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Men and the Quest

An Evolutionary Journey for the 21st Century
A weekend EnlightenNext/Mythodrama
adventure for men
Friday 5th – Sunday 7th June 2009
at EnlightenNext London

Friday 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Saturday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 10.00am – 5.00pm
£140 incl. refreshments & lunch

This unique collaboration between Olivier Mythodrama
and EnlightenNext London will utilise the ancient myth
of Parzival as a gateway to explore the timeless qualities
of masculinity within the context of an evolutionary view
of spirituality.
Parzival is the naive young man who painfully learns
that an honourable life requires a quest for meaning that
transcends individual triumph and ultimately serves a
greater whole. In the 21st century men are now brought
up within a value system of gender equality and gender
neutrality. In consequence the accepted roles of men
have changed unalterably whilst the historical under-
pinnings of masculinity are being fundamentally chal-
lenged. This workshop aims to explore how a perspec-
tive of evolutionary spirituality can radically reframe the
archetypical male developmental journey once more
into a heroic quest for meaning and the pursuit of life’s
most elevated goals.
Mythodrama is an exciting new form of experiential These methods will allow participants to
learning, which in this workshop will draw on the recontextualize the male impulses for heroism,
creative forms of story and theatre to enable partici- valour and virtue, and reawaken those funda-
pants to explore the fundamental principles inherent mental qualities in men that naturally aspire
in manhood. towards wholeness and an evolved expression
EnlightenNext is generating a transformative move- of the masculine principle.
ment within consciousness and culture, empowering
individuals to realize their ultimate nature and inherent
unity with the 14-billion year epic of cosmic evolution.

For more information and booking:
13 Windsor Street, London N1 8QG
T: 0207 2887 0000 (answer phone)
(near Angel Tube)

Over 15 years he which combines great stories with has formed and facilitated a wide psychological insights. As a long-term and close introducing others to the Evolu. Michael values of emotional intelligence. In association with Cohen. created Mythodrama workshops From 1999 – 2005 he was the at the Globe Theatre for the casts Master of Mythodrama at Shake. impact culture and how this can the founder and editor in chief of manifest through the arts. his portrayal of Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Julian Tem- Chris has worked all over the world and presented his ple’s acclaimed film Pandemonium and in 2003 he was work at numerous international events and conferences. works literacy and rites of passage in education. he has directed the London Kennedy in the TV film RFK. kind Project. television. The workshop will also feature live musical accompaniment throughout the whole weekend by electronic music composer and performer David Leckenby. EnlightenNext Biographies Chris Parish is a spiritual director Linus Roache is a professional and practitioner of over thirty-five actor and the Managing Director years’ experience. he has worked extensively in theatre. creative range of men’s groups in prisons. Linus tionary Enlightenment philoso. initiation.and won the London Evening Standard best actor award for literally co-create . a global men’s organisation upholding the Richard worked closely with James Hillman. student of Andrew Cohen. work today is at the leading edge of bringing the world of He is a certified leader and leader trainer for the Man- theatre into the development of authentic leadership. been developing a process termed ‘Enlightened Commu. mentoring and commu- Meade and other founding fathers of men’s development nity. exercises and personal develop.Mythodrama Biographies Richard Olivier is the founding Michael Boyle is a psychothera- voice within Mythodrama – a pist. EnlightenNext magazine (formerly For over 24 years Linus has What Is Enlightenment?). nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Robert For over fifteen years. of Henry V and The Merchant of speare’s Globe Theatre and his Venice. discus- sion forums and a programme of visionary speakers. is particularly interested in how phy of spiritual teacher Andrew awakening consciousness can Cohen.the leading edge of consciousness. He has overseen the growth of the centre the popular US TV series Law and Order where he plays in Islington into a thriving vortex of evolutionary activity District Attorney Michael Cutter. radio and cinema across the world. is a keynote speaker on the value of mythology. personal development. emotional Richard is a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation. internationally as a workshop leader and conference Michael is the founding director of abandofbrothers. With a career that has taken centre of EnlightenNext. For twenty of of the EnlightenNext New York those he has been studying and centre. In 2002 he nication’ for individuals to come together to explore . with public events including meditation seminars. for whom he leads the New Warrior Training Adven- in the early nineties. Linus is currently in his second year of Andrew Cohen. He was a leading theatre director ture internationally. the organisation dedicated to him from Shakespeare’s Richard II to Christopher Nolan’s supporting the development of the teaching work of Batman Begins. workshop leader and student new form of experiential learning of mythology. theatre ment techniques to explore issues and clinical settings and has co- faced by modern leaders. He has initiated multiracial rites of for over 10 years and directed Henry V for the opening of passage and mentoring projects for disaffected youth and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London in 1997. speaker and is the author of Shadow of the Stone Heart – a a new charity seeking to engage and train adult men Search for Manhood and Inspirational Leadership – Henry V as ‘elders’ to foster male community and local youth and the Muse of Fire. .

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