Walcha: A community that bands together for those in need.

Proud of the best level of services for the size of the township, Walcha Community’s assets and social services bind together the people of the area, creating a resilient community. They know how to support themselves to survive the challenges despite the losses that the community has suffered. The next biggest challenge Walcha has identified is to Become an Innovative community; developing a community strategy to achieve their future goals… THIS IS THEIR STORY!

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Walcha Community Plan - Building a Strong Healthy Resilient Sustainable
New England & Regional Communities

New England Sustainable Strategy - an Environmental Trust NSW funded project partnered by Armidale Dumeresq, Uralla,
Guyra & Walcha Councils

Social Infrastructure Assets

Approachable stand alone Council
that opens & connects with community supports enterprises Quality outdoor work recognised, financially responsible

Bands Economic Sustainability Feel - Identity of - capitalising on Caring Friendly - pride Together for of Walcha Enterprises Walcha natural attributes 'a community that can those in need Best Level - Community - representation etc hold its head up' - family feel with bird-watchers, of services for support networks gardens - deciduous Reversing decline & a town this size raised money for Pool, Retain & Attract tree plantings 80% retire achieving critical Aged Care Facility, Hall Youth back Adequate Aged Care in Walcha population size to Walcha Health Ancillary community supports geographical Care Facilities, itself; gets on 3 service clubs age succession Renewal Trades Pre-School with it; survives position of volunteers Apprentices challenges, despite Support local thru traffic Services for those - issue of bureaucracy losses businesses across region in need - incl. Retaining families in regulations HACC, early Partnership with Aboriginal Wealth from Walcha while working Childhood Community - cultural Maintaining industry with away in Mining jobs Create employment Disability changes to cemetery 3 Banks, Credit Viability nearby opportunities Union Sustainability Diversity of Every Kid renewal of No Public Businesses give is catered for Agri-Businesses of Agriculture apprentices their 'best shot' community with sports, free - Skills against outside pool, sporting Garden transport Wool & Environmental Attract pressures eg wool clubs, volunteers, Visits Grazing Strengths new overseas tours with PETA Rodeos maintaining health enterprises promoted Healthy Country Intelligent Accesses education providers & police using Soil Types, Good learning off each uses Good School partnerships Rainfall, Head of 4 broadband other, balanced Cost Rises CSIRO network - central river catchments with city centric self-sufficiency in approach to UNE & villages - job taxi business farming, aware sensitivities research pathways energy, water Misses out on ups enterprise of impacts on up to date & downs of western around agriculture remaining an environment Access to information inland regions Build on appealing balanced UNE Serviced by 2 regional airports Bikers Trail Tourism Flow-thru traffic N-S & E-W Nationally recognised local Artists National Parks Wild & Bird life Geographic location

Walcha's People

Keep Working on

Maintaining the


1. Being Innovative Strategy- attracting
new enterprises, employment for youth

- Building on what's already happening & mainatining unique social fabric with key focus areas...

Council to convene Walcha Steering Cmtte across community, service clubs & people with expertise to drive strategy process, identify partners, resources to enable innovation strategy

Walcha Steering Cmtte. formed Population Increase Awareness of Walcha Plan New businesses attracted to town Enrolments at School Expansion of existing businesses new apprenticeships Employment rises Ongoing relationships with Regional Development Bodies - RDANI, DII, AusIndustry, BEC

1.1 Attract new promote apprentices Broadband based support group & enterprises - computer programs skills appealing to youth organise lock-up with key Govt. Regional 1.2 Foster Sustainable Development Bodies Renewable Energy to pitch - reach agreement 1.3 Enhance Tourism & ecotourism establish time-line for objectives 1.4 Attract Elderly People & flow-on health services employment

overseas artists come to stay

Outdoor - Art Tourism

Murray-Darling Retirement competitive place water caps may affect town Transportation some in community Health & Road network The Walcha SEED Plan is part of the 21 regional Complex community planning dialogues inputing Attracting New into the Northern Inland Regional Development Plan Making this Plan useful Enterprises - Jobs building onto - integrating by Regional Development Australia Northern Inland gym, mens shed Difficulty of using Broadband attracting outside to attract Adam Blakester support funding Mick O'Loughlin new enterprises