HOTEL: hitch-hitch

OSCAR: out(5)-hitch

SARA: slant-slant

SMASH: hitch-corner


SWIRL: whip-?

RACK?: option- seam

BOMBER: dig-seam

DELAY: delay-comeback


DIG: dig-wheel

Bench- curl-comeback?

CURLS: curl-out(5)

BOOMER: fade-out (12)?

SMOKE: post-hitch

DOUBLES: dig(18)-dig(12)?

PITT: post- dig (12)?

CHICAGO: out(12)-curl?

DAVID?:dig (12)?- post

HOOKS: curl-curl?

PASSING GAME 2 RECEIVERS ROUTES COMBINATIONS (CONTINUA) FRISCO: post-out(12)? CHOICE: comeback-in(5) ARROW: slant-out(5) MIAMI-RUBY?: in(5)?-corner SNEAK STAR: in(5)-post fover-ricky-lucy????? .

ANGLE: whip.corner. flat goes 3rd QB read under to dig to flat like sneak SNEAK-WHIP: #3 runs a whip.flat STICK: fade-turn/out-flat GOOD VS SWITCHING COVERS QB: read corner (1st) to similar to smash concept flat (2nd) to whip(3rd) NOTES: all the above routes can also be run with 2 wr and rb combination SCISSORS: skinny post (2nd) -corner(1st) flat(3rd) QB reads: scissors to flat ZEBRA: slant-run at corner then fly-slip QB: inside out . under goes 2nd.flat: dig goes 1st.PASSING GAME 3 RECEIVERS ROUTES COMBINATIONS CURLS: curl@14-outmiddle VERTICALS: see play diagram and rules SMASH: hitch-hitchcorner BOMBER: dig-seam-under STICK: fade-turn/out-flat THUNDER: dig-swirl rub game BINGO: slant-slip-bubble BINGO? 3 BUNCHED RECEIVERS ROUTES COMBINATIONS SNEAK: sneak rub game for #1 and #2.

hook rec. read CB QB: read wheel to curl . Z fake post to give illusion of normal post wheel combo QB: Z is first read. Z is usually open STRETCH: 4wheel1 combo. #2 rec. normal post-wheel combo. Runs a weel comeback @18 3 RECEIVERS JET ROUTES COMBINATIONS MIAMI: 417 combo CORNER: 073 combo QB: read hi to low. Finds "hole" vs if comeback tag is added zone cov.PASSING GAME 2 RECEIVERS JET ROUTES COMBINATIONS FLASH: out-corner WHEEL(COMEBACK): COMBO: comeback-hook.

18)-dig(12)? .

n(5)?-corner .