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Why should you deploy EDM (Extrusion Die Manager) in your die shop

1. The EDM does not tolerate typing mistakes, as a wide range of possible checks (spelling, typo and auto-
correction) on typing has been integrated, as such system integrity is ensured at highest levels.

2. The EDM brings an end on the strong dependency of extrusion companies on the memory of their most
experienced workers. All die data is up to date and available for all.

3. Quality assurance: in case complains rise from your customer, all issues can be verified and a report
sent to your value-customer with cut clear cut answers backed by historical data and die shop archiving.

4. The EDM eliminates the need for IBM AS400 or main frame like computer platforms. (This computer
system is widely used at extrusion plants) and mainly its connection to the die shop.

5. The EDM has brought an end to paper work and hand-writing, all data is nicely held in a state of the art
archiving system.

6. The EDM is using free-of-charge licences, which allows you to comment, put and exchange notes
between corrector and die shop workers on AutoCAD drawings. I.e. no expensive AutoCAD or other
licenses needed.

7. The EDM allows you to store and archive several versions of your die photo data, notes, comments,
AutoCAD, technical drawings, corrections to create and manage easily your die development graphical
and other data gathered over the years.

8. Automated services are available and easily to use; such as daily tasks and required activities (with
deadlines listed at the login page of each die corrector, team worker and manager.

9. Reports can be sent out by the system at any combined time and frequency to a number of selected
participants as pro-active information about die extrusion data in production and / or important quality
aspects, like occurred die fault or new customer complains etc.

10. Collected die data over the years can be easily analyzed and displayed by chart diagrams in a
meaningful, easy to understandable manner. Showing questions, like which is your most produced dies
carrying which kind of quality issues over a selected period of time. Self defined trend questions are
possible by data mining of your die information.

11. Huge acceptance of solid technology by a big number of customers with listed testimonies under:

12. Replacing paper archives of die drawings with electronic copies, which is fully searchable by criteria.

13. Complete management of daily recording in die extrusion activities, die correction notes and share them
with the die designers

14. In EDM just store an unlimited number of photos, images, technical drawings, production reports,
electronic extrusion documents and die data in a single view, as central location instead of spread or
sourced from several systems.

15. Availability of full logs with tracing and data audit on records in terms of accessibility for die activities,
corrections and quality process handling with your customers, suppliers

16. Easy exchange of quality feedback made by die correctors to die designers for continuous improvement

17. Combine data derived from profile measurement reports like Ascona or Romidot to supervise daily die
extrusion quality and effectiveness.

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18. EDM is based on Oracle data base and its relevant technology, hence we grow with Oracle. This proven
technology is world renowned and is backed by one of the biggest software companies world-wide.

19. EDM software in installed on a single centralized server and is watched normally by the IT department.
Hence the die shop department has nothing to do with the software itself, as such EDM is held under
professional eye of the IT department. Means, you do not need to manage or maintain anything on EDM
on your PC.

20. EDM utilizes Thin Client technology, hence zero installation on client PC (even non modern PC is
sufficient to run the EDM successfully); will allow die correctors and production worker to access all the
information about their dies, their integrity, and technical drawings in a matter of seconds.

21. Present common tools used by die shops like Microsoft: Excel, Word and Access, are too old
technology, they have to be installed and maintained on each PC separately since they are allowing Thin
Client to be used.

22. Accessibility: the EDM can be accessed from all over the world; it is as if your dies shop travels with you.

23. Migration ability: all legacy data can be migrated to the EDM, no data get lost underway. The whole
migration process is cared by the professional care of IT-Imaging; normally this process is done using
automatic software tools (hence limited over typing of data into the new system is needed).

24. Intranet secured usage: No EXTERNAL internet connection is needed in order to run the EDM internally.

25. Connectivity: the EDM can be connected to any system. Connections to profile measuring systems and
ERP systems have been established easily.

26. The EDM uses the latest security technology available for databases, a team of users can be configured
with few mouse clicks and only these can approach the data base. Various levels of privileges can be
given to the die shop manager and such allowing proper secured management of the whole group and
it’s Digital Assets (DA).

27. Many of the old applications, like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access databases are an inefficient,
unsecured method of managing information. A more efficient, scalable, and secure approach to
managing information is to use an Oracle database with a Web application as the user interface. Oracle
Application Express provides centralized control of company information via a Web-based application
that supports a multi-user environment, allowing department level users to generate applications quickly,
with high performance, usability and security.

28. Often simple applications grow in size and complexity and become mission critical. These same
applications are often scattered throughout the network making maintenance, backups, security, and
access increasingly costly and inconsistent. Such personal databases don’t offer the productivity,
performance, scalability, manageability or security that companies need for regulatory compliance.

29. Having a Web-based application that supports a multi-user environment is a more efficient way to
manage information. Oracle Application Express can quickly replace unsecured, personal databases
and as business grows, the migrated application can easily accommodate additional users and
increased volume, and all protected within a secure Oracle database.

30. Based on all the above points, you always know at one click on what is happening in the die shop and
you can always maintain, supervise and manage the true “health” of your die extrusion activities, real-

We bring your die data to your finger tips

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