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Dear Campus Community:

I have heard your concerns about the climate at The College at Brockport. I recognize that several past
attempts to bring about a more inclusive and diverse environment at the college have resulted in
missteps by me. I am committing to our entire campus community that structural changes in campus
policies and practices will begin as of today and include, but are not limited to, the following:

Action 1:
Bringing an experienced SUNY CDO to campus on special assignment from Chancellor Johnson, effective
immediately. Dr. Rodmon King is the CDO for SUNY Oswego, and he will advise me and work with my
leadership team to assess and address the serious challenges and longstanding concerns about the
climate on campus. Dr. King will join Dr. Acker and will have full decision-making authority to implement
needed changes in increasing diversity and inclusion on campus.

Action 2:
Revamping the current and failed bias reporting mechanism and replace it with an accessible and
efficient reporting structure that will hold accountable the leadership in charge of that operation. This
action is needed to rebuild confidence among students, faculty, and staff.

Action 3:
Requiring Brockport’s leadership team, key faculty and staff leaders (e.g., deans and department chairs,
AVPs, and directors) to undergo immediate training on implicit bias, institutional racism, and structural
inequality from skilled diversity trainers.

Action 4:
Undertaking an immediate and thorough review of the demographics and diversity representation of
every department, particularly those departments that directly serve students, to identify which units
have little or no racial/ethnic diversity, and devise a plan to eliminate these “diversity deserts.”

Action 5:
Committing to hold additional community conversations at designated areas around campus with
students, faculty, and staff of color to hear issues and concerns that need to be resolved. I will go to
them to engage in conversation necessary to change the campus culture.

Dr. King has been designated with the authority to implemented these actions and report on the
progress to the SUNY Chancellor by April 30.

These actions are the direct result of feedback and needs I have heard from students, faculty, and staff
on campus. These actions are just the beginning, and I will continue to do everything in my power to
help rebuild what has been broken on campus. I have repeatedly heard from our community that they
expect our leadership to be courageous, and I humbly report to you that courage begins with me today.

Yours sincerely,

President Macpherson