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Arrival and Departure

The University of the West Indies’ residen-
Check-in and registration starts on Mon-
tial hall dormitories are fully fitted to accommo-
day, June 21st, 2:00pm at Emancipation
date unisex student; these will be utilized and
Park with the first activity. The opening
maintained during the World Camp. For ac-
ceremony, commences on 7:00pm. The first
tivities, Students will be grouped, male
meal will be a light snack and will be served on
and female, for the duration of the camp,
arrival on Monday. Activity schedules will be
with respective counsellors assigned to
provided on arrival. Departure should be
each group. Over the years we have found
scheduled for the last day of camp since ac-
this to be the most effective way to allow our
commodation will not be available past that
students to freely communicate and share their
hearts. IYF World Camp maintains a 10:1 stu-
dent to counsellor ratio and promotes full su- How to Apply
pervision at all times. Counsellors will inter- Complete and submit the application along
act with student campers at all times, with the registration fee as soon as possible to
participating in all activities, eating to- ensure your reservation. Additional application
gether and sharing the respective dormitories forms can be downloaded from our website or
with campers. register online at:
What To Bring Cost
Students are advised to take the following
Fees Application Due Date
items along to the camp in order to participate Cost
fully in all activities: Bibles, notebook, pencils, Registration
towels and personal toiletry supplies, pillow,
1. Early Bird Registration $1,000/person Apr. 30, 2010
personal water bottles, sneakers for marathon See Below *
and morning exercise. 2. Regular Registration $1,000/person May. 31, 2010
Students may wear casual pants or jeans
to all activities. Additionally, walking shorts Camp Fees
acceptable for female students. 3. Regular Fees $6,000/person Jun. 11, 2010

Inappropriate clothing: Tight fitting The IYF World camp allows our students to
4.Early Bird Registration $4,800/person Jun. 11, 2010
jeans/pants, shirts with inappropriate graphics/ 20% Discount * learn about the world of the heart thus enabling
slogans, low neckline, midriff, halter tops and 5.Group Rate ‘A’ of 3~10 $4,200/person Jun. 11, 2010 the students to obtain healthy hearts. A per-
short shorts. 30% Discount son who is physically weak will easily be sick or
It is advisable to limit jewellery to watch 6.Group Rate ‘B’ 11 or More Call Office Jun. 11, 2010 lose courage while a healthy person is able to
only. Cash and electronics (laptops/luxury overcome burdens or challenges.
phones and other luxury gadgets) should be Payment This camp is focused on developing
avoided as we cannot guarantee the security of Payment should be made to NCB IYF stronger hearts among youths that will allow
these items. Acc.234266063 Specifying the Name(s) of them to overcome challenges, temptation and
payee and Payment Category(1~6) above in obstacles they will have to face in their lives.
the cost table. Group payment should be made That is how IYF has been training and culti-
with one voucher. vating the future leaders with its diverse pro-
· Registration Fee is not refundable. grams developed through its experiences with
· In case of Cancellation before May 21, 50% of youths over the years.
Camp fee is refundable.
The Ministry of Education is delighted to be
associated with and indeed to officially
endorse the 2010 International Youth
Fellowship (IYF) World Camp Jamaica.
We extend a warm welcome to all stu-
dents and young persons from across
the island and an especially warm wel-
come to the overseas students who are visit-
ing our island home, Jamaica.
It is well known that in our society and perhaps the same
around the world, our youth are being increasingly exposed
Date Morning Afternoon Evening
to inappropriate content In the books they read, the movies
*Registration *Opening Ceremony
and videos they watch, and the music they listen to. They
*Orientation & Music Concert in
are incapable, at such early ages, of filtering through and June *Class Assign- Emancipation Park
utilizing discernment to ascertain the appropriateness of 21 ment *Message of
these various messages. We find that some of our youth (Mon) Encouragement
that we serve, behaviour and morals are contrary to the
expected norms of society.
*Morning Exercise *Academy & Club *Cultural Performance The power of music instils peace of
Unfortunately, as this situation becomes standard practice *Music- Rio Montana Activities *Music – Gracias
and acceptable then it does become the norm and the fabric June *Guest Lecture *Motivation Choir mind, inspiration and passion to the youths.
of our society will continue to disintegrate without effective 22 *Music-Gracias Games *Leadership Lecture With the beauty of music diffusing from
interventions. (Tue) Choir their hearts, the Gracias Choir better known
A distinct mandate of the ministry of Education is the *Leadership Lecture
moulding of the wholistic individual who can contribute to
as ‘a choir that touches hearts the audi-
society as a responsible, productive, law abiding citizen. *Morning Exercise *Academy & Club *Cultural Performance ences’ awarded Grand Prize from the Jeju
*Music-Rio Montana Activities *Music – Gracias International Choir Competition in July,
The interactions we have with the students within the school June *Guest Lecture *Motivation Choir
environment and curriculum will allow us limited contact time, 23 *Music-Gracias Games *Leadership Lecture 2009.
teaching and developing behavioural skills. (Wed) Choir Among the Music Directors are world
IYF is known to teach the youth about the world of the *Leadership Lecture renowned Russian musicians such as:
heart, where our youth will learn how to connect with each
*Short Marathon *Cultural Exhibi- *Closing Ceremony
other in another way that is heart to heart. We therefore *Music–Rio Montana tion *Dance Performance Boris Abalyan – Conductor
welcome the continued care, assistance and intervention of June *Guest Lecture *Good News *Christmas Cantata– Dmitry Eremin – Cellist
our citizens and churches in our efforts to shape and edu- 24 *Music-Gracias Corps Gracias Choir
( Thu)
Victor Hussu – Oboist
cate our youth, our future leaders, to take on the task of Choir *Presentations *Encouragements
*Leadership Lecture
Hugo Ticciati – Violinist
directing and leading our nation into the future.
My wish for every student attending the 2010 IYF World Isabella Krasnova – Pianist
*Morning Exercise
Camp Jamaica is that as you spend time focusing on things *Music–Rio Montana The Gracias Choir has performed across
that are wholesome, uplifting and true, you will make lifelong June *Music-Gracias
friendships based on sharing your experiences from the 25 Choir the world in places such as: Sydney Opera
(Fri) *Leadership Lecture House (Australia), Orpheum Theatre (L.A.),
heart. I wish that, as you participate in this and the ongoing
IYF activities in Jamaica we will see and experience a trans- *Dismissal Haydn Hall, (Vienna, Austria), Cine Teatro
formation of our youth. The future of Jamaica is in the Gran Rivadavia (Argentina), Waikiki Shell
hands of our youth; let us shape them in a positive direction (Hawaii), Madison Square Garden (New
today so they can shape our society for a better tomorrow. York), Moi Stadium (Kenya).
Once again, welcome and we wish you a successful and
enjoyable World Camp. Enjoy the musical highlight of the World
Camp with performances by the world class
The Hon. Andrew M. Holness, MP
Gracias Choir and musicians.
Minister of Education