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Weld County Council BOCC Vacancy Application Commissioner Application icant informa Full Name, Gary (Butch) o date, 2/5/20 et ne ———— Address. 628 1st ave P.O. Box 1371 Sree Aese Festa Ault . _ 80610 on ‘Sate 20 cate Prone; _(970)590-3535 mais Date Avaiable: 2149/2020, Date of Binh:_07/08/1968 SalarySe0 Bolow Posiven Apples for Weld County Commissioner at Largo — - Yes no Yes x0 fre you aetizen of the United States? gE) tno, ae you authorized towork intros? “CG ‘re you avegstered repubican elector? xD ryes. wnen?_ 1986 a IF yes, ploase explain: YES NO (Applicants subject to Waid County Sher background creck Have you ever been convicted of felony? (for felony convictions) Commissioners salary shall be the 2020 prorated salary fo his position TET High Seneot; Highland Highschool __acaress; 210 west 1st st Ault Co 80610 Yes NO From: 1983, To. 1987 Did you graduate? [2 [) Olpiome Yes College: Aims Community College Adaress: Greeley, Co. Yes No From. 1994. To: 1992. Oidyougradvate? “Degree, ee otter Adress: ves No From To. Didyougrasuate? "ST Degree: _ SST SETTER Please ist Experience Seg Atta Signature of Applicant > Date._ 2/5/20 1 Signature Full Name Sharon Sullivan Relationship: Co-Worker Company Town Clerk Town of Ault _ Phone (970)834-2844 Address _ _ — Full Name. Grant Ruf “Worker company. “Public Works Supervisor Town of Aull. hone: (970)397-8590 Ades Company: United States Marine Corps __ - Phone: NA __ adress - Supervisor _ 40 Tite Fire. Direction Controllman———Statting Satey’$ 43,900,009 -—Endina S#le$ 47,000.00 Responsibities, Calculate trajectory and direct fire for howitzer battery fom 1987 to, 1991 Reason for Leaving Enlistment was up ves No May we contact your previous supervisertocareference? Comsany Weld County Bi-Products Address: Phone: (970)352-1788___ Superisor Elmer Ublrich _ vob Tite: Staning Satary's 9.006 Ending Salary's 13.00h¢ From: 1991 To 1993_____—_—_—Renson for Leaving: Not that great of job ves No May we contact your pravious supervisor for areference? Company: LeFever Brothers Construction _ PhoneN/A Address) Wiggins, Co SupewsorTom LeFever Joo ite: _Labor/Foreman Stating Salavy$13.00hr____Ending Sslory$46,00hr Responsibilities: Erect Pre-Engineered metal buildings a - From 1993 7.1996 Reason for Leaving:Left to start my own business a) May we contact your previous supervisor ora reference? —'E) S.No Longer in business Branch, United States Marine Corps 1987 to. 1981 Honorable From Rank at Discharge. Corporal Type of Discharge: other than honorable, explain: | certly that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. ff this application leads to employment, ! understand that false or misleading information in my epplication or interview may resuitin my mars Signatur: Gary D, (Butch) White 628 1* Avenue Ault, Colorado 80610 Date: 2/4/20 To: Weld County Council From: Gary (Butch) White Subject: Notable experience related to service as Weld County Commissioner Thank you for taking the time to review my application and thanks as well for taking on the complicated job of selecting the next Weld County Commissioner. | am the fourth generation of my family to call Weld County home. A strong commitment of community service was instilled on me as a child as my parents served on many boards and community events. My father was a past member of the Ault/Pierce fire department, Ault historical museum board and served on the Ault town board numerous times over the decades. My mother served on the advisory committee for the Highland Weld RE-9 school board, board member of the Ault Fall Festival and they were both members of the Ault Sertoma Club. They have owned and operated many successful businesses in Ault. | attended Highland schools and graduated from Highland Highschool in 1987. At 17 | joined the United States Marine Corps under the delayed entry program Upon graduation from boot camp | attended Fire Direction Controlman school in Ft. Sill OK. After completion of MOS school | joined Fox Battery 2" Battalion 11” Marines, a M998 towed Howitzer Battery, | stayed with Fox Battery my entire enlistment. During my service with Fox Battery we were deployed several times to Asia and | served on operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. | left the Marine Corps at the rank of Corporal, a non-commissioned officer. After my enlistment ended | returned to Ault and worked for Weld County Bi- Products as a dead wagon driver. | worked at this job for a number of years until | took a job with LeFever Brothers Construction. | started out as a laborer and eventually working up to the job as Foreman. During this time | was married and started a family, | married Nancy Leffler and we had our first Child. Nancy as well as myself has deep roots in Weld County. In 1996 Naney and | started G&N Construction as erectors of Pre-engineered metal buildings and general contracting. Over its 24 years G&N Construction has grown to annual receipts ranging between $2,000,000.00 to $4,000,000.00 depending on the construction market and economy. In 2016 we were recognized by Biz West of Northern Colorado as one of the Mercury 100. This is a list of 100 of the fastest, privately held, growing companies in Northern Colorado. Our son has since joined the business learning the trade and taking on a leadership role. My service to the town of Ault began around 1997 when then Mayor Stan Cass asked me to serve on the Ault Planning Commission. | have served on the planning commission in various roles for over 23 years. | was appointed as a Trustee soon after and have been re-elected many times. While serving as Mayor-Pro-Tem | was appointed Mayor after death of the serving Mayor. | was elected to another term after that, Ault like Weld County with its home rule charter has a unique form of governance. In Ault the Mayor also serves as the town administrator. ‘As Mayor/Town Administrator | was responsible for day to day operations, human resources, budgeting, infastructure and public safety. During my tenor Ault has completed 1 industrial and 2 residential annexations, Along with a conservative board of trustees we budget for excess and have a respectable reserve fund for a town the size of Ault. The only long-term debt Ault carries is for a sewer plant expansion. As Mayor | worked with the State of Colorado to change the discharge of our sewage treatment plant from infiltration to direct discharge, no small task. | served on the WCR 29 Coalition which formulated an access plan and paved the way for another much needed route of travel from Nunn to HWY 392. We also worked with the Commissioners on the lawsuit against the High-Plains Library District to regain control for the local member libraries. Other areas of notable experience include that | am a life member of the Ault Post #4334 VFW and was a founding board member of the Highland FFA chapter. This is one of the most satisfying experiences | have had. The chapter enjoys a large membership, overwheiming community support and they have received many state and national awards. My wife and | have served on the Ault Fall Festival Committee for too many years to count. My wife has also served on the Highland Recreation Association board as well as being a member of the Highland Day Care board. Hove my small community and Weld County and would be honored to serve. | see many changes coming down the road, both good and bad. | would embrace the positive changes and fight tooth and nail to ward off the bad Again, thank you for your attention to my application and for undertaking your duties on the council. Respectfull eo SR