The Emptiness Inside My soul has been destroyed, they took my soul away. Im so lonely so afraid.

How could they take my soul away and leave me here alive and empty. The dark side of men is indeed dangerous and unforgivable. When you have a passi on for hurting, when your selfishness reaches the realm of uncontrollable desire s, you reach the bottomless pit of denial and destruction. Emotions of rage and greed overcome every bit of sanity and humanity. The lust of desire destroys y our soul in an irreparable manner. You loose your faith then your love. You beco me an ugly creature so vicious that you contaminate all the goodness and everyon e around you. You love their shame and misfortune, you live on their hurts and pain, you crave for all that they have and you are content when ruin is their rue. The evils of this world are far bigger than the strength of one corrupted man. B ut it is in man that it breeds and multiplies. A corrupted soul is evil but crea tion of a corrupted soul, most evil. For it is in numbers that evil propagates a nd those that survive the fall do not remain unscathed. They leave marks and for ever impure the light emanating from their soul. The vision of light and faith o f goodness is forever marred by the blackness of their evil. But worst of all is when their soul is taken away from them. Yes, they took my soul away. Bit by bit. All of them did. They threw me down, th ey crushed me, they stabbed me where it hurt most, again and again, till i could not stand up anymore. They healed me and hurt me again, they gave me hope and put darkness around me when i reached out for it. Till the light no more seemed white and shades of grey obscured my vision. My faith evaporated and my will gav e in. Darkness consumed my desires and when evil sewed in its seed in me, i put up my last fight. For i could not endure that evil in me and scraped my soul fro m within. I live now and breath but the air is sweet no more. I eat but taste no more. The light pains my eyes and i can look at the rising sun no more. The days pass by but time stands still for me. People come and go and i see my face age with the passing d ays but i do not live in them anymore. Numbness surrounds me and coldness engulf s me. Now i only see sadness and pain the eyes of my loved ones. Sorrow and symp athy they give me in return. I live on it and fill my emptiness with it. I crave for mercy but deny my redemption for it is I who gave my soul away and the guil t ties my hands to my back when ever they reach out to save me. Doom i see and d ig deeper my grave for when i will be buried my spirit shall remain therein with me to console my body till eternity.

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