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Eddie Yi

Dr. Erin Dietel-McLaughlin


August 31, 2010

Technology Narrative

His cherry face with jaws dropped, Mr. Burke certainly looked frustrated.

Apparently someone had virus-ed his computers while browsing through some

inappropriate materials. My 6th grade teacher, the baldhead and fake teeth, Mr. Burke,

furnished no signs of a technologically literate man. Because I loved experimenting on

computers, changing settings, and opening applications, I boldly offered my assistance. I

called up my best friend and we moved random links, data, and encrypted files around.

We did not know what we were doing but soon we discovered that we had created an

alternate web source unique from explorer and other web hosts. Soon after, every teacher

in the school called upon us even during class for any computer problems from paper

jams to malware. This encounter with computer programming and Mr. Burke’s

encouragement taught me to pursue a passion and develop social business skills.

My newly found passion for computers allowed me to employ video

editing programs. At first, the many functions puzzled me, but it turned out to be very

simple. At Torrance High School, by pure coincidence, many courses required a video

project. Other students would scrap together a couple video clips and present it; I only

settled for the best. Whether it would be getting every millisecond of the video to

perfection or changing the lighting and angles, I passionately created my masterpiece.

Toying with Windows Movie Maker and other editing programs allowed me to discover

a new side of programming. It allowed me to change the scene, music, and effects of the
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video and create something out of my imagination. As I watched my video over and over

again, I began to discover parts of the video that could be improved. As I kept editing the

video, I realized that it would never be “perfect” because I could never be satisfied.

Through my experience with editing I discovered an unquenchable passion that enabled

me to strive for success.

As I fell deeper and deeper into the world of programming, I started to

create applications of my own. I decided to generate applications on graphing calculators

because everyone in high school had one. I created numerous games that helped students

keep “busy” and entertained during classes. These games were difficult to engineer, but

my uncle, a computer specialist, taught me the basics of computer science. Once again, I

fiddled on the computer science programs until I created a simulation that was entirely

my own. I also produced educational programs that assisted people in Trigonometry,

Calculus, and Physics. The programs took in numbers and formulated them through built

in equations and formulas and came up with the solution. I charged people for my

applications and students would gladly buy these programs because they efficiently lent a

hand in homework and studying. Finally, when I became more adept in programming, I

instructed friends in how to use the daily computer functions like the Microsoft Office

Programs, Anti-Spyware software, and in setting up and building the computer. I also

showed them how to “hack” computer games for the high scores and bragging rights

using a simple program. My passion centered on the computer and all of its functions. I

also worked as a music video editor and I helped some of the local bands comprised of

aspiring artists create flashy music videos. This specialty of mine helped me to personally

meet the local bands and in the long run get a paycheck for my work. I also enjoyed
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teaching others how to set up a backup file, install virus protection, and utilize their

computer to its optimum capacity. By helping friends, making music videos, and having

class sessions taught by my friend and I introduced me to my first business

entrepreneurship, a profession I plan to pursue.

Creating programs, designing applications, and hacking games made me realize

that technology is very user friendly and simple enough that everyone should embrace it

from an early age. Technology should be embraced because it offers convenience and

many other assets for mankind. It is a playground for the creative mind and can be used

as a tool for individual profit or thrill. My early exposure to technology allowed me to

embrace and become updated with the hottest new gadgets.

I am not sure if Mr. Burke would be too proud of my investments in

programming, but I am confident he would break a grin to see me pursuing what he had

encouraged. Technology is becoming more ubiquitous every second as the web hosts a

wide genre of information. The future of technology rests on its consumers and how

much the general population begins to accept it. Ten years from now, technology will not

be limited by a square box (computer), but will and already is going to be portable and

wireless. The world is undergoing a technological revolution as wireless and portable

mechanisms become widely accepted. However, this digital age may also bring problems

to society. Infatuation in technology can also consume a person’s life. This gluttony for

technology discourages social interaction and communication. However, used

moderately, technology produces many more benefits than disadvantages. My encounter

with computer programming allowed me to view technology as a catalyst for my

ambitions and founder of my social business abilities.