Serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him.´ An-Nisa¶ 4: 36 Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: "This is from Allah," to traffic with it for a miserable price! Woe to them, for what their hands do write and for the gain they make thereby. Al-Baqarah 2: 79

THE WALLACE FARD MYSTERY The Black Muslims believe: ³Allah came to us from the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia, in 1930. He used the name Wallace D. Fard´ yet the racial heritage of Wallace Fard is an enduring mystery. The FBI reported Fard may have been named Wallace Dodd and may have been born in New Zealand on February 26, 1891. His father may have been British and his mother may have been Polynesian. Dodd may have arrived in the United States in 1913 and settled briefly in Portland, Oregon. The FBI, which initiated an investigation of Fard in 1942 that was to last more than thirty years, could not substantiate or verify his name at birth, birth date, place of birth, port of entry, exit, or present whereabouts, despite exhaustive inquiries. There are even indications that bodies were exhumed in the search for Fard. After Wallace Fard settled in Detroit, a detective from the Detroit Police Department assigned to monitor Fard¶s activities collaborated with a college professor from the University of Michigan on an article concerning Fard¶s Voodoo Cult, also known as Allah¶s Temple of Islam. After both of these men had died, the FBI questioned the detective¶s widow about Wallace Fard. She reported: ³It was her recollection that this person was actually of Jewish origin and his real name was a Jewish name, unknown to her, but not similar to either Fard or Ford.´1 There were unconfirmed reports that Wallace Fard visited synagogues in Detroit and that he took the name Fard from Sephardic. He was rumored to have been a dark-skinned Jew of middle-eastern origin. On November 17, 1918 Wallace Fard was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon but was released. He moved to Los Angeles where he opened a speakeasy and was arrested for bootlegging in January 1926. Many other Jews were arrested for this offense during the Prohibition Era. His common-law wife in Los Angeles was white. When she gave birth to a boy, the child¶s birth certificate listed the child as a member of the white race. After he separated from his wife Fard never sent her money for the child¶s support. His wife told the FBI that the boy died on August 3, 1942 while in the Coast Guard. In June 1926 Wallace Fard was arrested under the California Poison Act for sale of cocaine. Fard¶s partner made a deal to sell the drug to an undercover police officer and told the officer that Fard had the drugs in his possession. The deal was concluded in Fard¶s speakeasy. Fard was sentenced to six months to six years in San Quentin Prison and was released in May 1929. In all of these arrests he was identified as white. His prison record listed him as white. The leader of the black Muslims was a white and possibly a Jew.
1. FBI 100-33683-38

The prophet and founder of the cult made his first appearance among the Negroes of Detroit as a peddler. Like Jewish peddlers, he went from house to house selling his wares. In this way he could get into people¶s homes for every woman was eager to see the nice things he had. Fard began to comment on the diet of his customers and recommended they follow what was essentially a kosher regimen since it forbade the eating of pork. Fard learned of a Moorish Islamite group headed by Noble D. Ollie called Allah¶s Temple of Islam. The peddler suddenly assumed the role of a prophet and took over this group. He began to attack the teachings of the New Testament and his sermons became popular in the black community. He preached: My name is W.D. Fard and I came from the holy city of Mecca. More about myself I will not tell you yet, for the time has not come yet. I am your Brother. You have not yet seen me in my royal robes. I am from the tribe of Koreish, the tribe from which the Mohammed the Prophet sprang. I am a Hashemite. I am the Supreme Ruler of the universe. The Hashemite family tree is well documented and the name Fard is definitely not present. Eight thousand Negroes heard ³the call.´ Most of them were recent illiterate migrants from the South who had been the victimized by white racism. Wallace Fard told them that their illiteracy was a result of Caucasian ³trickology.´ ³Why does the devil keep our people illiterate? So he can use them as a tool and also as a slave.´ The Negro migrants listened to him because they were discontent with life in the North. The Great Depression deprived them of their livelihood and many went on welfare, which was given to them begrudgingly by whites. The crowded quarters they were forced to live in and the cold climate added to their discontent. The Prophet proclaimed that his followers did not belong to America and their allegiance was to him, and to Allah. Fard organized a University of Islam. Truant officers tried to break up the University and a riot ensued. A Japanese national, Major Satochasi Takahashi, who had been deported from the United States and then had re-entered illegally and married a Negro woman, preached at Fard¶s gatherings. Takahashi was an agent of the racist Black Dragon Society of Japan. Wallace Fard predicted a race war between the darker people and the white people of the world. Fard told the Negroes not to serve in America¶s armed forces. He was useful to the armed forces of Japan. Today, the United States Defense Department reported that there are approximately 9000 Muslims on active duty in the U.S. armed services (it is reported that more than 3000 Americans embraced Islam during the Gulf war alone). Many of these men are Black Muslims. Many of them refused to fight in the Gulf War. The Black Muslims, although not true followers of Allah, still remain extremely useful to the Ummah in carrying out our plan to destroy America by subverting its armed forces! More serious difficulties arose from the question of human sacrifice than from draft dodging. Wallace Fard taught that it was the duty of every Muslim to offer to sacrifice four Caucasian devils in order that he might return to his home in Mecca and

that Allah demanded obedience unto death from his followers. No Muslim dare refuse the sacrifice of himself or his loved one should Allah require it. On November 21, 1932 Robert Kariem erected an alter in his house and sacrificed his roomer, John J. Smith. He plunged a knife into Smith¶s heart. Wallace Fard was arrested on May 25, 1933. The official report stated Wallace Fard said that he had passed himself off as black and that his teachings were ³strictly a racket´ and he was ³getting all the money out of it he could.´ Making a deal with Fard, the police let him out of a psychiatric ward on condition he disband Allah¶s Temple of Islam; Wallace Fard agreed, but then changed the name of his cult to the Nation of Islam. Wallace Fard subsequently left Detroit and visited his commonlaw wife in Los Angeles. He told her he had sold medical supplies since his release from San Quentin, was returning to New Zealand, and he gave her some long flowing white sheets that he said he no longer needed. There is no record that he ever returned to New Zealand. On September 26, 1933 Wallace Fard was arrested in Chicago for disorderly conduct. Before this arrest he had met Elijah Poole, while walking down a Detroit street. Elijah Poole changed his name to Elijah Mahammad and became Fard¶s disciple. Elijah Mahammad had accompanied Fard to Chicago. Wallace Fard unaccountably vanished without a trace in Chicago in 1934. Looking back at the violent history of these heretics, this researcher believes Fard was murdered and his body disposed of, by his successor, Elijah Mahammad. Perhaps a clue to the fate of Fard lies in the actions of a close associate of Elijah Mahammad, Verlene Ali, who was arrested on January 1937 as he prepared for the ceremonial slaying and cooking of his wife and daughter.2 Wallace Fard probably met the same end and was cooked then served to his own disciples as Halal meat. THE ³HONORABLE´ ELIJAH MAHAMMAD After assuming the leadership of the Nation of Islam by the alleged order of its deceased founder, Elijah Mahammad faced a death plot at the hands of a few disgruntled members of the group who believed he was behind Wallace Fard¶s disappearance. Elijah Mahammad, while hiding out in Washington, D.C. was arrested on May 8, 1942, for evading the draft and telling others to do so. Elijah Mahammad subsequently ran the Nation of Islam for 40 years, until his descent to hell in 1975. Elijah Mahammed claimed to have been in touch with Wallace Fard after his disappearance through mental telepathy. Elijah Mahammad propagated Fard¶s heretical teachings: Blacks were the original race of men, but 6,000 years ago, a mad scientist named Yacub invented whites to be a curse upon the black man. The Qu¶ran said nothing of this. Elijah

2. FBI FOIA ³Miscellaneous information about Wallace D. Fard, who is said to be the original founder of the Black Muslim movement.´

Mahammad taught that the Holy Prophet was black. The Hadith3 says: ³He [the Prophet] uncovered his thigh and I saw the whiteness of the thigh of the Prophet.´4 ³Whenever the Prophet used to offer prayer he used to keep his arms away (from his body) so that the whiteness of his armpits was visible.´5 In Message to the Black Man published in 1965 Elijah Mahammad wrote: ³You will agree with me that the whole Caucasian race is a race of devils.´ The Black Muslim religion calls all whites devils, and claims that Muhammad was black. Since Muhammad was white, the Black Muslim religion either lies, or the one it claims to follow is a devil. Elijah Mahammad put himself on equal footing with the Prophet I am the first man since the death of Yakub (4,000 years ago) commissioned by God directly. I say no more than Jesus said. He said that He came from God. I say that I am µmissioned by God¶«Orthodox Islam must bow to Black Islam (God¶s choice). Arabs misunderstand the Holy Qur`an when they don¶t accept me [Elijah Muhammad] as a prophet. Six thousand years ago the black race gave birth to Allah, He is the mightiest God since creation, born after Yakub. Twenty-four scientists wrote the Bible and Qu¶ran - one scientist was appointed to be God. Moses used dynamite with a fuse to kill 300 of his followers. This is heresy, pure and simple, and under other circumstances for making claims of this nature one must die. MALCOLM X EMBRACES ISLAM In 1964, a member of the Nation of Islam named Malcolm X revealed publicly that Elijah Mohammed was guilty of impregnating several of his teenage secretaries, in direct violation of Islamic Law. On June 6, 1964 the FBI reported that Malcolm X was sending an assistant to Phoenix and Los Angeles to contact two women who had illegitimate children by Elijah Muhammad. They planned to publicize this and institute legal action against Muhammad. On July 7, 1964 Malcolm received a telephone call stating that another illegitimate child was born that day. Elijah Muhammad, who had grown rich with the money he had stolen from his followers, admitted to the rumors of the sexual goings on with his secretaries. Elijah fathered thirteen unrecognized children over a seven-year period with seven different mistresses. FBI tapes record Muhammad telling them about his ³divine seed.´ He threatened these women with death if they betrayed him. Among these relationships was an incestuous one.6

3. Compilations of Muhammad¶s teachings written down after the completion of the Qu¶ran some of which are considered authoritative by Islam ± the true Hadith ± other are considered false. 4. Bukhari 1:367 (p.224) 5. Bukhari 1:771, (p.430). Bukhari 2:140, 141 (p.77, 78) are both similar. See also Bukhari 1:63 and 2:122. 6. Daniel Pipes ³How Elijah Muhammad Won´ Commentary Magazine June 2000.

In 1964 Malcolm X left Nation of Islam to found Muslim Mosque, Incorporated. Malcolm, under the guidance of Mohammad T. Mehdi had visited mosques in the Middle East and had embraced orthodox Islam. Elijah Muhammad called him a traitor that should be killed. In February 1965 two Molotov cocktails were thrown through the window of Malcolm¶s home. He believed the Nation of Islam was behind this attack. On February 21, 1965 three black men in New York City assassinated Malcolm X, then 39. On February 23, 1965 the Harlem Mosque of the Black Muslims was firebombed. In 1998 Louis Farrakhan appointed Muhammad Abdul Aziz, one of the men convicted of assassinating Malcolm X, to lead the Harlem temple Malcolm X once headed. FARRAKHAN BRIDGES THE DIVISIONS OF ISLAM After Elijah¶s death in 1975 his son Wallace D. Mohammed took over the Nation of Islam. He denounced black supremacy and many of his father¶s apostate beliefs, and like Malcolm, embraced traditional Islam. Louis Farrakhan led a breakaway movement that sought to maintain the Muslim heresy such as: ³Bombs from spaceships circling the earth created the mountains.´ Like Wallace Fard, Louis Farrakhan also believes in spaceships. He claims Elijah Muhammad is living on one that is circling the planet and a few years after Elijah ³died,´ the spaceship picked up Farrakhan and the two men had a chat with each other. Afterward, Farrakhan says the spaceship let him off near Washington, D.C. FARRAKHAN AND RAHMAN On February 13, 1996 during a Tehran radio interview, Farrakhan predicted that his preaching might lead to imprisonment, perhaps alongside Sheik Omar AbdelRahman: ³Maybe there's a cell next to Abdel-Rahman for me, and maybe he and I will be together reading the Qur`an and encouraging each other. America feels that a person like that who is listened to and loved, as Imam Abdel-Rahman was, needs to be confined when he preaches the message of true Islam, which inspires the militants among us as Muslims.´7 On May 19, 2000 Yousry and Sister Lynne discussed a possible visit from Farrakhan with Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman. Yousry: The visit, Sir.... May I tell him about the Louis Farrakhan thing and what's (UI)? Stewart: Oh, please. Yousry: You, Sir, agreed to have Louis Farrakhan visit you. ABDEL RAHMAN: Ah. Yousry: Fine. Now, Sir, we said so to Mr. Abdeen7. ADL Travels With Tyrants ³Minister Louis Farrakhan¶s 1996 Anti-American World Tour ± Iran.´

ABDEL RAHMAN: Uhm. Yousry: -and to Mr. Ramsey. ABDEL RAHMAN: Uhm. Yousry: [Gesticulating] Now, neither Mr. Abdeen nor Mr. Ramsey sent letters to Kaukab or to Louis Farrakhan saying that you, Sir, approved the visit. ABDEL RAHMAN: Uhm. Yousry: You, Sir, did approve the visit. ABDEL RAHMAN: Uhm. Yousry: [Gesticulating] Kaukab calls Ahmed, he tells him, ³We need the answer.´ Ahmed calls Abdeen and says, ³Send the answer.´ Abdeen says okay, but nothing is received. Ahmed and Nasser visited Lynne last night and told her they are worried that Ramsey and Abdeen do not want this to take place now. ABDEL RAHMAN: Why? Yousry: Why do you think Ramsey and Abdeen don't want it to go through now? Stewart: Uhm.... Yousry: What Ahmed and Nasser told you? Stewart: Farrakhan has a, a, a very, uh, heavy reputation, by that I mean eh, he is really despised by a lot of groups, as the Sheikh knows this, so ah, and eh.... Yousry: Mainstream. Stewart: Mainstream, definitely, and eh, but also, you know, he, he¶s a deathly enemy of, of, Jewish interests because of his remarks and eh, you know people are very timid these days (UI). Yousry: She says, Sir, that she believes, or that they believe, that because Louis Farrakhan has a reputation in the American society that he is an enemy of the Jews, a reputation that he is against the surrendering movements, a reputation that he resists oppressive governments, opposes American foreign policy, it is possible that they are worried about him interfering with this issue as it may cause harm, not help.

ABDEL RAHMAN: But no, we need any opportunity, any opportunity to publicize my case. If he is capable of that, we have to do so. Besides, he is not accused of any crime, he is accused of good things.... Yousry: [Laughing] Yes. Well actually, we need any opportunity for our case to be eh, public (UI) and people speak about it and if he will help us and he¶ll speak about it, why not? Stewart: [Simultaneously] Absolutely. Yousry: Especially that he is not accused of crimes; he is accused so far of the things that you told me, they are great things... why can¶t we all be like him? Stewart: Well, the bad things are that eh, there is, um, he has taken a lot of money on behalf of his community.... Yousry: (UI) Stewart: other words, black people from Libya and other places; and every...nothing has ever been successful, nothing eh, you know, they had a fish business for a long time, things like that. So he is definitely thought that he has put a lot of that money in his pockets and never done anything for the people with it...corrupt. Yousry: She says, Sir, that he is accused of taking money from Qaddafi and from Saudi Arabia to assist Muslims here, the money was not all spent on the Muslims. Some of it was spent on things it was not supposed to be spent on. However, this doesn¶t stop us from... all these things should not stop us from using him... ABDEL RAHMAN: Ah. Yousry: (UI). ABDEL RAHMAN: [Simultaneously] It is a great opportunity. Besides, he will struggle till heYousry: - till he comes. ABDEL RAHMAN: Yeah, till he comes. We will not worry about anything. Yousry: Exactly. Well actually, it¶s a great opportunity for us, and.... Stewart: [Simultaneously] Absolutely. Yousry: ...regardless of what he does, regardless of what people think of him, let him try to come, and let him try to bring out to the public that the American government is refusing him.

Stewart: I am a 100%... and especially since he certainly would try to eh...I understand he¶s very ill. That¶s what I had heardYousry: Yeah. Stewart: And that uh, this may be, you know, his way of moving towards mainstream Islam and away from the eh, the so- calledYousry: Black Islam. Stewart: Black Islam. Yousry: She says, Sir that she knows now and agrees a hundred percent, especially since Louis Farrakhan is sick, he had cancer, he was cured, praise be to God, but his health is bad. She knows that his health is bad, she is aware of the bad picture the people use here. It is in his interest to fight for you, to regain his good reputation among Muslims. ABDEL RAHMAN: Exactly so. Yousry: That is a goodABDEL RAHMAN: And tell her if she would please write it herself or authorize one of the paralegal people to write it with her permission. Yousry: Well, this is what they agreed upon yesterday, Sir. Lynne will tell Abdeen that she will write a letter if he doesn¶t. ABDEL RAHMAN: Yeah, yeah, tell her, tell her that this is in the Sheikh¶s interest, and that everybody thinks it is so. Yousry: Yes, Sir. Well actually, I would, uh, ask you a favor. If, um, you can please call Abdeen and tell him if he¶s not going to write that letter, and you have to read it, and if he¶s not going to write it, you write one and you send it to both.... Sir, to Kaukab and to Farrakhan, right? ABDEL RAHMAN: No, if he struggles and tries by any means, it¶s a big gain! Yousry: Uhm. And even if he doesn¶t succeed in coming, it¶s a big gain that the newspapers writeABDEL RAHMAN: Yeah. Yousry: -that Louis Farrakhan is not allowed to visit Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

ABDEL RAHMAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He can make the newspapers write. Yousry: He is capable... ABDEL RAHMAN: He has powerYousry: Right. ABDEL RAHMAN: -or authority. Yousry: He is capable of eh, bringing the news media into this placeStewart: Absolutely. Yousry: -and writing about why was he rejected, why can¶t he visit and they bring me up to the floorStewart: Absolutely. Yousry: -and that will start the discussion. Stewart: Absolutely. And he definitely wants the visit, as the Sheikh being a great scholar and a great religious leader. Yousry: And of course, Sir, it is very useful for us, because he doesn¶t want to visit ³the prisoner,´ he wants to visit the scholar of Al-Azhar, more well known for his knowledge and understanding of Islam than anyone. This is useful for us because it will help change the bad image the people have of you, Sir. ABDEL RAHMAN: Right. Yousry: That¶s a very good idea (UI). Stewart: A very, very good (UI). Yousry: He wrote it in his letter, Sir. He wrote that you are a scholar of Al-Azhar, known for your great knowledge, et cetera, et cetera. And he hopes to meet you, Sir, to get hold of the truth from you, not from the American government. Here Lynne, you see? Stewart: Uhm hm. Yousry: This is the uh, the Nation of Islam letter. Stewart: Uhm hm.

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