1. The Eternal Law of Karma – VII 2. The Extrasensory Potentials of Mind – Part 6 3. Experience and Expression of Conscious Forms of Energy Dr.Pranav Pandya

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The Eternal Law of Karma - VII
Create your own world

What is the science behind creating my own destiny?
(Continued from previous edition)

Is the Prediction of Future Events Possible?
At times, yogis (spiritual scientists) having paranormal powers make accurate predictions about the future events. It should not create the misconception that life is strictly bound by rigid pre-destination. The future course of life undoubtedly depends on past karmas (actions). By virtue of paranormal powers the futurologists and seers are able to foresee the ultimate outcome of the Prarabdha Karmas. In this world, too, we can often predict the probable future on the basis of a comprehensive data. On learning details of legal proceedings an experienced juror may foretell the judgment to be delivered. It does not mean that there is no relevance of prosecutors, defendants, evidence, lawyers and cross-examinations. Foretelling of events also does not mean that certain events can be correlated to some particular past Prarabdha Karmas. In fact, fate and self-effort are two faces of the same coin. Self-efforts (karmas) are given the name of destiny when they bear fruit. We may compare the current karma with any raw fruit, which is going to ripen in future as destiny. The fate of today is the karmas of the past. If karma stands for an infant calf, Prarabdha is the state acquired by it late in life as an aged cow. The word Prarabdha is frequently misunderstood as predestined, though Prarabdha Karmas and Prarabdha (fate) are two names given to the same phenomena- with a time lag in between.

God is Not Vindictive
Misfortune occurs in life in a particular order and according to a well-defined process of divine justice but people reconcile to their inevitability by believing in so-called “Wrath of God”, “God’s Will” or “Natural woeful state of this world”. As a matter of fact, God neither creates any good fortune nor misfortune for anybody, nor He/She (God is not gender-specific as a biological being) desires to put anyone in distress. Nor is this world wholly full of woes. A spider gets confined and entangled in its own self-woven web. Similarly, man himself makes his mind vicious, undisciplined, corrupt and sinful and when the evil mind works to create a distressing situation, he weeps, wails and blames othersincluding God. Here it should be clearly understood that the fruits of Prarabdha Karma are always received as abrupt unprecedented events. (e.g., unexpected death due to disease or accident, collapsing of a house, winning a jackpot, injury due to accident, accidental loss of limbs or cessation of vital functions of body.) God does not involve other beings directly in enforcing divine justice for a couple of reasons. 1. The person enforcing divine punishment on behalf of God would create resentment against his own self- thus beginning a chain of counter reaction between himself and the person being punished. It would increase turbulence of mind.
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2. The enforcer would have to be unnecessarily involved in the complex process of cause-effect by committing undesired karmas and reaping their fruits. Here, we may once again recapitulate the characteristics of Sanchit Karmas and Prarabdha Karmas. Sanchit Karmas bear fruits only on coming across a suitable environment or otherwise get destroyed in a counter environment. Whereas, the Prarabdha Karmas invariably bear fruit, though it may take several life cycles. The current activities being knowingly carried out are Prarabdha Karmas, whereas the unexpected, sudden happenings are the fruits of past Prarabdha Karmas. Any failure in life due to indolence is definitely not due to Prarabdha Karmas of the past. Unlike the Prarabdha Karmas, the physical Kriyaman Karmas (discussed hereafter) bear definite fruits within a short time.

Kriyaman Karmas (Physical Karmas)
Physical actions fall in the category of Kriyaman Karmas. These produce co current results. Consumption of drugs is followed by intoxication. Death follows consumption of poison. Human body is made up of five natural basic elements. Interaction between these natural elements produces immediate reaction. As soon as we touch fire, fingers are burnt. Laws of nature govern interactions between natural elements. Defiance of these laws invites almost constant punishment by nature. When the physical body is compelled to live on foods and habits incompatible with its physiology, there is an immediate disturbance in the natural balance of the body, which results in disease, and weakening of the harmonious working of the biological system. This is nature’s mechanism for rectification. (Vegetarianism is meant for human species, since contrary to the physiology of the carnivorous, man has been provided with smaller canine teeth and larger intestine as compared to carnivorous. The smaller intestines of the carnivore do not let accumulation of residual toxins of animal fat in the body. Besides, the flesh-eating animals are provided with long tongues. The vegetarians use their lips for consuming liquids). Physical Karmas are mechanically carried out by the body without any emotional involvement unlike Sanchit and Prarabdha Karmas, they produce fruits in a short time.

Distress is an unwelcome phenomenon. It’s immediate experience is bitterness. Nevertheless, ultimately it is meant for the well-being and happiness of man. Distress is an extraordinarily effective mechanism provided by God for rectification of evil traits and augmentation of positive values. Life is a blissful and self-enlightened spark of the Supreme-Being. He/She has self-created this world which is intrinsically blissful. The brief interludes of unhappiness in life are provided to give the needed momentum to the progressive evolution of the soul, by reminding the being about the true purpose of life, which is awakening to its original nature as a Spark of the Divine. Events producing unhappiness in life are few and their impact is self-evident. Nevertheless, we must remember that whatever little suffering we come across, is the result of our own forgetfulness of our Divine Source. Being a spark of the Blissful Supreme Being, the soul is intrinsically blissful and there is no natural unhappiness in the basic structure of the cosmos, which is orderly and harmonious. Do not be afraid of the misfortunes, which create unhappiness. Do not loose your mental equilibrium. Face misfortunes boldly. Instead of getting worried or uneasy, be prepared to sail through them. Embrace misfortune as though it were an ill-mannered but warm-hearted friend, who uses foul language, makes unpleasant criticism. Nevertheless, when it (misfortune) goes, it leaves behind the gift of a large treasure of wisdom and insight. Like a brave soldier, face misfortune defiantly and say, “O oncoming misfortunes! You are like my children. I am your creator. Therefore, I welcome you with open arms. You are my legitimate offspring. Therefore, I won’t disown you. You are free to play in the courtyard of my life. I am not a coward. I won’t shed tears in desperation on meeting you. I am not morally so bankrupt as to avoid paying for my own misdeeds. Being a creation of That Supreme Being, I am a Spark of That Absolute Truth, Absolute Benefaction and Absolute Virtue. Come ugly
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products of my ignorant karmas. Come! I have courage to accommodate you in my life. I don’t need help from anyone. You have arrived to test how courageous I am? I am prepared to face you”. Don’t commit blasphemy. Don’t ever say this world is bad, wicked, unvirtuous and full of unhappiness. In this world, created by God, each element is masterpiece. Nothing is bad in the holistic view of creation. If you blame the creation, you are also casting aspersions on its Creator. Saying that the pot is badly-made means commenting on the proficiency of the potter. When you say that this world is full of misery you are casting aspersions on the integrity of God. In this celestial creation, there is not an iota of unhappiness. Our ignorance itself is the cause of our bad karmas and consequent miseries. We have to cleanse and purify our inner selves of our evil thoughts and wickedness so that we are totally and finally released from our miseries and acquire ultimate deliverance.

…………..To be continued in the next edition (This series is based on the book “The Eternal Law of Karma” by Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya)

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The Extrasensory Potentials of Mind – Part 6
For a longtime, the brain was recognized only as the controller of the conscious activities, motor functions and the perception of the sense organs. The fact that this rather small organ in the human body is a repository of astonishing potentials became clearer with the advancement of neuroscientific research. Contemporary progress in collaborative studies in the fields of psychology, parapsychology, and metaphysics appear to be bringing the modern science closer to the areas of vedik science that deal with the hidden powers of human mind. It is now accepted by many groups of eminent researchers that, as described in the Indian Philosophy, the human mind is a reflection of the Brahm. The impulses of whatever is happening, is going to happen, or has happened, anywhere in the infinite expansion of the cosmos reach and can be captured by the inner cores of human mind. The human mind is endowed with the power to know about the past, present and the future, at will. However, this supernormal talent remains dormant in general. The dull and drowsy minds can’t even properly experience, recognize, or analyze the present. Brilliance of intellect and foresightedness help the sagacious minds know and shape the future growth of the subject matter of their interest and expertise. This explains why enlightened and alert mind is said to be the architect of its own life. However, the extrovert attitude, self-centered inclination, and complacence and excessive attachment with the present and the immediate future, often restrain its trenchant vision and talents from reaching the wider and deeper domains of knowledge. Cultivation of introvert and deeper thinking and successive endeavors of intellectual and spiritual erudition unlocks hidden potential This elevation can eventually excel the illuminated minds to the higher realms of precognitive realizations. The authentic reporting of the supernormal talents of the deep concentration, self-control, and willpower of human mind has drawn the attention of many researchers towards the yoga practices of dhy³na-dh³rañ³ (meditation) and s³dhan³s (dedicated spiritual endeavors). The great yogis and spiritual devotees refine their inner-consciousness and mental potentials by self-restrain, ascetic disciplines and sadhanas. Some people, though rarely, are born with evolved consciousness and extraordinary talents. In a few, such powers are found to be activated accidentally. Spiritual refinement of personality and evolutions of the inner force of consciousness enable the ‘individual self’, emancipate from the thralldom of ignorance and set an active linkage with the limitless. Its domain of experience and knowledge-acquisition too would then expand beyond all limitations. The live experiences of great personalities and sagacious minds do illustrate from time to time that the evolution of the inner-powers can indeed exalt the individual self to unimaginable heights. Several books, such as “The Third Eye” by T. Lobe-Sang, “Spiritual Journey to the land of Hermitage” by Al Zahir, and “The Making of Heavenly Trousers” by Daniel Bayer, give us a first hand view of the extrasensory experiences of the authors. These intellectuals had had the divine experience of the awakening of the Âjna Cakra (– the ‘sixth sense’ or the ‘third eye’). What they had experienced as clairvoyance and glimpses of the past and the future in the specific states of mental engrossment in deeper consciousness – was also authentically verified. Such experiences evince that human mind is indeed endowed with a divine eye in its subliminal core. Renowned German philosopher and writer, Goethe mentions in his autobiography that once when he was sitting in his house at Wilma, he suddenly felt that the island of Sicily, several thousands miles away, is being shaken by horrifying seismic tremors. The feeling was so strong and clear that he even discussed this unique experience with some of his friends… But no one paid any attention. What else but “illusion” could such an experience be called in general? How could one see or explain the happenings of several thousands miles away without any mode of communication? It was only after about a week that the newspapers brought the tragic reports of a devastating earthquake in Sicily. This had occurred on the same day, same time, when Goethe had watched this horrifying event live. Jonathan Swift described in his popular novel “The Gulliver’s Travels” that –– Mars has two moons orbiting around it; one at a velocity double than the other… His “hypothesis” was thought to be mere
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fiction because, until then it was annulled that the planets other than the earth could also have their satellites. After about 150 years, in 1877, a giant telescope in the Naval Observatory at Washington, traced the presence of the two moons of Mars and also proved that the velocity of one is double that of the other. Film actor Chandra Mohan Sen once dreamt that his horse has fallen into a ditch while running in a racecourse. He got up with a panic, but was soon glad to find that his horse was quite all right However, hardly three days later, this horse died under the same circumstances as were seen by his master in the dream. In his book “An Experiment with Time”, J. W. Dunne has described several dreams, which depicted future realities in advance. In one of his own dreams, he had seen the eruption of a volcano in the Crestar Island few weeks before the calamity. Spain’s Ischopiel Palace is a masterpiece of Spanish architect. King Phillip II had got it constructed in the memory of his wife Mary Tudor. One of the halls in this monument was designed for the burial of the king and his successors. An astrologer told the King that his family’s empire would last for twentyfour generations only. Because of his faith in the sage, the king arranged for twenty-four graveyards in the said hall. Queen Maria Christine was the 23rd ruler of the same royal family. She died in 1929 and was buried in the same hall. Surprisingly, Alphonso, the prince designate since a long time, was finally sworn in as the King of Spain. Within two years he was dethroned and assassinated. With him the empire of Phillip’s family had also come to an end. It was sometimes during the peaceful freedom movement of India, when an elderly British citizen, nick-named Nancy came here as a tourist. She was a good friend of Mrs. Sarojini Naidu. Sarojini had organized a get-together to introduce her to some Indian friends. Mr. Jinnah and his newly wed, young Parasi wife were also present on this occasion. Nancy constantly stared at the couple for several minutes while being introduced to them. It looked quite awkward. After the couple had left, Sarojini asked this lady about her embarrassing behavior. Nancy replied –– “I could read it on their faces that within three years from now, they would be divorced. Afterwards, the young pretty woman (Mrs. Jinnah) would commit suicide and Mr. Jinnah will become a king – the head of a state”. All the others around, including the host laughed at this whimsical ‘prediction’. No one could imagine the couple’s separation, as Mr. Jinnah was deadly fallen in his new wife’s love. The possibility of India’s freedom in such a short span of time and Jinnah’s enthronement sounded equally baseless. However, everyone witnessed that the next three years brought a drastic change in the fate of the country as well as that of the Jinnahs. They were divorced and Mrs. Jinnah ended her life in depression. With its independence, India was divided into two nations and Mr. Jinnah became the first head of the state of Pakistan. Mr. Zaidy, the then vice-chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University (India) had also heard about the above prediction. He visited London six years after the independence of India. There he recalled this British lady – the foreteller, Madam Jean Dixon (Nancy). He did have her address in the diary, so he could visit her during his stay there. While talking about her clairvoyance in general, Prof. Zaidy casually asked her about the future of India and Pakistan. She just looked into the air and said – east of Pakistan will be separated in couple of decades… Indeed, her prediction came true, when Pakistan was divided and its east part emerged as an independent country – Bangladesh in 1970. Seeds of the supernormal vision like Mrs. Dixon and of other exceptional talents are immanent in every individual. Each one of us could gradually arouse and evolve these hidden potentials of our mind by dedicated endeavors. The ancient science of yoga s³dhan³s enlightens the path of such extraordinary attainments. …….To be continued in next edition (This series is based on the book “The Extrasensory Potential of Mind” by Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya)

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Experience and Expression of Conscious Forms of energy
Rishi Vaak, the scholar of “scientific spirituality” was seated on the banks of river Kaushiki and performing her Sandhyavandan. Though eveninghad set in, there was some more time for it to become dark. Sun had traversed to the western rim of the horizon. The hues of setting sun were seen amidst the clouds that were spread in the sky. The flow of river Kaushiki was at times slow with the waves falling mildly while they were fast atother times. The low peaks of the surrounding mountain ranges were standing as though aware of what was happening, while the trees were expressing their joy by shaking their branches. Rishi Vaak was chanting the 24syllable Gayatri Mantra and was doing research on the primordial Mother and her various forms of expression. By the time, she came out of her meditation and completed her mantra japa after Suryopasthan, the clouds had become denser. The winds began to blow fiercely. The water in river Kaushiki was flowing at full speed. The winds were creating intermittent tides in the river. When Vaak got up after finishing her sandhyavandan, her attention shifted to the clouds that were spread in the sky, the wind and towards the water flow in river Kaushiki. At that instant, there was a loud thunder followed by lightening. It was as though Lord Shiva twanged his bow and was getting ready to annihilate the evil asuras. She kept standing there and was witnessing the entire scene in astonishment. While witnessing these scenes, several questions rose in her mind at the same time – what is the secret behind thunder? How do both sound and light emanate from electricity? What increases the speed of wind and water flow? Her mind was crowded with these questions just like the external sky that was covered with dense clouds. By this time, it had begun to rain. The ashram in which she lived along with her father, Maharshi Ambhruna, was nearby. Since she lost her mother during the time of her birth, her father donned the role of mother also. In addition to being both a father and mother to Vaak, he also shouldered the responsibility of being her teacher and Guru. She was a worthy daughter of her illustrious father. She had set an example to others with respect to austerities, noble samskaras, good behavior, service, diligence and untiring zeal to learn. The Acharyas of Gurukuls, guides of sadhaks and parents of rishikanyas used to ask their students and daughters to consider Vaak as their role model. When Vaak reached the ashram premises, she found her father Ambhruna standing at the door step. He noticed that his 16-year old daughter was tired and lost in thought. Owing to his intuition, it did not even take a moment for him to figure out her mental state. He realized that his daughter was weighed down by questions. He very lovingly told her – “Daughter, go and change into dry clothes and drink something warm. After that, we can sit and talk.” Vaak followed her father's instructions and in a few minutes they met at the library. The library housed several books on vedic and other literature. Both father and daughter were seated facing each other. Rishi Ambhruna then smiled and said, “The answer to all your questions lies in one word – Shakti (meaning energy). Energy exists in both active and passive forms.” “Scientific and spiritual techniques are employed to activate the passive forms of energy. Remember that there is no atom present in the universe which is devoid of energy. Various forms of matter, though they look inert, are active in the form of inner atomic energy. This is visible in the form of light, sound, electricity, magnetism, gravitation, wind, hydro- and bio-energy. The atom which is assumed to be insignificant contains enormous energy in its nucleus. The important point to be understood is that energy is always conserved; it can only be transformed from one form to another.” Rishi-daughter Vaak was listening to her father attentively. Her father was speaking in affectionate tones thus – “Till now I have discussed only the material or physical forms of energy. There are also other subtle and conscious forms of energy. I shall tell you a great secret of the occult world, which physical scientists may or may not discover in due course of time. Everyone is aware that atomic division leads to fission which releases energy. Similarly the expression of various forms of pranic energy like mental energy, emotional energy and spiritual energy is also possible on similar lines. In the inner realms this is experienced as awakening of Kundalini and its upward movement. Those who

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understand the manifestation of these pranic energies in physical world are capable of creating anything. Of course, this capability lies with only a few awakened souls.” “Father, what is meant by capability or strength?” asked Vaak in a thoughtful but soft tone. “Strength is defined as the capacity of the energy to manifest. Be it animate or inanimate, Nature or Bhagwati Adi Shakti has bestowed them with a certain capacity based on the organization of their atomic or life particles. This capacity can be enhanced not only by several scientific and spiritual techniques, but can also be put to a variety of uses. Just as the energies based on material sciences can be used as electricity, wind power, nuclear power etc, in the same way by using spiritual processes, the Pranic energies, e. g. mental energy and soul energy can be used to perform miraculous feats. To understand both physical and conscious forms of energy and to be able to enhance their capability to manifest, it is essential to do the multi-faceted sadhana of Adishakti.” This narration by her father Maharshi Ambhruna entered the mind of 16-year old Vaak in the form of a firm resolve. She got ready to perform intense penance on the banks of Kaushiki. By the power of penance, several new layers of knowledge related to energy and power began to unfold within her. She began to realize the energy prevalent in the universe and that which is present in herself. She began to experience at-one-ment with those energies. After crossing all the layers and dimensions of knowledge in its various aspects, she experienced the fundamental miraculous flow of energy and began to utter thus – Om aham rudrebhirvasu-bhischaraamyahamadityairoota vishwadevaih - I am the Sachidananda Sarvatma Shakti that expresses itself as Rudra, Vasu, Aditya and Viswadeva. In the 125th Sukta of 10th Mandala of Rig Veda Samhita, there are 8 mantras under the title of Devi Sukta; they are the realizations of Vaak.

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