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SPECTAL MIETING MAY 12, 1966 A Speciel Meeting of the Board was held on Thursdoy, May 12, 1966, at 1:30 wien ee reuse at the Kalamazoo Township Holl, 1720 Riverview Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan, with Supervisor James H, Rose presiding. ihe Purrose of the meeting wss to concider and review the agreement regard= ing tater Pollution Control By-Product Solids Area, between the City of Kelewae fad the Township of alemazoo. Supervisor Rose stated that City Manager fliiete had contacted him and that some minor changes such as the future use ef the lenge qtem "BY under Section 1., regarding Board of Apveals were reconsidered and ree written. The Board then proceeded to review the agreement. After a peried of Giecussion and reviewing, the Township Board then recommended the ues Agreement for approval end to take the necessary action at its next regular Board meeting» Next, Police Conmissioner Obreiter stated that he had received a request from Township Police Chief Bullock, said request being that he nould like te fake a three week vacation to go to California. He further stated that he would Pike fo approve this request, however, the policy and procedure of the Tovnehip yolice Department allows him a two week paid vacation. After a period of Giscussion it was agreed by the members of the Board that inasmuch as ne burden will be created on the Police Department during Chief Bullock's absence, it was decided to approve this request. However, he will receive juat the twa w paid vacation 96 provided under the Township Police Procedure and Rules. Next, Commissioner Obreiter steted thet under the recent salary increases end fringe benefits an allowance of $8.00 per month per officer was approved by fhe Board for Uniform Meintenence. He further stated thet Sgt. Rysengs who Forks a6 investigator does not work in a police uniform, therefor he would like to request that Sgt. Rysenga also be allowed the $8.00 per month for Uniform Heintenance. After a period of discussion, it wos decided that this request be fenied becouse the money as set forth in the Budget specifically stated “Uniform Maintenance" and did not cover plain clothes officers, Next, Clerk Gernaat stated that he had received a request from the Kwik fee Service Company, Hr. Joseph Reaves, Manager, who are planning to build a jiauified petroleum gas container charging plant at the intersection of Kelemazoo Gonnection U.S. 12 and Olmstead Roed. He further stated thot before a permit freee a eeued # retter of approval must be granted by the locel governing body. Mter a period of discussion it was decided to approve this request at the nect regular Board meeting. f general discussion was then held in regard to engineering procedure, auditing Procedures and general discussion regarding all phoses of parke deport ment work. There being no further business to come before the Board, the Supervisor declared the meeting adjourned. Members present: Members absent: . dames H. Rose Garrett Gernaat Donald Obreiter L. Wi. VendenBerg Donald Thall Pierson J. Raker Respectfully submitted, Garrett Gérnaat, Clerk See eee 3603 May 23, 1966 _ ‘The reguler meeting of the Kalamazoo Tovnship Board wes held on Mondoy, Kay ?3, 1966, at 7:00 o'clock P.N., at 7:00 ofclock P.M., at the Kalomamo Township Hall, 1720 Riverview Drive with Supervisor James H. Rose presiding. I | Supervisor Rose opened the metang by stating that the Board and resident: wil aiscuss the proposed arreement regarding Veter Pollution Control By-Produdt |Solide Arer. He further stated that the Tornship Horrd had a special Board. || Jmecting this afternoon end decided thet no formel action wourd be taken on thi Jegreement tonight. Supervisor Rose then gove o recep of oll of the Township Jjaffeirs since 1957, He stated that 11 of the assessments on both real and [personel properties were out of line. Thot during the next yeors the Township JRoare net with varsous industries, ‘the State Tex Conmiseion Led eetrewes the Jassessing procedures. After @ period of reviewing and revising el] of the | ireal and personal assessments in the Township, the valuations on all propertie: jin the Township are on on even percentare. He further stated thet in 1963 the ypaper industries in Kelemezoo received a directive from the State later Re= source Commission that they could no longer dispose their weste waterisls in @ ‘the Kalomezoo River. A series of meetincs were then held between the paper |, Vindustries, Kalomezoo and Comstock Township, Fortage, andthe City and Gounty of Kalamazoo to try and take care of these uaste materidls. Supervisor Rose stat that the Kalamezoo Paper Company is one of the largest taxpayers in the Townehip and that it was very necessary to help them in this situation. Supervisor Roo jthen introduced Mr, Don Suets, Director of Public Yarkr, City of Kalonasss. I j i Mr, Swets then rave a recep of the procedure of how sludge materials are |moved fron the wastes. He steted that the City will receive primary Lreatment @ iro ene Fate SESte ane tnot tne mete Chis eatisne ceaee PEARY (reat treatment plants. He further stated that in 1963 the paper mills were notifded | by the State later Resource Commission that they vould not be allowed to dispode i their waste in the Kolemazoo River. A meeting wes then held with the poper midis jin regard to obtaining the secondary treatment. After a serien of meetings th mills decided that they would get their secondary treatment from the Citys A res secondary plent is now under construction st the primary plant on Potterso: t and that 1] the urste from the mille, city and township will continue do ome into there plents for treatment. He further stated thet to toke care of dhe ste from the mille, thie treatment consist of on areation procedure there the air is tekon out of the water ond the cludge is then removed to the settling tank |After e period of dorpterinr, there solids ill be trucked into ® deposit sree ir. Swets then shoved a map of the present primary aré secondary plants ond aldo ithe aren where the lagoons and the drying beds would te instolied. The weete jwould be pumped to this area ond then a dewatering procers vill begin. He als stated thet there vould be very 1ittle szepage into the ground due to the clay like meteriele. if’ ra period of drying the sludge material will then be | moved into the ares couth of Chartes Avenue and deposited there. He also statda thot the City is receiving about 8 million gallons of sewage at the present time aud that when they receive the waste from the mills it would received lazyroximately 20 million gallons a day. Question vas then acked from the @ —aesence’sn Seemed to odore~ tr. Seevs atered grat” the sro ee een. oa te yhe also stated that this operation requires a certain type of ground and that f jthe City had reviewed 2 areas, one in Cooper Township where they were stopped ey zoning and the other was the ast Michigan Avenue and Charles Avenue ereas auestion then was axked about e rubbich duzp site. Suervisor Rose then seated thot legislature recently passed a law pertaining to municipal dumps, that under the rrovision of this law there will be very fen places where & dump site can be opereted due to conditions and limitations as set forth. He further stated thot during the last ten years people been using the south side of Shorles Avenue for dumping purroses. He also cited the Nazareth Road dump, ot was used for dumping purposes, that it was strictly 2 lond fill dump with re~ structions on garbage and burning. He also stated thet this dump would be use. by Tomnsh3p and City residents only ond that no commercial dumping nould be allowed. Questions vas then asked, how long would it take te fill this area b: jusing a land fil] policy. Hr. Swets stated that he believed it would be in jexce"s of 20 years. Question was then asked why a11 of the paper companies ca not participate. Mr, Swete stated thet the Allied Faper Company have agre te take care of their onn noste and that they purposed to meet the requirement, I from the State ‘ater Resource Commission. Quectiontws asked why all the paper ‘mills don't take care of their waste the sare ray. Mr, Swets stated that the emount of water that can te put in the Kalamezoo River is done under en jallocation basis set up by the State ter Resource Commission. Question wes ijthen erked, will there by any odors, what ruarantee can you give in regerd to jno odors. Mr. Swets stated that in'all types of ground there is a certnin Jlodor, tut after the treatment the city would take the necessary measures to arrest =11 odors, that there sre certrin chemicals used to arrest the odors, [auestion sus then asked, is there an identical Plant in this ares where people [29n see this type of operation. Mr. Swet& stated thet there are no tho identi jplants as each one has a different materials to cope with, he further stated fie a committee from the Township Board did ro to Downington, Pennyslvania where a paper mill company is using an sctivating process and after reviewing and inspecting the area there was very little odor noticeable. Attorney Mrs. Frieda ‘ashburn then introduced hereself ac representinr a group of Sastwood residents. Attorney Vashburn then seked Mr. Svete whon these by-producte ere | | removed, is it dry. Mr. Suets stated that it would be moist, Attorney VWash- || burn then asked Mr. Suets how close would thie be to a residential district. Mr. Swets ropled t'at he did not auke any measurenente, Attorney lecttng i i asked, is the clay completely contaminated and vhere will the water fo, what | harpens to the springs. Mr. Snots stated thot aprings will open up st’ some i otter place and that the water would run off into the river, Attorney Veshbudn then read an article from a magazine, siad article stating in part; come otatde have outlawed landfill dumps and inceneeators and thet land fill is only good | for three years. Supervisor Rose then stated that formally dumping could be | done vy just backing up the bank and unloading, but the legislature has ruied | j thet it aust be done on a layer basis and be covered by fill dirt. He also. | | stated that o11 incenerators must meet the State regulations, that there will || be no burning at this site os this is prohibited b” Township Ordinance. Attorney Veshburn then asked Supervisor Rose what the purpose of this meeting. Super | e@ "igor Rose stated that Township Roard had reviewed the situation eince June, | 1965, ond thet whenever any probelms come before the Township Roard a hearing jis held to inform the people. Attorney eshburn then stated that the City would | have to acquire 91] of the property under paregraph 15 of the agreement. Attorney Washburn then asked about the zoning, steting that there are tue | ciossifications of zoning in this area. One is a "DY Commercial Industrial District and on "5" Industrie? District, she then asked can the "D" Commercia | zoning be used for thie purpose. Township Attorney Bauckham then etated thet under Section 8 of the Tornehip Zoning Ordinance it eustee thet Chie ferare e intended to plece undue restrictions upon public utilities, he aleo steted that this lend could be put up for re-zoning. He further stoted that he vould recommend thnt the Board adjourn this meeting. Surervisor Tore then asked the audience if they cored to adjourn. Attordey Yeshburn ‘ier stated that she sti] had a fen questions to ask. Supervisor j Roce thon granted her request. She then asked if certein funds from the i fgrmahin could be expended toward this operation. Supervisor Rose stated thot, if this land would be used as o rubbish dump the Tounship would be required to maintain part of it as this would be a lend £411 operation therefore it would require personnel and equipment to cover the debris. He then ouggested thot j another public meeting be held to review this situation. Attorney tsshburn then submitted a number of petitions containing approximately 896 signatures | objecting to the use of this area for a water pollution control by-products | Solid area. Question vas then asked can the City go ahead vith this project | without the consent of the ™ «ship, Attorney Bauckham stated that it they | do not have to cross other streets they cen go ahead us the "E" Zoning permit | it, he alco stated that he rendered an opinion to the Board juet prior to thi: | meeting recommending that the Township Board not to sign this agreement. Mr | Richer Stoher then stoted that tho Saat Side Community House is available for | |e further meeting tonight, that the residents could meet there for organizing | e@ | and further disucssion. He also asked if the Bestwood residents would be { | aptified of the next meeting regarding this matter. Supervisor Rose stated | | thot 2 meeting vould be set up within a three week period and that it would | be announced in the paper ar Phere being no furtier discussio | the Boord then proceeded to take care of its regular monthly business. on the i MINUTES OF FORMSR 3E7ING APPROVED AS _ERITTEN | ' Motion made by Trustee Thnll supported by Trustee Togner to approve the | e minutes of the last reguler Bourd meeting as written. Motion carried. | j TOVNSHIT TO FAY UNIFORM EXPENSE OF SGT. RYBENGA i Next, Folice Conmissioner Obreiter stated that at the lest Sxecutive | meeting of the Tonnshp Foard he made a request thet police officer John |, Rysenra should be entitled to uniform maintenace even thourh that he works in | plain clothes. Arter » period of discussion, motion waa mode by Trustee | | Wagner supported by Trustee Obreiter to poy Officer Rysenca the allocated | money for clothing maintenance. Motion carried. i 2. 02013 VERR_AFTARED paroRs near a | i Next, Mr. Merle Vebb, President of the ‘estwood Little League appeored | before the Hoard. Mr. Lebb then asked if the moterials that were submitted | by letter this spring for the Yestwood Little League. Supervisor Rose ine formed him that the request for the materials were approved and that the Town ship would toke core of ordering same. MR. ALLAN TYLER ATFEARED BEFORE BOARD Next, Mr. Allan Tyler, 918 Cooper Avenue appeared before the Board in be talf of the Znstwood Little League. Tyler then asked if the Sastwood | Tittle League could hold @ parade on Saturday, June 4, 1966, and aleo neve ond Binesennsmsnsensmmmennermsmenenrseres ce NE NED EE oV SPECIAL MEETING dane 2, 19 A Special Meeting of the Kalamazoo Township Board was held on Thureday, June 2, 1966, at 2:00 o'clock P.M., at the Kalomazoo Township Hall, 1720 River- view Drive with Supervisor James H. Rose presiding. The purpose of the meeting seucs the int prere aree and ot! businers. age dicpese? TOKNSHIE ATTORNSY BAUCKHAK TO DRAFT AGREEMENT: R. MILLER PROPSRYY The first item of business to come before the meeting was a6 follows: Township Attorney Bauckhom csated that he had contacted Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Miller 3002 Lake Street in regard to the purchosing of some of their property which is adjacent to the Lakewood Fire Derartment. He stated that the Millers do not have en abstract of this property, therefore, he advised that the Township get Title Insurance on this property. After a short period of discussion it was agreed upon to have Attorney Bauckhom get the Title Insurance, FIRE TRUCK 70 BE STATIONSD AT FAIR GROUNDS Next, Supervisor Pose stated that he had received a request from the Kalamazoo County Fair Boord, seid request being that they would like to have one of the Tounship fire trucks stationed in a tent on the west side of the Fair Grounds. After @ period of discussion it was agreed that this request be gronted to be worked out "ith the Lakewood Fire Department and Fire Commissioner Gernaat. BY-FRODUCTS SOLIDS AREA DISCUSSED Next, Township Attorney Rauckham informed the Board that the proposed By-Froducts Solids hres located in the Schippers Lane area which the City of Kalamazoo proposes to use for this purpose has been reviewed by him. He further stated that the area is zoned "E" Industrial District can be used for this purpose. He questioned whether the City could go ahead and uee the "D Commercial and Industriel District for this use. He then cited several cases in the State of Michigan where the courts upheld the cities as being governmente: unit, therefore they were allowed to violote the Township Zoning Ordinances. He elso stated thet under the Home Rule Act, cities cen condemn properties outside of their jurisdiction for public utilities uses. He then reviewed the "D" Commercial and Industriel District uses and stated that under "Item 21" thet dumping grounds for wastes, paper, refuse, cans, bottles and/or garbage sha°l not be permitted upon any premises within the "D" Commereiol ind Industrial District. He also stated that under "Non-Conformung Use" it states, "it is not the purpose of this zoning ordinance to place undue restrictions upon public utilities", he further stated that the Township Board could make a request to re~zoné this property from "D" Commercial and Industriel to an vo" Industrial District or that the City could take court action and get a declareatory judgem 1, Supervisor Rose stated that the paper mille are now under contract with the City of Kalamazoo in regard to their sewage dispocal, he alco stated that the paper mille in Kalamazoo Township could annex to the © ity of Kalamazoo without any great difficulty and the Township could lose a large amount of tax base. After a period of more disucssion it was decided that Supervisor Rose and Township Attorney Bauckham get in touch with City Manager Slliott, State Health Department, State Vater Resource Committee in regard to control of oder, nuisance, dust, or noise as specified in the "D" Sonmerdial and Industrial’ zoning. There being no further business to come before the Roard, the Supervicor declared the meeting adjourned. Members present: Members absent: dames H. Rose Donald Obreiter Garrett Gernaat Pierson J. Baker Donald Yagner Donald Thal] Respectfully submitted, Deonard VandenBerg y Gllettbleasgdt arrett Gernaat, Clerk SPECIAL COMPINSD MEETING dune 9, 19 A Special Combined Meeting of the Kalamazoo Township Board and the Eastwood Citizer Committee was held on Tuesday, June 9, 1966, at 7:00 otclock F.M., at the Kalomezoo Township Hall, 1720 Riverview Drive with Supervisor James H. Rose’ presiding. Supervisor Roce then stated that he had received a request from Mr. Jobn Strandt, Chairman of the Erstwood Citizens Committee to hold a combined meeting with the Township Boord to discuss and review the By-Products Solids Area in the Schippers Lane Areo. A generel discussion was held betueen the Committee and members of the Township Boerd in regard to the disposal of residential refuse, and sludre from the sewer treatment and how this would ke covered ty a land £412 process. The Board and the committee then reviewed the contour maps of the area and discussed the construction and layouts of the lagoons. Mr. John Strand then gave a report of the members who went to Dowington, Penasylvania and inspected an operetion which the City of Kalamazoo stated will be some what comperable to their operation. He stated that they had contacted several residente living in this area that they contacted the City Health Depart- ment and also made ceveral tape recordings of 011 of their conversations in regard to this oreration. He further stated that the odors that were emanating from this operation were very strong, inasmuch ihat tie C ity Health Department were called in almost daily to investigate this matter. He 11so et-ted that he had talked with the County Engineer about the possiblity of arresting these odors, and wes informed by the Engineer that they had been using lime and now were using chloride for treetment of odors but were not very successful. He also stated that the area where the sludge was being depositied that there was also an odor problem there, Township Board members, Thall, Wegner and Gernaat then stated their findings at the same plant which they visited on October 20, 1965, end which they found no odors other than the normal odor that can be noticed at any paper mill. They re- ported that they had reviewed and inspected the entire operation from the beginning of the treatment to the area where the sludge was being stored and that the temperature thet day was about 75° and found that no odors were emanating from the sludge deposit ares. Supervisor Rose then explained the rresent sewage cost to all industries locoted in the Toenship thet ere now using this service. He also stated thac there is a possibility thet the industries useing the sener service could very easily become a part of the City of Kalamazoo by annexation. General discussion was then held in regard to whether the homes in this area would depreciate in value, whether the citizens could stop this orer tion, whet controls the State Department of Health would impose on this type of operation. Township Attorney Bauckhem then stated that the Township does contrcl zoning under its Zoning Ordinance. He also stated that public utilities are not controlled by zoning and cited several court cases in the State of Michigan. He also stated that the City may hove vested rights 28 tho~ have obtained options on most of the properties involved. He also stated the: all roads in the Township are under the jurisdiction of the Kalamazoo County Road Conmission, that the Township Board did sign a sewer agreement with the City of Kalamazoo, that under the terms of the agreement the Township also agreed to assist in securing approval of disposal sites and other facilities which may have to be located in areas controlled by other local governmental units or entities. He further stated the municipalities are not bound by zoning and legally can operate in an area even if the zoning would not permit it. After another period of discussion, the 7 ovnship Board agreed not to take any formal action regarding the signing of an agi : second regular Board meeting in June, 1966, A discussion then was held in regard to the committee asking that the City hold up eny construction in this ares and try to find another location. There being no further business to come before the meeting, the Supervisor « clared the meeting adjourned. Zastwood Citizens Committee Presnet: Members present: Rose Jemes Be Kenneth Meyers Garrett Gernaat John G. Ceru Donald “agner Norma Dunhom Leonard VendenBerg Donald Obreiter Hadelyn R. Beutchin Attorney Freda V. Washburn Donald Thal1 John Strand Attorney J. H. Bauckham Anthony R. Oswianey Absent: Pierson J, Reker Respectfully submitted, ldo 7 Leavin Garrett Gernaat, Clerk EXECUTIVE MEETING June 27, 1966 An executive meeting of the Kalamazoo Township Board was held on Monday, June 27, 1966, at 3:30 P.M., at the Kalamazoo Township Hall, 1720 Riverview Drive, with Supervisor James H, Rose presiding, area and the zoning matters that were on the agenda for the regular Township board meeting which will be held at 7:00 o'clock P.M, Supervisor Rose stated that Township Attorney Jack Bauckham and himself had met with City Manager Clarence Slliott this morning. Attorney Fauckham stated thet the City wes not going to change its plans and look for another site for their by-products solid area but are going to use the Schippers Lane area. He further stated that they have options on about 75% of the land at this time, He further steted that Mr. Elliott informed them that they were considering to annex this area to the City if it became necessary. Attorney Bauckhom further stated that he hed sugested to Mr, Elliott that the City thot there are still petitions on fale at the County Clerk's office for the Township of Kalamazoo to incorporate as a “ity. He further stated that these petitions had been filed in 1962 and would have to investigste if they are still valid, A period of general discussion wos then held in regard to thie matter. The next item of business to come before the Board wos to review the Proposed zoning request that the Board would decide upon at its regular board meeting. A period of discussion was then held in regard to the various re- quests. Next Trustee VandenBerg stated that his committee had met with Mr. Max Howard end his attorney in regard to the purchasing of property at the SE | corner of Alamo Avenue and Nichols Road. He stated that Mr. Howard ae con- templating the building of a shoring center, multiple dwellings and offices on part of this reves? of property. He also stated tha: Mr. Howard stated that the price on the corner which would consist of eight (8) lots mould vary || from $40,000.00 to 0 depending on the rezoning of this property. Trustee VandenZerg then stated to the Board that he told Mr. Howard and his attorne that neither his committee or the Township Boord would ever obligate itself to any propositions or persons inasmuch as there is no guarant>e on any re~ zoning requests. After a period of disucssion it was decided that Trustee | VondenRerg contact Mr, Howard and make an offer of $25,000.00 for the varcel | of erouna. There being no further business to cone before the meeting, the Superviso declered the meeting adjourned. | Members presen Members absent: | dames #. Pose Dousld Thali Garrett Gernaat | Pierson J. Baker | Donald ‘gner i Donald Ooreiter | Leonard VendenBerg Respectfully submitted, i | Garrett Gernsat, Clerk The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the sewage Schippers Lane Dispos}l take the Tornship to court and get a decluretory judgement. He further stated! | | | | i | 4 | | | I | i | | i 4 SE SSS a 3615 July 11, 1966 cussion, motion wade by Trustee Obreiter supported by Treasurer Boker to | 2PFrove this agreement ond authorize Supervisor and Clerk to sign same. Moticl carried. ARCHITECT FOR LAKSYCOD FIRS ADDITION Al PROVED Next, Supervisor Hose reported to the Foard that he had contacted Mr. Feter DeVoe, Architect in regard to building an addition to the Lekewood Fire Department. He further stated that he would 1ikc to have Chief Rae and Fire Commiveioner Gernsat meet 1th Hr, DeVos ana ,eview the ground ond make the nece:sery plans for the addition. , RADAR RINOAL AGRIZM_AT VITH ROCs TO: NENTY AYTROVED Next, Commissioner Obreiter submitted copice of the proposed Radar Rentall Agreement betueen Xalanazoo Tounship and Ross Tounship. After @ period of diel TOUNSH?) ATPORNSY BAUGKHAK RATORTS ON ANEULANCE S2RVICE Next, Tounship Attorney Bauckham reported to the Board in regard to requdkt mode by the Tounship Roard in regard to collection of fees for ambulance cell, He stated that under the Statute, Townshi;s can operrte an ambulance service, He algo stated thot the Sity has an agreement sith the County, whereby they Fay $6.00 per coll, if it is requested by the Ambulance company and then turnd gver fo an Collection Agency. After a pericd of discussion, motion mace by Trustee Obreiter supported by Treasurer Poker to have Attorney Bouckham draw ur a contract to stipulate a $6.00 fee to be paid by the Tounship ana to revi the feasibility of licensing the embulonce company. Mobn carried. «JOHN STRIND ATT ORS THE ROARD Hext, Mrs John Strand, 3153 Crsper Street appeared before the Boerd and stated that 2 Tublic Meeting of the Srstside Citirans Comittee was held last Thursday in regard to the Schippers Lane proposed by-products disposal area. He steted that 2 mandate w-s teken by the residents to hire leral counsel to Travent the Sity of Kelazazoo from operating in this area. He then asked Khethor the Townshi: Ro-rd could permit their attorney to contact Township it torney Pouckhan at Township coat. He also asked whether it vould be possib: to have the Township become a yart of this legel action. Suyervicor Rose ou recormended thet Attorney Beuckham revicr these requests and report back to t! Boerd at its next repular meetin. Attorney Beuckham then stated that the Board sould hive to decide now whether they wanted him to confer with the oth attorneys, After n yeriod of disucssion it vas decided tht Attorney Bauckhadl could confer with the ottorney's if so requested to bring them up to date on the background of this action taken by the City of Kalamazoo, SUPERVISOR ROCHE ANNOUNCED THAT HE VILL NOT £3EK RO-3LECTION Next, Supervic: ose reported to the Board that he will not seek re-eledt- ion es Suyervisor ‘oy Kalamazoo Township at the Frimary lection. There being no further business to come before the Board, the Supervisor declared the meeting adjourned. Vembers present: Janes Il. Rose Garrett Corneat Pierson J, Baker Donald Obreiter 5 Donald Tholl Leonard VendenBerg Respectfully submitted, Garrett ee t, Clerk July 25, 1966 Se em notified that lawsuits had been filed against the Township lost week, He further stated that filing the suits vere, Siles F. and Herold Albert and Devid Satin recarding tand in "Grerory Fark", the other suit wes filed by penrett wg, Test ond Rovt Dlun reparding property loonted at the couth end of f I Prone? Street. After a period of disaussion, motion made by Trustee That? | suyrorted by Trustee YandenBerg to euthorize Attorney Rouckhom to anewer thes j compleints snd to defend the Tounchi. on there matters. Motion carried. APDODKEY P*UKHGN OTFOPTE ON ARTHUR NID GR TROT IRTY | Next, ittorney Pouekkaw reported to the Pourd thit the recent purchose o | rroverty from Arthur and ae Yller located on Leke Street adjacent to the wood Tire Nerertment has been completed, Attorney Pouckhem also stated thot tro Fubtsc Hearings vere held Inet week, one Houring ne hold reeredieg | the tentvond ronine and one rerrréing iretrood zoning, thet the Zonine feord 4 ns to reet this week for tl revies rnd recemmendations, Tf ” essre. John Teru, Les Dosco end John Strand appeared before the Bdbr Hovld Kelonazco Tounshs; join Jecal forces with its sasteide reci dere zenvence the ity of Kalarazco to locate the ly-produete lagoons s: loc=tion. Attorney nuckker stated thet the Tounthip could initia 2 luusuit nprinet the Tity, however, the outcome is diffieult to predict and oy it eould heve's Ueller vince vo be euccessinl $f the ed to overthrow its contract with the City to provide senece servi rhehi; residents, he further steted thet he vould question the propriety | of uch a nove, af to torked to Hord te got the contracts eerie oer surrert your cause but we cannot allo# our attorney to enter inct the ity, that the Board is oleo representing about 20,000 ovnshi: residents and thet the Township Roord dould like to ret a’ bett. contrnet vith more controls. Attorney Pouckham then asked the question, “rou: | you went the Tornship Foard to negoiate for a new agreement?", no response. v.45 Dosea then asked whet would heppen if the Township would terminate thd | (“were contract ond alco stated that the State Health Depertment is concerned | about this tyre of an oyeration. Attorney Reuckham stated that the Township | Gould have to terminate its sewer contract if it vou}d enter into 1i tigation. strted thet the Tornshir Board is concerned because of the foct that not czpn the agreement. Hr, Pussell Doney then arked if the 280 nt complex at t*2 end of “olgrove roul3 be serviced with city sew Treasurer P-kor stated that they are coinc ‘0 usv the city serer, have alre:¢ n provided for this service by the apartment bulld vs John Strand then stated thet the 7 stside Citizene croup wanted the rarvi of ‘*torney *-uckh-m in their fight apeins the City. Supervisor Pose then stat ttorney “-uc : is hired by tus Toxnchip on a fee tasia and the Posrd crrines bow ruch money should te rpent on ler#1 problems, He further stat at if the croup wanted to hire Er. Pouckhar's lecrl firm to rerresent them, © not @ toord decision but Attorney Pouckhoms, Motion wes then ade by rer Yekor curported by Tristee Thol] to have Toxnehir Kttorney Pauckham ue to confer vith the citizens group ond give them information regardin| fe Ponine ordinance sewer erreement but not to enter into a suit apoinst the Motion carried. other Bn i Hext, Fr. Froystrook apperred refore the Ronrd ond complained about the | livestock thet wis teing kert ty hie neightor. He alco stated that the Build | Sor Inrpector td o jot izpounded but that the coat uns now tack arsine c furerviror Tece stated that the onner has been cited to erpeor jn court and thit this matter rould be token care of. ER, FRID TORK UIST A215 RED RIFO™S ROERD Next, ry Dred Tornguist appeared before the Foard and asked why tne Tow: | ship had rented out the folding machine to a city business man. Supervisor Rdbe i stuted that the Tounshiy has otned this machine for a number of years, thet 4 Ses used by the Tornchiy approximately once a yenr to fold tax stuffers that | the company hed acreed to take care of oll the mointenance on the machine, thd | the Tounckiy ss prying approximately $40,00 0 year for a raintenance contrac nd Uiek 921 of the TounshSp felding needs would he done at no charge to the i) te . ifter 9 period of discussion, motion made by Trustee Obrei ter i i cuyported by Trustee \npner to terminate the agreement for the rentel of the folding machine. Motion earried. I BIDS FOR SWE or axsp Next, the Slerk reported to the Roard thet the Younshir had advertised || for bids on the following equirment. Onen1965 Chev. dump truck with under | Ronth scraper. Onew1955 GHC dump truck with underneath scraper. One=snder, One-municipal van truck, one-Nichigan truck crane, one-1955 ford tractor with front end loader, one-two wheel trailer, After 1] his vere opened and recorded Supervisor Rose recommended thot Trustee Thol] and Clerk Gerneat