Alex Dragicevich Reflective Statement This final portfolio consists of my major writing pieces throughout the semester.

They relate to the use of technology and technologies existence in every day life. In these five projects, I wrote a narrative, a research proposal, a rhetorical analysis, a visual essay, and participated in a collaborative project. The narrative was written to tell a story about how technology relates to your life. The rhetorical analysis consisted of critiquing other writers’ work. I had to discuss when the author used ethos, pathos, and logos; and deeming whether the authors work is credible for textual use. The main objective for research proposal was to develop an argument that was in the realm of technology in society. For example, I wrote about the technology of performance enhancing drugs and the need for stricter regulations on them in sports. In the visual essay, we were asked to create an argument about a controversial topic through a media different that your normal “Microsoft word” text. The challenge of this was to create an argument with using was few words as possible. With the collaborative project, we were challenged as a class to create an argument regarding technology in the classroom and use different styles of media to present our argument. Each of these assignments have their own objective and takes a different angle. This allowed me to grow as a writer with each piece.

Becoming a critical reader and researcher was essential as the semester went along. Initially, telling a story in the narrative required no prior reading or analysis, but it gave me a great starting point and idea of where I was as a writer and got me thinking about technology. The rhetorical analysis required serious critical reading and dissecting the other authors works. This assignment helped me understand what writing a good argumentative paper needed to consist of. Then, in the research proposal, I had to spend many hours just surfing the web and figuring out what topic was right for me. I initially struggled with this paper in the beginning because I didn’t have a clear thesis or argument at first, but after meeting with Dr.E, I came up with my argument and was on my way. I realized here that in every paper I write, I must have one clear idea that the reader can understand, or else a paper can just be a cluster of several ideas and arguments that leads to an inconclusive and not-credible paper. The visual essay is a culmination of all my learning in this semester. Understanding what makes an argument and how to structure an essay is essential because if I didn’t have a good grasp of how to “write” an essay, then creating an essay through visual media would have been much more difficult. I collaborated with Danny Spond and we created a strong powerpoint about parietals. I am most proud of my research paper on the topic of performance-enhancing drugs in sports. I feel that, when you compare

it to my other writings of this semester, it shows how much I’ve progressed as a writer and critical thinker. In the paper, I state a clear thesis and provide clear evidence for the ample support. I also enjoyed writing this piece the most because it was a very controversial topic. Overall, I learned a lot during this semester and had a ton of fun. These papers were challenging and motivating at the same time. With all the critical research and analysis combined with structural learning every day, I learned to be a better writer.

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