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WiMAX Buyer’s Guide

October-08 Edition

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WiMAX Buyer’s Guide

October-08 Edition


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Tim Sanders

WiMAX - The Global Broadband Standard

As the worldwide telecommunications industry heads to- wards the end of the third quarter of 2008 the role of broadband wireless and WiMAX technology is emerg- ing as a viable broad- band option for cus- tomers globally.

nies help insure that the technology continues to be improved and pro- moted heavily. There are too many ecosystem companies substantially invested in the technology for them to give up easily on WiMAX. And a final benefit is that the synergistic ef- forts of these ecosystem companies will ensure competition and rapid re- ductions in costs to carriers and con- sumers. The technology should only get more affordable.

Progress is made weekly by com-

panies who are already fine tuning

The importance of WiMAX is great-

er than it has ever been. However, choices by WiMAX adherents to so-

lidify the technology into fixed and

mobile standards slowed the overall adoption of the technology. Happily that battle is essentially settled now as we end 2008---and mobile WiMAX has won.

The Technology

When discussing the viability of WiMAX the conversation should be- gin with its ecosystem. One thing that the WiMAX Forumhas clearly done very well is develop a wide-ranging ecosystem of companies that are building solutions for the technology. This ecosystem ranges from silicon companies building the chipsets and solutions sets that power the overall technology to the radio vendors, an- tenna vendors, software developers and others that support various as- pects of the overall solution.

This single aspect of the technology may perhaps be more important than a single standard or even interoper- able capabilities. Why? The vested interests of these supporting compa-

the technology. Recent chipset an-

nouncements include new low-power chips designed to facilitate handheld

units to numerous improved fixed/

portable and mobile WiMAX solu- tions with new capabilities. There have been announcements from

firms such as Nokia of new devices

designed to work with mobile WiMAX. And Google’s Android software plat- form is being incorporated into new handheld devices slated to reach the market in 2009.

The one area that has been some- what slow to coalesce has been prod- uct interoperability testing. With mo- bile WiMAX technology or 802.16e having essentially won the battle for supremacy the next big step is to

achieve what is called Wave 2 cer- tification which supports multiple-in- put-multiple-output (MIMO) antenna sets plus enhanced quality of service

(QOS) capabilities. The first Wave 2

tests are already well underway.

On the fixed/portable front several

solutions have achieved certified in- teroperability ratings. And it is clear that carriers large and small are

moving forward with fixed/portable


broadband wireless solutions, even choosing proprietary ones, in order to meet customer demand. In fact,

Clearwire alone has garnered up- wards of 500,000 customers using a precursor WiMAX technology rather

than a certified product. However,

Clearwire certainly chose to not wait on the “right” technology but on one that was good enough at the time. It is notable that WiMAX precursor technology is robust enough to com- pete strongly with existing DSL and Cable Company offerings. Of course, with the huge Clearwire and Sprint merger of assets coupled with the new investment for the company, Clearwire will move forward with its own mobile WiMAX city deployments

near the end of 2008. Its first test of

the technology in Portland, Oregon has gone well.

If as they say that imitation is the

sincerest form of flattery WiMAX

technology can already be counted a resounding success in that it may have, at least partially, inspired the faster emergence of the competing long term evolution (LTE) technol- ogy standard that uses very similar OFDM-based modulation schemes and protocols to support mobile IP- based broadband wireless for carri- ers. While LTE technology appears to be at least a couple of years behind WiMAX in its deployment roadmap, the fact that it adopted such a simi- lar form reinforces that the all-IP path WiMAX chose will be the platform for tomorrow’s successful carriers. And it offers hope for an eventual consoli- dation of the two approaches, which would reduce costs and improve ac- cess for consumers.

The US Market

In the USA the WiMAX conversa- tion began with one question---what

is Sprint going to do? That question was answered with the announced merger of spectrum assets between Sprint and Clearwire. Sprint, which was long mired in trying to digest its acquisition of Nextel, had been

hampered in finding the wherewithal

to do something with WiMAX. Sprint previously announced that it would launch a nationwide WiMAX network and in fact at one point announced

a planned venture with Clearwire to collaboratively build-out a nationwide WiMAX network.

Then, business pressures led Sprint to back out of its Clearwire agree- ment along with replacing its CEO and other key executives. And at that point finding the funding to do some- thing with Clearwire seemed prob- lematic at best.

But Sprint hit a home run with its re- cent announcement of its intent to merge its spectrum assets with Clear- wire and take a major ownership po- sition. This deal also depended upon added investment from Google, Intel, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. One inter- esting aspect of the deal is that the cable companies have garnered the right to use some of the spectrum at the edge of their networks, likely in femtocell deployments.

This deal made terrific sense for all

companies involved, and if all goes through as expected, a nationwide US based WiMAX network would be a bellwether event for the US broad- band wireless market.

The question then arises is there op- portunity for other carriers. Recent

research indicates that there is con- siderable opportunity especially for carriers in rural or niche markets. However, the success and scale of such opportunities will be heavily dependent upon the willingness of licensed spectrum holders to collab- orate with these other carriers. Car- riers such as Digital Bridge Commu- nications, AMATechtel, Towerstream, Covad Wireless, Sparkplug and oth- ers are moving aggressively to pro- mote niche or rural plays in the US market.

Firms such as NextWave, which holds considerable spectrum assets in several bands, have previously an- nounced an intention to leverage that spectrum with its carrier customers.

NextWave recently sold $150 mil- lion of its AWS spectrum to several larger carriers with the bulk of that

going to T-Mobile. The firm retained

its WiMAX compatible spectrum and could still choose to partner with

smaller firms to build out service.

Likewise, Clearwire itself could sub-

let or partner in some markets, most probably smaller or rural markets, to carriers with a business plan built for those environs. Can this happen---

will spectrum holders work with firms

like those mentioned above? Abso- lutely it can. However the question is, will spectrum holders enact a protec- tionist philosophy towards their spec- trum or will they partner to leverage it more quickly?

The Global Outlook

Whatever problems may have act- ed to slow US WiMAX and broad- band wireless adoption, the rest of the world appears to have hardly taken notice. There are over 250 an- nounced WiMAX deployments or tri- als worldwide. Adoption of WiMAX

technology has been solid in Europe, South America, Asia and The Middle East and to be fair in the US too. In fact, US-based Clearwire is the WiMAX carrier with the largest pure WiMAX customer base at this time. But will that continue?

There have been potentially huge WiMAX deployments recently dis- closed in India, with TATA Networks and others for example, that could potentially serve millions of custom-

ers on a nationwide scale. Clearly the basic value proposition of broadband wireless and WiMAX remains solid. Especially for countries with less developed wireline infrastructure, broadband wireless offers carriers the opportunity to leapfrog massive

and costly fiber optic network build-

outs to support broadband. The cost savings in using broadband wireless to serve major populations is hard to refute. The ability to deploy rapidly is a sound advantage as is the poten- tial to offer numerous new generation types of IP-based services that mobile carriers could never previously sup- ply. As 2008 has moved on we have heard numerous announcements that countries around the world are beginning to auction WiMAX compat- ible spectrum---so the future looks bright overall for the technology.

However, there have been numerous announcements this past year from major US and International carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and others that they intended to use the new long term evolution (LTE) technology instead. This development is clearly a threat to widespread WiMAX adop- tion. But there are already conversa- tions afoot for an eventual re-mar- riage of the two technologies under a single standard. In either case, it will be a while before LTE hits the mar-


ket, likely close to two years. A lot can happen in two years.


WiMAX has experienced significant

challenges, not the least of which

has been time to market with certi-

fied products. However, building new

wireless standards from scratch to be ready for massive scale worldwide rollouts is no small task. Some early over hyping of the technology did not help in that it pushed expectations

ahead of the practical curve of what did occur.

Still, it seems that an all IP-based broadband wireless platform is the technology of the future. And while, wireline broadband services show few signs of slowing growth or replace- ment with WiMAX or WiMAX-type technologies, it seems reasonable to expect that much of tomorrow’s tele- communications growth will come from advanced IP-based broad- band wireless services. The state of WiMAX is sound.

Tim Sanders is a former wireless ISP operator and current consultant to the broadband wireless industry. He can be reached at 828-505-0702 or

ket, likely close to two years. A lot can happen in two years. Conclusion WiMAX has

Paul Kapustka

WiMAX Services in the US

On May 7, 2008, the WiMAX industry in the U.S. got a mega - watt jump-start with the announcement of the “new” Clearwire, a WiMAX service pro - vider whose nation - wide mobile broad - band network plans were backed by $3.2 billion in funding from Google, Comcast, Intel, Time Warner Cable and others.

The existing Clearwire Corporation, a provider of WiMAX services to more than 460,000 subscribers in more than 50 different markets, combined its operations with the WiMax assets of Sprint Nextel to form the “new”

Clearwire, a network operator with licensed spectrum covering almost all of the major U.S. population cen- ters. The company plans to use Mo- bile WiMAX technology -- which sup- ports true broadband speeds over distances of several miles or more from tower to user -- to deliver com- mercial and wholesale services over a nationwide footprint, with services available in several markets before the end of 2008.

The May 7 announcement was really a twin set of booster rockets, with the investment cash joining the combi- nation of the rich spectral and infra- structure assets of the two biggest WiMAX players. With $3.2 billion in hand, the new Clearwire is well on its way to the $5 billion total that Sprint had said was needed to fully fund its planned nationwide WiMAX network. That operation, which Sprint had called “Xohm,” now lives on inside Clearwire, a new company with pow-


erful partners and an expanded set of deliverables, including broadband services for small, medium and large businesses, as well as wholesale re- seller contracts for its cable-provider partners.

While the highly anticipated launch of Xohm/Clearwire services first in Bal- timore, then in Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Portland, Ore. should bring discussion about WiMAX services to the front pages of local newspapers and business magazines, they won’t be the only WiMAX networks oper- ating in the country. In fact, several smaller providers are already running working WiMAX networks, signing up customers both in regional rural mar- kets as well as in established metro locations, using the technology’s ease of deployment and lower opera- tional costs to compete with existing wireline broadband offerings while opening up new markets to custom- ers attracted by WiMAX’s mobility


Two of the leading smaller U.S. WiMAX service providers are Tow- erstream Corp., which provides

fixed-WiMAX services to small and

medium businesses as a T1 re- placement, and DigitalBridge Com- munications, which is providing Mo- bile WiMAX services to select rural or secondary metro markets as a DSL or cable modem competitor.

Towerstream, which operates in nine major metro markets (New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Dallas/ Fort Worth and Providence, R.I.), re- corded nearly $2.5 million in revenue

for the fiscal quarter ending June 30,

2008, a 20 percent growth from the previous quarter. By signing up big- name customers like ESPN, Netf- lix and even Intel, Towerstream is proving that its business-broadband offerings (like its mid-range 8 Mbps connection for $999 a month) are showing increased traction.

DigitalBridge, which was launched

in 2005, first started offering WiMAX

services in Roxburg, Idaho, in 2007.

In 2008, the company added servic-

es in several cities, including Idaho Falls, Idaho, Sioux Falls, S.D., and Jackson Hole, Wyo., to its list of more than 15 cities with its “Bridge- MAXX” services. The Jackson Hole deployment, announced in June,

was the first to use WiMAX Forum Certified Mobile WiMAX equipment.

DigitalBridge also closed a $20 mil- lion funding round earlier in the year, showing that investors, as well as customers, believe in the promise of WiMAX services in the U.S.

Part of the allure of WiMax for small- er service providers is its ability to by- pass the copper local loop -- and the leasing costs and controls that come with it. “WiMax is a great technology for us to avoid the phone companies,” said Towerstream’s Thompson. Digi-

tal Bridge’s Dunne concurred: “With WiMax, there’s nobody between us and the client -- I cannot believe that is happening. I’m very passionate be-

cause for the first time, it feels like the

last mile is solved.”

Other smaller U.S. WiMAX providers include:

-- AT&T, which offers WiMAX servic- es in Alaska, Nevada and Texas, in mainly experimental commercial de- ployments. AT&T has no announced plans to expand its WiMAX opera- tions at this time.

-- Xanadoo LLC, which offers Mobile WiMAX service to more than 13,000 customers in several small towns in Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois, with plans to add more markets in 2008. In July, Xanadoo announced an inno- vative “pre-paid” pricing plan where users could purchase Internet access by weekly or monthly increments, much like long-distance calling-card plans.

-- Pipeline Wireless, a Boston-area business-services provider that in

2008 received certification from the

FCC to offer WiMAX services in the recently approved 3.65 GHz spec- trum band.

-- MetroBridge, actually a Canadian company that also provides WiMAX services in the Phoenix area. In Feb- ruary of 2008, MetroBridge acquired the assets of Utah Broadband LLC,

which will allow MetroBridge to offer services in the Salt Lake City area as well. MetroBridge had nearly $2 mil- lion (Canadian) in revenues for the second quarter of 2008, ending June


-- Consolidated Telecommunications Company, a cooperative in rural Min- nesota, in 2008 started using Mobile WiMAX in the 700 MHz band, mainly to reach rural customers. The com- pany, which also provides wireline

and fiber services, expects to expand

its WiMAX offerings.

-- Solo Direct Connect, a Quad Cit- ies, Iowa-area provider, announced in 2007 plans to offer Mobile WiMAX services to the Iowa cities of Daven- port and Bettendorf, as well as the nearby Illinois towns of Moline and East Moline and Rock Island, using Cisco/Navini gear in the 2.5 GHz band.

On the Sprint/Clearwire side of things, the original Sprint Xohm “soft launch” markets of Baltimore, Chicago and Washington, D.C., are all still slated to be online before the end of the year. The “old” Clearwire is going ahead with its previous plans to launch Mo- bile WiMAX services in Portland by the fourth quarter of 2008, and is al- ready building out new networks in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Grand Rap- ids, Mich., which should all be opera- tional some time in 2009. Sprint has also already announced that it is de- ploying gear in Boston, Philadelphia and the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but does not plan to launch networks in those regions until after the merger deal closes as expected during the fourth quarter of 2008.

PAUL KAPUSTKA is the editor and founder of Sidecut Reports, an online home for long-form analysis of topics at the intersection of Telecommunica- tions, the Internet and Public Policy. A longtime technology journalist, Paul was most recently managing editor of the GigaOM blog network.

features. Two of the leading smaller U.S. WiMAX service providers are Tow- erstream Corp., which provides


Jeff Orr

WiMAX Mobile Device Revolution

As 3G devices were developed, the cellu - lar industry touted the introduction of new device classes that departed from the handheld 2G phone.

ments are dominated by those two categories: CPE and Computers & Peripherals. Combined, they repre- sent 84.4% of all device announce- ments. Phones & Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are the third larg- est segment accounting for nearly 10% of announcements.

(such as notebooks, netbooks, sub- notebooks and Ultra Mobile PCs [UMPC]), the category of Computers & Peripherals will likely evolve into two separate segments.

An integration path similar to Wi-Fi technologies is also expected. The

first embedded systems incorporate

Jeff Orr WiMAX Mobile Device Revolution As 3G devices were developed, the cellu - lar industry

Fig. 1

Vehicle technologies, Portable Audio & Video, and Gaming devices are the smallest categories with less than 6% of announced products. These trailing device seg- ments are heavily reliant on the exis- tence of large regional or nationwide mobile WiMAX networks to establish seamless roaming. As infrastruc- ture is built that covers urban communities, these islands of WiMAX coverage can be stitched together. Common transportation thoroughfares will bridge indi-



a miniPCI


Fig. 3 cre -
Fig. 3
cre -


3G aircards, embedded comput- ing devices and incorporation into consumer electronics prod- ucts suggested a more pervasive experience.

The reality of first 3G

devices, however, was more phones. 3G WAN options for computing platforms started taking hold during 2008.

card. This requires the

least amount of in-




mother - b o a r d varia -



o n s


n d




option for inte-

grators. As the percentage of new

purchases demanding WiMAX con- nectivity increases, higher integration

and cost-savings is justified.

Similar to 3G cellular, mobile WiMAX systems are designed to operate

in a select set of frequency bands.

WiMAX Forum specifies certification profiles, which identify the spectrum

for operation. The three approved fre- quency bands for mobile WiMAX are centered on 2.3, 2.5 and 3.5 GHz.

Device announcements spiked around the 2.3 GHz band utilized by the WiMAX-based WiBro service in South Ko- rea. The sweet spot for mobile WiMAX, based

on the harmo-

Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005) learned from this experience with vendors suggesting

a more pragmatic intro- duction. Six categories

define mobile WiMAX



Computers & Pe-



Customer Premise

Equipment (CPE)


Phones and PDAs


Portable Audio and





Vehicle Technologies

The industry announced that the first

round of devices supporting the stan- dard would consist of CPE modems and computer peripherals. This vi- sion has come to fruition as initial mobile WiMAX device announce-

Jeff Orr WiMAX Mobile Device Revolution As 3G devices were developed, the cellu - lar industry

Fig. 2

vidual networks and demand for devices that use this expanded coverage will increase.
vidual networks
and demand
for devices
that use this
coverage will

As embedded computing systems using mobile WiMAX are introduced

Fig. 4

nized availability of spectrum world- wide, is the 2.5 GHz band. Over 100


products have been announced in the 2.5 GHz band, nearly double the amount announced for the 3.5 GHz band.

different networks within a country or con- tinent. Products supporting WiMAX and other wireless protocols (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, etc) in the same radio subsystem are coming to market during 2009.

As larger regional and nationwide networks are deployed, the variety of devices available for general and specialized broadband applications will spark a revolution in how people communicate – regardless of their location.

Figure 1 Airspan Networks Mi- MAX USB adapter

Figure 2 ZyXEL Communica- tions MAX-206M2 SOHO Modem/Router

Figure 3 LG Electronics KC1 Personal Digital As-


Figure 4 Samsung SWT-W100K Portable Media Player

Figure 5 POSDATA Flyvo G100 Gaming Handheld

Figure 6 dmedia System Co. G5W WiMAX Car-Navi

Jeff Orr is CEO of ORR Tech- nology and author of the Mobile WiMAX Device Guide. He had

the distinction of being the first

WiMAX Forum employee after serving as a board member for the industry trade association. Jeff can be reached at +1 (541) 359-0595 or http://orrtechnology. com/

products have been announced in the 2.5 GHz band, nearly double the amount announced for the
products have been announced in the 2.5 GHz band, nearly double the amount announced for the

Fig. 5

This trend by frequency band is expected to continue. Prod- ucts developed for the 3.5 GHz band are primarily designed

for fixed and stationary applications

due to the characteristics of signal propagation. Manufacturers in this

spectrum will utilize the 802.16e- 2005 standard to lever- age lower compo- nent costs and the
spectrum will
utilize the
to lever-
age lower
nent costs
and the
volumes of mobile WiMAX chipsets
Fig. 6

Fourteen mobile WiMAX devices

have been certified for use in either

the 2.3 GHz band (synonymous with South Korea’s WiBro network) or the broader 2.5 GHz band offered in many countries today (see table). Several large WiMAX networks are anticipated in the coming year based on 2.5 GHz, including Japan, Taiwan, and the United States.

Most of the devices available for por- table and mobile applications have

not yet been certified. The WiMAX Forumis expected to approve in- cremental certification profiles in

2009, which will increase the number of announced single band devices for mobile WiMAX. Multi-band products -- those capable of supporting two or more WiMAX frequency bands -- will become available for roaming across



Airspan Networks


Beceem Communications

USB200 dongle

GCT Semiconductor

GCT Mobile WiMAX Single Chip SoC


Intel Corporation

Wi-Fi / WiMAX Link 5350


AccessTechnica TRP-2GW-2A PC Card


FLYVO U100 USB Dongle

Runcom Technologies Ltd.

Tornado RNU200 CPE

Samsung Electronics

SWC-E100 Mobile WiMAX ExpressCard/34

Samsung Electronics

SWT-P230 Mobile WiMAX PC Card

SEQUANS Communications


SEQUANS Communications



StarMax 3160 Subscriber Station


TU25 USB Modem

ZyXEL Communications Corp

MAX-206M2 Modem

*Table 1: Certified mobile WiMAX devices, as of 15 September 2008

(Source: WiMAX Forum)




Introduction During the 1990’s the broadband wireless in- dustry became a business of thousands of wireless


During the 1990’s the broadband wireless in- dustry became a business of thousands of wireless ISPs throughout the US and around the world.

Probably the tipping point came when US regulators and many Internation- al regulators apportioned spectrum for license-free use. This decision permitted carriers to launch service wherever and whenever they desired

so long as their equipment met gov-

ernment specifications.

More recently, and especially on the International front, a large amount of licensed spectrum has been released for commercial broadband use. Ar- guably however, the radio products based on the 802.11 standard that

evolved to support the early first

launches of citywide broadband wire- less networks may have been just as

important. Until carriers began offer- ing radio products with media access controllers (MACs) that supported longer-range and more interference resistant services, the industry had no real teeth.

Top10 Questions

you should ask your WiMAX Vendor

Tim Sanders

Today of course the broadband wire- less industry has evolved, particu- larly on the radio vendor front to one that offers numerous proprietary and standards based systems that work in both unlicensed and licensed spectrum from as low as 700 MHz to 60 GHz and higher frequencies. Car- riers can utilize proprietary systems still based on 802.11 formats or the newer 802.16 standard (WiMAX) for both point-to-multipoint (PtMP) and point-to-point (PTP) applications.

In the last five to six years alone

broadband radio vendors have de- veloped solutions that offer true non- line-of-sight and self-install capability (primarily in licensed bands) as well as solutions that support affordable bandwidth applications as high as 1 Gbps. In fact, especially for new carriers in emerging markets, the plethora of choices can be dizzying. What radio product will best meet the carrier’s needs? How does a carrier choose the best radio and vendor for its needs? The answers to these questions are important, because vendor choice commits carriers to a platform that may not be easily ad- justed or replaced. So how should carriers go about selecting the right vendor for them?

Choosing a Vendor

Opinions abound on the subject of how to best choose a vendor, but I believe that the choice of radio ven-

dor begins first with the carrier’s

business plan. The carrier needs to identify the types of customers it

can best serve and determine their bandwidth and service needs as a first step. Once the service require- ments are laid down, then the carrier

can begin fitting radio products into

a matrix that supports its business needs and its markets. Certainly other requirements impinge this deci- sion---not the least of which is the ge- ography the carrier needs to serve.

Today’s broadband wireless and WiMAX focused carriers operate in both urban and rural markets. They may also serve both residential and business class customers with wide- ly varying needs. These types of RF environments create problems that are very complex to solve. Carriers

may need more than one type of ra- dio technology to meet all of these needs. Can a single vendor supply everything you need? Or should car- riers be open to multiple vendors? The answer for each wireless ISP is likely different and lies first in un- derstanding its own needs clearly. However, how you approach vendors and the questions you ask them are crucial to your ability as a broad- band wireless carrier to succeed. To that end I propose these Top Ten core questions to ask of all vendors

before you make a final decision.


The Top Ten

1 What frequencies and standards do you support? And what customer seg- ments are your models de- signed to serve?

Most vendors by sheer necessity or by technological choice pick niches within the broadband wireless and WiMAX marketplace to serve. Only a few major vendors offer wide-ranging product lines that serve virtually all potential needs for a carrier. It can certainly be argued that special- izing in a handful of frequencies or technical standards can convey an advantage in terms of product de- sign and focus. Vendors do develop reputations within the marketplace for being especially adroit with vari- ous elements of the broadband wire- less equation. One company that is strongly focused on PTP (point-

to-point) backhaul solutions for ex- ample might offer a best of breed product in that category. And while it may also manufacture PtMP (point- to-multi-point) radios for end-user ac-

cess, another firm may be superior in

that regard for a carrier’s particular needs. In the past, particularly with proprietary technologies broadband wireless ISPs typically had to choose a single vendor for PtMP at the very least and then mix and match back haul units.

Also too, carriers sometimes choose to deploy radios in multiple spectrum bands such as 900 MHz to reach customers with NLOS problems (900 MHz will penetrate some tree cover and walls at limited range) and also use higher frequency unlicensed bands for PtMP service with other customers or customer segments. More recently, with the availability of

3.65 GHz PtMP WiMAX systems in the US, carriers have a new tool that offers NLOS capability and higher bandwidth. Similarly carriers using licensed spectrum such as 2.5 GHz might choose to use low-cost 5.8 GHz PTP back haul radios. Later as traffic climbs or in the event of inter- ference carriers can shift to licensed PTP units in spectrum ranges such as 6 GHz, 11 GHz, 18 GHz and 23 GHz.

I tend to favor using best of breed ap- plications if they meet your customer needs and target niches. The down- side of multiple vendors however can be difficulty in pinpointing which ven- dor to contact in case of a problem as the source of the trouble may be unclear. Also, multiple platforms cre- ate a higher learning curve for techni- cal people, because almost all gear,

even WiMAX certified interoperable

gear will likely have slight variations

in performance that require different deployment and maintenance tech- niques.

Planning for necessary upgrades as your business changes and grows is

another consideration. Carriers pick- ing a vendor for an overall strategy or

a series of vendors to fulfill various elements of a network deployment have to weigh this option as well.

  • 2 Will your next technol-

ogy upgrade be backwards compatible with my current radios? How do I protect my investment?

For carriers the issue of growth and upgrades is a really big decision point in determining primary and sec- ondary vendors for their networks. If the current systems that vendors offer are pre-WiMAX or proprietary, and almost all still are (although this


is beginning to change), will the car- rier have to deploy hardware up- grades on either the base station or customer premise side to shift to a fully WiMAX-based solution? Or is it possible to simply upgrade via a firm- ware update to use your next genera- tion gear?

This question holds true even if a carrier’s needs are best met with a proprietary solution. Most carriers us-

ing unlicensed band frequencies fit in

this category. There are few WiMAX

product profiles for these spectrum

ranges. However, the vendor may plan upgrades to its product line that are not incremental in performance, standards or technology but require replacement. If this is the case, ex- isting physical infrastructure may have to be replaced to upgrade. It is true that a carrier can simply fix- ture it’s next market with new tech- nology and operate existing markets with legacy equipment. However, this once again creates burden for carri- ers. The carrier must carry multiple types of replacement inventory for failure replacement (increasing in- ventory costs) and it must spend time training technicians in both systems.

3 What is your product roadmap for the next 3 years and next 5 years? How much point-to-multipoint band- width will you be able to pro- vide? And what capacity will your backhaul units be able to provide?

This is a vendor question very simi- lar to the previous one but addresses some more technically granular is- sues. As carriers plan ongoing ser- vices for customers they must plan to support the next generation of ser- vices that their customers will be de- manding, not just the ones customers

need now. Understanding what direc- tions your vendors may go regarding standards, especially in-built support for certain services such as IP-based products like VoIP or Quality of Ser- vice management tools, is important.

Carriers increasingly relate that both residential and business class cus- tomers are asking for more band- width. Carriers estimate that their customers will demand 100 Mbps

connections in as little as five years.

A vendor’s ability to deliver higher bandwidth products is a decision point as well.

Does the vendor plan to add product lines such as backhaul specific prod- ucts or support the new 3.65 GHz spectrum range? If the vendor is fo- cused upon WiMAX products does it plan to offer products for all spectrum ranges that the WiMAX Forum have announced. And what about the new mobile standard long term evolution (LTE)? Does the vendor have a com- mitment to this standard and to roll- ing out products based upon it? If you are a carrier likely to focus upon LTE this is a key question. And perhaps a better one is to ask a vendor if it has sufficient intellectual capital to sup- port all of its product ambitions.

Last but not least confirm that your







backhaul bandwidth that customer demands will place on your net-


4 How are your radio performance metrics prov- en? Is it by lab testing? Or is testing based upon real world customer deploy- ments? Can you speak with your vendor’s customers?

Probably the one area that carriers complain about most often is vendor

performance claims. Vendors have a product to sell so presenting that product in the best light is a neces- sity. That doesn’t mean that vendors are dishonest in their claims. But what it does mean is that vendors will talk about the metrics that are most

outstanding about their products first.

And also, there is a distinct element of the real world that intrudes in any conversation about broadband wire- less.

No two geographies and markets are exactly alike. The RF environment can vary even when two towns are very close together; as can the topology of hills, building shadow, needed range, available tower sites and many more

elements that affect the art form of a wireless deployment. Vendors cannot

field test for every conceivable type

of location. So what vendors often do

is test with beta clients in the field.

How extensive these tests are and in what geographies they were done are important to know. Vendors also perform extensive benchmark testing in lab settings. Radio products must

receive certification from the FCC

and have to meet those testing re-

quirements too. If radios are WiMAX

interoperable certified they will have

undergone additional testing for that functionality.

So it is crucial to ask about how test- ing is accomplished and to judge how closely that testing is to the types of geography your deployments will face. The big key here is to not try for an exact fit, but rather to under- stand the realistic limits of what gear can likely do in the real world relative to benchmark testing. The closer a carrier pushes its chosen radio plat- forms or other components to their designed limits the more likely prob- lems will arise. Staying within the lim- its of what gear can do is a real secret


to success in the industry regardless of chosen platform.

Happily a lot of knowledge about where and how to deploy a given platform can be learned from a ven- dor’s existing customers. In the case of a new platform there won’t be existing customers to describe their experience. But a vendor’s prior cus- tomers could talk about the vendor’s responsiveness to problems, how it handled returns, warranty service, customer service, billing, and more. Always insist upon talking to existing customers; preferably some that the vendor did not recommend.

5 How widely deployed are your units and for how long? How long have you been in business? How many customers do you have worldwide and where are they? Also, how many units have you shipped?

need now. Understanding what direc- tions your vendors may go regarding standards, especially in-built support for

Nothing beats a track record in terms of comfort level for a carrier with a potential vendor. Nevertheless, ven- dors can become stale and drop a bit behind younger more aggressive vendors in terms of product innova- tion. However, for most broadband wireless ISPs reliability is the top characteristic they are looking for in terms of gear. Nothing antagonizes your customer base more than out- ages. Clearly, carriers carry a big bur- den in terms of network management and pre-emptive maintenance tasks that keep a network vibrant and well- tuned---carriers must do their part.

But asking a vendor how long a par- ticular platform has been deployed, especially one making watershed claims of performance and capabil- ity, is essential. Knowing how many customers have been served in the

Beyond Wi-Fi there’s WiMAX.

What’s in that great beyond? Greater range. Greater throughput. Greater security.

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Beyond Wi-Fi there’s WiMAX. What’s in that great beyond? Greater range. Greater throughput. Greater security. Be

real world and for how long are key determiners of reliability. It is a rule of thumb axiom amongst many carriers that almost any brand new platform will experience bugs when it hits the field and this is my personal experi- ence.

customers. It bodes well for any car- rier to ask to see data on actual ship- ping times and to have a clear under- standing of how quickly a vendor can turn product around.

If your carrier is facing tight deadlines

for deployment for cash flow reasons

Many years ago my former wireless

ISP had used a tried and true and very reliable vendor product. When that vendor introduced a new, im- proved version of a radio that had been completely re-engineered we happily bought it and became among the very first carriers to widely de- ploy it in our network. Approximately

5 firmware versions later the pain of

the problems we were experiencing almost magically went away after that last upgrade. The lesson here isn’t to reject new platforms---we

had every reason to expect it to work

well. It is rather to perform some field

testing yourself before committing to a widespread deployment on a new platform.


How long will it take

me to get shipments and do you guarantee shipping times? And what quantities can I get per shipment?

The broadband wireless industry is arguably in its golden age world- wide. The interest in and adoption of broadband wireless technologies is at an all time high. Strangely enough,

vendors can become a victim of this interest and success if the demand begins outstripping their ability to manufacture and ship products in a timely fashion. Many vendors in the broadband wireless space outsource the bulk of their manufacturing to

other specialized firms. And they may

not actually have complete control of their ability to produce product for

or any others, this is a question that needs to go to the top of the list. In general, choosing the right platform I believe is more important than a platform you can get within a certain period of time. But for some carriers this can be an issue. And it is certain- ly an issue with ongoing operations. Ask also how often they have experi- enced product delays in the past and how long they were. Also, what were the causes of the delays? A vendor that has never had a product delay is probably rare. How the vendor choos- es to answer this question whether reluctantly or very openly should be telling in your estimation of how good the vendor relationship will be.

7 Do you have experi- ence providing solutions for our type of carrier? Who are your biggest customers that are similar to us?

For carriers this is probably a major element at all times. After all, carri- ers want vendors who understand their business. A vendor who focused solely upon licensed spectrum prod- ucts in the past but is now offering unlicensed band gear may not under- stand the product needs of this car- rier segment as well. The converse is certainly true also. Carriers vary in their needs and the frequencies of spectrum carriers choose or have available to them often imply signifi- cant differences in the types of net- works and customer bases that these


carriers need to serve.

It is crucial to speak with other carri- ers that the vendor supports to gain an understanding of how well that vendor meets the needs of a carrier like yours.

  • 8 Who are your stron-

gest competitors and why? What do you do better and what do they do better?

This is a bit of a test of character question for vendors, because they always know who their strongest competitors are. If they are reluctant to disclose relative strengths and

weaknesses this can be a red flag.

A vendor who is open about the dif- ferences while maintaining it has a stronger offering and can give good reasons why will garner trust from carriers. After all, a vendor may have a strong competitor who has an en- trenched market presence and brand name that the market knows well. But if your potential vendor feels its newer products are technically superior but less well known, it may be right. How vendors talk about their competition or where they indicate defensiveness about their weaknesses is very telling in how they approach relationships with their customers. It also offers clues in where and how a potential vendor may plan upgrades.

  • 9 Can you provide pro-

fessional services or Inte- gration or do you have part-

ner firms that can do so?

Carriers have a lot on their plate. And increasingly it seems that some vendors are striving to assist carri- ers with more and more services that

create stronger relationships. Some radio vendors for example will as- sist backhaul radio customers with the frequency coordination aspect of buying a licensed frequency PTP radio solution. A few even maintain contacts with spectrum brokers to assist customers in purchasing li- censed PtMP spectrum. Other ven- dors offer integration or network design professional services. Some have been known to assist carriers with mapping technology and GIS in- formation for their potential markets. Some vendors don’t attempt these tasks in-house but outsource them. A good ecosystem of additional service relationships can leverage carriers nicely into a stronger offering to its customers.

All of these can be extremely helpful

to a carrier, particularly a carrier new to the broadband wireless space. For carriers understanding their own inter- nal weaknesses as a company comes

first. Then evaluating vendors for the

additional value they can bring to the

table with other services can signifi- cantly advance your business goals.

10 How is your warranty service handled and how quickly can you turn warranty units around? Also, do you have field tech-

nical staff to help solve dif-

ficult problems and will you

provide this kind of support? What has been your biggest failure with your radio prod- ucts?

For vendors probably the biggest test of character is how they address problems with customers. It is hard to evaluate how helpful a vendor will be when problems crop up in advance of a real world experience. Part of what

broadband wireless ISPs can learn from talking to other vendor custom- ers is how they are treated. But there are many clues in regards to a com- pany’s warranty or repair policy. Are these policies lengthy and offer end- less disclaimers for example? Or are warranties simple and all-inclusive? Likely for most vendors, the real- ity will fall somewhere in the middle.

Even vendors who have significant

boiler-plate in their contracts may be very easy to deal with. They may of- fer performance above and beyond their contractual obligations. Asking other carriers with experience with a particular vendor on warranty service is helpful.

Particularly if a carrier is consider-

ing deploying a platform that is new and has little field burn-in history, un- derstanding how much the vendor is willing to support its customers in the

field with technical assistance can be

a life or death decision point for a car-

rier. Similarly, asking a vendor to tell you what its past problems are gives a carrier useful clues to how that ven- dor will react when problems arise because how the vendor chooses to answer this question is almost more important than the answer itself.



At the end of the day a vendor re- lationship is just that, a relationship. This is not a one time equipment purchase type of transaction. In the broadband wireless space vendor re- lationships are long-reaching as they should be. It is imperative for carri- ers to evaluate not merely technical aspects of products but rather the overall relationship with their vendor; because that relationship, in many

ways, will play a significant role in

success or failure.

PCTEL Antenna Products 471 Brighton Drive Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA +1.800.323.9122 Company Background: PCTEL

PCTEL Antenna Products

471 Brighton Drive

Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA


Company Background:

PCTEL is a leading global supplier of antenna solutions for multiple wireless applications including WiMAX, SCA- DA, land mobile radio, broadband wire- less access, RFID, in-building wireless, aeronautical navigation, and GPS. We produce the industry leading antenna product lines MAXRAD® and Blue- wave™.

PCTEL’s engineering teams are world class and utilize some of the industry’s best design tools, test equipment, and test ranges to produce antenna solu- tions offering the customer excellent performance and value. PCTEL utilizes high quality materials to build antennas that provide the superior performance and reliability expected by our custom- ers.

PCTEL has sales and manufacturing locations world-wide allowing us to of- fer global support and manufacturing of our extensive range of base station, mobile and portable antenna models.

Primary Products

The MSPDBDI244914NF sector panel antenna provides coverage of 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz and 4.9 GHz to 5.9 GHz fre- quencies in a single antenna housing.

The WISP4959018BMV sector panel antennas cover frequencies of 4.9-6.0 GHz and are designed for use in sec- torized WISP applications using a sin- gle sector or multiple sector antennas and multiple radios. It offers a choice of 45º, 60º, 90º or 120° single beam- width sector. Multiple antennas can be utilized to cover several geographical

sectors using additional radios. Great for use in place of an obstructed wall mounted omni.

The SP2327-17XPAB is designed to

cover frequencies from 2300 to 2700 MHz with a VSWR of less than 1.5. Port-to-port isolation of typically > 25

dB. This panel provides field adjustable azimuth beamwidth of 60˚, 90˚ and 120˚.

The MMO24580608 base antenna pro- vides coverage of 2.4-2.48 and 5.15- 5.85 GHz frequencies and is housed in a rugged U.V. stable, plastic radome with an aluminum base. This antenna is ideal for indoor or outdoor applica- tions.

PCTEL Antenna Products 471 Brighton Drive Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA +1.800.323.9122 Company Background: PCTEL

ARC Wireless

10601 WI-70 Frontage Rd N

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 USA


Company Background:

ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc. develops and manufactures a diverse line of both custom and off-the-shelf antenna prod- ucts and solutions for MIMO, WiMAX, Wi-Fi®, cellular infrastructure, GPS, RFID, Homeland Security, asset track- ing, Bluetooth®, etc. ARC is known for developing and manufacturing high quality, low cost patented antenna technologies for many types of wire- less communications and networking applications.

ARC prides itself on developing custom, innovative and efficient antenna de- signs for leading international, wireless industry OEMs. For over 20 years we have been developing custom antenna products ranging from low cost GPS antennas to integrated Wi-Fi® anten-

nas to sophisticated cellular base sta- tion antennas. Our engineering orga- nization is structured to be responsive to a wide variety of requirements and is comprised of experienced, dedicated, and professional personnel focused on meeting the antenna needs of our cus- tomers. Our product development and low cost manufacturing capabilities en- able us to deliver antenna products to market quickly.

Primary Products

The ARC IES™, Integrated Enclosure Solution, line of products features a fully integrated IP-67 enclosure solu- tion designed to accommodate numer- ous antenna offerings ranging from 900MHz to 5.8GHz including embed- ded and external bolt-on versions. Many of ARC Wireless’ antennas are


designed for WiMAX applications. The Gen I & Gen II enclosures have been designed to support numerous radio mounting options.

The ARC ABS™, Articulating Bracket Solution offers user-friendly ease of

installation and maximum flexibility for

precise antenna positioning. The new bracket has been engineered so that it can be installed by only one person

and is designed for up to three inch di-

ameter poles, wall and soffit mounts.

The ARC ABS™ is fully compatible with the ARC IES™, Integrated En- closure Solution. The ARC ABS™ will also work with numerous non-ARC an- tenna products.

European Antennas Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9RG, UK +44(0)1638732177 Company Background: European Antennas Ltd design

European Antennas

Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9RG, UK


Company Background:

European Antennas Ltd design and de- velop flat panel, sector, omni-direction- al and broadband antennas. Formed in

1991 by managing director Brian Phil- lips, European Antennas is now part of Cobham plc. Based entirely in the UK, the company has a large catalogue of antenna designs whilst specialist an- tenna development projects are under- taken. Our production facility, develop-

ment laboratory, spherical near field test facility and administration offices

are all on one site in Cheveley, in Cam- bridgeshire, England, enabling us to keep tight control of our stringent qual- ity procedures.

The business objective of European Antennas Ltd is to provide products

and services of exceptional value to our customers by ensuring that their expectations are realized and that ev- ery endeavor is made to exceed them. To meet this objective, changes and improvements are continually imple- mented to manufacturing resources, processes and procedures via invest- ment planning and training. European Antennas is an NQA ISO9001 regis- tered company and a member of the WiMAX Forum.

Primary Products:

European Antennas design and manu- facture antennas in the 250MHz to 40GHz frequency range for commer- cial, defense, satellite and security communication systems. The Vector antenna range for WiMAX applications

is used within commercial and secu- rity systems. Antennas are also used within WLAN, WiFi, RFID, TETRA, PMR, telemetry, surveillance, outside broadcast and cellular telecommunica- tions. Antennas are installed in arenas, airports, railways and stations, buoys,

race cars, tunnels, helicopters and UAVs and can be integrated into sys-

tems. Our on-site spherical near field

anechoic chamber tests all design pro-

totypes, verifies radiation patterns and

provides support documentation.

European Antennas Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9RG, UK +44(0)1638732177 Company Background: European Antennas Ltd design

Jaybeam Wireless

730 21st Street Drive

Company Background:

Jaybeam Wireless designs and manu- factures a broad range of antennas for cellular, PMR, broadcast, military and marine customers worldwide. With a focus on technical innovation and cus- tomer responsiveness, Jaybeam Wire- less seeks to form lasting partnerships with its customers to deliver high qual- ity solutions that enhance network per- formance.

Jaybeam Wireless operates from three regional manufacturing and design centers located in the United States,

in the United Kingdom and in France. Each location is equipped to support new product development as well as high volume antenna production. From these locations, Jaybeam Wireless is

well positioned to rapidly and efficiently

deliver customized antenna solutions to network operators worldwide.

Primary Products:

Jaybeam Wireless has been supplying base station antennas into the cellu-

lar market for nearly 20 years. In that time our product portfolio has grown to serve customers operating in the 700 MHz, Cellular 850 MHz, GSM 900 MHz, IDEN, GSM 1800 MHz, PCS

  • 1900 MHz, UMTS 2100 MHz, AWS and

  • 2500 WiMAX frequency bands.

Jaybeam Wireless offers a broad range

of base station antenna models in in- door, point-to-point, sectorized panel

and omni directional configurations.

Our high performance antennas are

field proven by network operators

worldwide to deliver reliable commu-


Hickory, NC 28602 USA


nications in harsh tower top environ- ments. Jaybeam Wireless offers a wide selection of gains, azimuth beam- withs and electrical downtilts to give RF engineers the tools they need for network optimization. Innovative Wide- band, Dual-Band and Tri-Band anten- na solutions are also available to allow deployment of multiple networks in ex- isting tower space with minimum visual impact to the community. sioning for customers.


• 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 5.7 GHz designs

• Remote Electrical Tilt and Remote

Panning capability • Directional and Omnidirectional an- tennas available

Laird Technologies 16401 Swingley Ridge Rd., Suite 700 Chesterfield, MO 63017 USA +1.800.323.3757 Company

Laird Technologies

16401 Swingley Ridge Rd., Suite 700

Chesterfield, MO 63017 USA


Company Background:

Laird Technologies is the world’s lead- ing designer and manufacturer of an- tenna, electromagnetic interference [EMI], telematics and thermal manage- ment solutions for the telecommunica- tions, data-communications, computer, general electronics, network equip- ment, aerospace, defense, automo- tive and medical equipment industries.

With Laird Technologies’ proven ex- pertise in high volume and low cost manufacturing, the product line ex- hibits a good value/performance ratio.

Primary Products

Laird Technologies’ world class engi- neering teams utilize proprietary, state-

of-the-art design tools to create anten- na products that maximize total system performance and user satisfaction. Laird Technologies’ base station, back-

haul, fixed and mobile client, vehicular

and in-building antennas consistently offer the industries best value proposi- tion. The WiMAX base station product line features antennas that easily meet ETSI’s most stringent compliance stan- dards while still being competitively priced.


• Maximum spectral efficiency - Allows

you to reutilize channels in the next

over-adjacent sector antenna

• Reduced crosstalk • Reduced interference, improved S/N

ratio, improved C/I ratio

• Most uniform energy distribution

across the entire coverage area - Re- duces system overhead compensating for nulls and hot spots in the coverage area and offers highest quality of ser- vice (QOS) and subscriber satisfaction























Backhaul Antennas - available in 3300-3800MHz and 4900-5850MHz. The antennas are capable of han- dling up to at least 100W of RF power.

Client Antennas - available in 700MHz,





Laird Technologies 16401 Swingley Ridge Rd., Suite 700 Chesterfield, MO 63017 USA +1.800.323.3757 Company

M2 Antenna Systems, Inc.

4402 N. Selland Ave.

Fresno, CA 93722 USA


Company Background

M2 Antenna Systems, Inc. has been supplying high quality products and services for over 25 years.

-Industry leader in VHF/UHF products.

-Wide selection of products - One stop shopping

-Strong technical support - Saves time

Primary Products

2400-2500 MHz 2.4 GHz 15 dBI RADOME YAGI

The 2.4 GHz series of Wave Guide Fed Yagi’s, have been computer optimized for use in the 2400-2500 MHz band.

Mechanically optimum computer cal- culations are held by CNC stamping out the director element structure. The loss-less Polyethylene Radome covers and adds to the strength of the antenna. The 2.4-15R is the best performer for it’s size on the Market. If more gain is required, stacking two at 8” apart nets another 3.0 dB gain. Or you can simply step up to it’s big brother, the 2.4-18R with a 35” boom for a total of 18 dBi of gain. The 2.4-15R comes complete with stainless steel hardware for long life.

2400-2500 MHz 2.4 GHz 18 dBI RADOME YAGI

The 2.4 GHz series of Wave Guide Fed Yagi’s, have been computer optimized

for use in the 2400-2500 MHz band. Mechanically optimum computer cal- culations are held by CNC stamping out the director element structure. The loss-less Polyethylene Radome covers and adds to the strength of the anten- na. The 2.4-18R is the best performer for it’s size on the Market. Performance can be increased by stacking the two antennas at 8”, for an overall gain of 21 dBi. The 2.4-18R comes complete with stainless steel hardware for long life.


Mobile Mark, Inc. 3900-B River Road Schiller Park, IL 60176 USA +1.847.671.6690 Company Background

Mobile Mark, Inc.

3900-B River Road

Schiller Park, IL 60176 USA


Company Background

engineers provide guidance on the im-

Primary Products

Parabolic Antennas

pact of the antenna in the overall prod-

Ceiling Mount Antennas

Mobile Mark, Inc. is a leading suppli- er of antennas to wireless companies

uct design. As an active partner in the development effort, we can show our

Thru-Window Antennas

• WLAN & GPS Antennas

throughout the world. We offer inno- vative designs, quality manufacturing, and reliable performance. Many of our products feature innovative, patented designs, available only from Mobile

customers ways to make each wireless product better, more reliable, and cost- effective.

New Product: The ECOM antennas are available for: Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3.5 GHz, Public Safety 4.9 GHz, 5 GHz Broadband and DSRC 5.9 GHz. The

Mark. The company was established in 1984, and operates factories near Chicago, IL and Birmingham, Eng- land. We offer an extensive line of

Mobile Mark has multiple antennas for 5.2 & 5.8 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 2.4 GHz bands.

antenna base contains a strong com- mercial magnet to held the antenna securely to a metal surface, but the antenna are ground-plane indepen-

mobile, portable, and fixed site anten-

Omni-Directional Antennas

dent so they can be used effectively on

nas. We also offer custom design prod-

Corner Reflector Antennas

any surface. An Elevated-Feed model

ucts for specialized OEM applications.

Patch Antennas

• Surface Mount for Wireless Video

is also available to provide additional clearance for vehicles with light bars.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that the antenna will enhance the wireless products. Mobile Mark

• Body Mount Antennas - Single Band •

Magnet Mount Antennas • Portable Device Antennas

Mobile Mark, Inc. 3900-B River Road Schiller Park, IL 60176 USA +1.847.671.6690 Company Background

MTI Wireless Edge Ltd.

11 Hamelacha St. Afek

Rosh-Ha’Ayin, Israel 48091


Company Background:

MTI Wireless Edge is the world leader in the development, production and

marketing of high quality, low cost, flat

panel antennas for Fixed Wireless and RFID applications. MTI has more than 30 years experience in supplying an- tennas for both military and commer-

cial applications from 100 KHz to 40

GHz. MTI flat panel antenna range for

FBWA includes both base station and subscriber antennas for various broad and narrow band fixed wireless ap- plications in Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) schemes such in both licensed and unlicensed

bands. MTI’s ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

certified development and production

plant, based in Israel, produces small,

low profile antennas with superior per- formance, and gain.

Primary Products:

MTI’s WiMAX MIMO Antenna Solutions

MTI offers a product line of Slant and linear dual polarized antennas in 2.5 and 3.5GHz for WiMAX MIMO antenna solutions. Currently the company offers 5 different CPE antennas in 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz. MTI’s MIMO antennas, enabling the use of multiple antennas at both the subscriber and base station, is set to provide a high performance, cost effective solution for dealing with the challenges presented by mobile WiMAX systems.

Smart Antennas for WiMAX CPEs and Base Stations

The MTI smart WIMAX indoor CPE is a compact and easy to integrate, switch


selectable antenna array specifically

designed to meet the needs of the WIMAX market. The antenna which in- cludes the solid state RF switch is de- signed to be either integrated as part of the radio, or, supplied as a separate unit to be added on to the radio by the end user.

MTI Wireless Edge provides a large selection of smart antennas for WiMAX next generation BTS improving the system performance and network cov- erage. This allows to choose the most costeffective CPE and to improve the ROI of the WiMAX network.

mWave Industries, LLC 33R Main Street, Unit 1 Windham, ME 04062 USA +1.207.892.0011 Company

mWave Industries, LLC

33R Main Street, Unit 1

Windham, ME 04062 USA


Company Background:

mWAVE Industries, LLC was started in 2004. The three founders bring with them over 60 combined years of expe- rience in the microwave antenna and component industry from companies offering both standard products and custom engineered solutions. Their

backgrounds cover the technical fields

of both electrical and mechanical/ structural engineering, with extensive knowledge and practice using electro- magnetic and structural modeling soft- ware. This experience takes them from

the office, to the lab, test range, shop

floor, and out into the field.

mWAVE is affiliated with Mega Indus- tries LLC, an established world leader in the manufacture of low frequency

waveguide, components and antennas

since 1989. This affiliation provides

mWAVE Industries with 29,000 square feet of in-house machining, welding, fabrication, and metal finishing re- sources.

Primary Products:

Custom Products

mWAVE Industries, LLC will design and manufacture antennas to meet your specific requirements. mWave has ex- perience from 100 MHz to 40 GHz, and with apertures ranging in size from a single patch to over 15 feet. * Small and large aperture antennas * Antenna components * Antenna testing * Low and medium volume antenna manufacturing

* Antenna design services * Antenna analysis services * Third party product improvement ser- vices

Commercial Products

mWave provides a wide range of com- mcial antennas in the following bands 3.400-3.800 GHz 4.940-4.990 GHz 5.250-5.850 GHz 5.750-5.850 GHz

mWave Industries, LLC 33R Main Street, Unit 1 Windham, ME 04062 USA +1.207.892.0011 Company

Radiowaves, Inc.

495R Billerica Ave.

N. Billerica, MA 01862 USA


Company Background:

Founded in the early 1980s, Radio Waves, Inc. has grown from special- ized beginnings to become a major leading international provider of anten- nas for various microwave and broad- band wireless applications. Radio Waves offers a diverse range of reli- able and innovative microwave anten- nas. Microwave and broadband wire- less antennas are available that cover 1.3 GHz to 86 GHz for Point-to-Point, unlicensed ISM, UNII, 802.11 Wi-Fi & 802.16 WiMax broadband wire- less bands at 2.4, 3.5, 4.9 and 5 GHz, LMDS, Point-to-Multipoint, millimeter wave and broadcast microwave appli- cations. Radio Waves is known glob- ally for their rapid delivery and reliable microwave antenna designs.

Radio Waves has developed a num-

ber of “firsts” in the microwave antenna industry, including the first integrated

“slip-fit” microwave antenna design, the first LMDS hub antenna to meet

stringent CS2 requirements and the

first WiMax sector antennas.

Primary Products:

Radio Waves manufactures a broad line of sector hub and subscriber an- tennas for the MMDS (2.4-2.7) and 3.5 GHz (3.4-3.6) bands. The sector (SEC series) antennas offer varying azimuth and elevation beamwidths, plus fea-

ture dual polarity. The 3.5 GHz sectors meet and exceed the ETSI class “CS2”

specifications. For the subscriber end,

Radio Waves offers two antenna mod-

els: standard parabolic, (SP series)


and flat panels, (FP series). The SP

series is a low cost parabolic antenna

with diameters ranging from 1 to 2-ft. Larger diameters are also available!

The FP series antennas are configured

as diamond shape for superior sidelobe

performance, and meet ETSI class

“TS5” specifications. These antennas are available in two configurations, 9”

(18 dBi) & 19” (24 dBi). Radio Waves

MMDS & 3.5GHz antennas offer a low profile, cost effective design that is aes- thetically pleasing as well as being light weight, low windload solution.

BridgeWave Communications Santa Clara, CA USA US/Canada: +1.866.577.6908 International: +1.408.567.6908 Company Background: BridgeWave Communications,

BridgeWave Communications

Santa Clara, CA USA

US/Canada: +1.866.577.6908

International: +1.408.567.6908

Company Background:

BridgeWave Communications, Inc. is the leading supplier of gigabit wireless solutions. Setting the standard for prod- uct quality, BridgeWave employs Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) during design and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) during production to ensure the highest levels of product reliability and customer satisfaction. BridgeWave is an ISO9001:2000 reg- istered company.

BridgeWave is a U.S.-based company headquartered in Santa Clara, Califor- nia. The company has strong global presence with over 2,500 solutions deployed in more than 20 countries. BridgeWave has a network of experi- enced distributors and resellers world-

wide, making it today’s leading vendor of high capacity, high frequency solu- tions to address private networks and service providers.

Primary Products:

BridgeWave provides high-capacity business services, cellular / WiFi / WiMAX backhaul, fiber backbone ex- tensions, redundant fiber overlays, mu- nicipality mesh backbone and tempo- rary connections applications.

and 80 GHz links providing additional range in a licensed-band solution fea- turing instant on-line link registration.

BridgeWave gigabit radio links are the most widely deployed in the world – combined with BridgeWave’s state-of- the-art HALT/HASS test methodology, “no waiting” customer service, and over five years of continuous ISO9001 cer- tification, you can be confident select- ing BridgeWave as your high-capacity wireless solution partner.

BridgeWave is the only vendor to of- fer operators a choice of both 60 GHz and 80 GHz gigabit wireless links. Both technologies offer superior interfer- ence immunity and data security, with 60 GHz links providing the added flex- ibility of deployment anytime/anyplace

BridgeWave Communications Santa Clara, CA USA US/Canada: +1.866.577.6908 International: +1.408.567.6908 Company Background: BridgeWave Communications,

Ceragon Networks

24 Raoul Wallenberg Street

Tel Aviv, 69719 Israel

+972 3 645 5733

Company Background:

Ceragon Networks is a leading provid- er of high capacity wireless backhaul solutions that enable wireless service providers to deliver voice and premium data services, such as Internet brows- ing, music and video applications. Ceragon’s wireless backhaul solutions use microwave technology to transfer large amounts of network traffic be- tween base stations and the infrastruc- ture at the core of the mobile network. Ceragon’s solutions support all wire- less access technologies, including WiMAX, GSM, CDMA, and EV-DO.

Primary Products:

Ceragon Networks offers a compre-

hensive set of products

that meet

evolving networking needs. Designed with network evolution in mind, each of Ceragon’s FibeAir® solutions presents a modular design and a rich set of fea- tures. Covering all-IP, hybrid and SO- NET/SDH wireless backhaul networks, FibeAir is synonymous with innovative, highly flexible, and scalable communi- cation equipment for cost-effective, fu- ture-proof, and high-capacity backhaul connectivity.

flexible network design by supporting

multiple network topologies, Ceragon’s solutions support business case real- ization with scalable pay-as-you-grow capacity and accelerate expansion and coverage with simple and fast deploy- ment.

Its wireless backhaul solutions provide a reality-ready answer to the escalating demands of today’s WiMAX networks. Ceragon’s solutions are designed to

provide a perfect-fit to the inherent

WiMAX data architecture with Native Ethernet and unmatched capacity for access and aggregation backhaul. With


DragonWave Inc. 600-411 Legget Drive Ottawa, ON K2K 3C9 Canada 613.599.9991 Company Background: DragonWave

DragonWave Inc.

600-411 Legget Drive

Ottawa, ON K2K 3C9 Canada


Company Background:

DragonWave Inc. is an emerging leader in the market of high-capacity wireless Ethernet network solutions. With over

6000 deployments in more than 40 countries, DragonWave offers wireless carrier-Ethernet links as a cost-effective alternative that enables cellular carriers and network operators to expand their market coverage and meet increased bandwidth requirements rapidly and af-

fordably. Our field-tested point-to-point

digital microwave radio systems are

ideally suited for backhaul networks,

mobile and fixed networks, enterprise

and private networks, as well as rapidly

emerging next-generation networks, in- cluding WiMAX and LTE. Our wireless backhaul solutions are designed to sup- port any type of network deployment:

from capacity upgrades to network ex- pansions to new network deployments.

Primary Products:

DragonWave’s Horizon Compact and Horizon DUO, are point-to-point Eth- ernet radios operating in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum from 6 to 38 GHz and support ring/mesh architec- tures, providing scalable, ultra-low

latency, native Ethernet connectivity of up to 1.6 Gbps full duplex for carrier- grade delivery of next-generation triple-play IP services. DragonWave’s Horizon systems feature high ef-

ficiency, low latency and full support

for critical Ethernet data transport

features, such as VLAN queuing and

prioritization, flow control, and jumbo

packet support. DragonWave’s digital

microwave radios are known in the industry for their small form factor and weather-proof design, delivering exceptional reliability even in the most stringent outdoor requirements. DragonWave also offers a portfolio of Service Delivery Units (SDU) products based on Pseudowire technology. SDU offers a solution for providing high-capacity TDM transport and high-

capacity carrier Ethernet traffic over a

single converged packet-based net- work. Providing a convenient, compact termination point for mixed TDM and Ethernet services, SDU enables Drag- onWave’s Horizon products to sup-

port the network traffic generated by

converged IP-based services, such as data access, VoIP, and video stream- ing, as well as legacy TDM services.

DragonWave Inc. 600-411 Legget Drive Ottawa, ON K2K 3C9 Canada 613.599.9991 Company Background: DragonWave

EM Solutions

101 Hyde Rd, P.O. Box 3164

Yeronga, Queensland 4104 Australia

+61 7 3392 7600

Company Background:

EM Solutions supplies products and design services to commercial and military customers in the telecommu- nications sector. Products include car- rier-grade PTP microwave and TDMA Wireless Links (branded EtherMux®), and Satcom Converters and Amplifi- ers. EM Solutions has focused its Links product development on Backhaul and Enterprise Last Mile applications, and its Ka-band Satcom products are leading edge. EM Solutions has developed all its products in-house, and has the organisational structure and focus to offer adaptation of our core technologies and products to meet specific customer requirements.

Primary Products:

Capabilities include-

• System and Module Design of RF

Equipment from 70MHz to 40GHz • 3D Electromagnetic Modelling for Ex- act Design of Passive RF Products

• 3D Solid Modelling and CAD

• Mechanical and Thermal Design us- ing Finite Element Analysis

• Digital Design using DSP, FPGA and

Network Processor Devices

• Project Management and Customer

Service Products including 24/7 On-

Line Monitoring

EtherMux® Point to Point Links

Ethernet Microwave Terrestrial Links Enabling Wireless Communications of Voice, Data and Multimedia

EtherMux® - TDMA Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Links

EtherMux-TDMA has an architecture based on the IEEE 802.16d-2004 Standard, and is ideal for Backhauling WiMAX 16e Base Stations and Enter- prise Last Mile.

EtherMux® - TDMA Urban

Backhauling 16e WiMAX Base Station


EtherMux-TDMA Rural

Regional Telcos and WISPs for Back-

haul and Enterprise Last Mile


Harris Stratex Networks, Inc. 637 David Dr. Morrisville, NC 27560 USA +1.919.767.3230 Company Background:

Harris Stratex Networks, Inc.

637 David Dr.

Morrisville, NC 27560 USA


Company Background:

Harris Stratex Networks is the larg- est independent supplier of wireless transmission systems in the world. We provide complete wireless network so- lutions supported by comprehensive network management software and world-class professional services for mobile and private network operators.

Primary Products:

WiMAX networks around the world are placing a heavy burden on the back- haul network. Backhaul solutions must now support the rapidly increasing

traffic driven by high-speed broadband

services delivered over WiMAX.

Our native Carrier Ethernet/IP wireless

transmission solutions are an ideal solution for WiMAX network intercon- nection, providing speeds up to 1.2 Gbps, with carrier-class Layer 2 QoS and network resilience.

With extensive experience in Ethernet/ IP and a comprehensive suite of IP

consultancy, network planning and design services, we can help you build

the most efficient, high-performance

network possible.

Key features and benefits

* Scalable, high-speed Carrier Eth- ernet transport * Network resiliency options, includ- ing link aggregation and RWPRTM fast ring protection * Advanced radio and traffic perfor- mance monitoring

* Extensive experience in design- ing Layer 2 and 3 IP transmission networks

Our Eclipse™ product platform, featur- ing Super-PDH™ software-scalable capacity, offers advanced nodal solu- tions, optimized terminal solutions and carrier-grade Ethernet data transport. Our TRuepoint® product platform of- fers plug-and-play, software-selectable capacity, frequency, modulation and power, with exceptional transmission characteristics and the most advanced

features in its class. Both platforms

are extensively field-tested.

Harris Stratex Networks, Inc. 637 David Dr. Morrisville, NC 27560 USA +1.919.767.3230 Company Background:


27 Habarzel Street

Tel Aviv, 69710 Israel

Global: +972.3.766.2900

Americas: +

Company Background:

RADWIN Ltd. ( is a leading provider of sub-6GHz wireless backhaul and broadband access solu- tions. RADWIN offers WiMAX opera-

tors the ultimate backhaul solution - the capacity, reliability, scalability and cost- structure to build and extend their net-

works and to profitably manage their

business. With a global presence in over 100 countries, RADWIN empow- ers Tier 1 carriers and leading service providers with the ability to connect subscribers everywhere.

Primary Products:

The upcoming RADWIN 2000 radio se- ries is the latest addition to RADWIN’s

portfolio of wireless broadband prod- ucts, delivering high capacity, extended range and carrier-class performance for today’s and tomorrow’s networks.

RADWIN 2000 provides 50Mbps full- duplex net throughput and a range of up to 120 km/75 miles. Built on RAD- WIN’s proprietary air interface together with advanced Space Diversity, MIMO and OFDM technologies, it delivers op- timal performance and unmatched ro- bustness in all environments.

RADWIN 2000 solutions are ideally suited for a variety of Ethernet applica- tions, including backhaul for WiMAX and IP networks, high-capacity data transport, and private networks.

Product Highlights:

• 50 Mbps full-duplex net throughput

• Superior OFDM and MIMO technolo- gies

• Unparalleled performance • Extended range • Easy to install, simple to maintain • Competitively priced


Trango Systems, Inc. 14118 Stowe Dr, Ste. B San Diego, CA 92064 USA +1.858.391.0010

Trango Systems, Inc.

14118 Stowe Dr, Ste. B

San Diego, CA 92064 USA


Company Background:

Trango Systems, Inc., was founded

in 1996 and is headquartered in San Diego County, California—the heart of wireless communication technology innovation movement. Trango’s dedi- cated staff combines several decades of radio frequency (RF) and systems engineering experience, resulting in a strong record of patents, industry lead- ing innovations, and product designs that are known for unprecedented per-

formance, flexibility, reliability, value,

and cost effectiveness. Trango designs and manufactures ev-

ery broadband radio it sells, making the company a unique end-to-end manu- facturer, thus controlling engineering

and production from start to finish for

maximum quality assurance and ro- bust performance. The company’s new state-of-the-art factory utilizes cutting edge automation to ensure the highest levels of quality and product reliability. On-site manufacturing facilities also enable Trango to routinely add new products, quickly add new features, and promptly adjust to shifting custom- er requirements.

Trango offers the highest perfor-


and value

in the industry.

Trango is the leading innovator of point- to-point and point-to-multipoint micro- wave wireless transmission systems for both licensed and license-exempt spectrums. We develop leading edge point-to-point licensed microwave wire- less transmission systems, unlicensed wireless backhaul, as well as unli- censed point-to-multipoint high-speed broadband access solutions, and wire- less IP video surveillance systems.

Trango specializes in offering high-per- formance point-to-point digital micro- wave backhaul radios for critical data transport for WiMAX broadband service providers, ISP/WISP operators, carrier Ethernet, cellular/mobile backhaul, and private enterprise applications. Trango

also provides best-in-class point-to- multipoint solutions for high-speed wireless broadband Internet access and wireless IP video surveillance sys- tems for municipalities, enterprise, ser- vice providers, public safety networks and more.

Designed for ultimate performance and ease of installation, Trango fixed wire- less equipment has set the industry standards for performance and value. dustry-standard technology.

It offers large service providers carrier class services with high throughput and availability, component redundancy,

and flexible network management.

Primary Products

Trango Wireless Solutions

o WiMAX Backhaul - High-capacity IP bandwidth for broadband access operators including WiMAX networks, wireless ISPs, and wire line providers

o Wireless ISP Solutions - Point-to- multipoint unlicensed broadband In- ternet access equipment and wireless backhaul

o Cellular/Mobile Network Backhaul – Ethernet-native and TDM-native so-

lutions for mixed traffic or IP migration

for mobile communications providers,

including carrier Ethernet networks and

fixed networks

o Enterprise Wireless Networks - Pri- vate network wireless extension appli- cations including leased line replace- ment and outdoor wireless WAN

o Video Surveillance & Security - High-performance wireless remote monitoring solutions including IP video equipment and analog video surveil- lance equipment for municipal govern- ment networks

Featured Backhaul Equipment for WiMAX Networks

» TrangoLINK Giga® Split-architecture licensed RF radio link, native Ethernet & native TDM, full duplex high-capacity wireless back- haul, 6-23 GHz

» TrangoLINK® Apex All-outdoor licensed microwave radio, all-IP native, full duplex high-capacity

wireless backhaul, fiber interface, 6-23


» TrangoLINK-45® All-outdoor unlicensed wireless Ether- net bridge, OFDM multi-band 5.x GHz with DFS

Trango Systems, Inc. 14118 Stowe Dr, Ste. B San Diego, CA 92064 USA +1.858.391.0010


Eyebill Interactive Solutions Plc 60 E 42nd St., #1166 New York, NY 10165 USA

Eyebill Interactive Solutions Plc


60 E 42nd St., #1166

New York, NY 10165 USA


Company Background:







tive advantage, making your marketing






campaigns unique and memorable,

EyeBill Interactive Solutions Plc is a





thus increasing your brand awareness:

global software vendor of Billing and Customer Care solutions for the tele-

Primary Products:

Using Piranha Skeletons any number of complex pricing and discount poli-

EyeBill have paid special attention to

communications industry. EyeBill is different for its taste for innovation, industry know-how and ability to turn your business ideas into real success.

EyeBill Piranha billing is designed for all types of mobile, traditional and VoIP service providers - giving them the abil-

cies can be supported based on ser- vice subscriptions, usage, accumulated bonuses and/or upfront fees. Piranha Skeletons are pluggable business mod-

Since its establishment EyeBill has been supporting both traditional and non-traditional telephony (VoIP & ge- neric) business models, but to stay ahead of our customers’ demands, the company constantly initiates bill-

ity to enjoy rapid business develop- ment and to move beyond their legacy billing systems with a conceptually new solution that incorporates the abilities of OSS/BSS vendors, but offers revo-

lutionary flexibility.

els and/or automation procedures that succeed to bring to life even the most creative and ambitious service plans.

making the Piranha billing easily ame-

ing software developments in line with the hottest trends in the telecom business - Voice and Video over IP/ Broadband, Triple Play, WiMAX, IP Centrex and other NextGen services. EyeBill is recognized as a premium telecom billing solutions provider

EyeBill Piranha supports all of the clas- sic business models as per the current telecommunications market trends, but in addition, EyeBill help you offer something unique to your local market that will give your business a competi-

nable to integration with third-party systems and telecom equipments for maximum automatic provisioning of any type of data and/or even trigger- ing in addition to the standard real-time AAA control of services (different pro- tocols on different equipment are sup- ported at the same time).

Eyebill Interactive Solutions Plc 60 E 42nd St., #1166 New York, NY 10165 USA

Alepo USA

3415 Greystone Dr, Suite 104

Austin, TX 78731 USA


Company Background:

Founded in 1994, Alepo is a leading provider of enabling infrastructure for

telecommunications service providers. Alepo provides IT systems and IT con- sulting services for telecommunication companies, enabling them to compete

efficiently and realize next generation

services & opportunities.

Alepo’s products are deployed in six continents spanning services such as ADSL, MetroE, FTTH, Municipal WiFi, WiMAX, VoIP (retail and wholesale), and Triple and Quadruple play for cus- tomers such as France Telecom, Digi- cel, Turkcell, and Charter Communica- tions.

Alepo’s WiMAX solutions are on the forefront of WiMAX technology. As a member of both the WiMAX forum

and the NWG working group to set the standards for 802.16e, Alepo is aiding in creating and implementing the stan- dards for new WiMAX technologies. Deployed in WiMAX solutions across the globe for both Greenfield and In- cumbent providers supporting a wide array of services, Alepo’s experience in WiMAX guarantees providers a re- liable, industry-leading product that is designed to capitalize on the WiMAX market as it exists today and as it evolves into the future.

Primary Products:

* NWG Stage 3 Compliant- AAA fully 16e compliant * Scalable Real-time Convergent Bill- ing- created for WiMAX and all servic- es delivered over WiMAX (data, voice, IPTV, etc). Allows for a single balance to be used across all services offered,


debited in real time for both prepaid and postpaid, all with zero leakage. * Activation and hotlining- self-provi- sioning of accounts & MSSs, redirection to activation portal at zero balance. * Device Pairing (for Mobile Carriers)-

offers the ability to pair mobile and

fixed devices automatically upon self-

activation over the web. * Integration with legacy and future systems- Using Alepo’s comprehen- sive set of APIs and experience in in- tegration, Alepo’s WiMAX solutions are built to integrate with both legacy sys- tems and future external subsystems. * Number Management- Phone num- ber management & auto-provisioning for Voice over WiMAX * IP Address Management- NWG compliant DHCP server which auto- provisions static IP addresses.

Aria Systems 1400 N Providence Road, 102 Media, PA 19063 USA +1.484.234.8000 Company Background:

Aria Systems

1400 N Providence Road, 102

Media, PA 19063 USA


Company Background:

Aria Systems is the premier provider of on-demand billing and customer management solutions. The company was founded in 2002 and released our Billing & Customer Management solu- tion in 2003. Our clients span a variety of industries including Software as a Service, Gaming, Non-profit, Telecom- munications and Residential Services. Our Billing & Customer Management solution delivers billing, customer man- agement, and marketing tools on-de- mand. Aria allows businesses to focus on achieving their mission critical goals by automating processes, strength- ening internal controls, and build- ing relationships while reducing the costs associated with legacy systems.

Primary Products:

Aria integrates a sophisticated billing

engine with customer management and marketing tools in a single, on- demand application. Aria accelerates revenue capture, automates business

processes, and significantly reduces

operating costs by actively managing each phase of the customer lifecycle.

Aria’s client-branded registration mod- ule allows customers to select from pricing and plans based upon distri- bution partner or channel. Web-based user self-service provides customers with detailed transaction history and account management features.

Aria offers unsurpassed flexibility in the

types of charges it can rate and au-

tomates the processes of generating

and presenting a consolidated invoice. Support a wide range of discrete and blended billing scenarios including sub- scription, transaction and usage-based rating models.

Aria is architected to scale and adapt to unique business requirements. Aria captures critical customer information to enable dynamic plans and pricing, and to support revenue sharing and settlement with third party partners.

Aria’s Application Programming Inter- face (API) protocols allow it to be inte- grated with third party applications and systems to enable automated provi- sioning for customers.

Aria Systems 1400 N Providence Road, 102 Media, PA 19063 USA +1.484.234.8000 Company Background:


2 City Place Dr, Suite 100

St Louis, MO 63141 USA


Company Background:

IntraISP is the leading Billing, CRM, and OSS system for WiMAX and broadband service providers. IntraISP is a wholly owned subsidiary and sepa- rately run business of Clearwire Cor- poration, the world’s largest residential WiMAX provider.

IntraISP has been developing and sup-

porting Billing, CRM, and OSS systems since 1994. The IntraISP system was

originally developed as a back office

system for a large regional ISP. In-

traISP was among the first companies

to develop real-time, web-based billing, and credit card processing solutions. In 2007, Clearwire Corporation acquired IntraISP in an effort to accelerate the development of key software functions

and features for the dynamic and evolv-

ing WiMAX industry. As an integral part of Clearwire and in its position at the forefront of the emerging WiMAX eco- system, IntraISP continues to pave the way for feature rich Billing, CRM, and OSS systems.

Primary Products:

WiMAX capabilities include:

Integration to wireless platforms * Integrated provisioning and service management * Troubleshoot service issues by gath- ering statistics from end-user’s CPE

Integration to prequalification systems

* Service availability check * Capture and store failed service check * Tower and sector distance tracking

Intra-network roaming support * Create “friendly areas” where end- users can roam for free * Choose premium markets and charge customers for roaming

Tower Management * Sector tracking

* Trouble reporting and notification per

tower * Tower to market mappings

WiMAX Support * Network Integration (NextNet, Motor- ola 802.16e, VoIP) * CPE Support (WiMAX modems, PC Cards) * Tower/Sector Management, Prequal, Mapping * Roaming * Device Status/Info, Troubleshooting * Bandwidth Throttling


Anatech Microwave Company 70 Outwater In Garfield, NJ 07026 USA 973.772.6767 Company Background: Anatech

Anatech Microwave Company

70 Outwater In

Garfield, NJ 07026 USA


Company Background:

Anatech Microwave, develops, manu- factures, and supplies a large variety of RF, and Microwave products, used in Wireless, and communication sys-

tems. Our quality products are used in WiMax, WiFi, Homeland security, and public safety systems, Wireless LAN, PCS, GSM, Point to point communica- tions, and other wireless, and commu- nications systems. For the design en-

gineer, Anatech offers the flexibility of providing products designed to match exact specifications, and requirements. As a manufacturer and supplier, Anat- ech works with a variety of distributors, and helps maintain their supply chain, by providing accurate deliveries, and works with long range demand require- ments, by maintaining close contact with the program manager, and con- tractors. Anatech provides solutions to the professional that develops, de- signs, or integrates wireless systems.

Primary Products:

Our key products include a large variety

of RF & Microwave filters and Duplex- ers offered in different technologies like Cavity, Ceramic, LC, Saw, and Crystal. We also offer Power dividers, Direction-

al couplers, Amplifiers, Antennas, and

RF Cables.

In recent years, Anatech has been suc- cessful in meeting the demands of the

ever growing WiMax market, by build- ing products in the 3.5 GHz and 2.5 –

2.6 GHz range specifically designed for

WiMax systems. Our primary WiMax products include Cavity Bandpass fil- ters and Duplexers, Ceramic Bandpass

filters and Duplexers, Power Dividers,

Amplifiers, Antennas, Directional Cou- plers and many other related products.

As an example our AB3500B510 is

a Cavity Bandpass filter covering the

WiMax band from 3400 – 3600 MHz, with

an Insertion loss of 2dB while attenuat-

ing 3283 MHz by 35dBc. AB2530B519

on the other hand is a 2530 MHz nar-

row band Cavity filter with a 1.5dB

Bandwidth of 20 MHz, Insertion loss of 3dB and attenuation of 45dBc at 2515 MHz and 2545 MHz. AM3425B1003 is an example of a WiMax Ceramic Band- pass filter at 3425 MHz with a Band- width of 50 MHz, Insertion loss of 2dB and rejection of 25dB at 3225 MHz and 3625 MHz, built in a very small pack- age size of 10.6 x 3.9 x 6 mm max.

Anatech Microwave Company 70 Outwater In Garfield, NJ 07026 USA 973.772.6767 Company Background: Anatech

You can visit our website www.anat- to view our entire product line.

Anatech Microwave Company 70 Outwater In Garfield, NJ 07026 USA 973.772.6767 Company Background: Anatech
Anatech Microwave Company 70 Outwater In Garfield, NJ 07026 USA 973.772.6767 Company Background: Anatech


Huber + Suhner 19 Thompson Drive Essex, VT 05452 USA 1.866.482.3778 Company Background: HUBER+SUHNER

Huber + Suhner

19 Thompson Drive

Essex, VT 05452 USA


Company Background:

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. The industrial group with headquarters in Switzerland was established in 1969. Today, it operates 17 subsidiaries and employs 3200 persons in all markets of the world and is represented by 100 distributors in additional countries.

Primary Products:

Communication Equipment - Our recognised expertise in Radio Fre- quency and fiber optic technology pro- vides the basis of our product solutions for manufacturers and designers of communication equipment. As wireless connectivity continues to grow in im- portance in our daily lives, so does the requirement for high quality, reliable in- terconnection.

Our products are designed for:

* mobile communication systems

* fixed wireless access

* wireless LANs * high speed switching systems

From our core competencies we provide

* RF and microwave connectors, ca-

bles, cable assemblies * antenna solutions * point-to-point wireless data link solu- tions * lightning protection solutions

* fiber optic access products * fiber optic low weight and volume


* fiber optic backplane solutions * fiber to the antenna solutions

* lightning and surge protection prod- ucts solutions for RF and data lines * power splitters, DC-blocks

Communication Networks - Building

and maintaining a network is a major task and investment. With the Operator, System Integrator and Installer in mind, our product solutions are designed for rapid and cost effective installation with HUBER+SUHNER’s recognised hall- marks of quality and re- liability.

From our core competencies we provide

* fiber optic products * complete solutions for indoor fiber

distribution and management * RF and microwave connectors, * RF feeder cable and jumper cable as- semblies * lightning and surge protection solu- tions for RF and data lines * antenna solutions * point-to-point wireless data link solu- tions * power splitters, DC-blocks

Huber + Suhner 19 Thompson Drive Essex, VT 05452 USA 1.866.482.3778 Company Background: HUBER+SUHNER

Jauch Quartz America

14601 NW Arabian Way

Seabeck, WA 98380 USA


Company Background:

Electronic appliances of all kinds re- quire one important element; the es- sential rhythm which enables appli- ances to adjust and function. Quartz crystal and oscillator components de- signed and manufactured by Jauch provide the most reliable pace-setters for modern electronics.

Jauch provides the most comprehen- sive range of structural elements for frequency control. Our high quality range extends from frequency control products for standard operating condi- tions to high-stability, shockproof com- ponents that are capable of operating under the most extreme conditions. Our products provide total reliability in the most demanding environments

and fulfill the prerequisites of the most

innovative high-tech applications.

Primary Products:

The Jauch SAW product family con- tains Radio Frequency (RF) and Inter-

mediate Frequency (IF) Bandpass-filter

as well as SAW-Resonators.

The SAW products may typically be used for wireless and wired commu- nication systems like digital modems, pagers, cordless phones, mobile phones, remote keyless entry (RKE), base stations, repeaters, SONET/SDH, PLC communikation, cabel-TV/HDTV, GPS-receiver and wireless communi- cation-systems like bluetooth, WiMax, WLAN, Zigbee etc.

■ Jauch SAW products are available

with single ended / balanced and with balanced I/O ■ excellent reliability and shock resis- tance ■ available for extended operating tem- perature range -40°C ~ +85°C

Jauch offers pre developed as well as custom-made SAW products.

We provide technical support to imple- ment our components in your applica- tions.

All Jauch SAW products are RoHS compliant and lead free.

Key-Features of Jauch SAW products:

■ Frequency range up to 2600 MHz

■ many different package types avail- able

■ very competitive price


MECA Electronics, Inc. 459 East Main Street Denville, NJ 07834 USA 484.234.8000 Company Background:

MECA Electronics, Inc.

459 East Main Street

Denville, NJ 07834 USA


Company Background:

Since 1961, MECA (Microwave Elec- tronics Components of America) has de- signed and manufactured an extensive line of RF/Microwave components with industry leading performance including:

• Adapters • Bias Tees Cable Assemblies

• • DC Blocks • Directional & Hybrid Couplers Fixed Attenuators

• • Isolators/Circulators • Power Divider/Combiners • RF Loads, DC Blocks

Since the early days of Series I AU- TOPLEX thru recent national deploy- ments of UMTS and E-911, MECA has long been the “backbone” of high

performance wired and air-interfaced networks for commercial wireless. We continue to offer a wide variety of mod-

els specifically design to mesh your

next generation WiMAX networks with existing infrastructure. MECA is one of few component manufactures to be an approved source of supply to ALL of the major US / Canadian service providers and principle OEM’s as well.

MECA’s uncompromised reputation for delivering rugged and reliable compo-

nents to the field on-time, every time

is due to the unique ability to manu- facture cost-effective products with- out reliance on foreign materials and labor. The quality and consistency of our products differentiates us from the countless start-up companies and bro- kers who buy/resell off shore materials. Engineers, Product Managers and Equipment Installer alike trust MECA for critical projects and rely on our superior product performance and extraordinary delivery (from STOCK – 2 weeks ARO) to stay on schedule. We proudly offer a 36 month warranty on ALL of our Amer- ican-made RF/Microwave components.

Primary Products:

MECA Electronics, Inc. 459 East Main Street Denville, NJ 07834 USA 484.234.8000 Company Background:

Attenuators - MECA offers a wide se- lection of attenuators designed to ex- ceed commercial specifications. Stan- dard attenuation values of 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30 dB are available from STOCK!

Need a special value? Many attenua- tors are available in all values from 0

  • - 40 dB in 1 dB increments.

MECA Electronics, Inc. 459 East Main Street Denville, NJ 07834 USA 484.234.8000 Company Background:

705S-3.000 - MECA introduces WiMAX Hybrid Couplers for high performance WiMAX applications between 2.0 GHz

  • - 4.0 GHz. Available with SMA-Female

connectors and rugged aluminum housing for long lasting, reliable perfor-


MECA Electronics, Inc. 459 East Main Street Denville, NJ 07834 USA 484.234.8000 Company Background:

Bias Tees - RoHS compliant, high power, Bias Tees that cover wireless band applications from 0.500 – 2.500 GHz. Unique modular design offers

maximum connector flexibility at any

port! Available in 7/16 DIN, SMA, N,

BNC & TNC configurations

MECA Electronics, Inc. 459 East Main Street Denville, NJ 07834 USA 484.234.8000 Company Background:

Couplers (CN/CS Series) - 50w cou- plers designed for excellent perfor- mance across all wireless bands form 0.8 – 2.2 GHz making them ideal for base station, in-building wireless and repeater systems.


MECA Electronics, Inc. 459 East Main Street Denville, NJ 07834 USA 484.234.8000 Company Background:

DC Blocks - DC Blocks covering wire- less band applications from 0.400 –

3.000 GHz. Available in 7/16 DIN, N,

BNC & TNC configurations with RF

power ratings to 500 watts (2.5 kW


MECA Electronics, Inc. 459 East Main Street Denville, NJ 07834 USA 484.234.8000 Company Background:

Low Power Loads - MECA V-Line RF

loads are optimized for excellent per-

formance across all wireless bands and their rugged construction makes them ideal for both base station and in-building wireless systems. N, SMA and 7/16-DIN are always available from STOCK - even in large quantities - for your next generation equipment deployments!

MECA Electronics, Inc. 459 East Main Street Denville, NJ 07834 USA 484.234.8000 Company Background:

Power Divider/Combiners - Increased power rating and extended frequency range! 2-way thru 16-way 40w, Power Divider/Combiners are optimized for excellent performance across all wire- less bands from 0.7 – 2.7 GHz and their rugged construction makes them ideal for both base station and in-build- ing wireless systems.

Polyphaser Corporation 2225 Park Place MInden, NV 89423 USA +1.775.782.2511 Company Background: Primary Products:

Polyphaser Corporation

2225 Park Place

MInden, NV 89423 USA


Company Background:

Primary Products:

PolyPhaser Corporation, founded in 1979 and headquartered in Hayden, Idaho USA, is a Smiths business

RF products include the DC blocked SX Series™, B50, UHF and VHF series for cellular, broadcast, UHF and VHF ap-

that manufactures grounding


plications respectively. Our DC pass

surge protection




products include the GX Series™, and

less communications,


AirSmart™ coaxial line protectors pri-

WiMAX, CELULAR, GPS, as well

marily used on, GPS, and 3G tower top









PolyPhaser‘s core competency is the elimination of lightning transient volt- ages from coaxial cables and data lines. Transients are a major cause of communication failures; the safe re- moval of them is paramount to system performance. PolyPhaser is the lead- ing authority on this type of protection.

Data protection line includes the Net- Guard™ and IX series™ for 10/100 BASE T Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, DSL, POE, ISDN, AND E1/T1. The Net- Guard™ is an RJ45 plug-in data protec- tion platform. The IX Series™ modular, hard-wired protector can be suited to your application or proprietary protocol.

The IX Series™ can also be fitted with

several data and/or DC boards to fit a

broad range of applications.

These surge protection devices can be found all over the world in applications such as P2P and P2MP radios, cellu- lar base stations, 2-way radios, broad- cast stations, as well as, petrochemical plants, and remote monitoring sites. We work with many of the world’s largest communication OEM’s, and infrastruc- ture contractors. Offering world class application experience, PolyPhaser is unmatched in our commitment to cus- tomer satisfaction.

Polyphaser Corporation 2225 Park Place MInden, NV 89423 USA +1.775.782.2511 Company Background: Primary Products:

TDK Corporation

1221 Business Center Dr.

Mount Prospect, IL 60056 USA


Company Background:

As a leader in the electronics industry, TDK is your source for everything from electronic components, materials and power supplies to factory automation systems, anechoic chambers, test sys- tems and more.

TDK can meet your needs anywhere in North America or around the world with our global network of sales, engineer- ing and R&D.

Primary Products:

The application of TDK’s world-leading expertise in ferrite has yielded ad- vanced electronic components, such as multi-layer ceramic capacitors, in-

ductors, and EMC components. Fo- cusing on miniaturization and surface mount requirements our vast array of quality electronic components in- cludes LAN components, ferrite cores, amorphous cores, transformers, mag- nets, magnet applied products, piezo- electric products, delay lines, sen- sors, power supply, RF components & RF modules. TDK’s S Parameters data library is available for ceramic capacitors, inductors and EMC com- ponents. TDK’s authorized distribu- tor network currently stocks many of these innovative, affordable electronic components for off-the-shelf delivery.

LAN and Bluetooth applications that achieves the same low-loss and high- attenuation characteristics of earlier products. The new filters adopt an in- novative design with a compact reso-

nator and a low-loss structure for the resonator connector to achieve the industry’s first* low-loss, high-attenua- tion filter in a 1608-size component re- sulting in 40% less volume. This filter

will contribute to the miniaturization of mobile devices as well as space and power savings.

TDK Corporation develops a multilayer

band-pass filter for 2.4 GHz wireless


Detecon Consulting Oberkasseler Strasse 2 D-53227 Bonn +49 228 700 0 Company Background: Detecon

Detecon Consulting

Oberkasseler Strasse 2

D-53227 Bonn

+49 228 700 0

Company Background:

Detecon International is a leading worldwide company for integrated management and technology consult-

ing founded in 2002 from the merger

of consulting firms DETECON and

Diebold. Based on its comprehensive expertise in information and communi- cation technology (ICT), Detecon pro- vides consulting services to customers from all key industries. The company’s

focus is on the development of new business models, optimization of existing strategies and increase of

corporate efficiency through strategy,

organization and process improve- ments. This combined with Detecon’s exceptional technological expertise enables us to provide consulting

services along our customers’ entire value-added chain. The industry know- how of our consultants and the knowl- edge we have gained from successful management and ICT projects in over 100 countries forms the foundation of our services. Detecon is a subsidiary of T-Systems, the business customers brand of Deutsche Telekom.

Primary Services


Our service portfolio addresses clients from a broad range of industries. But within the range, we concentrate on market segments in which our know-how has been proven in a wide variety of integrated management and technology consulting projects. These

market segments include the public sector (Public Sector), telecommunica- tions and digital media (Telco & Digital Media), and service industries and some specific manufacturing indus- tries (Enterprise & Services).

Integrated Management and Technol- ogy Know-How

Our service portfolio focuses on areas in which we can provide special stimuli for our clients through our unique in- tegrated management and technology knowledge. Our services range from the classic organization and strategy consulting (Strategy & Marketing and Operations) to highly complex techno- logical ICT applications (Technology Management).


410 Rus des Recollets, Suite 301

Montreal, QU H2Y 1W2


Company Background:

Maravedis, Inc. is a world-leader and pioneer in Broadband Wireless and WiMAX market research and analysis. Offering more than just numbers, we

publish reports and provide consulting specific to the converging wireless in- dustry that are developed into informed, rational opinions thanks to our in-depth expertise of wireless technologies from WiMAX to cellular mobile technologies

and emerging fields of technologies.

Maravedis is an objective, third party

research and analysis firm focusing on

Broadband Wireless Access technolo- gies including WiMAX/802.16, 802.20, EV-DO, WCDMA TD-CDMA, HSDPA and Wireless Local Loop Systems.

Maravedis’ Mission is to be the most trusted bridge between the world of emerging technologies and the world of real deployments and sound business models.

Primary Products:

Maravedis leverages leading research and database services to provide tai- lored research that is timely, accurate, and cost effective.

Leveraging the industry’s broad- est portfolio of 4G research and the unique web-based WiMAXCounts™ operator deployment tracking service, Maravedis can help you develop your strategy to maximize your ROI. We’ll work WITH you to deliver the informa-


tion YOU need to face the competitive mobile and multiservice broadband ecosystem.

Facilitate your research process with

the Maravedis retainer program - a

program to address your specific

needs. Whether you need access to research, tailored research, sponsor- ship or consulting time… Maravedis

will design a program that fits your

strategy and budget.

ORR Technology, LLC

Emerging Technology Expert in Strategy Launch Lifecycle

ORR Technology

P.O. Box 1504

Prineville, OR 97754 USA


Company Background:

Jeff Orr, owner and founder of ORR Technology (formerly Split Pea Market- ing), is an expert on emerging broad- band technology, product marketing and business management. In total, Jeff has managed products generat- ing more than $1 billion in revenue.

Most recently, he built the marketing organization for the renowned WiMAX Forum industry trade association and has served as a board member for the nonprofit group. Orr began his wire- less career at industry pioneer, Proxim, where he held senior marketing man- agement roles for seven years. His

career started at Diamond Multimedia where he held multiple senior manage- ment positions and received more than 200 product-related awards over his decade tenure.

Primary Products:

Providing marketing strategy and imple- mentation consulting services to small business, enterprise, and Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Jeff Orr is an expert in emerging tech- nology, product marketing, product management, market intelligence, and the marketing of technology solutions.

Services · Webinar Services · Marketing/Sales Alignment · Technology Transition · Intelligence/Research · Portfolio Triage · Product Coaching · Campaign/Event planning · Keynote/Guest Speaker · Mobile Broadband News

ORR Technology, LLC Emerging Technology Expert in Strategy Launch Lifecycle ORR Technology P.O. Box

The Final Mile

85 Lanvale Ave

Asheville, NC 28806 USA


Company Background:

The Final Mile is a broadband wire- less and WiMAX focused consulting company, with a specialization in Rural Markets. The Final Mile consults to the ISP industry, industry associations, investors, vendors and municipali- ties as well as other stakeholders in the broadband wireless industry. Our

experience was gained in the field

actually deploying wireless networks.

Primary Products:

General Fixed Wireless Consulting services of all kinds from the smallest job to multi-month projects. The Final Mile people have the experience and have seen the mistakes. Let us help

prevent you from making the same mistakes we’ve seen others make.

New City Expansion Planning and Management Depending on your needs, we can plan and even manage the build out of a new city expansion. We have experience and contacts in sourcing tower and hub building sites, acquiring local partners, effective advertising and sales management, particularly to hotel and conference center re-sellers and hiring training and managing field technical special- ists.

to your product and position you to be distinct from your competition. The ultimate goal is to enhance your return on investment.

Business and Operational planning and management Advice on opera-

tional structure and systems, including what to outsource and what to retain in house. We assist clients, particu- larly institutional ones in picking the

appropriate technical solution to fit

their needs and assist them in mak- ing smart choices in how to build out networks to be as low-cost and main- tenance free as possible.

Product Positioning and Pricing Meth- odologies We assist you cooperatively in producing low-cost creative services to enhance the price point available


Hutton Communications 2520 Marsh Lane Carrollton, TX 75006 USA 1.972.417.0100 Company Background: Hutton Communications,

Hutton Communications

2520 Marsh Lane

Carrollton, TX 75006 USA


Company Background:

Hutton Communications, Inc. head- quartered in Dallas Texas, is a distrib- utor of commercial wireless communi- cations and related equipment.

Hutton serves cellular and radio communications dealers, wireless communications carriers and selfmain- tained end users of communications systems. In addition, Hutton provides its customers with power systems solutions for emergency backup, alter- native energy sources, or out-of-grid power requirements. With multiple sales and warehouse facilities, Hutton provides local sales support and fast delivery to your location.

Primary Products:

Hutton delivers a full range of wireless broadband solutions which allow you to deliver the performance and reliabil- ity your customers demand.

Our network of manufacturers, resell- ers, and engineers deliver a solid solution.

Point to Point Point to Multipoint Licensed Microwave 4.9 GHz Public Safety Unlicensed Microwave Wi-Fi Networks WiMAX Mesh Networks IP Surveillance

Hutton Communications 2520 Marsh Lane Carrollton, TX 75006 USA 1.972.417.0100 Company Background: Hutton Communications,

Talley Communications

12976 Sandoval Street

Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670 USA


Company Background:

Talley Communications was founded in 1983 to serve the needs of wireless communications professionals in a wide range of industries — from local public safety to nationwide cellular and everything inbetween. Today Talley is one of the nation’s largest distributors of wireless infrastructure, communica- tions and mobile products. From the very beginning, our mission has been to help make your job of building wire- less communications an easy one.

Primary Products:

Talley Communications serves cus-

tomers in several industry segments

with five distribution centers stocking

inventory from over 100 major suppli-

ers. All five cities are cable processing

capable and located close to the end

users. Talley’s inventory reflects the

demands of wireless communications, infrastructure and mobile communica- tions users. In addition, a wide variety of broadband products as well as cable assemblies are offered. Talley provides prompt delivery and freight savings from its five distribution cen- ters, more than any other distributor.

Choose microwave radios for point-to- point or point-to-multipoint voice and data applications, antennas, lightning protection, mounting accessories — everything you need to put a complete solution together — all from top man- ufacturers including Adtran, Alcatel, Bridgewave, DragonWave, Radwin and Redline.

Broadband Links:

* Charts * Become a Redline VAR * Redline Application Notes * Adtran Dealer Application * Download Broadband Brochure

Talley helps you put complete solu- tions together:

* Unlicensed * Licensed * Point-to-Point * Point-to-Multipoint * Ethernet * T1 * Phone Line Networking


Tessco Technologies Inc. zz 11126 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, MD 21031 USA 1.410.229.1000 Company

Tessco Technologies Inc. zz

11126 McCormick Road

Hunt Valley, MD 21031 USA


Company Background:

Customers such as carriers and their program managers and contrac- tors, large industrial and commercial companies, government institutions, maintenance and repair organizations, and value-added resellers, depend on TESSCO for the latest services and most reliable solutions in the market- place.

Primary Products

TESSCO delivers the breadth and depth of products and services you re- quire for your homeland security and public safety communication needs, including our newest innovations and future technologies, such as: Remote Surveillance, Disaster Preparedness & Recovery, Wireless Broadband, Bat-

Tessco Technologies Inc. zz 11126 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, MD 21031 USA 1.410.229.1000 Company

tery Backup, and the latest in Wi-MAX and more!

And as the wireless world is rapidly evolving, making the right decisions directly impacts your bottom line and success. But when you do business with TESSCO, you can rely on us to deliver what you need to succeed – the largest selection of products and ser- vices in the industry, exceeding 25,000 from 300 leading brands; the most in- novative technologies to meet your most pressing needs, today, and in the future; comprehensive and hands-on training; backed by on-time and error- free delivery, as well as 24/7/365 world- class customer service and technical support.

Immediate availability of the largest selection of solutions for valueadded

resellers interested in building profits,

not inventories, and gaining access to

new channels and markets. Leading wireless broadband products and ser- vices covering the full range of appli- cations, including the latest in wireless technology for ensuring the deploy- ment of your next generation wireless networks. Latest solutions for remote monitoring and remote location surveil- lance, including the products and know how you need to install, maintain, sell and support video surveillance. World- class knowledge to help you make the right wireless decisions, and compre- hensive, hands-on sales & technical

education customized to your specific


Visit today and discover what TESSCO can do for you.

TESSCO Announces iMAX Solutions Featuring Solectek

Be ready for the exciting world of WiMAX with Solectek’s SkyWay- MAX fixed system. The standards-based 3.65 GHz licensed technol- ogy is easy to install, offers excellent power management capabili- ties and delivers the scalability and performance you need to provide regional or nationwide service.

Solectek’s new SkyWay-MAX system offers several important ad- vantages to help carriers, WISPs and others that want to replace

their DSL, cable or proprietary systems. And fixed WiMAX is here


Solectek’s SkyWay-MAX product line provides everything you need for your WiMAX system to include Base Stations, CPE, Indoor Con- trollers and Accessories.


Winncom Technologies, Inc. 30700 Carter St, Suite A Solon, OH 44139 USA 1.888.WINNCOM Company

Winncom Technologies, Inc.

30700 Carter St, Suite A

Solon, OH 44139 USA


Company Background:

Winncom Technologies is a worldwide distributor and provider of complete networking solutions, wireless and wired. Our unmatched expertise in broadband wireless networking prod- ucts and full range of network infra- structure and access products by the leading industry manufacturers allows us to sell the products and provide complete solutions for various markets and applications.

Winncom’s extensive experience and engineering resources make it possible for us to identify, design and implement the most effective and economical turnkey solutions based on a combination of the latest tech- nologies. With our world-wide pres- ence, Winncom is able to provide the

highest level of presale consulting and post-sale engineering support to our customers.

Winncom is proud of its outstanding portfolio of successful wireless and networking deployments in the coun- tries located in North America, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Far East and Central Asia.

Winncom is headquartered in Cleve-

land, OH, USA and has local offices in

Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Uz- bekistan and Kazakhstan with highly trained sales and technical profession- als.

Primary Products:

leading names in the industry:

PROXIM, MOTOROLA, AXXCELERA, ALVARION, CISCO, Colubris, Multi- Tech, BridgeWave, RAD Communica- tions, ALCATEL-LUCENT, AVAYA, MTI, SKYPILOT and many others.

Since its beginnings in 1993, Winncom Technologies Corporation remains at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, bringing the latest prod- ucts and services to the market and

finding new ways to offer value to our

customers. Winncom’s reseller net- work has reached 8,000 and serves over 90 markets worldwide.

Our product offerings include (but certainly not limited to) the following


Accton Wireless Broadband Corporation #1 Creation Rd. Hsinchu 30077, Taiwan, R.O.C. +886.3.5770123 Company Background:

Accton Wireless Broadband Corporation

#1 Creation Rd.

Hsinchu 30077, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Company Background:

Established in 2006, Accton Wireless

Broadband Corp. (AWB), part of the Accton Group, develops WiMAX de-

vices for fixed and mobile solutions

with the premise located in Hsinchu

Science-based Industrial Park. The company contributes the utmost to in- novative design and R&D for WiMAX technology with our mission to shorten the digital gaps.







wave 2 fixed and nomadic CPEs and

mobile subscriber products including

indoor CPE, outdoor CPE, PC card, USB adapter and PCI express card. They are all supporting 2.3, 2.5 and 3.5GHz frequency bands, MIMO and has passed the IOT compatible tests with major base station vendors.

Partnering with leading telecommuni- cation vendors and operators, AWB has developed a best-of-breed WiMAX CPE that enables next generation broadband-centric anytime, anywhere access. The products have been widely distributed to local and international mar- kets and received honorable acclaim.

Primary Products:

WiMAX 802.16e Wave 2 Indoor CPE WiMAX 802.16e Wave 2 Outdoor CPE WiMAX 802.16e Wave 2 PC Card WiMAX 802.16e Wave 2 USB Adapter WiMAX 802.16e Wave 2 PCI Express Card

Accton Wireless Broadband Corporation #1 Creation Rd. Hsinchu 30077, Taiwan, R.O.C. +886.3.5770123 Company Background:

Airspan Networks, Inc.

777 Yamato Rd., Suite 310

Boca Raton, FL 33431 USA


Company Background:

Airspan is a worldwide leader in broad- band wireless with over 400 customers

in more than 100 countries. As a found- ing member of the WiMAX forum, Air- span has led the way in WiMAX, being

among the first wave of companies to achieve certification for its Base Sta- tion and End User Devices.

Airspan is also leading in the race to Mobile WiMAX. All of Airspan’s base station products support Mobile WiMAX. MiMAX, Airspan’s USB based Mobile WiMAX end user device, will be the first Wave 2 compatible unit for lap- tops.

Primary Products:

Airspan offers one of the most compre- hensive portfolios of products and solu-

tions in the wireless industry today.

Airspan’s WiMAX product range com- prises HiperMAX, MacroMAX and Mi- croMAX Base Stations, mobile WiMAX user devices, indoor and outdoor CPEs that also integrate Wi-Fi and VoIP tech- nologies. In addition, we have devel- oped VoiceMAX, a unique and power- ful solution essential for carrier-class VoIP delivery.

Our products have been developed with the future in mind. Thanks to the advance technologies built into our products, we will not only be able to software upgrade our HiperMAX base stations to Mobile WiMAX but we will also be able to run Mobile and Fixed WiMAX on the same platform.

MacroMAXe is a class-leading 2nd generation Mobile WiMAX base sta-


tion which has been designed and optimized for the 2.3GHz and 2.5GHz Mobile WiMAX bands. It employs the software defined radio (SDR) technol- ogy first developed for HiperMAX, to- gether with dual radio transceivers, an- tennas and GPS receiver all in a highly integrated, physically small and light, all outdoor package.

Airspan’s award winning MiMAX Q-Se- ries USB device is a quad-band MIMO USB dongle for laptops and personal

computers. Now certified by the WiMAX

Forum for the 2.5GHz band, MiMAX also operates in nearly every applica- ble WiMAX frequency from 2GHz and

up to 5GHz frequencies. Certification

includes thorough assessment of the features required in the WiMAX Forum 2.5 GHz profile as well as rigorous test- ing of multi-vendor interoperability.

* Offer only available in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean Award-winning Broadband Wireless Solutions from Alvarion

* Offer only available in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean

Award-winning Broadband Wireless Solutions from Alvarion

Save up to $3,800 off MSRP!

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Take advantage of special offers on premium Alvarion PtP and PtMP licensed and unlicensed products and save on an unlimited number of orders:

Save $3,800 with the BreezeACCESS ® VL 5.x Starter Kit (5.3, 5.4, 5.8 GHz) Save $3,800 with the BreezeACCESS VL 900 Starter Kit Save $2,500 with the BreezeNET B100 Upgrade Offer Save $3,800 with the BreezeACCESS 4900 AU / SU Point-to-Point Bundle! Save $1,000 on your first BreezeMAX ® 3650 WiMAX solution

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Rebate Code: 2008Q3CP
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Learn more about this and other special offers at:

Alvarion, Inc. :: 2495 Leghorn Street, Mountain View, CA 94043 :: Phone: 650.314.2500 :: Web:

Alvarion, Inc. Internat’l:, +972.645.6262 North America:, +1.650.314.2500 Company Background: With more than 3

Alvarion, Inc.

Internat’l:, +972.645.6262

North America:, +1.650.314.2500

Company Background:

With more than 3 million units deployed in 150 countries, Alvarion (www.alvari- is the world’s leading provider of innovative WiMAX and wireless broadband network solutions, designed to enable Personal Broadband to im- prove lifestyles and productivity with portable and mobile data, VoIP, video and other services.

Alvarion is leading the market to Open WiMAX solutions with the most exten- sive deployments and proven product portfolio in the industry covering the full range of frequency bands, with both

fixed, nomadic and mobile solutions.

Alvarion’s products are designed to enable the delivery of personal mobile

broadband, business and residential

primary broadband access, corporate VPNs, toll quality telephony, mobile base station feeding, hotspot coverage extension, community interconnection and public safety communications.

As a wireless broadband pioneer, Alva- rion has been driving and delivering in- novations for almost 15 years from core technology developments to creating and promoting industry standards. Le- veraging its key roles in the IEEE and HiperMAN standards committees and with experience in deploying OFDM- based systems, the company’s promi- nent work in the WiMAX Forum™ is focused on increasing the widespread adoption of standard-based products in the wireless broadband market and leading the entire industry to Open WiMAX solutions.

Primary Products:

Mobile WiMAX - 4Motion Open WiMAX Solution - Mobile WiMAX en- ables subscribers to take their broad- band connection mobile or make their mobile service broadband.

BreezeMAX - BreezeMAX is Alva- rion’s WiMAX platform leveraging the company’s BWA industry leadership, proven field experience, and ad- vanced core wireless and networking technologies, including many years of experience with OFDM technology.

BreezeACCESS line

Network Management - AlvariSTAR NMS

Alvarion, Inc. Internat’l:, +972.645.6262 North America:, +1.650.314.2500 Company Background: With more than 3

Aperto Networks

598 Gibraltar Dr

Milpitas, CA 95035


Company Background:

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Aperto Networks develops and deliv- ers the world’s most advanced WiMAX broadband wireless products for ser- vice providers. Aperto serves more than 200 carrier customers in 65 coun- tries, and has an installed base of hun- dreds of thousands of units worldwide.

Aperto’s wide range of base stations, subscriber units, and related equip- ment enables carriers to offer profit- able broadband wireless services in diverse markets via IP-rich, point-to- point and point-to-multipoint networks that are easy to deploy and grow. Ap- erto’s carrier-class WiMAX and pre- WiMAX solutions provide industry- leading subscriber density, quality of service, manageability, and reliability.

Primary Products:

PacketMAX delivers the critical ele- ments required to extend services to a wide range of subscribers—ranging from large enterprises and public-sec- tor organizations to multi-tenant build- ings and residences to users on the move, connected to the Internet from their PDAs and laptops—using a sin- gle, standards-based platform.

PacketMAX Base Stations

-PacketMAX 5000 - Macro Base Sta- tion for Fixed and Mobile WiMAX -PacketMAX 4000 - Mobile WiMAX Base Station -PacketMAX 3000 - Fixed WiMAX Base Station -PacketMAX 2000 - Pico Base Station


PacketMAX Subscriber Units -PacketMAX 700 PC and PC Express Card - 802.16e -PacketMAX 600 USB Adapter -


-PacketMAX 500 Indoor Gateway -


-PacketMAX 400 Outdoor Gateway -


-PacketMAX 300 Outdoor Gateway -


-PacketMAX 100 Outdoor Gateway -


-PacketMAX 20 Voice Services Gate- way

AXIS Network Technology, Inc. 7 Midshires Business Park, Smeaton Close Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8HL

AXIS Network Technology, Inc.

7 Midshires Business Park, Smeaton Close

Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8HL UK


Company Background:

AxisNT is a leading vendor of software reconfigurable digital radios, subsys- tems and IP to OEMs for deployment in WiMAX networks worldwide. Our Re- mote Radio Heads, and the innovative software that drives them, are already enabling WiMAX services to be deliv- ered in the USA, Asia and Europe, with state-of-the-art power efficiency perfor- mance that helps network operators to minimise CAPEX and OPEX.

Primary Products:

The AxisNT family of Remote Ra-

dio Heads (RRH) is available imme- diately for OEM deployment in WiMAX networks worldwide.

Due to the use of our patented trans- ceiver technology, Axis RRH exhibit excellent uplink and downlink perfor- mance to give customers the coverage and capacity edge.

The AxisNT family of single and dual RF Modules for 2GHz to 4GHz

employ a multi-band architecture for TDD and FDD OEM applications using OFDMA, CDMA and TDMA technolo- gies. The RF Module performs all the Tx/Rx analogue RF functions between the digital transceiver and the antenna ports. The RF power amplifiers are de- signed for integration with Digital Pre- Distortion (DPD), Quadrature Modula- tion Correction (QMC) and Crest Factor Reduction (CFR). Axis has deployed its RF Modules in OEM Remote Ra-

dio Heads for WiMAX and UMTS Base Station Systems.

The AxisNT family of Configurable Digital Radio Systems (CDRS) per-

forms all the digital transceiver functions between the baseband IQ interface

and the analogue RF front end, and is capable of operating over 400MHz to 4GHz. The CDRS is a multi-protocol, multi-band, digital radio for OEM ap- plications delivering optimal cost, low- est power consumption and small size,

and employs a flexible architecture for

TDD or FDD applications using OFD- MA, CDMA and TDMA technologies.

AXIS Network Technology, Inc. 7 Midshires Business Park, Smeaton Close Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8HL

Cisco Systems, Inc.

170 W Tasman Dr.

San Jose, CA 95134 USA


Company Background:

Cisco enables people to make power- ful connections-whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible- providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time.

Primary Products:

Through our expansive Cisco IP Next- Generation Network portfolio, mobile op-

erators around the world are seeing the

benefits of increased network efficiency,

reduced time to market and the ability to offer new and personalized services.

Cisco Broadband Wireless Access products for Mobile WiMAX feature ad- vanced antenna systems and support adaptive beamforming and multiple-in- put multiple-output (MIMO). They allow for multi-megabit service delivery, in- creased coverage, and greater indoor

penetration for the following benefits:

• Subscribers experience high-quality

wireless services

• Service providers get fewer service

calls, faster time-to-market with new services, and improved cost efficien- cies

This open-standards solution is compli- ant with the Mobile WiMAX specifica- tion and the Profile C Network Refer-

ence Model. It includes a full suite of base stations, antenna systems, ac- cess service network gateways, man- agement systems, and customer prem-

ises equipment. Specific Products:

• Cisco Broadband Wireless Gateway

• Cisco BWX 8300 Series Broadband

Wireless Access System

• Cisco BWX 2300 Series Broadband

Wireless Access System

• Cisco BWX 100 Series Modems

• Cisco BWX Element Management



Huawei Technologies 1700 Alma Dr, Suite 100 Plano, TX 75075 USA +1.972.509.5599 Company Background:

Huawei Technologies

1700 Alma Dr, Suite 100

Plano, TX 75075 USA


Company Background:

Huawei began investing in IEEE802.16 standard technologies in 2000 and be- came a member of the WiMAX Forum in 2004. As an active industry member, Huawei previously served as chair- man of a number of work groups within the WiMAX Forum including CSN MM (Connectivity Service Network Mobil- ity Management), Data Integrity, and ROHC (Robust Header Compression).

In 2008, the WiMAX Forum, on behalf of NWG (Network Working Group), awarded Huawei the Outstanding Con- tribution Award in recognition of the company’s role in developing WiMAX technologies that support a wide range of discrete and blended billing scenar- ios including subscription, transaction

and usage-based rating models. As a leading WiMAX solution supplier, Hua- wei has assisted operators in launching commercial or trial WiMAX networks in Africa, Europe, Russia, United States, and South America. Huawei will con- tinue to play an active role in the devel- opment of WiMAX.

Primary Products:

WiMAX Base Station 3703

The Huawei BTS3703, a WiMAX base station, based on IEEE 802.16e-2005 and WiMAX Forum NWG Release 1.0. The BTS3703, networking with WASN9970 and Mobile Station, is widely applied to the wireless broad-

band services in both fixed and mobile

broadband access.

WiMAX Wireless Broadband Gate- way WASN9770

Today, the subscribers have the end- less desire for experiencing wireless broadband data and high-quality mul- timedia services. With the vitality of IP infrastructure and IP multimedia con- tents, market demand for data services as well as voice services are on the increase.

Huawei can design a customized mo- bile WiMAX solution for both mobile and fixed operators based on their ex- isting network resources.

Huawei Technologies 1700 Alma Dr, Suite 100 Plano, TX 75075 USA +1.972.509.5599 Company Background:

Juni Global

9825 Willows Road NE, Ste #100

Redmond, WA 98052 USA


Company Background:

Established in Sydney, Australia in 1988, Juni has since grown to become a multinational company providing the latest wireless telecommunications technologies and outstanding support to operators around the world. Juni

Global, with offices in North America,

Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, and Korea, is the premier worldwide sup- plier of the most technically advanced repeaters and RF coverage solutions for WiMAX, UMTS, CDMA, and GSM networks.

As members of the Femto and WiMAX Forums, Juni is able to achieve the highest levels of product compatibility and customer satisfaction.

Primary Products:

The offering includes On-Frequency

repeaters, Indoor fiber DAS, Outdoor

Fiber DAS, Outdoor Microwave DAS, and Outdoor Interference Cancella- tion (ICS) Repeaters. Juni’s ICS is an advanced Digital/DSP multipath can- cellation technology that allows for an RF gain value 20+ dB higher than the

available antenna isolation. ICS makes it easy to obtain excellent performance with a simple one-pole repeater site

configuration, providing up to 7 times

more outdoor coverage compared with conventional RF repeaters.


Juniper Networks 1194 N Mathilda Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA +1.978.589.0500 Company Background Juniper

Juniper Networks

1194 N Mathilda Ave

Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA


Company Background

Juniper Networks high-performance network infrastructure is the foundation for creating a responsive and trusted environment that meets the require- ments of the most demanding service provider in the world. Juniper helps organizations design, implement, man- age and scale their Next Generation Networks (NGN), from core to edge; and enables advanced campus, data center, branch and extended archi- tectures to support the varied require- ments of an organization’s users and applications.

Primary Products:


Juniper Networks’ SBR Carrier AAA

Server fulfills all of the AAA require- ments of WiMAX, with its support for multiple EAP methods, robust mobile IP session management capabilities, and key management functionality in Home Connectivity Service Network (HCSN) and Visited Connectivity Ser- vice Network (VCSN) scenarios. Ju- niper’s SBR Carrier AAA Server Solu- tion provides full support for WiMAX, including all required EAP methods, mobility management and roaming management. Moreover, WiMAX AAA

offers scalability, reliability, flexible

deployment and life-cycle value that service providers need in order to re- alize the full potential of their WiMAX service offerings. The product scales through its high-performance design, support for 99.999 percent uptime, and its ability to handle thousands of RA- DIUS requests per second on suitable hardware. Service Providers can per-

form authentication and authorization in a single, combined step or as two discrete steps, thereby ensuring high flexibility in implementation and sup- port for a variety of business models. The modular design of WiMAX AAA

enables simultaneous fulfillment of

both H-AAA and V-AAA functions. Fur-

thermore, the SBR Carrier AAA Server

relies upon a standards-based ap- proach to AAA and support for a variety of commonly used backend formats, including Structured Query Language (SQL), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Home Location Reg- ister (HLR), and Proxy RADIUS. With all of these attributes, the SBR Carrier AAA Server helps optimize the service provider’s life-cycle CAPEX and OPEX characteristics, regardless of service mix or access technologies.

Mobile Backhaul

Juniper Networks Mobile Backhaul so- lution addresses the existing backhaul challenges including the need for a scalable solution that protects service provider’s investment at the cell site

and gives them the flexibility to add

next-generation technologies quickly and cost effectively. Juniper Networks offers its advanced Mobile Backhaul Solution that leverages IP/MPLS tech- nology that is already in use in many mobile packet cores across the entire mobile infrastructure. Unlike piecemeal approaches that mix and match com- ponents, the Juniper Mobile Backhaul Solution is a fully integrated, high-per- formance architecture addressing the needs of the cell site, metro backhaul and aggregation. The Juniper solution also includes a comprehensive net- work management component to in- crease operational efficiency and mini- mize OPEX.

Solution Components

The Juniper Networks Mobile Backhaul Solution includes:

• Juniper Networks BX 7000 Multi-Ac- cess Gateway

Juniper Networks M-series Aggrega- tion Site Gateway with circuit emulation PICs

• Juniper Networks MX-series for metro

backhaul aggregation

• JUNOScope IP Services Manager

with extensions for mobile backhaul

Security - SRX

Juniper Networks SRX 5000 line of ser- vices gateways is the next-generation solution for securing the ever increas- ing network infrastructure and applica- tions requirements for both enterprise and service providers. Designed from the ground up to provide flexible pro- cessing scalability, I/O scalability, and services integration, the SRX 5000 line of services gateways can meet the net- work and security requirements of data center hyper-consolidation, rapid man- aged services deployments, and ag- gregation of security solutions. Built on JUNOS® software which incorporates Juniper’s routing heritage, service pro- vider reliability, and ScreenOS security heritage, the SRX-series also offers the high feature/service integration neces- sary to secure modern network infra- structure and applications.

Juniper Networks 1194 N Mathilda Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA +1.978.589.0500 Company Background Juniper


Motorola, Inc. +1.866.BUY.MOTO Company Background: Motorola wi4 WiMAX leads the industry in versatility. Whether you

Motorola, Inc.


Company Background:

Motorola wi4 WiMAX leads the industry in versatility. Whether you plan to offer service spanning broadband access,

fixed voice line replacement, mobile

data access, or full mobile communi- cations Motorola’s portfolio offers the products and services to meet your unique goals. We have products at ev-

ery tier that enable fast time to revenue

and high profits. This unique versatility

is designed to offer a diverse set of cus-

tomers a wide array of business models. With Motorola wi4 WiMAX, you have all the options necessary to make WiMAX a business success regardless of your region of the world and whether you are a new operator or an existing wire- line, wireless, or ISP service provider.

Primary Products:

Motorola’s wi4 WiMAX solution is

designed with the flexibility needed

to keep your service options open.

Choose to go directly to mobile ser- vice, or lower your initial CapEx costs

and time-to-revenue by offering fixed service first. Motorola’s entire portfolio

of products is designed to make this

transition easy. Components include:

CPEi 850 The award winning Motorola wi4 WiMAX CPEi 850 combines a Wi-Fi router with data and voice connectivity and is Wave 2 ready.

CPEi 300 This award winning, stylish, cost ef- fective Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) was designed for high-speed data and voice applications.

WAP 400 wi4 WiMAX WAP 400 Access Point with light infrastructure for flexible de- ployments and Multi-input/Multi-output (MIMO) antenna techniques.

CPEi 750 The Motorola wi4 WiMAX CPEi 750 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is Wave 2 ready and offers data and voice connectivity in an ultra slim package.

WAP 450 Wi4 WiMAX WAP 450 Access Point for enhanced coverage and capacity with a compact, high-power, carrier class design

and many more.

Motorola, Inc. +1.866.BUY.MOTO Company Background: Motorola wi4 WiMAX leads the industry in versatility. Whether you

Nokia Siemens Networks

Company Background:

Nokia Siemens Networks is a lead- ing global enabler of communications services and one of the world’s larg- est telecommunications infrastructure companies. The company’s global scale, experienced resources, and commitment to growing the WiMAX ecosystem make Nokia Siemens Net- works a powerful partner.

Primary Products

Our WiMAX E2E solution can be a key factor in assuring your users a true quality of experience and reduc- ing your costs. Nokia Siemens Net- works now unlocks the true potential of broadband with this end-to-end solu- tion for the deployment and operation of WiMAX networks.WiMAX delivers a unified stream of voice, data, and vid-

Karaportti 3

02610 Espoo, Finland

+358 71 400 4000

eo, meaning that you can offer a better service at a lower cost while improving customer satisfaction. Each WiMAX base station enables operators to pro- vide cost-effective broadband wireless access for hundreds of users and, of

course, both mobile and fixed services

can be provided by deploying networks based on WiMAX.

Flexi WiMAX Base Stations - Our fu- ture-proof Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi BTS platform enables operators

to use sites more efficiently, find new

ones and re-use existing sites, oper- ating with the lowest number of sites needed for coverage and capacity. In

fact, due to our market- leading RF per- formance, radio network operators can halve the number of sites they need, with marked capital and operating ex-

pense benefits.


The Flexi BTS platform offers numer- ous state-of-the-art advantages, in- cluding:

*Easier site construction, with easier implementation – yielding lower instal- lation costs *Maximum re-use of legacy site infra- structure *Reduced initial surveying overheads

thanks to quicker site finding

*Dramatically reduced demand for power, resulting in smaller power sys- tems *Shorter antenna lines that typically double RF performance – causing less environmental impact *Flexible design – sites constructed

to adapt to future radio technologies and requirements

Nortel Networks 195 The West Mall Toronto, ON M9C 5K1 USA +1.905.863.0000 Company Background:

Nortel Networks

195 The West Mall

Toronto, ON M9C 5K1 USA


Company Background:

Nortel is a recognized leader in deliv- ering communications capabilities that make the promise of Business Made Simple a reality for our customers. Our next-generation technologies, for both service providers and enterprise net- works, support multimedia and busi- ness-critical applications. Nortel’s tech- nologies are designed to help eliminate

today’s barriers to efficiency, speed

and performance by simplifying net- works and connecting people to the in-

formation they need, when they need it.

Primary Products

Nortel delivers a complete end-to-end WiMAX solution including WiMAX de- vices, access network, IP core infra- structure, backhaul options, Carrier

VoIP and Applications, Enterprise solu- tions, and professional services.

VoIP to the MAX”

Nortel “VoIP to the MAX” combines two powerful market technologies - Car- rier VoIP and Mobile WiMAX - into one powerful solution. Nortel is deliver- ing an end to end, fully integrated and cost effective Carrier VoIP over Mobile WiMAX solution bundle enabling ser- vice providers to offer advanced IP voice and multimedia services while de-risking their technology deployment, achieving faster time to market and un- locking new revenue opportunities.

The solution consists of Nortel’s market leading Adaptive Application Engine (A2E) and Mobile WiMAX products. With its system integration end-to-end

network capabilities, open/ multi-ven- dor model, proven track record and industry leadership, Nortel is best po- sitioned to be the preferred vendor for a Carrier VoIP over WiMAX solution. Visit Nortel’s VoIP to the MAX web- site ( to learn more about the solution!

Nortel Networks 195 The West Mall Toronto, ON M9C 5K1 USA +1.905.863.0000 Company Background:


2350 Mission College Blvd, Suite 703

Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA


Company Background:

POSDATA is an early pioneer in mobile WiMAX core technology development and standardization, and a key con- tributor to WiMAX Forum. Leveraging its industry-wide awareness in wire- less IP, applications and networks, the company has unveiled FLYVO, a brand for ground-breaking 802.16e compliant Mobile WiMAX end-to-end solution. Full in-house development of IP-OFD- MA based mobile WiMAX products

has been finished and commercially

launched in 2007, with a migration path

toward Wave 2 Mobile WiMAX and IEEE802.16m systems.

Primary Products:

FLYVO Mobile WiMAX system is fully compliant with the 802.16e standard,

which incorporates the advanced tech- nologies OFDMA (Orthogonal Fre- quency Division Multiple Access) and TDD (Time Division Duplexing). These technologies allow FLYVO to serve many more users with much higher data rates for more economical service delivery, which has been one of the key objectives of WiMAX development. FLYVO system core components in- clude: Radio Access Station (RAS), Ac- cess Service Network (ASN-GW), and Element Management System (EMS).

to traffic class.

FLYVO is optimized to deliver high data rates with TDD technology allowing adaptable uplink and downlink rates

for maximum efficiency. The maximum

downlink aggregate rate for a single sector is about 30 Mbps. The entirely

scalable and flexible technology can

support low latency handovers at fully

mobile speeds over 120km/hr.

All IP based, flexible and simplified ar- chitecture of FLYVO provides optimal deployment condition for new or exist- ing networks. FLYVO provides sched- uling and Quality of Service (QoS) options for various classes of service, such as video, VoIP or data, which can be scheduled and prioritized according


Proxim Wireless Corporation 1531 Buckeye Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035 USA +1.408.383.7600 Company Background: Proxim

Proxim Wireless Corporation

1531 Buckeye Dr.

Milpitas, CA 95035 USA


Company Background:

Proxim Wireless Corporation is a leading provider of end-to-end broadband wire- less systems that deliver the quadruple play of data, voice, video and mobility to all organizations today. We are 100 percent focused on wireless technology, and that focus enables us to provide a complete portfolio of WLAN, Wi-Fi mesh, WiMAX (point-to-multipoint), and point-to-point technologies.

Proxim’s end-to-end broadband wire- less solutions and services have helped more than 235,000 customers around the world enable new applications, in- crease productivity, decrease expens- es, gain operational flexibility and cre- ate new business opportunities. Proxim has more than 1.8 million units deployed worldwide.

Primary Products:


o ORiNOCO® Public Safety Wi-Fi Mesh Series - Tri-mode (802.11b/g at

2.4 and 4.9 GHz) mesh access points o MeshMAX™ Product Series - The

world’s first tri-radio (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi mesh,

and WiMAX) access point


o Tsunami MP.16 3500 - Licensed WiMAX base station and subscriber units o Tsunami MP.11 Series - Unlicensed,

fixed and mobile WiMAX base station