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Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories NUR/513 Rebecca Toothaker May 31, 2010

in the performing activities that contribute to the individuals health or recuperation (even a peaceful death) that the individual performs without help if armed with strength. para. Theorists have developed different models or theories but have common core concepts.Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories Core concepts embody a theory creating the bases for the theory or model. Orem defines nursing as the “actions deliberately selected and performed by nurses to help individuals or groups under their care to maintain or change conditions in themselves or their environments” (Current Nursing. Orem’s nursing concept requires a patient to have a self-deficit for nursing support. 2010. Common Concept The core concept common to two or more theories is nursing. In contrast. The concepts are applicable in different nursing settings because the goals of both concepts are the same. 4). Dorothea Orem’s and Virginia Henderson’s use the nursing concept in their theory to define the role of nursing. resolve or information (Current Nursing. This paper will identify a core concept that several theorists have in share compare and analyze the concept definitions among the selected theories. The concepts are common in that nursing support the patient in recovering their optimal health. para. ill or healthy. 6). and discuss the practical use of the one theory. concepts help in the development of theories. An individual that is experiencing difficulties or self-care deficit Orem defined need nursing interventions. 2010. In nursing. The difference in Henderson and Orem’s nursing concept is that Henderson’s concept determines that nursing is needed when the individual is healthy or sick. Henderson defines nursing as nurses assisting the individual. .

Now nursing action is necessary. Lillis. Self-care is the “practice of activities that individual initiates and performs on their own behalf in maintaining life. LeMone. In clinical practice self-care is the ability for an individual to perform activities to maintain health independently. Nursing provides the actions taken to promote. The Self-care Model is comprised of self-care. or both meet an individual’s self-care needs. self-care deficit. The common concept discussed in this paper was nursing. & Lynn. According to Fitzpatrick & Whall (2005). and environment. p. person. Self–care deficit requires nursing action. “nursing is needed when persons are unable to provide for themselves the amount and quality of self-care needed to regulate their own functioning and development because of personal health problems” (p. nursing meets the needs of the individual through teaching. . which is essential to Henderson and Orem’s theory. patient. 86). 4). Orem’s Self-care Model demonstrated the role of nursing in caring for an individual. 2010. 104). An individual unable to perform activities to maintain health experiences self-care deficit. In essence. support. Orem claimed a philosophy of modern realism and her self-care theory was that of logical positivism.Orem’s Self-Care Theory Dorothea Orem Self-care model uses the meta-paradigms of nursing. health. 2008. maintain and recover an individual’s health. Nursing system delineates how the nurse. and environmental changes that promote the patient’s ability to perform self-care again. Nursing provides the interventions required to help an individual back to self-care or optimal health and well-being. health and well-being” (Current Nursing. and nursing system. para. Nurses construct interventions to “provide or manage self-care actions for sustaining health or recovering from illness or injury” (Taylor.

(2010).). The art and science of nursing care (6 ed.html Fitzpatrick.. C. Retrieved from http://currentnursing. R. (2010). & Lynn. Taylor.html Current Nursing. J. & Whall. Retrieved from http://currentnursing..References Current Nursing. J. P. Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory. . Conceptual Models of Nursing: Analysis and Application (4 ed.. PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. P. Philadelphia. Dorothea Orem’s Theory.). (2008). Upper Saddle River. NJ: Prentice-Hall. Fundamentals of Nursing. Lillis.. (2005). LeMone.

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