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Energy Security and Climate Change

A Foundation Course in Human Values and Professional Ethics
Presenting a universal approach to value education – through self-exploration

Mr. Shahi has written an extremely useful book on energy security. Having held important positions in the private and public sectors, he has a deep understanding of the problems of the energy sector both at the policy and operational levels. Infrastructure is a key factor in the development process. Within infrastructure, the energy sector occupies an important place. Shahi offers a number of suggestions for improving the energy availability in our country. The book is comprehensive in as much as it deals with every form of energy, conventional and non-conventional. Shahi is deeply committed to reform the power sector and shows how the reform agenda can be taken forward. For anyone wanting to understand the Indian energy scene, Shahi’s book is an invaluable guide. Dr. C Rangarajan, Chairman, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council “Mr. Shahi’s book on Energy Security and Climate Change covers an extensive range of subjects that have major implications for the security of energy supply in India and the combined challenge of dealing with climate change both nationally and internationally. With his knowledge and experience, I am sure the book would provide useful information and knowledge for its readers.” R.K. Pachauri, Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) & Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) The book, Energy Security and Climate Change, by R.V. Shahi, is a fascinating review, a journal of the main issues concerning energy in India over the past two years. The reader will find facts, opinions of key players, and a synthesis of the author’s views on this essential issue. It is written in lively, direct language, allowing easy reading. It is particularly interesting for foreign readers because it allows the reader to understand India’s complexity. First, India must reconcile improvement of the material well-being of the poor which make up a large part of its population with a responsible attitude toward the environment. Second, India’s status as the world’s largest democracy, also poses a huge challenge of governance taking into account both federal policies and a variety of state policies. Because of the great interest of this book, it is to be hoped that the author will not stop here but will go on to cover further developments and address some issues not in the scope of this work, for example, the health effects of fossil fuel use, especially coal combustion, and decision-making on deployment of different power technologies—wind, solar, nuclear, coal with and without carbon capture and storage—when funding is the limiting factor. Dr C Pierre Zaleski, Executive Director, Centre of Geopolitics of Energy and Raw Materials, University Paris Dauphine
2009 / 736 Pages / HB / Rs. 695 ISBN: 978-81-7446-741-6 / 71/4x91/2

This textbook, designed for a foundation course on Human Values and Professional Ethics, is an outcome of the long-drawn search, visualization and extensive experimentation by the authors and their colleagues towards evolving an effective and universally acceptable methodology for introducing value education in the present curricula of technical and other professional institutions. Thus, it is in response to a long-felt and urgent need to integrate value education with professional skills in the present-day education system. A unique methodology focusing on the right understanding of the human reality vis-à-vis rest of existence has been systematically presented. This involves the discovery of the inherent harmony and co-existence in the existence through self-exploration, forming the basis of universal human values and facilitating transformation towards a holistic world-view or the ‘human consciousness’. The book is presented in three main sections, namely: Introduction to Value Education Understanding the Harmony at various Levels Implications of the Right Understanding in Life and Profession. Unlike the conventional treatment, the issues in Professional Ethics are analyzed in the context of right understanding with the main focus on the development of Ethical Competence in the individuals. The book concludes by proposing several salient steps to undertake the journey towards holistic and value-based living.
SALIENT FEATURES: The unique features of this book are: It presents a universal approach to value education by developing the right understanding of reality through the process of self-exploration. The whole course is presented in the form of a dialogue, whereby a set of proposals about various aspects of the reality are presented and the students are encouraged to self-explore and self-verify these on the basis of their natural acceptance and experiential validation. The prime focus throughout the book is towards affecting a qualitative change in the consciousness of the reader, a change in the world-view rather than on mere information transfer. While introducing the alternative holistic world-view and its implications, a critical appraisal of the consequences of the prevailing world-view is also made to enable the students to discern the difference in their own right. The style of presentation is kept simple and student-friendly with ample repetitions to bring home the core concepts. Each chapter ends with a summary and selective review questions to facilitate understanding. A model course syllabus along with exercises and guidelines for practice sessions is given in the appendix and a glossary for key terms is also appended. A Teacher’s Manual for this course is also available. This innovative book along with the Teacher’s Manual will go a long way in facilitating the introduction of value education inputs in the professional institutions, technical universities and other institutions of higher learning.

Instructor Manual Available
2009 / 282 Pages / PB / Rs. 175 ISBN: 978-81-7446-781-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK


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Core Sector Management for Global Competitiveness

Restructuring Public Enterprises in Andhra Pradesh
2010 / 188 Pages / PB / Rs. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-849-9 / 71/4x91/2

This book is a collection of twenty nine edited articles resulting from the deliberations during the two-day national seminar held at the Department of Management Studies, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, on 20th and 21st February, 2009. The seminar was based on the topic of “Core Sector Management for Global Competitiveness”. These research papers/articles have been contributed by the management experts, policy makers, professional managers, and academicians addressing various core sector management issues and challenges. This compilation provides a clear understanding of how to continue streamlining current operations, transforming the business processes and in some cases, changing organization cultures to meet the goals of improved service levels and productivity. It has been hoped that the rich content of this edited volume will be fruitfully used by the management professionals, researchers, academicians and students as an effective reference material to meet their requirements.
2010 / 304 Pages / PB / Rs. 495 ISBN: 978-81-7446-832-1 / 71/4x91/2

IPE in the Early Years

PE Boards in India
Challenges of 21st Century

2010 / 64 Pages / PB / Rs. 125 ISBN: 978-81-7446-851-2 / 71/4x91/2

This book elaborates the story of the Institute of Public Enterprise in its first decade. It commences with its establishment and traces its difficult but dedicated path of development. The rationale of an "early" story, such as this, springs from the figurative sentence that 'Child is the father of man'. Therefore, it is important and at the same time essential for the present generation to know what the beginnings of this institution were and how it persevered steadily while sticking to its objectives right through.

Dictionary of Management

The Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, has set up a Centre on Corporate Governance in Public Enterprises with the support of the National Foundation of Corporate Governance. The Centre is specializing on boardrelated issues in Corporate Governance in Public Enterprises. As a part of its research activities, the Centre has undertaken research on various aspects of the functioning of the public enterprise boards. The present book shares the findings of this research. This book would prove to be useful to those specializing in Corporate Governance, Corporate Management, Corporate Disclosure, Public Enterprise Management and Globalization.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: Board Dynamics in Public Enterprises: Challenges Ahead / Transforming Navaratna and Miniratna PE Boards: A Critical Analysis / Public Enterprise Boards in India / Board of Directors – International Scenario / Corporate Governance in Public Enterprises: A New Framework / Corporate Governance and Public Enterprise Boards / Role of Chairmen and Managing Directors in SLPEs: Discussion / Processed Data on PE Boards in 21st Century: Challenges Ahead / Government and Public Enterprises: The Top Management and the Boards

2010 / 178 Pages / PB / Rs. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-850-5 / 71/4x91/2


2010 / 430 Pages / PB / Rs. 300 ISBN: 978-81-7446-854-3 / 51/2x81/2

This Dictionary of Management has been compiled and edited to include most of the commonly used management terms, which any management student is likely to come across in his every day work. The entries cover virtually all branches of management—personnel, training, production, marketing, financing, accounting, administration as well as industrial relations, social and economic environment in which management operates. Considerable cross-referencing throughout will help the user to explore inter-related subjects in greater depth. Entries included in this Dictionary have been written in a lucid style to provide both straightforward definitions and invaluable background information. This Dictionary will be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate management students, administrators, business managers, bank managers, engineers and journalists. This Dictionary would also prove to be an invaluable reference guide for the informed laymen with a professional interest in the subject. This Dictionary will be a useful and handy addition to any library to help the reader/ student to locate, identify and expound day-to-day terminology in its proper context.

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Globalising Public Enterprises

Skill Development Programmes
Under Special Employment Schemes in Andhra Pradesh

Globalisation is in India to stay. India's public sector is the mainstay of its economy. Public enterprises form core of the economy. They comprise navratnas, miniratnas, profit-making and financially unviable enterprises. The Government of India is actively considering a proposal of upgrading some Navratna public enterprises as 'Maharatnas'. This is in conformity with the international innovations. The present volume is an attempt to study the transformation of India's public enterprises from Kautilya's period to the post-independence era extending to the 11th plan period. The present day public enterprises in India are not only socially strong but also economically viable and internationally competitive. However, in order to qualify as an entity and to be a part of the global economy, public enterprises have undergone radical transformations. The present volume incorporates the research undertaken in this area and the lessons for public enterprises for their continuous transformation to be relevant forever. It is hoped that this volume will fill the void in respect of public enterprises' response to globalization and will prove useful to policymakers, researchers, practitioners of public enterprises and international community, engaged in studying the dynamics of competitiveness of the Indian economy.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: Public Enterprise in Kautilya’s Arthashastra: Relevance in the Present Context / Public Enterprise Management: Extending Theory to Practice / Some Dimensions of Public Enterprise Research in India / Central Public Sector Enterprises Today / Public Enterprises in India: Problems and Prospects / Financial Administration of PEs / Financial Management in Public Enterprises: Some Issues and Concerns / Methods of Privatization: The Indian Case / Social Safety Net Programme in the Central and the State Level Public Enterprises: An Antidote to Privatization Retarding Regional Development in India / Performance Improvement after Privatization in Indian Public Sectors — A Panel Data Approach
2010 / 204 Pages / PB / Rs. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-852-9 / 71/4x91/2

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Special Employment Schemes : Past and Present / Special Employment Schemes—An Overview / Training Activity in the Selected Districts / Current Status of Employment of the Ex-trainees / To Train or not to Train / Skill Development Programmes : Some Suggestions / Special Employment Programme – East Godavari District / Special Employment Programme in East Godavari District – An Overview / Organization of Training / Follow-up of the Trained Candidates and the Current Status of Employment of the Ex-Trainees / Special Employment Programme – Cuddapah District / Special Employment Programme in Cuddapah District – An Overview / Organization of Training / Special Employment Programmes – Khammam District / Special Employment Programme in Khammam District – An Overview / Organization of Training / SETKHAM Records Training to Unemployed Candidates
2010 / 164 Pages / PB / Rs. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-853-6 / 71/4x91/2

Innovation and Adaptability
Twin Engines of Sustained Growth

The modern world is characterized by increasing complexity, uncertainty and change. Organizations are faced with increasing pressures to perform and compete at a global scale. Today, the growth of an organisation depends not only on its products or services but also on what it knows and how it innovates. The survival of modern businesses depends on their capacity to innovate. To accommodate new customer expectations, market conditions, or competitive challenges, adaptable processes are required to support an agile business model. Innovativeness is a function of adaptability and adaptability is a function of technology, market and organization. Contributing to the development of new technologies, understanding the subtle changes taking place in the market and aligning the organizational structure and strategies to these changes will ensure that the organizations remain competitive forever and grow. Talented work force is an organization’s greatest asset. Companies can take a number of different steps to ensure they are being as adaptive as they need to be to grow successfully. There is a need to learn how to build organizations that are as dynamic as change itself to mobilize the imagination of every employee. This book is a compilation of the research papers contributed by a team of academicians and researchers. It has fifty seven chapters classified into five parts: Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Applications and General Management. The research papers, included in this book, throw sufficient light on the interplay of innovation and adaptability on the most desired organizational objective— ‘sustained growth’.
2010 / 692 Pages / PB / Rs. 895 ISBN: 978-81-7446-833-8 / 71/4x91/2


it is not merely empowerment of women. Ms Mythili Bhusnurmath. D N KHURANA. 2010 / 156 Pages / PB / Rs. Economic Times 2010 / 164 Pages / PB / Rs.) It is indeed laudable that we have this forum at the Centre for Public Policy and from these discussions hopefully we are going to influence the key stakeholders or the opinion leaders. This book could be of immense help to the academicians. The concept of CSR acts as a linkage between corporate and social sectors. Nowadays. AVSM (RETD. deliberate. therefore. Former Indian Ambassador to Indonesia In its Round Table discussions. Ahmedabad. Former Economic Adviser. The presence of a large number of youngsters at these discussions is particularly welcome since they are the one to whom we are going to handover our problems. Max Healthcare I am very glad that the Centre for Public Policy is taking up such current issues now and trying to bring back to the fore. unpleasant odour and deafening noise. The book discusses in detail about indoor air problems. trade union leaders. HR. provision of drinking water. in the sense that it touches upon and highlights the modern thinking on environment while incorporating the traditional concepts. The presentations were based on opinions and viewpoints coupled with a number of anecdotes and case studies in work situation. Most certainly. The treatment of domestic sewage for improving the environment and health of the people and purification of our river systems by managing our effluents and waste water properly is mainly emphasized upon. Dr Vasantha Bharucha. The problems like global warming are more due to highly consumptive lifestyle rather than higher level of production leading to emissions. 60 years ago. business must return the cost for acceptance from society by making wellplanned. primary education. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-830-7 / 61/4x91/2 2010 / 516 Pages / PB / Rs. Therefore. CONTENTS INCLUDE: The Environment is Calling / Reiterating the Principles of Environment / Air – The Ambiance / Water – An Omen of Future / Revering our Soil / The Mysterious Marine World / The New Green Thinking / Evolving Clean and Green Processes / Clean Technologies – Opt for Apt / Inculcating Green Practices / Towards Green Life 2009 / 222 Pages / PB / Rs. This book is the product of an International Seminar organised on the topic of “Status of Corporate Social Responsibility’” at Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-837-6 / 71/4x91/2 Public Policy Contemporary Issues EDITED BY MAJ. reiterates the time tested environment principles. GOI I appreciate the fact that the Centre for Public Policy takes up very contemporary topics. health facilities are a few of the initiatives taken by them. by women and for women. the Centre for Public Policy had focussed on gender budgeting and also issues relating to the gender equality in India and policies required for it. where the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility could be discussed and critically examined. the forests as well as the industrial ecology for better utilization of waste. The book also talks about having the natural ecological systems viz. practices and importance of corporate social responsibility. at large. social and economic investment towards social cost. GEN. managers. at large. Mr Dwarkanath.general management From Gray to Green new thoughts on environment SANJIV TYAGI Status of Corporate Social Responsibility EDITED BY I S SINGH This book is one of its kinds on environment. The overall emphasis in water management is on restoring its wholesomeness. 695 ISBN: 978-81-7446-819-2 / 71/4x91/2 Managing Corporate Responsibility and Risk for Synergising Business Practices to Achieve Organizational Excellence EDITORS RAJENDRA JAIN NEHA LAKHOTIA 4 . Society and community. which could help explain the concept. It. a good number of business houses are taking interest not only in the welfare of its employees and their families but also society. Mrs Navrekha Sharma. It lays emphasis in not only bringing about changes in lifestyle but also supporting the green production and green practices. the issues and the values that we should have addressed 50. The book harps on the basic principles of environment management. Air pollution has been the most prevalent of all forms of pollution worldwide. pay heavy price for existence and growth of business. Consulting Editor. it is a national goal that the Centre is pursuing. Group Head. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-780-5 / 51/2x81/2 Corporate social responsibility means “social business viability strategy”. policy makers and the students who are associated with and interested in corporate social responsibility in our country. The seminar was designed to provide a platform. Ministry of Commerce. Adopting environment friendly technology.

With the changing external economic environment.general management Business Ethics and Corporate Governance S PRABAKARAN. Also. Kottayam / Welingkar Institute of Management. Gurgaon V SHARMA. The book has provided tools and techniques to become an entrepreneur in the 21st century. Intellectual Property Rights and Entrepreneurial Opportunity / Opportunity Sensing and Idea Generation / Incubation and Innovation / Emerging Businesses / Types of Business and Development of Business Plan / Angel Investor and Venture Capital / External Resource Generation / Product/Service and Market Development / Business Plan Evaluation / Profiles of Living Entrepreneurs / Appendices 2008 / 470 Pages / PB / Rs. technology and environmental ethics and international business ethics as pertinent to the modern day organizations. Secretary to Govt. it is the entrepreneurs who will give fillip to development. the book elaborates the relevance of ethics in human resource management and insights about ethical leadership and professional and personal ethics. Enterprises Private Limited / Larsen & Toubro Limited / Tata Steel Limited 2009 / 176 Pages / PB / Rs. Management Development Institute. Bangalore Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation A SAHAY. I am sure it will be very useful for the students of entrepreneurship and to both the aspiring as well as existing entrepreneurs. AIMA Basic Business Communication Concepts. Reorganize Challenges for India Inc. Bangalore / Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited / A. An important feature of the book is that it includes some brilliant cases to help the students analyze and grasp the realities of life. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Nature and Scope of Business Ethics / History of the Development and Utility of Business Ethics / Basics of Business Ethics / Theories of Business Ethics / Ethical Decision-making / Professional Ethics / Corporate Governance / Ethical Leadership / Corporate Social Responsibility / Personal Ethics / Marketing Ethics / Ethics in Human Resource Management / Technology Ethics / The Role of Corporate Culture in Business Ethics / Environmental Ethics / Ethical Aspects of Financial Management / International Business Ethics (Ethical Principles Governing Global Business) Ethics Training 2009 / 278 Pages / PB / Rs. Reorganize Challenges for India Inc. Adjunct faculty. Applications and Skills RAJ KUMAR CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part 1: Concepts of Communication / Introduction of Business Communication / Fundamentals of Business Communications -Nature & Process / Barriers and Gateways of Communication / Conditions for Effective Communication / Organizational Communication / Part 2: Forms of Business Communication / Written Business Communication / Business Letters & Memos / Report Writing / Oral Communication / Non-Verbal Communication / Modern Tools of Business Communication-IT. history. Professor. Ministry of Micro. Starting with the nature. development and utility of business ethics. of India. most of the chapters start with an opening case and end with a discussion case to make the reading more interesting. . Gurgaon and Faculty of Management Studies. Management Development Institute. Small and Medium Enterprises CONTENTS INCLUDE: Entrepreneurship: An Overview / Entrepreneurial Environment and Characteristics / WTO. Xavier's College / Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management 2009 / 118 Pages / PB / Rs. AIMA This collection includes papers by: International Management Institute / G L Balaji Institute of Management and Research / Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME) / SAINT GITS Institute of Management. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-782-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK This book has come out very timely.E. 240 ISBN: 978-81-8323-036-0 / 61/4x91/2 Innovate. Alliance Business Academy. Development & Research / Symbiosis Institute of International Business St.Dinesh Rai. Professor. Restructure. 350 ISBN: 978-81-8323-037-7 / 61/4x91/2 5 . Internet. Apart from this. the book brings forward the topics of corporate governance. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-607-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Innovate. Restructure.T. and E-Commerce / Part 3: Skills / Public Speaking & Presentation Skills / Negotiation Skills / Resumes / Interview Skills / Group Discussions / Reading and Listening Skills / Business Etiquette / Part 4: Relationship & Cases / Feedback and Counseling Skills / Ethics and Business Communication / Legal Aspects of Business Communication / Changing Paradigms of Business Communication / Case Study Approach and Business Cases CONTENTS INCLUDE: Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (India) Limited / Tata Consultancy Services Limited / Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited / Bosch Limited. University of Delhi This book provides a comprehensive coverage on the subject of business ethics. The book will immensely help the students to understand the relevance of business ethics in modern context. corporate social responsibility.

This is the second edition of the book ‘Change and Knowledge Management’ and this new edition is more comprehensive and authoritative. Indian economy faces many challenges in the context of globalisation. Personality. technological development and increasing pace of innovation. This book is a compilation of papers drawn from the pool of papers presented in the 1st & 2nd International Research Conference on Entrepreneurship held in November. Solved Model paper will orient the students to understand what is expected of them in the examinations and will pave the way for their good academic performance. bringing relevance to modern day managers. Management processes are sine qua non for any organization. This book will provide a good platform for dissemination of additional knowledge generated in this field for economic growth and higher productivity. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-816-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 2009 / 286 Pages / PB / Rs.. In the Organizational Behaviour area. rapid product obsolescence. New topics have been added and introduced in logical orders to make the text modular. It serves as a vehicle for the commercial introduction of new goods and services as well as opening of new markets to innovations. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the subjects Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour. 2008. respectively. 2009 / 282 Pages / PB / Rs. It also tells which things one need not to worry about. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-804-8 / 71/4x91/2 6 . it covers important topics like Individual Behaviour. 2007 & November. Current trends in Organizations have been emphasized throughout the book. Entrepreneurial environment including educational levels of local population. industry concentration and regional income growth play a significant role in entrepreneurship development. Rapid growth has been seen in entrepreneurship due to the influx of small industries and the growth of technologies like Information Technology and Biotech and new enterprises like BPOs and KPOs. Conflict Management. Emotional Intelligence. instructors and the industry at large. etc. Behavioral issues have been drawn to explain what companies and their managers do in practice. in association with Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED) & National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). the book elaborates the different functions of management and provides insights about the characteristics needed for the 21st century manager. A Good number of figures are incorporated in the book to supplement the theories which will facilitate the readers to understand the concepts easily. not only for its survival but also for its growth. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Management / Planning / Organizing / Directing and Leading / Controlling / Organizational Behaviour / Individual Behaviour / Behaviour in the Organization TEXTBOOK second edition Change and Knowledge Management R L NANDESHWAR BALAKRISHNA JAYASIMHA This book describes the theory and practice of ‘Change and Knowledge Management’. Stress Management. Much of this book is concerned with understanding what Change agents do and why. Marketing or Human Resource. An important feature of this book is that it includes Indian case-lets for enabling the students to analyse and grasp the practical side of management. etc.general management Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management An Industry Perspective R GOPAL PRADIP MANJREKAR Entrepreneurship is the central ingredient in economic growth of a country. intense competition. It helps to ask the right questions when times change and new problems need to be analyzed. Starting with the history of development of management thought. CONTENTS INCLUDE: SECTION A: CHANGE MANAGEMENT / Change / Personal Change / Organizational Change / Organizational Culture and Change / Creativity and Innovation / Case Studies / SECTION B: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT / Introduction to Knowledge Management / Essentials of Knowledge Management / Knowledge Management System Life Cycle / Futuristic Knowledge Management Instructor Manual Available 2010 / 288 Pages / PB / Rs. R&D Centres. This book will cater to the demands of the students. This book will immensely help the students to understand and internalize the modern management concepts. End-ofchapter questions will help students to reinforce their conceptual understanding of the subject. It can be used extensively as a reference book and guide for the practicing managers around the world. Entrepreneurs are the ones who make economic gains from innovative ideas and creative marketing efforts. 495 ISBN: 978-81-7446-787-4 / 71/4x91/2 Management and Behavioural Processes B JANAKIRAM VIJAY N RAO Management and Behavioural Processes are the basic principles which take different forms when applied to areas like Finance. Good theory helps to grasp what is going on in the world around. This book explains how students can use the theory to solve practical problems.

general management Management & Entrepreneurship B JANAKIRAM Management Science Decision Modeling Approach R SELVARAJ Management and Entrepreneurship are the basic principles necessary for the foundation of any commercial success. women empowerment and other areas that compel the business organizations to take an entirely new look at some ongoing and emerging issues. rural markets and consumers. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-717-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Managing in the New World Order Strategies for Sustainable Business Development EDITED BY YOGESHWARI PHATAK AJIT UPADHYAYA DEEPAK JAROLIYA Effective Call Center Training soft skills In the aftermath of the two World Wars. In the Entrepreneurship area. These challenges focus on sustaining a business and pursuing it further to the state of constant excellence. Thus. This book has been designed to meet the requirements of the students of BE. It provides a thorough and application-oriented coverage of the topic in a very lucid manner. 725 ISBN: 978-81-7446-815-4 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: The history of the industry/Opportunities and challenges in India/How a call center functions/How to handle a telemarketing call/How to satisfy different types of customers/The nuances of American English/ How to overcome communication barriers/How to build a successful team/Customer relationship management/Web-based customer support/ Windows Explorer/Outlook Express/MS-Word/ MS-Excel and/MS-PowerPoint 2001 / 220 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART-A: MANAGEMENT / Management / Planning / Organizing and Staffing / Directing and Controlling / PART-B: ENTREPRENEURSHIP / Entrepreneurship/ Small Scale Industry / Institutional Support / Preparation of Project 2009 / 262 Pages / PB / Rs. Globalization. strategies and analytical methods including mathematical modeling. SSI. Marketing or Human Resource. End-ofchapter questions will help students to reinforce their conceptual understanding of the subject. Institutional support for entrepreneurship and guidelines for preparation of the project report. a dramatic change in the world political thought was witnessed that led to the creation of international organizations such as UN. Information Technology and Marketing. the book elaborates the different functions of management. it covers important topics like characteristics of entrepreneur. An important feature of this book is that it includes good number of figures to supplement the theories which will facilitate the readers to understand the concepts easily. 2010 / 544 Pages / PB / Rs. NATO. Human Resource Management. Solved Model paper will orient the students to understand what is expected from them in the examinations and will pave the way for their good academic performance. consultants. The present book details some of these issues. The book is an attempt to provide a pool of updated knowledge on varied themes for academicians. It consists of 60 insightful papers drawn from a pool of 160 papers received for the conference. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-790-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Management Science is related with various scientific research-based principles. to maintain a balance of power as well as to regularize cooperation between nations. This book is prepared with the intention of creating interest in management science in the minds of students and to make the subject comprehensible. The chapters have been classified into four sections namely Finance. statistics and numerical algorithms to improve an organization’s ability to enact rational and meaningful management decisions. They take different forms when applied to areas like Finance. new challenges have come into play. etc. MBA & MCA courses of various Indian universities. With the advent of the new world. 200 ISBN: 81-7446-255-4 / 71/4x91/2 7 . practitioners and students. research scholars. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Operations Research / Overview of the Operations Research Modeling Approach / Solving Linear Programming Problems: The Simplex Method / Transportation Model / Assignment Problem / Queuing Theory / Inventory Control / Game Theory/ Network Analysis (PERT and CPM) / Sequencing Problems 2010 / 398 Pages / PB / Rs. This book not only looks into the challenges faced in the new world order but also addresses issues like green marketing. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the subjects—Principles of Management and Entrepreneurship. Starting with the history of development of management thought. it becomes imperative to create a different approach to management so as to apply various strategies to business for growth and development.

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Supportive Services / Forms of Supportive Services / Hospital Services-Engineering and Maintenance / Hospital Security Services 2010 / 306 Pages / PB / Rs. The presentations at the Convention dealt with various aspects of the theme in imaginative and innovative ways. like journals. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-625-9 / 61/4x91/2 2009 / 220 Pages / PB / Rs. Greater Noida Hospital Supportive Services SANGEETHA NATARAJAN Over the last few years. journals. radiology and imaging services. This book would prove to be useful for the students as well as the faculty connected with Hospital Administration subjects especially Supportive Services. from which articles. At the end of the chapters. magazines and books to give added value to the text and also to make the readers more comfortable in reading and understanding the concept in simple language. health sector has become a booming arena. rehabilitation services. blood bank services. The fourth chapter describes some of the modern developments in the field of patient care services. intensive care units. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-805-5 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Hospital supportive services refer to numerous services provided by hospitals to the patients and their families. inpatient services and ward services. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-808-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Creating Lasting Value AIMA Management Gurus P JAYARAMAN The 36th National Management Convention was organized by AIMA in association with Madras Management Association at Chennai. There has been a constant urge to gain more knowledge on patient care services. Relevant diagrams have been added from different websites to facilitate easy understanding for the students and to add value to the text. Each chapter is supported by the list of books. lab services. 2008 / 206 Pages / PB / Rs. This book covers all the aspects of core services in the hospitals. papers and related texts are referred and from which the concepts are added to the text. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction about Patient Care Services and Hospitals / Functional Areas and Functions of Hospitals / Quality Management Concepts / Modern Developments in Patient Care 2010 / 188 Pages / PB / Rs. along with the Questions and relative case studies to strengthen the context for students. quality assurance aspects. Ishan Institute of Management and Technology. detailed reference list of books. The third chapter covers quality management. journals and websites used as a reference along with relevant questions and few case studies to make the concepts crystal clear. outpatient services. accident and emergency services. models and cases have been incorporated from different sources.general management Patient Care Services and Hospitals S PORKODI. The book will serve as a tool for the students as well as health care professionals to manage and understand the various dimensions of patient care services in a better way. TQM & CQI and quality accreditations. hospital acquired infections & CSSD and billing services. A number of diagrams. websites. operation theatre. ISO-9000. nursing services. The second chapter explains the functions and functional areas of core services in hospitals such as front office services. This book attempts to explain in a simple language what are the supportive services that a hospital can provide and how well it can be managed by a Hospital Administrator. have been provided. around the following heads: Towards Customer Leadership / Towards Cost Competitiveness / Value Creation through People Power / Leading through Innovation This volume comprises the proceedings of the Convention and presents for the review of the readers the likely challenges to build and sustain competitive advantage in the globalised industry of the contemporary age. 450 ISBN: 978-81-8323-038-4 / 61/4x91/2 8 . The first chapter is about the basics of patient care services and the classification of hospitals. and the possible solutions to those challenges. The book consists of four chapters. Director.

Institute of Public Enterprises. scholars connected to comparative studies on the functioning of modern corporations as well as participants of postgraduate programmes in economics. public policy makers. Morale and Productivity/Job Design. charts. Rath's enormous scholarship. Power and Politics/ Delegation of Authority/Centralisation and Decentralisation/Line and Staff Relationships/Fundamentals of Staffing/Attracting and Developing Human Resources/Appraising and Maintaining Human Resources/Direction and Supervision/Motivation.Com (Hons) and BBA. . students of management and business leaders. researchers. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) “This pioneering work has explored an emerging area of Corporate Governance and the role of Independent Directors in an era when one after another corporate bodies are getting demolished. Dr Rath's book in the ultimate analysis is about the 'Bow with the Great Tension' needed in the world of corporate affairs today. M. the work also incorporates some international perspectives of corporate governance through select case studies.” Dr R K Mishra Director. public administration and other areas. the assessment of the rhetoric and reality of the concept of Independent Directors. incidents) which set it apart from other books on management. It provides an exhaustive backdrop in India with regard to the public and private sector enterprises in India. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-779-9/ 61/4x91/2 9 . Values and Social Responsibilities “Eminently readable and informative work. It provides an overview of the seminal reports on major issues in corporate governance in India and abroad. the most relevant issue in corporate governance. Dr. management consultants. skill building exercises. New Delhi Instructor Manual Available 2002 / 966 Pages / PB / Rs. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-683-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Corporate Governance – A Theoretical Backdrop / Corporate Failures and Governance Reforms / Corporate Governance Practices / Board Independence / Blue Chip Companies of the Indian Public Sector – The Governance Issues / Rationale. Selection and Training of Independent Directors / Contributions of Independent Directors to Board Functions / Strategic Planning.Com. B. Delhi University V HARI KRISHNA Towards Better Corporate GovernanceIndependent Directors in the Boardroom ARUN KUMAR RATH The book abounds in meritorious features (such as tables. Could the Independent Directors grow up in a hurry? One must read Dr Rath to find the answers. Hyderabad “I wholeheartedly endorse ‘Towards Better Corporate Governance: Independent Directors in the Boardroom’ by Dr Arun Kumar Rath. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Nature of Management/Managerial Roles. Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility – Role of Independent Directors / Autonomy of the Board and Independence of Independent Directors / The Road Ahead 2009 / 240 Pages / PB / Rs. PGDBA. Chairman. The book is primarily meant for students pursuing advanced courses in management such as MBA.” Dr Dilip K Bandyopadhyay Vice Chancellor. Functions and Skills/ Development of Management Thought/Coordination/Planning and Forecasting/Objectives and MBO/Types of Plans/Corporate Planning and Environmental Analysis/Strategic Planning and Management/DecisionMaking Creativity and MIS/Fundamentals of Organising/Departmentation and Structural Formats/Span of Management/Authority. Job Enrichment and Empowerment/Leadership/Communication/Nature and Process of Controlling/Techniques of Controlling/Individual Behaviour/ Group Behaviour and Team Building/Management of Change/Conflict Management and Job Stress/Ethics. namely. It analyses in depth the roles and responsibilities of Independent Directors and could be considered as India's contribution to the field of knowledge on corporate governance. I must congratulate the author for articulating such an insight of the subject in a very lucid language. 320 ISBN: 81-7446-317-8 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Corporate Governance Theory and Practice D GEETA RANI R K MISHRA This book offers an incisive analysis of the series and models of Corporate Governance... researchers. perhaps. games. Sri Venkateshwara College. Apart from the Indian experience. Guru Gobind Singh I P University. This important and very relevant book based on the analysis of primary data by scientific methods must be read by policymakers. The book would be of interest to the corporate leaders. . political science. Dr Rath's painstaking endeavour in re-orienting our gaze upon the crucial role that the country's public sector enterprises have to play in sustaining and enhancing corporate governance is indeed commendable. business management. cases. CONTENTS INCLUDE: An Introduction to Corporate Governance / Corporate Governance: Theories and Model / Corporate Governance: Committees and Reports / Corporate Governance: The Indian Backdrop / Corporate Governance: International Perspectives 2009 / 242 Pages / PB / Rs.” S K Roongta. Objective and Design of the Study / Qualification. erudition and experience have enriched this study which is devoted to.. regulators. as it underscores the importance of corporate governance and probity at this juncture of global economic turmoil..general management Management text and cases V S P RAO. IAS.” Justice M N Venkatachaliah “Dr A K Rath's seminal work on the role of Independent Directors in public enterprises unfolds new vistas in corporate governance in India. illustrations.

marketing plan. Ghaziabad / SDM Institute of Management & Development. Coimbatore / IBS. The role of the entrepreneur is addressed as an innovator who recognises opportunities and converts them into marketable products and services through personal commitment. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-740-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Entrepreneurship: A Perspective / Attributes of Entrepreneurs: An Insight / Education in Entrepreneurship. AIMA A Hindi edition of the book is also available.” . family business. Mumbai / BIMTECH. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-645-7 / 51/2x81/2 Environmental Studies N K UBEROI CONTENTS INCLUDE: Multidisciplinary Approach and Important Fundamentals / Natural Resources / Ecosystem / Biodiversity and its Conservation / Environmental Pollution / Social Issues and the Environment / Human Population and Environment Managing Diversity The Challenges for India Inc. etc. Kolkata This book includes papers by: MET. management and entrepreneurship. international entrepreneurship opportunities. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction: Entrepreneurship / Creativity. research and practice in the field of innovation. 150 ISBN: 81-7446-436-0 / 51/2x81/2 TEXTBOOK 10 . financial resources and management skills. Mumbai / AICAR. Delhi / IMT. The author has selected a variety of chapters focusing on a wide range of topics including personal ethics. The main focus of the book is on theory. Kolkata 2009 / 114 Pages / PB / Rs. Kolkata / IISWBM. leading to successful commercialisation of products and services.HRD News Letter 2005 / 194 Pages / PB / Rs.general management Entrepreneurship Management text and cases BHOLANATH DUTTA Entrepreneurial Climate an assorted coverage LAKSHMAN PRASAD SUBHASISH DAS This book strives to raise the level of academic work in the field of entrepreneurship. National Institute of Human Development. Coimbatore / Xavier Institute of Management. Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Personal Ethics and the Entrepreneur / Theories of Entrepreneurship / Development of New Products and Processes / Project Planning and Feasibility Studies / Small Scale Enterprises / Family Business / Starting a Small Business / The Business Plan / Institutional Assistance to Small-scale Enterprises / Venture Capital / International Entrepreneurship Opportunities / Managing Growth / Buying an Existing Business / Budgeting and Control / Production Planning and Control / Marketing Plan / Organisational Planning / Human Resource Management / Motivating and Satisfying Employees / Funding the Enterprise—Sources of Capital / Financial Statements and Record Keeping / Financial Management / Understanding the Management Process / e-Entrepreneurs / Quality Management / Entrepreneurial Organisation Strategies / Marketing Research 2009 / 472 Pages / PB / Rs. 240 ISBN: 978-81-8323-035-3 / 61/4x91/2 “This inspiring book is sure to be a useful guide for students and practitioners of management. 2005 / 202 Pages / HB / Rs. in Chhattisgarh / State Level Entrepreneurship Development Scenario during the Years 1996/2002: A Case Study of Bihar 2008 / 128 Pages / PB / Rs. e-entrepreneurs. Training. venture capital. 100 ISBN: 81-7446-440-9 / 71/4x91/2 Foundations of Ethics in Management BANI P BANERJEE. Strategic Supports and Opportunities to Entrepreneurs / Women Entrepreneurship: An Overview / Augmenting Entrepreneurship in India / Technology Dissemination to Entrepreneurs in Jharkhand: A Case Study of High Efficiency Multi-fuel Stove / Environmental Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Maruti Clean Coal and Power Ltd. It provides an in-depth understanding of the key variables that play a significant role at various stages of the innovation process.. taking risk at different levels. for taking ethically correct decisions. project planning.

450 ISBN: 978-81-8323-034-6/ 61/4x91/2 Knowledge Management a global perspective TAPAN K PANDA We live in a rapidly changing environment that needs to be understood before we can even attempt to meet the tremendous challenges that we face everyday in the workplace. Adding greater value is the number of articles from different regions and countries. almost universally perpetrated at the behest of the Company Chairman & CEO himself. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-738-6 / 71/4x91/2 11 . Micro level analysis is seamlessly blended with macro level perspectives.000 terms. 360 ISBN: 81-7446-417-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK The present book covers more than 12. which make them clearer. trade treaties. The book is intended to make the terms accessible to the students of Commerce and Management Studies. A must read for anybody who takes management seriously. Chairman. Canada.general management Corporate Governance Global Concepts and Practices DR S SINGH. New Delhi Business and Finance Vocabulary R N KOTHARI The subject “Corporate Governance:Global Concepts and Practices” has occupied centre. 2008 / 590 Pages / PB / Rs. but it does great good by asking the right questions and adopting the right attitude to studying the changing scenario. NDIM. the present volume is intended to be a standard reference as well as textbook on the varied facets of corporate governance. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-621-1 / 71/4x91/2 Business Ethics and Human Values EDITED BY S G HUNDEKAR 2009 / 242 Pages / PB / Rs. 2008 / 138 Pages / PB / Rs. The articles are contemporary and thought provoking. The present volume is essentially a comprehensive textbook. business and financial institutions. 2005 / 544 Pages / PB / Rs. Stock Exchange and Computer Science as well as brief descriptions of important acts. The language of the book is so easy that even a layman will not experience any difficulty in understanding the concepts. USA.stage. Trichy This book provides key insights for managers to ponder upon and apply in their everyday work lives. atleast not initially. Even before the Enron collapse and several other kingsize scandals. there has been a steadily mounting volume of complaints regarding the dismal state of governance in most large corporates across the globe. Insurance. commonly used in the business and financial transactions. India and many other developing countries of the world. Keeping the above ground realities in view. and to help professionals and the business community. Management research may not provide ready made answers. Suitable practical examples have also been cited for most of the terms. particularly since the early 1990s in U.. It also incorporates terminology of Advertising. rest of Europe. Centre for Contemporary Management Research (CECMAR).K. containing in all as many as twenty-eight interrelated chapters. The book has six distinct parts. focusing on both concepts and corporate governance practices. etc. Japan. The only way out is to adopt a scientific approach to understanding these challenges. Bharathidasan Institute of Management. business abbreviations. You will find inside a collection of research articles that deal with the various functional areas of management. 600 ISBN: 978-81-7446-624-2 / 71/4x91/2 The New Manager ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION This book covers a range of diverse themes: Developing a Global Mindset Changing Marketing Paradigm for the New Manager Innovation: A Key Tool for the New Manager The Entrepreneur Manager Managing Diversity – The Challenges for India Inc Emerging Issues in Management Research EDITED BY P DAVID JAWAHAR. Investment. 2008 / 294 Pages / PB / Rs. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-603-7 / 71/4x91/2 2008 / 222 Pages / PB / Rs. mostly relating to accounting irregularities and top dressing of financial results.

Director. Ford Global New Business Operations. Professor.general management The Change Champion’s Fieldguide Strategies and Tools for Leading Change in the New Era CO-EDITORS DAVE ULRICH. Daum 1924 Professor of International Business. The first part comprises five chapters which deal with various dimensions of the case method of instruction. Vice Chancellor. Each case is unique in itself in providing an insight into various concepts amalgamated with realistic experiences in dealing with management problems or issues. 2005 / 374 Pages / PB / Rs. 2007 / 164 PB / Rs. 350 ISBN: 978-81-8323-029-2 / 61/4x91/2 12 . “Finally there is a book that shows you how to lead change (versus only what it looks like when you get there). 350 ISBN: 81-7446-445-X / 61/4x91/2 Two Volume Set (Volume 1 & Volume 2) Case Method in Management Education and Training UPINDER DHAR. Dartmouth College. Dixon Thayer. DEBI S SAINI FOREWORD BY W WARNER BURKE “The Change Champion's Fieldguide is an awesome resource for anyone working on building organizational capacity and capability. “Machiavelli once said. IILM The uniqueness of this publication lies in its character which is in the nature of a Manual. The comprehensive Bibliography and Webliography add substantial value to the publication. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-463-8 / 51/2x81/2 Managing New India ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 2008 / 190 Pages / PB / Rs. both teachers and students will get a comprehensive understanding of what.” Vijay Govindarajan. Lakshmipat University SANTOSH DHAR. and used business books in the first decade of the 2000's. It's a resource I will continually use and you will too!” Susan Burnett. This book gives you a wealth of pragmatic and leading-edge lessons from practitioners who have a passion and commitment to accelerating business results through people. 500 ISBN: 81-7446-551-0 / 71/4x91/2 (Vol-II) Theory and Practice of Case Method of Instruction text and cases EDITED BY B BHATTACHARYYA. The second part comprises eleven comprehensive cases. why and how of case study method. Earl C. 2007 / 247 Pages / PB / Rs. Institute of Management. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH. referenced. Tuck School of Business. and co-author of Geeks and Geezers and on Becoming a Leader. Nirma University of Science & Technology. Vice President for Workforce Development and Organizational Effectiveness. ab3 Resources Inc. “The Change Champion's Fieldguide will become one of the most quoted. 350 ISBN: 978-81-8323-032-2 / 61/4x91/2 The book is a storehouse of rare insights and ideas on managing the multi-faceted dimensions of a rising economy and a nation that is India. USC. Taken together. 295 ISBN: 81-7446-558-8 / 71/4x91/2 Managing Diversity The Challenges for India Inc. LOUIS CARTER. 400 ISBN: 81-7446-550-2 / 71/4x91/2 (Vol-I) 2007 / 468 Pages / PB / Rs. This book is possibly the only one which has also looked at the method from the perspective of the students.” Warren Bennis. It's like reading a repair manual versus a sales brochure. and Senior Partner. Bravo to the authors!” R.' This compendium of readings will help change agents develop and enroll all manner of constituencies. Ahmedabad This book is an attempt to present the cumulative managerial experiences in India through various case studies. ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION The Healthy Office Creating a healthy office environment R M MEHRA 2006 / 248 Pages / PB / Rs. Former CEO. 'Change has no constituency. The book is expected to be useful to the students of Business Administration and participants of Management Development Programmes. Hewlett-Packard. a guide on how to write and use the case method of instruction. Distinguished Professor of Business. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART I Case Method/Case Writing / PART II Entrepreneurship and Institution Building/Finance/ Human Resource / PART III Marketing/Organisational Processes and Systems/Strategic Management 2007 / 336 Pages / PB / Rs. Center for Global Leadership. Director General.

Murthy. Mumbai “The author has paid adequate attention to detail. The topics covered in this edited volume vary from perception. corporate leaders. The book can also serve as supplementary material for business policy and strategy courses.” C. 795 ISBN: 978-81-7446-739-3 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Environment and Mankind/Concept of Environment Pollution/ Laws of the Land for Pollution Control/Core Functions of State Pollution Control Boards/Environmental Management System/A Case Study at a Glance: Paradigm Vista/RSP – Towards a New Horizon/Thinkers should Think Globally and Act Locally 2005 / 170 Pages / PB / Rs. TAKNEEK challenges. It concludes with discussion and debate about values in nature and touches upon the subject of metamorphosis of the whole trajectory of attitudes in modern societies. Chief GM in-charge (Retd). research scholars as well as management and engineering students. risk. President. Reserve Bank of India. practicing managers. and passion to opportunity recognition. 125 ISBN: 81-7446-091-8 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Starting an Enterprise / Key Questions for Entrepreneur / Regulatory Aspects / Institutional Framework / Planning the Growth and Financing of MSMEs/ Business Development Service Providers / Technology Management / Clusters & Cluster Development / Export-Import Procedures / SME Rehabilitation 2009 / 306 Pages / PB / Rs. IFRASTE & NACOSI Instructor Manual Available 2003 / 424 Pages / PB / Rs. motivation. Dean.S. Communications. that explore the relationship between the aspirations of generation next and entrepreneurship. Ramakrishnan. KIIT Deemed University This book is an innovative compilation of the business plans. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Realm of Ecology/Background to International Efforts for Environmental Protection/India’s Efforts for Environmental Protection and Public Policy/Environmental Problems – Global/ Air Pollution.E. Water Pollution/Environmental Management System/Environmental Clearance for Establishing and Operating Industries in India/Waste Management/Business–Industry and Environment /Biodiversity. It deals with the foundation of entrepreneurship and with the effects of different cultural settings on the incidence and success of entrepreneurs. 250 ISBN: 81-7446-545-6 / 61/4x91/2 The Small Entrepreneur starting & growing B YERRAM RAJU RAM R PUJARI Recommended book in the UGC syllabus “The book is very comprehensive in coverage and rich in content. etc. RPCD.general management Management Icons second edition P JAYARAMAN Environmental Management N K UBEROI The book surveys a range of topics from sustainable development and ecological imperatives to strategies for managing environmental issues in business. 175 ISBN: 81-7446-458-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 13 . 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-744-7 / 51/2x81/2 Handbook of Business Plans EDITED BY SANJIV MITTAL SOMA ARORA AKANKSHA GUPTA Environment Management IPSEETA SATPATHY. 310 ISBN: 81-7446-340-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Business Communication PARAG DIWAN 1998 / 144 Pages / PB / Rs. especially in the areas of Marketing and Finance. Forest Management/Environmental Ethics 2007 / 186 Pages / PB / Rs. 2009 / 724 Pages / PB / Rs. conventional approaches to entrepreneurial behavior. It would prove to be a valuable guide to the professionals.” D.

” This book. With globalization. simple and easy to read. Bangalore Knowledge has a New Beginning/Knowledge through the Ages/The Knowledge Vision/The Knowledge Process/Information vs Knowledge and Knowledge Workers/How to Build a Knowledge Corporation/Imperatives of the New Age/The Social Role of Knowledge/Knowledge Creation Process/ Knowledge Management Tools/Knowledge Technologies/KM Infrastructure/ KM Implementation/Futuristic KM/Organisational Re-structuring CASE STUDIES Case 1 Corporate Inheritance. . healthcare and environment. which analyze the conceptual framework of Corporate Social Responsibility. 2005 / 536 Pages / PB / Rs. The unique feature of this book is the case studies on different aspects of CSR presented in section two.general management Best Business Book of the Year 2003 Award from NTPC-DMA Recipient of ISTD Book Award – 2005 Knowledge Management A resource book A T RAMAN. . Institute for Social and Economic Change. it marks a new age for the Indian industry. Varanasi “. 150 ISBN: 81-7446-437-9 / 51/2x81/2 Handbook of Writing Effective Resume for Job Applications How to Attract Employer’s Attention PARUL SINGH. The cases focus on such segments as education. Chairman. International Management Institute. BHU. .” -HRD News Letter Corporate Social Responsibility concepts and cases The Indian Experience EDITED BY C V BAXI. Chairman of Corporate Governance Center. —The Economic Times 2005 / 226 Pages / PB / Rs. New Delhi CONTENTS INCLUDE: The Knowledge Economy/Transformation of an Enterprise through Knowledge Management/Creating Knowledge Management System in Organizations/The Knowledge Organization/Enabling Knowledge Management through Information Technology/Organizational Culture for Knowledge Management/Knowledge Management in Industry/Looking Ahead: Future of Knowledge Management 2005 / 180 Pages / PB / Rs. The cases are illustrative and they will help in identifying further areas of research. among others. 375 ISBN: 81-7446-449-2 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 2007 / 86 Pages / PB / Rs. MDI. FMS. 75 ISBN: 81-7446-524-3 / 61/4x91/2 14 . Business India Group Negotiation Made Simple everyone must win! S L RAO. and will be available on request.. the book will serve as a practical guide. 250 ISBN: 81-8323-013-X / 51/2x81/2 Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage H C CHAUDHARY. and evaluation of various facets of Corporate Social Responsibility. New Delhi The book is divided in two sections. yet laden with intellectually stimulating facts and guidelines.” — Business World “Almost all sections of the book carry examples and problems to help the reader hone his skills in the art of negotiation. . It is for the first time that–under the aegis of UNDP-CII-AICTEMDI– the business schools in the country participated in preparing cases from various industries focusing on the process and decision making content implicit in the introduction. For players and observers alike in this age. holds the key to successful negotiation.presents the best practices of knowledge management in the Indian organizations. implementation. Diversification to Non-core Areas/ Case 2 Empowerment through Knowledge/Case 3 Well Informed Market Leader/ Case 4 Finding the way around to the Top/Case 5 Matching the External Challenge/Case 6 Monolith Moves with Technology Times/Case 7 Meeting the Education Challenge/Case 8 Helping the Government Work/Case 9 Collective Mite/Case 10 Internally Driven/Case 11 Directory of Best Practices/Case 12 Value Addition is the Key/Case 13 Bouncing back with KM/Case 14 Driven by Innovation and Creativity/Case 15 Learning by Instinct 2003 / 304 Pages / PB / Rs. Board of Governors.. Gurgaon AJIT PRASAD. 150 ISBN: 81-7446-351-8 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: “The book deals with the techniques of handling situations which could crop up at home as well as in the international arena while negotiating business . The teaching notes have been developed by the individual authors. Professor of Economics and Strategy. section one contains papers. 195 ISBN: 81-7446-438-7 / 51/2x81/2 Public Governance Dividends the road ahead 2006 / 184 Pages / PB / Rs. Fortune Institute of International Business.

Assistant Director. Creativity and Entrepreneurship / Part II: Business Plan & Functional Plan / Business Planning Process / Drawing Functional Plan-I: Marketing Plan / Drawing Functional Plan-II: Production/ Operation Plan / Drawing Functional Plan-III: Organizational Plan / Drawing Functional Plan-IV: Financial Plan / Part III: SSI & Women Entrepreneurs / Sources of Finance / Institution Supporting Entrepreneurs / Small-scale Industry / A Critical Evaluation of the Conceptual Framework of Sickness in SSI. Lucknow Business Communication M K SEHGAL VANDANA KHETARPAL Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 422 Pages / PB / Rs. 200 ISBN: 81-7446-125-6 / 71/4x91/2 70 Million Employable Indians Strategies for Global Competitiveness ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 2007 / 172 Pages / PB / Rs. Reader. VC. HIMANI SHARMA Management Principles and Practices PARAG DIWAN. Staffing/Coordination.general management second edition Entrepreneurship MADHURIMA LALL. Faculty of Commerce. Importance. Lucknow SHIKHA SAHAI. CHANDAN BHAR. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-657-7 / 71/4x91/2 Unleashing the Manager Within Timeless Tips for Terrific Results M M KHAN 2005 / 162 Pages / PB / Rs. NILADRI DAS 2008 / 342 Pages / PB / Rs. Notices and Memos/Report Writing: Business Reports/Academic Report Writing/ Interview Skills/Job Applications and Resume Writing/Group Discussions/Business Etiquette/Enriching your Vocabulary/Punctuation/ Legal Aspects of Business Communication Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 486 Pages / PB / Rs. Management Control/Management by Objectives/Group Dynamics. Dehradun 2008 / 466 Pages / PB / Rs. Networks. J K PATTANAYAK. Leadership/Dimensions of Managerial Excellence Instructor Manual Available 1998 / 364 Pages / PB / Rs. 320 ISBN: 81-7446-501-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Floriculture a viable business D RAVINATH 2007 / 154 Pages / PB / Rs. 225 ISBN: 978-81-8323-023-0 / 71/4x91/2 Management Case Studies DR. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-613-6 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part I: Introduction to Entrepreneurship / Introduction to Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurship: Motivation. Institute of Productivity & Management. Applied Economics. Status and Dimensions of SSIs and Industrial Sickness / Symptoms for Detecting Sickness in Small-scale Industries / Causes of Sickness in Small-scale Industries / Assessment of Viability of Sick Industries and their Rehabilitation / Women Entrepreneurship TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Nature and Scope of Business Communication/Channels. Lucknow University. Types and Barriers to Entrepreneurship / Innovation. Forms and Dimensions of Communication/Oral and Written Communication/Non-verbal Communication/Barriers to Communication/Principles of Effective Communication/Gateways to Communication/Media and Modes of Communication/Reading Skills/ Listening Skills/Presentation Skills/Nature and Scope of Business Communication/Negotiation Skills/Meetings and Conferences/Business Letters/Enquiries and Replies/Orders and Replies/Circulars. SANJAY SRIVASTAVA DR. Decision-Making/Directing. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-675-4 / 71/4x91/2 15 . 350 ISBN: 978-81-8323-027-8 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Management Education the environmental dimensions EDITED BY PRAMOD PATHAK. University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. 175 ISBN: 81-7446-460-3 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Conceptual Framework of Management/Evolution & Foundations of Management Theories/ Management Planning Process/Organization: Meaning. Principles & Types/Types of an Organization/Delegation of Authority/Communication/ Motivation.

The latest Foreign Trade Policy 20092014 has also been included in this edition which has become important due to global recession. 145 ISBN: 81-7446-443-3 / 61/4x91/2 2008 / 658 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Spiritual Business Philosophy/Business Ethics and Cultural Ethos/Attitudes. NAFTA. supply chain management. Common Markets. Unilever. Commerce. Basically it covers the World Trade Organisation which is very rare in the books on international marketing. IMF.A. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to International Marketing / Economic Environment of International Marketing / Dynamics of World Market: Identifying and Satisfying Global Needs. Special Economic Zones. SAFTA and EU / Constraints on International Marketing – Fiscal and Non-Fiscal Barriers.COM. Chandigarh. 695 ISBN: 978-81-7446-718-8 / 71/4x91/2 16 . 375 ISBN: 978-81-7446-817-8 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK Comparative Ethos in Management BANI P BANERJEE. Beliefs and Character/ Ethical Aspects of Management Education and Entrepreneurship/Corporate Governance and Business Culture/Social Responsibility of Business/The Total Quality Management Philosophy/Gandhian Philosophy/Consumer Protection and Safety/Environmental Protection/ Citizens and Ethical Responsibilities/Self Management Ethics/Ethical Paradoxes and Cases/ Ethical Development and Challenges/Professional Values TEXTBOOK This is the 4th edition of the book which has been written in response to the continuous and rapid changes in international marketing and the new challenges that are arising. International Distribution and Sales Policy / Promotional Management and Advertising / International Marketing Research / International Retail Marketing / Currencies and Foreign Exchange / Settlement of International Disputes Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 196 Pages / PB / Rs.B. Another chapter on Currencies and Foreign Exchange has also been added as it has gained importance in recent times due to a downturn in global financial crisis. Engineering. National Institute of Human Development. including increased coverage of cultural differences. This book has been written with the specific objective of meeting adequately the requirements of all those students who are required to study: “Business Ethics and Professional Values” as one of the subjects in their B. Kolkata Opportunities and Challenges in the Global Business EDITED BY V K GAUTAM B S BHANDARI S M ANAS IQBAL VIVEK KAPRE NIKHIL BARAT 2005 / 138 Pages / PB / Rs. 195 ISBN: 81-7446-479-4 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2010 / 618 Pages / PB / Rs. Commodity Agreements and GSP / India and World Trade / EXIM Policy / Foreign Trade Policy: 2004-2009 and 2009-2014 / International Product Policy and Planning / Pricing Policy / Logistic Management. M. At the end. retailing and the impact of the internet on international marketing and exports. Hero Honda. TRIPS and GATS. Law and Technology.B. Coordinating Activities and Recognizing Constraints / International Institutions – World Bank. Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. UNCTAD. M. Tata Indicom. This book comprehensively covers both international marketing and a part of export management with a focus on marketing decisions and management processes involved in exporting and not simply a ‘how to’ give treatment of technical export details. This chapter deals with as many as ten different professions. The coverage of WTO starts from GATT to WTO to Doha Round which is highly controversial and damaging for the developing countries especially Agreement on Agriculture. A new Chapter on India and World Trade has been included in this edition. The important features of this book are: The first fourteen chapters are devoted to a lucid explanation of various aspects of ‘Business Ethics’. Principal. PricewaterhouseCoopers and Microsoft will help students to apply the theory. Customs Union. logistics. Chapter XV is entirely devoted to ‘Professional Values’. There is an increased coverage of the two most important emerging markets of the 21st century. New cases from companies including DELL. RP Group of Live Sciences. Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers / Trading Partners – Bilateral Trade Agreements.A. China and India. an exhaustive ‘Question Bank’ is provided. Free Trade Zones. Professional diploma or degree courses of the Indian Universities and Institutes of Management.general management Business Ethics and Professional Values A B RAO international business fourth edition International Marketing P K VASUDEVA. Economic Communities.

Part III. and how’ of Excellence. 2009 / 418 Pages / PB / Rs. i. customer management and management. what is corporate culture?. These economies have been the subject of recent attention. males and female roles and other important factors to be considered for selected countries. and expatriate management. ‘what’ is excellence. negotiating with foreigners.e. finance. Benchmarking. Talent Sourcing & Management and Strategizing Business. Cross-Cultural Management. but a Sardine! /Of Shrimps and Turtles/Fresh. who. describes a brief history. the importance of country culture in different areas such as marketing. manners and customs. 2008 / 222 Pages / PB / Rs. ‘when’ a company is prepared to use tools/ frameworks and models to achieve excellence. information found in the cases on Asian companies and/or MNCs operating in the Asia-Pacific helps to redress this imbalance by showcasing the issues related to doing business in the Asian milieu. case studies and practical ways on how to achieve and enhance competitiveness in any organisation. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-783-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK “Global Competitiveness” is a combination of concepts. little is known about the business environment at the microlevel. management business International Business Country Culture and Corporate Culture HYUN-SOOK LEE R K SRIVASTAVA Global Competitiveness DR. These nations have taken the business world by a storm and are continuing to hold an enviable position in global business. Chilled or Frozen Lamb?/A Woven Dispute The theme ‘Storming the Global Business: Rise of the Asian Tigers’ is devoted to understanding the business in Asia and the rise of Asian nations in the arena of global business. viz. ‘how’ strategic competitiveness can be enhanced using one of the most widely used tools. PSG Institute of Management. Global Business Leadership. Corporate Culture. religions. and other important factors for selected countries. This spectacular rise of the Asian nations or TIGERS (as they are being popularly called) warrants considerable research from the academia and the industry. This book is divided into three parts: Part I. do cultural differences affect the organization?. Banking. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-788-1 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 17 . which factors of country cultures influence corporate culture. AJITABH This book makes an attempt to make International Business (IB) more effective through understanding country culture and corporate culture. It will also be useful for business persons who are interested in knowing other countries’ cultures and related corporate cultures for achieving business successes. ethnic groups. The book with twenty nine papers has six different parts – Information Technology. with much of the focus going to their macro-economic conditions and their suitability for global business. This book will be helpful for international business students and professors. key factors to be considered by foreign companies. multicultural teams. Insurance & Financial Services. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-608-2 / 71/4x91/2 Storming the Global Business Rise of the Asian Tigers BISWAJEET PATTANAYAK PHALGU NIRANJANA KALYAN SHANKAR RAY SUMITA MISHRA WTO Text & Cases PALLE KRISHNA RAO. ‘who’ are considered as excellent companies. 350 ISBN: 81-7446-430-1 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: From GATT to WTO/General Elimination of Quantitative Restrictions/ Agreement on Agriculture/The Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures/Agreement on the Implementations of Article VI of GATT 1994/Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures/Traderelated Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights/Agreement on Trade-related Investment Measures/Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)/ Agreement on Safeguards/Agreement on Textiles and Clothing/ General Agreement on Trade in Services CASE STUDIES: The Banana War /The Korean Soju/A Matter of Semantics/ The Canadian Dairy Case/The Case of the Codling Moth/A Fishy Dispute?/ The Hormone Ban – An Issue of N&I/The Bed Linen Dispute/Privatising at Arm’s Length/Sovereignty Issues/Process or Product?/Copy (right) Tales/Better Basmati than Havana/To TRIM or not To TRIM/What’s a Sardine. languages. Business cases from across the globe of different industries have been used to demonstrate how companies have achieved competitiveness and thus enhanced their long-term competitive advantage to become excellent companies. To this end. education. Yet. Coimbatore Instructor Manual Available 2005 / 532 Pages / PB / Rs. when. cultural synergy. human resources. explains briefly what constitutes culture and country culture. values and attitudes. 2009 / 228 Pages / PB / Rs. Professor. Country Culture. Part II.. silent languages. describes the principle companies. The book attempts to answer the ‘What. Retail Business.

multiple choices. It is a storehouse of the latest developments in international marketing from a unique Indian perspective. today. Bangalore Export Import Management is a well researched student friendly book that proposes to fill the gap between theory and practice for young managers aspiring for challenging positions in international business. This book has sought to address some of the issues that relate to IHRM. Director of PES Institute of Management. including sensing opportunity and fulfilling global ambitions. New Delhi Free Student CD Included International Marketing RAJENDRA NARGUNDKAR. To make this book reader-friendly. Interesting examples. MDPs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: International Context of HRM/Strategic Planning/HRM in International Context: theories and models/Recruitment and Selection/Training and Development/Compensation Management/Performance Management/Industrial Relations/Role of Culture in IHRM/ Organizational processes influencing IHRM/Role of Global HR Managers/Women Expatriates/International Joint Venture/ Hiring Inpatriate and Expatriate Managers: Choices and Dilemmas for MNCs International Retailing Text and Readings DR S L GUPTA ARUN MITTAL International Trade RAJ AGRAWAL. The book is a pioneering effort in this area where only manuals or replicas of manuals have ruled for years. NILANJAN SENGUPTA DR. Relevant diagrammatic representation. the book presents interesting forays into the exciting world of export and import. Head. web-based exercises are some of the additional features of the book. cases and illustrations with reference details make it full of life. The unique feature of the book is a CD provided complimentary that contains all the relevant export-import forms for practical learning. any organization aspiring to participate as a player in international business must develop the knowledge. With a lot of contemporary cases (up to early 2008) that cover issues related to organizational and marketing strategy. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-628-0/ 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK The intention of this book is to portray the various factors that are connected with managing Human Resources in International Business. The students will be exposed to conceptual framework. The approach of this book has been to detail IHRM both. This book is going to be a trendsetter in the field of international marketing. Conceptual questions. relevant case study and list of web references have been also added in this book. in terms of a function. as well as a process and the factors or key elements that are attached to them. The book is divided into 16 comprehensive chapters that take the reader through a sequential journey in export-import management. 300 ISBN: 81-7446-236-8 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 316 Pages / PB / Rs. Greater Noida 2001 / 304 Pages / PB / Rs. Since the two are inseparable. which need to be logically understood by any keen observer of international business. Written in essentially textbook fashion. AIMA. SPECIAL FEATURES Original cases based on Indian companies / Easy to read text / Coverage of major concepts in international marketing / Focus on marketing . 275 ISBN: 81-7446-519-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 18 . 250 ISBN: 81-7446-538-3 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK International Human Resource Management DR. procedural detail and practical aspects of international transactions. The book has been planned keeping in view the needs of the students of MBA/PGDM/ PGDBM/MIB and other international business courses at PG/UG level. IILM. MOUSUMI S BHATTACHARYA CONTENTS INCLUDE: Why International Marketing / Entry Strategies / Challenges in International Marketing / Segmentation and Product Market Strategy / Branding Internationally / Pricing Internationally / International Promotions / International Distribution / Organisation and Control / A Long-term Strategy—Firmness of Goals and Flexibility of Mind / Case Studies 2008 / 266 Pages / PB / Rs. chapter highlights have been added at the beginning of each chapter to facilitate the reader to identify the broader areas that may be learnt from a particular business Export and Import Management ASEEM KUMAR. Each chapter also contains detailed references and key terms. skills and acumen to perceive the subtle nuances that govern the rules of game. it is an exciting new addition to the options available to an Indian business school overlap with international business or similar courses Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 314 Pages / PB / Rs.

295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-629-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to International Trade Operation / Getting Started in International Trade – Step by Step / Processing of an Export Order / International Trade Documentation / International Sales Contract / Understanding Incoterms / India’s Foreign Trade Policy / Export Promotions Measures / Special Economic Zones / Methods of Payments / Export Credit Risk Management / Cargo Insurance / Cargo Insurance Claims Procedure / Legal Framework of Central Excise / Excise Clearance of Exports Cargo without Payment of Duty / Excise Clearance of Exports Cargo under Rebate Claims / Legal Framework of Customs / Customs Clearance Procedure of Exports / EDI Initiatives in Customs / Duty Drawback Claims Procedure / Role of Freight Forwarder 2009 / 502 Pages / PB / Rs. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-736-2 / 61/4x91/2 19 . Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade. IILM. diagrams and exhibits. CONTENTS INCLUDE: International Business Environment / Country Risk Analysis / Foreign Direct Investment / The Foreign Exchange Market / The International Monetary System / The International Financial Market and Instruments / Introduction to International Finance and Development Banks / International Marketing / Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Laws / Export and Import Financing / Global Manufacturing and Logistics Management / Global Marketing and Research and Development / Global Human Resources Management / Financial Management in International Business / Managing Multinational Enterprises / Globalisation and India’s Competitive Advantage / Export Import Policy Guidelines for India / A Guide to Case Analysis / Index 2008 / 528 Pages / PB / Rs. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-735-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK International Human Resource Management Text and Cases P L RAO. In today’s rapidly changing scenario of the world. which caters to the needs of management students. The book presents a thorough review of economies and politics of international trade and investment and various functions and forms of Global monetary system. 175 ISBN: 81-7446-167-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction: Overview /Organisational Structure in MNC and International Dimensions of HRM /International Staffing / Compensation and Benefits /Training and Development / Performance Management in International Organisations / Expatriation and Repatriation /Industrial Relations /Sustaining International Business Operations /Managing People in International Context /Indian Multinational Companies /Issues. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-596-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 2009 / 164 Pages / PB / Rs. The book mainly focuses on managerial implications. It is written in simple language and maintains an integrated and logical flow from beginning to end. The book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of all the related world issues with special reference to India. Adjunct Professor. Human Resource and Organisation Behaviour. It is hoped that this book will definitely be liked and appreciated by the readers/students. This book has been developed to set a new standard for international business textbooks. Visakhapatnam Indian Foreign Trade RAJ AGRAWAL. This will help the new generation to enter in international trade and to master the trade techniques in a convenient manner and execute the trade operations decisions successfully in LPG era. Challenges and Theoretical Developments /Cultural Dimensions of HRM /Case Studies Globalization Creating a Boundaryless HR HR Practitioners’ perspective EDITED BY SUBIR VERMA Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 408 Pages / PB / Rs. the study of international business management has become necessary for management students. Greater Noida 1999 / 272 Pages / PB / business International Trade Operations DR RAM SINGH International Business Management A Global Perspective PRADIP KUMAR SINHA SANCHARI SINHA Systematic efforts have been made by the author in this book to cover all the essential elements of trade operations in an understandable way with easy language and explanation of facts and procedures through tables.

understanding of working of WTO. trends and directions of India’s Foreign Trade. Certain categories of ethical dilemmas have been explored. techniques of identifying and diagnosing organisational culture. inadequacy of administration. The characteristics of structural intervention and comprehensive intervention have been outlined to initiate the process of organisational learning. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-618-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Performance Management System A Holistic Approach B D SINGH 20 . the promotional measures available. This book would prove to be an invaluable resource for the students. The book facilitates several cases. role of financial institutions. The author has taken a practical approach to make the contents sound and interesting. corporate culture in terms of basic value orientations and business second edition human resource management Organisation Change and Development KAVITA SINGH. structural and inter-group development are exhaustively discussed.Some Facts. The topics covered and simplicity of presentation makes the book indispensable for all MBA students for their fundamental knowledge of India’s Foreign Trade. systems dynamics. skills and methods. economic. the effective management of change is enhanced through careful planning. change agents. And. and the ten key factors in effective change management have all been thoroughly discussed. methodologies and conceptual approaches to help any organization to take a lead in foreign trade. Various types of OD interventions ranging from interpersonal and team development to process. classical leadership skills. The Third Part of the book highlights the need for Organisation Development Intervention in the present business scenario and the relevance of Team and Intergroup Development Interventions. Delhi University International Business SHYAM SHUKLA Leadership. The different forces of change—political. Politics and Ethics in OD / PART-3: OD INTERVENTIONS / OD Interventions – An Introduction / OD Team and Intergroup Development Interventions / Structural Interventions / Comprehensive Interventions / Organizational Learning International Business provides the understanding of movement of India in Global Market. profitability issues and resource constraints. International Commerce Terms and International Business Strategies. faculty as well as practising professionals. This book is divided into three parts: The First Part includes an examination of the imperatives of change in today's environment of competition. the foreign exchange management tools. In these times of flux. organisations are compelled to proactively effect changes in their systems to cope with various factors in the external and internal environment. This comprehensive book tackles all the areas where change interventions are necessary and sets out to identify the key 'ingredients' for successful change. sensitive handling of the people involved and a thorough approach to implementation. technological—are examined against the backdrop of shifting customer needs. The various models of change. vision and inspiration are the essential ingredients for success in handling change. IT software & service market. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Globalisation / Globalisation Strategies . The Second Part introduces the concept of Organisation Development and dissects the basic assumptions against diagnostic models. Faculty of Management Studies. the current exportimport policy of the Government. power and control issues and implications of power politics. It can help the students as well as the practicing managers to equip with the principles of International Business. Examples and Cases / India’s Foreign Trade / Service Exports / Steps required to Increase India’s Exports / Institutions in Export Promotions / Recent Exim Policy and its Implications / Global Agreements and its Framework / Legal Framework – International Economic Laws / World Trade Organisation / Export Finance / Exchange Rate Mechanism and Convertibility of Rupee Instructor Manual Available 2010 / 350 Pages / PB / Rs. 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-811-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 388 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART-1: ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE / Organisational Change: An Overview / Models of Change / Change and its Impact / Organisational Culture and Change / A Systematic Approach to Making Change / PART-2: ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT / Organisation Development – An Introduction / Diagnostic Strategies and Skills / Power.

Ahmedabad. The principal theme of this conference was ‘Human Resource Management in the New Economy’. employee relationship management along with the traditional measures of profitability and investment value. 2010 / 160 Pages / PB / Rs. process. in a National Conference organized by the Institute for Technology and Management (ITM).human resource management Human Resource Management in the New Economy EDITED BY SARITPRAVA DAS BHARATI DESHPANDE Globalization and Human Resource Development EDITED BY I S SINGH The new economy. movement of people – students. However. businessmen and experts. The book would prove to be of great help to all the practicing Managers. Management Teachers and MBA Students. the globalization has to be shaped and harnessed for human resource development and welfare. characterised by innovation. PMS. in general. Habit and complacency are out. HR professionals are no exception to it. procedures & formats with illustrations R K SAHU This book on Discipline Management makes available all relevant theories and practices with special focus on applied aspects of Disciplinary Actions. The new economy is performance-driven and customer-centric which has several consequences on organizational work practices and expectations in terms of reinventing themselves and help organizational members. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Concepts of Discipline Management / Discipline in Organisational Context / Basic Ingredients and Guidelines for Disciplinary Actions / Concept of Domestic Enquiry / Guidelines on Domestic Enquiry / Introduction to Disciplinary Procedure / Domestic Enquiry with Illustrations / Glossary of Terminologies used in Domestic Enquiry / Model Procedure for Disciplinary Actions with Illustration / Important Case Laws / Ready to use Sample Formats / Model Code of Conduct for Management Staff / Application of “Principles of Natural Justice” in Domestic Enquiries 2010 / 284 Pages / PB / Rs. There is more and more interdependence among the economies of the world. 495 ISBN: 978-81-7446-826-0 / 71/4x91/2 Globalization had turned the entire globe in one entity for trade and commerce. The contributors tried their best to blend both theory and practices of contemporary HR issues in their papers. This book is the product of an International Seminar organized on the topic of “Globalization and Human Resource Development” at Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute. HR Professionals. the negative consequences of globalization will be deeper and widespread on the common people. opinions and viewpoints coupled with a number of case studies which could help explain the issues of human resource development in the context of globalization. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-838-3 / 71/4x91/2 Disciplinary Actions concepts. Compensation Management and Employee Relations Diversity Management Issues and Challenges E-HRM Role of Branding in Building Organization Culture Customer-centric HR Economic Slowdown – HR Practices This book is a collection of papers presented by several professionals. has created vistas of opportunities. Thus. myriad of expectations on the one hand and fierce competition. All are not equally endowed with necessary resources to seize the emerging opportunities. Hence. This book would help not only the researchers and HR practitioners but also the senior executives for creating sustainable competitive advantage through people in the ever changing and dynamic workplace and economy. information explosion and technology. The presentations were based on research. Organizations are expected to continuously excel in performance criteria that include concern for ethics and social responsibilities. representing industry and academia. learning and speed are in. In this context. 2010 / 348 Pages / PB / Rs. it is said that while globalization has created unprecedented opportunities for few. Some of the ideas presented during the seminar have great relevance to the process of Human Resource Development in the context of globalization and will immensely help the reader to understand the process of human resource development in our country. T&D. innovativeness and employee development. the present book deals with several contemporary HR issues having strategic implications under the various topics such as: Globalization & Changing HR Practices— Recruitment. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-845-1 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 21 . while organizations in the new economy tend to be performance-driven. The seminar was designed to provide a platform to discuss and critically examine the issues of Human Resource Development in the context of globalization and also to put forth some recommendations. to unlock the great potential of human intelligence. creativity. dynamic uncertainty and above all turbulence on the other. these changes have not only brought opportunities but also challenges to the countries and individuals. and therefore. investment of capital. Selection.

It also gave insights on how the outcomes of these interventions can be further utilized to enhance the overall people capability in an Organization.B. and other relevant PG degree/ diploma for Human Resource Management Course. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-856-7 / 51/2x81/2 Over the last decade. The book will be beneficial for the students of Bschools. Implication and Direction for Future Research / Empowerment: From Concept to Practice in India 2010 / 192 Pages / PB / Rs. Jute Textiles.A.A. a separate chapter has been added to give detailed information on IR scenario on Cotton Textiles. / P. 22 . A separate chapter. 2008. December. TVRLS conducted a 2-day conference on. Procedure and Discussion / The Present Study / Method and Procedure / Results / Discussion / Conclusion. 2010 / 294 Pages / PB / Rs. A sincere attempt has been made to incorporate the latest developments in the field. New Delhi. which are 100 years old.M. The last chapter is on the first decade of the new millennium. Railways and Posts & Telegraphs. an effort is made not only to study the impact of support systems on employee and organizational effectiveness but also what leads to the experience of psychological empowerment and its relationship with organizational and managerial effectiveness. This Dictionary ideally fulfills the requirements of B. will find this book worthwhile. Personnel managers whose organizations are graduating from traditional HRM practices to modern HRM practices. at the India Habitat Centre.Difficult Decade / Events during 1970-1979: Political Turmoil: Internal Emergency / Events during 19801989: New Economic Policies / Events during 1990-1999: Maturity of Trade Unions / Events in 2000-2009: First Decade of the New Millennium / Profile of Industrial Relations in Century-old Indian Industries / Constitutions of Important Trade Unions in India / Interesting IR Cases in the Last Three Decades 2010 / 440 Pages / PB / Rs. (C.G. Coal.M. Steel. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Situation at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century / Events during 1900-1909: Evolution Process towards / Labour Movement / Events during 1910-1919: Development of Trade Union Consciousness / Events during 1920-1929: Foundation of Indian Trade Union Congress / Events during 1930-1939: Royal Commission on Labour / Events during 1940-1949: Working Class Struggle during World War II / Events during 1950-1959: Industrial Development: From Courts to Codes / Events during 1960-1969: National Commission on Labour.B. 360 Degree Feedback (360 DF) and Assessment Development Centers (ADCs) have proved to be powerful interventions for Leadership Development and competency building. This book is a compilation of the select papaers presented during the conference.D. Life After 360 Degree Feedback & Assessment Development Centres.B. / B.) / B. For the benefit of the students of IR and its practitioners. 495 ISBN: 978-81-7446-822-2 / 71/4x91/2 Dictionary of Human Resource Management B NANDHAKUMAR Life After 360 Degree Feedback and Assessment Development Centres EDITORS T V RAO S RAMNARAYAN NANDINI CHAWLA This Dictionary is the most authentic presentation of contemporary concepts & practices in Human Resource Management.M. / M. academicians and industry practitioners wanting to initiate change and design interventions.human resource management Workplace Empowerment A Study PREETI S RAWAT SATISHCHANDRA KUMAR Industrial Relations in India Beginning of Working Class to Date (1850 to 2009) P L RAO P R K RAJU In the present book. In an effort to share knowledge and facilitate learning. has also been provided in the book. researchers. Besides.B. Many examples have been presented to show HRM practices adopted by the leading Indian companies. containing the latest amended constitutions of major Indian trade unions including the original constitution copy of the All India Trade Union Congress as approved at its inaugural session held at Bombay in 1920. The conference was conceived with the idea of exploring and understanding the impact and long-term benefit of development interventions like 360 Degree Feedback and Assessment Development Centre.. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Review of Literature of Variables under Study / Pilot Study – Method. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-812-3 / 71/4x91/2 The book is chapterised on the basis of each decade.A. To this is added a Prologue that depicts what prevailed at the beginning of the twentieth century.

organisation development consultants. etc. HRM in ERP. The biggest challenge amongst these is the shortage of skilled manpower. used in achievement motivation or entrepreneurial development programmes. team assessments. The understanding of group behaviour and properties of group are essential to be a good manager as well as an effective member of groups. Human Resource Development Centre. management students. and group discussions enable groups to cultivate this greater sense of teamwork. The present day management education is shifting from providing class-room teaching to practical learning. the HR profession is gaining both respect and attention. These games train managers learn better ways to solve problems. nature and significance of HRIS. It has been observed that groups enjoy their greatest success when they become more productive units called teams. because they usually have elaborate procedures and concomitant paraphernalia. so that the participants get adequately equipped with knowledge to perform successfully in life. The basic skill involved in the exercises is process analysis. Instruments. This book attempts to provide a wide range of Management Games. Ice Breakers. Exercises simulate a process with enough scope for improvisation. Ice Breakers and Hiatus. technological change. Therefore. the HR needs to utilize people with distinctive capabilities to create unsurpassed competence in an area. Games have set rules. functional Heads. Group dynamics is concerned with the interaction and forces among group members in a social situation.human resource management Manpower Development for Technological Change KANCHAN BHATIA SHWETA MITTAL HRD Trainer’s Handbook of Management Games P L RAO Globalization. concept of TQM. Demonstrations. take decisions rapidly. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-791-1 / 61/4x91/2 Group Dynamics & Team Building R K SAHU. employ innovative reward plans that recognize employee contributions and indulge in continuous quality improvements through TQM and HR contributions. It is divided into three parts. With the advancement of technology. Recognising this. This book elaborates the concept of group dynamics and team building in detail. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Impact of Technology on HRM / Work-Life Balance / Total Quality Management and HRM / HRM and Technology / e-Learning / Technology Transfer / Human Resource Information System / Knowledge in New Era / Manpower Development / Innovation in HRM Management Games can be succinctly described as simulation exercises used to effectively demonstrate structured experiences. importance of manpower planning. a hidden design to highlight or demonstrate a behavioural process and they produce dramatic effects. They also learn to work in teams. enhance and update the information to truly reflect the emerging perspective in the field of manpower planning and changing technology. basic concepts of Technology Transfer with human face. This masterpiece would prove to be a great resource for the CEOs. 2009 / 496 Pages / PB / Rs. Role Plays. This book projects a cohesive organic “whole” consisting of interrelated and interdependent facets. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-823-9 / 71/4x91/2 23 . The book talks about the new trends in HRM. This book integrates the theories. Along with the standard simulation exercises. outsourcing and talent crunch are some of the major trends impacting the modern business world. Games are quite effective in their purpose. entrepreneurs. develop better attitude and respect leadership. e-HRM. a multitude of other exercises to develop relevant motivational dimensions have also been included in this book. decentralize operations and rely on self-managed teams to deliver goods. other managers. Part II contains Exercises and Part III deals with the basic tools of behavioral simulation— the Role Play. for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-764-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 2010 / 450 Pages / PB / Rs. Interactive exercises. knowledge management. but they can’t be played again and again. work-life balance. an attempt has been made to clarify. forecasting techniques and Innovation as a management process. trainers and all individuals who want to understand the dynamics of groups and team building in an organisation. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Understanding Group Dynamics / Building Teams / Dynamics of High Performing Teams / Managing Cross functional teams / Managing Diverse & Virtual Teams / Self Managed Teams / Team Building Skills / Interpersonal skills for Teams / From Managing Teams to Leading Teams / Empowering Teams / Dynamics of Conflict / Conflict Management / CEO & Top Management: Leveraging through Teams / Rewarding Teams & Members / Team Leaders Guide Kit / Team Building Tool kit TEXTBOOK 2009 / 260 Pages / PB / Rs. The concept of team building refers to the process of establishing and developing a greater sense of collaboration and trust between team members. and incorporates the invaluable practical experiences of practicing managers. New Delhi Human beings exhibit some characteristic behavior patterns in groups. academicians. adaptation and redesigning according to the situational needs. principles and applications of specific behavioural disciplines to provide an in-depth understanding of the subject. Founder Director. Part I contains Management Games. a predictable result. experiment and take calculated risks for business objectives. Management Exercises.

1999 / 242 Pages / PB / Rs. Professional and HR Institutes of Indian as well as foreign Universities with specific focus on the requirements of UP Technical University. Recent trends in the field of personal growth – Moulding the Personality Pattern. the increased level of competition by the multinational corporations has put a lot of pressure on the Human Resource functions in domestic firms to prepare and develop their employees so that they can compete with the global firms in skills. Attitudes and Job Satisfaction / Learning and Behaviour Modification / Basic Motivation Concepts / Job Design. You may have everything but still remain at the bottom of the corporate ladder if you do not convert your strengths into opportunities and do not put your resources to best use. Personal Effectiveness. The book covers almost the entire syllabus of Management. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-760-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2009 / 700 Pages / PB / Rs. Since liberalization of the economic policies.human resource management Organisational Behaviour V S P Rao Personal Growth and Training & Development MADHURIMA LALL SHEETAL SHARMA Successful companies are known by what they achieve rather than what they have. practical aspects of organisational life have been highlighted. 225 ISBN: 81-7446-446-8 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK TEXTBOOK 24 . 375 ISBN: 978-81-7446-747-8 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK Human Resource Management N K SINGH Strategies for Performance Management CONTENTS INCLUDE: Human Resource Management/Job Description: Analysis & Evaluation/ Human Resource Planning – Concept & Process/Recruitment & Selection/Performance Appraisal/Training & Development (T & D)/ Wages & Compensation/Discipline & Grievance in Industry/ Counseling & Mentoring/Collective Bargaining/Workers’ Participation in Management/Conflicts in Industry/Career & Succession Planning/ Industrial Dispute. have also been critically examined. Creativity and Innovation / Human Resource Policies and Practices / Management of Change / International Organisational Behaviour / Index Personal Growth and Development play an integrated role in the growth and development of an economy. – have also been included in the book. Transactional Analysis (TA). The ethical and moral issues. Roles of Symbols of Self. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Personality / The Personality Pattern / Roles of Symbols of Self / Moulding the Personality Pattern / Persistence and Change / Psychodynamic Theories of Personality / Psychometric Theories of Personality / Transactional Analysis (TA) / Personal Effectiveness / Personality Determinants / Evaluation of Personality / Training / Types of Training and Training Process / Understanding the Process of Learning / Learning in Training / Learning Organisation and Organisational Learning / Training Need Assessment / Designing Training Programme / Training Methods / Evaluation of Training Programmes 2009 / 572 Pages / PB / Rs. etc. The fundamental concepts of personal growth and their applications have been explained in a very simple and lucid way. This book extensively covers all the aspects relating to personal growth and development in an organization. Companies that have been able to understand the dynamics of human behaviour and have used that power to build want-satisfying products and services have a great story to tell. efficiency and effectiveness. NITTIE. Wherever necessary. Live corporate examples have been inserted to enrich the contents. Mumbai CONTENTS INCLUDE: Overview of Human Resource Management/Conceptual Approach to Performance Management/Determinants of Job Performance/ Personality and Job Performance/Antecedents of Job Performance in Two Organizations/Selection/Training and Development/ Performance Appraisal/Compensation/Career Development/ Enhancing Potential of Individuals and Teams/Creating High Performance Organizations 2005 / 236 Pages / PB / Rs. 175 ISBN: 81-7446-160-4 / 71/4x91/2 DINESH K SRIVASTAVA. This book tries to highlight the timetested principles of human behaviour in a simple and easy-to-understand style. This book is for the students of management and is equally useful for the management practitioners and corporate people who recognize the importance of Human Resource in their organizations and want to learn the management of their workforce more effectively. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Nature and Importance of Organisational Behaviour / OB: The Emerging Challenges / Approaches to Organisational Behaviour / Foundations of Individual Behaviour / Personality / Perception and Individual Decision-making / Ethics and Social Responsibilities / Values. Employee Participation and Alternative Work Arrangements / Foundations of Group Behaviour / Teams and Team Work / Communication / Leadership / Contemporary Issues in Leadership / Power and Politics / Conflict and Negotiation / Foundations of Organisation Structure / Organisational Culture. surrounding human behaviour.

today.human resource management International Human Resource Management DR. in terms of a function. Visakhapatnam The intention of this book is to portray the various factors that are connected with managing Human Resources in International Business. This book has sought to address some of the issues that relate to IHRM. web-based exercises are some of the additional features of the book. JYOTSNA BHATNAGAR. 595 ISBN: 81-7446-502-2 / 71/4x91/2 25 . Human Resource and Organisation Behaviour. Challenges and Theoretical Developments /Cultural Dimensions of HRM /Case Studies Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 408 Pages / PB / Rs. this new text on personal effectiveness. chapter highlights have been added at the beginning of each chapter to facilitate the reader to identify the broader areas that may be learnt from a particular chapter. multiple choices. management skills. including those relating to self-development. The approach of this book has been to detail IHRM both. ASHA BHANDARKER all at MDI. relevant case study and list of web references have been also added in this book. Adjunct Professor. through the use of learning aids. It covers key topics in personal development including: Time management Team working Presentation skills Negotiation skills Assertiveness 2009 / 256 Pages / PB / Rs. study skills and coaching. any organization aspiring to participate as a player in international business must develop the knowledge. Relevant diagrammatic representation. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-596-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Personal Effectiveness DIANA WINSTANLEY Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 316 Pages / PB / Rs. Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade. written by a leading author. Conceptual questions. as part of general business of HRM degrees. personal skills. Each chapter also contains detailed references and key terms. MOUSUMI S BHATTACHARYA International Human Resource Management Text and Cases P L RAO. Since the two are inseparable. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-519-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Designed to give students a grounding in personal development and provide a context for their other studies. NILANJAN SENGUPTA DR. CONTENTS INCLUDE: International Context of HRM/Strategic Planning/HRM in International Context: theories and models/Recruitment and Selection/Training and Development/Compensation Management/ Performance Management/Industrial Relations/Role of Culture in IHRM/ Organizational processes influencing IHRM/Role of Global HR Managers/Women Expatriates/International Joint Venture/ Hiring Inpatriate and Expatriate Managers: Choices and Dilemmas for MNCs CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction: Overview /Organisational Structure in MNC and International Dimensions of HRM /International Staffing / Compensation and Benefits /Training and Development / Performance Management in International Organisations / Expatriation and Repatriation /Industrial Relations /Sustaining International Business Operations /Managing People in International Context /Indian Multinational Companies /Issues. as well as a process and the factors or key elements that are attached to them. To make this book reader-friendly. which need to be logically understood by any keen observer of international business. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-766-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Future of Work Mastering Change EDITORS PRITAM SINGH. Gurgaon 2006 / 394 Pages / PB / Rs. Each chapter includes: Learning objectives and a synopsis of content Vignette examples to illustrate or demonstrate key points Self assessment questions to check understanding References and further sources of information The text suggests ways of working and interacting. learning and development. and incorporates research and critical and analytical material in a way that is accessible to all levels. This text seeks to be both comprehensive and accessible. skills and acumen to perceive the subtle nuances that govern the rules of game. is suitable for use on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules.

human behaviour and leaders paradigm in a very concise manner. explaining the linkage between HRD instruments. In such a scenario. reputation and survival. strategic HRD and HRD in international business. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-774-4 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 26 . The central idea of this book has been taken from the model prepared by Prof T V Rao. level of customer service. It explains business dimensions. The third part establishes the link between HRD and organisational effectiveness. This is a complete resource book for CEOs. their enthusiasm. A consistent theme throughout the book is that effective management of organisations requires an understanding of organisational behaviour practice. It seeks to present a realistic view of people working in the organisations. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-731-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Strategic Leadership R K SAHU PRAGYA BHARTI To understand the concept of strategic leadership and leader's competencies.human resource management Essentials of Organisation Behaviour P G AQUINAS Human Resource Development and Organisational Effectiveness KALYANI MOHANTY PADMALITA ROUTRAY The field of Organisation Behaviour is intriguing. Management Students. Throughout this book. Academicians. Trainers and all individuals who want to understand the concept of Strategic Leadership and implement it in the organization. and their sense of fair treatment. the importance of key strategic characteristics of a leader. Managing / Leader as a Coach / Emotional Intelligence for Strategic Leadership / Spirituality: The Emerging Context for Business Leadership / Leaders’ Competencies / Is Your Leadership Effective? / Using Six Sigma to Drive Operational Excellence / Leaders’ Checkpoints and Keys / Leaders' Guide Kit 2009 / 600 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Understanding Strategy and Strategic Leadership / 4Es for a Strategic Leader / Becoming a Strategic Leader / Leaders Paradigm / Understanding Organizational Theories / Understanding Human Behaviour to Lead / Understanding Business Dimensions / Leading with Values / Leadership vs. and professionals to explore Human Resource Management as a branch of study. practitioners. process. Entrepreneurs. emphasizes on 'Leading with Values' and effective leadership. this book has been developed to help the management students and professionals to understand the subject properly and enhance their knowledge about the HRD network within the organization for its effectiveness. this is the guidebook to read. The quality of an organisation’s employees. it has become imperative for the academicians. Success in today’s competitive business environment is increasingly a function of effective human resource management. emotional intelligence for strategic leadership and leader's checkpoints have been discussed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the topic. work and thrive in organisations. The fourth part deals with training as the major instrument of HRD. satisfaction with their jobs. It attempts to provide the basic foundation for practical application of theoretical concepts to the organisations. all have a significant impact on the firm’s productivity. rich and helpful. outcomes and organizational effectiveness to project the subject vividly according to the syllabus and requirements of different universities and institutes. This book is organised and presented in a sequence based on the characteristics common to all organizations. its models and measurement. through its text. Strategic Business Unit Heads. Leadership Consultants. Topics like Motivation. Almost all effective organizations have become careful for the development and utilization of their human resources in order to achieve the goals of the organizations. The book is divided into 9 chapters in all: An Introduction to Organisational Behaviour / Perception / Motivation / Attitudes / Learning and Behaviour Modification / Personality and Conflict in Organisations / Group Dynamics / Leadership / Organisational Change 2009 / 278 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART I Introduction to HRD l HRD Matrix / HRD Climate and Organisational Climate / Line Managers and HRD / Motivational Aspects of HRD / Supervisory Role in HRD System / HRD Audit / Strategic HRD / International HRD PART II Introduction to Organisational Effectiveness / Context for Organisational Effectiveness / Determinants of Organisational Effectiveness / Models of Organisational Effectiveness / Measuring Organisational Effectiveness PART III HRD and Organisational Effectiveness PART IV Training and Human Resource Development 2009 / 278 Pages / PB / Rs. different aspects of HRD. This book is divided into four parts. The first part deals with HRD as a concept. This book is about the ageless topics concerning how we live. The second part defines the concept of organizational effectiveness. Teamwork and Leadership have fascinated us for decades. its growth as an instrument for people’s development. The book. 175 ISBN: 978-81-7446-733-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Modern organizations have widely focused on Human Resources for their success and sustainability. Therefore. Management Professionals.

J K Lakshmipat University. Professional managers and consultants would find this book highly informative and would act as catalyst in fostering and leveraging human resource management systems and strategies in their organizations. Chairperson. readable and comprehensive. Nirma International Conference on Management UPINDER DHAR. J K Lakshmipat University. relevant scenarios/examples/illustrations comprehensive references to the latest literature chapter headings and sub-headings aligned to the structure of the professional standard through and comprehensive contents pages and indexing a glossary of training terms. Each chapter specifically combines the relevant thinking with appropriate real-life evidence. Jaipur 2009 / 730 Pages / PB / Rs. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-711-9 / 71/4x91/2 Designing & Delivering Training DAVID SIMMONDS The book focuses on the blend between theory and practice. Nirma International Conference on Management UPINDER DHAR. techniques and approaches in solving human resource issues and problems in organizational settings and situations to help the present day students to become effective managers of tomorrow. Chairperson. Jaipur 2009 / 612 Pages / PB / Rs. Considering the intensely competitive nature of contemporary business. Chairperson. in order to provide rich insight into the vast and rapidly evolving subject of human resource management. Nirma International Conference on Management NINA MUNCHERJI. Chairperson. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-767-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2009 / 670 Pages / PB / Rs. Instructor Manual Available 2009 / 228 Pages / PB / Rs. It comprehensively covers the syllabi of various Indian management institutes and universities. Nirma International Conference on Management C GOPALAKRISHNAN. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART I: MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES / Historical Overview of Personnel Management / Human Resource Management / International Human Resource Management / Job Analysis. The text is accessible. Job Description and Job Specification / Human Resource Planning / Recruitment and Selection / Employee Socialization / Performance Appraisal and Feedback / Human Resource Development / Training and Development / Job Evaluation / Employee Compensation / Executive Compensation / Mentoring / Employee Retention / Talent Management / HR Audit / HR in Technology-driven Environment / Human Resource Management in Mergers and Acquisitions / PART II: MANAGEMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS / Discipline and Grievance Management / Industrial Relations / Industrial Disputes Management / Participative Management / Collective Bargaining and Negotiation / PART III: PEDAGOGY / PART IV: Practice-Based Templates Creating Wealth through Strategic HR and Entrepreneurship EDITORS C GOPALAKRISHNAN. through the use of pedagogical features. The book has been primarily designed as a textbook for the postgraduate management students. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-699-0 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK 27 . It is enhanced with features including: short. 695 ISBN: 978-81-7446-702-7 / 71/4x91/2 Value Based Management for Organizational Excellence EDITORS SANTOSH DHAR UPINDER DHAR RAJESH K JAIN SAPNA PARASHAR 2009 / 278 Pages / PB / Rs. Director. Director. The entire conceptual framework of the text has been divided into four parts comprising 24 highly informative chapters. 795 ISBN: 978-81-7446-701-0 / 71/4x91/2 Managing Human Resources & Industrial Relations TAPOMOY DEB Student CD Included This book provides a contemporary and comprehensive review of essential HRM and IR concepts and practices. this textbook pays attention to the application of human resource management tools.human resource management Partners in Success Strategic HR and Entrepreneurship EDITORS NINA MUNCHERJI. The contents are self-explanatory and have been logically sub-divided so that the readers can clearly understand the theoretical aspects and applications of the human resource management. It would serve as a valuable teaching aid and repertoire of knowledge resource for the faculty.

Entrepreneurs. The book is divided into six parts: Part A deals with the organisation and its environment. research and practice. A consistent theme throughout the book is that the effective management of organisations requires an understanding of theory. 245 ISBN: 978-81-7446-678-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK In today's globalised era. e-commerce. Part E offers information on the emerging concepts of the organisation structure and design. Part B elucidates the organisation as a system. Part D deals with the dynamic aspects of the organisation. This book is organised and presented in a sequence based on the characteristics common to all the organisations Structure and Processes. Management students. this book incorporates a number of distinctive. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-682-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 28 . 90 ISBN: 81-7446-038-1 / 51/2x81/2 Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 538 Pages / PB / Rs. This book is written in the context of these emerging workplace realities and seeks to present a realistic view of people working in organisations. time-tested and interesting features such as Corporate Insights. To engage the students in the modern world of organisations. Professors of Human Resource Development. Trainers and all those individuals who want to understand the concept of Competency Mapping and implement it in the organization. The book presents the new realities that are not just for managers but for anyone who works in and around the organisations. cases at the end of each chapter and numerous review and discussion questions to enhance their learning and interest. are connected with each other through internet. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Concept of Competency / Competency Mapping Process / Developing Competency Models / Competency Identification / Competency Assessment / 360° Feedback and its Application in Competency Assessment / Assessment Centre and its Application in Competency Assessment / Applications of Competency Mapping / Commonly asked Questions on Competency Mapping / Managerial Competencies with Definitions / Will & Skill Mapping of Manual Workers 2009 / 310 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part A: The Organisation and its Environment: Organisations and Organisational Effectiveness / The Evolution of Organisation Theory / Organisational System in the Global Environment / Organisational Effectiveness and its Measurement Part B: Organisation as a system: Foundations of Organisation Structure / Dimensions of Organisation Structure / Strategic Organisation Design/ Part C: Job and the Design of work: Job and the Design of Work / Basic Challenges of Organisational Design / Designing Organisational Structure / Part D: Organisational change and Managing conflict in organisation: Managing Organisational Change / Organisational Conflict and Intergroup Behaviour / Organisational Power and Politics Part E: Strategy and Structure for the future: Leadership and Empowerment / Building a Learning Organisation / Knowledge Management / Organisational Revitalisation and Emotional Intelligence Part F: Creating and Managing organisational culture: Creating and Managing Organizational Culture / Ethical Values in Organisation / Corporate Governance / Social Responsibility of Business Competency Mapping R K SAHU The book is a complete resource book on Competency Mapping for HR Professionals and Consultants. Co-workers. 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-745-4 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Effective Teamwork MICHAEL WEST 128 Pages / PB / Rs. Part C illustrates job and the design of work. Part F is the concluding part of the book that discusses the organisation culture and ethical values in the organisation. outsourcing and telecom muting have become the new paradigm for organisational functioning.human resource management Managing People strategy for 21st century A K SINGH Organization Structure and Design applications & challenges P G AQUINAS CONTENTS INCLUDE: Section A: Managing People — Strategy for 21st Century / HRD – A Managerial Responsibility / Corporate HRD and Education Sector – Interface / Redefining Role of HRM in Contemporary Business Environment / Quality Circle for HRD / Training for Strategic Advantage in Industry / Culture Building Practices in SAIL / Development of Human Resources – The SAIL Approach / HRD Strategy for 21st Century / HRD Strategies to Ensure a Future – SAIL Perspective / Section B: Managerial Issues in the Context of HRD and Managers / Managing People – Concern and Challenges / Effective Managerial Decision-making / Management of Change / Preparing for the Challenges Ahead: From Good Engineer to Better Manager / Creating Competitive Advantage / Culture of Innovation and Creativity / Section C: Emerging Industrial Environment & Managerial Issues / Indian Industry at Crossroads / Economic Liberalisation – Need to Interface with Multinationals / Knowledge based Industries in India: Lessons and Challenges Ahead / Materials for 21st Century / "Competitiveness – A Compelling Need Today"–for Steel Industry 2008 / 132 Pages / PB / Rs. located at different places/countries.

CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART I: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES /Meaning of Strategic HRD Management /HRD Functions and their Linkages to Business Goals /Strategic Approach to Industrial Relations /HRD as a Profession /HRD Assessment and Audit /PART II: ELECTRONIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (E-HRM) /E-Selection and Recruitment /Virtual Learning Organization /E-Performance Management and Compensation Design /Development and Implementation of HRIS /Designing of HR Portals /Issues in Employee Privacy /PART III: CROSS-CULTURAL HRM /Domestic vs International HRM (IHRM) /Cross-cultural Educational and Training Programmes /Building a Multicultural Organization /Cross-border Merger. 195 ISBN: 81-7446-079-9 / 71/4x91/2 29 . Acquisition and Repatriation /Current Challenges in Outsourcing /PART IV: CAREER AND COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT /Concept of Career and Career Planning /Managing Career Plateau /Strategic Knowledge Management /Competencies and Career Management and Competency-based Compensation /PART V: EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT /Coaching /Counselling /Employees Health and Welfare Programme /Work-related Stress /Self-management and Emotional Intelligence /CASES Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 332 Pages / PB / Rs. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-184-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Appraising & Developing Managerial Performance T V RAO. Symbiosis Institute of International Business. K SURESH KUMAR Organizational Behaviour ARCHANA TYAGI. Director. the new-era HR professional has to resort to developmental activities through mentoring. the present book has been developed by the author considering the different aspects of Strategic HRM. The book is divided into five parts. Independent Consultant. 200 ISBN: 81-7446-169-8 / 51/2x81/2 TEXTBOOK HR can Win DR. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Strategic Management/Goal Setting – A Strategic Path to Success/Strategic Human Resource Management/Reward and Compensation Strategies/Training and Developing Strategies/Performance Management Strategies/Retrenchment Strategies/Human aspects of Strategy Implementation/Managing the Ageing Workforce/ Developing HR as strategic value addition Function This book is interspersed with contemporary Indian cases and experience to fall back on to illustrate the different strategies HR has to play as a business partner. Throughout the world. This book has been divided into eleven chapters. Pune Strategic Human Resource Management and Development RICHARD REGIS. the employees are required to put in extended hours and work in a stressful environment. 175 ISBN: 978-81-7446-614-3 / 61/4x91/2 1998 / 318 Pages / PB / Rs. Regulations and Bonus/ Relevant Features of Some Acts Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 420 Pages / PB / Rs. When speed and alacrity are demanded of all the employees to stay ahead of competition. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering and Technology. Hence. Melvisharam Strategic HRM has gained much attention and has become a topic of global discussion. Strategic HRM has been introduced as a subject in most of the management institutes – more specifically in India. School of Management. Issues in employee privacy in case of virtual organizations have been vividly dealt with. T V Rao Learning Systems. IMT. Mumbai CONTENTS INCLUDE: Industrial Relations: History/ Trade Unionism/Collective Bargaining/Participative Management/Employee Grievances/ Industrial Disputes: Prevention/Disciplinary Proceedings/ Industrial Relations: Settlement/Future Scenario of UnionManagement Relationship/Reports and Bills/Labour Welfare and Social Security/Wage Policy. Ghaziabad 2008 / 128 Pages / PB / Rs. aligning the human resource with the need of the business has been the topic of discussion since quiet some period of time. 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-592-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 1999 / 322 Pages / PB / Rs. coaching. The book explains career planning and development and compensation packages in the context of competencies and balanced scorecard. C. 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-588-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Industrial Relations M ARORA. Keeping all these factors in view. Symbiosis International University. Ahmedabad 1999 / 344 Pages / PB / Rs. stress management and emotional balance.human resource management Strategic Human Resource Management RAJIB LOCHAN DHAR. counseling. Assistant Professor. Looking into this aspect.

ethical and cultural issues associated with appraising executive and employee performance. executive and employee perspectives. The book is enriched with extensive and rich pedagogical tools. methodologies and legal.human resource management Human Resource Management MADHURIMA LALL. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART A: Concepts of Performance Management and Appraisal/Introduction and Approach / Competitive Advantage through Human Resources / Performance Management and Appraisal / Performance Appraisal System / PART B: Antecedents of Performance Appraisal and Management/ Introduction and Approach / Motivation and Organizational Justice / Leadership / Counseling and Mentoring/PART C: Implications of Performance Appraisal and Management/Introduction and Approach / Compensation Management / Career Development / Training and Mobility / Knowledge Management / PART D: Performance Appraisal Case Studies / Introduction and Approach / Relevant Case Studies / PART E: Performance Appraisal Forms and Epilogue: the Final Thought /Introduction and Approach/Employee Appraisal Forms or Executive Appraisal Forms and with Poser TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 396 Pages / PB / Rs. Antecedents and Implications TAPOMOY DEB Salient features of this book are as follows: Deals with global HR trends and practices including global case studies for better comprehension and understanding of the subject. Wage and Salary Administration / Industrial Relations / Industrial Conflict / Human Resource Information System / Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management / Business Process Outsourcing / Human Resource Accounting / Redefining Leadership Styles / Global HR Practices / Improving Cross-cultural Training: Lessons from European and American Managers in Morocco / Managing Mutual Interests in Glocalisation through Market Orientation of Workers’ Skills – A Study on Skilled and Semi-skilled Workforce Arriving in UK / Small Business Learning Networks Growth Rate and Operational Efficiency / Exploring Best Practice HRD in the Small Firm: The Case of the Irish Hotel Sector / Embedded HR-practices in SMEs – How they Enhance Performance and Learning / Explaining Differences in Team Performance: Does Team Learning Behaviour Matter? / The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Organisational Performance / Blended Learning as a Tool for Human Resource Development in a Global Context / Globalisation versus Glocalisation: Implications for HRD TEXTBOOK The book addresses the contemporary concepts. Reader. SAKINA QASIM ZAIDI. HR Accounting. Lucknow. The fundamental concepts of HRM and their applications have been explained in a very simple and lucid manner. It would be highly useful for HR practitioners. and revision points for facilitating easy grasp. management and HR institutes and various enterprises/ organizations. Knowledge Management have also been included in the book. Performance Appraisal and Management Concepts. processes. Business Managers and Management Trainers. ethical and cultural issues. Recent trends in the field of human resources such as 360 degree Appraisal. Faculty of Commerce. programmes. The book covers almost the entire syllabus of HRM of Indian as well as foreign universities. Lucknow University. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-690-7 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available . relevant case studies. numerous diagrams. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-673-0 / 71/4x91/2 Compensation Management text & cases TAPOMOY DEB The book addresses various important frameworks. and contains several caselets of organizational practices. Extensively covers all the Human Resource Functions performed in an organization. Institute of Environment and Management. India. understanding and revision of essential constructs of compensation management. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART A: Compensation Management / Introduction to Compensation Management / Foundation of Compensation Management / PART B: Process of Compensation Management /Compensation and Job Evaluation / Architecture of Compensation Management / Behavioural Dimensions of Compensation Management / PART C: Performance Linked Compensation / Managing Performance / Rewarding Performance / PART D: Compensation Administration / Corporate Considerations in Compensation / PART E: Executive Compensation / Nature of Executive Compensation / Managing Executive Compensation / ‘Epilogue’ The Final Thought / Case Studies / References and Selected Bibliography / Index TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 612 Pages / PB / Rs. Emotional Intelligence. India. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Human Resource Management: An Introduction / Human Resource Planning / Job Analysis and Design / Recruitment and Selection / Performance Appraisal / Training and Development / Job Evaluation and Job Satisfaction / Fringe Benefits and Incentives / Employees Remuneration: Reward Management. HR Outsourcing. It is also highly useful for HR practitioners. Assistant Professor. and numerous caselets of organizational practices for facilitating easy grasp and understanding of essential constructs of performance appraisal and management. policies and strategies for managing compensation and benefits from organizational. The book is enriched with extensive and rich pedagogical tools. Business Managers and Management Trainers. Lucknow. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-685-3 / 71/4x91/2 30 2008 / 416 Pages / PB / Rs. case studies. Applied Economics. It has an exclusive section for advanced studies in research covering the human resource aspect from the global perspective. programmes.

exercises and case studies. especially those which influence HR functions and manpower development aspects. informed. appropriately. HRD Centre. etc. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-643-3 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK This book is an attempt to discuss all the aspects of manpower development issues in technological era. management. to track. measure and develop manpower to sustain in competition. Some key areas explained in this book are – training and development. Finally. HRD forms a major part of human resource management activities in the organizations. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-638-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Training for Development all you need to know R K SAHU. In the absence of a customised textbook in this area of study. Thus. compensation. performance management. utilized and empowered. Feedback and Counselling / Assessment Centre / Succession Planning / Training and Development / Identification of Training Need / Designing of the Training and Development Programme / Implementation of Training and Development Programme / Innovations in Training Techniques / Evaluation of Training and Development Programmes / Transfer of Training / Coaching and Mentoring / Development of a Reliable and Valid HRD Instrument / Index 2008 / 396 Pages / PB / Rs. The third and fourth chapters give an introduction to how HRD plays a role in learning the behavior of employees. in order to be more productive. The book is divided into nineteen chapters and each chapter is backed by illustrations. focusing more on human resource functions. This book has been carefully developed keeping in mind the requirements of all the varied segments that could use this book extensively and specifically for the students who have chosen HR elective and scholars pursuing research in the broad field of HR. It addresses the organizations’ requirement to practice the technology management issues. Rest of the chapters – five to eighteen – deal with various functions of HRD. This will definitely help the readers to refer the source material. Need and Importance of Training/Types of Training/ Role of Stakeholders in Training/Principles of Adult Learning/Understanding the Process of Learning in a Training Programme/Developing an Integrated Approach to Learning in Training Programme/Training Needs Assessment (TNA)/Levels of Training Needs/ Designing Training Programmes/Training Programme Delivery/ Methods of Conducting Training/Developing Audio-visual Materials/Characteristics of High-impact Course Material/Measuring Impact of Training/Levels of Training Impact Evaluation 2005 / 332 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Human Resource Development / HRD: A Conceptual Analysis / An Understanding of Employee Behaviour / Learning and Human Resource Development / Analyzing the Role for Development / Employee Socialization / Performance Management / Performance Review. The book deals with some new-age tools like Balance Scorecard. The first two chapters start with the introduction to the field. 250 ISBN: 81-7446-447-6 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 31 . management of change. if detail reading is required. this book has been developed to understand intricate technological change issues. The book has been written in very simple and easily understandable manner with relevant quoted references from earlier researches in this field. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Globalisation. new skill development issues. Competency Mapping and Knowledge Management Areas which are commonly used in this new-age technology era. trained. marketing and sales to research and development. Technology and Human Resource Issues / Technology and Culture / Technology Management / Changing Technology and New Leadership Skills / Economic Theory of Choice and Employee Benefits / Training and Development / Performance Management Systems / Innovation and New Technology / Balanced Scorecard.human resource management Human Resource Development a researcher’s perspective R KRISHNAVENI Technological Change and Manpower Development DIPAK KUMAR BHATTACHARYYA Human Resource Development (HRD) is fundamental in generating and implementing the tools needed to manage and operate the organization right from the production. This can be done by making people sufficiently motivated. HR Scorecard. The book provides a comprehensive text for HR students. Competency Mapping and Knowledge Management for New-age Technology 2008 / 166 Pages / PB / Rs. managed. New Delhi CONTENTS INCLUDE: Concept of Training/Role. the last chapter brings out a detail methodology of how to develop a validated instrument which could be used for survey research in the HR field.

This book. The book aims to be a thorough study manual for students and a reference guide for HR practitioners. CONTENTS INCLUDE: BLOCK 1:INTRODUCTION/Introduction to Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development/Human Resource Policies and Strategies/ Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)/ BLOCK 2: HUMAN RESOURCE PROCUREMENT/ Productivity. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-468-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 32 . Each unit being a self contained learning module. As a result. The book is intended to cater to the needs of students and budding managers. the changing scenario of market and industries has made this clear that teaching Organizational Behaviour (OB) and Human Resource (HR). It focuses more on building positive industrial relations in an attempt to integrate OB. sexual harassment etc. Human Resource Management. however places HRM in an Indian context with an overview of trends and developments. an attempt has been made to present a broad perspective of the subject to develop a correct perception about it. Some case studies on indusrial relations and new emerging areas like China and South-Asian countries have also been covered in the book. Also. Ghaziabad HRM boasts of a vast literature globally. and Ethics/Trends in International Business/ Organisational Power and Politics Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 536 Pages / PB / Rs. But in a post-industrial society. The book will be extremely useful to the students and researchers in providing practical insights into industrial relations. Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Human Resource Costs. The book also includes some topics on international industrial relations and some burning issues of Indian Business sector like managing contract labour. has no meaning. Theoretical discussions reinforced with Practical examples. Case studies. The book provides a holistic and comprehensive picture of employee relations. readers perceived it as a confrontational concept rather than cooperational. Mathematical illustrations and current statistics further enrich the reader's knowledge and HR skills.human resource management Human Resource Management DIPAK KUMAR BHATTACHARYYA. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-500-6 / 81/2x11 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Management/Planning/Controlling/An Introduction to Human Resources Management/Quality of Working Life/The study of Organisational Behaviour/Learning/Personality/Perception/Motivation/Leadership/Teams/ Communication/Conflict/Organisation Culture/An introduction to 'Transactional Analysis'/Organisation Change and Development/An Introduction to Attitude. the book discusses and debates on topics like Multiskilling. it analyses the basic foundation principles of HRM. Manpower Redundancy. mutual benefits and relationship-building activities. Selection and Induction/ BLOCK 3: DEVELOPMENT/Training and Development/Performance Appraisal and Performance Management Systems/Career Planning and Development/ Skills and Multi-Skilling/BLOCK 4: EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION/Wages and Salary Administration/ BLOCK 5: EMPLOYEE MOBILITY/Promotions and Transfer/BLOCK 6: EMPLOYEE RETENTION/ Employee Motivation/BLOCK 7: SYSTEM AND HR/ Human Resource Information Systems/Human Resource Management Research/Human Resource Costs/Human Resource Accounting and Audit/BLOCK 8: EMPLOYEE RELATIONS/Discipline and Grievance Handling/Trade Unions and Labour/Collective Bargaining/Introduction to Labour Laws/BLOCK 9: EMERGING ISSUES/ International Human Resource Management/Current Trends in Human Resource Management The notion of Industrial Relations (IR) developed as a countervailing force to contain the exploitative designs of employers. Existing literature on industrial relations is either lopsided or sketchy. conflict resolution. IISWBM. Scenario analysis and Role-play lend an analytical perspective into the HRM theory. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Background to Industrial Relations / Evolution of Industrial Relations in India / Changing Profiles of Major Stakeholders of Industrial Relations in India / Management of Conflicts in Industry / Positive Employee Relations / Miscellaneous Burning Topics in Industrial Relations / International Dimension of Industrial Relations Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 552 Pages / PB / Rs. It is designed keeping in mind the MBA and BBA curriculum of Universities & Management Institutes. worldwide. keeping in view the need for international issues. Therefore. A book written with a simplistic and fundamental approach. some overlapping issues have been rediscussed in brief to help the readers understand the interrelation. Kolkata second edition second edition Industrial Relations Emerging Paradigms B D SINGH. HR and IR into a monolithic whole. Professor. Technology and HRM/Job Analysis and Job Design/Human Resource Planning/Human Resource Planning Process/Recruitment. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-619-8 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Management and Organizational Behaviour JAYANTEE (MUKHERJEE) SAHA Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 680 Pages / PB / Rs. IMT. without keeping Industrial Relations in view.

New Delhi C S VENKATA RATNAM. Professors of Human Resource Development & Management Students. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-642-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK A complete guide for HR Professionals & Consultants. New Delhi This book deals with different conceptual aspects of conflict and its effective management. IMI. Through negotiation people deal with differences. Enterpreneurs. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-757-7 / 71/4x91/2 Strategies for Organizational Excellence EDITED BY: V K JAIN. National HRD Centre. The part of the book dealing with negotiation. 295 ISBN: 81-7446-395-X / 51/2x81/2 2009 / 354 Pages / PB / Rs. The most popular and effective style of resolving conflict is through dialogue. Director (MCA). Indore Performance Measurement and Management EDITED BY G K SURI. consciously or unconsciously. Trainers and all individuals who want to understand the concept of Performance Management System & Implement it in the organisation. 250 ISBN: 81-7446-512-X / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK HR through Case Studies RAVI DHARMARAO 2009 / 142 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part I Managing Conflict / Concept and Importance of Conflict / Organization as Network of Relations and Conflicts / Nature of Conflict / Sources of Conflict / Processes and Dynamics of Conflict / Classification of Conflict / Strategy and Management of Conflict / Part II Managing Negotiation / Managing Negotiation / Planning for Negotiation / Strategies and Tactics of Negotiation / Negotiating Processes / The Third Party Intervention – Litigation/ Conciliation/Arbitration / Role of Power in Negotiation / Role of Communication / Role of Influencing Style in Negotiation / Cross-cultural Dimension of Negotiation / Glimpses into Some Aspects of International Negotiation / Ethics and Negotiation / Negotiating with Prospective Employer / Some Suggested Practices to be Followed in Negotiation / Part III Relevant Cases / Relevant Cases 2008 / 298 Pages / PB / Rs. which they do. Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies. which will provide useful insight on the theoretical and conceptual aspects to the students. IMI. takes care of the details about different aspects of negotiation — strategies.I / PMS in Action. throughout their lives. preparations. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-784-3 / 71/4x91/2 33 .human resource management Managing Conflict and Negotiation B D SINGH Performance Management System R K SAHU. processes and multicultural and ethical dimensions related to it. N K GUPTA 2004 / 322 Pages / PB / Rs.II / Index 2006 / 284 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Performance Management System (PMS) – An Overview / Performance Appraisal / The Goals Oriented PMS Cycle / Essential Features of Effective Performance Management System / Tried and Tested Tips for Performance Management of People / Organizational Goal Linked Performance Appraisal Model / A Model Performance Appraisal Format / Action Planning After Goal Setting / Performance Appraisal System for Supervisory Staff (SS) and General Staff (GS) and Shop Floor Workers / Performance Feedback / How to Improve the Effectiveness of Performance Management by Overcoming the Root Cause of the Problem / Concepts of Rewards in Organizational Context / Performance Appraisal Linked Annual Salary Increments / Performance Appraisal Linked Career Planning and Promotion Policy / Performance Linked Remuneration System: Innovative Approaches / Performance Linked Annual Salary Increments of Shopfloor Operatives / Diagnosing Performance Problems / Appraising Individuals in Cross-Functional Teams / Appraisal Blues / Corporate Performance Management: What Finance must do to Move the Needle / Ten Ways to Take the “Success” out of Succession Planning / The Conditions of Performance: Factors that Help or Hinder / 360 Performance Appraisal / The True Value of Hiring and Retaining Top Performers / How Effective is your Organisation in Performance Management / Are your Evaluations Linking Rewards to Performance? / PMS in Action. The book contains live cases. which is popularly known as negotiation. Director. The book will go a long way in meeting with the requirements of the management students by providing consolidated material on the subject.

will be useful for the budding trainers. RCM. Research and Cases HRD Solutions for Excellence G PANDU NAIK Enriching Human Capital through Training and Development P L RAO This book is a pioneering work to understand the HRD function from basic to advanced level and its application for adding value to business. This comprehensive book covers all aspects of training and development—starting from conceptual inputs to management of training environment. People want to study at their own pace and time. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Training and Development/Theories of Adult Learning/Needs Analysis of Training/Design and Development/Implementation/Training Evaluation/Teaching and Facilitation Skills/Selection and Training of Trainers/ Training Aids/Legal and Ethical Issues in HRD/Classroom Methods/Outward Bound Methods/E-learning/Community Camp/On the Job Methods/Coaching for Performance Improvement/Mentoring/ Executive Coaching for Leadership/ Developmental Job Assignment/Employee Counselling/Higher Education for Employed People HR is now considered as human capital and much importance is given to the development and training of this unique resource. and the last part containing eleven Appendices relating to the Text. The one area in HR that found global visibility is training. The book is divided into four parts—Training and Development. Apart from the text the research findings and the case studies bring immense value to the reader.2008 Training and Development Text. This comprehensive compendium on training and development.human resource management Recipient of ISTD Book Award. it is imperative that business organisations should develop their own internal resources for training and development of their workforce. Bhubaneshwar 2008 / 282 Pages / PB / Rs. This aspect has been suitably taken care of in this book. The text focuses not only on the traditional training methods. most organizations ignore development and training of operatives who constitute the bulwark of their human capital. HR practitioners and academicians alike. Evaluation of Training. instructor’s competencies. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-611-2 / 71/4x91/2 The Performance Connection DENNIS DEWILDE GEOFF ANDERSON 2007 / 222 Pages / PB / Rs. but also on the importance of development dimensions. While giving stress on management development. Attempt has been made to present the subject in a succinct and lucid manner. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-563-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 518 Pages / PB / Rs. to mention a few should be presented to line managers. tables and charts have also been used in the book to help the reader for easy understanding. Sufficient number of pictures. IT based training. The exciting development area is therefore e-learning. Training Delivery. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Training and Development/Training Needs Assessment/All about Learning/Effective Trainer: Instructor’s Competencies/Management of Training Environment/Training Methods with Illustrations/Effectiveness and Evaluation of Training/ Development Discussions on Human Resource/New Areas in Training and Development/Organisation of Training/Strategic Training with Reference to Strategic Human Resource Management 2007 / 370 Pages / PB / Rs. Training has a direct relationship to HR’s concern about human capital development and globalisation of workforce. sprinkled with copious examples. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-568-9 / 61/4x91/2 34 . The simple language and relevant examples used in this book enhances understanding even the most difficult concepts. bringing the latest on the subject. Keeping the above developments in view. transfer of learning. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-565-8 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Globalization and Human Resource Management SUJATA MANGARAJ.

Compensation management is a vast and dynamic discipline which seeks to bridge the longstanding gap in the Indian context of a quality and comprehensive textbook on compensation management. IISWBM. This book will be of immense helps to students as well as practicing managers. In the same way. This book fills the gap. employees want to bargain for the best pay package along with the career opportunities and better work culture from the employer. Tax Plan etc. and Job Evaluation/HRP. Promotions and Job Rotation/Human Resource Information Systems/Human Resource Costs/Human Resource Accounting and Audit/Emerging Trends and Issues in HRP Compensation and Reward Management B D SINGH. Performance Linked Compensation and Variable Compensation. Development and Succession Planning/Training and Performance Appraisal/Skills and Multi Skilling/HRP. Kolkata Compensation Management is an emerging discipline in the human resource management field which intends to leverage compensation as a key resource to gain and sustain competitive advantage by organizations in a globalized economy. C & R becomes very important and strategic in human resource management. corporate practitioners also like to get some insight to the nitty-gritty of HRP. Ghaziabad Compensation and Reward Management remains one of the most critical issues of human resource management from the standpoints of both the employer and the employees. The employer wants to offer the most attractive pay package in order to attract the most talented employees from the market and at the same time wants to keep his compensation cost under control. manpower redundancy has become so common that it is no more catching the attention of media. teachers and professionals at the same time. Technology and HRP/Job Analysis. Recruitment. Transfer. which provide opportunities to the students for developing practical insight in the subject. including the concept of three P-compensation system. The book aims to fulfill the need for MBA course on HRP and also for the practitioners as a reference manual to help successful HRP practice in organizations. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Compensation Management / Theories related to Compensation Management / Job Analysis / Job Evaluation / Performance Appraisal / Performance-related Pay / Person Based Compensation / Wage Differentials / Wage Fixation / Pay Design and Pay Structure / Executive Compensation / International Compensation Management / Compensation Management: Strategic Perspective 2008 / 210 Pages / PB / Rs. Therefore. BHATTACHARYA NILANJAN SENGUPTA second edition Human Resource Planning D K BHATTACHARYYA. Expatriate Compensation. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-696-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Human Resource Planning has globally become a much discussed issue. the present book has been developed by the author considering the different aspects of HRP. Theoretical base—both economic and behavioral. Throughout the world. Description. Some of the special features of the book are: Conceptual dimension of C & R and its emerging trends. This book precisely provides this in a simple and effective manner. Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 464 Pages / PB / Rs. Traditional and emerging pay structures. It is highly useful for management students. The student must know the basics and fundamentals of compensation and reward management and the emerging trends. There has been no comprehensive book in this area in the Indian context. Micro and Macro perspectives of C & R. Apart from this. The book provides live cases from industries. IMT.human resource management Compensation Management MOUSUMI S. India is also no exception to this. 295 ISBN: 81-7446-546-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 35 . 295 ISBN: 81-7446-498-0 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 380 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Human Resource Management/Human Resource Policies and Strategies/Strategic Human Resource Planning/Human Resource Planning/Human Resource Planning Process/Productivity. We really do not have adequate literature in HRP—more specifically to Indian situations. Many management institutions and universities have now included HRP as a core paper for their MBA curriculum. Selection and Induction/Career Planning. Managerial Pay including CEO's Compensation. Keeping all these factors in view.

time tested and interesting features for students as well as new and innovative features. Values.New Frontiers/ International HRM Instruction Manual (CD) for faculty members available on request. 750 / ISBN: 81-7446-374-7 PB / Rs. 350 ISBN: 81-7446-474-3 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK 36 .human resource management second edition Organisation Behaviour P G AQUINAS.VII Modern Human Resource Management/Human Resource Process/Quality Management/HRM In New Technology/PART-VIII HRM . Learning objectives focus student attention on upcoming chapter content and show what happens to the manager or organization. Policies and Roles / HRM in a Dynamic Environment / Job Analysis / Human Resource Planning / Recruitment / Selection / Placement. Managing Director. 350 ISBN: 81-7446-448-4 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK Comprehensive Human Resource Management P L RAO. Internal Mobility and Separations / Training / Executive Development / Career and Succession Planning / HRD in India / Job Design. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART 1 FOUNDATIONS OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR/An Introduction to Organizational Behaviour/Issues and Research Methods in Organizational Behaviour/A Conceptual Model for Organizational Behaviour/ PART 2 INDIVIDUAL PROCESSES AND B E H AV I O U R / Pe r s o n a l i t y / Pe rc e p t i o n . The book contains a number of informative tables. Numerous review and discussion questions follow each chapter. A notable feature of the book is that it gives extensive coverage to HRD topics. 275 / ISBN: 81-7446-373-9 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 424 Pages / PB / Rs. Polar Management Services (P) Ltd CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART-I Introduction/Human Resource Management/PART-II Human Resource Acquisition/Human Resource Planning/Recruitment/Employee/Socialising the New Employee/PART-III Human Resource Maintenance/Compensation Management/ Understanding And Maintaining HR/PART-IV Human Resource Integration/ Integration/People Skills/PART-V Human Relations/Employee Relations/Industrial Relations/PART-VI Development & Evaluation of HR/Education/Training/ Development/PART. growing discipline – well supported by a wealth of research data collected from multifarious sources. PGDBA. lucid and easily understandable style. summary boxes and useful diagrams. It provides a comprehensive coverage to a vast. These questions are designed to enhance student learning and interest. Audit and Research / Human Resource Accounting and Information System / Job Stress. CONTENTS INCLUDE: The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management / Personnel Management: Functions. Ethics and Job Satisfaction/ Basic Motivation Concepts/Motivation in Organizations/Learning and Performance Management/Stress and Well-being at Work/ PART 3 GROUP BEHAVIOUR/Foundations of Group Behaviour/The Informal Organization and Understanding Work Teams/ Communication/Leadership/Behavioural Aspects of Decision Making/Organizational Conflict and Inter-group Behaviour/ Organizational Power and Politics/PART 4 THE ORGANIZATION SYSTEM/Foundations of Organization Structure/Strategic Organization Design/Job and the Design of Work/ Organizational Culture/PART 5 ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS/Managing Change/Organization Development Instructor Manual Available 2005 / 710 Pages / PB / Rs. These features should facilitate the students' acquisition and retention of the material. Aloysius Institute of Business Administration (AIBA). 2004 / 344 Pages / 71/4x91/2 HB / Rs. Cases at the end of the chapter provide students an opportunity to apply their knowledge in making managerial decisions and recommendations. Counselling and Mentoring / International Human Resource Management / Index Some Distinctive Pedagogical Features: Organizational Behaviour offers a number of distinctive. St. The book is primarily meant for students pursuing advanced courses in Human Resource Management such as MBA. M Com and IAS. Work Scheduling and Motivation / Job Evaluation / Performance and Potential Appraisal / Compensation Administration / Incentives and Employee Benefits / Health and Safety / Employee Welfare / Social Security / Teams and Team Work / Employee Grievances and Discipline / Collective Bargaining / Participation and Empowerment / Trade Unions and Employers’ Associations / Industrial Relations and Industrial Disputes / Personnel Records. It is also liberally sprinkled with current examples and illustrations designed to convey the information in an uncomplicated manner. Mangalore Human Resource Management text and cases V S P RAO The book presents the fundamentals of Human Resource Management in a simple. Attribution and Individual Decision Making/ Attitudes. Induction. potently and carefully. Aloysius College.

350 ISBN: 81-7446-414-X / 51/2x81/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction for New Entrants/Building Self-Confidence/Goal Setting/Planning to Win/Prospecting . TVRLS has developed its own models of competency and leadership building (RSDQ) through 360 Degree Assessment. is a powerful technique pioneered in India by TV Rao Learning Systems.human resource management second edition insurance A Textbook on Principles & Practice of Life Insurance G KRISHNASWAMY Volume One 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Management System EDITORS: T V RAO. is an indispensable corollary and companion to the second volume. 2002 / 268 Pages / PB / Rs. and Mergers & Acquisitions In-house Work by Organizations without outside Assistance These vital issues explored in elaborate detail in this book will be appreciated not only by practicing HR professionals and senior executives. The book should ideally be possessed by the employees of every Life Insurance company besides helping the MBA students to acquire the working knowledge in Life Insurance. to impart extensive knowledge in each subject.Finding Gold in the Rocks/Pre-Approach/Entry/The Presentation/Objection Handling/ Negotiation/Closing/After Sales Service/ From the Internet/Quick Comparisons of some of the life Insurance Plans of LIC and some other Companies/Customer Psychology/ A Day in the life of an Insurance Professional 2006 / 212 Pages / PB / Rs. 200 ISBN: 81-7446-315-1 / 51/2x81/2 TEXTBOOK 360 Degree Feedback and Assessment & Development Centres EDITORS: T V RAO. NANDINI CHAWLA Volume Three Sell Crores Earn Lakhs how to sell life insurance for high income S M DEVADASON 360 Degree Feedback. Spurred on by the threats and opportunities of global competition. Information Technology. 360 ISBN: 978-81-7446-712-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK This is competency era. the third and last in the series. who has been associated with the Life Insurance industry for almost half a century. / Legislative Matters / Financial Planning and Insurance Marketing 2009 / 312 Pages / PB / Rs. 360 Degree Feedback. How do you know if you have competent people? How do you know if you are one of them? 360 degree Assessment and Feedback has come to be accepted as a good tool for competency assessment and leadership building. This book. linking 360 degree feedback with performance management and finally pay strategies. focuses inter alia on: Assessment Centres New Case Studies Pertaining to Top Indian Corporates Critical essays pertaining to Competency Mapping. 2005 / 352 Pages / PB / Rs. Organizations with competent people are likely to go ahead. in mapping the terrain and the strategies needed to compete. Investment and Solvency Margin / Life Insurance Underwriting / Insurance Documents. who have over the last five years applied this very successfully to many of India's large companies. 2000 / 306 Pages / PB / Rs. etc. This volume. RAJU RAO This book has a comprehensive coverage of 360 degree feedback. 295 ISBN: 81-7446-206-6 / 51/2x81/2 TEXTBOOK Volume Two 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Management System EDITORS: T V RAO. RAJU RAO. 195 ISBN: 81-7446-513-8 / 61/4x91/2 37 . companies are now focusing on developing talented leaders. Maturity Claim and Death Claim / Office Management. in as much as the focus is on Leadership Development. GOPAL MAHAPATRA. This book is the outcome of the experience shared at the second conference on 360 Degree Feedback and performance insights into how Indian Organization are using 360 DF and PMS to improve themselves. but also by management students. CONTENTS INCLUDE: History of Insurance and Insurance Contract / Distribution Channel / Life Insurance Products / Concept of Premium. Assessment Centres. NANDINI CHAWLA This book is an effort by the author. one of the most urgently felt needs of the Corporate sector. often used in tandem with Assessment and Development Centres. The primary objective of TVRLS in compiling this book is to encourage more indigenous innovations and enhance learning through mutual sharing. performance management system. Conditions and Privileges / Survival Benefit Claim.

CONTENTS INCLUDE: The Concept of Risk/The Evolution and Meaning of Insurance/Essentials of Insurance Contracts/Risk Appraisal and Selection/Premium/Classification of Insurance/Basics of Life Insurance/Life Insurance Documents/Classification of Life Insurance Policies/Annutities/ Claims Management in Life Insurance/Principles of General Insurance/General Insurance Business/Fire and Motor Insurance/Nature of Marine Insurance Contract/Marine Losses/Reinsurance/Information Technology. 175 ISBN: 978-81-7446-818-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Principles of Insurance Management A Special Focus on Developments in Indian Insurance Sector — Pre and Post Liberalisation NEELAM C GULATI. Such changes can be introduced through technological innovations. In an attempt to make the book more practical. This book will be of benefit to students appearing for various diplomas in insurance as well as to the insurance industry professionals at large. BBA and other diploma course in management. Second Part (Chapter 3 to Chapter 6) includes Marketing Mix and Strategies for these mixes. The main focus areas of the book are International Negotiation and Impact of different cultures on negotiation. for the purpose of reaching a joint agreement about differing needs or ideas. the Key to Success of Insurance Services/Insurance Distribution in India/Ethics in Insurance Distribution/Loss Prevention and Control Marketing Strategy ANIL MISHRA AMIT MISHRA This book emphasises specifically at marketing strategy and. This book is divided into four parts: First part (Chapter 1&2) deals with the understanding of Marketing Strategies and Market Research. This book would prove to be a reliable source of material on the subject of marketing management containing some of the old and familiar terms. It is becoming an important function in today’s scenario. Also. which will provide sound basics in learning negotiation skills. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Negotiation / Types of Negotiation / Preparing for Negotiation / Organisational Structure—The Interface for Negotiation / Impact of Culture on Negotiation / International Negotiation / Negotiation . Competitor Analysis. The analytical approach to understanding the counterparty perspective and the issues offers many practical guidelines that will be of great benefit for any negotiation situation. Programme Director. In Negotiation and Selling R K SRIVASTAVA marketing Negotiation is the process of communicating back and forth. The successful implementation of the marketing mix leads to satisfaction of customer wants and needs and increases the likelihood of achieving an organisation’s objectives in the market place. Exclusive ICWAI Study Centre. the strategy concerning the formulation and implementation of the marketing mix.How Can it be taught Effectively to Students? (Article) / Understanding Culture in International Negotiations Case Studies: Applications in Negotiation 2010 / 202 Pages / PB / Rs. a lot of research-based articles have been incorporated in the text. firms can successfully adapt themselves to the new situation by modifying current marketing and other functional programmes. This book presents a broad perspective of the subject to develop a correct perception about it.e. When changes in the market and the marketing environment are incremental in nature. changes in legal regulations. The book would prove to be an excellent developmental tool. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Marketing and Strategy: A Modern Prospect / Researching Markets and the Consumer Base / Product Strategies / Pricing Strategies / Promotion Mix / Place Mix Strategies / Assessing the Capabilities of Competitors / Understanding the Requirements of Consumers / Mapping the Competency Profile of the Company / Identifying the Market Structure and Trends / Marketing Environment 2010 / 332 Pages / PB / Rs. The book conforms to the syllabi of most of the Indian universities and would serve as a useful text for the students of MBA. Third Part (Chapter 7 to Chapter 9) carries 3 C Analysis i. 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-831-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 338 Pages / PB / Rs. Fourth Part (chapter 10 and 11) includes recent trends of market structure and environment. in particular. economic and financial constraints or any change in environmental conditions. Faridabad This book is a comprehensive insight into basics of insurance and types of insurance with a special focus on the life insurance industry. This book discusses the nature and formulation of business and marketing strategy and point to the need for marketing strategy management in order to carry it out. This book has been written keeping in mind mainly the interest of students pursuing specialization in insurance both at graduate and postgraduate level. It also carries 10 caselets to make topics more clear. 250 ISBN: 81-7446-556-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 38 . Customer Analysis and Company Analysis. it outlines the nature of the marketing management process that is involved. The book describes the basic types of negotiation and seems to incorporate the best means to derive a win-win situation in its totality of expression. changes in customer tastes..

Store/Mall Management. all this is the outcome of a large number of external and internal influences. Social and Ethical Issues / Client and Advertising Agency / Marketing Communications / Source. This book would be relevant to the Indian students as it contains lots of Indian examples. internet and event management. common sense. Integration is the key to success. Padmashree Dr. Appeals. & Layout / Planning Advertising Campaign / Testing Advertising Effectiveness / Sales Promotion 2010 / 480 Pages / PB / Rs. Retailing in Financial Services. Message and Channel Factor / Advertising Objectives and Budgeting / Message and Creativity / Advertising Headlines / SECTION-III / Media Planning and Strategy / Support Media / Evaluation of Media / SECTION-IV / Direct Marketing / Sales Promotion / Event Management / Public Relation. Image and Personality / Advertising Objectives and Budget Allocation / Media Planning / Creativity. The book is divided into two sections. It is almost impossible to predict with total accuracy how consumer(s) will behave in a given situation. personal selling. Graphic. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-835-2 / 71/2x91/2 TEXTBOOK Retail Management An Indian Perspective R GOPAL PRADIP MANJREKAR The Department of Business Management. On the other hand. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-844-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK This book deals individually with various communication tools as well as how they could be combined to get optimum results. motivations. Retail Shoppers Behaviour. Patil University. It will provide a good platform for dissemination of the additional knowledge generated in this field by various investigators. public relations. CONTENTS INCLUDE: SECTION-I / An Introduction to Advertising / Role of IMC in Marketing Process / Role of Advertising Agencies & Other Marketing Communication Organizations / The Communication Process / Perspective on Consumer Behaviour / SECTION-II / Source. Headline. Functions and Benefits / Economic. The first part deals with the aspects of Consumer Behaviour and the second part consists of the topics of Advertising and Marketing Communication. Evaluation and Control / Economic. sales promotion. The major factors affecting the sale of a product are advertising. Visual Merchandising. Marketers develop and direct their communications to influence consumers’ behaviour in a desired manner and for this reason they are keenly interested in the wide variety of behaviours that consumers display. had organised a one day International Research Conference on Retail Management. In an attempt to meet the students’ requirements. 850 ISBN: 978-81-7446-813-0/ 71/4x91/2 39 . This book is a result of the inputs made by some of the enthusiastic researchers. their attitudes and second edition Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Communication S H H KAZMI Advertising An IMC Perspective S N MURTHY U BHOJANNA Over the years. This book is a compilation of the selected 64 research papers. Their behaviour springs from deeply held cultural values. Research papers presented in this seminar have addressed the issues of e-retailing. This book would help the readers to understand the different aspects of advertising in a better way. Social and Ethical Implications of Advertising / Regulation of Advertisement / SECTION-V / Industrial Advertising / International Advertising / Advertising Art. The book has deliberated upon some of the current issues to draw viable solutions and to suggest the ways to fortify research in Retail areas for win-win outcomes. direct marketing. Equal importance has been given to each of these factors in this book. Navi Mumbai. 2010 / 684 Pages / PB / Rs. Every effort has been made to make the book student friendly and the text is easy to comprehend. consumers are moved by a complex set of deep and subtle emotions. the complexity and competition in the marketplace have made the study of consumer behaviour of vital importance. Layout and Visualization / Merchandising / CASE STUDIES / Case-1 It is simply not a Jam — It’s a GEM / Case-2 Ad campaign for a young consumer / Case3 Mumbai Stores / Case-4 Crest TV manufacturing company / Case-5 Energy Booster – Malt / Case-6 Ad Agency / Case-7 Situation Analysis 2010 / 458 Pages / PB / Rs. perceptions of the world. As one can imagine. Message and Medium Factors / Positioning / Brand Equity. this book discusses the topics of advertising and sales promotion in sufficient detail. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Section I: Consumer Behaviour / Consumer Behaviour and its Applications / Market Segmentation / Consumers and Cultural Influences / Social Class Influences and Consumer Behaviour / Group Influences and Consumer Behaviour / Communication within Groups and Opinion Leadership / Innovations and the Diffusion Process / Motivation / Personality / Perception / Learning / Attitude Formation and Change / Situational Variables and Problem Recognition / Information Search and Evaluation / Outlet Selection and Purchase Behaviour / Post Purchase Behaviour / Consumer Behaviour Models (Nicosia. Howard-Sheth and EKB) / Organisational Buyer Behaviour / Section II: Advertising and Marketing Communication / Advertising / Advertising Classification. etc. Publicity and Corporate Advertising / Personal Selling / Web Advertising: Internet and IMC / SECTION-V / Monitoring. impulse or whimsy. Throughout the text. D. Y. Execution Styles. It is a vast and complex subject and understanding and ‘knowing consumers’ is not that simple. current advertisement examples on important issues are presented.

2010 / 390 Pages / PB / Rs. An important case of this book is the case of Rambhai who runs a tea stall outside IIM-A. Marketing Area of Indian Institute of Management. The book tries to cover all the facets of Services Marketing and can be used as a supplementary book along with any standard Services Marketing textbook. This book also includes cases written by different authors. This book contains 18 selected and edited papers presented in the conference. hospitals. communications and channels. consumer buying behaviour. help the students to get a practical insight into how the service firms manage their business. The academic interest in the subject is created by the challenges that this market holds to marketers in the field. Surge in the publications on rural marketing is an indicator of the growing interest in this emerging domain of knowledge. initiated conferences on the subject to examine the boundaries of rural marketing. environment of rural consumers that included agriculture. therefore. This book is the result of the 2nd conference on ‘Marketing to Rural Consumers’ held in 2009. security. All the case studies are open ended. It aims at generating new streams of ideas on the contemporary field of Rural Marketing. The select papers from the conference are part of this compilation. It can also be used as a core book to understand the different facets of service marketing in a very practical sense and in the Indian Context. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-840-6 / 61/4x91/2 Scope & Challenges of Rural Marketing in India EDITED BY SUMESH RAIZADA VISHAL AGARWAL This book is a compilation of the select papers received for presentation at the National Conference on Rural Marketing organized by the BLS Institute of Management. transportation. film processing. This book is a collection of case studies developed on different service providing firms like hotel. This particular case got a lot of media attention because of its uniqueness. discussing business dilemmas that these organizations are facing. marketing mix strategies. and Developmental Issues. 450 ISBN: 978-81-7446-834-5 / 71/4x91/2 The tertiary sector of the Indian economy–services sector–covers a wide gamut of activities like trading. The cases in this book are based on Medium and Small Service Enterprises. This book will. academicians as well as practitioners. management and technical consultancy among several others. understanding rural consumers. and also the diversity within the rural market have posed a serious challenge to marketers and aroused the intellectual curiosity among academia. real estate. recession. The book would prove to be immensely useful to the researchers. Kozhikode. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-842-0 / 71/4x91/2 40 . experiences as well as research findings of the contributors. scope of ICT. developmental issues and ICTs. This book is expected to explore and bring forth the thought provoking strategies that would assist business organizations in their rural venture. The widely dispersed market and limited infrastructure to access the markets. These papers are organised in two sections: Consumer Behaviour. etc. organized retail. The broad issues discussed in these papers include various sub-themes related to rural markets such as. infotainment. In order to address the need for grouping some of the research on rural marketing. 2010 / 278 Pages / PB / Rs. The papers have been clubbed into four major sections: Rural Retail and Distribution ICT Interface in Rural Markets Rural Marketing Emerging Trends and Opportunities Strategies for the These papers cover wide-ranging aspects of rural marketing and are based on conceptual analysis. hair fixing. Rural Markets Understanding Consumers & Developmental Issues EDITED BY SANAL KUMAR VELAYUDHAN GUDA SRIDHAR Cases in Services Marketing VINITH KUMAR NAIR Rural markets are critical for marketers today because of the market size and the potential that it holds for marketers. banking and finance. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Case 1: Prasad Film Laboratories / Case 2: The Business of “RBK”— A Role to be Understood / Case 3: Rama Varma Club / Case 4: Planet Health: The Next Big Battleground? / Case 5: Hotel Indraprastha / Case 6: Gulf Gate Hair Fixing / Case 7: OLEE Beauty Saloon / Case 8: Coconut Bay Beach Resort / Case 9: Success Story of Koumudi Grameena Netralaya / Case 10: CABEE — Call Taxi Service / Case 11: Cirus Computers / Case 12: Traveller’s Point: Bringing Life to Your Journey… / Case 13: Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences / Case 14: Professional Couriers — A Franchisee Model of Service Delivery / Case 15: Madonna Ladies Collections and Footwears / Case 16: Sri Vinayaka Service Station / Case 17: Rent A Car Services — Paradise Tours 2010 / 104 Pages / PB / Rs. This book intends to fulfill the aim of the contributors to consolidate the knowledge that has evolved over the past years.

Another chapter on Currencies and Foreign Exchange has also been added as it has gained importance in recent times due to a downturn in global financial crisis. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-768-3 / 71/4x91/2 Customer Relationship Management A Key to Corporate Success V VENKATA RAMANA. Chandigarh. Tata Indicom. New cases from companies including DELL. CONTENTS INCLUDE: UNIT I: INTRODUCTION TO TOURISM / Introduction to Tourism / Evolution of Tourism / Implications of Tourism / UNIT II: ORGANISATION AND TOURISM / Tourism Organisation / Indian Tourism Organisation / World Tourism Organisation / UNIT III: TRAVEL AND TOURISM / Introduction to Travel / Modes of Travel / Air Travel Organisation / UNIT IV: ACCOMMODATION AND TOURISM / Hotel Industry / UNIT V: MARKETING AND TOURISM / Introduction to Marketing / Services Marketing Mix / UNIT VI: PLANNING AND TOURISM / Tourism Planning 2009 / 252 Pages / PB / Rs. Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. NAFTA. retailing and the impact of the internet on international marketing and exports. Unit-IV is devoted to explain the role of accommodation in tourism. Free Trade Zones. Joseph's College for Women This is the 4th edition of the book which has been written in response to the continuous and rapid changes in international marketing and the new challenges that are arising. Special Economic Zones. to the extent possible. UNCTAD. Reader and HOD. A new Chapter on India and World Trade has been included in this edition. 195 ISBN: 81-7446-321-6 / 71/2x91/2 Marketing to Rural Consumers Understanding and tapping the rural market potential EDITED BY SANAL KUMAR VELAYUDHAN GUDA SRIDHAR 2009 / 366 Pages / PB / Rs. Customs Union. The coverage of WTO starts from GATT to WTO to Doha Round which is highly controversial and damaging for the developing countries especially Agreement on Agriculture. with real life examples. Associate Professor and HOD. TRIPS and GATS. It is well-designed to cover the basic concepts required for the UG and PG level students to understand the process of tourism management and its ingredients. Principal. logistics. SAFTA and EU / Constraints on International Marketing – Fiscal and Non-Fiscal Barriers. Basically it covers the World Trade Organisation which is very rare in the books on international marketing. 400 ISBN: 978-81-7446-720-1 / 71/2x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2010 / 618 Pages / PB / Rs. Dept. There is an increased coverage of the two most important emerging markets of the 21st century. of Business Administration. This book comprehensively covers both international marketing and a part of export management with a focus on marketing decisions and management processes involved in exporting and not simply a ‘how to’ give treatment of technical export fourth edition International Marketing P K VASUDEVA. Unit-V explains the marketing of tourism products. University of Hyderabad G SOMAYAJULU 2003 / 392 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to International Marketing / Economic Environment of International Marketing / Dynamics of World Market: Identifying and Satisfying Global Needs. 375 ISBN: 978-81-7446-817-8 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK 41 . Unit-VI deals with exploring the avenues of growth and government initiatives to develop the sector. Simple language is deliberately chosen to reach the average student and illustrations are provided. Raghu Engineering College V B T SUNDARI. Economic Communities. IMF. Common Markets. supply chain management. Hero Honda. Commodity Agreements and GSP / India and World Trade / EXIM Policy / Foreign Trade Policy: 2004-2009 and 2009-2014 / International Product Policy and Planning / Pricing Policy / Logistic Management. The book would prove to be very useful and rewarding for the student community and faculty interested in the subject of tourism management. China and India. RP Group of Live Sciences. The entire gamut of tourism management is adequately covered spreading into Six Units. Unit-I covers the introduction to tourism management and advent of tourism at the international and domestic levels. Unit-III analyses the significance of travel and its components. PricewaterhouseCoopers and Microsoft will help students to apply the theory. The latest Foreign Trade Policy 2009-2014 has also been included in this edition which has become important due to global recession. including increased coverage of cultural differences. Unit-II describes the concept of tourism organisation at national and international levels. International Distribution and Sales Policy / Promotional Management and Advertising / International Marketing Research / International Retail Marketing / Currencies and Foreign Exchange / Settlement of International Disputes The present book is aimed to bring out the important concepts and features of tourism management. Unilever. Travel and Tourism Management V V VARA PRASAD. Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers / Trading Partners – Bilateral Trade Agreements. Coordinating Activities and Recognizing Constraints / International Institutions – World Bank. History and Tourism in St. It examines the various features of tourism marketing vis-à-vis strategies for concentrated effort to enhance customer satisfaction.

Indore second edition second edition Sales and Distribution Management Text and Cases with SAP Applications An Indian Perspective DR. S L GUPTA. It is a storehouse of the latest developments in international marketing from a unique Indian perspective. Statistics. this book is written keeping in mind the above listed problems. CONTENTS INCLUDE: BLOCK-1: INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING / Introduction / Creating and Delivering Customer Value / BLOCK-2: ANALYZING MARKET OPPORTUNITIES / Marketing Planning / Demand Measurement and Forecasting / Marketing Information System and Marketing Research / The Environment for Marketing Decisions / Indian Marketing Environment / Consumer Behavior / Organizational Buyer Behavior / Market Segmentation. including sensing opportunity and fulfilling global ambitions. The author has tried to develop a conceptual orientation palpable to Indian students. Control and Customer Service / Selection of Channels / Selecting a Suitable Channel Partner / Role and Function of Channels of Distribution / Selection and Motivation of Distribution Channels / Motivational Tools of Distribution Channels / Distribution Analysis. Hence. Professor. Targeting and Positioning / BLOCK-3: PRODUCT AND BRAND MANAGEMENT DECISIONS / Managing the Product / The Marketing of Services / Management of New Product Development Process / Managing the Product Life Cycle / Managing Brands / BLOCK-4: PRICING DECISIONS / Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs / Pricing Applications / BLOCK-5: CHANNEL MANAGEMENT DECISIONS / Managing Marketing Channels / Management of Logistics and Physical Distribution / Retail Management / Channel Management and Indian Distribution System / BLOCK-6: MARKETING COMMUNICATION DECISIONS / Integrated Marketing Communication / Advertising Management / Sales Promotion Management / Publicity and Public Relations / Sales Management / Direct Marketing / BLOCK-7: CONTROLLING MARKETING DECISIONS / Marketing Organization / BLOCK-8: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN MARKETING / Non-Profit Marketing / Environmental Marketing / Rural Marketing / Global Marketing / Index TEXTBOOK International Marketing RAJENDRA NARGUNDKAR. Director of PES Institute of Management. Bangalore This book is going to be a trendsetter in the field of international marketing. With a lot of contemporary cases (up to early 2008) that cover issues related to organizational and marketing strategy. Indian Institute of Management. Psychology. SPECIAL FEATURES Original cases based on Indian companies / Easy to read text / Coverage of major concepts in international marketing / Focus on marketing .marketing Marketing Management text and cases Indian Context TAPAN K PANDA. While attempting to understand and apply various concepts and strategies of marketing. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-628-0/ 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: . Such an orientation crippled with complex use of language reduces the student's ability and intent in such an interesting discipline of management. Quotas and Territory Management / Sales Budgeting and Control / Block II : New Techniques of Sales Management / Sales Management Information System and Sales Training / Relationship Marketing / Internet as an Emerging Selling Technique / Direct Marketing / International Sales Management / Block III : Sales Promotion Management / Sales Display and Sales Promotion / Sales Promotions Strategies / Sales Promotion Budget and Evaluation / Types and Techniques of Sales Promotion / Block IV : Basics of the Distribution System / Distribution System / Distribution Costs. Indian students often confront unrelated foreign market overlap with international business or similar courses 2006 / 750 Pages / PB / Rs. Sociology. 350 ISBN: 81-7446-548-0 / 81/4x11 Instructor Manual Available 42 Why International Marketing / Entry Strategies / Challenges in International Marketing / Segmentation and Product Market Strategy / Branding Internationally / Pricing Internationally / International Promotions / International Distribution /Organisation and Control / A Long-term Strategy—Firmness of Goals and Flexibility of Mind / Case Studies 2008 / 266 Pages / PB / Rs. Information Systems and many other subjects with emerging areas of information technology. Marketing. Control and Managemen / Block V : Physical Distribution Management / Logistics for Customer Satisfaction / Physical Distribution Management – Transportation and Warehousing / Block VI : New Techniques of Managing Distribution / Retail Management / Merchandise Techniques / Retail Selling / Distribution of Services / SAP Sales & Distribution TEXTBOOK Student CD Included Marketing combines application of multiple disciplines like Economics. it is an exciting new addition to the options available to an Indian business school professor. inapplicable examples for Indian markets and unbelievable situations of marketing warfare. Noida CONTENTS INCLUDE: Block I : Basics of Sales Management / Sales Management Strategy / Personal Selling / Sales Organisation / Recruitment and Selection / Selection and Training of Representatives / Compensation and Motivation of Sales Force / Salesman's Compensation and Motivation / Monitoring and Performance Appraisal / Planning of Promotions of Sales Force / Sales Forecasting. BITS.

265 ISBN: 978-81-7446-786-7 / 71/4x91/2 Customer Relationship Management SUBHASISH DAS. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Unit-I: Introduction. To tap the progress of Indian Advertising in this changed scenario. Associate Professor. MDI. Dean. National Head. and also as a ready reference for marketers. DR.I / Data Analysis . MDI. Bhubaneswar CONTENTS INCLUDE: Call Center and Contact Center/Effective Communication Skills/ Customer Handling Skill/Protocols for Customer Handling/ Customer Handling Skills/International Selling – Introduction to Selling Techniques 2007 / 130 Pages / PB / Rs. basic concepts. The book essentially deals with the dynamic concept of Sales Promotion and its effect on the consumer. respectively. Faculty. MBA. 175 ISBN: 81-7446-531-6 / 61/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 658 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: SECTION ONE: ADVERTISING Part-1 / Introduction to Advertising and a Brief History/Advertising Classification. Gurgaon ADVERTISING is a brilliant form of art that has become an indispensable part of our lives. Institute of Business & Computer Studies. Particularly meant for the students of management. Text on Brand Personality and Image has been updated. marketing research tools and innovative and strategic planning. Social. MS. SHEFALI CHHACHHI. Marketing. Marketing Director. In this new edition. Message. Executive MBA and the undergraduate Programmes. Marketing.. exhibits and references. all the chapters have been revised and some moderately updated with more relevant text. Gurgaon third edition CHINMAYA KULSHRESTHA. Gurgaon Advertising and Sales Promotion S H H KAZMI. Some of the old exhibits have been replaced with the new ones. Functions and Benefits/Economic. researchers and practitioners. and Medium Factors/Consumer Behaviour Perspective/Advertising Response Process (How Advertising Works)/Attention. Image and Personality/Advertising Objectives and Budget Allocation / Part-IV / Media Planning and Strategy/Media Evaluation/ Support Media/Internet / Part-V / Creative Strategy – Planning and Development/Creative Strategy – Execution and Evaluation/Planning Advertising Campaign /Advertising Research SECTION TWO: SALES PROMOTION Part-VI / Sales Promotion/Sales Promotion and Consumer Behaviour and How Promotions Affect Sales/Sales Promotion – Objectives and Budget Allocation/Sales Promotion – Design Issues. Rajasthan Patrika Ltd. Size and Procedure / Unit-IV: Data Analysis / Data Processing / Data Analysis .marketing Marketing Research AVINASH KAPOOR. As the business scene has transformed for the better in our country. MDI. a third edition of the book ‘Advertising and Sales Promotion’ has been prepared for the students. Max Bupa Health Insurance The text is exhaustive and elaborating in nature providing/covering all aspects and dimensions of Marketing Research and processes.. and Ethical Issues/Client and Advertising Agency / Part-II / Marketing Communications/Source. specialising in marketing. Faculty. AJAY KUMAR JAIN. Brand Attitudes and Feelings/Brand Equity.II / Testing Hypothesis / Unit-V: Data Interpretation & Application / Research Report / Application of Marketing Research / Case Studies / Glossary / Bibliography / Index 2010 / 368 Pages / PB / Rs. Some new Boxes with insightful contents have been added. boxes. Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan SATISH K BATRA. the book provides a thoroughly educative and interesting reading. much is happening on the advertising front. Highlights of this edition: Matter on Segmentation now includes current framework of Values and Lifestyle and Positioning topic has been re-written. Comprehension and Recall / Part-III / Segmentation and Positioning/Brand Awareness. A timely and comprehensive dossier that can help acquiring skills necessary to be a good executioner as well as user of research. New Appendices have been added at the end of Part -I and Part IV. Research Problem Formulation & Research Dynamics / Research Basics / Planning the Research / Research Design / Unit-II: Data Collection Techniques / Secondary Data / Primary Data / Unit-III: Scaling And Sampling Techniques / Measurement and Scaling Techniques / Sampling: Design. ARVIND KALIA. Planning Guidelines and Evaluation / Part VII / Sales Promotion – Tools and Techniques The book is designed to serve as a text for the students of PhD. figures. DR. University of Rajasthan The book engages and guides the readers to comprehend that the vehicle and engine of marketing runs on dynamic market. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-639-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 43 .

The book would prove to be very beneficial for the readers. Mumbai While most books on marketing and services are readable. or even a common man. The cases introduce the primary theme and issues discussed in the chapter and closes with analytical tasks for the students. a teacher. including both students and professionals. The book examines all the key elements of tourism – why it is an important global business and how it affects our everyday lives. Ranbaxy Dalichi Negotiation case study Services Marketing concepts. It will explain about 'How to close Negotiation'. Inter-state Bus Terminal at Dwarka and contractor's case study Sun and Taro Pharma case study Bharti and MTN case study Yahoo and Microsoft case study CONTENTS INCLUDE: What is Negotiation? / Types of Negotiation / The Process of Negotiation / Negotiation Strategies / Negotiations in Sales and Sourcing / Customer Focused Selling Models / Types of Selling / Sales Funnel / Closing of a Sales Negotiation / Negotiation and Tenders / Contribution of Culture in Negotiation / Mastering the Art of Selling / What are E-negotiations? / Case Studies / Appendices / Glossary / References / Index 2008 / 214 Pages / PB / Rs. encompassing what is negotiation and its application in selling and sourcing. The book will provide an essential reading for anyone interested in tourism. Head. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-693-8 / 51/2x81/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 698 Pages / PB / Rs. The book is divided into thirteen chapters. MEENU GUPTA DR. with aesthetic appeals. there are five latest vibrant case studies namely. as far as the tools and concepts are concerned. The objective of this book is to assist the readers to understand the theory and introduce them to the vast scope of Negotiation and Selling in Marketing discipline. At the end of the book. with adequate examples wherever necessary. This book and its pedagogy has been designed precisely with this in mind: Design: The book has a consistency of design that is innovative. It provides an incisive discussion about the suitability of various negotiation models and their applications. and every effort is made to make the text interesting for the readers. planning and implementation C BHATTACHARYA. it shows how the tourism industry is organized. It is written in simple and lucid manner so as to be understood without hiccups. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-573-3 / 71/4x91/2 44 . It takes a global look at what tourism is all about. 245 ISBN: 978-81-7446-681-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK This book is designed to introduce the context and models practiced in negotiations and sales. very few take the student's viewpoint and set out to answer the question “Is it understandable?” in the affirmative. Wadhwan Retail. run and managed. The book is comprehensive in the sense that it treats the different facets of tourism industry. whether a student. It is well-equipped with hardcore technique like 'Sales Funnel'.marketing Basics of Tourism Management SUDDHENDU NARAYAN MISRA SAPAN KUMAR SADUAL Negotiations & Selling SAMEER A KULKARNI The present book incorporates the rudiments of tourism management for the students. 350 ISBN: 81-7446-477-8 / 81/4x11 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part I: An Overview of Services / An Introduction to Services / The Services Environment / Service Models / Classification of the Service Industry / Managing of Relationships in Services Marketing / Part II: Service Marketing / Service Marketing— An Introduction / Marketing Planning / Managing Knowledge in a Service Firm (Through Marketing Research) / Buying Behaviour of the Service Consumer / Target Marketing in Services / How to Address the Unique Characteristics of the Service Industry— Strategies and Tactics / The First P: Service Product / The Second P: The Pricing of Services / The Third P: Developing the Service Communication Mix (Promotion) / The Fourth P: Service Channels and Distribution / The Fifth P: Managing the Internal and External Customers / “Sixth and Seventh P: Managing the Physical Evidence and Process in Service Marketing” / Impact of Technology on Services Marketing (Technology Adoption in Service Firms to Enhance Competitiveness) / Part III: Assessment and Improvement / Measuring Service Quality / Customer Retention through CRM / Part IV: Cases in Service Sectors TEXTBOOK Marketing Skills in Management DR. Opening and Closing Cases: Every chapter begins and ends with a case. 'Negotiations and Tenders' is the 'gem' chapter of this book. Training. UPALI MAHANAMA DR. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Tourism Industry / Tourist Destinations / Tourist Products / Tourism Organizations / Planning / Marketing / Travel Formalities / Thrust Areas of Tourism / Emerging Sectors of Tourism / Tourism Policy of India / Human Resource and Tourism 2008 / 242 Pages / PB / Rs. a professional. Objectives: Every chapter has clear learning expectations. One entire chapter deals with e-negotiations. In simple terms. RANJAN MADANAYAKE 2007 / 152 Pages / PB / Rs.

need to acquire the knowledge and skills which would be critically useful to them in these careers. a detailed section deals with the conceptual issues of services marketing. perceptions. 150 ISBN: 978-81-7446-633-4 / 71/4x91/2 Services Marketing the Indian perspective Text & Readings RAVI SHANKER. Information Technology and Communication Services. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Marketing Mix in Services: The Traditional 4Ps. Services Strategies SECTOR SPECIFIC MARKETING: CHALLENGES AND PRACTICES Tourism and Travel Services. Students. This book would be quite useful and will meet the requirements of students pursuing management studies and specialising in marketing. “Why do people behave the way they do as consumers of all sorts of goods and services?” The focus of this book is to acquaint management students with a managerial understanding and insight of our behaviour as consumers. occupation. University of Rajasthan S H H KAZMI. New Delhi Services Marketing: Text & Readings is an anthology of original works of corporate leaders from the India Services Sector. 2008 / 128 Pages / PB / Rs. Extended Marketing Mix for Services. After all. Role of Services in Economy. And all of them do not want the marketer to “satisey” second edition Consumer Behaviour Text and Cases SATISH K BATRA. Services Quality. Memory & Involvement / Consumer Attitudes / Attitude Change Strategies / Marketing Communications Process / Part 3 / Consumer and Cultural Influences / Social Class Influences and Consumer Behaviour / Group Influences and Consumer Behaviour / Household Decision-making / Communications within Group and Opinion Leadership / Innovations and the Diffusion Process / Part 4 / Consumer Decision Models-(Nicosia. brand managers. This book attempts to answer the big question. many marketers concentrate on ‘sellingthe product focus’ instead of ‘delight-the customer focus’. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part 1 / Consumer Behaviour and its Applications / Consumer Research / Market Segmentation and Positioning Concepts / Part 2 / Consumer Motivation / Consumer Personality / Consumer Perception / Consumer Learning. expectations and opinions. lifestyles. The most important concern for marketers is to influence consumer behaviour in a desired manner. But even today. all the topics have been revised. In addition. Customer’s expectations keep on changing significantly and unpredictably. Rajiv Vastupal. you either delight the customer or disappear. and some moderately updated. Howard-Sheth. with more recent or relevant material on the subject to make the text richer and more useful. Transportation and Logistics Services. who aspire to become marketing managers. Differentiation Strategies. it has been endeavoured to use Indian examples to make it more relevant to Indian conditions and easier for students to understand. Health Care Services. In this new edition. preferences.N. to clarify the concepts. sales managers. The organization of the book is as follows: SERVICES MARKETING: CONCEPTUAL ISSUES Understanding Services Phenomenon. Financial Services. Customers differ in their education. Educational and Extension Services. Overall. Services Characteristics and Marketing Implications. Public Services Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 544 Pages / PB / Rs. President. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-644-0 / 71/2x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2002 / 650 Pages / 71/2x91/2 HB / Rs. Wherever possible. The text is comprehensive with relatively recent research inputs from scholars describing various behavioural concepts and theories that are believed to be fundamentally useful for developing an understanding of consumer behaviour. Professional Services. attitudes. and EKB) / Consumer Decision Process-Situational Influences / Consumer Decision Process-Problem Recognition / Consumer Decision Process – Information Search / Consumer Decision Process – Evaluation of Alternatives and Selection / Consumer Decision Process – Outlet Selection and Purchase / Consumer Decision Process – Post-purchase Action / Part 5 / Organisational Buyer Behaviour This excellent book by B.. Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan Customer Satisfaction Delight the success mantra of the 21st century B N DASTOOR We are all consumers living in a society. They demand that they must be “delighted”. 325 / ISBN: 81-7446-267-8 TEXTBOOK 45 . or want to take up a career in advertising etc. Demand Management and Productivity. Media Services. the book has been made more comprehensive and relevant. 650 / ISBN: 81-7446-270-8 PB / Rs. Ahmedabad Management Association Today’s marketplace is teeming with diversities. in the global markets of today.Dastoor very effectively introduces the reader to the art of delighting the customer.

Sales Management

Applied Marketing

The survival and success of many products and companies depend upon the marketing strategies adopted by them. In the rapidly changing scenario of markets, when even propaganda and advertisements are unable to do the magic, it is the dedicated marketing professionals who compel the customer to purchase their goods and services. In today’s business strategies, production of goods and services are not the end and means of everything. Neither financial or personnel management, nor inventory or time management are important today. It is SALES MANAGEMENT which has the last laugh over every other aspect of the business. Many a time it has been seen that a better quality product or service has given place to an inferior quality product or service only due to superb marketing management. This book is a path-breaking effort and opens up a new dimension in the field of sales management, which is suitable to the present day needs and requirements. It takes into consideration the different academic aspects of Marketing and Sales Management for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This book would be of great help to managerial practitioners at any organisational level who are responsible for a function, department or a set of responsibilities. CONTENTS INCLUDE:
Sales Planning / The Selling Process / Territory Management / Sales Control / Sales Training / Role of an Area Sales Manager / How can First Line Sales Managers be more effective? – A Research Finding Report / How to Build Team Spirit and Get Best Sales Performance / Sales Incentives / What Motivates the Indian Managers? / Job Description and Analysis of Sales and Marketing Personnel / Recruiting and Selecting / Wave after Wave Working (WaW) – A Strategy for Increasing Sales Productivity of Field Personnel in Today’s Competitive Environment / Consultative Selling: A Tool to Improve the Medical Representative’s Image and his Productivity / Collectivism and Personal Selling in Small Businesses –The Case of New / How UCP Pulls the Customers to Increase Sales – An Innovative Approach in Communication – An in-depth Analysis / Impact of Positioning on Sales – Case Study of Newspapers / Emerging Role of Event Management in Pharma Marketing / Are Standards of Medical Representatives Really Falling? / Negotiation — How it can be taught effectively to Students
2008 / 222 Pages / PB / Rs. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-652-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

This book has been written keeping in mind the requirements of the management students to realize the importance of marketing of FMCG, Agricultural, technological and pharmaceutical products and understanding that there is a vast difference in marketing strategies that needs to be adopted in each of the category and the challenges faced in each of these industries. The book also highlights the strength of the rural market and its effect on organizations. These five areas are taken into consideration because of the magnitude of business that they generate. CONTENTS INCLUDE:
Rural Marketing / Agricultural Marketing / FMCG Marketing / Pharmaceutical Marketing / Marketing of Technological Products
2008 / 244 Pages / PB / Rs. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-606-8 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

Rural Marketing
text and cases

India is a country where majority of the population lives in villages. Appreciating the size and business potential of the rural sector, major companies, including Hindustan Unilever and P&G have made special strategies for targeting rural markets. The thrust on rural markets is getting stronger day by day and it needs complete knowledge base of rural marketing. The book is meant to create interest in business management students to get into the rural marketing mindset for bringing the desired organisational focus on the subject. Considering the importance of rural markets, most business schools have included Rural Marketing Management as a key knowledge area in their syllabus. The present book has endeavoured to cover the entire gamut of Rural Marketing with inputs from discussions with rural marketing practitioners, besides valuable studies conducted by the major companies and the author’s own experience in the area. There are few books on rural marketing which mostly deal with the subject as extending the urban marketing process into the rural zones. The book contains a number of live-wire national and international case studies, meant to enthuse the students in probing the business opportunities and threats in the rural markets. The method of handling the case studies is also provided for the convenience of students. The book is written in simple, easy to understand and lucid language. CONTENTS INCLUDE:
Rural Marketing: An Introduction / Marketing Management: An Introduction / Rural Marketing Management: Concepts and Systems / Rural Marketing: Plans and Policies / Pricing Systems / Rural Customer Purchase Process / Advertising, Sales Promotion and PR in Rural India / Marketing Research / Rural Competitions / Rural Development Plans / Rural Sales Force Management / Distribution of Goods / Rural Product Plans / Rural Marketing for the 21st Century / Indian Village Vignettes / Critical Marketing Strategies / Strategic Innovations in Marketing / Strategic Audit / Marketing of Agricultural Produce / Rural Cottage Industry and Artisan Products / Case Studies / Index

Instructor Manual Available
2008 / 496 Pages / PB / Rs. 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-640-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK


Fundamentals of Marketing

A Text Book of Virtual Marketing

For the students as well as teachers of Marketing in the Commerce stream or Management, here is a comprehensive textbook following the syllabi of Indian Universities with additions to make it contemporary in the new millennium.
… most useful, takes into account the technological changes ..I strongly recommend this book to the present generation of marketing students… Prof. Dr. Dominique Xardel, Assoc. Dean, ESSEC, France …excellent text, simple writing style, backed by vast academic and field experience, the student community is bound to be benefited from this book. Prof. Dr. Sharad Sarin, Head, Marketing; XLRI, Jamshedpur .. fills the current vacuum for a ready teachable text for undergraduates, introduces the student to use of Information Technology in effective marketing. The book is eminently readable with well-designed chapters and glossary. Prof. Dr. V Balamohan Das, Vice Chancellor, Acharya Nagarjuna University

This book has been written as a courseware for the MBA, MMM, MMS, and PGDM courses where ‘Virtual Marketing’ is one of the subjects. The text of this book consists 9 chapters, each aspect is discussed in the most lucid, concise and non-technical manner to help students to understand the subject at conceptual level and develop their basic knowledge in Virtual Marketing. It is aimed at university students pursuing PGDBA, MBA, MMM, MMS or equivalent courses in marketing. Students of different Indian universities and institutes will definitely find it suitable. The objective of this book is to assist the readers to understand the theory and introduce them to the vast scope of Modern Marketing discipline. The book begins with the development of the Internet to the latest emerging concept of interactive TV. Further, the book takes a non-technical approach, thereby presenting the essentials of some concepts in a more understandable manner.
KEY FEATURES: Comprehensive glossary / ‘Alt’ Codes / Supplemented with figures, tables and Screenshots.

Understanding Markets, Marketing and Marketing Management / Marketing Environment / Consumer Behaviour / Market Segmentation / Market Research and MIS / Marketing Mix / Special Subjects and Modern Trends in Marketing / Typical Advertisements
2008 / 174 Pages / PB / Rs. 160 ISBN: 978-81-7446-623-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

Marketing Research

Marketing Research is designed to serve as a textbook on marketing research and design for people studying or pursuing the discipline of management. The book contains Indian examples on Product Research, Consumer Research, Motivation Research, etc. It also includes more than 50 cases which would enable the reader in understanding even the most complex multivariate technique in a very simple manner. The book contains 20 chapters with computer based approach, the SPSS/PCT system, the use of which has also been described in this book. The content of the book makes it equally useful for both basic and advance course in Marketing Research. It is indispensable for students of MBA, M.Com, MBE, BBA, BBS, BCA, PGDBM, MCA, M Tech and practising marketing managers. It is a valuable reference source for research agencies.
Marketing Research: An Introduction / Research Design / Value of Information in Decision-making / Marketing Information System and Marketing Research / Attitude Measurement and Scaling / Primary Methods of Data Collection / Samples and Sampling Distribution / Testing of Hypothesis / Secondary Data / Processing of Data and Tabulation / Univariate Data Analysis: Non-parametric Tests / Multivariate Analysis / Applications of Marketing Research / Product Research / Consumer Research / Distribution Research / Advertising Research / Motivation Research / Research Report and Proposal Writing / Case Study Method in Marketing Research

Role of the Internet / Internet Strategy / Intranet and Extranet / Consumer Behaviour / Internet Market Research / Internet Retailing / Internet Promotion and Advertising / Website Designing / Modern Developments
2008 / 218 Pages / PB / Rs. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-634-1/ 51/2x81/2 TEXTBOOK

Building Brands in the Indian Market


SECTION A: Building Brand Strategies in the indian market / SECTION B: Brand Extension Strategies in the Indian Market / SECTION C: Role of customer relationship management in Building Brands in the Indian Market / SECTION D: Role of Communication in Building Brands in the Indian Market
2004 / 482 Pages / PB / Rs. 395 ISBN: 81-7446-391-7 / 61/4x91/2

Instructor Manual Available
2003 / 600 Pages / 71/4x91/2 HB / Rs. 595 / ISBN: 81-7446-353-4 PB / Rs. 295 /ISBN: 81-7446-345-3



Marketing Management
text and cases

Retail Marketing

Marketing is a fascinating subject. It is of interest to everyone whether they are students of marketing, or marketers of tangibles or non-tangibles. The subject coverage in this text is comprehensive, has depth and is relevant. Over the years, the environment in which businesses operate has been changing and companies have changed or adjusted their marketing mantras. This book is written keeping focus on the needs of Indian students. A full chapter is devoted to Rural Marketing with some comprehensive cases. The text is simple and easy-to-read with many suitable examples. Most of the examples relate to Indian businesses. Many examples from other countries have also been included keeping in view the present context of open borders for companies.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART I / Introduction to Marketing / Strategic Market Planning / Marketing Implementation & Control / Ethical and Social Issues in Marketing / PART II / Marketing Environment Analysis / Information System & Marketing Research / Measuring Market Demand / Consumer Behaviour - Personal and Organisational / Market Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning / PART III / Product Concepts / New Product Development & Adoption Process / Branding, Packaging & Labelling / PART IV / Marketing Communications / Advertising & Sales Promotion / Personal Selling / Public Relations and Publicity / Direct Marketing / PART V / Marketing Channels and Physical Distribution / Wholesaling and Retailing / PART VI / Pricing Concepts, Strategies and Price Setting Approaches / PART VII / Product Life Cycle / Competition Analysis and Strategic Options Across PLC Stages / PART VIII / Marketing of Services / International Marketing / Rural Marketing / Internet and Marketing / Index

This book focuses on the marketing dimension of retailing. The Retail marketing mix is addressed keeping shopping and shopper behavior in mind. This book can be used as a text for advanced retail marketing classes in retail management programs that would emphasize on marketing. Another unique feature is the inclusion of the chapter on specialty retailing where category specific retailing has been discussed. An important aspect of the book is that concepts and practices in developed retail markets have been analyzed and their applications in the Indian context illustrated. Practitioners in the retail sector would be greatly benefitted with this aspect of the book. An in-depth understanding of the various facets of retail marketing is required in succeeding in the present competitive retail scenario. This book on retail marketing seeks to achieve this to benefit the students, teachers, managers, entrepreneurs and practitioners alike interested in the retail business.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: Retail Marketing – An Introduction / Shopper/Shopping Behaviour / Merchandise Management / Retail Pricing and Communication / Trading Area and Site Analysis / Store Atmospherics / Retail Strategy and Challenges / Specialty Retailing / Selected References
2007 / 226 Pages / PB / Rs. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-575-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

Dictionary of Marketing

Instructor Manual Available
2007 / 694 Pages / PB / Rs. 350 ISBN: 81-7446-542-1 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK

Floriculture Marketing in India

As a comprehensive vocabulary of terms used in marketing, this book covers different aspects of the subject such as market research, advertising, promotional aids, selling techniques, etc. It has been complied to meet the needs of the students of marketing at all levels. The terms and definitions have been frequently presented along with the functional phrases, thus avoiding the more comprehensive type of treatment appropriate to larger reference works. An attempt has also been made to write the entries in a clear and lucid style to provide both straightforward definitions and invaluable background information. The words and terms are explained in simple English and clear and easy illustrations have been included, where appropriate, to explain their meaning and usage. This dictionary will be of immense value to the students of management and others studying or working in the related fields. Also, it will help the students to locate, identify and expound day-to-day terminology in its proper context.
2009 / 340 Pages / PB / Rs. 400 ISBN: 978-81-7446-742-3 / 51/2x81/2

2009 / 146 Pages / PB / Rs. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-789-8 / 71/4x91/2


case studies and write ups which have been taken from the leading practitioners across the globe. including Management Games and Case Studies that create a virtual world enabling the students imbibe the nuances of the subject with interest and comparative ease. and specialists of the particular areas. Each chapter of this book contains ‘mind power’ at the beginning and at the end. covering the entire text. The objective of this textbook is to develop an interest among the students for the subject. This is the first attempt by the author to bring out the essential facets of product management. and is divided into twenty seven chapters. the corporate world has realised the urgency and importance of learning the newer ways of product sales. 2006 / 234 Pages / PB / Rs. 195 ISBN: 81-7446-478-6 / 61/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Product and Brand Management U C MATHUR With an increase in the number of international players for almost all products. The language has been kept as simple as possible with the least use of technical words or jargons. on the one hand great international brands. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part-I Product Marketing and Economy/Market Potential for Countries/Customer Purchase Process/Marketing Research/ Marketing Controls/Part-II Introducing New Products and Product Life Cycle/Product Plans/Brand Value/Brand Equity and Brand Extensions/Part-III Organization Structure for Product Sales/Marketing Mix Factors and Products/Products. 375 ISBN: 978-81-7446-700-3 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK 49 . with better products. BBM and other diploma courses in management as well as practicing managers. for the students of Marketing Management. The book offers extensive and yet in-depth learning experience with interactive sessions. Targeting and Positioning / Industrial Products. Brands and Advertising/Brand Name Plans/Pricing Systems/Product Distribution Systems/ Advertising and Sales Promotion/Product Sales Management/Product and Public Relations/Part-IV Service Product Marketing/ Industrial Product Marketing/Product Exports and International Marketing/Case Studies 2007 / 530 Pages / PB / Rs. Therefore. Organizing and Controlling / E-commerce / Industrial Marketing Communication: Advertising. This book covers the following topics: How to be an effective product manager? Changing job function of product managers How to select the right product managers? How to improve the efficiency of resources? Effective marketing plan New product development and selection procedure Factors that can influence the success of a brand Measuring brand equity and valuing brands Brand architecture Concept of UCP New product introduction The concept of Industrial Marketing has started gaining prominence in India since the last decade. with several international brands in the market and with newer ways of product placement and product communication. The salient features of this book are: Mind power: These are articles. on the other. Sales Promotion and Publicity / Industrial Pricing / Industrial Marketing for Global Markets / Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility The book conforms to the syllabi of most of the Indian Universities and would serve as a useful text for students of MBA. which can be used by the teachers to help the students in putting the theory to Product Management and New Product Development DR R K SRIVASTAVA Industrial Marketing HORY SANKAR MUKERJEE This book presents a broad perspective of the subject to develop a correct perception about it. There are case studies at the end of the book. The book contains a mix of text as well as research based articles. study of Product Management has become imperative. The book contains eighteen chapters that ideally cover a semester for an introductory course in Industrial Marketing. The chapters of this textbook are highly comprehensive. Competition has become intense and chaotic with. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-549-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 654 Pages / PB / Rs. New Product Development and Services / Marketing Channels / Marketing Logistics and Supply Chain Management / Industrial Salesforce: Developing and Managing them / Industrial Salesforce: Planning. locally assembled products in the unorganised sector and opening of the vast international arena both for imports and exports of products. This book deals with this vast subject in a very lucid manner. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Industrial Marketing / The Industrial Markets / Industrial Marketing Environment / Industrial Buying and Buying Behaviour / Managing Customer Relationship / Strategic Planning Process / Industrial Marketing Research and Demand Forecasting / Segmenting.

395 ISBN: 81-7446-444-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 50 . In the next part. we take all that has been discussed to this point and see how marketers use this information to manage business decisions. Birla Institute of Management Technology. Sales Promotion and Publicity/Personal Selling. Scope and as a Discipline/ Marketing–Functions. Patients are better informed and they know more about health and medical services. Sales Force Management and Direct Marketing/Marketing Channels and Physical Distribution/Relationship Marketing/UNIT V Markets and their Behaviour/Consumer Market and Buying Behaviour/Industrial Marketing/Services Marketing/Global Marketing/UNIT VI Marketing Cases 2004 / 522 Pages / PB / Rs. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-631-0 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2005 / 208 Pages / PB / Rs. we cover the basics of distribution including defining what channels of distribution are and why these are important.. IIT. In another part. Greater Noida ABHINAV CHATURVEDI. the healthcare sector has become very competitive and is changing rapidly. we begin a multi part discussion of research in marketing. Ghaziabad. It (the book) covers the entire gamut of this core course ‘Fundamentals of Marketing’. This book focuses on the key concepts and functions that are common to most marketing situations. Target Market Selection and Market Positioning/ UNIT IV Assembling of Marketing Strategic Variables/Product Decisions/Pricing Decisions/Marketing CommunicationAdvertising. offers much detailed coverage of marketing. 2009 / 308 Pages / PB / Rs. but also to the government and health policymakers in formulating the future policies and strategies of the healthcare sector. In the first section. we lay the groundwork for our study of the field of marketing with a close look at marketing key concepts and the important tasks marketers perform. Customer Care Associate & Department Manager. we take a close look at the key concepts all marketers should consider when faced with product decisions. XLRI. the introduction of innovative technologies and a new breed of entrepreneurial managers are the main factors behind this industrial metamorphosis. 450 ISBN: 978-81-7446-728-7 / 71/2x91/2 Real Estate Market New Economy New Business BISWAJIT DAS. This book. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-362-3 / 71/2x91/2 TEXTBOOK Marketing of Healthcare Services P G RAMANUJAM In recent years. It is against this background that this book has been developed as the marketing of hospital services assumes significance in the field of hospital management. teachers. Shoppers' Stop Ltd. The rise of the patient as a consumer. Fundamentals of Marketing. Chennai CONTENTS INCLUDE: UNIT I “Emerging Global Trends in Marketing”/A Review of Current Trends in Global Economic and Marketing Environment/ MNCs and their Strategies/U NIT II Basics in Marketing Management/From Barter to Complex Marketing-A Historical Perspective/Marketing–Core concepts. This part also looks at the elements of good research including factors that distinguish good research from poor. In next part. Jamshedpur 2005 / 394 Pages / PB / Rs. In the final chapter. Bhubaneswar ASHIS KUMAR PANI. In next part. CONTENTS INCLUDE: About Marketing / Marketing Research / Consumer Buying Behaviour / Business Buying Behaviour / Targeting Markets / Product Decisions / Managing Products / Distribution Decisions / Retailing / Wholesaling / Product Movement / Promotion Decisions / Advertising / Managing the Advertising Campaign / Sales Promotion / Public Relations / Personal Selling / The Selling Process / Pricing Decisions / Setting Price / Managing External Forces / Marketing Planning and Strategy / Index 2008 / 258 Pages / PB / Rs. Then we begin our discussion of the next major area of the marketing mix-promotion. we begin a twopart discussion of the fourth marketing mix variable-price. students. IBAT. The findings and suggestions of the study will be useful not only to the academicians. 220 ISBN: 81-7446-456-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Marketing Management text & cases S JAYACHANDRAN. hospital management and its personnel. Today’s healthcare market has become Fundamentals of Marketing ATUL NAYAK Customer Relationship Management An Indian Perspective MUKESH CHATURVEDI. Tasks and Philosophies/UNIT III Basics in Strategic Marketing/The Company's Marketing Environment/ Corporate Strategic Planning and Marketing/Research For Marketing Information/Forecasting Market Demand/Market Segmentation.

Hyderabad DR. An excellent and informative book combining yoga. Delhi University. Faculty member. CEO. As the product transcends its traditional role of satisficer. ayurveda and new age teachings for body and mind in a unique and insightful manner. P NARAYANA REDDY. 125 ISBN: 978-81-7446-721-8 / 61/4x91/2 The Art of Effective Communication CHARLES J MARGERISON This textbook on Marketing Research presents extensive coverage of the syllabus of many Universities in the country and more specifically Osmania University. Dr. SPECIAL FEATURES Covers all the relevant topics of the Marketing Research / Written in simple. Professor and Head. 1998 / 206 Pages / PB / Rs. FMS. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-723-2 / 61/4x91/2 fourth edition Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 476 Pages / PB / Rs. lucid style. focused on conceptual clarity / Topics are logically sequenced in accordance with the syllabus of Osmania University / Multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks are given at the end of each chapter / Previous question papers are presented for students’ reference / Model questions and some questionnaires are also provided to benefit the students for their projects / To facilitate the students to analyse the data with the help of statistical tools 2008 / 404 Pages / PB / Rs. Brand Management has been written against this backdrop of redefinition of value and value creation processes. 125 ISBN: 81-7446-034-9 / 51/2x81/2 TEXTBOOK 51 . though market forces debilitated the products and assets that firms once banked upon to create wealth. University of Hyderabad 2009 / 78 Pages / PB / Rs. You will be able as a result to get more done in less time—and what you do will be accepted and more effectively implemented than before. It enables you to get your message across and understand others more quickly. brands and branding acquire a dominant role in re-defining marketplace performance. G V R K ACHARYULU.2009 Heart Skills Emotional Intelligence for work and life MALA KAPADIA The twentieth century witnessed dramatic changes in the concept and process of value and value creation. School of Management Studies. Delhi Recipient of ISTD Book Award. Effective branding gives a firm immunity from the parity spiral that can suck companies into ruinous pricing wars. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-480-8 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Foundation of Success SUBHASH JAGOTA. Her book helps heal the heart. Global Business Solutions Marketing Research DR. generic entities and a powerful brand can transform products into value powerhouses that command customer preference. David Frawley CONTENTS INCLUDE: Competition and Brand / Concept of a Brand / Brand Evolution / Brand Positioning / Brands and Consumers / Brand Equity / Brand Inside and Outside / The Extensions / Brand Over Time / Brand and Firm / Cases / Index CONTENTS INCLUDE: Expanding Horizons of Intelligence / Feng Shui for Emotional Intelligence / Understanding Process of EmotionsEast and West / Rainbow of Emotions / e-Dramas and Alchemy of Strokes / Breathing as Trasformational Tool / Normal to Natural Intelligence 2009 / 230 Pages / PB / Rs. loyalty and commitment. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-616-7 / 71/4x91/2 This is the manager’s handbook of how to become more effective in your dealings with people. Product superiority is no longer the sole driver of business performance since high quality products are all-pervasive. School of Management Studies. Dr. Mala Kapadia has made an important contribution to the study of emotional intelligence and its connection to our inner second edition personality development Brand Management text and cases HARSH V VERMA. CBIT.

. Viswanathan. CEO. Researcher Particle Physics and Mechanics.. Film Critics. Biswajeet Pattanayak. Hughes Hall. Tchefor J. Once you get caught in the book.R.. The President. The book is very well written and has a rhythmic river-like flow. Ahmedabad ‘Most of the concepts chiseled with paramount perfection by Mr.. CEO. Prof. Phillipa Slatter. Resonance sparkled by the book is enormously helpful when you are bewildered by the difficulties and need these ideas to carry on treading your journey. Alexander Blandl. Pritam Singh MDI. Managing Director. D. Alliance Business Academy. Bangalore Happiness is a Choice Choose to be happy J S MISHRA. Shri R.personality development Recipient of ISTD Book Award. Global Business Solutions 2001 / 168 Pages / PB / Rs. IFIM.D. IIM. It is a book. it's difficult to put it down -such is its captivating power. 150 ISBN: 978-81-7446-722-5 / 61/4x91/2 third edition Succeeding in Interviews SUBHASH JAGOTA. Mckinsey Consultants. Senior Tutor. The book is like a mirror reflecting the secret knowledge. 150 ISBN: 81-7446-254-6 / 51/2x81/2 52 . Ying Zhang. a gem. which lies within us. they tend to forget the wisdom’.. Mayor City of Cambridge.. Khadi Gram Udyog DR. but when they become leaders(bosses). GM. Lucknow & Indore. as each of us will be able to relate to some of the thoughts and concepts expressed here and yet find something new.D. Dr.Litt.University of Cambridge Congratulations! Good Work! Very impressive. USA A most encouraging book to be kept close at all times. Founder Director ASBM. C. UK I have read the book with great intrest and found it very useful. Mishra's book brings a unique and refreshingly holistic view where both philosophy and techniques are judiciously combined. Yogendra Narayan Secretary General.. a rare find. Professor. Former Director IIBM. which educates and enables each individual to decide which path to happiness he should follow. Germany An Excellent book. It provides a fascinating reading. CEO.2008 Emotional Intelligence myth or reality DR. yet to be discovered.. The Right Worshipful. 195 ISBN: 81-7446-530-8 / 61/4x91/2 Leadership’s Winning Software Banking on Motivation and Morale M C JACOB. Padmashri Dr. Bhubaneshwar A masterpiece. Global Business Solutions 2009 / 102 Pages / PB / Rs. University of Cambridge 2007 / 250 Pages / PB / Rs. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-694-5 / 61/4x91/2 Succeeding through Communication SUBHASH JAGOTA. Californria. MOUSUMI S BHATTACHARYA. NILANJAN SENGUPTA. Dr. L. Prof.. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-571-9 / 61/4x91/2 ‘Much of what is stated would be known to many people in the banking system when they are junior officers. 295 ISBN: 81-7446-543-X / 61/4x91/2 This book delves deep into the nature of happiness and analyses its constituents. Ex. Sc. Cameroon A brilliant book which will change your life.A. Its like a thread that chains all the everyday shining ideas together. Moseley. State Bank of India 2008 / 140 Pages / PB / Rs. Rajya Sabha Mr. Jacob are ground breaking and original as they emerge from his substantial experience in serving the internal and external customers of mainstream banking’. Gurgaon second edition 2007 / 150 Pages / PB / Rs. D.W. Ph. Fellow (AIMA) Former Professor IIM. Professor. Should be one of the books within easy reach. State Bank of Indore Power of One ABHISHEK MISHRA. Very Impressive indeed. Peter Richards. Guwahati. Dy. Bangalore CONTENTS INCLUDE: Section-I: Emotional Intelligence -Myth or Reality/Emotional Intelligence: The Genesis/Emotional Intelligence – Theory and Research Work/Section-II: Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence/‘Self’ and Emotional Intelligence/Social Dimensions and Emotional Intelligence/Section-III: Applications of Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Intelligence in Classroom/Emotional Intelligence at Workplace – Leadership Dimensions/Emotional Intelligence – Group and Organizational Effectiveness/Bhattacharya Instrument on Emotional Intelligence (BEIS-In)/Guidelines to Improve Emotional Intelligence 2007 / 234 Pages / PB / Rs.

for their business development strategies. Former Dean.E. The language provided in the book is concise. influencing and touchy.” -National Herald 1998 / 128 Pages / PB / Rs. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-451-4 / 61/4x91/2 53 . importance and essence of business communication and personality development in the domain of business under the turbulent times. Assistant Professor. Faculty of Management Studies and Former Creativity for Managers ALAN BARKER Pro-Vice-Chancellor.Tech. holiday retreat. PGDM. 95 ISBN: 81-7446-544-8 / 61/4x91/2 Recipient of DMA-NTPC Book Award-2004 Passion to Win ABAD AHMAD. lucid and forceful. Delhi 2004 / 322 Pages / PB / Rs. Shiv Khera. MBBS. B. TQM. decision making. budding managers.. 2006 / 330 Pages / PB / Rs. good health. ultimate and must for everybody globally. The book is primarily meant for core and elective subjects in the syllabus of MBA. spiritual journey apart from interpretations on Stephen Covey. managers and professionals from all walks of life in the new economy. It is essential. 145 ISBN: 81-7446-078-0 / 61/4x91/2 Stress Management through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science DR UMESH SHARMA 2005 / 390 Pages / PB / Rs. Delhi University O P CHOPRA.2005-2006 “Offers a pragmatic and persuasive framework for fostering innovation and improvement. Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Technology 2007 / 64 Pages / PB / Rs. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). 150 ISBN: 978-81-7446-590-0 / 61/4x91/2 Personality Development Planning your Success in Campus Interviews and Job Fairs G SUBRAHMANYAM V KRISHNA MOHAN V V VARA PRASAD 2008 / 92 Pages / PB / Rs. The book believes that the power of communication through proper pedagogy can create a magic in the business and society. Hospital Management and all kind of personality development programs designed for campus interviews and personal interviews. neuromarketing. It comprehends a vast array of subjects applicable to humanity. IPSEETA SATPATHY 2008 /122 Pages / PB / Rs. 250 ISBN: 81-7446-389-5 / 61/4x91/2 Recipient of ISTD Book Award. text and cases scientifically conceived in the book motivate the readers to make their learning experience interesting. The book emphasizes on the topics which are utterly relevant for students. and has radical chapters on neuro-linguistic. food culture. Dale Carnegie. Tourism Management. the twin elements of creativity. B. Professor. etiquette.personality development Competency based Interviewing Skills S PRABAKAR KAMATH Business Communication and Personality Development Lessons for Paradigm Change in Personality BISWAJIT DAS. motivation. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-504-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK You can Beat your Stress DEBASHISH SENGUPTA. Muriel James. This book speaks on the traditional knowledge of communication and business communication. The topics that are befitting to hyper-competitive environment where 'change' is the only thing that is 'constant'. 125 ISBN: 978-81-7446-686-0 / 61/4x91/2 This book highlights the need. Thoughts.

Every effort has been made to write the entries in a clear and lucid style to provide both straightforward definitions and invaluable background information. The purpose of this Dictionary is to enable the reader. It presents a global view of Micro Clusters as a valuable option in strategic economic planning and development of the society. or government subsidises. and Public and Private Companies. IBAT. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-857-4 / 51/2x81/2 This book is a successful attempt to analyse and explain the various aspects of clusters with particular reference to the micro and the small enterprises in the country. Jamshedpur 2005 / 394 Pages / PB / Rs. 2010 / 248 Pages / PB / Rs. 175 ISBN: 978-81-7446-665-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Microeconomic Theory and Applications (Part II) S K AGARWALA Real Estate Market New Economy New Business BISWAJIT DAS. who is not equipped much with the knowledge of economics. It reiterates that the cluster development approach undeniably enables the micro and the small enterprises to withstand the challenges thrown by the global competition. XLRI. It would prove to be useful for the general reader who comes across these terms in the financial pages of newspapers as well as in specialist magazines. Demand and Supply theories of the firm. 145 ISBN: 978-81-7446-666-2 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Monopoly / Price Discrimination / Monopolistic Competition / Oligopoly / Factor Pricing / Some Aspects of Factor Pricing: Monopsony and Economic Rent / Intertemporal Choice / Choice Under Uncertainty / General Equilibrium / Market Failure / Asymmetric Information / Public Goods and Externalities TEXTBOOK .economics Micro Clusters Feel Global. to face economic affairs in his day-to-day life. 550 ISBN: 978-81-7446-824-6 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Concepts of Demand and Supply / Elasticity of Demand and Supply / Revenue / Indifference Curve Analysis / Income–consumption and Price–consumption Curves / Income and Substitution Effects / Applications of Indifference Curves / Revealed Preference / Short-run Production Function / Long-run Production Function / Cost of Production / Perfect Competition 2008 / 238 Pages / PB / Rs. 300 ISBN: 978-81-7446-801-7 / 51/2x81/2 Microeconomic Theory and Applications (Part I) S K AGARWALA Transforming Present Economic Challenges into Global Prosperity EDITED BY NISHITH DUBEY IRA BAPNA 2010 / 400 Pages / PB / Rs. Banking. or people vote. Bhubaneswar ASHIS KUMAR PANI. 395 ISBN: 81-7446-444-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 54 2008 / 162 Pages / PB / Rs. Whether it is an explanation of how firms work. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Migration of Micro and Small Enterprises to Micro Clusters / Do Micro Clusters Benefit Communities? / Micro Clusters & Economic Performance / Overview of Micro. Industry. Taxation. The book will be useful to the community of teachers in finance and economics and also for the policy-makers in the fiscal and monetary field. Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Cluster in Indian Context / Why Does Cluster Analysis Matter? / Prospects and Challenges of Micro Clusters 2009 / 174 Pages / PB / Rs. Finance. even if we do not always realize it. economists have examined evidence and produced theories which can be checked against practice. This dictionary aims to cover the main aspects of the study of economics. At some appropriate places. Be Local SOMANATH V S SOMANATH Dictionary of Economics B NANDHAKUMAR Economics is the basis of our daily lives. This dictionary includes some selected terms concerning to the topics on International Trade. which students will need to learn when studying for examinations at various levels. or customers buy. line drawings have been incorporated to supplement the meaning of a word explained by means of a diagram.

The second part mainly deals with corporate entrepreneurship and the pursuit for competitive advantage. study of effectiveness of banner advertisements among young executives. Stringent environmental. 750 PB / ISBN: 81-7446-375-5 / Rs. the developing economies and communities are facing increasing economic. data warehousing. the impact of IT & media on the capital market and equity research. a study on the need of internet security for consumers at various levels. Professor. intensity of e-banking products and services usages in public and private sector banks. Challenges And Prospects/The Services Sector in India/Infrastructure Development and Policy/ Present Labour Environment/Globalisation of The Economy: Trends and Issues/Foreign Trade Environment/Foreign Direct Investment 2009 / 360 Pages / PB / Rs. 495 ISBN: 978-81-7446-669-3 / 61/4x91/2 Strategies of Developing Countries Opportunities & Challenges EDITORS SANJAY DUBEY RAJENDRA JAIN In different parts of the world. Delhi. MDU. competence of the economy to face US meltdown. corporate governance at crossroads. opportunities and challenges of IP telephony. Delhi University CONTENTS INCLUDE: Preferences/Utility/Budget Constraint/Choice/Demand/ Revealed Preference/Slutsky Equation/Buying. Developing and developed countries. therefore. have a shared responsibility to ensure that new requirements promote environmental protection. open ID based system architecture for social network interoperability. 100 ISBN: 978-81-7446-597-9 / 61/4x91/2 55 . and so on. 195 ISBN: 81-7446-554-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Economic Freedom for States of India 2007 BIBEK DEBROY. social and cultural hardships. 495 ISBN: 978-81-7446-749-2 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2004 / 650 Pages / 71/4x91/2 HB / ISBN: 81-7446-376-3 / Rs. 325 TEXTBOOK Microeconomics S K AGARWALA. This book. LAVEESH BHANDARI. Director. changing global scenario of mergers and acquisitions in service sector. impact of foreign direct investment on export and imports. The developing countries must adopt an integrated approach to deal with current economic breakdown and varying circumstances of all the aspects of political and cultural environment. health and safety standards for everything from electronics to food are making it difficult for the world’s poorer nations to export their products to developed countries—but the right approach could turn these barriers into newer opportunities. The first part covers the study of behavior of investors in insurance sector. demand forecasting in supply chain management using neural network. businesses and organizations. etc. Indicus Analytics 2008 / 50 Pages / PB / Rs.economics Business Environment SURESH BEDI. Selling and Intertemporal Choice/Choice Under Uncertainty/ Production Function/Cost/Perfect Competition/ Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition/Price Discrimination and the Two-Part Tariff/Oligopoly/Game Theory/General Equilibrium with Pure Exchange/ Production and General Equilibrium/Welfare/ Externalities/Public Goods/Asymmetric Information 2007 / 392 Pages / PB / Rs. therefore. and other such issues are covered in the third and fourth part of the book. impact of FIIs on the movement of Indian stock market during US economic crisis. International Management Institute (IMI). makes an attempt to focus on a wide range of subjects and issues that exist in today’s vibrant and competitive environment. fingerprint authentication using supervised neural network. a key to assorted data problems. 2009 / 314 Pages / PB / Rs. Rohtak Globalization and Sectoral Development EDITED BY RAJ AGRAWAL RASHMI BANGA A N BHATTACHARYA CONTENTS INCLUDE: The Nature and Dynamics of Business Environment/ Key Indicators of Macro-Environment/The Dynamics of Business Environment And Corporate Adjustment/ Risks in Business Environment/Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility/The Structure and Working of An Economy/Determination of National Income/The Process of Economic Growth/Business Cycles/The Dynamics of Inflation/How Monetary Policy Works/The Operation of Fiscal Policy/Nature And Resources of Indian Economy/Current State of Growth Environment/The Process of Economic Reforms/ Current Fiscal Environment/Monetary and Credit Policy Environment/Current Inflationary Scenario/The MRTP Act and the Competition Law/Technological Environment/Corporate Governance/Consumer Protection/Competitive Environment/Indian Money Market/Indian Capital Market/Pattern of India’s Industrialisation/Present Industrial Policy Environment/Public Enterprise Reforms and The Disinvestments Programme/The Small Scale Industry: Current Status. The present book deals with some of these issues broadly classified into four parts. problem of effort estimation. Rural marketing.

R. This book describes the changes that occurred over the Tenth Five Year Plan period in the sector. and this book would be a valuable basis for formulation of future strategy at the national level and in the states of India. by a man who has seen it all. The book has been written in a clear.V. Mr. international relations. Parikh. In that position. Kirit S. the Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme (APDRP). The competitive tariff-based bidding for ultra-mega power projects which led to unprecedented low electricity tariff is one of his major contributions.K. Shahi brings with him a wealth of practical experience in implementing power projects and managing operations within the power sector. crisp and lucid style. This book captures all the recent developments in the international economics and business scenario. but also gave shape to a vision of what the country needs in the future. its management and its efficiency. Electricity Policy and Tariff and other Policies required to operationalize the Act. Shri Shahi provides an insider's view on the important measures and initiatives taken during this period. IILM. Shahi providing his deep understanding of the power sector and the insights that he has gained in yet another book that comes at a critical juncture of the country's development. The contents of the book are divided into four parts. its development. The book has a special section on Case Studies which contains cases pertaining to International Economics and International Business. he not only initiated several new measures and set new directions. India's growth and economic progress depends critically on the growth of the power sector. CONTENTS INCLUDE: International Economics and Trade / Analytical Tools of International Economics / Theory of Comparative Costs / Modern Theory of International Trade or Heck Scherohlin Theory / Gains from International Trade / International Trade: An Engine or an Obstacle to Economic Development / Terms of Trade / Tariffs and International Trade / Contribution of Economic Growth to International Trade – An Analysis of Growth Parameters / Free Trade vs Protection / Non-Tariff Trade Barriers – Quota System / Dumping and State Trading / Balance of Payments / Foreign Trade Multiplier / Monetary Policy – Fiscal Policy Mix: Internal and External Balance / Foreign Exchange Management / International Business Environment . All of this is put forward with rigour and analysis in his new book. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 552 Pages / PB / Rs.An Overview / Strategy towards Globalisation / Theory of Economic Integration: Customs Union / Theory of Economic Integration: Regional Blocs and Groupings / WTO Framework: An Analysis and Future Policy Options / International Financial Institutions – IMF and World Bank TEXTBOOK Shri R.economics Towards Powering India Policy Initiatives and Implementation Strategy R V SHAHI International Economics RAJ KUMAR International Economics is one of the most important and dynamic disciplines of economics. which has been enriched by his experience as Secretary in the Ministry of Power. R. and the socio-economic environment. Shahi has been deeply involved in policy-making and implementing some of the most important reforms in the power sector. Delhi Instructor Manual Available 2000 / 818 Pages / PB / Rs. 595 ISBN: 81-7446-559-6 / 61/4x91/2 second edition Business Environment RAJ AGRAWAL. Yojana Bhavan It is indeed very heartening to see Mr. Member. Dr. This book deals with these and almost all issues connected with the power sector. Planning Commission. International Business and Management.V. Authentic (up-to-date) data and proper illustrations have been provided to facilitate proper understanding of the subject. and the initiation of Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidhyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY) were some of the initiatives that Shri Shahi was involved in. Pachauri Director General. The Electricity Act 2003. 345 ISBN: 978-81-7446-648-8 / 71/4x91/2 Second Edition Business Economics M ADHIKARY 2007 / 496 Pages / HB / Rs. This book has been designed keeping in view the standard requirements of the undergraduate and postgraduate students of various areas of Economics. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) & Chairman. 250 ISBN: 81-7446-215-5 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part 1 Concepts And Techniques Business and Economics / Forms and Facets of Business Organisation / Forms and Fallacies of Economic Analysis / Basic Concepts and Precepts / Basic Tools and Techniques of Economic Analysis / Part 2 Microeconomic Analysis Of Business Units Market Analysis / Consumption and Demand Analysis / Production and Supply Analysis / Cost Analysis / Industry and Market Structure Analysis / Theory and Models of Firm and Industry / Business Risks and Uncertainty Analysis / Part 3 Macroeconomic Analysis Of Business Environment Macroeconomic Environment of Business / Macroeconomic Concepts of Stocks and Flows / Macroeconomic Analysis / Macroeconomic Problems of Fluctuations and Growth / Government and Business: Macroeconomic Policy Matters / Part 4 Overview And Integration Foundations of Economic Analysis / Business Ethics and Economic Offences / Business Cases TEXTBOOK 56 . No one interested in this sector can afford to miss this book. 295 ISBN: 81-7446-216-3 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2000 / 622 Pages / PB / Rs. The subject has become all the more complex and interesting because of the intricacies involved in economic factors.

etc. The sixth chapter incorporates the case studies on privatization. distribution and transmission. high level of Aggregate Technical and Commercial Losses. all were handled practically only by the State Electricity Boards. elasticity of demand and supply. effects of taxation. professionals and investors in power sector. Interest and Expectations / Investments. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-674-7 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 768 Pages / PB / Rs. distribution effects and so on.000 ckm is contributed by Central Government. and has played an important role by contributing about 32% of the total generation capacity of the country. up to 1975. 2005 / 710 Pages / HB / Rs. inadequate rural electrification. inefficient use of energy. The fifth chapter summarizes the international experiences with privatization. The book has been written in a simple and reader friendly style. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Privatization: Theories and Models / Privatization: Key Perspective / Modalities of Privatization / International Experiences / Case Studies / Annotated Bibliography 2008 / 174 Pages / PB / Rs. The third chapter deals with the key perspectives of privatization. etc. The power sector requires an investment of more than Rs.LM Model / Theories of Inflation / Balance of Payments and the Foreign Sector / Globalisation of Indian Business / Economic Environment of International Trade / Glossary / Index Electricity is a concurrent subject. location decision. as also its slow pace. This book will be of immeasurable use to all the technocrats. linked to the privatization studies. employment. The book is organized into seven chapters. And as all of us know. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Basic Techniques in Managerial Economics / Demand and Supply / Elasticity of Demand and Supply / Demand Forecasting / Cost Analysis / Production Analysis / Profit Analysis / Input-Output Analysis / Investment Decisions / Market Structure and Price Determination / Perfect Competition / Monopoly / Imperfect Competition / Pricing Methods and Approaches / Theories of the Firm / Business Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty / Advertising / Location Decision of a Firm / Effects of Taxation / Welfare Economics / Introducing Macroeconomics / National Income: Concepts and Measurement / Consumption. profit analysis. input-output analysis. demand and supply. 450 ISBN: 81-7446-369-0 / 61/4x91/2 Privatization models and experiences R K MISHRA D GEETA RANI Privatization has been the most widely used and extensively debated topic in the world for the last quarter century. production analysis. low Plant Load Factor in some plants. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-656-3 / 61/4x91/2 57 . sensitize the readers about exploring the various possibilities open for the transfer of control and ownership from the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to the private sector. at length. presented in the fourth chapter. pricing methods and approaches. theories of firm. fuel shortages. The emphasis of the book is on relating principles of microeconomics at the firm level and discusses basic techniques in managerial economics.00. The first chapter introduces the reader to the theory of privatization. The book presents the text explaining the principles of managerial economics in a candid manner. 8 lakh crore so as to have one of the best and contemporary power infrastructures in the world. generation. Interest and Income: IS . 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-691-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Where is Oil in National Reforms FOREWORD BY KIRIT PARIKH PARAG DIWAN DEBESH C PATRA 2008 / 304 Pages / PB / Rs. demand forecasting.. Brief annotations of path-breaking works on privatization have been included in the seventh chapter. Private participation is encouraged. Gurgaon Indian Power Sector Challenge and Response R V SHAHI This book is an attempt to assist students who have little or no prior knowledge of the subject. The students as well as the working managers will find it an effective tool for making decisions on microeconomic problems. The book considers various policy issues of the governments in relevance to the privatization. Out of 1. It will continue to play an important role in future too. The Central Government has entered this sector only after 1975. business decision under risk and uncertainty. This book will help the researchers to overcome the methodological problems by making available at their dispense the various theories and models. The modalities of the privatization. It also examines the effects of privatization from various angles like. cost analysis. The second chapter presents a detailed account of privatization models and their relevance to policy formulation. Savings and Investment / Money. market analysis and price determination under different market structures. about 50. MDI. The power sector at present suffers from shortages. investment decisions.economics second edition Managerial Economics ATMANAND.000 ckm of high voltage transmission lines. Union Government and States are seized of these problems. advertising. This book “Indian Power Sector – Challenge and Response” highlights these problems and also gives some suggestions to combat these troubles.

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part 1 Environment of Business / Business Environment / Economic Environment / Technological Environment / Political and Government Environment / Constitutional Environment / Part 2 Economic Policies / Inflation / Fiscal Policy / Foreign Trade Policy / Economic Reforms / Industrial Policy / Monetary Policy / Public Sector / Privatisation / Development Planning / Small Scale Industries / Industrial Sickness in India and its Exit Policy / Part 3 Legal Environment / Company Law / Industries (Development and Regulation) Act. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Managerial Economics / Managerial Economics vis-à-vis Economic Analysis: An Overview / Objectives of the Business Firm / Fundamental Concepts of Economics / Law of Demand / Elasticity of Demand / Demand Forecasting / Consumer Behaviour: Cardinal Analysis / Consumer Behaviour: Ordinal Analysis / Production Function / Economies of Scale / Cost Analysis / Price Determination: Perfect Competition and Monopoly / Price Determination: Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly / Dumping and Transfer Pricing / Business Cycles / Inflation and its Applications / National Income Analysis / Balance of Payments / Monetary Policy / Fiscal Policy / Theory of Multiplier / Theory of Income. Competition Law. 280 ISBN: 978-81-7446-677-8 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK This book is an effort to make the students of management and commerce understand about the environment about which they have to take decisions in future. Delhi University CONTENTS INCLUDE: Exploring the Subject Matter of Economics / Supply and Demand / Households / Perfect Market Structure / Imperfect Market Structure / Input Markets / Exploring International Economics / Introduction to Macroeconomics / Introduction to National Income Accounting / The Classical System: The Full Employment Model / The Keynesian Model / Money in the Modern Economy / Inflation / Macroeconomics in an Open Economy / Solution to Numerical Questions / Index 2008 / 324 Pages / PB / Rs.economics Managerial Economics KARAM PAL SURENDER KUMAR Business Environment VIVEK MITTAL. It is expected that the readers would find this book quite valuable and receptive. 2001 / Foreign Exchange Management Act / Consumer Protection / Intellectual Property Rights / Value Added Tax / Part 4 Socioculture Environment / Ethics / Social Responsibility of a Business / Corporate Governance / Socio-cultural Environment / Indian Rural Market / Part 5 Financial Environment / Indian Financial System /Development Banking / Stock Exchange and SEBI / Commodity Exchange / Part 6 International Environment / Globalisation / World Trade Organization & India / Regional Groupings / The IMF / International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) / Multi National Corporations / FDI in India / The Environment TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 612 Pages / PB / Rs. which influences business decisions. Technological. Global and Socio . Effort have been made to include the current topics like WTO. Business and Industry / Industrial Policy / Privatisation / Problems and Prospects of Small Scale Industries / Industrial Growth of India / Industrial Sickness / Status of Entrepreneurship in India / Social Responsibilities of Business / Technology Environment / Monetary Policy / Fiscal Policy / Finances of Union and States / Features of Global Business / Globalisation / Infrastructure Development (Infrastructure Perspectives) / Multinational Corporations / International Business Risks 2008 / 210 Pages / PB / Rs. Bareilly The present book on Managerial Economics is an attempt to come up to the expectations of those readers. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-692-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Nature and Scope of Business / Forms of Business Enterprise / Public Sector Enterprises / Business as a System / Business and Environment Interface / Business Objectives / Business Ethics and Values / Corporate Governance / National Income / Indian Agriculture / Related Issues / Relationship among Government.Culture. 1951 / MRTP Act / The Competition Bill. CEO and Dean. Extensive effort has been made to cover all the aspects of external environment that is Political. particularly students at graduation and postgraduation levels. FEMA etc. All the chapters have been designed in a lucid manner and the details provided in this text are in self-instructional manner. 175 ISBN: 978-81-7446-655-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 58 . Managerial Economics is being taught as a compulsory course in all the management programmes where the students wish to have a textbook in self-instructional format for their quick learning of the fundamentals. Output and Employment / Contemporary Issues in Managerial Economics 2008 / 406 Pages / PB / Rs. For the last more than a decade or so. The basic concepts of the subject have been elucidated in these wide-ranging chapters with suitable examples. Regional Groupings. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-557-X / 81/4x11 Business Perspectives S PRABAKARAN second edition Principles of Economics S K AGARWALA. Narayan College of Management. VAT. Corporate Governance. who are wandering for an ingenious and evocative solo textbook on the subject.

These have been categorized into the following five theme parts: Micro Finance in Priority Communities and Priority States. hiring and knowledge updation of human resources through training to meet the challenges of the economy. researchers and practitioners. Micro Finance and Poverty Eradication. outsourcing and the entry of multinational enterprises under the banner FDI. These topics are of great interest to academicians. they are presented separately. Case studies on poverty eradication and regional developments with micro finance are presented in different parts. Present day mantra of effective and efficient delivery of credit through innovation and technology for the masses is discussed under innovations for micro finance. Customer Relationship Management in Banking. The articles on Risk Management highlight the problems witnessed by the bank due to default in payment and the dynamics of credit risk. Globalisation issues in banking. and therefore. for the National Conference on “Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Banking and Financial Sector in India” organized by RNS Institute of Technology. India has become one of the attractive destinations for overseas investment as adduced by FDI inflow figures of India which have reached a historic high in recent years and is ranked 3rd among the most attractive locations for foreign investments by UNCTAD. The articles in this book highlight the opportunities and challenges faced by the banking and finance sector in the country. Financial Services and Automobiles. Issues which are new and important for up scaling micro finance are also presented for the benefit of readers. Microfinance. the origin and growth of the sector over a period and the impact of advancement in technology on the sector. Micro Finance for Regional Development. This volume would be used as ready reference materials for further enhancement in various aspects for better micro finance and micro finance industry. The reforms undertaken in India since 1991 have unleashed the potential growth of the economy and stimulated trade. 2010 / 612 Pages / PB / Rs. 2010 / 728 Pages / PB / Rs. In order to have symmetric growth across the country through micro finance. The articles on this topic deliberate upon several HR issues such as identifying. The papers on the topic of CRM make an attempt to unfold the customer relationship management in banking and financial sector and discuss how customer centric organizations have won high net-worth customers. Role of Banks and Issues of Banking Sector. Changes in economic scenario are responsible for various banking reforms. Merchant Banking. research scholars and industry professionals in the banking sector. The fact to be noted here is that a large amount of foreign direct investment has been chasing too few sectors like Computer Software & The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian Economy EDITED BY AROCKIA BASKARAN J J SOUNDARARAJ Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Banking and Financial Sector in India EDITORS U BHOJANNA S N MURTHY Globalisation of economic activities has increased the importance of multinational enterprises in the development process of a country. 2010 / 334 Pages / PB / Rs. It is flexible in nature and is acclaimed globally as a tool for eradicating poverty and improving the socio-economic condition of the disadvantaged of the society. especially poor women. HR Issues in Banking. This book contains 50 research papers contributed by scholars in the field of micro finance. 950 ISBN: 978-81-7446-848-2 / 71/4x91/2 Macro Dynamics of Micro Finance EDITORS DANIEL LAZAR P NATARAJAN MALABIKA DEO Micro finance is one of the most efficient and effective tools to fight against poverty. The inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increased rapidly during the late 1980s and the 1990s in almost every region of the world revitalizing a contentious debate about the costs and benefits of FDI inflows. Talent is scarce. hence retaining the talent is another challenge in front of the banks. 795 ISBN: 978-81-7446-807-9 / 71/4x91/2 59 . Bangalore. Innovation in Micro Finance. E-Banking. policy orientation is getting shifted to states and communities with high poverty and low micro finance concentration. Risk Management. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-843-7 / 71/4x91/2 This book is a compilation of the articles received on twelve major contemporary issues namely. Mergers and Acquisitions. This book discuss the wonders and the blunders of foreign direct investments in the post Liberalisation era in India. In recent years. Micro finance institutions have expanded the frontiers of institutional finance and have brought the poor. It also contains the contributions of foreign direct investment to India which require investments that will strengthen the infrastructure industries and services that are so essential for sustainable growth and also for the social well-being of the poor and marginalised. and Issues in Micro Finance. Capital Market and Banking Sector. Retail Banking. into the formal financial system and enabled them to access credit and fight poverty.

skills. eloquence. business models. This work is consecrated to provide an analytical view of dynamics of various financial markets and institutions operating in Indian financial system in terms of evolving vision. innovative instruments. A glossary at the end of the book provides a terse view of key financial terms used in the text. The present work unwaveringly focuses on managerial aspects of the financial system which would be of great value to the learners. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Banking / Structure of Indian Banking System / The Reserve Bank of India / Banking Sector and Organisation of Banks / Electronic Banking / Bank Loans / Priority Sector Lending / Export Credit / Annual Report and Balance Sheet of A Bank / Project and Working Capital Finance / Banking Legislation / Banking Sector Reforms: NPAs and Capital Adequacy in Indian Banks / Banking Products / Development Banking / Bank Marketing 2010 / 404 Pages / PB / Rs. The present work is gravid with the following immanent features: The present work is an eclectic presentation of contemporary financial concepts. As such. The text aims to familiarize students with the reasons for banks’ existence. the different services they offer. The content of the book has been supported with a good number of keywords and annexures. GULATI This book is an attempt to provide a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical and applied issues relating to the Indian banking Dynamics of Financial Markets and Institutions in India R M SRIVASTAVA DIVYA NIGAM The Kernel of the present work with its unique concoction of innovativeness. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-827-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 60 . The work presents a unique mélange of a descriptive narration of the operations of the financial system with a sufficient amount of theory so that the learner understands the principles underlying therein. A strong focus on contemporary central banking and bank regulation issues provides students with the most up-to-date information on banking practice. This book has been written keeping in mind the interest of students pursuing specialisation in banking both at graduate and postgraduate levels. commerce and other sectoral programmes. new architectures and new financial practices. strategies and practices of Indian financial markets and institutions and convey them to avid learners in a structured and stimulating manner. products. principles of banking. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Section I:Introduction / Economic Growth and Financial System / Types of Financial Markets / Categories of Financial Institutions / Section II:Financial Markets in India / Money Market in India and Abroad / Dynamism of Indian Money Market / Capital Market in India and Abroad / Primary Market in India / Dynamics of New Issue Market in India / Stock Market in India / Major Stock Exchanges in India—A Synoptic Profile / Government Securities Market in India / Corporate Debt Market in India / Derivative Market in India / Foreign Exchange Market / Regulation of Securities Market in India / Section III:Management of Commercial Banking Institutions / Reserve Bank of India— Nucleus of Indian Banking System / Dynamic Profile of Indian Banking Industry / Corporate Governance in Commercial Banks / Competitive Strategy to Meet Challenges of Commercial Banks in India / Commercial Banking Restructuring / Management of Capital Funds in Commercial Banks / Relationship Banking / Dynamics of Bank Credit Management in India / Financial Inclusion / Micro Finance in India / Risk Management in Commercial Banks / Management of Non-Performing Assets in Commercial Banks / Operational Efficiency of Commercial banks in India / Regulation and Supervision of Commercial Banks in India / Section IV: Management of Development Financial Institutions in India / Development Financial Institutions in India—An Overview / Performance Evaluation of All India Financial InstitutionsSection V: Management of Investment Institutions in India / Insurance Industry in India / Life Insurance Corporation of India / Mutual Funds in India / Section VI:Non-Banking Finance Companies in India / Non-Banking Finance Companies in India—An Overview / Housing Finance Companies in India / Venture Capital Principles of Banking Management NEELAM C. policies. the work is expected to best suit the needs of practicing managers and learners pursuing management. perspicaciousness and discernment is to capture the dynamically changing architecture. risks in banking and their management. This book will be of immense benefit to the students appearing for various diplomas in banking as well as banking industry professionals at large. It provides a detailed coverage of the basics of banking. techniques pertaining to management of financial markets and institutions. and the recent trends impacting the banking business. The present work provides a balanced view of the various institutional participants and markets in the Indian financial system. role of technology in banking sector and history and future expectations of Indian banking sector.

PSG Institute of Management. It contains a detailed discussion on foreign exchange quotations. Key features of the third edition are as follows: A detailed discussion of the monetary system in the Indian context with new solved problems and caselets has been included. India. Assistant Professor. Coimbatore. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part I: Background / Introduction / Risk and Return / A Brief Overview of the Indian Financial System / Part II: Debt Markets / Systematic Risk / Unsystematic Risk / Bond Management / Part III: Fundamental Analysis and Valuation / Economy Analysis / Industry Analysis / Company Analysis / Valuation / Part IV: Price Analysis and Strategy / Technical Analysis / Market Efficiency / Part V: Derivative Securities / Options and Futures / Part VI: Investment Analysis and Management / Portfolio Analysis / Portfolio Planning and Management / Asset Pricing Models: Required Return Analysis / Mutual Funds and Performance Analysis / Part VII: Research / Writing a Project Report or Journal Paper TEXTBOOK Emerging Financial Markets EDITED BY DR. It attempts to equip the students and financial managers with the complete information of the international financial markets as well the foreign exchange markets and also provides them with the analytical tools they need to make sound business decisions in the present competitive global scenario. we need to understand the implications of investing in various assets and the associated risks and returns. PSG College of Technology. Delhi University Security Analysis and Portfolio Management ROHINI SINGH This book is the revised and expanded edition of International Financial Management. spot market and the foreign exchange market and foreign premiums and discounts. It contains a blend of theory and practice based on the Indian Financial System. Latest developments in the foreign direct investment. and a new section on the evidences from Asian countries are the other highlights of this new edition. 450 ISBN: 978-81-7446-583-2 / 71/4x91/2 61 . techniques of capital budgeting. India. Professor and Director. suitable as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying the subject for the first time. therefore. Each chapter is self contained and to help the students. It can also serve as a reference book for the practicing managers and investors. FMS. It reflects a new perspective on Euro and presents new dimensions on depository receipts. V SRIVIDYA. As investors. This book aims to provide an introductory course in investment management. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-821-5 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK Investment is the commitment of funds for a period of time with the expectation of receiving more than the current outlay. 2009 / 382 Pages / PB / Rs. R NANDAGOPAL. This book examines financial decisions from the perspective of people investing in corporate securities and other assets. The book contains computer exercises to promote understanding and analytical skills. dividend growth model and CAPM. many new examples and text have been added in the present edition. It also provides guidance for term papers and projects. It is. and is presented in a manner that is easy to comprehend. DR. PSG Institute of Management. PSG College of Technology. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-748-5 / 71/4x91/2 2007 / 300 Pages / PB / third edition International Financial Management MADHU VIJ. Coimbatore. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part-1 The International Financial Environment / International Financial Management: An Overview / International Monetary System / International Financial Institutions/Development Banks / Balance of Payments / Part-2 The Foreign Exchange Markets / Derivative / Foreign Currency Futures / Foreign Currency Options / The Foreign Exchange Market / Theories of Foreign Exchange Rate Movement and International Parity Conditions / Part-3 Managing Foreign Exchange Exposure / Management of Foreign Exchange Risk / Management of Translation Exposure / Management of Transaction Exposure / Management of Economic Exposure / Part4 Financial Management of the Multinational Firm / Foreign Direct Investment / Cost of Capital and Capital Structure of the Multinational Firm / Multinational Capital Budgeting – Application and Interpretation / Multinational Cash Management / Country Risk Analysis / International Taxation / Part-5 Managing Foreign Operations / International Banking / Eurocurrency Market / Interest Rate and Currency Swaps / Depository Receipts – Global Depository Receipts and American Depository Receipts / Euro and its Implications for Indian Banking 2010 / 738 Pages / PB / Rs. Contents of the book have been revised completely to include a comprehensive coverage of the concept. Annexures on ‘A History of the International Monetary System’ and ‘The World’s Major Economic Cooperation and Free Trade Agreements’ have been included.

a dictionary is a collection of words listed alphabetically. where appropriate. As a comprehensive vocabulary of terms used in finance.profiles sound investing tips and considerations / Mistakes investors make and how to avoid them / Detailed material on derivatives. An attempt has been made to write the entries in a clear and lucid style to provide straightforward definitions and invaluable background information. along with definitions and other information. This book provides concise definitions of important financial terms. at the Institute of Management. Corporate Finance. SRN Adarsh Department of Management Studies This book contains some of the selected papers presented at the Nirma International Conference on Management (NICOM 2010) held in January. Forward and Swaps / Part VI: General Topics on Investment / Commodity Market / Foreign Portfolio Investment / Mutual Fund / Guidelines for Investment TEXTBOOK Sustaining Shareholder Value Corporate Finance Practices EDITORS SHANTANU MEHTA. it will help the students to Sustaining Shareholder Value Role of Investors and Regulations EDITORS SHANTANU MEHTA. It has been compiled to meet the needs of the students of finance at all levels. Ahmedabad. Capital Markets. risk.. on the theme of ‘Managing Finance: Sustaining Shareholder Value’. identify and expound day-to-day terminology in its proper context. This book contains more than 3000 words that describe some important terms of finance and accounting. The words and terms are explained in simple language and clear and easy illustrations have been included. 2009 / 542 Pages / PB / Rs. The contents of the book have been organized under three sections viz. mutual funds. and Government Policy and Corporate Finance. this book covers different aspects of the subject such as trial balance. NEERAJ AMARNANI CFO is transitioning from being a check on the flow of funds to a This book contains selected papers from those presented at the Nirma International Conference on Management (NICOM 2010) held in January. options. and Emerging Trends in Finance. JIT. Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance. Security analysis / Risk and Return / Fundamental Analysis 1: Economic Analysis / Fundamental Analysis 2: Industry Analysis / Fundamental Analysis 3: Company Analysis / Technical Analysis / Efficient Market Theory / Behavioural Finance / Part IV: Portfolio Analysis and Management / Portfolio Analysis: Risk and Return / Portfolio Selection / Capital Market Theory / Portfolio Revision / Performance Evaluation of Portfolio / Forecasting of Portfolio Performance / Portfolio Management / Part V: Derivatives / Financial Derivatives Markets / Hedging. 2010. ratio analysis. at the Institute of Management. Behavioural Finance / Explanation by real world examples and investment strategies / Focus on stock market instruments / New avenues of investment opportunities / Balanced coverage of individual and institutional investment / More than 2400 Investment Terminologies CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part I: The Investment Environment / Nature and Scope of Investment Decisions / Stock Markets in India/Stock Exchanges in India / New Issue Market / Stock Market Regulation / Intermediaries / Market Indices / Capital Market Reform / Part II: Alternative Investment Outlets / Avenues of Investment / Bond and Preference Share Valuation and Analysis / Equity Shares Valuation and Analysis / Part III: Risk and Return. 2010 / 438 Pages / PB / Rs. Options. Nirma University. overhead budget. 795 ISBN: 978-81-7446-802-4 / 71/4x91/2 Dictionary of Finance SHEETAL THOMAS In general terms. 370 ISBN: 978-81-7446-580-1 / 81/4x11 62 . Director. 795 ISBN: 978-81-7446-803-1 / 71/4x91/2 KEY FEATURES: 186 Solved Problems / 237 Review questions (Theoretical Questions / Guidelines for investment / Investing Tips . The reader of the book would gain a better understanding of the financial markets. The contents of the book have been organized under three sections viz. services and policy environment that immediately impact corporate finance and eventually shareholder value. Nirma University. 2010. debt financing. The dictionary will be of immense value and will serve as a ready-reckoner to the students of management and others studying or working in the related fields. Futures. Financial Services. to explain their meaning and usage. on the theme of ‘Managing Finance: Sustaining Shareholder Value’. 300 ISBN: 978-81-7446-847-5 / 51/2x81/2 Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 686 Pages / PB / Rs. Also. etc. Swaps. NEERAJ AMARNANI Security Analysis and Portfolio Management SUDHINDRA BHAT. balance of payments. 2009 / 520 Pages / PB / Rs. Ahmedabad.

BBA. courses of Indian Universities. PG courses of all major universities. 189 unsolved problems. and CA. CPA of professional and autonomous institutions. acquiring and evaluating human resources. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part I: Introduction / Management Accounting / Part II: Financial Statement Analysis / Financial Statement and Accounting Practice / Funds Flow Statement / Cash Flow Statement / Financial Statements: Analysis and Interpretation / Ratio Analysis / Working Capital Management / Part III: Cost Determination / Concept of Cost / Material Control / Costing and Control of Labour / Overheads / Machine Hour Rate / Process Costing / Contract Costing / Operating Costing / Unit or Output Costing / Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts / Part IV: Planning / Marginal Costing and Cost Volume Profit Analysis / Budget and Budgetary Control / Capital Budgeting / Part V: Control / Standard Costing / Variance Analysis / Responsibility Accounting / Part VI: General Topics / Accounting for Price Level Changes / Value Added and Shareholder Value Analysis / Human Resource Accounting / Financial Forecasting and Balance Scorecard TEXTBOOK A business enterprise operates in a dynamic environment which creates many new facets of management problems characterized by the presence of large scale production. PGDM. Delhi Accounting for different types of corporations comes under the sphere of Corporate Accounting. particularly of Delhi University. pricing products or services so as to cover costs and make profit. widening of the market and cut-throat competition. These operations include making decisions regarding planning the future course of the business. SRCC. The importance of cost accounting has risen due to this competitive environment. This book is designed as a comprehensive and analytical treatise to fill the gaps created by the non-availability of good management books. This book describes both theory and common practices in simple and lucid manner so that the students can understand how to produce information that is useful in day-to-day decision making. planning and allocating capital resources. 380 ISBN: 978-81-7446-763-8 / 81/4x11 Instructor Manual Available 63 . Absorption and Merger] / Cash Flow Statement / Ratio Analysis 2009 / 486 Pages / PB / Rs. CFA. CWA. Also. EDP and FDP. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Issue of Shares . It is a significant aspect in the field of Commerce. and evaluating the business segments and its managers. expansion. around 300 theoretical questions and 14 case studies for class discussion. This book primarily deals with the preparation and presentation of accounts strictly in accordance with the provisions of Indian Company Law. Management and other important functional areas. It is particularly written for the managers. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Cost Elements and Classification / Material Cost and Control / Labour Cost Control / Overheads / Unit or Output Costing / Job and Batch Costing / Contract Costing / Process Costing / Operating Costing / Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts / Uniform Costing and Inter–Firm Comparison / Marginal Costing (Cost–Volume–Profit Analysis and Decision-making) / Standard Costing / Budgetary Control / Cost Audit / Cost Reduction 2009 / 764 Pages / PB / Rs. MBA and other similar professional courses of Indian Universities. It is written as per the revised syllabus of B.Forfeiture and Reissue of Forfeited Shares / Issue and Redemption of Preference Shares and Bonus / Purchase of a Business / Profits Prior to Incorporation / Loan Capital (Issue of Debentures) / Redemption of Debentures / Final Accounts / Internal Reconstruction / External Reconstruction [Amalgamation. MCom. MCom. leaving narrow margin for profit. CS. management accountants and professional students to reason out the cost and management accounting issues for themselves. Every chapter is well-equipped with solved problems as well as theoretical and numerical questions for better understanding of the graduate and postgraduate syllabi of Commerce and Management. people inside an organization who direct and control its Management Accounting SUDHINDRA BHAT Cost Accounting Theory and Practice K S THAKUR Management accounting is concerned with providing information to managers¯that is. 360 ISBN: 978-81-7446-750-8 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK Second Edition Corporate Accounting DR. research. This book is structured in such a way that it can be used in both semester as well as trimester patterns of various MBA. V K GOYAL. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject in a lucid style making it easy for the students to grasp the subject. This book covers all the advanced topics of cost accounting included in the syllabi of BCom. PGP. product improvement and diversification. this would prove to be very useful for the students who do not have a basic knowledge of management accounting or who need help in improving their performance as the concepts are explained with a number of illustrations and diagrams for clear understanding of the subject matter. 210 ISBN: 978-81-7446-751-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 2009 / 818 Pages / PB / Rs. It contains 786 solved problems. The book seeks to build and develop familiarity with analytical techniques in internal and external decision-making in the competitive world.Com.

the readers will also become thoroughly acquainted with the financial disclosure practices followed in India. language. It seeks to delve deep into all the aspects of Financial Accounting from a manager’s perspective.An Overview/Part II: Risk Management: Concept and Application/Asset Liability Management (ALM) in Banks/Introduction to Risk Management in Banks/Credit Risk Management in Banks/CRM Policy and Application Road Map/Market Risk Management (MRM)/Operational Risk Management (ORM)/Building Block for Integrated Risk Management (IRM)/Integrated Risk Management (IRM)/Part III: Corporate Governance Complements Risk Management/Corporate Governance and Risk Management are Complementary/ PNB — A Case Study of the Risk Management Division/Part IV: Application of Risk Management/Policies and Tools 2008 / 224 Pages / PB / Rs. Finance and Control. applications and practices of Financial Accounting in such a manner that even those readers having no prior exposure to the subject can understand its theory and practice. 360 ISBN: 978-81-7446-743-0 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 64 . The objective is to present the concepts. A manager is more interested in understanding various elements in financial statements and thereby being able to analyze and interpret the financial health of a business entity on the basis of financial statements. Indian Institute of Management. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-641-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Financial Accounting—An Introduction / Recording in the Primary Books / Postings in the Secondary Books / Bank Reconciliation Statement / Trial Balance and Final Accounts / Accounting Standards in India / Revenue Recognition / Corporate Financial Statements—Part-I / Corporate Financial Statements—Part-II / Understanding Published Financial Statements / Cash Flow Reporting / Financial Statements Analysis / Intra-firm and Inter-firm Comparisons / Lease Accounting and Analysis / Consolidated Financial Statements / Valuations / Accounting for Amalgamations / Accounting for Investments / Financial Instruments Instructor Manual Available 2009 / 794 Pages / PB / Rs. Focuses managerial implications which cater to the needs of business Makes important theories accessible and interesting to the school students. The highlights of the book are discussions on: Accounting Standards in India Understanding Published Financial Statements Inventory Valuation and Depreciation Accounting Cash Flow Reporting and Interpretation Financial Statements Analysis Intra-firm and Inter-firm Comparisons Consolidated Financial Statements Valuation Techniques Accounting for Amalgamations Selected Solved and Unsolved Cases Financial Statements Analysis by Banks Investment Accounting for Banks Accounting for Share buyback ESOP Accounting New to the Third Edition Accounting for Financial Instruments. Apart from this. An integrated and logical flow of the text from the beginning to the end. Kolkata This book is intended for various management courses. students with live examples. This book covers the first aspect of Management Accounting. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Nature of Management Control System / Contributing Theories of Management Control Systems / Major Influencing Factors on the Design of Management Control Systems / Infrastructure Organising / for Management Control / The Managerial Process of Crafting and Executing Strategy / Responsibility Centre / Strategic Planning / Budgetary Control as an Instrument of Management / Control / Performance Measurement and Balanced Scorecard / Management Compensation / Designing of Management Control Systems in Indian Context and Importance of MCS in the / Backdrop of Opening up of Indian Economy / Management Control of Service Organisations. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-680-8 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Risk Management in Banks concepts and applications S SINGH YOGESH SINGH CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part I: Banking Service in India – Then & Now/Commercial Banking in India/Development Banks & FLS in India/Financial Sector Reforms in India . Professor. including Derivatives Illustrations on Pricing of Derivatives Accounting for Demerger Share based Payments Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 518 Pages / PB / Rs. Non-profit Organisations and Government Organisations / Audit / Management Control and Emerging Areas / Management Control of Multinational Organisations / Management Control of Projects / A Guide to Case Analysis in Management Control Systems / Managerial Costing Traditional Systems and Activity Based Systems Management Accounting has two broad branches—Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting. An attempt has been made to write this book with the following features: A comprehensive and up to date coverage of all the issues with special reference Uncontroversial presentation with detailed explanation in simple to Management Control Systems a managerial emphasis PRADIP KUMAR SINHA third edition Financial Accounting a managerial emphasis ASHOK BANERJEE. The objective of writing this book is to set a new standard for the Management Control Systems textbooks.

Target Costing and Life Cycle Costing 2010 / 650 Pages / PB / Rs. skills. It covers the basics of financial accounting and costing and is focused on to meet the learning requirements of those learners who do not have any basic knowledge of management accounting and costing. large corporations with significant brand equity and also follow different resource strategies and practices. even those who are familiar with the basic concepts of accounting and costing may find the book very useful as it covers live examples from the corporate world. However. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART I: INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT / Nature of Financial Management / Indian Financial System / Time Value of Money / Risk and Return Fundamentals / PART II: FINANCIAL ANALYSIS. followed by a focus from a corporate perspective. CONTENTS INCLUDE: SECTION I: INTRODUCTION / Introduction / International Monetary System / International Financial Flows / SECTION II: MANAGEMENT OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE / Foreign Exchange Market / Exchange Rate Determination and International Parity Conditions / Management of Country Risk / Management of Exposure to Exchange Risk – An Aggregate View / Management of Operating Exposure / Internal Hedging Techniques of Transaction Exposure Management / External Hedging Techniques of Transaction Exposure Management / Management of Translation Exposure / Foreign Exchange Control / SECTION III: MULTINATIONAL INVESTMENT DECISIONS / Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) / Capital Budgeting for Multinationals / Multinational Portfolio Investment / Multinational Working Capital Management / Taxation and Foreign Investment Decision / SECTION IV: MULTINATIONAL FINANCING DECISIONS / Financing Multinational Operations / MNC’s Capital Structure Decision / Cost of Capital for MNCs 2008 / 358 Pages / PB / Multinational Financial Management R M SRIVASTAVA This book deals with the modern concepts. but more importantly. techniques and practices of the international financial management. approaches. As such. CONTENTS INCLUDE: UNIT 1: Accounting as an Information System / Uses of Accounting Information and the Basic Financial Statement / Measuring Business Transactions / Measuring Business Income / Completing the Accounting Cycle / Accounting for Trading Operations / Financial Reporting and Analysis / Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements using the Techniques of Fund Flow Analysis and Ratio Analysis / Accounting Standards / Nature and Incidence of Window-dressing / UNIT 2: Management and Cost Accounting / Introduction to Management and Cost Accounting / Materials / Labour Cost / Overheads / Methods of Costing / NonIntegrated Accounts and Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts / Marginal Costing and Cost-volumeprofit Analysis / Financial Planning and Budgetary Control / Standard Costing / Management Information and Reporting System / Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing / New Concepts for Decision-making – ABC Cost Management. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-806-2 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK With the liberalization of Indian economy. techniques and practice of financial management. the author has endeavoured to provide a firm grounding in the principles. The author has used innovative and simplistic method to explain the concepts. of understanding future global trends to work towards finding a place among the leading economies. particularly PGDM and MBA students in the first year. the text is expected to best suit the needs of practicing managers and students pursuing management. ROI. 395 ISBN: 978-81-7446-737-9 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK 65 . 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-670-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Accounting and Costing for Management PRADIP KUMAR SINHA Financial Management tools and techniques DR PRADIP KUMAR SINHA This book attempts to provide a detailed description of the concepts of accounting and costing. PROFIT PLANNING AND CONTROL / Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements using the Techniques of Fund Flow Analysis and Ratio Analysis / Cost -Volume. EVA and Balanced Scorecard / Recent Trends in Accounting and Finance / Value Based Management-Introduction / Introduction to derivatives and Financial Risk Management / Financial Management of Multinational Firm / A Guide to Case Analysis / Appendix 2009 / 856 Pages / PB / Rs. The first two sections of the text provide the macroeconomic framework for the text and the remaining two sections furnish a microeconomic framework. In this book. the Indian corporate world has found itself in an environment where it has to contest with the market forces. The book is organized in such a manner as to provide clear. Value Chain Analysis. The entire text is divided into four major sections. Acquisitions and Restructuring / Corporate Governance / Performance Measurement.Profit Analysis and Break-Even Point / Financial Planning and Budgetary Control / PART III: LONG-TERM INVESTMENT DECISIONS / Capital Expenditure Planning and Control / Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting / PART IV: LONG TERM FINANCING AND DIVIDEND DECISIONS / Leverage and Capital Structure / Sources of Long-Term and Medium Term funds / Dividend policy considerations / PART V: WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT / Working Capital Management / Management of Cash / Receivable Management / Inventory Management / Current Liabilities Management / PART VI: MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT / Concept of Micro-Finance / Mergers. India faces the task of not only integrating itself with the rest of the world. commerce and other sectoral programmes. authoritative and comprehensive idea about the background on the international financial environment. in an enlightening manner and lucid style.

Business Administration.Com (Course) of Indian Universities. The book is aimed for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students in commerce and management courses of various Indian Universities. It starts with elaborating the basic concepts of Capital Market and thoroughly discusses the SEBI norms/guidelines covered in around 20 chapters of the book. 2009 / 174 Pages / PB / Rs. Meaningful explanations of the formula for easy retrieval to the tune of theoretical aspects. Management Accounting theory and practice M P PANDIKUMAR. Professor. CD consisting additional solved problems. Corporate live examples. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-564-1 / 81/4x11 Capital Market and SEBI Regulations TAPASH RANJAN SAHA This book provides a detailed analysis of the Indian Capital Market. completely revised and updated as per the latest syllabus of B. from Venture Capital to Debt Market and from impact of Futures on Spot Market Volatility to Impact of Global Crisis. 245 ISBN: 978-81-7446-746-1 / 71/4x91/2 . Pictorial illustrations for better understanding. this book will help the academicians. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-769-0 / 71/4x91/2 This is the third edition of the book ‘Financial Accounting’. This book has been compiled in order to fill the gap between traditional and modern finance. Seven case studies for better application of concepts. Delhi Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 454 Pages / PB / Rs. It is designed to explain the meaning. The book will also help non-finance executives gain more insight about the subject. 2009 / 396 Pages / PB / Rs. techniques and application of management accounting in a lucid and learner friendly manner. Contemporary Issues in Finance JAGADEESHA SHIVAKUMAR DEENE Free Student CD Included This book presents the concepts. V K GOYAL. the book covers various aspects of contemporary and emerging trends in finance. With the globalization of economy. Instructor manual for faculty members. Sufficient number of solved illustrations are given in a graded manner which would prove to be a boon for the readers to understand and grasp the subject clearly. to understand the day-to-day matters for operating in the Indian Capital Market. In general. Infant Jesus College of Engineering.Introduction/Financial Statements/ Depreciation Accounting/Financial Statement Analysis/Ratio Analysis/Fund Flow Statement Analysis/Cash Flow Statement Analysis/Capital Budgeting/ Unit Costing/Inventory Valuation/Inventory Control & Management/Process Costing/Job Order Costing/Marginal Costing/Standard Costing/Budgetary Control/Activity Based Costing/Human Resource Accounting/Responsibility Accounting TEXTBOOK third edition Financial Accounting DR. The development in the capital market and the new avenues available to gear the traditional financial constraints have placed the present day finance manager in a position to discover new skills and relentlessly update the knowledge. 500 ISBN: 978-81-7446-725-6 / 71/4x91/2 The book is comprehensive in presentation and will facilitate PG students of management discipline to understand the subject as well as take rational decisions. from Stock Market Development to Cross-border investment. The theory part coupled with case study and exercise shall provide the student an exposure to the puzzling world of Finance Market. principles and concepts of Financial Accounting in a very interesting and lucid style. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction/Financial Accounting . SRCC. This book is a sincere attempt from the side of contributors to familiarize the emerging issues in finance. derived from the actual events of Indian Capital Market in the recent past. the financial system has become a major player in the management of business. This book is a collaborative effort to present an insightful look into the theoretical and empirical aspects of contemporary issues in finance. practitioners and investors in their particular areas. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Meaning and Objectives of Accounting and Accounting Information / Theory Base of Accounting and Accounting Standards / Accounting Process / Source Documents and Vouchers for Recording of Transactions / Subsidiary Books of Business / Trial Balance and Errors and their Rectification / Depreciation—Reserves and Provisions / Final Accounts of Trading Concerns / Accounts of Non-trading Organizations / Accounts from Incomplete Records: Single Entry System / Consignment Account / Joint Venture Accounts / Hire Purchase System / Branch Accounts / Dissolution of a Partnership Firm TEXTBOOK 66 2009 / 622 Pages / PB / Rs. Salient features: Coverage of major and modern aspects in management accounting. Under the 33 chapters. Special efforts have been made to explain the context of the problems through step by step approach. particularly of Delhi University. The unique feature of this book is the incorporation of Case Study section. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject in a lucid style making it easy for the students to grasp the subject as well as for the working executives.

Cash Management and Financial policies affecting Working Capital Finance. Inventory and Receivables Working Capital Management KRISH RANGARAJAN. IIM. Professor. students of professional courses like C. It is meant for postgraduate students of financial management pursuing M. techniques and generalizations relative to Working Capital Management of their enterprises. M. The coverage of the book extends to important decision-making areas of Working Capital Management. Kolkata ANIL MISRA Mutual Funds in India Emerging Issues NALINI PRAVA TRIPATHY. On a selective basis. It contains descriptions and explanations of generalizations related to Working Capital Management with desirable application. 220 ISBN: 81-7446-453-0 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Accounting and Finance for Managers NITIN BALWANI Mergers. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-570-2 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Activities in Mergers and Acquisitions: Worldwide Trend / How to Go About-Due Diligence Process / Synergy Value / Leveraged Buyouts / Divestitures / Acquiring or Merging Across Borders / Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) / Taking an Ethical Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions / Cultural Due Diligence / Evaluation of Merger and Acquisition Reference / The Case Against Mergers and Acquisitions / Financing M and A / Business Valuation Methods / Business Valuations – Analysis of Methods / Classic Examples of Acquisitions in Indian Scenario –2006 TEXTBOOK 67 . 310 ISBN: 81-7446-265-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 266 Pages / PB / Rs. Director. IIFT. viz. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Working Capital Management/Short-Term Financing/Management of Cash/Receivables Management/Inventory Management/Working Capital Management and Dividend Policy/Loans and Lines of Credit KEY FEATURES: Pedagogically rich to help students retain and apply chapter concepts Comprehensive coverage of bodies and practices Discusses in detail about the current status of development and future prospects of mutual fund industry in India Provides exercises to test the students grasp of the subject Cases in the Indian context Highlights latest trends with figures and tables CONTENTS INCLUDE: The Financial Market in India/Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)/Mutual Funds in India/ Regulatory Framework and Organisation of Mutual Funds in India/Investment Management/Mutual Funds Marketing/Mutual Fund Derivatives/Future Scenario of the Mutual Fund Industry/A Message for Investors Relating to Investing in Mutual Funds/Cases 2007 / 264 Pages / PB / Rs. Shillong This is a textbook on concepts involved in and techniques used for effective Working Capital Management of an enterprise. It is intended to assist students in developing the analytical skills necessary for dealing with the problems of Working Capital in the Indian context.Com. Cost & Works Accountants..B. Working Capital Financing. practicing managers can also use this book with advantage in reformulating and improving upon the existing practices.. Company Secretaries. Current Assets Management. 225 ISBN: 81-7446-535-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2005 / 256 Pages / PB / Rs.A.. Post Graduate Diploma studies in universities and institutes of management.A. Acquisitions and Business Valuation RAVINDHAR VADAPALLI CONTENTS INCLUDE: The World of Finance/Accounting Simplified/Financial Markets and Financial Instruments/Financial Reporting/Balance Sheet Demystified/Profit & Loss A/c Demystified/Cash Flow Statement Demystified/Financial Statement Analysis/ Accounting for Decision Making/Standard Costing & Variance Analysis/Activity Based Costing/Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis/Investment Appraisal – Basic Concepts/ Investment Appraisal: Methods and Considerations/The Financing Mix/Payout Decisions/Budgets as a Basis for Planning and Control/Introduction to Working Capital/Managing Liquid Assets 2001 / 608 Pages / PB / Rs.

Principal. Balasore. Krupajal Group of Institutions. Common derivatives include options. Academy of Management Studies.Com. and M. practitioners and investors in general. industry-independent exploration of financial derivatives which offers an insightful look inside financial derivatives that is sweeping corporate world. 375 ISBN: 978-81-7446-578-8 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK 68 . K K VERMA In recent years. Bhubaneswar 2008 / 282 Pages / PB / Rs. and swaps. Commerce and PG courses of all the major universities. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Indian Banking System/Reserve Bank of India/Reforms in Financial and Banking Sector/Different types of Accounts/Banker Customer Relationship/Customer Service in Banks/KYC Norms and Anti-money Laundering/Banking Laws/Other Important Laws as Applied to Banking/Technology in Banks/Payment and Settlement System – New Age Clearing/New Age Payment – National Gateways/New Age Payment – International Gateways/ Financial Innovations/Retail Banking/Book Keeping and Accountancy for Bankers/Treasury Management /Loans and Advances/Credit Management/Documentation/Operational Risk Management/Foreign Exchange/Priority Sector Lending/Non Performing Assets/Latest in Banking 2008 / 210 Pages / PB / Rs. Bhubaneswar SATHYA SWAROOP DEBASISH. This book is a comprehensive. Director. Department of Business Administration. AICAR.Com. 195 ISBN: 978-81-7446-572-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK The book is designed as per the latest amendments of the Company (Amendment) Act 2002. The book discusses at large the meaning. Mumbai Indian Stock Market BISHNUPRIYA MISHRA. academicians. 525 ISBN: 978-81-7446-705-8 / 61/4x91/2 PART I Microfinance: Redefining the Future / Overview of Microfinance / Magnitude of Poverty in India / Subsidized Credit to Microcredit / PART II Microfinance: Introduction to Banking VIJAYARAGAVAN IYENGAR. banks. researchers. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-605-1 / 71/4x91/2 Microfinance redefining the future V S SOMANATH CONTENTS INCLUDE: Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 640 Pages / PB / Rs. This book provides a broadbased introduction to the technical aspects of the main classes of derivatives. Lecturer. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Derivatives/Forward Contracts/Futures Contracts – Basic Principles/Pricing of Futures Contracts/Hedging Strategies Using Futures/Options Contracts – Basic Principles/ Valuation of Options/Hedging Strategies using Options/Financial Swaps-Principles and Valuation 2007 / 248 Pages / PB / Rs. Department of Business Management. Professor. Fakir Mohan University. Communicate and Link Credit / Microfinance Institutions / Self-help Group and Bank Linkage / Challenges Facing SHG Federation / NGOSHG-Bank Linkage / State Sponsored Microfinance / PART III MICROFINANCE: EPICYCLE / Attaining Outreach and Viability / Role of Technology to Reach the Unbanked TEXTBOOK SATYA SWAROOP Corporate Accounting DR. This book is intended as a text for MBA students specializing in the area of Finance. the markets in which they are traded and the underlying concepts. Absorption and Reconstruction of Companies as per AS-14/Internal Reconstruction and Alteration of Share Capital Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 990 Pages / PB / Rs. derivatives have become increasingly important in the field of finance. students of M. students of CA/ICWA. and investment finance. pricing and trading strategies of the financial derivatives. Regional College of Management.Com. It covers the latest syllabus of B. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Issue of Shares / Company Accounts – Redeemable Preference Shares/ Company Accounts – Issue and Redemption of Debentures/Acquisition of Business or Purchase of Business/Profit or Loss Prior to Incorporation and Post-Incorporation/Underwriting of Shares & Debentures & Underwriting Commission/Valuation of Goodwill/Valuation of Shares/ Liquidation of Companies/Accounts of Holding Companies/Final Accounts of Companies (Managerial Remuneration)/Final Accounts of Companies (With Disposal of Profit)/Accounting for Amalgamation. of the UGC. basic understanding. forward contracts. 350 ISBN: 978-81-7446-569-6 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK Financial Derivatives BISHNUPRIYA MISHRA. It is also useful for the students pursuing Management. futures contracts. Orissa This book meets the requirements of the subject in all its angles and intends to serve the requirements of management students who would like to make a career in banking and for those in pursuit of promotional avenues within the bank.

2010 / 300 Pages / PB / Rs. One can also use it to figure out what's available on the Internet and on-line services. and the Future Various functional areas of the Organization. Anyone using a personal computer of any brand or model will find this book to be a valuable reference and learning tool. Guru Jambheswar University. networks and programming. and Sources Definitions. General comments about particular items of interest. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-672-3 / 71/4x91/2 69 . the book exhaustively covers every possible aspect of the subject. the reader will find full coverage of Macintosh and OS/2 terms as well. Topology. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-855-0 / 51/2x81/2 This book talks of different business situations and the process of engineering Management Information System (MIS) framework for these business situations. CONTENTS INCLUDE: SECTION 1: Thinking in Terms of Management Information Systems / Overview of Concepts / Education Institute Management System / Petrol Pump Management System / Payroll Management System / Resource Allocation Management System / Sports Management System / Banking Management System / Hospital Management System / Library Management System / SECTION 2: Strategic Business Processes Related MIS Case Studies / Human Resource Department / Marketing Department / Inventory Department / Assembly and Dispatch Department / Production Department / Purchase Department Financial Accounting System 2008 / 434 Pages / PB / Implementation. WAN. programming. and processor design and storage technology. This text explains simple techniques of developing perfect fit MIS solutions for specific business situations. peripherals. much more. LAN. Challenges. Security Techniques Database Types/Management Systems/ Relational Database Design Computer Networks. Myths. The text is specifically written to successfully bridge the gap between MIS concepts and their applications. This text is not aimed to cover the theoretical concepts related to MIS but consciously makes an effort towards application of these concepts to various business domains. Evaluation and Maintenance Controlling MIS. Benefits. including: Evolution. Limitations. The text is most suitable for students pursuing various management and computer courses at graduation and postgraduation levels. in fact. and related MIS Sub. Concepts. But the perfect fit is rare. It also describes the latest developments in networks. Security Hazards. such as the Internet or desktop publishing. MAN. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-688-4 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK Management Information Systems A Computer oriented approach for business operations DHARMINDER KUMAR. software. It covers all the aspects of computing. There are thousands of ways of developing MIS solutions for a business situation. Significance and Role Internal and Environmental drivers. as well as many applications in which computers are used. communications. This book can be used as a handy reference material regarding the computer system. This book's coverage isn't restricted to Microsoft Windows systems. Dimensions & Scope.information technology Dictionary of Computer & Internet B NANDHAKUMAR BHUVANESHWARI LALITHA Engineering MIS for Strategic Business Processes ARPITA GOPAL This dictionary provides the user with a comprehensive range of the vocabulary used in the field of computing. multimedia. Internet. Hisar SANGEETA GUPTA BPO/KPO Management an industry perspective EDITED BY R GOPAL PRADIP MANJREKAR Divided into thirteen chapters. Characteristics. Architecture 11 case studies provide accelerated learning and problemsolving ability …& much. 250 ISBN: 81-7446-427-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 2008 / 356 Pages / PB / Rs. complex ideas or hardware or software applications are given in separate boxes. 2005 / 490 Pages / PB / Rs. Quotations from magazines and journals are given to show how the words are used in real text. including hardware. Design.

250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-637-2 / 71/4x91/2 IT & Business Intelligence EDITED BY R K JENA 70 2009 / 294 Pages / PB / Rs. vibrant and rapidly evolving world of call centers. A lucid book on the ins and outs of the much-in-vogue call centers. The second chapter is ‘Correlation Analysis’ which studies the nature of relationship between two variables.information technology IT Enabled Practices and Emerging Management Paradigms EDITORS I C GUPTA DEEPAK JAROLIYA 2008 / 376 Pages / PB / Rs. acquire new customer and build customers loyalty. 320 ISBN: 81-7446-188-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Effective Call Center Training soft skills This book. illustrations and tables guide the reader on how to provide superior customer satisfaction to existing customers. It also discusses distributed lag model and Granger causality. This is also used for studying seasonality in data. The seventh chapter describes Box-Jenkins methodology. It caters to the need of a global audience with panache. CONTENTS INCLUDE: The history of the industry/Opportunities and challenges in India/ How a call center functions/How to handle a telemarketing call/How to satisfy different types of customers/The nuances of American English/How to overcome communication barriers/How to build a successful team/Customer relationship management/Web-based customer support/Windows Explorer/Outlook Express/MS-Word/ MS-Excel and/MS-PowerPoint 2001 / 220 Pages / PB / Rs. This book would be extremely beneficial for the students pursuing postgraduate economics and MBA programmes. The third chapter aims to familiarize the reader with various concepts of simple linear regression model where one phenomenon has been explained in terms of another phenomenon. This book has been divided into 9 chapters. Examples. Organization & Systems/Management Information Systems/Office Automation/Fundamentals of Computers/Prominent Information Systems/Communication Concepts & Networking/Telecommunication/Project Planning. It is aimed at researchers in economics and management who just want to apply econometric methods sensibly to the real world data for analysis and empirical works. The first chapter ‘Elementary Data Handling’ deals with summarizing data graphically and by descriptive statistics. 2009 / 196 Pages / PB / Rs. perhaps among the first few of its kind. The last chapter discusses the extensions and limitations of regression analysis. AKSHAYA BHATIA CONTENTS INCLUDE: Overview of Management. 495 ISBN: 978-81-7446-715-7 / 71/4x91/2 . 200 ISBN: 81-7446-255-4 / 71/4x91/2 Business Essentials for Software Professionals G P SUDHAKAR 2008 / 192 Pages / PB / Rs. The focus is on honing personal relation skills and educating the reader on what it takes to thrive in the highly competitive. The eighth chapter explains the concept of co-integration and error correction mechanism. The sixth chapter deals with time series analysis. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-676-1 / 71/4x91/2 Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel ASH NARAYAN SAH The focal point of this book is the use of Microsoft Excel for data analysis from the researchers’ perspective. The fourth chapter stretches the basic concepts of the third chapter and explains one variable in terms of one or more variables. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-716-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Management Information Systems ASHOK ARORA. Analysis & Design of MIS/Database Management/Typical Information Systems/Case Studies Instructor Manual Available 1999 / 532 Pages / PB / Rs. The fifth chapter discusses the Dummy Regression Model—a technique used to incorporate qualitative information into regression model. explores in a unique way management concepts like customer centricity and core competency.

information technology
Visual Basic 6
third edition

Fundamentals of Information Technology
DEEPAK BHARIHOKE, Perot Systems Ltd.

Asian Development Bank

Barkatullah University, Bhopal

The third edition of “Fundamentals of Information Technology” is a 'must have' book not only for BCA and MBA students, but also for all those who want to strengthen their knowledge of computers. The additional chapter on MS Office is a comprehensive study on MS Word, MS Excel and other components of the package. This book is packed with expert advice from eminent IT professionals, in-depth analysis and practical examples. It presents a detailed functioning of hardware components besides covering the software concepts. A broad overview of Computer architecture, Data representation in the computer, Operating systems, Database management systems, Programming languages, etc., has also been included. An additional chapter on Mobile Computing and other state-ofthe-art innovations in the IT world have been incorporated. Not only that, the latest Internet technologies have also been covered in detail. Each chapter is followed by a number of review questions.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Computer Basics/Data Representation/Input and Output Devices/Computer Memory/Processor/Binary Arithmetic/The Basic Computer Architecture/Software Concepts/Operating Systems/DOS: Disk Operating System/Features of the Unix Operating System/Windows 95/98/Microsoft Office/Data Base Management Systems/SQL/Computers and Communication/ Computer Networks/Internet/Mobile Computing/Multimedia/Data Warehousing

This book covers the depth as well as breadth of the Visual Basic. It begins with a very elementary level of programming and gradually illustrates the basics of Visual Basic and Graphical User Interfaces. CONTENTS INCLUDE:
Visual Basic: Background / Visual Basic Forms: Data Entry Screens / VB Toolbox In-depth / Variables, Datatypes and User Defined Types / Dialog Boxes, Conditional Statements and Loops / Modules, Arrays, Collections, Enums / Procedures, Functions, Formats, API, Graphics / Events: A Closer Look / Menus, Control Arrays, Multiple Forms / Advanced Active-x Controls / Windows Common Controls: Animation, Updown, Monthview / Windows Common Controls: Slider, Imagelist, Image Combo, Tool Bar, Status Bar / Treeview and Listview / Database Concepts and SQL / Database Creation, ODBC and DAO Programming / Database Programming: ADO and DED / Database Programming: Data Reports / Object Oriented Programming Systems (OOPS) / OLE / File System Objects / COM/DCOM / DHTML Programming / Error Handling, Debugging, Compiling / Package and Deployment Wizard / Beyond VB: ASP, COM+, .NET / Glossary / Index
2009 / 558 Pages / PB / Rs. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-704-1 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

Instructor Manual Available
2006 / 654 Pages / PB / Rs. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-481-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

Management Information Systems
G V SATYA SEKHAR, College of Management Studies,
Gandhi Instiute of Technology and Management, Visakhapatnam

IT Innovations for Organizational Excellence
2009 / 448 Pages / PB / Rs. 595 ISBN: 978-81-7446-759-1 / 71/4x91/2

Computer/Memory Types/Central Processor and Central Processing Unit (CPU)/Operating Systems/Computer Generations/Information Systems/ Decision Support System/Enterprise Resource Planning/ Strategies and Optimization Models/Technical Foundation of Information Systems/ Functional Information System/System Analysis/System Development Life Cycle/Hospital Information System/Information Technology in Services Sector/ Database Management Systems/Internet - A Conceptual Approach/Electronic Data Security/Access Database System/Media of Internet Service Provider: A Survey/ MBA Examination Model Cases

Instructor Manual Available
2007 / 304 Pages / PB / Rs. 225 ISBN: 81-7446-521-9 / 71/4x91/2


information technology
Foundation of Operating Systems
(A Structural Approach with UNIX)

Foundations of IT
DHIRAJ SHARMA, Assistant Professor and Head,
Department of Management, Regional Institute of Management & Technology, Gobindgarh City, Punjab.

This book on Operating System is written considering the students pursuing the degree and postgraduate degree course in Computer Science, Engineering and System Management, even for the students of Business Management courses having electives as System Management or part of the curriculum that necessitates the basic knowledge of operating system. The discussion presented in the book is lucid and accompanied by a number of easily understandable diagrammatic representations to make the topics clear for the freshers of the field. The algorithms are also used for the concerned candidates whose course requirement is a little in-depth. Each diagram is sufficiently detailed to support fast and easy understanding by the readers. Each chapter is accompanied with self-test exercises to test progress of the readers. The readers will definitely find it a self-explanatory text with sufficient clarity that covers almost all the necessary parts of the operating system design and operation.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: Overview of Operating System / Process Management Functions / Memory Management Functions / Device Management Functions / Concurrent Programming / UNIX Operating System
2008 / 304 Pages / PB / Rs. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-626-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

The present book 'Foundations of I.T.' is designed for computer and management students with no particular background in Computers or Information Technology. The book not only covers the basic and fundamentals of IT but deals also with advance concepts and structures comprehensively. The present book is useful both for IT and Business Management students in understanding the fundamentals, applications and major roles IT play in various walks of life daily. Present text also focuses on the technological changes and trends that are revolutionizing the various knowledge areas under business management. The role and applications of information technology in business has been extensively discussed in the present book. Attempt has been made to follow 'non-technical' and 'simple-to-understand' approach throughout the text. This book is useful for the students of IT, business management, commerce, computer science, engineering and in general as well. The present text also serves as a course and text book particularly for the papers of Information Technology and Computer Fundamentals of MBA, BBA, MCA, BCA, B. Sc.(IT), PGDCA, M.Com etc. being run by various colleges and universities. In nutshell, present book is useful for everyone who is curious about Information Technology and its role and applications.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: An Introduction to Information Technology/Fundamentals of a Computer/ Number System and Boolean Algebra/Understanding Operating System/ Programming Languages/Programming Concepts /Database Management System/ Management Information System/DOS, Unix and Windows/Microsoft Windows XP/MS Office: An Overview/Learning MS Word/Learning MS-Excel/Learning MS PowerPoint/Learning MS Access/Networking and Networking Technology/ The Internet/E-Commerce/ E-Commerce Technologies and Emerging Issues/ Cyber Crimes, Viruses and Other Threats/The Information Technology Act, 2000/IT Terms

Instructor Manual Available
2008 / 492 Pages / PB / Rs. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-589-4 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK

A Manager’s Guide to e-Business

Emerging Trends in Information Technology

The book has extensively covered the following topics: ECommerce and its benefits/Internet and Intranets/ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)/Electronic Payment Systems/Legal and Security Issues in E-Commerce/ValueAided Networks/Various other issues related to ECommerce Implementation. The book has also covered various standards in ECommerce, e.g., Data Communication and Data Translation. There are extensive illustrations on various issues and E-Commerce models, which provide a direction in the process of universal E-Commerce. This book is a complete E-Commerce guide to a business Manager.
2000 / 380 Pages / PB / Rs. 220 ISBN: 81-7446-203-1 / 51/2x81/2

This book on e-World brings forth the recent advents in the field of technology that have transformed the way we live and work. The major areas that have been discussed in this text are e-Commerce, e-Banking, e-Logistics, e-Governance, eAgriculture, e-Learning, e-Content Management, Biometrics, GIS/GPS, Knowledge Management, Embedded Systems, etc.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: e-Commerce / Customer Relationship Management / e-Banking / Content Management and Dissemination / e-Logistics / e-Governance and e-Agriculture / Knowledge Management / Geographic Information System/Geographic Positioning System / Biometric Technologies / Embedded Systems
2009 / 338 Pages / PB / Rs. 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-732-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK



operations management
Civil Aviation
a global perspective

Logistics Management
REJI ISMAIL, Professor, Farook Institute of Management Studies,Calicut

Introduction / Aviation History / Growth of Civil Aviation / Aviation Technology / Manufacturers / Leading Players / Airline Alliances / Aviation Infrastructure / Leading Airports of the World / Human Resource in Aviation / Conclusion
2009 / 176 Pages / PB / Rs. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-727-0/ 71/4x91/2

The present book has been designed to be a new generation logistics textbook as it is shorter and precise in comparison with the other related books that are lengthy and vague. This book has been written to provide a textbook that exclusively deals with the topics of logistics management. The book covers the basics of warehousing, transportation, inventory, packaging, material handling, supply chain management, operations, information technology, documentation, etc. Most books do not cover these topics in detail. This book makes the concepts, elements and activities, related to logistics, very simple and clear. The shipping industry has also been covered in depth in it. The book not only covers the basics but also provides essential material for those students who are doing higher-level logistics courses. Upper level students and industry practitioners can also use this book as reference. It contains a wealth of definitions and explains a lot of terms, which are involved in the dayto-day operations of logistics management. CONTENTS INCLUDE:
Objectives and Elements of Logistics / Marketing and Logistics / Integrated Logistics / Supply Chain Relations / Customer Based Marketing / Transportation / Multi-modal Transport / Containerisation / Incoterms / Inland Container Depot / International Air Transport / Shipping Industry / Freight / Freight Structure and Practice / Warehousing / Material Handling / Packaging and Packing / Packing for Transportation and Marking / Inventory Management / Global Logistics / Information and Communication / Documentation / Index

Principles of Airport Economics

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Economics in Aviation Studies / Aviation Industry and its Significance / Consumer Behaviour / Airport Operational Economics / Economics of Airport Optimization / Economics of Congestions and Delays / Airport Slot Mechanism / Airport Market and Competition / Airport Planning System / Airport Financial Economics / Airport Pricing Strategy / ICAO – Guidelines in Airport & Air Navigational Services Pricing / Airport Performance System / Regulation and Competition: International Practices – Civil Aviation Industry / Airport Competition and Regulation: Case Studies / Airport Privatization / Airport Services in Global Trade
2007 / 462 Pages / PB / Rs. 895 ISBN: 81-7446-523-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

Instructor Manual Available
2008 / 350 Pages / PB / Rs. 250 ISBN: 978-81-7446-627-3/ 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK

Materials Management
RAJENDRA MISHRA, Visiting Faculty,
Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Operation Research
Decision Model Approach
S JAISANKAR CONTENTS INCLUDE: Linear Programming: Formulation and Graphical Method / Linear Programming: Analytical Methods / Transportation Model / Assignment Model / Network Analysis PERTCPM / Sequencing / Replacement Models / Queuing Theory / Game Theory / Simulation CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART - I / Materials Management - An Overview / Inventory Systems for Independent Demand Items / Inventory Systems for Dependent Demand Items / Enterprise Resource Planning / PART - II / Purchase Cycle, Standardization and Outsourcing / Purchase Specification / Supplier Selection / Ordering / Purchase Strategies / Understanding Price / Negotiation / Supplier Management - Buyer-Supplier Relation, Evaluation and Development / PART - III / Logistics / Appendices / Index
2007 / 282 Pages / PB / Rs. 225 ISBN: 81-7446-514-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK


375 ISBN: 978-81-7446-734-8 / 71/4x11 TEXTBOOK 74 . Therefore.Road Map for the Civil Aviation Sector (New National Civil Aviation Policy 2003) 2005 / 242 Pages / PB / Rs. The book not only deals with the planning function of SCM. materials handling systems and warehousing strategies are the other important topics that have been discussed in the book. Different aspects and modes of transportation in India. the different types of inventory models and their classification. Privatization and Globalization in Civil Aviation Industry/Naresh Chandra Committee Report . UK and India/Liberalization. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART I Introduction / Understanding Quality / Quality Philosophies / Introducing Total Quality Management – Concepts and Principles / Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement / PART II Managerial Perspective to TQM / Organisational Management System – Reengineering / Human Resource Management System / PART III Methods. It describes the principles behind generating ‘Supply Chain Information’ as well as the different architectures of supply chain information apart from covering the fundamentals of e-Business. its concept and philosophy. planning and control. An important feature of this book is that its text is supported by some outstanding case studies developed by the faculty of the Indian Institute of Management. New Delhi 2001 / 244 Pages / PB / Rs. Ahmedabad. including the aggregate plan. This book is not an academic treatise. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Supply Chain and the Materials Function / Supply Chain Management Basics / Supply Chain Relationships / Supply Chain Design / Purchasing Basics / Purchasing and Supplier Sourcing / Demand Planning and Forecasting / Aggregate Planning and Inventory Management / Inventory Models / Work-in-Progress and Finished Goods Inventory / Supply Chain Quality / Information Visibility in Supply Chains / Transportation in Supply Chains / Warehouse Management and Operations / Location and Networking / Supply Chain Coordination and Performance Total Quality Management An Integrated Approach SHAILENDRA NIGAM This book has been written with the premise that no organisation can survive in an increasingly competitive business environment unless its primary focus is on offering quality products and services. 150 ISBN: 81-7446-258-9 / 51/2x81/2 Instructor Manual Available 2009 / 728 Pages / PB / Rs. work-in-progress and finished goods inventory and quality as a new and major component of Supply Chain Management. Airport Authority of India Exploring the Supply Chain theory and practice UPENDRA KACHRU CONTENTS INCLUDE: Transportation/Aviation Growth and Development/Aircraft Manufacturers . This book elaborates the basic concepts of Supply Chain Management and provides a comprehensive coverage of the methodology and key strategic drivers in the different processes involved in operating and designing a Supply Chain. it also ends with it. Indian Institute of Materials Management. Information plays a critical part in properly designed supply chains. containerization. impact of globalization on logistics. 330 ISBN: 81-7446-419-0 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Glossary of Purchasing and Materials Management COMPILED BY M K BHARDWAJ. The last chapter discusses supply chain coordination problems and solutions to these problems. it presents an opportunity to Learn the basic principles and tools of total quality management through practical experiences of Indian companies. a whole chapter is dedicated to discuss the functionality of information in supply chains. Tools and Techniques / Statistical Tools / TQ through Quality Circles / Total Quality through Japanese 5-S / TQ through QMS / Total Quality through Cost of Quality / Total Quality through Benchmarking / International Awards / Case Studies / Index 2005 / 418 Pages / PB / Rs.operations management Fundamentals of Air Transport Management P S SENGUTTUVAN. 450 ISBN: 81-7446-459-X / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a revolutionary way of looking at the processes involved in buying. The book explains the evolution of Supply Chain Management. warehouse designs. though it provides the most comprehensive coverage of the different facets of supply chain management. Aimed at making the reader aware of the present scenario of quality management process in India. It also looks at the different elements that go into the design of the Supply Chain and the purchasing functions from the supply chain perspective.Airbus Industrie & The Boeing Company/Economy and Aviation/Aviation Management Structure/International Aviation Principal Management/ Aviation Supporting Organization/State Regulatory Aviation Management US. The book not only begins with the bull-whip effect. it also covers the fundamental concepts of forecasting and demand management.

applicable to any situation. all activities are being computerized. It starts with a definition of Inventory. It should be of great value both to students and faculty. this book covers E-commerce. Industrial Safety. one of the authors of the case studies. We shall be very grateful to the reader of this book to give their valuable suggestions to add further value to the book. service and manufacturing industries. Professor.1/ Inventory Control Techniques – 2/Forecasting/Materials Requirement Planning/Manufacturing Resource Planning – II/JIT/Total Quality Management (TQM)/Surplus . A chapter has also been included on some motivational thoughts outlining some principles which would help us to become successful in life. Capacity Planning. so they have also been included here. etc. The selection of such cases makes classroom learning truly suited to the Indian business environment. Tirupati. Inventory is an outcome of procurement. professional and family managed business organizations. Chapters have been included on methods to handle specific classes of inventories such as spare parts inventory. The cases relate to Operations Strategy. So it was essential to include a chapter on it also. These sections should add to the significance of exploring how firms can gain competitive advantage and promote sustainable development at the same time. The Case Studies are of world class. Logistics and supply chain management defines the path a material takes in it’s life through a company. involving the case study method of learning. There has been no separate book on ‘Inventory Management’ and it has been felt by the student community that there should be a book on this subject. finished goods inventory. Obsolete & Non-moving Inventory/ Work In Process (WIP) Inventory/Finished Goods Inventories/ Spares Parts Inventory Management/Logistics And Supply Chain Management/Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)/Stores Management /Introduction To E-commerce/Some Motivation Thoughts Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 828 Pages / PB / Rs. according to Management Science. obsolete and non-moving inventory. The cases encompass the entire spectrum of Indian Industry— the private and the public sectors. Unlike many Production and Operations Management texts. surplus. Environmental Management (Green Productivity) and new technological trends in the discipline. Manufacturing Technologies. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-591-7 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 75 .operations management Production and Operations Management Text and Cases UPENDRA KACHRU. The book is comprehensive. Justin-trime principles and TQM are some more methods of achieving a world-class manufacturing. organization or country. Chapters start with an Indian case study of a well known company. So lessons on e-commerce as well as all the latest technologies that are affecting Inventory Management have been included. the logic behind it’s procurement should be studied. Gurgaon Inventory Management Principles and Practices P NARAYAN JAYA SUBRAMANIAN This book takes a pedagogical approach that is participative and interactive. The principles outlined here are universal. In the present day scenario. The last section of the book comprises of a selection of cases from The Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad. single industry and conglomerates. Keeping in mind the syllabus prescribed in the various universities on this subject. how do we classify them for ease of control and what are the various techniques of inventory control. Prof. IILM Institute for Higher Education. Work Analysis and Job Design / Lean Manufacturing / Project Management / Maintenance and Safety / Strategy and Operations Strategy / Globalization and Operations / Case / Index The book Inventory Management – Principles and Practices explains all the fundamental principles of Inventory Management. This is used as a capstone case for the chapter. lucid and easy to read and understand. Supply Chain Management. The student will find this an easy learning experience as data and additional information for these enterprises is readily available. Hence chapters on Manufacturing Resources Planning have been added. why it is needed as well as not needed. what is it’s impact on a business. has penned one of the top 100 management articles in the 50 years. Maintenance. while studying inventories. CONTENTS INCLUDE: OM Basics / Product and Product Design / Supplement to Chapter 2: Economic Evaluation / Process Selection and Design / Capacity Design and Planning / Supplement to Chapter 4: Linear Programming / Facility Planning and Layout / Supplement to Chapter 5: Transportation Problem / Forecasting Techniques / Managing for Quality / Supplement to Chapter 7: Six Sigma and Statistical Quality Control / Aggregate Planning / Supplement to Chapter 8: Waiting Line Models / The Supply Chain / Supplement to Chapter 9: Inventory and Inventory Models / MRP and Operations Scheduling / Supplement to Chapter 10: Transportation Problem / Productivity. work-in-process inventory. New Products. the chapters have been designed accordingly. etc. So obviously. 385 ISBN: 81-7446-506-5 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 228 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Need For Inventory Management/Costs Associated With Inventories/ Classification of Inventories/Inventory Control Techniques .

Delhi University With his considerable amount of teaching and training experience in the field of legal aspects of business. 375 ISBN: 81-7446-472-7 / 71/4x91/2 76 . since it deals with both theory and practice of ‘business law’. rather. 1970/The Copyright Act. Dr Gulshan has made a proper assimilation of legal implications of provisions of the more important Acts on business strategies in this book. 2000 / Law of Insurance / Law of Insolvency / Law of Arbitration and Conciliation Case Laws on Industrial Relations issues and implications L MISHRA Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 850 Pages / PB / Rs. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Business and its Environment / Meaning and Nature of Law / Law of Contract / Law of Torts / Contracts of Guarantee and Indemnity / Contracts of Bailment and Pledge / Contract of Agency / Law of Partnership / Law of Sale of Goods / Law of Negotiable Instruments / Law of Carriage of Goods / The Consumer Protection Act. 1952/Social Security—Payment of Gratuity Act. Delhi University second edition With his considerable teaching and training experience in the field of Legal Aspects of Business. 1972/Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act. The work is not just a theoretical exposition of different Acts. 2002 / Elements of Company Law / The Foreign Exchange Management Act. The book is a unique presentation of the theory as well as the practice of 'Business Law'. College of Business Studies. College of Business Studies. College of Business Studies. a part entitled 'Gaining Practical Experience' has been included for the guidance of both the present and the future managers. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Nature. rather it shows how the practical side of ‘business law’ operates. Former Principal. 1936/Wages— Minimum Wages Act. The text book provides not just a mere theoretical exposition of different Acts. Arrangements. 1923/Social Security—Employees State Insurance Act. At the end of every chapter. 1948/Wages—Payment of Bonus Act. 1999/Elements of Company Law/The Information Technology Act. Returns and Reports / Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement / Compromises.governance and E-filing) (b) Corporate governance The book in its present format will prove more useful to the students and others. a number of exercises are included under the heading ‘Check Your Progress’. Professor Gulshan has made. 1999 / The Information Technology Act. Former Principal. 1986 / The Competition Act. 1957 Some of the special features of this book are: (i) In order to enable the readers know their progress in understanding the subject. It would be obvious from the brief contents that the book is a unique presentation. 1996 2008 / 596 Pages / PB / Rs. 1961/Industrial Disputes Act. 1956 / The Company: Its Meaning and Nature / Classification of Companies / Formation of a Company / Contracts / Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association / Share and Share Capital / Prospectus / Public Deposits / Allotment of Shares / Membership / Calls on Shares / Transfer and Transmission of Shares / Investments. 1986/ The Competition Act. 1948/Social Security—Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Business and its Environment/Meaning and Nature of Law/Law of Contract/Contracts of Guarantee and Indemnity/Contracts of Bailment and Pledge/Contract of Agency/Law of Partnership/Law of Sale of Goods/ Law of Negotiable Instruments/The Consumer Protection Act. Loans. Former Principal. proper assimilation of legal implications of provisions of the more important Acts on business strategies. Extent and Administration of the Companies Act. a part entitled ‘Gaining Practical Experience’ has been included for the guidance of both the present and the future manager. Reconstruction and Amalgamation / Winding up of Companies / Miscellaneous Provisions / Service of Documents and their Authentication / The Depositories Act. 1970/Wages—Payment of Wages Act. 2000/The Patents Act. 2002/The Foreign Exchange Management Act. 280 ISBN: 978-81-7446-636-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 740 Pages / PB / Rs. 1947/Trade Unions third edition Business Law S S GULSHAN. 1926/Social Security—Workmens' Compensation Act. 320 ISBN: 81-7446-561-8 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Discipline in Industry/Apprentices Act. it shows how the practical side of 'Business Law' operates. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-482-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK third edition Mercantile Law S S GULSHAN. Delhi University Company Law S S GULSHAN. (ii) The following matter has been provided through appendices: (a) Company Law in a computerized environment (E. At the end of every chapter. in this book. 1965/Miscellaneous 2006 / 434 Pages / PB / Rs. Borrowings and Debentures / Accounts and Audit / Divisible Profits and Dividends / General Meetings and Proceedings / Inspection and Investigation / Management of a Company-1 / Management of a Company-2 / Company Secretary / Sole Selling and Buying Agents / Books.

For instance. arduous journey and the challenges it is a encountering in today’s changing business scenario. Therefore. 300 ISBN: 81-7446-547-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Business Law for B. Principles of Natural Justice. The book also contains the latest High Court and Supreme Court judgments to make it up-to-date and relevant. CONTENTS INCLUDE: PART-I Background to Industrial Relations / Evolution of Industrial Relations in India / Changing Profiles of Major Stakeholders of Industrial Relations in India / Management of Conflict in Industry / Case Studies / PART-II Background of Labour Legislations / Regulative Legislations / Protective Legislations / Wage Legislations / Social Security Legislations / Miscellaneous Legislations / Emerging Trends in Labour Legislations The book is a product of the heart-felt needs of the managersin-making (the students of management schools) and young managers practicing in industries. This book has been prepared with a conscious effort to meet in full measure the requirements of not only the students but also for the working managers. revision of existing laws and reinvention of new laws to meet the future requirements. The book offers a working account of appropriate business laws. the textual material is concise and to the point. The book also gives some glimpses of important provisions of prevailing labour laws in South-Asian countries including labour laws of China. The concluding chapter deals with the need for review. Professor. each one updated with latest amendment and with latest Supreme Court judgements. Former Principal.Com. Supreme Court Instructions on Management of Sexual Harassment. Taking advantage from his wide experience as practicing manager and teacher of labour laws. Attempt has been made to provide a glimpse of pertinent labor legislations in Far East Asian countries like China. The book contains the evolution of labor law. The book aims at providing complete clarity for the beginner. The existing books on labor laws are either too voluminous / complex for easy comprehension of students or too sketchy to meet their requirements. and such simplicity of exposition which makes the text practically self-teaching. Considering the above difficulties. Extensive case laws have been carefully presented and analysed with quotations from frequently cited judgements. Only important labour laws have been discussed in the book. The book will surely go in long way to meet the expectations of students and managers. The emphasis all through is on clarity and the way the law operates on a day-to-day basis for business. 300 ISBN: 978-81-7446-620-4 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK TEXTBOOK 77 . S S GULSHAN. it provides in-depth analysis supplemented by practical observations and numerous examples in the problematic areas. The result is that students get confused and develop dislike for the subject. this book has been written in simple and non-legal language. Human Resource Management. This book avoids both and provides a simple. Malaysia and Singapore Industrial Relations and Labour Laws B D SINGH Labour Laws for Managers B D SINGH. providing essential information. the author has added some topics which are not laws per se but their knowledge and understanding is much more important than the proper laws. exhaustive and comprehensive reading. 200 ISBN: 978-81-7446-689-1 / 61/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 560 Pages / PB / Rs. the study of law is included in the syllabi of management institutions. It discuss the required amendments to be made to make them business friendly. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Law of Contract / Contracts of Guarantee and Indemnity / Contract of Bailment / Contract of Agency / Law of Partnership / Law of Sale of Goods / Law of Negotiable Instruments / Law of Information Technology 2008 / 374 Pages / PB / Rs. and its long. Ghaziabad Existing books on Labour Laws are either too technical or too cumbersome with plethora of case laws or too brief and too sketchy that they hardly convey anything. etc. The book contains a detailed background about each law explaining the genesis for the enactment of that law. Further. Also. First few chapters provide the right ambience and correct background to make the students understand the need of different labour laws. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Background/Regulative Legislation/Protective Legislation/Wage Legislation/Social Security Legislations/Miscellaneous Legislation/Emerging Trends in Labour Legislation/ Labour Laws in China (in original) Instructor Manual Available 2007 / 468 Pages / PB / Rs. College of Business Studies. Delhi University Understanding of laws which govern the business system is of paramount importance for the students of business. IMT. laws relating to Management of Discipline.

1932 / The Sale of Goods Act. 2006 / 848 Pages / PB / Rs. Copyrights. Anna University. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-609-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK The book provides a strong foundation in Quantitative Methods for management students who come from different disciplines. Anna University. Patents. Coimbatore This book covers the following basic aspects of IPR with the merits and demerits of the evolving global economic intellectual property regimes. 1872 / The law relating to special contracts viz. 2008 / 342 Pages / PB / Rs. and agency / The Partnership Act. 365 ISBN: 81-7446-473-5 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Hypothesis and Research Design / Research Methods and Research Methodology / Collection of Data / Measurement and Scaling Techniques / Sampling Techniques / Processing and Analysing of Data / Testing of Hypothesis: Parametric Tests / Testing of Hypothesis: Non-parametric Tests / Analysis of Variance / Interpretation of Data / Research Report Writing / Use of Computer in Research / Statistical Formulae and Notes The book will be extremely helpful to study the fundamentals of Research Methodology. bailment and pledge. This book will surely prove to be a good reference book for both the students and teachers. Director. 1996 / The Consumer Protection Act. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Functions / Mathematics of Finance / Differentiation / Integration / Measures of Central Tendency / Measures of Dispersion / Correlation and Regression / Index Numbers and Time Series / Testing of Hypothesis / Theoretical Distribution 2008 / 444 Pages / PB / Rs. FEATURES: Coverage of all IP rights. 1930 / The Negotiable Instruments Act. Geographical indication and IC Layout Brief introduction of the emerging Cyber law in the wired century Chapter objectives and review questions for better understanding Detailed discussion on the difference of software programme source codes from other traditional creation rights Basic overview of some of the legal aspects of the IPR audit Role of Patent Management in activities of enterprises CONTENTS INCLUDE: Fundamentals of IPR / Patents / Trademarks / Copyright / Industrial Designs / Geographical Indication / Trade Secret / Software Copyright / IPR in International Scenario / Cyberlaw / Patent Management / Audit Procedures 2008 / 332 Pages / PB / Rs. Design. Management Development Institute. Trademark. BALASUBRAMANIAN. Vice Chancellor. Highlights of the book: This book is student-friendly No need to refer any other book Covers all the chapters specified in the syllabus Enough examples are given under each chapter A good number of exercise problems with answers to practice Simple and clear steps in arriving the answers Latest five years question papers of Bharathiar and Anna University are solved and annexed at the end of the book Written in simple language so that students of all level can understand. It has been designed according to the latest syllabi of the Bharathiar University and Anna University. indemnity and guarantee. The book is prepared with utmost care and rules out the necessity of referring any other book as it is self-contained. 1956 / The Depositories Act. S. Coimbatore mathematics/ statistics Quantitative Methods in Management Problems and Solutions R SELVARAJ Intellectual Property Rights text and cases DR. copyrights and trade marks. 275 ISBN: 978-81-7446-630-3 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Business and Corporate Laws C L BANSAL.. 225 ISBN: 978-81-7446-612-9 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 78 . Centre for Intellectual Property Rights. Gurgaon Research Methodology for Management and Social Sciences ADITHAM BHUJANGA RAO This book has described the following categories of business laws in a simple language: The Contract Act. 1881 / The Companies Act. 1986 /Intellectual Property Laws relating to patents. R RADHAKRISHNAN.

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Combinatorics I/Combinatorics II/Combinatorial Identities/ Probability/Random variables/Standard Discrete Probability Distributions/Standard Continuous Probability Distributions/ Jointly Distributed Random Variables/Advanced Counting Techniques/ Generating Functions 2007 / 490 Pages / PB / Rs. The book includes topics in combinatorics like advance principles of counting. the subject-matter of Business Research is included at macro and also at a micro level. data gathering. use of statistical methods. they need to know the methodology to be adopted to conduct research. recurrence relations and generating functions. etc. such as problem formulation. report-writing. HOD. This book not only explains the concepts and provides variety of solved problems. Bangalore third edition U BHOJANNA. MIT School of Management. to formulate and solve mathematical problems in a creative way.mathematics/ statistics Research Methods in Business R NANDAGOPAL. The students of today are the future decision-makers of Indian industry. When these students join the corporate world. In this book. interpretation and report-writing and also the use of statistical techniques. interpretation of data. The book uses a different approach in explaining these subjects. N VIVEK. RNSIT. discrete and continuous standard distributions and jointly random variables. concept of probability. in terms of gathering data. The book is divided into 25 chapters and the research techniques and processes are well explained with illustrations. so as to be equally suitable for the students with different backgrounds from commerce to computer engineering. Professor. combinatorial identities. probability and discrete mathematics useful to the students of MCA. K ARUN RAJAN. Department of Management Science. This book covers a selection of topics on combinatorics. Lecturer. Bangalore CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Business Research / Research Process / Scaling Techniques / Data Files and Coding Data / Starting SPSS / Frequency Distribution and Descriptive Statistics Using SPSS / Manipulating the Data / Cross-Tabulations Using SPSS / Using SPSS to Perform 't' Test / One Way ANOVA Using SPSS / Correlation Using SPSS / Using SPSS to Perform Chi-Square / Simple Regression Analysis / 2-Way and 3-Way ANOVA / Cluster Analysis / Conjoint Analysis / Discriminant Analysis / Factor Analysis / Multi-Dimensional Scaling / Non-Parametric Tests 2007 / 208 Pages / PB / Rs. PSG Institute of Management. Senior Lecturer. PSG College of Technology. PSG Institute of Management Business Research Methods S N MURTHY. Director. Probability and Combinatorics D P APTE. Special features of this book are: It is written in an easy to understand manner. computer science and applied mathematics. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-520-0 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK CONTENTS INCLUDE: Research Methodology and Market Research / Scientific Method in Research / Organisation of Marketing Research / Research Process / Research Problem Formulation / Research Design / Causal Research / Secondary Data / Literature Review / Primary Data / Qualitative Techniques of Data Collection / Sampling / Attitude Measurement and Scaling Techniques / Data Processing and Interpretation / Statistical Analysis of Business Research / Markov Process / Hypothesis Testing / Time Series Analysis / Decision Theory / Research Report / Ethical Issues in Business Research / Market Information System / Role of Computers and Recent Trends in Business Research / Application of Marketing Research / Guidelines for Project Work / Case Studies in Indian Context TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2010/ 512 Pages / PB / Rs. Pune To give the knowledge of tools and skills necessary to solve business problems. To help the students apply research techniques in a changing marketing environment. analysing. MBA. Department of Management Science.Sc. PSG Institute of Management. but also helps students to develop insight and perception. This book completely covers MCA syllabus of Pune University and will also be suitable for undergraduate science courses like B. 340 ISBN: 978-81-7446-820-8 / 71/4x91/2 Mathematics and Statistics for Business R S BHARDWAJ CONTENTS INCLUDE: Part A: Businss Mathematics / Analytical Geometry / Functions and their Graphs / Limits and Continuity / The Derivative / The Maxima and Minima / Integration / Mathematics of Finance / Part B: Businss Statistics / Introduction / Measures of Central Tendency / Measures of Dispersion / Correlation / Regression Analysis / Index Numbers / Analysis of Time Series 79 . This book aims at covering various aspects of Business Research. random variables and their probability distributions. as well as management courses. RNSIT. Professor and Director. 245 ISBN: 81-7446-528-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Research is the all pervasive key and the brain for decision-making in any organization.

a large number of examples have been included in the text.mathematics/ statistics Statistical Tools for Managers Using MS EXCEL D P APTE. Department of Economics. Other more powerful statistical packages may not be accessible to all the managers at field level or working in smaller corporates. Sequence and Series/The Derivative/The Maxima and Minima/Functions of more than One Variable and Their Derivatives/Maxima. data processing. curve fitting. In order to demonstrate the use of statistical techniques in various areas of Economics and Management. The book includes topics in sampling. The book uses a practical approach in explaining these subjects. MIT School of Management. The syllabi of most of the universities for MBA. Skewness and Kurtosis / Fundamentals of Probability / Random Variables and Probability Distributions / Sampling Design and Theory of Sampling / Estimation for Decision-making / Basic Concepts of Hypotheses Testing / Test of Hypothesis: Testing for Population Parameters / Hypothesis Testing: The comparison of Two Populations / Correlation and Association / Regression / Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) / Appendices CONTENTS INCLUDE: Analytical Geometry/Matrix Algebra/Sets. Professor and Director. BCom (Hons). 240 ISBN: 81-7446-450-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK second edition Business Statistics R S BHARDWAJ. testing of hypothesis. An additional feature of the book is the ‘Exercises with Hints’ given at the end of each important topic. Delhi University This book is designed to meet the requirements of the students of BA (Hons) Economics. Pune. MCA. MIT School of Business and MIT School of Government Mathematics for Economics and Business R S BHARDWAJ. Functions. Department of Economics. tests of significance. 375 ISBN: 978-81-7446-697-6 / 81/4x11 TEXTBOOK 80 . India. Limitations and Distrust of Statistics / Statistical Investigation / Census and Sample Investigation / Collection. Reader. This book not only explains the concepts but also provides a variety of solved problems that are necessary while preparing for the examinations. Commerce. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Functions. Shivaji College. and Mentor. probability and sampling distributions. In addition. Skewness and Kurtosis / Correlation / Regression Analysis / Index Numbers / Analysis of Time Series / Theory of Attributes / Probability / Probability Distribution of a Random Variable and Decision Analysis / Theoretical Probability Distributions / Sampling Distributions / Statistical Inference / Analysis of Variance / Multiple Linear Regression / Statistical Quality Control / Non-parametric Tests of Hypothesis / Appendix 2008 / 774 Pages / PB / Rs. and Science courses are covered under the topics of this book. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Statistics and Decision-making / Collection. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-679-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Instructor Manual Available 2009 / 700 Pages / PB / Rs. the students of professional courses like CA. so as to be equally suitable for the students with different backgrounds from commerce to computer engineering. Processing and Presentation of Data / Measure of Central Tendency / Measures of Variability. Shivaji College. Delhi University second edition This book covers the topics on probability and statistics mostly used for managerial decision making. correlation. MS Excel is selected as a computer resource because it is practically available with every manager. The aim of this book is to expose the statistical concepts in a simple and lucid manner so that the readers face no difficulty in understanding and interpreting them. Minima of Functions of more than one Variable/Integration/ Mathematics of Finance/Linear Programming 2005 / 570 Pages / PB / Rs. Importance. The book would prove to be beneficial for the students to use statistical tools during their work life to solve complex real life managerial decision making situations. regression and ANOVA. MA Economics and MCom courses of various Indian Universities. random variables. engineering. science and commerce students. estimation. It would also provide a suitable reference for all management. Editing and Analytical Tools of Data / Classification and Tabulation of Data / Diagrammatic Presentation / Graphic Presentation / Measures of Central Tendency / Measures of Dispersion / Moments. ICWA and Management will also find this book very useful. Reader. This would help the students to develop insight and interest in solving problems using MS Excel.

that even students from a non-mathematics academic background will grasp them quickly. including thorough discussion of various LP methods and LP solutions. It conforms to the core syllabus of all universities and institutes. This book is well equipped with fundamentals of research and research designs. Delhi 2001 / 122 Pages / PB / Rs. However. 150 ISBN: 81-7446-242-2 / 71/4x91/2 81 . not much of the available reading material provides extensive focus on management research. Written in a simple language. and Game Theory…illustrated with screen-shots of a computer with a TORA package. 295 ISBN: 81-7446-497-2 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Business Process Outsourcing for Strategic Advantage Gurgaon strategic management K B C SAXENA. MDI. MDI. Associate Professor. CONTENTS INCLUDE: BLOCK 1: INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH METHODOLOGY/Research Fundamentals and Terminology/Importance of Research in Management Decisions/ Defining Research Problems and Formulation of Hypothesis/Research Design/BLOCK 2: METHODS AND TECHNIQUES OF DATA COLLECTION/Methods and Techniques of Data Collection/Sampling and Sampling Distribution/Attitude Measurement and Scales/BLOCK 3: DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS/Data Preparation and Preliminary Analysis/Statistical Analysis and Interpretation of Data:Non-parametic Tests/ Multivariate Analysis of Data/Model Building and Decision Making/BLOCK 4: REPORT WRITING AND PRESENTATION/Writing and Formatting of Reports/Additional Statistics in Research/Statistical Tests in Management Research/BLOCK 5: ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY/Factor Analysis/Computer Aided Research Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 414 Pages / PB / Rs. IMI. A logical series of steps need to be performed right from selecting a topic of research to report writing. in the simplest possible way so that neophytes may quickly grasp the concepts and methodology. 2007 / 180 Pages / PB / Rs. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-457-3 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK Extremely Short Cases on Strategic Management AJIT PRASAD. Models in the book also use Linear Programming to reach solutions including those relating to transportation and transshipment. Research in management areas needs massive experimentation and data support. which are adequately substantiated by data. you need to follow a structured approach. PSG Institute of Management. Kolkata This book has been developed with a focus on the need to demystify the subject and make it easy for students to grasp the principles and details involved. An attempt has been made to explain things in a logical progression. Every finding needs to be strengthened by arguments. Yet students are required to comprehend the nitty-gritty of doing research . managers. assignment. Linear programming. sensitivity analysis.right from developing their project reports to final dissertation. A novel approach in the book is the illustrative use of computers with TORA package. IISWBM. Coimbatore second edition Research Methodology D K BHATTACHARYYA. as part of their core curriculum. The chapters are arranged so as to progressively explain the workings of various models in actual practice through step-by-step procedures that so simplify and solve them. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Linear Programming: Formulation and Graphical Method / Linear Programming: Simplex Method / Transportation Model / Assignment Model / Network Analysis PERT-CPM / Sequencing / Replacement Models / Queuing Theory / Game Theory / Simulation / Appendix For defining research problems and finding their appropriate solutions. Gurgaon SANGEETA SHAH BHARADWAJ. 395 ISBN: 81-7446-532-4 / 61/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2005 / 318 Pages / PB / Rs. and make it easily understandable to beginners exposed to the subject for the first time. Duality in LP problems. it covers all facets of management areas with details of statistical tools required for analysis in a research work. Management research requires more theoretical rigours and practical insights. the most powerful tool for managerial decisionmaking is covered elaborately.mathematics/ statistics Quantitative Techniques for Management Computer based problem solving S JAISANKAR. etc. It is an essential reading for management students as well as for those who are aspiring to do their doctoral work in management. business executives. researchers and academicians – will find that the insights and knowledge obtained from the book will stand them in good stead in both academic as well as occupational pursuits. Readers – whether students. Professor. Many practical examples and tips for management researchers strengthen the content of this book. as a problem-solving tool.

295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-668-6 / 71/4x91/2 TEXTBOOK 82 2002 / 334 Pages / PB / Rs. BBM and other professional programmes at graduate and postgraduate level. illustrating the manner in which they fought against heavy odds and emerged as winners in the end. This book is unique and original in the way it has been organized and the material that has gone into it. using its own resources to best advantage. The theoretical concepts included are the state-of-the-art positions on the subject. The main feature of this book is a comprehensive coverage of popular analytical frameworks. Gurgaon The nuances of strategic management are examined in great depth in this book. the book contains the following features: Opening Case: Each chapter begins with an opening case highlighting strategies and actions followed by Indian companies. 2008 / 628 Pages / PB / Rs. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-273-2 / 71/4x91/2 CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction to Strategic Management/Understanding External Environment/Understanding Internal Environment/Establishing Strategic Focus/Corporate Strategy/Business-level Strategy/Competitive Strategies/Implementing strategies I: Management/Implementing Strategies II: Organisational Issues/Strategic Evaluation and Control TEXTBOOK . from India's premier Bschool. Professor. Ahmedabad TEXTBOOK Strategic Management and Business Policy text and cases C APPA RAO B PARVATHISWARA RAO K SIVARAMAKRISHNA Instructor Manual Available 2003 / 710 Pages / 71/4x91/2 HB / ISBN: 81-7446-347-X / Rs. Evaluation and Control / Governance and Change / Case Studies Designed to facilitate understanding and retention of the material presented. IIM Ahmedabad. IILM. PGDBA. Concluding Case: Each chapter contains a thoroughly researched and widely-acclaimed case. Real World Examples: Each chapter contains a number of realworld examples illustrating how a particular firm has exploited the gaps present in the environment.strategic management Recipient of ISTD-ONGC Book Award 2004-2005 Strategic Management Text and Cases V S P RAO V HARI KRISHNA Strategic Management concepts and cases UPENDRA KACHRU. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction / Strategic Planning and Strategic Management / The Strategic Management Process / Strategic Intent: Vision. such as. Ten world class studies of Indian companies. authored by the best teachers in the country including the legendary Prof CK Prahalad himself are included. BBA. 310 ISBN: 81-7446-424-7 / 81/4x11 Includes case material of IIM. MBA. 695 PB / ISBN: 81-7446-346-1 / Rs. Personality Profiles: Personality sketches of leading corporate heroes have also been provided at appropriate places. lucid and student-friendly manner. 325 TEXTBOOK This book presents the fundamental concepts of Strategic Management with current examples and illustrations in simple. such as: SWOT Analysis / Porter's Five Forces Model / Ansoff's Product/Market Grid / Value Chain Analysis / BCG Matrix Strategic Management and Business Policy NITIN BALWANI The book is very useful for the courses. which includes a supplement that unfolds the historical process and growth of strategic thinking in India. Restructuring and Cooperative Strategies / Global Strategy / Business Level Strategy / Strategic Analysis and Choice / Strategy Implementation and Functional Strategies / Strategy Implementation: Structural Issues / Behavioural Issues in Strategy Implementation / Operational Strategy / Financial Strategy / Marketing Strategy / Human Resource Strategy / Strategic Leadership and Control / Strategic Leadership / Strategy Evaluation and Control / Strategy and Technology Management / Designing a Technology Strategy / Technology Forecasting and R&D Strategies / Strategies for Acquisition and Absorption of Technology / Emerging Issues / Social Audit / Index Instructor Manual Available 2005 / 804 Pages / PB / Rs. Research Inputs: The book provides a comprehensive coverage of a vast. and the text has thus been divided into four Parts. picked up from Business Today. growing subject — well-supported by a wealth of research data collected from multifarious sources. Mission and Objectives / Environmental and Resources Analysis / Environmental Analysis / Industry Analysis / Competitive Analysis / Internal Analysis / Strategy Formulation and Choice / Corporate Level Strategy / Acquisition. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Basic Concepts / Basic Concepts / Strategic Intent / Generic Tools of Analysis / Strategic Analysis / Strategic Analysis—The Business Environment / The Internal Environment / Tools for Strategic Analysis / Strategic Choice / Strategic Choice—Grand Strategies / Competitive Strategies—Business Unit Strategy / Strategy Evaluation and Selection / Strategy Implementation / Implementation: Structure and Culture / Resource Allocation.

Managing Director. Simon Carves India Ltd Managing Uncertainty soft functions hard operations ASHWIN SHIRALI. Managing Director. SPICE 83 . All India Selection Committee. JSW Steel Group K SRIKKANTH. The India Cements Limited DENNIS SUN. US National Managing Director . Hindalco Industries Ltd MANPREET RATIA. Donald R Reall Professor of Strategic Management. Vice Chairman & Managing Director. AIRCEL Ltd UDAI UPENDRA. Managing Director. THE HR COMPANY ARVIND N AGRAWAL. South West Asia. Chinmaya Mission. Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO) A SIVASAILAM. Deloitte and Touche Consulting L LAKSHMAN. Britannia Industries Limited Value Creation through People Power SWAMI MITRANAND. Thermax Ltd Employee Engagement and Communication for the Rainy Days SANJAY GOEL. Head-HR. Head-HR. Head-HR. Executive Director. A Set of 5 CDs on HRM Creating A Leadership Pipeline VINEET KAUL. Citi Bank Compensation & Rewards The Keys to Success PHILLIP MATHEW. BCCI Values and its Multiple Dimensions JON WILLIAMS. President. Vice President & Managing Director. Chairman. HDFC SANDEEP CHAUDHARY.(each) plus taxes Magic Carpet: A Set of 8 CDs Customer Leadership NITIN PARANJPE. Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd VINITA BALI. Acharya. Rani Holdings Ltd. USA Creating Lasting Value N SRINIVASAN. Nokia India Private Limited SHRIDHAR VENKAT. Chief People Officer. ACCOR Hotels A V K MOHAN. Hewitt Associate Sustaining High Performance Teams RACHNA MUKHERJEE. Chairman. The Akshaya Patra Foundation Creating Winning Organizations of Tomorrow SANJIV GOENKA. Chairman. RPG Enterprises SUDHIR V SOHONI. USA JOHN C CAMILLUS. AIMA and Vice Chairman. RPG Group SAJJAN JINDAL. University of Pittsburgh.Services Deloitte Consulting.Corporate Development & HR. Hindustan Unilever Limited Towards Cost Competitiveness R SESHASAYEE. Head-HR (Mobility). Executive Director. Practice Leader. Managing Director. Chief Executive Officer. Chennai and Director. Chief People Officer.excel multimedia Produced in association with All India Management Association Rs 499/. Ashok Leyland Ltd PUNEET DALMIA. Amalgamations Pvt Ltd Value Creation and Ethics JOYDEEP DUTTA GUPTA. Sr Vice President. CEO & Managing Director. Vice Chairman and MD. Executive Vice President. All India Chinmaya Yuvak Kendra (AICHYK) Leading through Innovation D SHIVAKUMAR. President .

Advinus Therapeutics PRABHAT PANI. Tata Sons Ltd. The Entrepreneur Manager NIRAJ BAJAJ. Founder Chairman. DS Group Managing Supply Chain Effectively S MAITRA. Supply Chain. Managing Director.(each) plus taxes Developing a Global Mindset JEFFREY WATTS. Deloitte D SHIVAKUMAR. Vice President and General Manager. Spice Corp The New Manager Intuitive.. Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited Collaboration and Best Practices in Supply Chain Management KAPIL AGARWAL. Chairman. Prasanna Trust R GOPALAKRISHNAN. Founder and President. Tata Sons Ltd. Supply Chain Management: A Set of 4 CDs Global Supply Chain Management and its Design SUJIT GUHA. Associate Dean & Executive Director. Managing Director. Convention Chairman & Executive Director. Supply Chain.excel multimedia Produced in association with All India Management Association Magic Carpet: A Set of 6 CDs (Series 4) Developing the New Business Manager INDU SHAHANI. Professor of Marketing. CEO. Sheriff of Mumbai R GOPALAKRISHNAN. Assistant Vice President. Dell India SUMAN SHARMA. Processes. Managing Director. Executive Director. Head. University of Michigan Ross School of Business The Voice within the Leader SWAMI SUKHBODHANAND. Global Director. London Business School SANTOSH DESAI. Chairman. The Paul and Ruth McCracken Distinguished University Professor of Corporate Strategy. Ltd. Rs 499/. Madura Garments SANJAY DAWAR. USV Ltd. Accenture India Private Limited Developing Good Supply Chain Management RAJAN ANANDAN. SCM. Dabur India Limited GOVIND JAJU. Finance. Japan ANNE NEMER. Roots Corporation Ltd. University of Pittsburgh JOHN KERR. Pepsi Food Limited A Set of 2 CDs on Business Responsibility Summit Death of CSR and Birth of Responsible Business C K PRAHALAD. Tutor Vista DIVYA MODI. Future Brands Innovation: A Key Tool for the New Manager LARRY SCHMITT. RASHMI BARBHAIYA. Managing Director. Bajaj Auto Ltd. ROOPEN ROY. Nokia India Changing Marketing Paradigm for the New Manager NIRMALYA KUMAR. CEO. SCM. Associate Partner. Vice President. Mukand Limited PRASHANT TEWARI. Inovo Technologies Inc. 84 . Executive Vice President. Partner. Head. K GANESH. Convention Chairman & Executive Director. Consulting EMEA Regional Leader. Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co. Maruti Udyog Limited VENKATA KRISHNA REDDY. Humane and Humble R GOPALAKRISHNAN. CEO. CEO & Founder. Chief General Manager. Tata Sons Ltd. Deloitte RAHUL BAJAJ.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers AMBARISH DASGUPTA. PricewaterhouseCoopers. SURESH PRABHU. Pricewaterhouse Coopers International Managing New India Striving for Inclusive Growth JOYDEEP DATTA GUPTA. Spandan Emerging Leadership Acquiring a Global Mindset B MUTHURAMAN. C KUMAR N PATEL. Indian Institute of Science 85 . China Hong Kong Photo Products Holdings Managing New India Strategies and Perspective WILLEM BROCKER. Founder & CEO. President. Managing Director. Technopak Advisors Pvt Ltd.. Inc. Reliance Retail-Delhi ARVIND SINGHAL. India PRONAB SEN. Bharat Petroleum Co. The Talent Imperatives SANTRUPT MISRA. Tata Steel 70 Million Employable Indians: Strategies for Global Competitiveness ANKITA ABHIJIT BAKRE. Winners of the 3rd National Competition for Management Students. Japan CHAYAN BHATTACHARJEE. Member of Parliament Managing New India Connecting Across Generations CHETAN TOLIA. B N KALYANI. Sundram Fasteners Rs 499/. Chairman. Tata Sons Ltd. PRAVIN KUMAR NCYM Champion Team. G PADMANABHAN. Technology & Policy (CSTEP) The Changing Face of Retailing in India NAVNEET SALUJA. Professor Emiretus. McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology and Director. The Hina Group Inc. Chairman. USA NIKHIL P OJHA.An Antidote to Managing Future Managing the Future-Everlasting Takeaways SHIV NADAR. Member of Parliament Emerging Leadership The Role of Next Generation Politicians B J PANDA. Center for Study of Science. PG Program in Retail Management IISWBM-Kolkata Indian Perspective ALAN ROSLING. Convention Chairman and Founder. Sr Global Advisor. HCL and Chairman & CEO. AIMA PRAMOD BHASIN. Department of Biochemistry. Chairman. MARK B FULLER. Moser Baer India Ltd. New India as an Emerging Giant in the Asia Pacific Region Japanese and Asian Perspectives RYOKICHI HIRONO. CEO. DEEPAK PURI. Honorary Distinguished Biotechnologist. (NCMS). India Magic Carpet: A Set of 7 CDs (Series 3) Megatrends of the Next Decade PETER SCHWARTZ. A V N P K CHAITANYA. Ltd. Director-HR. Pranalytica. Seikei University. Global Business Network. 33rd National Competition for Young Managers.(each) plus taxes Managing New India Challenges of Change SANJEEV BIKHCHANDANI. 4th National Competition for Management Students. Tata Sons Ltd. Tokyo. AAMO & Chairman. Director.Creating Indian Brands MOHANBIR SAWHNEY. Executive Director. MD. Perspectives on the Regional Opportunities DENNIS TAI LUN SUN. Chairman. Vice Chairman. China A Conceptual Framework for Managing Future Enhanced Competitiveness . AIMA and Former CMD. SUDIPTO DE NCMS Champion Team. HCL Technologies Ltd. Chairman & CEO. Info Edge (India) Pvt Ltd. Managing Director. Chief Executive. Executive Director. Aditya Birla Management Corporation Ltd. Executive Director. Partner. Bharat Forge Ltd. USA HONG CHEN. Executive Director. Connecting Across Generations . Centre for Research in Technology & Innovation RAJESH BIYANI AND POOJA BAID. Monitor Group. Tata Steel-Blue Scope JV RENU ROY. Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation ASHWANI PURI.excel multimedia Produced in association with All India Management Association Magic Carpet: A Set of 8 CDs (Series 4) Managing New India The Indian MNCs SUBIR RAHA. GENPACT Transforming Technologies for the Future V S ARUNACHALAM. Executive Director. Secretary. Monitor Group. Chairman & CEO. President. ONGC SAMPATH KUMAR MOORTHY. Chairman & Managing Director. Monitor Group Winning in the Era of ‘Total Competition’ R GOPALAKRISHNAN. Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Titan Industries Ltd. USA Contest KEDAR APSHANKAR.Vyas Gianetti Creatives Eric Stevens. Magic Carpet: A Set of 8 CDs (series 2) Connecting with the New Consumer PIYUSH PANDEY. Vice President (Global HR). NIALL BOOKER. Collaboration. Head (HR). Anthony Kent. Singapore Design as a Strategic Differentiator Preeti Vyas Gianetti. Member of Parliament ARUN MAIRA. Managing Director & CEO. Executive Vice President. ICICI Bank Ltd. Chairman & MD. Director of Strategy. 31st National Competition for Young Managers Instilling the ‘DNA’ of Innovation HARSH MARIWALA. TVS Motor Co. London College of Communications London. Trust and Innovative Change RAJ DATTA. India Getting Outside the Square Excellence through Implicit HRM Competencies K T PRASAD. LG Electronics India Ltd. Sr Vice President (HR). The Boston Consulting Group Decoding the Cultural Language for Marketing Santosh Desai. Head (Knowledge Management Group). Wunderman India JAWAHAR KANJILAL. A K BALYAN. President. President – McCann Erickson. YASHO V VERMA.excel multimedia Produced in association with All India Management Association Rs 499/. MICA Faculty 86 . India A F Mathew. Group President & National Creative Director. Dy Managing Director. ESCEM Business School. International Asian Paints Ltd. Marketing School. Mindtree Consulting Pvt Ltd. HSBC Ltd.UK G K AGARWAL. JOHN CLARKESON. National Champions. COO – Watches.(each) plus taxes A Set of 3 CDs on HRM Change Management to Change Leadership UDAI UPENDRA. RAVINDER ZUTSHI. Creating Talent Incubators Strategies for Youth Dominated Market Bijou Kurien. ITC IBD YOGI SRIRAM. MICA. Samsung Electronics India Pvt Ltd. France Challenging the Leader VENU SRINIVASAN. Aditya Birla Management Corporation Ltd. The Boston Consulting Group. Ltd. Taj Group (Tata Enterprise) Organizing across Borders JALAJ DANI. NTPC Ltd.. Group General Manager & CEO-India. Global Chairman. Director (HR & MS). Executive Director-HR. Chairman & Managing Director. Connecting across Generations ABHIJIT DUTTA. Chowking Food Corporation. K V KAMATH. ONGC Ltd. Chairperson . Director (HR). RAJAT SETHI. Ranabaxy Laboratories Ltd. Professor of Marketing. Director-Rich Media & MBP. Wunderman. President. Director of Postgraduate Studies. Nokia Asia Pacific. Chairman. Towards Excellence B RAMALINGA RAJU. Marico Industries Ltd. Chairman. Philippines Engaging with the New Indian Citizen SACHIN PILOT. 2nd National Paper Writing A Set of 4 CDs on Integrated Marketing Preemptive CRM: Retaining Customers when Competition Emulates LEN ELLIS. Best Student. Ogilvy & Mather RUFINO L DELA ROSA. President. Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

Max New York Life Insurance Co. Senior Specialist. Team MICO. RAJAN DUTTA. MTR Foods Ltd.Quality. Worldwide M N KALYANI. Chairman & MD. Managing Director. Futurescape HR related Aspects of CRM-Reward/Recognition Systems SANJEEV DUGGAL. Bajaj Auto B MUTHURAMAN. MUKESH CHATURVEDI. Head . Jt.Paper Writing Contest. 87 . ARUN MAIRA. Social and Cultural Dimensions of Globalization DR. Ltd. Chief (Marketing & Sales) Flat Products. The Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd. ILO. Mobilizing Change SUBIR RAHA. National Champion Team . Chief Executive (Foods Division). The Boston Consulting Group India Partnering beyond Country Borders HANS PAUL BUERKNER. KUMAR MANGALAM BIRLA. A Set of 4 CDs on CRM Rs 499/. Planning Commission JERRY RAO. Bharat Forge Ltd. ITC Ltd. Ltd. Chairman. NIS Sparta Ltd. SANJEEV MAGO. Oracle India Private Ltd. Best Student . GAUTAM THAPAR. Managing Director.(each) plus taxes Importance of Customer Focus to an Organization JAYANT KOCHAR. Goldman Sachs International. Mphasis Software & Services (I) Pvt Ltd. Creating Iconic Brands in Indian Market RAHUL KANSAL. Ltd. SEWA SURESH P PRABHU. Tata Iron & Steel Co. Asian Paints Ltd. Vice Chairman. CEO & Executive Director. 30th NCYM SHAILLEY GARG. Project Manager. Managing Director. Managing Director. Vice Chairman & MD. Sr. ANAND SEN. Management Development Institute Experiences: My Firm and My Journey RAJIV BAJAJ. Amoretto Retail Private Limited Listening to the People MIRAI CHATTERJEE. “Emerging Paradigms in Branding” A Set of 4 CDs Designing World Class Brand RAVI NAWARE. Charting New Directions BHARAT PURI. Managing Director. Aditya Birla Group. Bangkok LORD GRIFFITHS OF FFORESTFACH. ONGC Ltd. Ballarpur Industries Ltd. Managing Director. ANNE KNOWLES.30th National Competition for Young Managers (NCYM) Managing the People. CEO. Connecting across Generations KANIKA MITTAL. Co-ordinator. UK Product Brand to Company Brand J SURESH. Vice President (Marketing & Sales). The Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd. Managing Director. K B S ANAND. Godrej Boyce Mfg. President. Executive Vice President (Marketing & Sales) Mahindra & Mahindra Building Successful Brands in the 21st Century DHAREN CHADHA. Chairman. Former Member.excel multimedia Produced in association with All India Management Association A Set of 8 Magic Carpet CDs (series 1) People: India’s Advantage N K SINGH. Escotel Mobile Communications Ltd. The Boston Consulting Group. Professor. Ltd. Organization Architecture/Structures for Effective Service Delivery DR. Director-TOI Brand Benett Coleman & Co. RAJESH JEJURIKAR. Ltd. B MUTHURAMAN. Member of Parliament IT Tools for Enhancing CRM Delivery System Quality Applications for Delivering CRM SUDHANSHU RAWAT. Cadbury India Ltd. Momentum Strategic Consultants Pvt. Chairman & CEO. NAMRATA RANA. Chief of HR & TQM. Chairman & MD. J N GODREJ. Chairman & MD.

WNS Global Services Speed & Agility Changing with times Organization in times of continuous change S CHANDRASEKHAR. Sr. Chief Human Resources Officer. Director-HR. Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare Limited ASHWINI PARASHER. Creating a Leadership Pipeline HARI T. Executive Vice-President. Grow Talent Company Limited RAKESH PANDEY. Chief General Manager (HR). Maruti Udyog Limited GAUTAM CHAINANI. Head-Human Resources. M & M A Sample clipping from the CD 88 . Vice President-HR-Satyam Computers Ltd. RAJENDRA SINH. Reliance Industries Limited RAJEEV DUBEY. Honeywell India Talent Management A useful dimension to Developing Organizational Capability SATISH PRADHAN.(each) plus taxes A Set of 6 CDs on HRM Innovate or Evaporate: HR Innovations ANIL SACHDEV. Chairman. Director-HR. Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. Marico Industries Limited HR Execution in a M&A Business Environment P DWARKANATH. President (HR) Petroleum Business. Director-HR. Reliance Petroleum Limited Creating Customer Delight Delivering Customer Value Creating Customer Centric Organization S Y SIDDIQUI. Tata Sons Limited P DWARAKNATH.excel multimedia Rs 499/. President -HR. Executive Vice President-Group HR.

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“There is little doubt that this book. strategies and solutions that characterised the historical feat of merging these [two] institutions. is one of the first sets of institutions to be merged in South Africa. reflecting on the dynamics. This book would form an authoritative and useful reference framework for transformation initiatives that are yet to emerge in a rapidly changing and developing country.2007) “The UKZN merger was the most studied of all mergers in South Africa. created through the merger of the erstwhile (white) University of Natal (UN) and the (Indian) University of Durban Westville (UDW). MAKGOBA and JOHN C. Minister of Education (1999 . challenges. It is an important contribution to the comparative literature on education policy. MUBANGIZI $ 35 ISBN: 978-81-7446-841-3 The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). will form an authoritative and useful reference framework for transformation initiatives that are yet to emerge in our rapidly changing and developing country. and restructuring of higher education.” Kader Asmal Professor Extraordinary.” Professor Mbudzeni Sibara Former Head of the Department of Education Merger Unit “All of us who have the interest of higher education at heart. University of the Western Cape. This book is an attempt to reflect on and record the challenges involved in creating a new institution. It provides an invaluable insight into the mechanics and challenges of the institutional restructuring process in all its complexity. in general. in particular. welcome the way in which the merger [of the University of KwaZulu-Natal] has been handled.2004) 91 .” Dr Vincent Maphai University of KwaZulu-Natal Chair of Council (2004 .international title The Creation of the University of KwaZulu-Natal Reflections on a Merger and Transformation Experience EDITED BY MALEGAPURU W.

Perot Systems Ltd. 310 ISBN: 81-7446-340-2 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available second edition Marketing Management text and cases Indian Context Instructor Manual Available TAPAN K PANDA. 325 / ISBN: 81-7446-267-8 Instructor Manual Available 2006 / 740 Pages / PB / Rs. College of Business Studies. Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan SATISH K BATRA. 360 ISBN: 978-81-7446-743-0 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available third edition Business Law S S GULSHAN. Gobindgarh City. Delhi University 2002 / 650 Pages / 71/2x91/2 HB / Rs. 2008 / 658 Pages / PB / Rs. Indian Institute of Management. Delhi University V HARI KRISHNA Student CD Included 2006 / 750 Pages / PB / Rs. Indian Institute of Management. 175 ISBN: 978-81-7446-781-2 / 71/4x91/2 Environmental Management N K UBEROI Recommended book in the UGC syllabus 2003 / 424 Pages / PB / Rs. Assistant Professor and Head. University of Rajasthan 2005 / 710 Pages / PB / Rs. Sri Venkateshwara College. Department of Management. Regional Institute of Management & Technology. 275 ISBN: 81-7446-481-6 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available Services Marketing the Indian perspective Text & Readings RAVI SHANKER. 320 ISBN: 81-7446-317-8 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available third edition Advertising and Sales Promotion S H H KAZMI. Marketing.second edition best selling titles A Foundation Course in Human Values and Professional Ethics Presenting a universal approach to value education – through self-exploration R R GAUR R SANGAL G P BAGARIA 2009 / 282 Pages / PB / Rs. Professor. 325 ISBN: 81-7446-482-4 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 92 . 650 / ISBN: 81-7446-270-8 PB / Rs. 350 ISBN: 81-7446-448-4 / 81/4x11 Instructor Manual Available Foundations of IT DHIRAJ SHARMA. 295 ISBN: 978-81-7446-589-4 / 81/4x11 third edition Fundamentals of Information Technology DEEPAK BHARIHOKE. Former Principal. Finance and Control. 350 ISBN: 81-7446-548-0 / 81/4x11 Instructor Manual Available second edition Human Resource Management text and cases V S P RAO 2002 / 966 Pages / PB / Rs. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. New Delhi 2009 / 794 Pages / PB / Rs. Kolkata 2006 / 654 Pages / PB / Rs. Professor. 325 ISBN: 978-81-7446-639-6 / 71/4x91/2 Instructor Manual Available 2008 / 492 Pages / PB / Rs. Punjab. Indore Management text and cases V S P RAO. Instructor Manual Available third edition Financial Accounting a managerial emphasis ASHOK BANERJEE.

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