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Armidale Community Plan - Building a Strong Healthy Resilient New England Sustainable Strategy NESS- An Environmental Trust NSW

tainable Strategy NESS- An Environmental Trust NSW funded

project partnered by Armidale Dumersq, Uralla, Guyra & Walcha Councils
Sustainable New England & Regional Communities
NESS1 2008 involved 6 SWOC stakeholder analysis groups and a whole of community, landholder, LGA, Govt Forum of 120 to develop the sustainable community plan below - see
Since then over 500 people / stakeholders have been involved in key initiatives developed out of NESS1. Ness2 is extending the regional dialogue across New England & developing a regional KPI sustainability framework.

Armidale's Strengths Issues - Challenges Opportunities - Community Priorities Strategies - Key Focus Areas Key Performance
Key Initiatives First Steps
Assets-Uniqueness Indicators
Weak, Costly Regional Regeneration
Lack of Transport Environmental Establish Base
Good Regeneration Line Measures
Agric-NRM diversity links Regenerate NE woodlands Habitat Riparian Regeneration
Educational Landscapes using
Research industry Sydney LT committment to local TSR Wildlife Corridor Showcases
Facilities - engineered woodlands Progress towards
Centres base Brisbane energy carbon-biodivesity trading
Schools, Carbon Biodiversity Banking Carbon Neutral
& Climate Change Charter
TAFE, UNE rail, air Region
Research Existing Local Food supply 1% Sustainability Investment Fund
Dependence Increased Soil Fertility
Knowledge Knowledge Economic-Enterprises Local Food Wine Autumn Festival
Rich on Creative Biodiversity, Water
Enterprises base re Building on & adding value to & Farmers Markets
Cultural Life UNE vs Retention; adaptable
Facilities Reactive sustainability existing knowledge based enterp's Building on Economic Strengths resilient farmlands
& art Tourism Leadership Diversifying with new enetrprises Zero Waste
Flexible Develop sustainability professional
enterprises Workforce MCE Getting Policy thru getting regional networks to build consolidate world class
NERAM, -VFR settings right policy settings right High Country Urban
for ICT Involving agribusiness, knowledge educational
Keeping Dependence People for regional Youth professional enterprises for export Project launched
Centre on in development Develop youth skills, Develop communications strategy as
4 season
Volunteerism Decision Provide mentoring support, space regional model
People -Making to be heard, & recognised A New Energy Future Farming the Sun has
return Global Social realised over 1% Solar
Failure to Diversify Energy Sources - solar, wind,
with young Agricultural Educational Build social capacity, trust, safety Power households, big
Engage Complacency geothermal, gas including transport,
families grazing parnerships Engage people in decision-making gains in solar water, solar
Young Trigen for Hospital, Community Owned
expertise Bhutan heating launcehed
Loss & Timor Easte Cultural Renewable Power Company Feasibility Study into
Lack of Stalling Identify creative initiatives Community owned Wind
Social Capital
Urgency on build sustainability culture Nurturing a Sustainability Culture Farm
networks Councils' on Vision Tourism map cultural identity & diversity
taking recycling Support Leadership Networks
Sustainability Potential Global TAS-LAC Eco-Centre
initiatives initiatives Participatory decision-making designed & ready for next
around Island Build on existing connections, strengths Creative Initiatives stage
environmental SLEX Ageing regional Initiate Sister cities around sustainability Space for Youth & extend on
repair Farmer philosophy Intelligent Facilitate sustainability learning existing SLEX- Festivals Youth Sustainability
City communities around transitions Congress successfully held
Ability to Demographic Creative Initiatives - 2 Dozen
Becoming professionals Governance
collaborate Roses Blooming
initiate an Establish regional Sustainability Fund
Export Gather people to manage projects Iron Man welding, local
Region' Create a Creative Commons open Solar installation enterprises - training
source on-line knowledge base Eco-Burials
Adam Blakester Themes - Landscape Regeneration Initiatives
Mick O'Loughlin Building on Strengths Renewable Energy

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