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Some tailored spirits training has made a huge difference to our pubs…
QUALITY DRINKS can make a visit to your establishment a memorable one and determine whether customers return and recommend it to others. That makes it a vitally important element of your business and one worth investing time in, to ensure your staff are getting the drinks serve right every time. All of our Sell More, Save More establishments have been refining their drink-making skills with help from Maxxium UK’s training scheme, Mixxit, and they’ve all reported some positive results. Woody’s bar has taken on a new lease of life since the training, having completely revised its drink offering to become the only cocktail bar in the area, while the Wheel Inn has been attracting more female drinkers with its new long drinks offering. The Stanley Arms, renowned for its ales, is now serving eight per cent more spirits and the staff are well equipped to offer them mixed as well as straight. Mixxit offers three types of tailored training to suit on-trade establishments from country pubs to top end style bars, free of charge. It’s headed up by three top mixologists, Wayne Collins, Andy Gemmel and Patsy Christie but the entire Maxxium sales force is qualified to offer training to their customers countrywide. • For more information on Mixxit training please email mixxit.uk@ maxxium.com and for ideas and inspiration visit www.mixxit.co.uk. Click on You’ve Been Trained to find more examples of how Mixxit’s sales team has helped increase trade for other customers.

Woody’s bar – Mixxit's biggest Sell More, Save More success so far – a 25 per cent increase in spirit sales!
Mixxit's biggest success story of the Sell More, Save More initiative so far has been Woody’s bar. Maxxium’s Patsy Christie offered cocktail training to bar owner Natalie Coleshill and her team, who wanted to revive the business and recruit new drinkers through cocktails. Patsy took the team through the basic principles of mixing a drink, guided them through the flavours and mixed drinks families and how spirits are the building blocks of the art of cocktail-making. Speaking about the training, Natalie said: “It was absolutely brilliant, far better than we’d hoped and the staff loved it. Patsy gave a really good background, explaining the flavours and the history behind the brands which really helps to bring it to life. The results have been phenomenal, the cocktails have been going so well, better than the wine even, it’s been amazing. “The training has helped us take our business in a new direction. The customers love it and even the men are going for cocktails. I’m really happy with it. “Sprit sales have increased by 25 per cent following the training. Previously we did not offer any cocktails nor have a drinks menu. We didn’t stock Stolichnaya at all so that accounts for about 10 per cent of the increase and Sourz is also a big success – we now use the range in cocktails so that has increased by around 15 per cent. The menus have also helped consumers to make an informed decision about the highball drinks we offer. “The training really inspired the staff to focus on offering the perfect serve and better quality every time. The flavoured Martinis were a big hit over the festive period too, on New Year’s Eve they accounted for over 70 per cent of the night’s drinks yielding a good profit margin as well as making the experience more premium. The support I have received from Patsy and Maxxium I cannot rate highly enough. It has changed the dimension of my business as well as keeping us all enthusiastic!” Following the success of the first round of training Patsy returned for a second session to find that business had increased so much that Natalie had taken on three new members of staff. She found that guests had been particularly enjoying the French Martini, Cosmopolitan and Curveball made with the UK’s number one cognac, Courvoisier.

The Stanley Arms – boosted spirit sales by eight per cent following Mixxit training!
Maxxium UK brand development manager David Miles visited the Stanley Arms, known for its fantastic cask ale offering but less so for spirits. “It is a really good, award-winning, real ale pub with a loyal following,” he said. “The staff are clearly there for the long term and keen to learn how to make good drinks. We kept it really simple because that’s what they wanted. I showed them the basic principles including the importance of filling the glass with ice and giving your drink a squeeze of lime. They just wanted to serve a good whisky and Coke and give the staff confidence to talk about it.” Licensee of the Stanley Arms Steve Bennett commented: “The training was very good and the staff really enjoyed it. Since then we’ve put menus on the tables which are reminding customers of what we offer apart from our ales. We’ve seen around an eight per cent uplift in spirit sales, which is a very good increase.”


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Sell More, Save More 3 Profit Builder WHO DOES THE TRAINING? Q
MAXXIUM UK is investing heavily in training to equip the on-trade to serve the best quality drinks and boost their business. It has a large sales force and each person is qualified to offer training to our customers, free of charge. Here’s what one of them, brand development manager Scott Paine, has to say about the job:

The Wheel Inn – attracting more female drinkers with simple mixed drinks
Scott Paine, brand development manager for Maxxium UK, visited Pete and Marie at their rural pub in Hampshire, the Wheel Inn. The Wheel Inn attracts a largely male-biased clientele so the licensees were looking for ways to attract more women. As they run the pub themselves with no other full time help, Scott suggested a series of simple serves that would be quick and easy to create using ingredients readily available, but that also offer a high profit margin. “I encouraged them to think about how you can change the flavour of a standard drink like a vodka and orange by adding liqueurs,” he said. “We have created a simple mixed drinks menu which will appeal to male and female drinkers and made some suggestions about their back-bar. “They now have a more organised spirits display and a preparation station for long drinks. “They also find that when it’s really busy they can’t cope so we’ve suggested some pitcher serves to help them get more drinks out more quickly. “They were very receptive to the suggestions as they are keen to encourage new customers and serving consistently great long drinks is one way to improve trade. We will now be visiting them on an eightweekly basis to see how they’re doing and offer follow-up training according to their needs.” Commenting on the training Pete said: “It went very well. We went through the Mixxit principles of simple mixed drinks concentrating on Brugal rum, vanilla vodka and Jim Beam, and we looked at how to create basic mixed drinks with them. “Now we can make a really good mixed drink, we know what equipment to use and how to use it. We are planning to print out table menus and we ’re hoping they will encourage people to have a change from their usual and try a spirit and a mixer. We want to attract a few more ladies into the pub – and then the men will follow!” The training has enabled Pete and Marie to recommend spirits more confidently and increase customer satisfaction.

What kind of training do you offer and what kind of establishments are eligible?

a brand development A Aslevel of Ithe trainingthe most manager can offer basic we provide through Mixxit (called Mixxit with…) using our five-step ‘building block’ process to making mixed drinks. This involves an introduction to each of the spirit categories, detailed information on the specific brands, followed by some practical demonstration and coaching on the best ways to serve them. This can be offered to any style of on-trade customer that wants to work with our brands. If the account wants to take this further and roll out cocktails we are trained up to mixology standard and have access to some very in depth information to ensure they have the very best start with this. If the account is ready to go to the next stage I can then recommend them for a Mixxit masterclass session from one of our full-time mixologists. I have trained more than 100 people in the last six months alone. of Q What are the benefits sales rep combining the role of and trainer? the customer numerous; all A The benefits tothe Maxxium are brand development managers are now trained up to a level where they can answer even the most indepth queries on our products and each category as a whole. n

Q What does your job involve? A My job involves forming strong, mutually beneficial working relationships with people involved in
running pubs and bars. This could be from trainee barstaff right up to managing directors. The main thing is helping these outlets to develop their spirit sales and show how well our great portfolio of products can enable them to do this. your job different from Q How issales roles? other we get more A By offering training experiences practical, hands-on than in other sales roles. We get to see a very wide variety of businesses and people from all walks of life. In the same day I could be speaking to a food and beverage manager in an exclusive hotel about some high-end Courvoisier and Macallan and then in a village pub about Black Grouse. Essentially we all desire the end result – brands that work well and taste great. you enjoy Q What do training? most about offering come from an on-trade so making to the A Igroundabilities is adrinksbackbest of my standard I have a strong belief in. At Maxxium UK we have carried out research that suggests consumers value quality of drinks more highly than price so by offering training I feel I can make a real difference to people’s businesses, I take a lot of satisfaction in that. Going back to an account and seeing the extra confidence the staff have with the customers is great.

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