MARKET SEGMENTATION Our focus is on the Multinational companies which regularly need to transfer parcels from one country

to another. Also, we have the tie ups with boutiques which send Indian clothes to the foreign countries. Their exports will increase during festivals like Diwali and Eid. The students with families in India who have gone abroad to pursue their studies are also our target customers. We will also have tie ups with the spices and condiment exporters and the pharma companies for which we have already obtained the license. Partnership • We are planning of partnering with IAS on franchise basis. Other operators also have foreign affiliations and such identity is always attached to the names to attract business from all sectors. • Franchise partnership is such that my company will route all outbound mails and cargo through us as foreign affiliate company while our inbound cargo/parcels are routed through us for efficient and effective delivery. • The arrangement will allow us to prefix our name in all our transactions as partners. Please note that no directly investment is required. • The company we are looking forward to partner with is not particularly the world courier giants (because they would all have gotten partners here) but any trustworthy company with vision to succeed, that is serious and ready to exploit the wide sub region together with us and is willing to extend ‘letter of intent’ to partner with my company to achieve this agenda. • We have tie ups with Insurance and micro insurance companies so that they insure the risk carrier, delivery and services etc. MARKETING ACTIVITIES PRODUCT: Our main objective is to get the parcels in the same condition safely to the destinations as it was sent. May it be fragile items or perishables we have expert team for packing taking into consideration the state of the item to be couriered. Also special packing techniques with temperature controlling mechanisms to preserve the immune-biological, food items, flowers ,etc are being offered. Also special thermocol packing for fragile items/ equipments like laptops and computers. PRICE: PROMOTION: The new venture of Jet Airways can be promoted easily in the light of the parent Company. The brand building is easy as Jet Airways has already undertaken all the necessary steps towards it. Considering this advantage, Jet Global can make its presence visible by being a core sponsor of some internationally recognized events like “Common Wealth Games” or sponsoring for the athletic events at the Olympics or the much enjoyed IPL and so on. This can be one of the best ways to spread awareness about the new service category of Jet Airways. Ads both in print and media can be used as a tool for promotion. Well designed pamphlets can be distributed among the Jet Air customers for initial brand awareness purpose

he is duly compensated for the delay in terms of coupons giving him discount for the next delivery. Timely feedback and appraisals with incentives at the earliest must be provided to the employees. We also provide 24 hr service and a 24 hr toll free helpline for our customers. After planning of the route. . We have the door step pick and deliver service to make things more convenient for our customers.and special schemes and vouches may be awarded. we plan the shortest route in order to avoid unwanted movements and wastage of time. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: The asset of our Company would be the right employees assigned to the right task through rigorous selection and recruitment procedures conducted across the prominent B-Schools & Engineering colleges across the nation and globally. Also having low introductory prices would help in market penetration and lure customers to try our new service. It is the front office. Also the well designed courier covers and the postal covers with the Jet Airways logo with JET GlObAl inscribed can be used as our logo all throughout. With regards to service recovery. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT We believe in making our customers as the centre of all the activities we do. the customer handling employees in well dressed uniforms with a warm and welcome smile-that makes a difference to our brand. our regular customers are given a priority card which entitles them to discounted rates depending on the bulk of parcels sent by them. The parcels are taken special care of in order to avoid breakage or spoilage in transit. Also. A highly equipped office with all the necessary items for packaging and sealing at the back front is one of the essential criteria of any courier company. Also special schemes may be availed to corporate houses. Also. The well printed receipts of the package and feedback forms are also instruments of measuring our quality. Also IT specialists would have a key role in help our customers identify or track their package routes and locate them.the ambience and aesthetic appearance with proper lighting and ergonomics. Also social campaigning activities on public forums like facebook and twitter can create awareness among the youth globally and help in networking. A sound knowledge in Supply chain management and Operations among our employees for ground handling would be essential for proper functioning of our system. we also track the route taken by the parcel and any deviations there from are probed into. Special offers may be given to loyal customers to maintain a positive relationship. The most important of tasks is to provide the new recruits training and constantly evaluate their performance. if the parcel of our customer doesn’t reach its destination in the prescribed time. Also a harmonious work culture with flexible work timings should be fostered within the organization to keep the employees motivated and satisfied. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: This is the tangible part of service which is the most powerful in creating an impression about the Services being offered.

well-known freight shipping companies that work together. each within their respective country. New E-Ship Server (ESS) will be launched. The main target of our company is to strengthen our networks through the international alliances. ESS is a user-friendly. a global network of large. We are working with Courier Systems to develop and implement a five-year energy and fleet reduction strategy. and Asia and penetrate therein. Windows-based stand alone operating system designed for large customers with multiple facilities and numerous users.5-yr plan • CEP is a high potential market. trade and population. strategic acquisitions and by exploring newer markets. the growth of which is directly related to the global GDP. The CEP market is an important part of the overall transportation and distribution industry and reflects the global industrial state and the growth therein. agreements. Europe. supported by a strong communications plan We plan to reduce Courier Systems’ footprint to net zero through a unique portfolio of quality carbon offset projects • • • • . We plan to tap the major markets – US. Become member of the World Freight Alliance (WFA).

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