Sig Byrd’s Houston Author’s note: The intention of this document is to cross-references Houston Press columns of Sig

Byrd’s and the contents that made up his 1955 book, “Sig Byrd’s Houston.” The seven chapters of the book were broken up into an adverage of nine stories. The stories started their lives on the pages of the Houston Press. Contents Prologue Congress Avenue The Segundo Barrio Catfish Reef The Bayou of the Buffalo Fish Pearl Harbor The Big Casino Vinegar Hill 1 8 44 77 110 146 180 214


“The person, places and incidents in this book are real people, places and incidents. Any resemblance between this book and a work of fiction is either coincidental or, what is more likely, is entirely in the reader’s imagination. He probably has been reading too many novels and has neglected to cultivate the acquaintance of his neighbors.” Prologue 1 Congress Avenue 1. “Our town… 2. “There is a street in our town…” 3. “There was a man you’d never notice… “ 4. “It was cold and wet the next day…” 5. “John Ford was sitting in the upright…” 6. “I don’t know what the world is coming to” 7. “Old Man Jennings is eighty-one…” 8. “Until a couple of years ago…” 9. “The justice of the peace said…” (1-7) (8-43) (8-13) (13-17) (17-20) (20-23) (23-26) (26-31) (31-34) (34-39) (39-43)


The Segundo Barrio (44-76) 10. “The Larado Bar on St. Charles St…” (44-47) 11. “His name is Innocente, which is ironical…”(47-50) 12. “Miguel Guerrero, exiled painter,…” (50-54) 13. “The Story of Father John Sauvagean…” (54-59) • "A Houston Pastor Retells the Classic Story of His Strange Adventures on the Rancho De Burras" • The Stroller - Houston Press, Pg. - 5 • Saturday, September 27, 1952 14. “Deep in the Segundo Barrio, in a shed…” (60-63) 15. “Miguel Guerrero was out when I …” (63-66) 16. “’Do you believe me?…” (66-70) • "Diego the Handsome Gandy-Dancer, and Dolores the

(77-83) “Deep in the heart of the reef…” a band plays at Nelson’s” (83-86) “Early in the century. “Blackie Vaughn is still called the Mayor of Six-Bit Street…” (114-119) 11. restuarants. shops. 5. “North of Harrisburg Boulevard. “Red Doherty was chased into the drink by a lion…” (142-145) Pearl Harbor (146-179) 19. lined up like sitting ducks” (125-128) 14.Houston Press.Mysterious Beauty of North Sampson Street" • The Stroller . “The story of Dan and Injun Jimm and Dr. 8. “His name was Anthony Fraterman…” (132-135) 16. Pg. “Considerable cloudiness with little…” Dottie’s Snug Harbor (119-122) 12. who comes to Martine Nelson’s…” boyfriend problems (93-96) “The joint on Lower Milam…” Lena and the Comanche (96-99) “Walking along lower Milam… ” Herman Lange and a guy named Ozzy (99-102) “The closest any cat…” Club de Lisa. Red (103-109) 2 The Bayou of the Buffalo Fish (110-145) 9. “I’ve been listening…” murdered sister (139-142) 18. “Eight bells…” About the crew of the Alcione (122-125) 13. “Handsome Easley leaned…” (146-152) 20. brothers…” recording a record at Nelson’s (90-93) “Rachel. “Some Harrisbergers say that on the Eve of All Hallows…” (153-156) 21. “There we were. Monsoor. “A bunch of us…” the Atlas tugboat (135-139) 17. 1952 2 Catfish Reef 1. etc. Simms…” 3 . July 7. 6. Seventy-fifth Steet is called Six-bit Street…” (110-114) 10. 4.Houston Press. 15 • Monday. (77-109) “Milam Street begins at…” All about the reef. 5 • Saturday. the Tremont Buffett…” Maxine and the farmer with the rabbits (86-89) “Clyde and James Green. 7. Linda (129-132) 15. 1952 17. “A week before Christmas…” (70-73) 18. 2. Meat Row.. June 14. “Felix Morales beckoned to me…” (73-76) • "The Brief Exile of Margie Concepcion" • The Stroller . Pg. “There is a place…” Mermaid Café. 3.

7. 8.M. 3. 6. “There is another puzzling matter…” J. “Three or four days out of every week you can find Codie Wilson…” (169-172) 26. “Our town lies in the upper coastal prairie…” Dr. (214-250) “Between Prairie and Cogress avenue…” (214-218) “Down on the Slab…” (218-221) “Preston Ave dies a natural death each sundown…” (221-225) “It was as hot as the hinges of hell on Vinegar Hill…” (225-230) “There was twelve of us for lunch whe Sam Petro…” (230-233) “It’s the hotterst day of the summer…” (233-237) “The last times I counted them there were…” (237-240) “A year ago. 4. 9. 5. “W. “Drove up to Groveton…” (203-206) 35. Gordon (193-196) 32. or perhaps…” (207-210) 36. “Miz Addie is a landmark and a legend on West Dallas…” (166-169) 25. “For more than thirty-five years Lee Anna…” (160-163) 23. “Clarabel was the most difficult person I ever interviewed…” (186-189) 30. “The Old Crow people. Ketchbaw (180-186) 29. “I drove out to the town of South Houston…” (200-203) 34. “West Dallas Avenue simmered in the blinding afternoon…” (163-166) 24. “Pine Top Smith invented boogie in Galveston…” (176-179) 4 The Big Casino (180-213) 28.B. “A landmark for our town for the last sixteen years…” Bible Cyclorama (196-199) 33. 2. “The story of Pinky of Pierce Junction…” (172-176) 27. Gentry has worked for the Missouri-Pacific Railroad since 1916…” (189-193) 31.(156-160) 22. “Joe Roy was a dapper little man…” (210-213) Vinegar Hill 1. all that the Displaced Lady could say…” (240-243) “Taking a pasear along outer Preston Ave…” 3 .

(244-250) .

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