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Weld County Council BOCC Vacancy Application Commissioner Application Full Name: _Hoshiko Hunter Date:___ 4/30/20 First ti Address: 31641 CR 41 7 ‘Stet Across Farner Greeley co 80631 Oty ‘Stete ‘ZIP Code Phone: _ 970-397-1601 Email hunterhoshiko Date Available: 2/19/2020 Date of Birth: 11/19/1991 Salary:See Below Position Applied for: Weld County Commissioner at Large Yes NO YES No ‘Are you a citizen of the United States? OI no, are you authorized to work inthe US.? CO Yes NO ‘Are you a registered republican elector? = Z)-—S«s]_—itfyes, when?, ites, please explain: YES No (Applicants subject to Wield Gounly Sheriff background check ‘Have you ever been convicted of a felony? [J for felony convictions) ‘Commissioners salary shall be the 2020 prorated salary for this position. eee Teen --Attach additional High School: __Hararave Miltary Academy __ Address:___200 Miltary Dr. Chatham, VA 24534 YES NO From 2006 To:_2009 Didyougraduate? @ 1) Diploma:_jighschool Diploma College: Point Loma Nazarene University Address:__2000 Lamaland Dr San Diego CA 92106 Yes No . From: _ 2009 To:_2019 Didyougraduate? M Degree:Bachelors: Political Science Other: Point Loma Nazarene University Address: YES NO Masters in Business From: _20193 To:_20)14 Did you graduate? 1) Degree: Administration Attach additional sheet if needed. REEDS Please list Experience: Jnited States Senate Page - Vice Chair South Platte Basin Signature of Applicant: Roundtable Date:__5/2008.8/2008 Signature: Full Name: Samara Such Relationship: wow, Associate Company: Boe Valoy Capa Phone: zop.sus aio Address: po 8th Ave. Greelew CO 0591 Full Name: ett Vara Relationship:_colcaque 20. Company: Vara Companice Phone Address 20 Gage St Frederick, CO HoS16 Pease Company: Pouce Valley Capital Phone:__720-45.6201 Address: Supervisor:_civis Dian fpoin an Aye. Suite 122, Greely, CO 80631 From: 110019 Te:__Present Reason for Leaving:__\ Yes No May we contact your previous supervisor fora reference? a Company: Safe and Secure Storage Phone: 970-616-4606 Address: 1015 314 Seat, Greeley, C0 80631 Supervisor:_ Soi owned Job Title: Owner Starting Salary:$ N/A Ending Salary Responsibillies: __ Qwn storage units and outside parking areas From: 512017 To:__Present Reason for Leaving:__N/\ YES NO May we contact your previous supervisor for areference? o ‘Company: Hoshiko Resources Inc. Phone:_970-381-1161 Address: 123 sth Ave, Greeley CO 80631 Supervisor:_Dinnis Hoshiko Job Tile: Business Development Director Starting Salary’$ N/A, Ending Salary Responsbililes: __ Promote and execute land development projects From: 2014 To:___2018 Reason for Leaving_New Job Opportunity Yes NO ‘May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference? a Military Service Branch: From: To: Rank at Discharge: ‘Type of Discharge: If other than honorable, explain: _ | certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, | understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my ‘Signature: Date:__1/30/20 HUNTER HOSHIKO 31641 County Road 41, Greeley, Colorado 80631 - (970) 397-1601 - hunterhoshiko@gmail 7/4/2020 Weld County Councit 1150 0 St, Greeley. CO 80632 Greeley, CO 80631 Re: Letter of Interest to fill Weld County Commissioner Vacancy Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board: ‘My name is Hunter Hoshiko, and I am a fourth generation Coloradoan whose lineage is deeply- rooted in the local business and agriculture industries. Since 1908, when my great-grandfather first came to Weld County, my family has worked hard to enhance our community for ourselves as well as other Weld County citizens As for myself, I have had an interest in government beginning at a young age when I was appointed by Senator Wayne Allard to serve for a summer as a Page on the floor of the United States Senate, Through this experience, I leamed first-hand how the Federal government operates and my passion for government service began. Afterward, I decided to pursue my interest by eaming a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Political Science from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. ‘Wanting to gain a better understanding of local government, I worked as an intem for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (their form of Commissioners). This was a very intriguing experience because San Diego County is the sixth largest in the United States with 3.4 million constituents and an annual budget of 6.4 billion dollars, My passion for local government grew during this time as I began to understand the it's critical importance. Although I enjoyed my experiences Washington, D.C. and California, my heart has always in ‘Weld County, Colorado. After caring my Master of Business Admiration (M.B.A.) degree, I brought my knowledge back home to pursue my career in business development. I started working with my family to enhance their agricultural property uses and values. During that time, I also opened a self-storage business in 2017 that is located in north Greeley. Last year began working with a capital investment management company called Poudre Valley Capital which focuses on natural resource projects, mainly located in ‘Weld County, that are related to water, waste, transportation and sustainable energy. Through my upbringing, education, and past career experience, I believe I would be a valuable asset to the citizens of Weld County and respectfully request your consideration to fill the vacant Board of Commissioners seat. Hunter Hoshiko H, Hoshiko — LO} (2020) lofi HUNTER HOSHIKO 31641 County Road 41, Greeley, Colorado 80631 - (970) 397-1601 / - Fourth-generation Coloradoan deeply rooted in the region’s water, agriculture and farming industry and dedicated to the advancement of more sustainable natural resource solutions for future generations in the State of Colorado. EXPERIENCE 2019 - PRESENT DIRECTOR & PROJECT MANAGER, POUDRE VALLEY CAPITAL - Identifies and develops new strategic business opportunities and strategic projects and investments for the firm’s portfolio of operating companies, in particular, Wingfoot Water LLC (sustainable water solutions) and Pawnee Waste LEC (environmentally conscious waste processing and disposal) - Leverages key relationships and regional influence as a prominent four- generational family business owner 2019 - PRESENT VICE CHAIR, SOUTH PLATTE BASIN ROUNDTABLE - Duty to recommend and approve water-related projects for the South Platte River Basin, as well as being actively involved in executing the South Platte Basin Implementation Plan (SP-BIP), which was developed under Governor John Hickenlooper as part of “Colorado’s Water Plan” to address the State’s continuing water needs. 2016 - PRESENT OWNER & OPERATOR, SAFE & SECURE STORAGE = Landlord and manager of a 100-unit storage facility 2014 PRESENT DIRECTOR & PROJECT COORDINATOR, HOSHIKO RESOURCES INCORPORATED Identifies and manages major land and farm development projects for Hoshiko Land Incorporated and Hoshiko Farm Incorporated + Primary point of contact and negotiator for right of way easements, pipeline buildouts, and mineral royalty and lease transactions for Hoshiko Minerals Incorporated H, Hoshiko — Resume (2020) 1of2 HUNTER HOSHIKO 2014-2019 LANDLORD & HEAD OF CUSTOMER RELATIONS, NORTH WELD PRODUCE COMPANY - Attracted, executed and managed commercial tenants and leases for multiple properties throughout Weld County 2014-2016 AUDITOR, OGILVY DITCH COMPANY - Tracked, monitored and reported consumption for over 20 water meters across thousands of acres in Weld County 2013 - 2014 ASST. LOAN PROCESSOR, UNION BANK ~ Originated and processed residential and commercial mortgage loans of high net worth individuals 2012-2013 POLICY ADVISOR, SAN DIEGO COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, DISTRICT 1 ~ Advised local county government and commissioners on regional ci infrastructure projects, in addition to the San Diego's Port Authority for water way and commerce in So. California 2009 - 2009 U.S. SENATOR PAGE, SAN DIEGO COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, DISTRICT 1 = Advised local county government and commissioners on regional civil and frastructure projects, in addition to the San Diego’s Port Authority for water way and commerce in So. California EDUCATION MAY 2014 MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (M.B.A), POINT LOMA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY (SAN DIEGO, CA) May 2013 BACEHLOR OF POLITCAL SCIENCE (B.Se.), POINT LOMA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY (SAN DIEGO, CA) MAY 2009 HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, HARGRAVE MILITARY ACADEMY (CHATHAM, VA) H. Hoshiko — Resume (2020) 2of2