Chapter 1 I hate work more than anything now-a-days it seems like everyone is out to get me.

I can’t help that I can’t help that I got promoted and they didn’t. I didn’t even have to brown nose or give gifts to be promoted. Really the promotion came out of nowhere. No one knew they were looking or that Morgan was going to leave. I can’t believe I even got the job but I am happy with the pay miserable with everyone else. No one will sit with me at lunch and the all avoid me like I am sick or something. I don’t get it and the jokes need to stop I am about ready to pull my hair out. Just yesterday I open my desk and there sat a garden snake. I am terrified by snakes I screamed on top of my lungs. Everyone sat there laughing at me. This is not fair. I really need someone to get them to stop. I go to work every day like a good employee hating every drawer I open and meal. I do my job though and I do it good. But no one would ever guess that my leadership would come in handy and on Thursday morning it did. Thursday mornings almost always suck you know tomorrow will be the last day of the week but you still need to finish today to get to tomorrow. Every morning I wake up get dressed, do my hair, brush my teeth and drink a cup of coffee with my newly established vise smoking. I smoked when I was younger but it never became a habit because I really just did it to look cool. I started again because it gives me and excuse to get away from the chaos at work. After my coffee and smoke I get in my car and head off to work. On the way I decided to stop of at a gas station for more smokes because I only have 2 left and if this day is like most I will need more than two to get through the day. I walk in to the 7-11 and see the guy standing behind the counter he is reading a magazine. The bell rang when I can in but he doesn’t look up just asks how can I help you. I try and be funny and say put your

hands up I got a gun and give me all of your money. Now he puts down the magazine and says you don’t have a gun. I tell him I was just joking thought he should pay more attention to the people in the store than the magazine. He didn’t have a sense of humor. He called the police. I was just lucky the police station said they were dealing with a situation and they took my name and number and would issue a citation and send it to my house. After all that I was 15 minutes late and needed to head to work. I head out to my car and realize I didn’t get a chance to buy my pack of smokes so I grabbed one out of the pack I had and head down towards my work. I would just buy one from the Chevron next to my work instead. I have my pack of Marlboros tucked nicely in my purse and head up to my office. The place is quiet really quiet. So quiet I think for sure I am getting pranked again and they are waiting and watching for me to go into my office and find whatever they left behind. I get to my office the lights are out blinds closed usually the janitor who comes in, in the morning turns on all of the lights and opens the blinds. Maybe he is sick so I turn on everything and open the blinds. Today is a grey day it looks like it could rain or it might just be a grey day. I can see why people who live in areas which are always grey commit suicide because these days always make me feel down. No pranks today I checked every drawer and even the computer to see if something pops up. I can’t tell you how relieved I am but I also wonder why everyone is so quiet out there. Since everyone hates me now I have no one to turn to ask what was going on. I start my day analyzing the sales from the last day and then something pops up on my desk. Being a little jumpy I almost fall out of my chair and then I realize the pop up tells me that I just received an internal memo. With relief I click the pop up to read the memo and see that it is a memo from the big bosses. It reads as follows:

Attention all Employees: Due to the events that occurred this morning with Mr. James Garcia we have come to the consensus that if an employee feels they need to return home they can. If said employee leaves work today they will not receive pay for today because this does not fall under any specified PTO requirements. With that said if you would like to go home please see your manager and let them know you will be leaving and said manager will report to us all employees that leave. Thanks Management Mr. James Garcia is the janitor that works in the morning no wonder he didn’t turn on everything something must have happened. That is when my office became a swarm of people. Almost everyone in the office has decided to leave. Some looked excited like they are going to go play on this extra day off. Some looked scared and worried like they were unsure of something. Since everyone really hates me and no one said anything other than their name and employee number. Which I recorded as per the memo. Once everyone left all that was left in the sales office was me this guy Mark and a girl Amber. I decided to be a good manager after sending a memo to the big guys of everyone who left I talk to them to maybe understand what was going on. Chapter 2 Amber told me that all she knew was when one of the big bosses came in this morning James attacked him and the police was called and James was arrested and the big boss was sent to the hospital. She said some of the other employees were saying something was going on and that they were scared so they wanted to go home. Amber informed me that her husband was in the army and was away in Iraq so she figured she would stay here since no one was at home.

Mark was an older man who lost his wife a year ago and never had any children so he didn’t really have any where to go as well. I have 2 kids but they were away with my ex. He got custody of them because his new wife had a lot of money and I think he paid the judge to rule in his favor. I get them in the summer time and for one major holiday so basically Christmas or Thanksgiving. Really I had nothing at home so I didn’t even consider going home either. We all returned to work and were lucky that not make people were calling in with orders because we were really short staffed. I still had to help though. I connected my office phone to a head set and helped with calls. At noon we all stopped and went down for lunch. No one was there serving and no one else from the other departments came down. That was weird everyone must have left. That is when Mr. Jacobs came in to the lunch room looking for something to eat as well. He is one of the big wigs. I have only met him once when I received my promotion. He looked at us shocked. I guess everyone else had gone home he stuck around to finish some reports but all of the other big wigs have gone home as well. I was a little afraid at this point. I wasn’t sure if I should stay here or head on home. I had to have a smoke. I walked out of the sliding doors out to the courtyard and pulled out my smoke. I looked up in the ski and it was still really grey but I could smell smoke. Not cigarette smoke but something burning smoke. I still had to have a smoke so I just kept my eyes to the sky and smoked as fast as I could. When I was finished I joined everyone inside. They had found some food in the fridge and warmed it up to eat. It looked like a mixture of things. It had chicken and noodles but some kind of marinara sauce with a crusty layer. I wasn’t sure what to call it but I ate it anyways. While eating I mentioned to everyone what I

smelt outside. We all decided to figure out what was going on after eating. We all ate in silence though I don’t think it was because we were scared at that point I think it was me and the big boss guy. The people in my department all hated me and I knew it so sitting here with them was a little awkward. Then you add in the big boss guy who could fire you on the spot for any reason he deems worthy made things tense. After lunch we all washed up the dishes we used and Mr. Jacobs said we should all go up to his office because they get TV’s and cable. I knew what we all were thinking but we would not say it. Why do they get TV’s and we can’t even get the internet? Oh well we all headed up to the top floor and saw the luxury they all worked in. I knew what it looked like because I went up there to receive my promotion but I am sure Amber and Mark had no clue what it looked like. We all headed over to the very large office that was Mr. Jacobs it was as large as a motel room and probably had all the amenities of a nice motel room. He turned on the TV and flicked it over to the new station. It showed an air plane flying around and apartment fire. Mark shouted out at the point told us that was his apartment complex. You could see that everything was destroyed or would be destroyed very soon. They were saying they weren’t sure why the fire was set but they said the building was under quarantine about an hour earlier and then the fire started on the lower floors and spread up very fast. They said that there were reports of people being infected with something and the CDC was called in to figure out what was going on. After the CDC went into the building it caught on fire and killed all five CDC agents that went in immediately and all of the residents that were still in the building. The news caster went on to say that an incident this morning at an office building led to the CDC being called to the hospital. They discovered a male individual that is not named to be infected with something. That is when they quarantined the building.

Well all turn and look at Mark he is just looking at the TV with a face of awe. I put my hand in front of his face and asked him if Mr. Garcia lived in his building. Mark finally looked at me and told us he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t the really friendly type that got to know everyone in the building. But all that told us is something really bad was going on and we shouldn’t be sitting at work pretending that everything was ok.

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