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Weld County Council BOCC Vacancy Application Commissioner Application Tat Fh wai nasess 1500 Farce Glee QS Breathe aoariannAF Aron _ 2 Soi iy Si 2 code Phone: 470 -3g1- S172 emai_He er Lom Date Available: 2/49/2020 Date of Bh Salary See Below Position Applied for: Weld County Commissioner at Large YES NO YES NO ‘Are you a citizen of the United States? [2 C_Ino, are you authorized to work inthe US? OO Yes NO ‘Are you a registered republican elector? = ~CL_—fyes, when?__ 2 oo Ityes, please explain: YES No (Applicants subject to Weld County Sheriff background check Have you ever been convicted of a felony? 1 pt! for felony convictions) Commissioners salary shall be the 2020 prorated salary for this position, High Schoot! Fatow Huh Schost Address: 14 Pak Ave, Errol, CO 80pis From: 1943 To: 1947 didyougraduater “SF 1S cipiome Yes cotege: Universite, of Liner ag — Adress: /000_F. University Ave, Laramie, WY ¥207/ From: 447 To: QbM vid you graduator ‘EP Dewree Macketng 1 ONS Satiinn Selene otrer: Anecican Colley ot Finnin| S€e”Aadess: 270 $: Gryn Marr Ae, Beyn mee, PA 1410 YES NO From; 201g To:2d/f Did you graduate? PP Degree: LAC? Cecdificetiva --Attach additional sheet if needed Please list Experience; _ See. Adteced a Signature of Applicant >) vate_2)) 2020 1 Notable Experience eullName Hospice of Northern Colorado Insurance and Financia Advisors American Cancer Society Cattle Barons Bal sertoma Club Norther Integrated Supply Peoject ISP Eston Area Recreation Genter Committee Leadership Program of he Rockies Eaton Community Church Building Commitee Highway 85 Coalition Mayors ulseye Group ‘County Road 29 Coation Colorado Division of Securties Commissioners Advzory Council Eaton Schools ing Committee Regional Broadband Discussion Group Eaton chamber of Commerce Mayors Against Proposition 112, County Road 74 Coalition Partnership for Account WiaterNow CO ity and Transparency in Health Care (PAT Relationship Golf Tournament Fundraising Chair National Young Advisor committee person Treasurer President and Board Member Member Parent Executive Committee Site Committe Chait Member Town of Eston Representative Committee Member Norther Colorado Ambatsador France Commitee Mayor of Eaton Mayor of Eaton Mayor of Eaton NAIA Representative Town of Eaton Representative Mayor of ton Member Mayor of Eaton Mayor of Eaton Board of Advisors Town of Eaton Representative start 2005 2005 2007 2008 2008 2003 2030 2o11 2012 2012 2013 2015, 2015, 2016 ans 2016 2016 2017 roe 2018 roe 2019 2019 219 Phone. 970.583.3500 Is Church, VA 22082 877-866-2432 303 Maple Ave, Eaton, CO 80615, 970.454.3938 uw. weldcountvbulsersessociation com/index html 423 Main St, For Morgan, CO 80701, 1675 3rd St, Eaton, CO 80615 970.887.2327 9704542070 97380-3512 ww facebook com/eatonsertoma 220 Water Ave, Berthoud, CO 80513 00 369-7246 27775. MarisonSt Ste 807, Denver, 080210 303 488.0018, 1861 Benjamin Or, Eaton, CO 80615 s704se2481 115000 St, Greeley, CO 80631, 370-400-4000 113000, Greeley, CO 80631, 970-400-4000 115008, Greeley, C0 80631, 970-400-4000 1360 Broadway, Ste 900, Denver, 080202 3038942320 211 st, Eaton, C0 80615, 970.454.3402 80615 9704543338 ‘we facebook com /eatonereachamber Eston, €O 80615, 970.454.3338 re 1445 Market St, Denver, €0 80202 Signature: Full Name: Relationship Company; Phoni Address: Full Name: Relationship: Company: Phon Address: Company: Arena Fay Tease, Nein Ress Agony Address: 423 Main St Fact Mer Ge, 4070 |_ sn Tao: Choqer J asuccnce Agent Stating Saas ——~ Ending Sslnrsupon _réguest Responsibilities: (Van pike casual efe( shsurence From 2004 To Present Reason for Leaving amin Yes No May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference? a company: Axa Adlvisnes Phone:,303- 242-5700 Address: es. 5 Boandbavay #1700, Deavec CO Sidoa _ Supervisor: Brian Shaler Job Title: Floaatinl Plantes SpedslisStering Salary$ —— — rain Salary ipo _cepuest Responsibilities: By fn Financial laa’ jents an he lyst cdlvestec: PERK system From: _Z00) To:_2ooy Reason for Leaving: Starded! umn business ves May we contact your previous supervisor for areference? go cones Faron ti sh Schoo Phone: 470: 454-3374 _ 4 DARK Aw, Fata Co 20bIt owed adh cos Logue Joo Tite: F504 bull Coach Vefeaniie Cord) Starting Salarys yaloateer Ending Salarys Q°)00 Responsitios: Menge ad pride. ene pleas wile mecivrin, yavth tp be cclilete's tal setibig nenbs tes From: 200) To:_2o.r Reason for Leaving: Commitment tn Esch Towa Council Yes NO May we contact your previous supervisor fora reference?) o Branch: __ (Ac From: To: Rank at Discharge: ___ Type of Discharge: Ifother than honorable, explain: DRS ne es | certity that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, | understand that false or misleading information in my application or one a> owe 2/s frszo KEVIN D. ROSS Eaton, Colorado + 970-381-5172_+ kevindweld@gmail.com_¢ County Commissioner at Large Accomplished, results-focused, and energetic business and community leader with diverse experience in public and private sector settings. Seasoned in engaging and leading highly-productive teams in delivering continuous excellence and revenue growth. Strategic leader with a proven track record of collaborating with government entities, clients, vendors, and the public to advance key priority areas and deliver results. Areas of Expertise + Leadershi © Advocacy, Relationship Building © Community Outreach ‘© Member Services © Financial, Budget Management + Strategic Planning © Meeting Management Program, Process Development * Inspire and Mentor Staff BUSINESS MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE AMERICAN FAMILY INSURAN' Owner | Insurance Agent ‘Acquired an established agency and executed turnaround strategies that enabled rapid new business growth and new client engagement while simultaneously ensuring all underwriting standards were met. Designed portfolio diversification strategies that enabled successful launches into commercial, life, farm, home, and auto arenas. + Achieved JD Powers certification in less than a year and enhanced the total customer experience by establishing, internal best practices for delivering exemplary customer service and retaining client accounts. Recognized as a Top 10 Most Profitable Agency in Colorado for three consecutive years and five years in total Consistently average 5% YoY revenue increases and improved client retention. Coordinated an emergency response team and on-the-ground claim management and rebuilding support to the town of Windsor following extensive tornado and large hail damage to the area, thereby ensuring residents, experienced as little disruption to their lives as possible. * Cultivate, grow, and maintain positive relationships with individuals and families and provide customized customer service and support during times of need and stress. ‘+ Provide individuatized career development plans to team members; including aligning business roles with individual staff strengths and skillset. ‘+ Selected to serve as District Representative to the Agency Council three times. Fort Morgan, CO 2004 - Present AXA Advisors, Fort Collins, CO 2001 - 2004 Financial Planning Specialist Built and managed financial portfolios for 500+ clients from scratch and assisted clients in planning for retirement. ‘+ Recognized with the President's Award for achieving outstanding sales, COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE TOWN OF EATON, Eaton, CO 2012 - Present Mayor (2016 - Present), Town Trustee (2012 - 2016) Spearhead town and community operations, strategic priorities, and best practices. Represent the residents of Eaton in improving infrastructure and navigating growth while maintaining a small-town feel. * Designed and implemented a process to find and hire a Town Manager following the 42-year tenure of the prior ‘Town Manager. Successfully completed the hiring and continue to guide and develop the incumbent. ‘+ Initiated a project with CDOT, Union Pacific Railroad, and the county to create, implement, and install safety solutions to dangerous rail crossing and intersections following the tragic loss of three teens in separate car accidents, Safety measures were activated in record time in March of 2019, © Organized the formation of the County Road 74 Coalition to prepare the access control plan from Eaton to I-25 in conjunction with Weld County, Severance, Windsor and Timnath. '* Supported the County Road 29 Coalition in reviewing and compiling arterial and access control plans; ensures efficiency travel from Greeley to Nunn in emergency situations by bypassing the HWY 85 corridor. KEVIN ROSS + PAGE2 970-381-5172 + kevindweld@gmailcom + Enabled the creation of a new 3,000-member town recreational and community facility and a new Recreation Board by forming a citizen action group, surveying and assessing space needs, touring spaces in other towns, and collaborating with architects and bonding companies to design an accessible and effective facility. + Formed the downtown revitalization committee tasked with modernizing main street Eaton and stimulating economic development. + Led the effort to repeal SB-05-152 to allow the town to change planning code and promote internet service providers to bring high speed internet to our community. NORTH FRONT RANGE METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION, Northern Colorado 2012 ~ Present Member | Chairman Elected as NFRMPO Chairman 2016 and served as Chairman of the Finance Committee 2014-2020, Collaborate with elected officials from 13 municipalities and county governments in Northern Colorado to plan for regional growth, air quality, and federal funding of transportation dollars received for the region. ‘+ Managed a Tiger Grant proposal and lobbied in Washington, D.C. which secured funding for an expansion of I-25 ‘+ Played a critical role in successfully redesigning the call for projects process to ensure equitability for all communities when applying for regional transportation dollars. ‘© Coached the staff through a transition period; navigated the legal team and Executive Committee in establishing improved human resource processes, approved hiring of an external Human Resources company to administer HR services, Ultimately improved employee morale. NAIFA COLORADO, Denver, CO 2004 - Present Government Relations Chair (2011 - Present}, Colorado State President (2014), NoCO President (2008) Chair the Government Relations committee of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Direct the organization's lobbying team and its 700+ members on key legislative issues and regularly meet with Senators and Representatives in both Colorado and Washington, D.C. to advance key advocacy and policy issues. # Led the successful bipartisan passage of the Health Insurance Fees and Disclosure bill and related legislation that allows insurance agents to adopt a fee-for-service model in practices affected by loss related to insurance company response to the Affordable Care Act. ‘+ Directed a bipartisan team in bringing stakeholders together following the introduction of legislation in the Senior Safe Act that opened Financial Advisors to potential vulnerability. Communicated the need for reasonable amendments to the legislature and enabled the passing of the newly-amended act to ensure NAIFA members’ ability to report suspected senior financial exploitation without the unnecessary risk of civil litigation. © Builta substantial coalition of stakeholders in successfully opposing a risky mandatory State-Run Retirement plan with an unsustainable model + Formed and led an Agent Ambassador program which mentors young agents in growing their client base, creating new sales ideas, and diversifying clientele; increasing retention levels of talented agents across the organization, ‘+ Turned around unsustainable budget practices and grew cash-on-hand from $0 in the bank to over $200K in reserves by implementing a new statewide, financial management system and operational structure. + Recognized as NAIFA Young Advisor Member of the Year in 2017. EATON HIGH SCHOOL, Eaton, CO 2001 - 2012 Football Coach | Defensive Coordinator EDUCATION Life and Annuity Certified Professional | American College Bachelor of Science in Finance | University of Wyoming Concentrations in Decision Sciences and Marketing COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT 2015 Leadership Program Graduate | Leadership Program of the Rockies (Nominated by Senator Cory Gardner) Board Member | Sertoma Club, 2012 - Present January 30, 2020 To Weld County Council: Ihave known Kevin Ross and his parents for many years. As the Town Manager of Eaton for over four decades I was excited when Kevin became a town Trustee and the Mayor. During my years in local government I had the opportunity to work with many town board members and eight mayors. The first mayor | served with was a Political Science Professor at UNC and he taught me with both his words and actions how to listen to people, research issues and then formulate and explain your position. Kevin was the last mayor | had before | retired and reminded me so much of Harold Christensen. He quickly became the best leader our town had in my 42 years of service. My position afforded me the opportunity to work with several Weld County Commissioners on a variety of issues affecting our town and region. The best commissioners are always the ones who can listen to concerns, work well with others by relating to them and making, then explaining, decisions that are part of the responsibility of public leaders. Kevin has learned those skills very well and | have no doubt will be as successful a Weld County Commissioner as he was Mayor of our great town. fully, Gary A. Carsten Cele January 27, 2020 To the Esteemed Members of the Weld County Council, Asa local elected official, | like to keep an eye on local political affairs, while paying particular attention to those that run for elected office. | was pleased to see that Eaton Mayor Kevin Ross recently announced his candidacy for Weld County Commissioner At-Large in the 2020 election. With the resignation of Commissioner at-Large Sean Conway, you all have the unenviable task of appointing his replacement pending the November 2020 election. The purpose of this correspondence is to provide my support to the appointment of Mayor Kevin Ross. | have had the occasion to work alongside Mayor Ross a number of times in areas of mutual concern and interest. His regional collaboration has been outstanding and | have found his leadership qualities to be superb. Mayor Ross has a reputation amongst area Mayor's as a problem solver. Kevin Ross will be an outstanding Weld County Commissioner and has my full support in this regard. | would strongly recommend his appointment. Thank you for your time. Most Sincerely, John Gates Mayor City of Greeley Mayor’ Office + 1000 10th Street, Greeley; CO 80631 « (970) 350-9772 Fax (970) 350-9828 ‘We promise to preserve and improve the quality of life for Greeley through timely, courteous and cost-effective service. Fe Evans Colorado ‘To Weld County Council Members, My name is Brian Rudy, and | am the Mayor for the City of Evans. 1 am writing this letter to show my full support for Kevin Ross as a candidate for appointment to the Board of Weld County Commissioners. | have known Kevin for many years and have worked closely with him in our current rolls as Mayors. Kevin not only has shown great leadership for the Town of Eaton, but has fought for the County ‘numerous times as well. | have been with Kevin as speakers at the State Capitol, the County Courthouse and other important events. He is always well prepared, and delivers his remarks in a professional anit precise way. | have attended many meetings with Kevin as well, and am always impressed by his knowledge and decision making | eel that Weld County would benefit greatly and be in excellent hands with Kevin Ross as a Commissioner and | am endorsing him with my full support. Thank you for your time Brian Rudy Mayor City of Evans Colorado Mayor Zo Stieber 130. Mokinioy Avenue Phone: 303 857.6694 Fort Lupton, CO 80621 Fax: 303.857.0951 Eat 1036 ‘wo 14 January 2020 The Honorable Brett Abernathy & Weld County Council Itis my pleasure to recommend Mayor Kevin Ross for your consideration in filling the vacancy created by the resignation of Commissioner Conway. Having talked and worked with Mayor Ross on a number of projects, | know him to be very well rounded in his approach to reasonable governance. His no-nonsense attitude is coupled with an honest affinity for people of every segment of our county. Often, he's been the first one to say “let's find out,” or “that's a great thought.” His positive outlook to getting things done is exactly what | want, and expect in representatives at the county level of government. But when Denver politicians try to hurt Weld County, he’s among the first to say “Hey, hold it!” Kevin Ross is a Weld County guy. When he wanted to start a business, he did it in his home area, not where the easiest dollar may have been. That business success is a result of his financial acumen and education, coupled with understanding the needs of his customers. County government needs that ability too. Farmers and ranchers can be a mixed batch; he's tailored his business to help where it's needed, and learned from new opportunities as they present. Having grown up in Weld County, he knows what we need, and that's why he was easily elected to office in Eaton. His core values are solid. Everyone who knows him, knows that. Further, his experience at the municipal level gives him a broad range of skills and relationships throughout the various levels of government and business. He is kind, smart, and level headed; an excellent communicator and anxious to work towards universally good outcomes in the very best ways possible. Weld County is the best place in Colorado to live and work. Please keep it that way by appointing Kevin Ross to the Commissioner vacancy. Yours sincerely, January 15, 2020 Weld County Council Re: Kevin Ross 'm writing this letter of support for Kevin Ross to be considered as your appointee to fill the vacancy created by Commissioner Conway's resignation. | retired from Weld County fifteen years ago after serving as your Comptroller and for a short while your County Treasurer. In my almost thirty year tenure there I've worked for some good Commissioners, and occasionally some very great ones. Itis my belief that Kevin has the personality and community drive to be one of the great Commissioners for Weld County. | became first familiar with Kevin at Eaton High School, where he was a classmate with my son. Even back then, he showed great poise and a willingness to achieve great things. He went on to succeed in business and was successful in obtaining the mayoral office for the Town of Eaton. As being mayor of the Town of Eaton, | had the good fortune to cross paths with him again as | was then the City Administrator of Fort Lupton. | found him to be a true community leader and one who would assist other municipalities of Weld County; with his involvement in the 85 coalition, the High Plains Library District concerns, and the multiple water challenges that all municipalities face on a regular basis. ‘Asa final comment, | stated previously that I believe that Kevin has the personality and drive to become one of the great Commissioners for Weld County. The commission has been in much turmoil over the past few years, and I truly believe that he can help bring teamwork and unity again to the board. | realize that you have other applicants who may bring merit to your decision making process, but uni paramount at this juncture ‘Thanks for your attention in this very important appointment, which is one of the duties outlined in the Home Rule Charter. Litthu Claud W. Hanes Fort Lupton City Administrator, Retired 153 South Park Avenue Fort Lupton, CO 80621 Gary Lagrimanta P.O. Box 265 Kersey, CO 80644 January 20, 2020 Weld County Council 1150 O Street Greeley, CO 80632 Dear Council | would like to recommend Kevin Ross to join the Weld County Commissioners as a Council member. As the Mayor of Kersey, | have had the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Ross on several issues and concems that have been brought to light in small towns within Weld County such as high speed internet issues, oil and natural gas concerns and growth opportunities. Mr. Ross delivered a positive perceptive and professionalism on dealing with these issues and exhibitec the best interest of Weld County and the small towns within the County. | fee! Mr. Ross would be an asset to Weld County Commissioners office and highly support hirn in this endeavor. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely, Gary Ka ta Mayor, Town of Kersey (303) 912-6407 January 16, 2020 To Whom it May Concern: | would lke to take this opportunity to recommend Mayor Kevin Ross to fill the vacated seat as County Commissioner. Kevin has been an excellent Mayor for the Town of Easton that thinks regionally rather than just making local decisions for his Town. Kevin is the type of person we would expect as our County Commissioner. Kevin is kind, engaging, respectful, resourceful, and very knowledgeable about Northern Colorado and Weld County. Kevin is seeking this appointment not as a quick way to the. commissioner roll as he is a candidate for this seat in the upcoming election. Again, | would highly recommend Kevin Ross to fill the open seat for County Commissioner. ‘To the County Counell, thank you for considering Mayor Kevin Ross and thank you for your commitmen: ‘to Weld County. | am confident you will make a great decision, Respectfully, Mayor Gary Lebsack Town of Johnstown (Former County Council Member) January 9, 2020 To: Weld County Council It is my pleasure to recommend Mayor Kevin Ross of the Town of Eaton to the interim position for County Commissioner at large. | have had the opportunity to work with Mayor Ross on multiple boards and committees that have covered a wide variety of issues affecting our communities and the Northern Colorado region. Kevin has always been an innovative leader who is welleducated on the issues. He can effectively communicate and be persuasive. | believe good leaders can listen and consider all points of view before making a decision. Kevin has demonstrated this skill during his Chairmanship on the MPO and other transportation meetings, taking them into consideration before making decisions. Mayor Ross is a natural leader. Elected officials have consistently gravitated to Kevin looking for his pinion and insight on various issues. He comes prepared for all meetings and has educated himself on all matters that are being discussed or considered. As the chair of the MPO finance committee, Kevin has demonstrated a deep understanding of the budget process and how to ensure that finance reports are accurate. It is without hesitation that | recommend Mayor Kevin Ross for the interim County Commissioner position. He willbe able to contribute to the commission effectively from day one and will make Weld County stronger with his contributions. Weld county has many serious issues that are challenging how our citizens conduct their daly lives. Kevin has a deep understanding of these issues and can stand up for the rights of our county residents. Mayor Ross has taken his duties as an elected official seriously and has performed his duties with integrity and honesty. | believe he is the clear choice for this role. Respectiully, Dowd Mo Donald McLeod Mayor of Severance January 28, 2020 To Whom It May Coneern, Itis with great honor that I give my full support to Kevin Ross as the Weld County Commissioner appointee. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for many years, and his devotion and commitment to his residents and businesses are top notch. His dedication to Tov n of Eaton is unparalleled and represents the many things that he is involved in to make Eaton a better place to live and work. His work ethic serves not only his private business, but his publi service. He has been one of my mentors through the Leadership Program of the Rockies. This was my first encounter with Kevin and his principles. His steadfast values of hard work and personal responsibility are key to Weld County. Colleen Whitlow Mayor, ‘Town of Mead 303-358-9294 Johnny Olson, PE Cell: 970-381-2206, Email: 1983 40% Ave Greeley, CO 80634 January 20,2020 Dear Weld County Couneil, My name is Johnny Olson and I have known Mayor Kevin Ross for 10 years professionally and personally. In my past position of CDOT Region 4 Director, which T held for 8.5 years, I worked with him as the Mayor of Eaton and as the Chairperson for the North Front Range Metropolitan Organization (NFR-MPO). Lam writing to recommend that you consider Mayor Kevin Ross for your appointment to the vacated position of Weld County Commissioner at Large. In all my years of experience, some individuals stand out for their qualities and Kevin Ross is one of those people. He is well known for his leadership skills, ethics, thoughtfulness, openness and a strong rational thought process to make good decisions. He is well respected throughout Weld County and Northern Colorado for major accomplishments, working with others to find the win-win and caring about the Weld community. ‘Throughout the time I've known him, he has shown me time and again that he is a positive and motivated leader that cares, During his time as Mayor and Chairperson for the NFR, he played an important role in seeing the vison, setting strategies, financial budgeting, and working with others on major programs. A critical issue he dealt with at NFR was a Human Resource issue that replaced the Executive Director of the NFR. This effort took time and energy while holding the 11 person Elected Official team together and still completing the day to day work. As Mayor, he dealt with one of the most difficult issues of losing a city resident to a train accident, the second in a year’s time. With his strong leadership and knowing what was right, he made a call to close the at grade railroad crossing in his community. This ensured there was not another lost life while collaborating with the UP Railroad and CDOT to find the solution. In summation, due to his great leadership, willingness to work with others, and dedication to his community, I would recommend that you select Kevin Ross for the Weld County Commissioner at Large vacancy. | am confident he will ensure strong teamwork, a collaborative environment while working with other Commissioners to make Weld County the best it can be. He would be a great asset to the Weld County community, as he has been to the NFR, Town of Eaton and working with me at CDOT. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance. I can be reached at the information listed at the top of this letter. Sincerely, Johnny Olson, PE