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Due to the frequency and nature of the reports received by the Office of Institutional Equity and

Inclusion (Title IX) and Office of Community Standards and Conflict Resolution (student conduct), the
University of Northern Colorado is concerned for the health and safety of the Fraternity and Sorority Life
community, as well as others who interact with them.

As a result, IFC and Panhellenic chapters as well as the council’s executive board are asked to complete a
Safety and Success Plan during the spring 2020 semester. Additionally, for the IFC community during the
spring 2020 semester, the following activities are prohibited:
§ IFC recruitment and initiation
§ Greek Week and Greek Awards
§ FSL/Chapter Intramurals
§ Socials, parties, formal, and tailgating
§ Brotherhoods
§ Alumni events (other than Founder’s Day)

• IFC chapters may participate in the following for the spring 2020 semester:
§ Registered philanthropy and/or community services events
o Philanthropy events are limited to food functions at the chapter facility, tabling
in the UC, and restaurant fundraisers. As an example, events like War of the
Roses or Big Man on Campus are not permitted. I am happy to discuss your
events with you to make sure they are allowed.
§ Greek Educations
§ Council meetings
§ Chapter meetings
§ Spring Officer Retreat
o The retreat must be local, an advisor must be present, an agenda with
time/date/location must be submitted to FSL Program Coordinator, and the
advisor must confirm in writing they are attending.
§ If you have a question about an event or program, please talk to me.

• IFC chapters are required to work with an advisor(s), headquarters staff, the IFC Executive
Board, and me to complete a chapter Safety and Success Plan.

• During the spring 2020 semester, the IFC Executive Board will work on directives to be
implemented by FSL in order to improve the conduct of IFC and its members and will work with
chapters to create an IFC community Safety and Success Plan. Toward the end of spring
semester, members who have authored the IFC Safety and Success Plan will present it to UNC
campus administrators.

We are finalizing the processes necessary to implement the items described above, but I wanted to get
this email out to you. I will send out more information (including the requirements of the Safety and
Success Plan) before school starts on Monday, January 13, and we will have many meeting times to
discuss and work through this together.

As I hope you all understand, these steps are required as a result of the number of issues that have
arisen recently, and the Fraternity and Sorority Life members must work together to address these
immediately. I am confident each of you will utilize this time to plan, restructure, and emerge from this
process stronger than ever.
I am here to help whenever you need it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Lacey Staehs
Program Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life
Office of Student Life