Brand Babble: Sense and Nonsense About Branding by Don Schultz and Heidi Schultz

This book is about both the "good news" and the "bad news" of branding. And, it's vitally important to the success of your business. The good news is that the brand is finally getting the important marketing and corporate attention it so rightly deserves. The bad news is, unfortunately, much the same. The brand is getting a lot of attention-and with that, is coming much misguided, misdirected, ill-conceived, nonsensical advice, advice that often is ruining perfectly good companies and perfectly good brands. That's why Brand Babble is so important today. Don and Heidi Schultz, long-time branding authors, educators, and investigators, explode an array of myths that have been passing and passed on as "branding wisdom." The Schultzes show the way out of the current-day branding morass. First, they show how every successful brand is the sum of relationships between buyer and setter. Then they explain how marketers best communicate with their customers through an integrated approach that reflects the nature of that relationship. Those approaches set the stage for value-based branding that delivers the best value proposition to customers and increases the bottom-tine, financial value of the brand to the organization and its owners and shareholders.

most important. Getting to it is merely a matter of cutting through all the brand babble. The information in your copy of Brand Babble: Sense and Nonsense About Branding will be the essential ingredient in more insightful.That. and. Product Details Hardcover:156 pages ISBN: 0-538-72714-4 . all the nonsense about brands and branding that is posing as new marketing insight. more profitable branding work for both your company and your customers. easier. today. is the "currency" of value-based branding.

London Business School "Finally. Vice President. Don and Heidi cut through the clutter surrounding the brand." JOE CAPPO. managers and executives should read Brand Babble. without wasteful spending. The Schultzes are candid and insightful. Their knowledge about this truly complex subject offers valuable insights on getting the best return on brand equity . Practitioners and students will be grateful for their robust approach to a subject that needs to be understood by everyone in business. Managing Partner Prophet Brand Strategy.. often an organization's biggest and least understood asset. Author of Brand Asset Management and Building the Brand Driven Business "Another great book by Don & Heidi Schultz." DAVID HAIGH. Interesting. which cuts through the 'brand babble' and gets straight to the point. insightful and full of useful analogies. Here." FRANZISKA DACEK. in clearing the air on this topic. Advertising Age "Before investing another dime on brand-related matters. A goldmine of helpful information and a must for all marketers bookshelves. Anyone involved in brand-building should read their book now-before investing another nickel on anything else about branding.What the experts are saying about Brand Babble: Sense and Nonsense About Branding "Don and Heidi have done it again. Swagelok Company "Don and Heidi have done a masterful job of cutting through all the clutter and noise to give us a thoughtful. Brand Finance plc .." SCOTT DAVIS." TIM AMBLER. CEO. pragmatic and user-friendly look at the branding world as it exists today and-more importantly-how it should look tomorrow. Former Publisher. they deploy all of their worldly wisdom and communication skills in making branding accessible. a book that points out all of the gibberish being spouted about branding. but also entertaining. Senior Fellow. Corporate Communications.

Senior Partner. President & CEO." PETER SIMON. It's full of great examples and solid business propositions. no-nonsense piece that brilliantly cuts through advertising hype to reveal the common sense of branding. Port Melbourne. Victoria. Australia ."Any executive who prides him or herself on truly understanding the big picture of how to brand and what there really is to gain from it-or who is building their library for training team members-will want this book. Lindsay. Stone & Briggs "Brand Babble is another Don Schultz straight-talking. Simon Richards Group. The Brand Development Firm. It will ruffle a few feathers as it logically demonstrates that brands must have a meaningful value proposition." MARSHA LINDSAY. you have to read this book. If you want to understand brand building.

. UK. Heidi F. and North America. Northwestern University. Communicating Globally. IL. Adjunct Professor as Queensland University of Technology. She is a frequent speaker on integrated marketing and brand communications and conducts training sessions for corporations. and a lecturer in Northwestern University's Department of Integrated Marketing Communications. . and President of Agora Inc. He has consulted. Sales Promotion Management. Asia/Pacific. He is author/co-author of 11 books. Marketing Management. Bedfordshire. and media organizations. Schultz is Executive Vice-President of Agora. and Integrated Marketing Communications. and the Journal of Marketing Communications. and Marketing News. Australia. She has served as subject matter expert on four seminal benchmarking studies by the American Productivity and Quality Center and has authored articles that appeared in Advertising Age. Visiting Professor. Marketing Communications. IL. lectured. South America. marketing service providers. Australia. based in Evanston. a marketing and branding consulting firm based in Evanston. Measuring Brand Communication ROI. including Strategic Brand Campaigns. Brisbane. and held seminars on integrated marketing communications. which was the first book in this emerging field. Inc. the Middle East. His articles have appeared in Advertising Age. Schultz is Professor Emeritus of integrated Marketing Communications at the Medill School of Journalism. marketing and branding in Europe. Journal of Advertising Research. Cranfield School of Management. Journal of Business Strategy.About the authors of Brand Babble: Sense and Nonsense About Branding Don E..

Tribal Dances. and Other Exotic Brand Research Techniques 41 Mental Models. Mystic Signs. and Other Mumbo-jumbo about Brands and Branding 63 7 8 9 10 11 12 Avoiding the Mental Model Minefields 71 80 Magic Words. Focus Groups. Abstractionism. S-Curves. and Other Incomprehensible Incantations Going Global 89 Birth Pains and Stretch Marks 98 106 118 Media Planning and Buying-An Arcane Science? Why Branding Doesn't Take a Ton of Media Spending 13 Brand Tracking in the Himalayas: Nice to Know. Pigeons. and Multi-Tasking 53 5 6 Reification.Table of contents for Brand Babble: Sense and Nonsense About Branding by Don Schultz and Heidi Schultz Preface: Some Rules for Business Books 1 2 3 4 What Is a Brand? 9 20 4 Who Owns the Brand? Separating Hula Hoops from Viable Brands 30 Dogs. But Not Very Useful as a Brand Measure 128 14 15 Searching for Brand Equity in All the Right Places 138 Future Babble 148 Index 154 .

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