November 15, 2010

  To increase rural family farm production and productivity To strengthen links between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its people 2008/09: distributed 10,300 metric tons of high quality wheat seed and 33,000 tons of fertilizer at a reduced cost to nearly 297,000 farmers in 18 provinces of Afghanistan 2009/10: distributed 18,000 tons of certified and qualitydeclared seed and 55,000 tons of fertilizer to 350,000 farmers Stabilization operation in Helmand and Kandahar provinces in close collaboration with ISAF – part of the COIN strategy: o Cash for Work activities stimulate local economies and provide income for local communities drawing away the population from the insurgency o Small Grants Program supports in-kind grants consisting of tractors, tools and implements for MAIL-approved farmer’s cooperatives o Agricultural Vouchers focus on seeds, fertilizer, tools, greenhouses, water pumps and storage bags offered to farmers at a subsidized price o Training and Capacity Development focuses on voucher and small grants program beneficiaries and MAIL extension agents. The training courses include modern propagation methods, animal husbandry, orchard management, integrated pest management, as well as operation and maintenance of farm machinery 2010/11: National Seed Distribution Program (NSDP) supplies 13,000 tons of certified wheat seed and 39,000 tons of fertilizer to 260,000 farmers in 31 out of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan The Mechanization Program offers up to 6,000 two-wheel tractors and implements for purchase by commercial farmers with medium-size land holdings 583,000 agricultural voucher packages distributed to farmers throughout Afghanistan 240,500 graduates have completed various modules of agricultural training 826 Cash for Work projects have been completed employing over 106,000 laborers 373 small grants valued at $16 million awarded to 58,600 beneficiaries

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USAID/Afghanistan Vouchers for Increased Production in Agriculture (AVIPA) Plus program Implemented in cooperation with


Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) – Afghanistan

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AVIPA Plus is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by International Relief and Development (IRD) in 32 provinces in Afghanistan.

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