Ice Breakers 1. Appointments Give everybody a few minutes to make 3 appointments - 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm.

After that have everyone stand in a circle. When you shout "3 pm", everybody meets their 3 pm appointment and find out 1, 2 or 3 things about each other. After a short while shout, "6 pm" and then "9 pm". After that have people share what they find out about each other. This game can be used for introduction where people introduce other people, instead of themselves. 2. Atlas Arrange everyone in a circle. Someone say the name of any country, city, river, ocean or mountain that could be found in an atlas. The person next to him must then say another name that begins with the last alphabet of the word that has been given. Example: First person: Auckland Second person: Denver Third person: Rotorua Each person has a definite time limit (e.g. 3 seconds) and no name can be repeated. 3. Balloon Blow-up Have everyone pairs up and give each person a balloon. Each pair designates a left and a right person. The partners stand facing each other about six inches apart. When you call "left", the "left" person blows into his balloon. Give him a few seconds, then call "right", the right person then blows into his balloon. Do this repeatedly. The idea is to literally "blow-up" the balloon in the partner's face before he can blow up his. 4. Balloons in The Air Give everyone an inflated balloon. The balloons should be in different colours or with identifiable marks on them. Everyone tosses his balloon in the air and tries to keep it in the air as long as possible. In the meanwhile, he must try to get everyone else's balloons to touch the floor. When a person's balloon touches the floor, he is out. The person who keeps his balloon in the air the longest, wins.

5. Banana Duel Have everyone pair up and tie their left wrist together. Give each a banana to hold in their left hand. When you say "go", they peel the banana with only their right hand and try to push it in their partner's face/mouth. You may want to do this blindfolded to add excitement. 6. Battle of The Nuts Give each person a peanut and have them pair up. They should try to crack their partner's peanuts by pushing their peanuts against one another. Those with cracked peanut are out. Do this in round until only one or a few peanuts are left not cracked. 7. Bible Mime Divide the group into teams of three to six members. Every team selects one biblical event to pantomime for the other players. The others try to identify the bible stories being enacted. Variation: Scripture passages are cited on slips of paper and drawn from a box for performance. 8. Big Sculpture Divide the group into two teams. Give each team five large garbage bags and as many blown-up balloons as possible. Have them create a huge human figure by putting the blown-up balloons in the bags and attaching the bags together within a definite time limit. The best sculpture wins. 9. Blinded by Money Pair everyone up and form a big circle. Give each pair two coins. One person in each pair tilts his head back and places a coin on each eyelid with eyes closed (no peeping!). Put a big container in the centre (e.g. a garbage can). The object is for each person to dump their coins into the container, following the verbal direction of their partner. No physical guiding by the partner is allowed. If any coin dropped, the person should pick it up and start all over again. The fun comes when all the pairs go at once, crowding around the container, blinded by money, trying to hear their partner's direction.

10. Brain Teaser Hand out copies of any of the following "IQ Tests". Each block represents a well known phrase or saying. You may divide a large group to teams of three or four. Give a time limit. The team with the most correct answers wins. PLASMA H2O HIGH CLOUDS 13579 WHELMING EILNPU PICT RES Headache Arrest You're EMPLOY MENT LESODUB TENNIS Answer: Blood is thicker than water Line up You're under arrest High above the clouds You ought to be in the pictures Men out of work/job/employment Overwhelming odds Splitting headache Mixed doubles tennis KJUSTK WRitING LOV T RN 24 Hours B ILL ED PETS A Gettingitall 1T3456 Answers: Just in case No U Turn

A Step Backward Put it in writing Call it a day Getting it all together Endless love Ill/Sick in bed Tea for two 11. Campus Life Word List Game Give everyone a piece of paper and ask them to write down as many words as possible from the letters in the words "CAMPUS LIFE", (e.g. camp, camps, us, came etc.) No proper names or slang words are allowed. You may use other longer words and have the people work in pairs or small groups. 12. Can You Follow Instructions A READ AND DO TESTS Time Limit: 3 min. 1. Read all that follows before doing anything. 2. Write your name in the upper right-hand corner of this page. 3. Circle the word "corner" in sentence two. 4. Draw five small squares in upper left hand corner of this page. 5. Put an "X" on each square. 6. Put a circle around each square. 7. Sign your name under line 5. 8. After your name, write "yes, yes, yes". 9. Put a circle around number 7. 10. Put an "X" in the lower-left-hand corner of this page. 11. Draw a triangle around the "X" you just made. 12. Call out your first name when you get to this point. 13. On the reverse side of this paper add 6950 and 9805. 14. Put a circle around your answer. 15. Now that you have finished reading carefully, do only number 1 and 2. PLEASE BE QUIET AND WATCH THE OTHERS FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

One person starts off by performing an action (e. 16. Each leader is given a donut. he is out. giving team members bites. the team that has eaten most of their apple wins. Disclosure Procure a softball. The winner is the team which had everyone bit the donut. 15. Everyone put their arms over the shoulders of the persons on their left and right. These are the winners. The ones who do not (too fast or too slow). he crosses back and forth with the donut on the finger. Repeat until only a few are left. The teams are then split into halves and positioned on both sides of the room with the leader in the middle. At the signal. go out of the group. Donut Whole Divide the group into teams and have each team choose a leader. then adding one. leaving the last donut at the end with the ring intact. . scratching his head). The person on his right must then repeat it and add another action. Have one person in each team begin with an apple in his mouth (roast pig style). If a player misses an action or gets fouled up. Do This and Add Something Get everyone in a circle. 17. Arrange the participants in a circle. As the second person takes the apple with his mouth (no hands allowed). preferably the sticky one which he places on one index finger. At the end of the time limit. Coordinated Jump Have the entire group get in a circle. The game goes on with each having to repeat all the previous actions in order. the first person takes a bite out of it. You can go as many rounds as you want. 14. At the signal. Core Group Divide the group into teams of five or six. everyone must jump (feet off the ground) at the same instant.g. Throw the ball to one person and ask the individual to disclose something unusual about himself. On the word GO.13. he passes the apple to the person on the right. He can then throw the ball to anyone he choose and repeat the process.

Funny Faces Have the participants arrange themselves in a circle. and so on around the circle. At the signal. irritations or concerns they have on their minds. resentments. As soon as the first person gets out. Instruct participants to talk simultaneously. 19. The object is for him to get it on the next person's head without using hands. Have them sit in a circle facing outward. You may divide the group into two and have a competition. Grumble Grumble This game provides an opportunity for release of tensions. 21. 22. sharing any complaints. Garbage Pass Relay Divide into teams. another person begins. That person mimics the gesture. until all or as many persons as possible have had a chance to initiate the facemaking. 20. the groups are to wrap themselves up securely in the string. the second person in line goes under the bag with the first person. Put a derby type hat on one person. . wins. passing it on quickly to the next person. arms teeth or legs. Give each group a ball of string or yarn of equal length. grievances. The group that finishes first. grumble" until all participants are done. Hat Trick Form a circle. The process continues until the bag gets all the way to the end of the line. Call a halt to the exercise when it is apparent that the negative energy has dissipated and only superficial "grumbling" is present. he is then to say. When the go signal is given.18. "grumble. An appointed player turns to the person next to him and makes a funny face or assumes a funny posture. Pair up all participants. Each team tries to pass a paper garbage bag down to the end of their line. the third person goes under the bag with the second. It is placed over the head of the first person in line. Hog Tied Divide the group into two or three. When one member runs out of issues to disclose. When the funny face has completed the circuit. reservations.

"I packed my trunk for China and took an apple (or any other object that begins with "A"). 24. . Have each team move to a location that allows them to stand in a small circle. I Packed My Trunk for China The first player says. The player continues as long as they can or until they have completed the alphabet. Place all the papers in the centre of the group and mix them well. Then have them extend their left hands across the circle and grasp the right hands of other individuals.23. How Are You Feeling? Give everybody a piece of blank paper (same size). Inform them that their task is to unravel the spider web of interlocking arms without letting go of anyone's hands. Read the word on the paper and open up the time for anyone in the group to share a phrase or verse which might encourage the person whose paper has been picked. Human Spider Web Divide the group into teams of 6-8 persons. 25. written on a big piece of paper or on a transparency. ANXIETY FORGIVENESS GUILT SORROW HEALING REJECTED PEACE PAIN COMFORT LOVE ACCEPTANCE HOPE Ask everyone to write down on his paper the word that describes either how he is feeling or what he wants Jesus to bring to him now. Instruct members of each group to extend their right hands across the circle and grasp the left hands of the other members who are approximately opposite them. "I packed my trunk for China and took an apple and a bread). Pick up a piece of paper.g. The next player repeats the sentence. You may pick as many paper as you have time for. Flash the following words. They will be competing with the other groups to see who finishes the task first. adding one of his own. including the "A" word and adds a "B" word. Each successive player recites the sentence with all the alphabetical items. (e.

.Marvellous Martin.. 29. wash your car). once had... "If I am not here today. Martin .. (e. Instant Stunt As each person enters the room. Ask each person to state his name and attach an adjective that not only describes a dominant characteristic. Then say..g.. Have everyone share a nickname that they now have. dance around. Innovative Introduction You can do any of the following or all of them: 1. he receives a slip of paper with a silly stunt described on it. . wallets or pockets. They are not allowed to hold their own hats on. but also starts with the first letter of his name. Stand on a char.. When the signal is given.. I will be . Give them a few minutes to look at one another and laugh. 27..g.26. all participants perform their stunt simultaneously. Then use the items to introduce or say something about themselves. bark like a dog. (You can also ask everyone to bring a hat or cap of their choice to the meeting). E." (share something that you're glad you don't have to do. e.. 2..g.Lovely Ling) 3... Knocking Off Hats Put some hats or caps in the middle of the room.. "If you weren't here today. what would you be doing that you're glad you don't have to?" Try to keep the answers light and fast moving.. I’m Glad I’m Here Tell the group that you're glad to be there. Ask everyone to choose one and put it on. Family picture. Siew Ling .. credit card) from their purses. or would like to have and then explain the reason or story behind the name. They must hit each other hat off without losing their own.g. Then go around the room asking. Instruct everyone to take two items (e. Give everyone a rolled up newspaper. 28...

a series of words or phrases are written. what animal would it be? Describe three characteristics of the animal: . distant) 2. ask them to do it with their eyes open. Divide the group into teams of 5-7 people. (This works best if you have carefully selected the music. I feel good when . Try as much as possible to make sure that the music is familiar to all and is relatively fast-paced to stimulate energetic directing). Then suggest that their answers to question 1 provides clues to how other people view them and their answers to question 2 provide clues to how they view themselves and see how they react to your suggestions! An Exercise in Self-Disclosure 1.) The team leader pulls a card out and a few persons are asked to state what the word means to them. Then tell them that they are the conductor of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.. Magic Circle This icebreaker can be used to illustrate the multiplicity of meanings of words. Have everybody share what they have written. motivation. (one on each card e. Help them relax and enjoy themselves as they do so. put-down.30.g. My Favourites Give everybody a copy of "Exercise in self-disclosure" and give them a few minutes to fill it in. b. when they have began to conduct freely. c. On a prepared set of 3" x 5" cards.g. Play a selection of music and ask them all to simultaneously lead the orchestra. Have them close their eyes.. continue the statement. Blue . Leader of The Band Ask all participants to stand up and make sufficient room around themselves so as not to interfere with free movement of their arms. Name your favourite colour: ___________________________ Describe it in three words: a. (E. relaxing. 32. or in the case of sentence completion. If you could pose (safely) with an animal of your choice in the Zoo. is cool. After a while.

Ask everyone to express how they feel or how their day has been through the newspaper. If the leader says.a. b. Old Aunty Amy The purpose of this game is to guess whether Old Aunt Amy died last night. The leader then says the phrase again and points to another person. tense. then the answer is. Favourite colour is yellow Drives a blue car Plays tennis Went to the cinema last week . before he says the phrase. 34. 36. then the answer is "Yes". The leader will begin by saying the phrase "Old Aunt Amy. she died last night. If he answers wrongly. crumble the newspaper to express frustration etc. (E. "listen carefully". "listen carefully". 5 on his telephone no. When the object is discovered. 35. Tiger . c. choose and object not in the room. They then discuss it with each other while the other players listen and try to guess what it is. Is left-handed Birthday is in Dec. "NO". he is out. Did she die?"" He then points to anybody in the group The person then says either "yes" or "no". she died last night. For example. Variation: For an extra challenge.g. Object in Question Two players privately select an object in the room. Newspaper Talk Give everyone some newspaper. dangerous) 33. if he omits.strong. another two players select an object. People Bingo Give everyone a piece of paper of either of the following: Wears size 6 shoes Likes pizza Has 2 daughters Has the no.

Whenever he desires. 37. One player is left without a partner and becomes the new leader. . The leader snaps his fingers. for example "hand to foot". and the others join him. The players must then touch their partner's hands with their hands. the leader changes his chant to "hand to hand" or "toes to toes" etc. "people to people". This is the signal for everyone to find a new partner. or toes with toes etc.Has a pet dog Name beginning with "J" Born in April Sings in shower Talks in your sleep Did not make bed today Reads "Peanut" Takes nap Loves ice-cream Watches cartoon Snores when you sleep Never change a diaper Detective story fan Give them a time limit and send them loose to find someone with the relevant description. The leader goes through the various body parts. and then shouts. The leader is more challenging if the leader names two different body parts. Players try to have a different partner and a different leader each time. including the leader. chanting "people to people". People to People Each player finds a partner and joins the group in a circle except the leader who stands in the centre. The one with the most squares filled up wins.

Pictures can be of TV shows. sports or anything that describes their perceptions.g. Pick an Animal Ask the group: "If you have to pick an animal below to describe how this group has reshaped your life. and you have helped me to reach out and hug again. 39.38. . His partner must then point to his eye. Have everyone or volunteers explain their sketch to the rest. Roaring lion: Because you have let me get down off my perch and roll in the grass. he points to the ear and says. "ear". and not even worry about my mane. E. 40. "eye". Reverse Pointing Pair up everybody. Potrait of My Job Give everyone a sketch paper and ask them to draw a picture of their jobs or organisations. and taught me how to soar again. and you have told me it's OK to be this way. and says. what would you pick?" Colourful peacock: Because you have told me that I am beautiful and I have started to believe it and it is changing my life. Dancing bear: Because you have taught me to dance in the midst of pain. All-weather duck: Because you have taught me to enjoy the weather (even on rainy days) and to celebrate the hard times like duck in a storm. Wild eagle: Because you have helped to heal my wings... Those who fail to respond correctly will be out. Ostrich in love: Because you have loved me so much that I have taken my head out of the sand and found a whole new reason for living. Black panther: Because you have helped me to look very closely at myself and see some of the spots . One person points to any part of his body and says the name of another. Towering giraffe: Because you have helped me to hold my head up and stick my neck out. Loveable hippopotamus: Because you have let me surface and bask in the warm sunshine of God's love.

because this is the first time that you have begun a session to a standing ovation! 43. and arms linked. but that you feel really good. After you succeed add another twosome and try again. Direct them to stretch their arms out and their sides (horizontally from their bodies). backs together. you will lead them in an exercise designed to help get their blood moving rapidly. Then try to stand up together. Keep adding people until your whole group is trying to stand together. Ask the participants seek out their respective groups. feet in front of you. then back to their sides (repeating the two-step sequence about 10 times in rapid succession). would they have preferred a different place? 42. In retrospect. and stimulate the nerve endings in their hands. then ask them to rapidly bring their hands together.41. ask them to recall what they liked and disliked about their respective places in their growing up days. 2. 4. an only child. Siblings Ask the group to divide themselves into four groups with these subsets: 1. If If If If they they they they were were were were the eldest in the family. the youngest in the family. Tell them that to make sure they are awake and receptive to the forthcoming session. Stand Up Sit on the ground with your partner. any place in the middle. Conclude by telling the group that you aren't sure how much better they feel now. . When they have all done so properly. 3. Standing Ovation Invite everyone to stand up and spread out (approximately an arm's length apart).

Have other people share on the other topics e. If you could become the leader of any country in the world. The game can be repeated after the players rotate their positions. what would it be and why? .44. Where I lived between the age of 7 to 12 years old. 46. 5. The person uses his finger to reconstruct the image on the back of the person in front of him. Talk About Choose one or more topics and give everyone a few minutes to share. When the message has completed its circuit the last person repeats it aloud for comparison with the original message. 3. sending one to the right and one to the left. The happiest moment of my life. If you could take a free two week trip to any place in the world.g. where would it be? 2. 1.. Ask a few persons to indicate how they would use their newly-gained fortune. The New Millionaire Assemble the group in a circle. Each player in turn passes the image on to the next person in line by tracing it on his back. The best thing that happened to me this past week. The game can be repeated so that as many people as possible can start messages. each player draws the diagram as he perceives it. 45. Telephone As players sit in a circle. Tactile Copier The players arranged themselves in a line. Each player whispers the message only once. A diagram is shown to the last person in line. someone whispers a message to the person next to him. The last time I got mad was . 2. The group then compares their drawings. Variation: After passing on the image. 1. 47. 4. When God became more than a word to me. and so on around the circle. Inform them that they have now each been given a gift of one million dollars.. who in turns repeat it to the next player. The person at the head of the line draws the diagram on a piece of paper for the group to compare with the original drawing. Variation: The leader whispers two messages.

they hold their thumbs up touching each other. Alike Difference . 3. At the signal. Their thumbs should be down by the sides. If you could travel on a time machine to any era in time. 2. NAME: ___________________________ TREASURE HUNT Name 1. who would it be? 48. problem. When you say "ready". 49. what would it be and why? 4. The participant then has to discover who he is by asking questions to the group. Treasure Hunt Hnd out the following form to each attendee and ask that everyone find at least one similar and one dissimilar trait with four persons. 50. Who am I? Prepare pieces of paper with a Bible character or Nursery Rhyme character or an animal etc. The one who get knocked down is out. 51. or concern. Give everyone a piece of paper and ask them to write their anonymous problem on it. they push each other's thumb and try to knock down their partner's thumb. 4. you may limit the number of questions he can ask.3. Place a container (a box or pail) in the centre of the room and ask them to crumple up their paper and throw it in the container with whatever expression or sound they want. written on them. After everyone has finished. Throw Away Your Troubles Have each person think of a question. The questions must only be answered with "yes" or "no". Play for as long as you want or until only one or a few "winner" are left. If you could talk to any one person now living. "go". invite those who find interesting traits to share. Pin a piece of the papers on each participant. Thumb Fight Have everybody pair up and hold hands (fingers into finger hold).

how would you describe your week . Call on each participant to show what he has selected and explain why. As facilitator.... None of them require sharing about areas of our life we wish to keep private. Who am I? Give the group a few minutes to search the surrounding area to find something that they feel represents some of their characteristics or expresses who they are...stormy. sunny.52. smooth and old. partly cloudy.. If you are brief. others will be brief..) 53. Who was the person you felt closest to? 4. When did God become more than a word to you? 54.. I picked a rock because it is strong. What kind of transportation did your family use? 3. If you are lengthy in your answers. others will be lengthy. Unlike discussion questions. Your answers will set the tone for all the rest. etc. * Using weather terminology. Quaker Questions Explain these questions have been used by hundreds of people to get acquainted with each other.. Spend no more than one minute per person on each question: 1.g. Where did you live between the ages of 7 and 12 and how many brothers and sisters did you have? 2.. .. * What was the happiest moment of your life * Tell us about your first date * What is the greatest regret of your life * The greatest compliment I ever received * Let me tell you about my best earthly friend * The hardest thing I have ever done * Describe a typical Tuesday in your life * My greatest disappointment * The gift I will never forget (apart form my conversion) * The thing I most enjoy in my spare time * What is your favourite time of day * What is one thing you would like your obituary to say about you * Share one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses * What is your favourite spot in your home or yard * My favourite comic strip is * People might be surprised to find out that I .. state the first question and then answer it yourself. foggy.. it is best for Friendship Questions to be answered by progressing in order around the circle. Chit Chat Use any combination of these to break the ice . (E.

. . The most accurately place eyes wins a prize. What question will you ask? What advice will you offer? * If you had an allexpenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world. the one with the longest list wins a prize. a person drowning? . what would it be? * If you could be doing anything you wanted at this time next year. what would you like to do? * If you had to live your life over. At a given signal they are to imitate the sound of that animal. a house on fire? Get the idea? Now.. Farmyard The demonstrator whispers to each guest the name of an animal. what would your change? * If you were to go to live on the moon and could carry only one thing. The first person to get back to her original seat is the winner of a chocolate! 57. cock. whether it be a cow. 58. Answer Yes * Ask questions and if the guest answer with a "Yes" they must get up from their chair and move one place to their left.. “What if…?” (Can be used in parts over several sessions) * If you could not fail. what would it be? * You have been granted one hour with the leader of your country. The demonstrator places a large drawing of a face on the floor and each guest in turn attempts to drop a pair of bright buttons to form the eyes of the face. Here are the questions which you can vary with your own: Do you have black shoes on? Did you walk here? Do you have three or more children? Are you wearing earrings? Are you wearing pearls? Do you have blue jeans on? Is it your birthday this month? Are you wearing the colour red? Etc. etc. They may end up sitting on someone's lap or two laps.. make up your own! 56.55. they are told to stop. 2 buttons to each guest. a person being robbed? .. pig. donkey.. When they sound like a riotous farmyard. chicken. The guests are to write down the names of all the animals they heard. horse. Bright Eyes Equipment: Large drawing of a face. where would you go? Why? * What would you do if you were to see .

Be sure no one gets her own. and give each one the name of the musical instrument they should imitate playing. the guests are told to make a circle on the floor. Then ask guests to make a drawing. 63. A mistake and the guests fall out. swimming for their lives. . * For a variation. 62. The guest with the most convincing or amusing case wins a prize. 61. Collect the papers. When the demonstrator shouts. Each guest must state their case: Why they think they have the most right to live. Note: They may not add any extra dots. to measure the circumference of their waists.59. ask each guest to draw six large dots in any position. They all begin the action of playing their "instruments". or piano. most original wins a prize. Wooly Problem * Equipment: A ball of wool. (Purpose a secret) Then he \ she informs them that this is the circumference of their waists. There is only one life belt. The demonstrator passes a ball of wool to each guest and asks him or her to break off as much as they think they will need. and take over the "instrument" form the right. Yet. Save Me Here is a riotous game. The first guest to produce a pair of anything wins. The demonstrator asks guests to imagine they are all survivors at a shipwreck. sweet and simple. Musical Instruments * Equipment: Record player. 60. "Left". using the dots as the main framework. Group the guests in a circle. The Prize goes to the guest with the most original drawing. out of a piece of wool provided. they hand their "instruments" to the guest on the left. “Pairs” Short. One survivor can claim it and be saved. Start the music. shuffle them and hand them out. Most usual winners produce a pair of shoes. Continue until one person remains the winner. The guests with the best fitting wins. Most accurate attempt wins. Dotty Drawing On the back of the Papers.

offering and ancient article of furniture in the "For sale" section. using each letter to start the name of the gift. Try to make up as many possible beginning with each letter. The guest with the greatest number wins the prize. A prize is given to the guest with the most complete list. 65. They write "For Sale" at the top. Ask the guests the following questions: Are you wearing a wrist watch? 5 Are you wearing a ring? 5 Are you wearing glasses? 10 Did you go to Church last Sunday? 25 Did you kiss your husband or mom and dad today? 25 Did you kiss all three? -100 For each year you have been out of school. and they should write his or her name in the blank space and read the advertisement out aloud. When they have finished the laughter begins. The demonstrator collects a number of cuttings form magazines showing the faces of well-known personalities.64. which should not mention the name of the article. leaving a blank space and then write the advertisement. Then he \ she pastes them on light card and shows them one at a time to the guest. Name the Face Equipment: Photographs of well-known personalities. . 3 for 3rd month. etc) to 12 You can award a prize for the highest and lowest total number of points. Give them three minutes to make a list of Christmas gifts. A Game For Christmas Time Ask the guests to write their names vertically down the back of a paper. You tell them that they have just described their husbands and wives. or best friend. 67. Here is a quiz which will keep many guessing. telling them to write down their names. For Sale * Ask each guest to write on the back of their papers an advertisement for their local newspaper. 66. 1 Date or month you were born (2 for 2nd month. Point Game * Ask each guest to jot down on the back of a paper the points for each question to which she can answer "yes".

68. Divide the guests into two teams. If she calls "Bingo" they lose and the game continues. A prize is given to the guest with the most correct and most legible list. return them to the bag. Fist team to finish wins a chocolate each. * Ask for 2 volunteers. Lots of amusement is assured for all. Ask them to remove their right shoe. Each guest in turn has to take the gloves out of the bag. 2 paper bags and two pairs of men's large thick gloves. and 2 paper bags. A Bag of Fun * Equipment: 6 Pairs of old stockings. When they are poised and ready they are told to put the pencil in the other hand. They then have to take off the gloves. In a time limit of three minutes. 2 pairs of gloves. and put it in their mouth. 70. Just try it! 71. 2 blindfolds. choose a sweet. Award a prize to the one who succeeds in getting all the stockings in the bag over their foot. The demonstrator calls off letters of the alphabet at random and guests cross corresponding letters off their lists. put them on. The first in line of each team is given a paper bag filled with wrapped sweets and a pair of men's thick gloves. . The first one to cross all the letter of their list then calls Hallelujah. The Exchange * This game has a surprise element. The guests are asked to be "at the ready" with pencils and paper. and vice versa. 69. They are told they are to write down a list of capital cities of each province or anything similar. Right-handers becomes lefthander. Blindfold them. and have each put on a pair of gloves and give them a bag containing several pairs of old nylon stockings. and pass it to next guest in the team. All Thumbs Relay * Equipment: Wrapped sweets. unwrap it. The other guests get the laugh of a lifetime. Bingo Guests are asked to choose 10 letters from the alphabet and list them on the back of their papers. It is a riot of fun because the gloves make it difficult to tell the top of the stockings from the foot.

changes places with the one in the middle . 74. Horse Racing Equipment: A Dice. Each number turned up represents the amount of shoe lengths they are entitled to step towards the winning post. The problem is to light a row of candles. The guest who has a fully blown balloon and has eaten their biscuit wins a prize.. They are not allowed to clip the pegs on any straight edges. The farthest end is the winning post (marked by a chair.72. Peg Clipping * Equipment: A dice and a big bag of clothes pegs. 76. The dice is passes on round the circle and the next one to throw a six. etc. The guests who safely "cross the river" win prizes. The demonstrator places a number of folded newspapers on the floor with spaces between. in turn is started on their way with feet firmly on one "rock". take a bite. Here is a blindfold game which is great fun. Arrange guests sitting in a big circle with a bag of pegs in the middle. one by one. Crossing The River * Equipment: Folded newspapers. cuffs.the one who was in the .etc.. The guest who can light the most candles with one match wins a prize. They pass the dice and the first one to throw a six jumps into the middle of the circle and starts clipping pegs to their clothes. blow the baloon.blow the balloon. carefully noting the position. First guest to reach the winning post marker wins a prize. In this racing game guests line up at one end of the room. hems of dresses. The position of the "rocks" may be changed from time to time. they are disqualified. for instance) The guests take turns to throw the dice. 75. box of matches. These represent rocks across a river and the guests have to try to cross without getting their feet wet.g. and if they get their feet wet more than 2 times. Start the game by getting each guest to blow up a balloon and eat a biscuit at the same time. Candle Rage Equipment: Row of candles. with one match. e. 73. Blow or Bust Equipment: Balloon and large biscuit to each guest. They have to take a bite . Each guest.

79. wins the prize. and that when you mention each animal's name the appropriate guest must run up to your display and grab the prize. String Ties Equipment: A ball of string. Give each guest a piece of string. (Chocolate) Now tell a story about a visit to the Game Park mentioning the names of the various animals you see as you and your family are driving through. Tell everyone that each guest has the name of an animal. The one who has the most pegs. 77.middle returns to their seat. Divide the guests into two teams. the game stops and they all count how many pegs they have on their clothes. continuing until each member of the team has added their piece of string. Who has The Longest Chain Divide the guests into two teams. By the time you have mentioned the names of several animals and no guest have got up. which they must keep a secret. The longest chain in the shortest time wins. Give each guest tow or more paper clips. When there are no more pegs left. Tall Story * Hand out to each guest a folded slip of paper marked on the outside "BIG. and then the next name you mention is the "giraffe" and they all rush to the table together to grab the prize. At the word "go" each player connects their paper clips with the one in front of her. And so the dice is passed on and the procedure continues. . 78. they will all be worried that they have been left out. The winning team is not the first to finish but the team with the longest piece of string. At the give signal the first guest ties her string to the next player's piece of string and on to the next. BIG SECRET" and inside write "Giraffe".

* Who was your favourite music group in high school? * Who was your favourite teacher in school. if you could have lived at any time? * What Biblical character inspires you the most? (Besides Jesus) * What would you do if you had won a million Rand? (can't be spiritual) * What historical (non-Biblical) figure interests you the most? (Besides Jesus) * Describe your favourite cousin. where would you spend a vacation? * What planet would you visit if you could go to any one? * What is your favourite hobby? * What is the meaning of your name? * What is your favourite book? * What is your favourite Bible verse? * How did you end up at this cell? * How did you meet your best friend or spouse? * What would you like to be known for? * Where were you born? * What is your favourite family Christmas tradition? * Tell an unusual fact about yourself. what is the one thing you would grab (assuming all family and pets were safely out)? * What is the hardest thing you ever had to do? * Do you have any phobias? * What do you do when you have free time? 81. Having an afternoon nap 2. Ice Breaking Questions * Where did you live between the ages of 9 & 12? * Who is the person closest to you? * What was one of the happiest moments in your life? * Who was your best friend when you were younger? * Describe the worst thing you ever had to wear to school. E. Guessing Game Give out paper and a pen to each person. what would you do? * If you were going to live on the moon and could take one thing with you. 1. the others are . * Describe the favourite place you've lived in.g. and for what subject? * What time period would you have lived in. what would you take? (Besides your Bible) * If your house were on fire. * What kind of car did your family have when you were growing up? * What is your dream car? * How many brothers and sisters do you have? * If you could not fail. Let them write on the paper two things that are important to them and one thing that is not important to them at all. The object of the exercise is to see how many can be fooled into thinking that the least important is the most important.80. Bathing at night 3. * What is your favourite style of music? (Christian isn't a style) * What is your favourite piece of art? (it doesn't have to be famous) * Whose eyes are most like yours in the room? * How are you like your mom? Your dad? * What is your favourite worship song? * What is your favourite praise song? * If you were unlimited by money. The fun starts when one at a time each person reads their list and everyone in the home-cell must guess which is most important to them. Patting my dog The first one is not important to me.

a sermon or the Bible. Show and Tell Draw pictures on different pieces of paper. The people in the home-cell must first guess what’s been hidden and then find it. My relationship with God . Or something that someone always brings. Give each person a picture and let them explain what it reminds them of. Do you ever wonder what God wants you to have? What do you think He wants for your life? 8. What things are priority in your life? important. Think of things that are not that obvious (e. Did you have some family rules in your house that seemed unfair to you? What were they? 11. so that will be difficult to trick people with because everyone will know that you’re kidding!) 82. It can be something they’ve brought with them or something you’ve given them. You can choose something obvious. why? 9. A missing belt or shoe would be quite funny and noticeable too! . What do you think are the top three important things on God’s list for our lives? 4. a song. What would you want to be doing when Jesus comes back? What don’t you want to be doing? 10. What are some things you want but know that you’ll never get? 7.g. lamp or ornament that is always in the room when they are at your house. 84. something that happened to them. What special things have you done in your life for the people that you love? How did it make you feel? Do you think it is good for us to do good things for the people in our community? Why? 83. What makes you decide that something is important in your life? 2.important. Either something from their lives. Hide and Go Seek Get someone in the home-cell to hide something in the house. Question Ice Breakers 1. like a clock. like their Bible. What do you think is the most important thing to God? How do you know? / Why? 5. Are you afraid of the dark? Why? 6. Is it hard for you to talk to strangers? If no.

.What do you like most about. (The last question is just to make them laugh!) .. Remember that everyone is different. You can ask them randomly and let each person give an answer. let them be the audience and create a panel of ‘contestants’ with the people who would like to play. You can continue doing this until you feel to stop. Ask the cell members how these Bible stories/scenes make them feel.Why do we tell lies? . . like.Name three movie stars you would like to go on a date with.Have you ever lied before? If yes.Why do you think God chose to.. ...What is the biggest lie you got caught telling? . Truth: .Would you say that you are a good or a bad liar? .Sing : Baa baa Black Sheep in a different language.g. Rice& Chutney . get them to check. mime it or even play charades.? 86.Draw a picture of the person next to you and try to sell it to some-one in the group. Liar Liar Go around the cell asking people these questions. Bible Story Mime Write out a scene from the Bible on a piece of paper.What do your slippers look like? .g.g.) .. if someone doesn’t feel comfortable to answer. what did you lie about? . some people might enjoy the game but it could be embarrassing for others.If you had to attend a dinner.) Let people in the home-cell act it out.Convince a person in the group that there’s a fire in the kitchen.85. You could even just ask the questions and let everyone have a turn to answer. etc. Let the others guess what they are trying to bring across.Tell everyone your Star Wars Name (The first 3 letters of your name joined to the last 2 letters of your surname. Ingrid Holtshausen – Ingen. E. . ..What is the strangest combination of food you’ve ever eaten? E.How often do you brush your teeth? . Change the National Anthem and sing it. here are a few to help you. Truth or Dare! You will need to come up with a few questions.What was the most embarrassing thing you’ve done? . just pass to the next person.Have you ever performed the Heimlich maneuver on your pet? Dares: .? .Are you lying now? 87. Get the members to choose between truth or dare. You could do only a few skits and ask the people questions. Remember. Jonah in the fish’s belly or Jesus turning water into wine. how far would you go to dress the part? ... Ask the people in your cell if they would like to play.. If a few don’t want to. but you can also make up your own. . having the theme of your country’s national heritage. (E.

Let the members of your home-cell stand in a straight line (shoulder to shoulder) Blindfold them. The amount of balloons you have will determine the amount of questions you need.) Divide your home-cell into two teams. Tell them all to take a step to their left. (You can decide whether the group can help the person answering or not. If no-one makes this mistake. (Trivial Pursuit Questions will also work well. The team to have the most balloons over at the end wins. E. That person is then out of the game and can remove their blindfold.g.Serenade someone in the group 88. Each team gets an equal number of balloons. like: “Sorry. “You have won a chocolate!” You can choose different prizes and add some boo-boos to your collection. Hop Along Cassidy Choose volunteers or do this with your whole group. . (Trivial Pursuit Questions will also work well. (Not the other team’s balloons!) Be sure to give the person who popped the balloon their prize! . Continue until someone turns to their ‘other’ left or right and bumps another player. Whoever answers correctly first can then pop one of their balloons.. maybe next time!” The teams need to send up one person at a time to answer a question. Pop a Balloon 2 For this you’ll need some general knowledge questions. let them stand on one leg and hop for as long as they can. 90. The people that loose their balance and correct themselves are then out. with different prizes written on them. then to their right. 89. The person left hopping the longest wins. Pop a Balloon For this you’ll need some general knowledge questions.) Divide your home-cell into two teams.) Whoever answers correctly first can then pop a balloon of the other team. The teams need to send up one person at a time to answer a question.Pick someone in the group and wear their shoes until the end of the game. Each team gets an equal number of balloons. Inside the balloons you will need to place slips of paper.

but they mustn’t tell the others what they’re eating! They must act along with the other cell members. Pass the bowl of chopped jelly around and let them feel the contents. Make sure the path you choose isn’t too dangerous! You don’t want to get someone hurt or knocked down by a car. Pass the bowl of spaghetti around and let them feel the contents. Then tell the blindfolded members that they need to eat the items you have in the bowls. (If you attempt this with a Teen Cell. Remember no one has to play. Once you get back to your house tell them to remove their blindfolds and ask them how they felt about the ‘trip’. 92. that’s been cut up into little pieces · Peeled litchis or grapes (Take out the pips) · Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce Don’t let anyone see the items before the volunteers have been blindfolded. The last item they will need to eat is ‘cow brains’. Preferably ones with strong stomachs. Blindfold everyone in the group. Ask them to take a ‘worm’ and eat it. it’s just for fun! . The next item they will need to eat is ‘earth worms’.) For a difference. (Try to cover their noses so that the smells don’t give you away! Or do this ice-breaker in winter. Let them eat some ‘cow brains’. Preferably a route around the neighbourhood. The first item they will need to eat is ‘eye-balls’. Tell your other cell members to act ‘grossed out’ about the items that you have in the bowls. Fear Factor Before your Home Cell members arrive collect these items and place them in bowls: · Jelly.) Pass the bowls around the cell. give everyone in the cell a blindfold and tell them all to play.91. make sure an adult is with you.) At no time may anyone remove their blindfold until you say it’s okay. Pass the bowl of litchis around and let them feel the contents. Once they step forward you can blindfold them. Tell everyone to hold hands and to follow you. Now let them take off their blindfolds to see what they were really eating! (If at any time they get ‘grossed out’ they can remove their blindfold and see what’s really in the bowl. Tell your cell members that you need four volunteers. except yourself. The ones that do remove their blindfolds may continue in the game but they must keep quiet. when their noses are blocked. Promise them before you go that you won’t lead them anywhere that they can get hurt. Blind Trust Decide on a route to take your cell members on. Then ask them to take an ‘eyeball’ and eat it.

Fruity Tutty Write down fruit names on small cards. · Another fun way to play this game is to make a statement and let the person answer in the form of a question.) The changeovers need to be quick because fast teams may blow the ball through the goals if the other team’s goalie is not ready yet. If they can’t give the answer. When your cell members arrive ask them to make two teams. The person that gets caught becomes the “Fruit Caller”. Q. you’re blowing a ping pong ball around a table. While you try to catch them. 94. Continue playing until all your questions are finished. The game is played just like soccer except instead of kicking a soccer ball around a soccer field. Bible Jeopardy Before your cell begins write a few questions. The ends of the table are the goals. the point goes to the other team. Also ask someone to keep score. The teams are only allowed to send one person forward at a time to answer a question. Write the answers next to the questions. Air Soccer Divide your cell group into two teams. Eg. from the Bible or previous home cell material. Goliath. each team needs a goalie and three players to come up at a time.) Make one card for each member in your cell. You need to use a table for this one so make sure it’s okay to use the coffee table. Stand in the middle of the chairs and call out a fruit. A. If your cell is big you’ll have to repeat some names. Once you’ve called out a fruit the people with that fruit on their cards must jump up and swap seats. Eg. You can play guys against girls if you like. (You’ll need a timer and a score-keeper. . The team that wins in the end is the team that has the highest score! 95. Play like this until every member of the team has had a few chances to play.) Ask them your questions and let them give the answers. If the people are really sticky about furniture this game can also be played on the floor. Who did David kill with one small stone? A. Give each member a card.93. Did David kill him? · Another fun way to play is to have each team start with 100 points. Whatever questions they get wrong is taken from their score and given to the other team. (No help from the team is allowed. Q. Goliath was killed by a small stone. (One fruit per card. down on a piece of paper. Once they have played against each other for five minutes changeover with four other members from the teams.

Each statement must be lettered with A and B. this will have every card number on it with the answers for every card. Boxed-in Take a matchbox and ask the cell members to think of a theory on how they will get themselves into the box. Each card must have different statements. like a recipe. True or False? Give each cell member a card with a false statement and a true statement on it. While the ones who answered correctly must swap cards with each other. Say you call A. Cats drink milk B. without telling the rest of the group what the statement was. Everyone must get a chance to tell if their first statement was true or false. False B. Continue like this until you’ve run out of ideas or until everyone in the cell has had a chance. 1) A. He or she must start by saying a phrase and then the next person must then expand on the story. They have to follow on in sequence. the cards must be numbered on the back. Pigs can fly A. 1) Example of Master Card: (Card No. They have to use their imaginations and listening skills for this one! Once they have had a chance to think about it. Continue playing until there are only a few members sitting on chairs.) 97. Example of a card: (Card No. Remember each person’s answer. The ones who got the answer wrong must sit on the floor. True Now call out any letter A or B. Their theory must be put into step-by-step instructions. (Try to use things from encyclopedias or The Guinness Book of Records. The only problem is that all the members in the cell have to write the recipe together. Make a “Master Card” for yourself. Then check with your “Master Card” to see if they were right or wrong. that way they will have to guess and it will make it more fun. Your story may look something like this: First person: I’d first measure the box Second person: Then I’d take the measurements Third person: To the hardware store Fourth person: Once I got there Fifth person: I’d ask for help Sixth person: I’d buy some wood Seventh person: I’d buy some nails Eighth person: I’d buy some glue Ninth person: I’d go back home Tenth person: I’d then enlarge the measurements Eleventh person: And start to build a bigger box! . by guessing what the next step in the ‘recipe’ is.96. nominate someone in the home cell to start.

98. you must comment. Ask each cell member the same question until you’ve gone around the whole circle and then begin with question 2. you . hand out an eraser to each cell member and ask him or her to erase his or her lists. place a big bucket of water in the middle of the floor and tell the cell members to ‘drown’ their corks simultaneously in the water. Let them sit randomly around the circle of cell members. (Galatians 5:17-22) There are nine Fruits and seventeen Works. you have to comment. God forgives us like our sins never happened! 100. The object of the game is for as many cell members as possible to lose their cards. if you have a tiny cell. Give each member in your cell a card. Now. They need to let go after at least five minutes. If a member has a card that is opposite to the card called. it is between them and God. Corky Give each member in your cell a cork. Press ‘Erase’ Hand out a piece of paper and a pencil to each cell member. but at least you can have fun in picking a category for them to fit into! 101. or if there’s not enough space left on the paper. If it is possible the cork that stays under the longest is the winner! 99. Jesus’ Blood cleanses us from sin. They mustn’t show anyone. Ask them to write out all their sins they can remember on this piece of paper. he/she must say. Some Works of the Flesh might not be completely opposite to the Fruit. Remind them that they are forgiven. Before you begin. Any questions. if they answer a while later. Let them name their corks. “Got it!” and then both leave their cards on the coffee table or in the centre of the room on the floor. Begin asking the cell members the questions. That member will call the name of their card to the group. “That’s very bad”. It doesn’t matter what a cell member answers. Once everyone has finished. don’t let anyone know that these three know what’s going on. Waiting Game Make up a list of ten questions. let three people in on the joke. if they answer immediately. “That’s good!” and if they make you wait quite long before answering. Roll a die or flip a coin to decide who starts first. Opposites Game Write out all the names of the Fruit of the Spirit and of the Works of the Flesh onto separate cards. then give each member more than one card.

“Salt” to the person on their left. she loves the moon. Choose letters that are commonly used and that will lend itself to be used to make words or names. Alphabetical Names Have a list of alphabetical letters ready before the meeting. After this they will have to turn to the person on their left and say. Salt. Set a time limit in which they should write down as many names as possible starting with that particular letter.. she likes apples.have to say.) 104. she loves teddies but hates bears. If they don’t guess after all the questions are finished tell them the point of the game. Give each group a pen and paper. she loves running but hates to jog. this person will have to turn to the person on their left and say. Devide your group into two or more groups. She wrote out a will before her death and stated that anyone who could guess what she liked and didn’t like could inherit her millions. “Salt”. Play the game going faster and faster. After doing this. You’ll have them confused for quite a while unless you have some bright sparks that get it straight away. “she hates dolls but loves puppets. wins. but hates the sun. but she hates bananas. 102. “Light light.” And this person must then answer. she loves swimming but hates to swim. “Light light”. What Old Aunt Fifi likes is double syllable words! Ap-ples she likes but not ba-na-nas! Get it? Continue saying things with double syllables and contrasting them against other syllabled words.S. This person in turn will then reply. Light Light Let your cell members sit in a circle on the floor. The group who gets the most names in the allotted time. If someone gets tonguetied or gives the incorrect answer they then have to sit out. You’ll have your cell in a bind! (More things you could say. Allocate a letter to each group.. “Salt” and that person must reply. Groups can have the same letter or different letters. “That’s excellent!” The idea is to get the members to realise the joke. P.” And so it continues around the circle. she hates cows but loves cattle. You then begin by saying. You can change the sequence after a few rounds if you want! 103. The purpose of this game is to see how many of them get the sequence right! Choose someone to begin. “Light light. . They have to start by saying. Old Aunt Fifi This is quite a brainteaser! You have to start by telling the cell members that Old Aunt Fifi died.

pets. (We had both peanut and regular) Tell the guests to. Brown = family information . The leader gives another question. 108. This continues until they are back where they started. What Is Your Name? 1)Take the first 3 letters of your surname 2)the first 2 letters of your first name 3)the first 2 letters of your mothers maiden name 4)the first 3 letters of your birthplace add them together and get some hilarious results judge which one is the funniest. That person should then turn around and face the person in the outer circle. This gives each person in the group one on one time to get to know someone they may not have had a chance to get to know. family member etc. Obviously."Tell the person facing you everything you can about.say anything about yourself. Then ask every other person to take one step forward. At this point the leader asks a question. Each color has its own catagary. After a minute the inner circle steps to the right and on to the next person. 107. Green = personal information i. We had one guy who went last and just dumped the rest of the bowl. Then . but they must take at least one.your family" The two trade information. and a category for each one. "take as many as they think they will need. you have to allow for a lot of time! :) 106. M & M Game Pass around a dish with lots of M&M's in it. school. for example Red = most embarrassing moment Yellow = worst/best dating experience Blue = hobbies Orange = name the ministry you would most like to be used in.e name.105. brother etc. Give them this list: Red: Family Blue: Spiritual Yellow: Personal Brown: Hobbies/Interests Green: Relathionship Orange: "Wild Card" *It's really fun to see how many or how few people will take. with the colour of the smartie... The Wagon Wheel Have the group form a complete circle." When everyone has finished you tell them for each M&M they have to tell a fact about themselves. You then hand round a typed sheet. Pink = Talents Purple = free category . Make sure everyone in the group has got some smarties. Take as Much as You Think You’ll Need You need a bowl of smarties Give your group the instruction to take as much as they think they'll need.

Take all the leaders to a room where they could see the course and where the different markers are. everyone will slap their hands on their laps. The leaders have to stand away from the members. because no names are allowed to be used. "Not so very far off". Blind fold all the members except the leader. They are only allowed to use directional words e. Lead them to the beginning of the course and explain to the leaders that they have to guide the members to the markers without using names. after creating an obstacle course. Place the 4 different coloured markers somewhere in the Church or outside. Then everyone will alternate simultaneously touching their nose and opposite ear with their hands. The actions require coordination which most people will have some difficulty with but will have great fun with while they laugh at themselves and others. that he whooped his head and his tail right off Actions: On each line of the above rhyme each person will do actions. Tied Up! Requires: Rope. Create teams with 5 people in a group and allow them to choose a leader. As the rest of the the line progresses "upon a time". jump etc. On the beginning of each line everyone will slap both hands on their legs. 109. So on the first line of the rhyme. you will touch your nose with your left hand and cross over and touch your left ear with your right hand. a jay bird died of the whooping cough He whooped so hard of the whooping cough. Take the 4 remaining members and let the stand face to back and tie the one members left arm to the right arm of the one in front of him and his right foot to the member in fronts right foot. you will slap your hands on your laps and then then touch your nose with your right hand and cross over and touch your right ear with your left hand. right. The leader must encourage everyone to participate and go VERY slow to begin with and wait till everyone is caught up or the drop off rate will . on the word "Once". Whooping Cough First there is a rhyme and then I will describe the actions. It is important not to let the other members of the group see the course. left. On the second line.g. The group which gets all 4 their colour markers first wins! 110. back. which makes it hard.for each smartie the participant has. forward. they have to state information on that catagory. Name: Whooping Cough Rhyme: (using cadence) Once upon a time not so very far off. This alternating motion is difficult for most people and you will instantly start getting laughter. blind folds and about 4 groups of 4 markers. This will get everyone going.

They have to jump up & be recognized by the leader as the first to stand & state the "secret" in order to win! (you will get a lot of guesses before they figure it out. tell them they may go camping. I’m Going Camping and I’m Taking My… The leader decides ahead of time a particular letter blend (such as "sl") that must be included in the item being taken camping. Put an empty bottle at the other side of the line. Pass out pennies with varous dates on them. Split the group into 2 teams sitting in a circle alternating 1 person from team 1 & 1 person from team 2. tell them they may not go camping. This is a really good one. The first player in each team is given a sponge and dip into the basin and run to the bottle and then squeeze the water from the sponge into the bootle. "What were you doing the year that is shown on your penny?" 112. ("sleeping bag"). Continue to go a little faster each time until there is just you and maybe 1 or 2 others that could keep up with you. Put a basin of water at the front of the starting line. this will require a little practice for you before you do this. Fill The Bottle Line up 3 to 4 teams of 10 people. & may have to give away the secret in order to stay on time). 111. Nice Ideas Draw a cartoon strip of how you typically spend your day. then teach the actions. however. and then put them both together. If the item they say does not contain the letter blend ("tent"). Each person says an item they would take too high for everyone to have fun. If the item the say contains the letter blend chosen. Then do it again a little faster. the leader keeps that information a secret. . Remember to go very slow the first time making sure to let everyone is keeping up with you. Obviously. The first team to figure out that the trick is to pick items with the "sl" blend wins a bag of mini chocolate bars. Ask. I would recommend that you first teach the rhyme. The team that filled the bottle with most water wins 113.

Discipline. love. Have You Ever Everyone is sitting in a circle. When everyone is done each person can share with the group what they wrote down. with the noun showing ·One person starts by asking one yes/no question to everyone in the circle. What am I? ·Have the group sit in a circle ·Take out Post-it Notes and give one to each person ·Each person write a noun (Person. 116. the group leader can ask if that person is currently living in that house and what steps do they need to take now to complete it.114. However. the group leader places various items on the floor/table. this game could take 15-20 minutes! 117. or Thing) on the Post-it Note ·Then they stick the note on the forehead of the person to their right. grace. one will be left. Grace. The first team with a t-shirt on a person wins. Have you ever been bowling?) If anyone else has done this they have to get up and quckly sit in another person's chair. Love. except for one. and put them in a freezer for longer than 3 hours. etc. ruler. soak the t-shirts in water. When you want to play the game. take the t-shirts out. Some examples of the items are: ink pen. flash light. The leader then instructs the group to write down any attribute or trait they need to furnish each of four rooms in their "spiritual" house (humility. they person to their left/right will do the same thing and so on ·Prizes are given to the person who took the least amount of guesses to get it right 115. Frozen T-shirts Equipment: T-shirts -one for each team. After all run to their new chairs. clothes pin. garbage bag. (ex. discipline). teething ring.who is standing inside it. Place. they can't sit in a chair that's next to theirs. In preparation for the game. to ask another question. With the group seated in a circle. After each person has shared what they need to complete their house. then secretly identify an item to represent each attribute and write why they chose those items. to try and guess what the noun is on their forehead. The person standing asks a "Have you ever" question. . Humility. Because the shirt is frozen. fold them in a ball. they keep going around the circle asking yes/no questions until they figure out the noun or if they give up ·After they figure out what the noun is or if they have given up.

) Anyone who tries to play holds the stick in their hand and begins to say the stick game chant. tell them to separate them into individual sheets. They can take a little or they can take a lot. I can play the stick game.) Then he offers the stick to anyone in the group who thinks they have figured out how to play the game. . while he says his line. This is very funny and frustrating for some who can't figure out the trick to playing the game. The leader will need to repeat the stick game chant many times during the game. stick game. They have to tell something about themselves for each sheet of paper they have. Tell each person to take however much they want. After everyone has torn off some paper. When they are finished. Toilet Paper Pass a roll of toilet paper around to everyone in the group. I can play the stick game. the group leader says the following stick game chant: "OKAY. Play until everyone figures it out or for a specified time limit. they must begin by saying "OKAY". 119. the leader says if they CAN or CANNOT play the game. Stick Game Holding a small stick in their hand. The trick is simply this: No matter what they say as the stick game chant (it can vary from how the leader first says it). can YOU?" (The leader might want to waive the stick or do a dance or whatever. stick game. (It's always good to have at least one other person in the room who knows how to play. If they don't start off by saying the word "OKAY" they are rejected by the leader.118.

nosey. You should be at the beginning of the line. They can pretend at the last minute that they decide to join in the game. . Cheeky-Cheeky Required: Lipstick. heady-heady and right eary-eary. Dress The Mummy Required: Rolls of toilet paper Players: Small to large groups Set up teams with 2-4 players on each team. In the process the person next to you should end up with lipstick all over their face. They will have 5 minutes to complete the game. a few other people should end up with lipstick on their faces also 121. Each time add more lipstick to your finger tips without them noticing. One person on each team will be the mummy and each team will be given 2 rolls of toilet paper. Tell them that you’re playing the Cheeky-Cheeky game and everyone is to repeat what you do but must not move. After that do chiny-chiny. The team players are to circle around the mummy and pass the toilet paper to each other while wrapping the mummy in it. The leader of the group will be the judge and decide which team has created the best mummy design. If you’ve planted helpers in the line. Note to them that that person is to do the same and then the next person all the way down the line until it reaches the end. Give them an example by lightly pinching the persons cheek on the right of you and say “Cheeky-Cheeky”. instruct them that they have to look forward and they can’t turn their heads. After you’ve done Cheeky-Cheeky and the movement has gone down the line then do nosey. small washablegrease pencil or markers Players: Small to large groups Depending on the number of participants. eary-eary. Have all participants line up in a straight line. you may want to pick a few helpers for this icebreaker game. Once demonstrated start out with Cheeky-Cheeky but this time behind your back you have lipstick that you put on your fingertips. this helps them to find the person that they would like to stand next to. The helpers will all have a small tube of lipstick in their pocket or hidden in their hands before the game starts. Pick a person that is a good sport to stand next to. side by side.120.

A Big Bag of Beans Have a big bag of beans or skittles or something of the like. Allow them 10 minutes to chew the gum. and color? Sign your name. Sample items could be: "Find someone that was born in the same month". like “most ingenious”.. animal. and members try to guess whom each set of answers belongs to. The guests then mingle and talk freely. When someone does this. Don't let anyone else see the answers. Gum Art Required: Bubble gum. The leader then reads the answers to the whole group.. 123. Have participants say 3 things about themselves . Please send in your ideas of award names and even pictures of your groups playing these games.someone who lives in your state". Have everyone write on a piece of paper their answers to these questions: What is your favorite food. No or shake or nod their head. others guess what the lie is 2. toothpick and index card. or ". ". They will pick a name of someone and try to hit them with the baton before the person can say someone elses fruit or vegetable name. If you have quite a few players you can have several categories of winners. Give each person is given a list of 5 to 10 traits that they must find in common with the people around them. depending) to each guest. the other person has to say Yes. while the object is to be the one who gets the most beans. toothpick and index card Players: Small to large groups Give each participant a piece of bubble gum to chew. Three Ideas 1. “most creative” and of course the “What is that?” award. 124. The person with the most points wins a prize. A prize is awarded to the participants with the most in common. TV show. Example: Adam = Apple 125.2 true and 1 lie. Award one point for each right guess. 3. The Vegetable Game Get everyone into a circle and get them to choose a fruit or a vegtable that their names start with.122. To win beans. hobby. Then you get a person in the centre with a newspaper baton. The person with the best and most creative design is the winner. place gum on index card and then design something on index card using only the toothpick as a tool (No Hands). Begin by passing out 5 beans (or more or less. they .drives the same model of car".

or use the shoehorn as a shovel or as a spoon. see who has the most beans and that person is the winner. 129. containing names of different animals (same number of animals as people)... The friend will now go around asking people questions about their cartoon character. Each person acts out the animal and trys to find their "mate" without saying any words. Compliment Put a chair in the middle and let the group form a circle around it. The winners are the first ones to guess the name of their cartoon character correctly. Everyone will think of a cartoon character that best resembles the friend on their left.. Such as use the diaper as a hat. When they sit on the chair. Once you understand the game then you know what type of objects to look for. . or as a shirt. 128. Those on the other team does the same. etc. as a dusting rag. If they match. the more fun it is. When each person has said something. Who is On The Ark Divide into two teams. 126. The more unusual the object. Take turns of letting each person sit on the chair. Each team member draws a slip with an animal. present their slips of paper.. the next person gets to sit on the chair and the process continues.. they can be seated and finish wating everyone else until all matches are made 127.. by acting it out (either individually or with several members). This is a Sure Fire Winner Every time Gather a few everyday items. Break up into 2 teams. We still haven't found a way to keep score other than seeing how long we can go using each object without repeating what the other team did. one box for each team. They run to the front.hand one bean over to the other person. each person in the circle must say something that they admire in that person. a shoehorn. a shovel. Write down the name of the character on a piece of paper and stick it on your friend's back. Have two boxes with identical contents. each team gets a chance to use each item. a pair of oven mitts.. as something completely different that its' intended purpose.. such as a diaper. Cartoon Character Everyone must sit in a circle. a ball of string. At the end of the time limit.

. Hello? This is a small very simple game to help you learn the names in your group. (with the room shouting) they would get a jug of water as a prize. waving to the crowd (with the room clapping)and crown them (with toy crown). The "Because" does not have to answer the "Why" it can be completely random. And here comes the winner. Then throw the ball to someone else and so on. Next collect all the "Whys" in a bag or hat and mix them up. "My name is Sallysue and I like blue berries. 132." The next person needs to repeat what you said and add their name and something they like. Have You Ever Wanted To Be Have you ever wanted to be.. you must throw the ball to anyone you want too. the idea is to give a person a chance to be something that they always wanted to do as a career and then they get a prize based on the career. Why and Because Something we like to do is hand out two small pieces of paper to everyone in your group. The selected person needs to say their name and something they like e. Has anyone ever wanted to win running a marathon? They take a lap around the room and you announce .. Turn back round and ask the group to pull the face that you were pulling. Pick a person to be the "Why" reader and another person to be the "Because" reader. Tell them to write a question starting with "Why" on one piece of paper and an answer starting with "Because" on the other paper. The closet wins and goes next.g.130. Has anyone ever wanted to win an Oscar for a movie? and so on… 131. This is for a group of at least 5. 133.Until everyone in the group has done this or until someone can't remember all the names and all the things they like. When the "Why" and the "Because" come together you can be in for some hilarious moments.. Guess The Face Turn away from your group and pull a funny face or strange expression. .. It may be dry and non-humorous for a while. Keep the ball in your hand. Do the same with the "Becauses". Then one at a time read a random "Why" and a random "Because". You need 1 small ball. Examples: has anyone ever wanted to win a beauty pageant? Pick from the group of hands raised and give that person the opportunity to walk down the runway. Let the group make a circle and as the leader of the group....

based on the written description. 137. get it? Go from here until someone gets it. what part would you be: apple. . Fruit Salad Group members receive individual slips of paper. Enjoy! 134. and why?' They must write their responses. Now stand in the middle and inform them that they have a partner animal on the other side of them that they must find by making the noise of the animal that they had to remember and walking towards each other . Tell the rest of the people in the group what’s going on and give one of them a pot. Most will go to the material potholder in the middle of the circle rather than the person holding the pot.Blindfold each person . The last time we played we got the following combination. Why do women shave their legs? Because that's how they say hello. The group then guesses who identified themselves as what.Choose a name of an animal for each person on the one side and let someone use the same list on the group on the other side. Have the group come back and tell them to hug the potholder. like "the potholder is sad.but be patient. Two contestants eat the cookies off the window without using their hands while others watch from the opposite side of the window. There is usually at least one combination that makes the whole game worth it. bowl. handing it back to the leader. The winner has eaten the most cookies in a time of 1 minute. 136. Animal Madness Form two groups facing each other about 15 metres apart. and put their name on the paper. Choose one person (or a group of people) to go out of earshot. syrup.Whisper the animal names in the ear of the persons but do not tell them imediately what it is for only that they must remember it. Yum Yum Unscrew cookies such as Oreo or Nutter Butter and stick them on a window. other fruit. and they are asked. Hug The Pot-holder Have everyone circle up. why don’t you hug it?" And so on until someone figures it out. 'If we were making a fruit salad. 135.Normally a jungle of funny animal sounds now erupts. grape. Put a material potholder in the middle of the circle. "Pot-holder".

ribbon. The team that guesses most songs correctly wins. tell everyone to walk into the middle. Turn out the lights and get everyone to take of one of their shoes and place it in the middle of the room. To make it more difficult. 1st member can only use one of his hand to tie a string with the help from one hand of 2nd member. 140. 2 or more teams can play. cities etc. in a mission trip. we can use different types of strings e. no verbal communication is allowed during the game. Also he can encourage them the importance to overlook some differences of each other in order to fulfil an objective for a good cause e. Points are awarded for the most correct answers. 30 Seconds Write the names of biblical names. The facilitator will ask a member to hold some water (almost a mouth-full) in his mouth. pick a shoe that isn't theirs and find the owner. If 3rd member can coordinate well with the 2nd and 4th member simultaneously. You will also need a timer for this game. However. .especially if paired with a crazy commentary from the youth leader. Then. Facilitator can ask players to share their "insight" or "experience" from the game. Each group will be given a bundle of equal number of strings of same length.5L of drinkable water. Option: Player can tie plastic sheet as a bib in case the water spilled while gaggling. then show him the song title. 1 min before the team member's turn. Longest Line This game is suitable for group size of 5 and above. This can be a funny game . a cup for each member. Gaggle a Song Things to prepare for each group: a bottle of 1. this team will certainly increase their chance of winning as "the longest line". Have fun! 141. 139. 3rd member with 4th member and so on. His team will guess the name of the song. once everyone has removed their shoe. on cards.138.g. sewing thread. Now describe the items on the card without giving away too much information. Also. Each member can gaggle at least 2 songs at a specific amt of time e. fishing thread (do not use stretchable material).g.g. The member will have to gaggle the rhythm of any church or contemporary songs with his head titled up and mouth slightly open. The Shoe Pile Works well with medium to large sized groups.

Great for older kids and relevant to creation or Noah or animal related stories. A hand played out of turn is out and play continues until the last two hands remain. Write down your list. rattle snake. ask them to use their language to represent an animal sound without identifying the type of animal. Beanie Bonanza Want to do something fun with that big box of old beanie babies? Line up the beanies so the last letter of one is first letter of the next. When a player slaps twice quickly the order is reversed. 143. one member of your team must tell everyone else about your banana person. . If they guess coreectly. hands must be slapped on the table in the order they appear. Hide the beanies. you must give it a personality and a style. 144. Whoever has the most beanies collected in the end wins. rooster. etc (maybe 20). Basically the point of the game is to make your own person using a banana and the items you have been given. bits of fabric.142. So alligator. International Animal Sounds When different countries are represented by your guests. for some odds and ends you can use cocktail sticks. elephant. rabbit. what it likes. it's name and what it does etc. peas etc. Slap Happy So much fun they wanted to play again! Sitting around a table place palms on table overlapping neighbors. at the end of the allotted time. Provide the first animal and have teams successively guess the next. The other members attempt to identify the animal. tiger. Bananaman You will need a banana for each of your teams (about 4-5 per team). Going around the circle. throw them the previous beanie and put out the one they named. lentils." 145. Divide the cell into teams. For example: Americans say "Cock-a'doodle do" for a rooster while Germans say "Ki-Kiri-Ki.

for A they could reveal they have vacationed in Atlanta. Advice Advice Divide the group equally. Have one Group write down any 3 problems.. any advice needed. each person revealing one unique fact about themselves each time. Give each one a piece of paper (at least A5 size). (they should not discuss it either) eg: "Fast three days a week" " Go on a diet" "Put your trust in God. "How's yours?". how to.need to know something... Solutions to the Problems: Have the other group write down solutions to any problems. It's pointed.146... He will come through for you" Let each one then continue: the aim of the ice-breaker is to understand that man (many times)will never have the rgiht answer concerning you.. 148. He will come through for you" Once everyone has completed: Partner them up. and for L that their uncle is a Lumberjack. explain to them that they must come up with three unique things about themselves that start with the letters they wrote down.." Solution: "Put your trust in God.. It's hairy. How’s yours? Someone exits the room while the rest of the group decides on an object or thing to describe (e. if someone wrote A. 147. nose.who has our lives.. car).") and the guesser tries to identify the object or thing. It's harder than you think especially if the answers are deceptive.g. plans and solutions in his hand. H... eg. The person is brought back to the group and asks individuals the question.. maybe that they have gone Horseback riding." "How do I grow spiritually" or "I have a problem with. U is For Unique Have each member write down three random letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper. and L. For example. Then. give advice or explain how to.. for nose: "It's right before my eyes. but we should consult God . job. It's stuffy..") They should not discuss it with any one. "How do I stop my dog from chewing my shoes. All one member from the first group: (Problems) read their first Problem or advise needed: then let their partner in the Solutions group read his first solution: It should go something like this: "How do I stop my dog from chewing my shoes. for H. People answer in short phrases (for instance. plus we got to learn a little bit about each other.. We went around the room three times. Sometimes we had to stretch . This was a great way to prompt discussion in our relatively new cell. (in the following area (weight etc. mother.

Great. Those two ways are either "crossed" or straight". Guess The Phrase Cut out random phrases from magazines like “3 weeks later” . Having the box straight or crossed only has to do with whether or not your legs are crossed or not crossed (straight). and hand it back to you.the letter association (like. Everyone then has 30 seconds to describe their day using the phrase somewhere in . it has nothing to do with the game. And an icebreaker that has proved very effective for many years. explain to the people in the group that there are two ways you can receive the box and two ways to pass the box. if someone passes the box to me and my legs are crossed. For example. Straight or Crossed Sit in a circle.the winner. Start playing the music and stop it suddenly . for C." If I leave my legs crossed when I pass the box. The person in charge starts by saying he has the box straight or crossed. and then he passes it either straight or crossed. 151. I would then say "I am passing it crossed". thus helping the ones who are still concentrated on the x on the box. great fun as you see big. If I uncross my legs before passing the box I would say "I am passing it Straight". burly guys pushing ladies out of the way to get their seat. 150. Every time it comes back to the leader. I would say "I have it can put magazines on couches to denote the seats taken . Musical Chairs This is exactly the same like the party game. The people in the group will be concentrating on the x that was put on the box to try to determine how they receive and pass the box. This could take a while. he can cross or uncross his/her legs more dramatically. The game goes on until everyone in the group figures it out. also forces people to think a bit more. Everyone but one person will end up with a seat. someone thought of a random Conevention they had been to once). but in reality. Repeat the whole thing until only one person is left .this works best if you stop it in the middle of nowhere and not in an obvious place. “my worst nightmare” and hand them round to everybody so no-one sees what each other have got. This works well in a lounge setting too . “your dreams explained”. but it was an overall fun time. Have one less seat than the amount of people playing. but it is fun. 149. Take a shoebox and have someone in the group put an "x" anywhere on the box.

without making it too obvious. Keep re-mixing until people have a chance to connect with others who have similar "likes" as them. summer people Auburn fan vs. movie dramas morning people vs. night people etc. Alabama fan(or other local sports rivalries) Movie comedies vs. democrat. . cat people beach people vs." Some suggested pairs to use: dog people vs. mountain people winter people vs. For example. Everyone else has the guess what the phrase was” 152. Just be sure to avoid controversial topics like "republican vs. Forming Alliances Ask the large group to divide based on different preferences.what they say. ask all the "Coke" fans to go to one side of the room and all the "Pepsi" fans to go to the other.

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