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Highlighting the desire to become a ‘Lighthouse Community’,

Uralla residents attending the 2010

Community Sustainability Forum brought to attention the
valuable and unique assets their community has and could
provide, and have developed
first steps to realise the
potential of their ideas...

This is their Story...

Historical Significance—Future Appeal

Possessing a Forward Looking culture, Uralla is

ready to meet the challenges present in their As a LIGHTHOUSE community, Uralla
community NOW; a dynamic community, with lots knows that a sustainable
happening and a rich and viable way of life - community must REACH OUT to
creating a sustainable future is about support other communities in the Shire:

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Chief Editors: Adam Blakester & Michael O’Loughlin
Compiled and designed by: Michael O’Loughlin & Irene Lemon
All images copyright ilemon2009
Further copyright conditions are available at:
Uralla Community Plan - Building a Strong Healthy Resilient Sustainable New England Sustainable Strategy - An Environmental Trust NSW funded project
New England & Regional Communities partnered by Armidale Dumersq, Uralla, Guyra & Walcha Councils

Uralla's Strengths Issues - Challenges Opportunities Community Priorities Key Focus Areas Actions Key Performance
Assets-Uniqueness Key Initiatives First Steps Indicators
Uralla Maintain Becoming a Health Maintain Comprehensive Upgrade Uralla Times - Feedback &
Strong Caring community Autonomy Lighthouse Units - Brain Autonomy & multi-channel extend distribution using Distribution
Active Community leadership
support for Community Injury Care, Identity of communication Community Poster Place Uptake
forward looking taking initiatives
local reaching out Aged Community - thru to connect, inform thru clubs using printed
nature nursery initiatives to support Services Communication community network & e-newsletters
driver reviver other communities engagement about initiatives using blog @uralla
Culturally Dynamic Identify in Shire - services, Strategy
with lots happening better utilize preschool Social Enterprises
Mrs O'Malley's computer bank local skills waste - composting
Music Hall Theatre, e-waste mgt knowledge develop new partnering community
enterprises - Local Economic Aged Specialist Health Investigate Brain Care
Bennett's Books & natural gardens, walkways
supply chains Employment Care & Aged Care expansion Baseline
resources with visitors
Community textiles Stratetegy Rural - Local Slow Food Identify Producer Network New Enterprises
involvement clothing network expansion Farmers Market, Traineeships
with Council Expand connecting twith on-line system Youth Jobs
- climate change Historical Slow Food what's in Youth Employment -
Good peoples' hearts opportunities & training in
advisory c'tee Tourism Initiative Investigate local natural
Community sustainability, leadership & resources & supply chain Local Food
Facilities - sports Local Food Bowl Renewable environmental initiatives to
bowling club,
Climate & training opportunities Uptake
Prime Variability producers network Energy overcome disillusionment
skate parks, Survey
walkway pool, Agricultural Town Water Orchards Initiatives Emphasis on Family Place
community centre Land - Tanks on-line Lifestyle to attract new
ordering Tourism - voyages of enterprises thru
system discovery, history communication startegy
Environmental Garlic community
pilgrimages to
Repair growing educaton Promote Rail Excursions
partner communities &
Cool Climate die-back is Retention of local boutique around energy Telling the Story of
support local
appealing to less slaughterhouse efficiency High Country
Tree Changers
Kids, local initiatives
visible jobs multi-species
Alternative Community education Energy, Water,
Water energy building
Fat Lambs Energy program on efficiency, Solar Panel
Regulations Viability efficiency -low carbon place
Efficiency climate change Water Tank Uptake
on Existing Strategy Energy, Carbon
Investigate innovative
Farming Transport Moving Beyond Water Usage Audits
Key Themes community water energy
Rail with relying on Local Autonomy - Identity
rising fuel volunteerism Coming Together Closer Adam Blakester
costs New Opportunities Mick O'Loughlin
to paid jobs

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