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SHA upends Beal City,77-65

By PETERAUCHTER "I think we came out a little less tense, in my opin-

Sun SportsWriter ion," Simons said. "That's how we got the early
The renewal of the Beal City-Sacred Heart Once Sacred Heart got the lead, it just kept piling
Academy rivalry featured a little bit of everything on the points - much to the dismay of Beal City
plus a lot of emotion and plenty of scoring. coach Tom Lavoie.
Host Sacred Heart was able to focus its energy "I thought our defense could have been a little
better, however, and won 77-65 in the boys basket- better," he said. "But when you miss as many shots
ball season opener for both teams Tuesday night. as we did it's hard to get back in your press and that
"Definitely it was a big win for us," said Sacred was the difference."
Heart coach Dan Simons. "It's a great way to start After a brutal first quarter, Beal City got untrack-
the season." ed offensively thanks to senior Jason Smith.
Junior Hedlun Walton paced all scorers wlth 27 Smith hit triples with ease during the quarter to
Doints. The 6-foot-3 junior center also was a force on help pull the Aggies back into contention. The
the boards, pulling down 15 rebounds. closest that Beal City would come to the lead,
Senior guard Brian Gaede notched 18 points and however, was five points.
seven assists. Rob Ervin chipped in with 17 points Sacred Heart took a seven-point lead into the lock-
and Todd Hackett added 10. Hackett, a senior, also er room at halftime following a pair of free throws
had nine rebounds. by Gaede.
"I thought that everyone I put in the game played The momentum swung back in Sacred Heart's
well," Simons said. "Good mental minutes. I'm real favor early in the third quarter and the Irish were
pleased." never seriously threatened the rest of the way.
Brian O'Neil paced Beal City with22 points. Jason "The kids kept their poise and made a nice run,"
Smith added 15 points on five 3-pointers, all in the Lavoie said of the second quarter. l'But that takes a
second quarter. lot out of you, especially teams on the road.
Derek Mueller, with 13 points, and Ryan Fussman, "I was pleased with the effort. We got the shots we
with 11, also reached double figures for Beal City were looking for (but they wouldn't fall.)"
but it wasn't enough to overcome a slow start by the As could be expected, emotions sometimes got the
Aggies. best of players during the game. Technical fouls
Afterr a Walton free throw opened the scoring, were called the Sacred Heart bench, Gaede and the
O'Neil scored two straight hoops (including a triple Aggies'O'Neil. The sellout crowd only added to the
from the top of the key) to put Beal City up 5-1 early. frenzied atmosphere.
Sun photogr.phr
But the Aggies wouldn't score again until the second "When these two teams meet, no matter what time by D|CK BOLTOIiI

quarter. of year it is, it's always an emotion-filled game," Beal City's Jason Smith hit five 3-pointersin
Sacred Heart ripped off 14 straight points to take said Simons. the second quarter but the Aggles still lost to
control of the game. Beal City won the junior varsity game 55-43. SacredHeart.

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