified Supervisor © www: hiredgun net ‘Aug 2019-Present HG Solar, LLC Kersey, CO ‘Owner and Certified Contractor © Owner and CEO of solar mechanical contracting company ‘© Colorado State licensed and NABCEP Certified © www. hesolar net Jan 2018-Present HG Toys, LLC Kersey, CO ‘Owner and Designer ‘© Ownerand CEO of lifelike toy truck & trailer design and ‘manufacturing company © Volunteer Positions 2011-2017/ 2019-Present_ Weld County Fair Board Greeley, CO President for 2020 Jul2018-Present_ Weld County Planning Commission Greeley, CO ‘Commissioner At Large Jan 2018-Present_ _Platfe Valley FFA Foundation Board Kersey, CO Board Member ‘Mr. Michael D. Wailes, Chairman, Weld County Planning Commission, Greeley, CO (970) 301-0712, , Glenn McClain, Jr Ed. D. Superintendent, Platte Valley School District Re-7, Kersey, CO (970) 336-8500 ‘Mr, Austin Wablert, Country Music Artist & TV Producer, Galeton, CO (970) 396-8008 ‘Mr. John Stahley, Colorado Agriculture Education Coordinator, Kersey, CO (070) 396-6564 Mr. Travas Brenner, Owner, Brenner Materials LLC. Breckenridge, CO (970) 420-8210 E Glenn McClain Jr. Ed.D. P.O. Box 48s Superintendent of Schools Platte Valley School District x ‘Weld RE-7 ae January 27, 2020 RE: Letter of Recommendation for Elijah Hatch It gives me great pleasure to recommend Elijah Hatch to be considered to fill the vacant seat for Weld County Commissioner. Elijah has been a lifelong resident of Weld County and our Jocal community where he is a proud alumnus of the Platte Valley High School. He continues to donate his time and resources to his schoo! and community. I regularly see him donating his time to our CTE Agriculture Education Program and FFA through providing advice and as a resource to students and teachers. He is a regular supporter of many community activities. When I am at a community meeting and the group is trying to think of people to ask for support and advice or how to get something done, Eli Hatch and his businesses are often mentioned as “go to” people for our community. I have appreciated his knowledge of the community and business skills, 1 think that Elijah Hatch is well suited to being in leadership and will serve the citizenry of Weld County well. We would all be served well by such a fine man of integrity and acumen. Moreover, he genuinely cares about his neighbor and fellow man. ‘Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, E. Glenn McClain, Jr., Ed.D aa Cun tee suo sTaR WEEE Tonya L. Van Beber Chairwoman, Weld County Council 1150 O Street Greeley, CO 80832 Madam Chairwoman and Council Members, Itis with great pleasure and honor that | write to you and recommend Elijah Hatch to fil the recent vacancy for the at-large Weld County Commissioner seat. | have known and worked with Mr. Hatch for the past two years and have nothing but positive things to say. He is a thoughtful and respected citizen of Weld County and there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Hatch will be an excellent addition to the Weld County Board of County ‘Commissioners. ‘As a commissioner on the Weld County Planning Commission, he is always calm and collected and asks pertinent questions of both applicants and staff. His vast knowledge of the multiple facets that make up Weld County's diverse economy is an asset that we rely upon at every public hearing. His leadership skills are well demonstrated not only in the business world, but also as the current President of the Weld County Fair Board. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (970) 301-0712 or at if you have any further questions or requests. Regards, AL ML Michael D. Wailes Chairman, Weld County Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments 1555 N 17th Ave Greeley, CO 80831 Colorado Agricultural Education Local Teacher Success ear 1636 Plains Drive poe Eaton, Colorado 80614 (970) 396-6564 January 24, 2020 Weld County Council Weld County Government, PO Box 758, Greeley, CO 80632 ‘Weld County Council, 1 am pleased to recommend Elijah Hatch to the Weld County Couneil for consideration of appointment to the currently vacant position on the Board of County Commissioners of Weld County. I have been a resident of Weld County for the past 30 years from when I took the position of Agricultural Education Instructor/FFA ‘Advisor at Platte Valley School District RE-7 in Kersey. I have known Elijah and his family since 1989 before he was a student and FFA Member. As a student and FFA Member Elijah showed an incredible spirit of determination, serving as a chapter officer and competing on State Champion and National Horse Judging teams. Elijah is a true family man who is community minded and has a passion for serving the residents, agricultural industry, and the gas and oil industry of Weld County. Elijah’s service on the Weld County Planning Commission, Weld County Fair Board, and Platte Valley FFA Foundation demonstrates his commitment to our community. Elijah’s successful businesses show his abilities of management and compliance in a heavily regulated cher l application business. In all his businesses he demonstrates creativity with the ability to see the opportunity to fill a market need, while creating employment opportunities, growing our economy for the benefit of the citizens of Weld County. As our county continues to grow, we will face additional challenges related to jobs, taxes, transportation, and education. Elijah is the type of person who understands that there are always two or more sides to any issue, he has thoughtful consideration to always do what is best for Weld County. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely, oan. Colorado Agricultural Education LTS Program Coordinator