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we’ll finish this CD off with a discussion of ten different. so people have been using hypnosis. and how you should be doing it.” Discover The Power Of Hypnosis Track 2 7:03 Hypnosis is ancient. Over our next hour together. I'm going to show you step-by-step what to do. As soon as you’re ready to do that simply sit back. and interesting hypnotic inductions that you can try out for yourself. relax. and further on. who use magnets and all kinds of other strange and wonderful cures which worked. and enjoy “Street Hypnosis Exposed.” I want to uncover the secrets of making hypnosis work for you. Ever since human beings started dancing around fires—or in caves or in woods—in order to change their state of mind to alter their reality so that they could access special abilities.StreetHypnosis. We have records of hypnotic techniques being used in Egyptian temples. by the Romans. novel. even though medically speaking they shouldn’t have worked. Then I will give you a demonstration of a complete hypnotic induction in action. So what can you use hypnosis for? © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.com . In our own history in the West we’ve had people who have the healing touch. We’ll look at the myths that surround hypnosis so that you can tell the difference between hypnotic myth and hypnotic fact.” In this first CD. by the Greeks in their oracle temples. You'll discover what people have used hypnosis for through the ages. Your No BS Insider’s Guide to Hypnosis. Next we’re going to look at the psychological principles that make hypnosis work. quirky.5 Street Hypnosis Exposed CD 1 – Hypnosis Uncovered Introduction To CD1 Track 1 1:28 Welcome to “Street Hypnosis Exposed. entitled “Hypnosis Uncovered. Finally. why you should do it. All this comes down to the power of hypnosis. It's about as ancient as human beings are ancient. so that after a brief safety statement we can launch straight into your very first hypnotic induction. you will discover what hypnosis is and the tremendous power that you have at your fingertips.

She can walk up and down the stairs. all under hypnosis. hypnosis is a tremendous force for good. She tried in the past by just using her will power. your blood sugar levels. She was stressed at work. Another client. you’re about to dive into the world of hypnosis and becoming a hypnotist. She used to smoke a pack—sometimes even two packs—of cigarettes every single day. He stayed doing these activities. he had all kinds of habits like nail biting that he wanted to stop. had a totally different problem. he also started doing all kinds of healthy activities instead. In fact. she ended up losing some weight. She is getting fitter. The amazing thing is that after a one-hour session using hypnosis. she wrote me a card not long afterwards telling me how much better she felt. and your metabolism. you can think of hypnosis as a way of augmenting other experiences: it makes them more and more powerful. but he couldn’t. What can you do with it? In my opinion. she failed and she put on weight as well. Two Case Histories Here are some examples from my own personal.com . She was busy. They became a natural part of his everyday world. but he never quite got ‘round to doing it. He had other habits which he knew were good for him—like eating fresh fruits and going to the gym—that he wanted to start. Best of all she managed to quit smoking with no withdrawal symptoms. He was frustrated and upset with himself because he thought he was weak-willed. she walked out being a nonsmoker. One client. You see. She didn’t miss the cigarettes and she never gained an ounce of weight. your body temperature. At the same time. and she was afraid of quitting smoking because she thought she would gain weight.6 After all. let's call her Mary. and failed every single time. private hypnotherapy practice. it opens doors inside your unconscious to places that you don’t normally have access over. For example you have the ability to change your heart beat. Not only did she fail.StreetHypnosis. He would always lose momentum just after he started. In one respect. leaving her feeling worse than she felt before she even started trying to quit. Again. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. was a chain smoker. She is feeling calmer. She could breathe more easily. not only did he take every single one of the bad habits he had identified and quit them. after a short course of hypnosis sessions with Peter. let's call him Peter. In fact.

bizarre things that hypnosis is capable of. all behavior. All learning. You can spend a few minutes in hypnosis and feel like you’ve been practicing the guitar or the piano for several hours.StreetHypnosis. You can control bleeding and pain. which is of immense use to dentists. for example. It's also been used for full blown surgery when. little facts about a room that were different.7 Hypnosis has the power to change people from the inside out and. There's a hypnotic technique called glove anesthesia with which you can completely numb an arm. any part of yourself. the ability to control pain. or not see things that are right in front of your face. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. You can see things that don’t exist in the real world. changing your blood sugar level. skin conditions like warts or psoriasis have been cleared up. They can use hypnosis and completely numb the body to the point where people have actually had open heart surgery and carried on a conversation with the doctor in the middle of it. Hypnosis is used in many different cancer programs as an adjunct to the chemotherapy processes. by just using hypnosis. For example. healing. which allow the police then to solve the crime. This becomes tremendously useful. when you want to learn a new skill. For example. Your immune system actually gets stronger when you're hypnotized. when they’ve had an accident and couldn’t get immediate medical assistance. It's been used for countless births without drugs or any other paraphernalia. They have recalled small. on the unconscious level. otherwise. sometimes within minutes. very usefully.com . for example. Problems swallowing. for example. Hypnosis Is A Force For Good Hypnosis is a tremendous force for good. and no pain. Under hypnosis people have recalled the number plate of a car that was speeding by. In hypnosis you also have access to memories that you otherwise have no access towards. a part of the body. therefore. in forensic hypnosis a police or police-authorized hypnotist can help someone who has been involved in some kind of a crime scene to go back to the event and remember minute details that otherwise escape them. or with bowel movements. Strange Hypnotic Powers Hypnosis is renowned for having all kinds of strange phenomenon. These are some of the strange. You can change your perception of time. You can hallucinate an instrument that doesn’t exist and carry it around everywhere you go. for example. In hypnosis you can take things away from your experience and put things in its place. and all change happen inside first. People have used hypnotic time distortion in order to learn new skills more quickly. All kinds of different things respond really powerfully to hypnosis. include things like hallucinations. Thousands of people have used this technique or something similar very. people have been knocked out with all these dangerous chemical gases. make changes really easy. Some other things. for example.

and even your concentration and memory. As a hypnotist you really need to understand what you can achieve. there are the staple things like smoking and weight control. they are not your slave. All of these things can be improved with hypnosis. there are limits. If it worked differently then we wouldn’t need prisons. for example. Mind control hypnosis does not exist. people under hypnosis are much better at problem solving. If someone is a thief and doesn’t care about being a thief. People do think that hypnosis is an all-powerful force that controls people’s minds.com . there are all kinds of other doors hypnosis opens up to you. or you can help artists to create better and more creative works of art. You can't treat criminal behavior with just hypnosis. When someone is hypnotized. For example. you cannot get someone to break their moral code under hypnosis. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.8 Beyond the physical realm. Your creativity gets better.StreetHypnosis. Of course. we need to address some of the limitations built into hypnosis. If someone is. The reverse is also true. and what the limits are to what is possible with hypnosis. so you can remove writer’s block. For example. You can’t force someone to commit a crime like murder or theft if they wouldn’t be willing to do that crime under normal circumstances anyway. Unmasking The Myths Of Hypnosis Track 3 7:27 Now that you know a little bit about what hypnosis is capable of. someone who has to keep stealing things. is capable of leaping tall buildings. Myth 1: Hypnotic Mind Control One of the first limits is this idea of mind control. We would just send hypnotists in and we’d solve all those problems that are currently faced by the prison population. a kleptomaniac—that is to say. However. which is of tremendous value in businesses as well as in academic institutions. In hypnosis they merely want to do more of the things you suggest to them. They are not someone who has to do everything you tell them to. increasing your confidence. but they are highly practical tools for improving everybody’s life. then hypnosis will do nothing to change that person. The skills that you're about to learn are not only fascinating. and doing all kinds of crazy things. some of the myths that people have around hypnosis. overcoming fears and phobias. You need to have the person’s will included in the process. but they want to stop stealing—then hypnosis can be used tremendously well.

In fact. you can take people’s memory of hypnosis away by suggesting the idea. Hypnosis is a blurring of that distinction. as well. and just like hypnosis isn’t mind control. in hypnosis you tend to be more aware of things going on around you. another thing that hypnosis isn’t—and this is a big myth—hypnosis is not sleep. suggesting that they forget something—the general rule is that unless you do that. you get to keep it. In hypnosis.9 In hypnosis. Myth 2: Hypnotic Sleep Hypnosis is not mind control. Our mind just sort of disappears somewhere and then returns back to use again in the morning. People think that when they wake up from hypnosis. you are totally aware of almost everything around you. Again. They’ll know what happened before and they’ll know what happened after. Hypnosis is not sleep. of course. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. that is the exception rather than the norm. You get to test out what life would be like if the world was different. You're more aware of feelings and sensations. have a bit more awareness of our dream time. You’re more aware of sounds. the hypnotist’s.com . and for the most part of the night we are unaware. it is possible to have a type of hypnosis where people’s minds disappear and come back after a while. people will tend to remember everything. For the most part there is a clear distinction between being awake and being asleep. The difference is that in hypnosis you get to experience things that you otherwise would not allow yourself to experience. but it's not the kind of sleep that people normally think about. whilst this can be suggested—in other words. If you like it. Myth 3: Hypnotic Memory Loss Tied to this idea is the idea of amnesia. You may even use sleep as a suggestion in order to put someone into hypnosis. Whilst yes. that they’ll have forgotten everything that’s happened. As a result. You're not quite the same way you are when you walk around everyday wide awake. In hypnosis you tend to be more aware rather than less aware. your mind is still under your control. but nothing of what happened in between. We are totally unconscious. either. and hypnosis will not cause you to forget things unless it’s specifically suggested to you. you get to enjoy a different kind of life. for example. At nighttime you go to sleep and you dream. but you're not quite the same as you are when you're fully asleep. You're more aware of where the sound of someone’s voice is. Some of us. come out of hypnosis.StreetHypnosis.

help them to do things that they do want to do or have difficulty getting through. however. if you know that. or their ethics. for example. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. For example. It’s impossible to happen. I want to stay here a little bit longer. hypnosis is not mind control. Either way. there is really no danger that people get stuck in hypnosis. If you're more insistent and insist they come back. The very worst thing that will ever happen if you hypnotize someone is that—even if you leave the room. Hypnosis is not sleep. generally then. they will do this. Hypnosis is also not for forgetting. In other words. that will always happen.” As a hypnotist. et cetera. What if you never wake up? What if you hypnotize someone and you can't get them back out? This is a very simple myth to bust through right now.” they’ll say. You don’t want to have them being active. maybe a couple of hours. natural sleep. Troubleshooting Tip: What If They Won’t Wake Up? As to whether or not someone will come out of hypnosis. You cannot force people to do things against their will. it's not a big deal. changing a habit. or you can become more insistent that they come back. having had the world’s best sleep ever. if you die. Hypnosis is not sleep. and people will not forget what's happened there. People will remember everything that’s happened and they will be fully aware during the hypnotic process. “Come back. You see. “Well. To recap.10 Myth 4: Getting Stuck In Hypnosis Another concern that people have is related to this idea of sleep. People will just fall asleep naturally and then emerge from a normal. There is no danger that people will get stuck in hypnosis. an hour. or their eyes are stuck and they can't open them. feeling refreshed. when they come out of hypnosis people will tend to remember everything that’s happened inside.StreetHypnosis. or move into another state—that person will merely fall asleep.com . either. You can either leave them there to enjoy the trance for a little bit longer. if you suggest to someone that their hands are stuck. They're enjoying it so much that when you say. You can. That is something that you have to pay attention to. Sometimes you'll have to work a little bit harder. Then they will wake up after half an hour. Hypnotic Fact: You Must Cancel Old Suggestions It is important when you bring someone out of hypnosis that you make sure you cancel all the suggestions. sometimes people enjoy the hypnotic trance so much that they don’t want to come back. you want to make sure you remove those suggestions before they come out of hypnosis. You do this to make sure that those suggestions don’t carry on for the rest of their life.

In hypnosis. what you can use hypnosis for is this idea of hypnotic rapport. it is usually done in a way to help people overcome difficulties and problems about themselves. so they'll tell you. They feel like they're connected. Definition Of Hypnosis Let's look at what hypnosis is. Whilst they will not be revealing their deepest darkest secrets to you in hypnosis. that they’ll start opening themselves up and exposing things that they're not ready to expose. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.StreetHypnosis. I'd like for you to really understand what hypnosis is. Let me repeat that: It’s a natural and highly focused state. the very steps. it's done with their consent. In other words. then every single human being will go into hypnosis. in a definition. at this point it's a choice. It's not a magical power that comes out of your eyes that you're born with. That is absolutely possible.11 Myth 5: Revealing Dark Secrets The final myth that I want to address is the idea about people telling you their secrets. It has only got to do with their ability to go through the very processes. That means if you go through the right steps. I would define hypnosis as a naturally and highly focused state. and recreate the conditions that we’re about to look at. It's done with their desire. People have a feeling that when they get hypnotized they're vulnerable. Whilst hypnosis can be used in order to open doors that are normally kept locked. or anything like that.com . people can still keep their secrets. of course. that it's not a magical state. unless. or one part of the mind. in which the conscious mind does not interfere with an unconscious process. they really decide that they want to tell you. Some people will be easier to hypnotize than others. does not interfere with another part of the mind. It has nothing to do with willpower. Remember again. So What is Hypnosis Really? Track 4 7:56 Let's turn our attention now to the psychological principles behind hypnosis. first of all. Hypnosis is a psychological process. You can create such an intense connection with another person under hypnosis that they’ll feel like they want to share ideas with you which they wouldn’t share with other people. in which the conscious mind. if the mind goes through the right set of experiences. They feel like telling you.

People go into trances every single day without knowing about it. When someone asks you. and then have an emotional reaction to that as though it were real on some level. Hypnosis is a totally natural state. every single day. Perhaps you're just engaged in a daydream. and you're so fixated on the ideas that are running through your mind that you completely neglect the environment around you. That was a kind of mini-trance experience. That’s because in these natural mini-trances you will naturally allow your mind to absorb information. Otherwise it would be meaningless to you. Certainly you’ve had the experience of watching a film—or reading a book or hearing a story—that has moved you so much that you begin to have an emotional experience. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. it's a very healthy thing to do. your thoughts. that’s been going through your mind at that point. or absorbed in. The same is true of films that you’ve watched. or process stuff. or watching a flittering light on a screen? Your mind has to suspend normal reality.com . thinking of nothing in particular. “What are you thinking about?” you literally have to say. Someone might walk into the room. Just think about this. Perhaps you’ve read a book and been so absorbed by the character that you're reading that time. Perhaps you're thinking about a future project or working on problem. You simply don’t notice because you're so absorbed in your own thoughts. In fact. in order to induce hypnosis in people in a way that they will never even know hypnosis has occurred. Also. or out of the room. enter the reality of the story in the book or the film. Maybe you have had the experience of kind of staring off into space. It happens all the time.12 Everyday Hypnosis The reason that I define it in this way is because hypnosis is actually a very natural phenomenon. on the next CD on “Covert Transfers” I will show you how to use this natural phenomenon.StreetHypnosis. and perhaps start talking to you. How can you have an emotional experience when just reading lines of text in a book. maybe hours.” You have no recollection of what you're thinking about. I want you to understand this because inducing trance is a lot easier when you understand that people will slip in and out of these things totally naturally. That is another example of a hypnotic event. Hypnosis is a very natural phenomenon. “Nothing. fly by. At other times you can be so deeply aware of. These are natural examples of hypnosis happening on every single day. and it feels like minutes.

that says. we can still carry on. Let's use the example again of watching a film. He called it monoideism. Life. That’s not possible. You're not jumping around from one topic to the other. It's that part of the mind that rejects information. That’s because © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. you know somewhere in the back of your mind that it's not real. that’s the kind of film you don’t enjoy. You need their attention focused on something. or a point. In 99. It can be done. When you watch a film. Bipass The Critical Factor The next thing is the idea of interference. Even when hypnosis isn’t specifically focused. In an everyday sense of the word. concentration.99% of the time. “That’s not right. If you don’t have someone’s attention. That’s not true. awareness.” All these ideas have to be put on hold for a moment. That’s impossible.” If you do that. You need to collect all their attention. You suspend your judgment. That will never happen.com . is fine. the key first step you're always trying to achieve is to collect all of their attention and focus it as closely as possible on either an idea. if you don’t have their focus or their awareness. and brought it into the field of science. One of the key things we need to do is to shut down a specific part of the mind called the critical factor. if you want to induce a trance you need their attention.StreetHypnosis. You're not constantly sitting there going. you can have static shooting across which will negate the effect of that suggestion. These are the tools that a hypnotist works with. Think about it. When you create a suggestion. Think of parts of the conscious mind running interference.13 Focus Their Attention The next thing you have to look out for is focus. “That’s not possible. Whilst you’re watching the film you get absorbed into it. or the occult or the field of magic. it's very difficult to induce a trance in someone. the attention is still gathered in one point. and center. the critical mind. for example when you're blankly staring off into space. et cetera. an idea or a thought. which can kind of distract us a little bit. In hypnosis. that mental static can interfere with the process. or something. All the examples I gave you tend to be examples where your attention was focused completely on one thought or an idea. Monoideism stands for a single thought or idea dominating the thinking process. When you want to induce a trance with someone. attention. Every day we have all these random thoughts firing across from left. like listening to a radio with static. right. internally speaking. but it's a highly sophisticated technique and there are a lot of problems with it. That tends to create hypnosis. who elevated hypnosis outside of the esoteric. Monoideism One of the first hypnotists was a man called James Braid.

which allows you to experience a different reality for a while. in order to induce a trance in almost any person. We need to put to sleep. generally speaking. any time. They 4 Keys To Hypnosis The keys to hypnosis are very simple. I want you to remember these keys in the back of your mind as we are going through this program. You’re a fantastic person. of course. “You're looking great. so that you use your hypnotic skills in a safe way and as a force for good with people. In other words.14 in the very act of saying.” as a suggestion. anywhere. If it's a big fantasy film. you don’t think to yourself. “That’s impossible. 2.” if you're doing that during a film. That doesn’t ring true.” You just enjoy the experience of it. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Unless. as well. We want to somehow stimulate the unconscious mind to take part in the hypnotic process. you can't really do things wrong in hypnosis. we need to quiet down things that inhibit things. We want to evoke a natural stage. “Use your common sense. where you haven’t analyzed whether or not it's possible. however.” The kind of things that you say to people in a normal. 3. if they're going to be positive in that environment. that you dislike them.StreetHypnosis. That’s because I'm going to teach you how to use those keys in a very specific way. Safety Protocol 1: Use Common Sense! The first thing I want to say is. they’ll be positive in hypnosis as well. Every single film that you’ve enjoyed is a film where you’ve just let yourself run away with the experience of it. in other words the critical factor.com . That is the key for hypnosis. If you tell someone that they're no good. However. because that critical factor part of your mind has been put on hold for a brief moment in time. to actually make things come true as you suggest them. It would never happen. I don’t like that. Important: The Hypnotic Safety Protocols Track 5 6:58 Let’s turn to safety in hypnosis. The good news is that hypnosis is. you would be doing it wrong out of hypnosis. let's take a quick look at safety in hypnosis. 4. We're going to use their focus or their concentration to begin to do this. a very safe state. or a science fiction film. Before we do that. that they are a bad person. 1. then you’ve broken the hypnotic element of it and you don’t enjoy the film. I like you as a human being. the impact of that is even better than when you say it in a normal conversational context. If you say to someone. “That’s not possible. that they smell or are stupid or incapable of anything. everyday world. That would never happen. the reverse is also true.

Tell them pleasant things. just stay clear of them and you'll make sure that you avoid all kinds of problems. In that way hypnosis becomes a force for good. just to remain on the safe side. tenth birthday party and they have that experience all over again as though they were there right now and it's all happening around them. who is clinically depressed. or has epilepsy. then I recommend that you go and get better training. and by that I mean someone who has got a mental illness.StreetHypnosis. That can be a charming experience for a lot of people. use your common sense. If you are with someone who has got a mental illness. sixth birthday. Otherwise. Perhaps they were abused and their abuser was at that party as well? © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. require specialist knowledge.com . so that they are the same as they were when they were five years old. As a rule of thumb. not unpleasant things. you're orienting their mind and making it focus on positive things. In doing so.15 just as much as this kind of curse can do damage to someone in a normal conversation. If you do want to use hypnosis with people like this. there is really not much that can go wrong. all of these conditions. As long as you're keeping your wits about you and you're keeping things relatively positive. to make sure that it remains a force for good and is a safe. or someone that suffers from epilepsy. Make them imagine pleasant scenes. If you regress someone back to their fifth birthday. not an unpleasant one. is clinically depressed. Safety Protocol 2: Don’t Hypnotise These People! The first thing to avoid is a certain type of person. In hypnosis you have the ability to move someone back in time and make them mentally younger. whilst you can use hypnosis to work with them. You see. do not use hypnosis with that person. Their experiences are the same that they had when they were that age. not the negative side of themselves. Make sure that the experiences that you give people are pleasant experiences. Give yourself full training as a hypnotherapist and find out how to work with those people. they have the mental age of that person. but what about those people who had a very unpleasant experience? What about those people who were traumatized at that age? Perhaps a parent died during the birthday party. in hypnosis the kind of negative hypnosis that comes out of that can be even worse. Remind them about the positive side of themselves. You can accidentally trigger off things in hypnosis that you do not want to trigger off. This is known as a hypnotic regression. in other words is seeing a psychiatrist over this. Safety Protocol 3: Stay Clear Of Regressions The second thing to stay clear of is something that actually fascinates a lot of people. There are a couple of important things or situations to avoid in hypnosis. not a force for something bad. pleasant experience for everyone involved.

just stay clear of them. Number one you must keep your cool. and you're safe © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. in other words. emotional experience which has a traumatic impact. You're safe here in the present.” If that touch becomes a trigger and then someone else touches them in the same place later on. Yes. You're making one experience. Again. that is part of hypnotherapy. if you want to work with regressions.com . at which point just emphasize. on a very rare occasion. and being safe in the present moment. feeling safe and secure. fading. Important Troubleshooting Tip: How To Handle A Spontaneous Abreaction One important thing concerning an abreaction: this intense. It’s something that can sometimes happen. As a rule of thumb. fading. The next thing you do is you make sure you do not touch the person. You want to avoid doing this. the negative experience. “That experience is fading. “That experience is fading and you're coming back to the present moment. fading. Let it recede into the past. Stay calm and in control. like nothing has happened and you're bringing back the present. especially when they're having a strong emotional experience. fading. spontaneously in someone as they go into hypnosis. You do not want to touch that person because when they're in hypnosis. right here in this room with me. You just tell them. It’s moving away. Should it ever happen spontaneously.” You’re creating a distinction between the experience that they’ve just triggered by accident. Number three is to get them out of that experience as quickly and safely as possible. the solution is very simple. So those words again. it might trigger off the same abreaction again. fade away totally calmly. because the person is looking to you for guidance. you're not going to know ahead of time who is safe to work with regression and who isn’t. Just to give you some perspective. not once. You do not want them associating those negative experiences to your touch or to anything else that’s possible.” Sometimes it will take me a little bit of time to make that distinction. I have sought out those experiences on purpose. but I have never had it happen to me spontaneously.StreetHypnosis. that’s going to make them feel worse. an intense. To do that is actually quite straightforward. You do not want that. it's not that you can't do it. “That experience is fading right now. right now.16 For those people you might trigger off what's called an abreaction. if you touch them you might create what's called a “hypnotic trigger. The very first thing you do is you stay calm and in control. negative emotional experience usually has some kind of trauma attached to it. It's fading. in over 15 years of practice it has never happened to me. if you begin to freak out. Just get more training in order to avoid the possible negative consequences that you can release on doing so. If you begin to get nervous. The thing is.

feel free to rehypnotize them. The Golden Rule For Hypnosis Masters: The ABS Formula This is one of the so-called master keys to hypnosis. If you understand this formula. which I will call ABS. Get their concentration. to bypass the conscious mind. in the present. I'd like to give you a simple formula. and understand pretty much every single hypnotic process that you'll ever go through. you begin to understand how ABS kind of condenses all that knowledge into a very simple formula. The first step is you always want to get their attention riveted onto something. in the present. then all the hypnotic experiences you will have will be completely safe. and then if they decide they want to have an experience again of hypnosis. bring them out of hypnosis. you will understand all the hypnotic techniques you'll ever come across.17 and secure right now. which will allow you to encapsulate everything you’ve learned so far. where the conscious mind does not interfere with an unconscious process. here and now. The next step is to bypass the critical factor. We looked in the previous tracks as to what hypnosis was and how it works and the psychological principles that drive it. The very first thing you must always do in hypnosis is you must get someone’s attention. If you think back to our definition of hypnosis being a natural and highly focused state of awareness. and will be experienced as a tremendous force for good by all the people that you work with. then just leave them. If they decide they don’t want to be rehypnotized. A stands for Attention. If you follow these simple guidelines.” Do you notice how I'm just using my language to create that distinction. The Master Keys To Hypnosis Track 6 9:38 Now you're ready to begin hypnotizing people. ABS is an acronym.StreetHypnosis. Give them a few moments to reorient.com . and they come back safe and secure into the present? At that point bring them out of hypnosis. and S stands for Stimulate the unconscious mind. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. in the room with me. No matter what happens. B stands for Bypass the critical factor. and to emphasize it until they can follow through my suggestion and allow that experience to fade away. Safe and secure right now. Chances are that everything will be fine.

StreetHypnosis. You can absolutely get someone to go into hypnotic trance without ever mentioning the word relaxation.18 or at least that part of the conscious mind that analyzes. something to pay no attention to.” With these kinds of ideas. However. Hypnosis Master Key 1: Relaxation Another master key for hypnosis is the concept of relaxation. ABS is the formula that every single hypnotic process must go through. We’ll look again at techniques using that in a moment. You need to have their attention. that the imagination isn’t real. If a child has a nightmare and comes to their parents what do they say? “Oh. when you use relaxation as a doorway into hypnosis. once they are in a kind of trance. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. and we should pay no attention to it. there is a general rule that where the imagination and the will conflict. We are usually brought up thinking about the imagination as something silly. Relaxation is really a doorway into hypnosis. very quickly. Finally. “I shouldn’t eat that cake. Hypnosis Master Key 2: Imagination The next master key is the imagination. criticizes. Let's imagine that you have some lovely chocolate cake in the fridge. All day you're thinking about that cake. it's a lot easier on the person and actually a lot easier on yourself as the hypnotist. You're imagining eating it and the pleasure you'll get from it. of how delicious it looks. It doesn’t mean to say that you can't do hypnosis without relaxation. as well. and you will stimulate their unconscious mind using the various techniques that we will look at. we develop at least intellectual understanding of the imagination as it isn’t powerful. However. I shouldn’t have that cake. It makes for a very pleasant experience. it was just your imagination. the imagination always will win. the way it’s glistening.com . You want to use relaxation as one of the primary tools for getting people into hypnosis. You're thinking. of the way it smells. This is where you want to stimulate the unconscious mind. Don’t worry about it. and rejects information. Here's an example. I'm going to show you some simple tools for stimulating the unconscious mind so that you can actually have a hypnotic effect on people very. because you can. You need to bypass the critical factor. honey. this interference mechanism. into trance.” You're making pictures inside of your mind of wanting to eat that cake. There are no monsters under your bed. there is no point having them there unless you can do something with it.

I'll make that arm like an iron bar.” That’s great. We’re going to use that power within the hypnosis session in order to make your suggestions more real to people. stiffer and stiffer. using normal language. Think that if you imagine something. Then you close the fridge and come back and do it all over and over again. Feel it becoming stronger like an iron bar. You're going to use these things in order to augment the power of the suggestion that you're going to give to people. Your unconscious mind thinks at some level that you're actually doing it and you might be in danger. there is an old saying in hypnosis that the unconscious mind cannot distinguish between something that’s imagined and something that’s real. The unconscious mind sometimes needs time to absorb an idea. At some point you might even go to the fridge and open the door and check out what it looks like. If you imagine another context. It's an iron bar. You need to give it a little bit of time to do what it © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. The reason the imagination wins is because it kind of wormed its way into the unconscious mind. you can say something like. As a very rough rule that is quite accurate. unless you do a couple of other steps to tell it what's real and what's imagined. as part of a language of how the unconscious mind thinks and communicates and perceives the world.com . or to activate it. In fact. There are. or you’ll just have a little bit.19 All the time you're telling yourself you mustn’t do it. You must wait. Then to make things even more compelling. more real to the unconscious. that where the will and the imagination conflict. an iron bar that won't bend. “Oh. Not very practical in terms of medicine or improving someone’s life. the imagination will tend to win. harder and harder.” At that point the mental image of an iron bar and all the associations that we have to do with that iron bar get triggered off in your mind and your unconscious mind thinks. your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what you're imagining and what is real. Hypnosis Master Key 3: Repetition The next master key in hypnosis is repetition. it begins to speed up your heart rate.” It begins to understand the metaphorical and symbolic understandings. You may have actually heard this being done when you’ve watched a hypnotist maybe doing a stage show. let's say you want to have someone’s arm become stiff and rigid.StreetHypnosis. or you listened to hypnosis tape. To do that you might want to suggest that “the arm is getting stiffer. Think of it in that way. or whatever. “Imagine that arm is a steel bar. for example walking down a dark alley. For example. of course. but it's an interesting demonstration. limits—like in every other rule—that make it less accurate in total scientific rarity. It's steel and strong like an iron bar. until eventually you know you're going to be eating that cake.

or a little stick of wood.StreetHypnosis. For example. Use repetition to repeat ideas. you’ve got to think of the red cat first in order to negate it. ten little sticks of wood all tied together. you may want to repeat the suggestions several times to begin to enforce it. It doesn’t really matter so much. click the right button to activate something.” Of course. move away. the unconscious mind will tend to activate the whole phrase. “Don’t get stressed. it starts getting stronger and stronger and stronger. When you have three. Use repetition in these sessions. There is a double step. If I tell you. It's a very rough rule of thumb. don’t think of a red cat sitting in a red tree. You can formulate the suggestions in slightly different ways each time. Each suggestion is like taking out a pencil. As a rule. the warmth. For example you don’t want to be saying to people.20 does. so that the unconscious mind latches on to that idea and makes that idea real. don’t think of the red cat sitting in the red tree speaking to you right now. to “not think of a red cat. but also to be focused on what you want to have happen. and adding one on top of the other. feel the relaxation. “Feel the relaxation. four. The second stick of wood again may or may not be able to do it. Use repetition. Just think of it in terms of creating little layers. rather than not. five. for example. As the stress releases. in order to not think of the red cat. but you want to throw it back over and over and over again to really begin to dominate someone’s thinking. eight. you want your suggestions to be about positive things. the comfort. In the meantime. and rather than having to make the extra step of reversing a negative. two sequences you go through before you can actually come up with the outcome. nine. Hypnosis Master Key 4: Positive Focus The last master key in hypnosis that I want to talk about right now is positive focus.” If they’re stressed. or in exactly the same way. There are all kinds of reasons why you're going to do this which we won't get into at the moment. It's better to focus them on the positive. seven.” Why? Because at some level. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Not just about personal life experiences.com . The first stick of wood may or may not be strong enough to take the weight of what you wanted to do. but by the time you’ve suggested something about 12 or 15 times it really begins to worm its way inside their mind. you can just take the whole phrase and run with it. six. and the good feelings.

3.21 With hypnosis. you can induce a trance in someone in about ten to fifteen seconds when you do this well. and you'll understand that they all follow the exact same four steps in the exact same sequence. It's as simple as that.” I call it “The Ten Second Hypnotist” because. the imagination key. we can actually turn that into a very simple induction which I call “The Ten Second Hypnotist. Your Step By Step Guide To Hypnotising Your First Person Track 7 10:19 Now that you have all the tools. Number four. 1. and I'll show you how in a moment. sticking to this general rule of thumb will make your life much easier and will make sure you get much better successes. rather than what you don’t want them to do. your colleagues. On the next track I'm going to run you through the whole process that will allow you to start inducing trances in your friends. The 4 Steps Of Every Hypnotic Process The four steps are very simple. Whilst it is possible to give a negative suggestion and have it work. to make life easy on the subject just tell them exactly what you want them to do. Number three. 2. how do you use them? You have the ingredients. the repetition key. The Ten Second Hypnotist If you're going to take that idea. We can work that into the quick inductions at the end of this program. It's going to be some very elegant stuff that you’ve built into this. Number two is deepen the trance.StreetHypnosis. bring them back out. and the positive focus—you have the makings of your first induction. 4. With these four master keys—the relaxation key. Number one is induce trance. and random strangers. whilst avoiding some of the problems that might happen if you choose a different style of suggestion. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. technically speaking.com . your family. These four simple steps are things that you can actually use as an induction by themselves. but what's the recipe for hypnosis? I'm going to boil down pretty much every single hypnotic induction that can possibly exist into four simple steps. stimulate the unconscious mind and make your suggestions.

You can enjoy this relaxation. Step 1: Close Your Eyes First of all. so you can understand each one of them and actually use it. you'll go deeper and deeper and deeper. direct suggestions. Now don’t worry. At the count of three you'll open your eyes feeling refreshed. Stand how they think a hypnotized person would stand or sit. Step 2: Go Deeper The next thing you do is you get them to associate something that you do. “In a moment I'm going to count from one to three. “Every time I touch you on the shoulder. For example. This is how you set up the induction to give it its best chances of succeeding. Give them the process to do this.” Step 3: Stimulate The Unconscious The third thing that you do is begin to talk directly to the unconscious mind. those sorts of things. to go in deeper. allow them to just get carried away with the process. The preframe for this induction is to ask someone. Just make do. you just ask them to close their eyes and go into a trance.” That’s it. In other words.StreetHypnosis. to just pretend to go into hypnosis. simply fantastic. I want to talk about something very important on how to use this as an actual induction.” Use some very simple. I'm going to take you through those steps step-by-step in a moment’s time. alert. breathe the way they think a hypnotized person would breathe. relaxed. At this point in your training as a hypnotist.com . This is called a preframe. just make believe as though they go into hypnosis and just how to activate the characteristics. Set Yourself Up For success With The Hypnotic Preframe Before going through it step-by-step though. You become a better and healthier person as a result of being in hypnosis. or to tell someone. Step 4: End The Session The fourth part is to bring them back out of hypnosis.22 Here is “The Ten Second Hypnotist” in action. for example a touch on the shoulder. That’s the whole induction in a nutshell. “You can enjoy this trance. you can just say things directly which are positive like. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. think the way they think a hypnotized person would think.

StreetHypnosis. You don’t need to add any frills. That’s because they’ll forget that they're pretending and end up having the experience instead. “Close your eyes and go into hypnosis. “Close your eyes and go into hypnosis. maybe with a pillow out in front of you that pretends that it is a person. You can mention something that they can hear or something that they can feel. you will end up forgetting that you're pretending and just tend to activate it. and can get you very quick results. because with their eyes closed they probably won't be seeing it. make it real.” That is really easy. Just say. Just look at them and say. So it's a very powerful frame to set around things. A simple way for me to demonstrate this here is to say something like. People will start off pretending it.” It's as simple as that. Step 1 In Detail: Close Your Eyes Step one is very simple. Step two is very simple.com . “Every time that I pick up your hand and drop it like so. Step 2 In Detail: Go Deeper As soon as you’ve done that. they are just going along with your instructions—then they're actually going to go into hypnosis. and you attach to that the idea that they go deeper into hypnosis. This is particularly true of hypnosis. If you pretend something for long enough. You may just want to practice this out loud in the air. but unless they keep reminding themselves that they're just pretending it—in other words. go on to step two. something that they can feel or hear. You may just want to grab someone. and do it right along with me as you go through this following process. you'll go deeper and deeper and deeper. particularly when it's as novel as the experience of hypnosis is. Looking at those steps again. the closing of the eyes and going into hypnosis. “Close your eyes and go into hypnosis.23 Now the secret reason for getting this pretend frame around this whole thing is because the unconscious mind actually doesn’t know how to pretend. You get an activity that they can perceive. we’re going to look at them step-by-step and introduce them. “Every time I…” Then here mention something that you can do that they can experience.” It's important that you tie all this together. because if they get tied together inside the mind then they’ll do it. if you're adventurous.” Every time you say the word deeper you just do the activity. “Every time you hear me say the word ‘deeper’ you're going to go deeper and deeper and deeper!” © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Don’t mention something that they can see.

Of course as you are relaxing so comfortably I would like you to imagine a beautiful scene out in the woods. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.com . “You're smart. Ask whether or not the scene that you have in mind. The typical way to do this is just to grab a scene from nature. you might find a particularly comfortable spot in that woodland where you can just relax even more. something that they find interesting. and relax deeper. a lakeside scene.” these are the kinds of things you can say at this point. You can go for it. and not what is not. now I'm actually using the word that you're hearing as a deepening mechanism at the same time. “The trees are around you and make you feel so relaxed. Remember. or a walk through the forest. As you smell that you can relax even more fully. Then a relaxing forest walk will be anything but relaxing for you. Another thing that you can say at this point. In fact. Example of Steps 1-3 For example. take the whole first three steps of the sequence. and you're going to keep them positive. and as you feel my touch on your shoulder you can go deeper. at the same time. Step 3 In Detail: Stimulate The Unconscious Step three is the general suggestion phase. and deeper. for example the woodland scene. It’s kind of like combining both activities into one thing. if anyone has ever said anything positive to you.24 You see. Give people the experience of doing that just by describing the scene. You're going to repeat the suggestions over and over again. You're clever. that kind of thing. When you relax and look at those trees. up to this point you're still going to be using your four master keys as much as you can during the induction. You're going to stimulate the imagination by describing vivid imagination pictures. You can sense that beautiful scent that comes off those trees. for example. At this point just let your imagination run wild with the positive things you can say to people. if you got lost as a child in the woods. check with the person before you begin the hypnosis. something that has a positive impact on you. so that they can mentally take a relaxation break with you. In other words. For example. is just to stimulate their imagination by describing a beautiful scene. you're going to focus on the idea of relaxation. someone has a negative reaction to it. and feel the comfort of relaxation going deeper.StreetHypnosis. and deeper still. both in the sense that they are pleasant experiences and in a sense that your language is telling them what is. The important thing is if you're going to do that. The reason for that is because very occasionally. a mountain top. you might have had built up experiences of fear which are around forests. “Close your eyes and go into hypnosis. is actually something that they might enjoy.

relaxing. You'll notice I'm doing two things. or safety statement. On the one side I'll be doing just a “Ten Second Hypnotist. three. I'm going to really emphasize the idea of relaxation. Then at the point where you would normally do the deepener—in other words. simply fantastic. I'm going to emphasize this particular theme of relaxation. the trunk. It's called emergence. You'll open your eyes refreshed. if you’ve made a particular suggestion—for example.StreetHypnosis. By focusing on different body parts and relaxing them. relaxed. “You can open your eyes. that they can't open their eyes or that they can't lift an arm—make sure that you specifically cancel each and every one of the suggestions that you’ve given that you don’t want carried on outside of hypnosis. simply fantastic.com . “At a count of three you'll open your eyes. Every part of your awareness is back to normal again. That’s “The Ten Second Hypnotist. the breathing the shoulders.” which could just take ten seconds as you just heard a moment ago. On the next track you'll hear a whole version of this induction all the way through. coming out slowly.” That’s just kind of a general way. the head. relaxed. You'll feel refreshed. Your arm feels normal. and deeper”—at that point insert the point where you talk about different parts of the body.” or whatever. Count from one to three. of cancelling the suggestions that you don’t want to remain active. This way you get both types of inductions mixed together into one single one. To do that. alert. alert. One. Notice that I've already added the final steps that follow. Demonstration Of The Relaxation Induction Part 8 8:26 © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. “Every time you feel this you go deeper. relaxing deeper. I take people into a very relaxed state of hypnosis. Then something is going to happen at the end of that process. On the other side. to have a nice template that you can follow. et cetera.” Remember. from start to finish. just really focus on the relaxation element.25 Step 4 In Detail: End The Session “Take a few moments and bring yourself back. bringing them out of hypnosis. and deeper. and deeper. relaxed.” So here is a quick demonstration of “The Ten Second Hypnotist” in action.” By itself it's a great induction.”—that kind of language. as well. alert. Bring their awareness to it and tell them that it's going to relax it more and more and more—“So that every time you feel a touch on your shoulder. deeper. just add a simple process. simply fantastic. Open your eyes feeling refreshed. Two. the arms. If you want to add even more power to it. “I'm going to count from one to three or one to five. which are to bring them back out of trance. your arm is going to relax deeper. the legs.

warm and comfortable. Pay attention to all the sensations of relaxation and going deeper. throughout your life in more situations. relaxing. You can continue listening to the sound of my voice as you relax and go deeper all the time. relaxed. Every time you hear me say the word “deeper” I want you to go deeper and deeper and deeper. Now pay attention to the top of your head and go deeper and deeper. Pay attention to your left arm. Allow your head to relax and you'll go deeper into hypnosis.StreetHypnosis. the more your shoulders relax. The more your shoulders relax. more safe in your life. and you get to enjoy life. and let your right leg relax deeply and completely. more and more relaxed. As the muscles of your left arm relax.com . relaxed into a most comfortable state of hypnotic awareness. You feel more and more comfortable. Now pay attention to your chest and your stomach area. Now pay attention to your shoulders and allow your shoulders to relax. taking your mind deeper and deeper into the most comfortable. and relax the muscles of your left arm. wonderful sense of hypnotic relaxation. perhaps your unconscious mind can remind you of a pleasant scene. you feel more comfortable as a person. your unconscious mind is learning to make you feel safe and comfortable more and more. comfortably taking you deeper and deeper still into a deep. Allow your left leg to relax. more and more at ease. and relax those muscles. Allow your chest and your stomach area to just relax more and more comfortably. as you just slow down and relax more and more deeply into hypnosis. As the days and the weeks and the months go by. Now pay attention to your right arm. Allow your right arm to relax you more and more deeply into hypnosis. Your shoulders can relax comfortably as you go deeper and deeper into hypnosis. hypnotic stage. Pay attention to your breathing. the deeper you go into hypnosis. Now pay attention to your right leg. relaxing. the sound of my voice will take you deeper and deeper into hypnosis. It can take you deeper into hypnosis. As you go deeper and deeper and deeper into hypnosis. more and more fully. more and more deeply. Allow yourself to drift deeply and comfortably into hypnosis. Whilst you're relaxing this deeply. your right arm relaxing. because as you pay attention to the muscles around the eyes you can go deeper. The deeper you go into hypnosis. Now pay attention to your left leg.26 Go ahead and close your eyes and go into hypnosis. because as you remember that safe and comfortable place. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. really enjoy life. and notice how your breathing is slowing down. more secure in yourself. just go deeper and deeper into hypnosis. some pleasant place you’ve been to where you feel safe and comfortable. Go deeper and deeper into hypnosis as you continue to listen to my voice and relax. more and more completely.

Blank out your mind. relaxed. simply fantastic.” If at that point you see their eyebrows going up and they're trying. “Allow the critical factor to go away. and notice how you’ll fail. relaxed. coming up slowly. feeling as though all the good things in your life have suddenly activated all in one go. healthy night’s sleep. and at the count of three you'll open your eyes. Two. The instructions are. alert. At the count of three you'll open your eyes feeling refreshed. ready to come back. Bypass the critical factor. Try and open your eyes. that’s the bit where you get their attention with the closing of their eyes. How can you use this to create further inductions that really expand into infinity? Induction 1: Blank Mind The first induction is very simple. simply fantastic. feeling as though you’ve had a refreshing.” With a blank mind you're not thinking about analyzing stuff. In a moment I'm going to count from one to three. simply fantastic. fully-fledged. Quick. alert. So.com . © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Three. That’s using the ABS formula very quickly. “Close your eyes. Quality Inductions Track 9 10:22 Welcome back again. hypnotic experience. don’t let them try for too long. You cannot open your eyes.27 Now. because closing your eyes and blanking their mind. “Your eyes are locked tightly shut. behind that induction. in a moment it will be time for you to come back outside into your regular everyday state of awareness. the heart of all hypnosis is the formula ABS: Attention. ready to do that now. Ten Quirky. feeling refreshed. relaxed. Remember the key. It's one of the little secrets. Before we finish up on this CD I would like to run you through ten quick and easy inductions that basically follow the same kind of principles you've been learning about. Try.StreetHypnosis. As I count to three you'll come up. Stimulate the unconscious mind. Congratulations on completing your first.” Then you're going to wait for a little while and you're going to come back and you're going to test whether or not they're in hypnosis by saying something like. alert. You’re not thinking about the stuff that’s going on. One. open your eyes feeling refreshed. or little twists. Blanking their mind is the bit where you're basically saying. Just give them a few seconds to test it and then tell them to relax again and just carry on with your normal hypnotic procedure as before.

you suggest that their eyes are locked tight. You can remove it again immediately when it's over. Then test that.” you can really turn this into marvelous and very entertaining inductions. et cetera—make sure that you remove the suggestion again afterwards. you use a device called a hypno disk. glued shut tightly. You may even choose to inter-rotate it gently. When their eyes start getting really tired. Get them to focus their attention on the marble and tell them that their eye is going to get sleepy. Specifically mention the eyes being back to normal and that they’ll be able to open them.com . Either way. you can use a more modern method by using something like a flashlight or a torch and using that light to shine into the eyes. Remember that if © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. which one of those hypnotic spirals you’ve seen. The way disks can be used is just by looking at the disk itself. particularly for the esoteric or the new age hippies. They can't open their eyes. you can even suggest that their eyes are getting heavy or locking down tight. A. that they're going into trance. more and more sleepy. Bypass their critical mind by doing this. This is like the classic hypnotic induction that everyone thinks about. It’s up to you which way you go. They may look different. and that rotation effect has a slight sort of mind-bending effect as the optical illusion takes hold. heavy and tired. They're always going to be following the ABS formula. They’ll be back to normal in every way. You're going to hold it up a little bit above eye level so they have to look up in order to see the shiny marble. Induction 4: The Flashlight Induction Instead of using the hypno disk. There are five of these that I want to talk you through. At that point just carry on exactly the same way as “The Ten Second Hypnotist. Together with the four steps of “The Ten Second Hypnotist. Remember.28 Induction 2: The Crystal Ball Induction Another induction is very nice.StreetHypnosis. just tell them to close their eyes and go into trance. more and more heavy. Induction 3: The Hypno Disk The first induction is the Hypno Disk Induction. The next set of inductions is basically variations on the Crystal Ball Induction. heavy and tired. It helps if there is a reflecting light that shines off of it. I call it the Crystal Ball Induction. For this. Stimulate the unconscious mind. those kinds of people. just get a little crystal ball or a shiny marble. It can help people to kind of lose themselves in the tunnel-like qualities. and before you awaken them make sure that you say that everything is back to normal. and carry on as before. Instead of using a crystal ball. but the structure is exactly the same way. you're again going to suggest that their eyes are getting sleepy. and S. so that they can really focus their attention on that reflection. try to open them up. Absorb their attention. if you are going to test their eyes—in other words. B. they can't open their eyes.” If you like.

Remember that all these inductions are basically the same induction.StreetHypnosis.com . At least if you're going to shine it directly into the eyes. That glint is going to attract your attention and that is going to help them to focus their attention. and tired. It makes it a little bit harder to do. Here is an interesting thing. do not swing it from left to right.” Induction 6: The Spot Induction One more variation which can be very useful. causing a little bit of eye strain.” and carry on as with “The Ten Second Hypnotist. particularly if you have a specific place you like to do hypnosis. The best way to use a pocket watch is to hold the pocket watch up so that it's hanging about three or four inches away from the face and about an inch or two above eye level. so that they're really straining. That’s actually more distracting and although you can induce trance that way. This is the classic only because everyone expects you to whip out the pocket watch and start swinging it from left to right and going into trance. don’t shine the light directly into the eyes because it would be quite uncomfortable. sleepy. make sure that the light bulb wattage is very low so it doesn’t hurt the eyes. they're just looking at the light itself. Then you proceed as before. They have to turn their eyes up to look at it. it tends to take away. They have to really look up to see your fingers. The key again here is to keep your fingers about three or four inches away from their face and about an inch or two above the eye level. is to put a little spot on the wall and get them to focus on that. but you are using different focal points to kind of pull out different elements of the experience.29 you do this. That saves you from having to hold your fingers up and creating fatigue in your own arm from holding those up and waiting for them to respond. The good thing about your fingers is you'll be carrying them around wherever you go. If you are going to use the pocket watch. when they look into it they're not looking directly into the glare of the torch or the flashlight. “Your eyes are getting heavy. That way.” and then. The twirling effect will allow it to kind of catch the light and glint a little bit. Induction 7: The Pocket Watch Induction The final version is the Pocket Watch Induction. is to maybe shine the light just above the eyes. Then maybe you want to slightly twirl the pocket watch in the same place. The best thing to do. though. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Induction 5: The Two Finger Focus Another method that you can use for focusing their attention is simply your fingers. You can do this induction wherever you go. “Close your eyes.

The next one is called the Hypnotic Gaze.StreetHypnosis. Induction 8: The Hypnotic Gaze Induction For the Hypnotic Gaze. Or better still. You can get a whole bunch of these for free off the Internet. “Close your eyes. More and more sleepy. as you look at that spot it still looks as though you're looking at them. If you see that happening. I call it the Pendulum Test or the Hypnotic Test Induction.com . the Pendulum Test is you hold it in the thumb and forefinger and you can swing it around like a pendulum does. That’s right. It feeds right into people’s expectation of a hypnotist. There are a couple of secrets to make this work. the Hypnotic Gaze actually is more powerful than many of the other focal points because when people look at us. you get them to hold it as a subject. Number one. just switch to a different point of focus. look at the root of their nose. Inductions 9 & 10: The Pendulum & Other Hypnotic Test Induction The final induction is actually a whole new type of induction. Whilst you're looking directly inside their eyes you're doing the same thing as before. This is a wonderful induction. Close your eyes. just as with the Crystal Ball Induction using a little crystal ball to fixate their attention. you may want to look through their eyes. Instead of you holding it as a hypnotist.” From the point of the. heavy and tired. The Pendulum Test is particularly good because I'm going to show you how to convert that test into a genuine hypnotic induction. we feel under emotional pressure as well. heavy and tired. sleepy. and is a lot of fun to do. if you find yourself going into hypnosis rather than them. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. the space between where their eyes meet. So far we’ve covered about seven inductions.” you just go right back into “The Ten Second Hypnotist” and it will work like a charm. “Your eyes are getting sleepy. As far as they're concerned. but for you it's a little bit less fatiguing to look there than directly into someone else’s eyes. more and more tired. Basically. Be careful with this induction. your hypnotic eyes. more and more heavy. Some people will start getting so nervous that they can't go into trance.30 Then you make the sleepy eyes suggestion. et cetera. You tell them to hold it and look at the pendulum. now you're going to use your eyes. “Your eyes are getting sleepy. You’ve seen all these suggestibility tests—people locking their hands together and swaying like a tree. I want to have a few more inductions that you can run through in order to get the kind of hypnotic effects.” For some reason. Close your eyes. heavy and tired.

End Of CD Track 10 1:21 This is the end of CD One. Stimulate the unconscious mind. On the next CD. they succeed. if you notice that it's slowing down or something like that. The trance is there. “Now you'll notice something interesting happens. that’s it. They're interesting.” You'll find all the details on my Web site: www. if they activate on that suggestion. Over. how to use the power of hypnosis in your everyday conversation without anyone detecting what you're doing. Just tell them to close their eyes. I look forward to seeing you on that CD. No matter how hard you try and stop the pendulum going around and around. They're exciting. They all use the principles you’ve already learned. Go ahead and use these and enjoy the results of your training. whichever direction you choose. or forwards and backwards. Together with “The Ten Second Hypnotist.SecretsOfHypnosisRevealed. then come and have a look at my home study course called “The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed. Then when the pendulum starts moving you might suggest something like. These are all wonderful inductions. or round and round and round and round. You can't stop it. which they probably are. If you like the things you’ve discovered here and would like to explore the power of hypnosis more deeply. Paint a visual image of that pendulum going round and round and round. Choose one direction and stick to it.com . Bypass the critical factor. you'll discover how to take the foundation you’ve just acquired and adapt it for covert hypnosis. where you'll find even more “Street Hypnosis Exposed.” At this point.” the four steps of any hypnotic induction.31 Then you suggest to them that the pendulum will start moving forwards and backwards. it's going to keep going round and round and round.com It's all one word. If they can stop it. Either way. this gives you a really rich and rounded repertoire of hypnotic techniques in order to put people into hypnosis and make them feel good. ABS: Attention. That way you carry on with the hypnosis before they get a chance to fail.” © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. and get them to close their eyes and go deeper into hypnosis. forwards and backwards. then stop suggesting that they try. They're different.StreetHypnosis. and just carry right on as if they're in deep hypnosis.

StreetHypnosis. During the course of the next hour you're going to learn the difference between covert and overt hypnosis.” I want to reveal my little-known method of covert hypnosis. any time. In this CD we’re going to focus on converting your skills from regular hypnosis into what is called covert hypnosis. You’re going to discover the hypnotic tonalities that will swoon people into trances and how to adapt the principles like imagination. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.” What Is Covert Hypnosis? Track 2 2:34 Welcome back again. a way of overloading people’s minds with so much positive hypnotic force that their lives will just improve every time they're around you. any place. go deeper. hypnosis that sounds so natural that nobody will know you're doing it. close your eyes. sleepy. The Hypnotic Gaze induction is going to be adapted in a way that you can use it in any conversation. heavy. relax and enjoy “Street Hypnosis Exposed. Then we’ll go into the actual hypnotic content. we’re going to round off the session by looking at how to use hypnotic influence in everyday conversations. How to Use the Power of Hypnosis in Your Everyday Conversations.” In this second CD. As soon as you're ready to do that just sit back. entitled “Covert Hypnosis. Finally.” that sort of stuff. “Relax. so that you can fit it into everyday conversations. You go. Then I'll show you the Hypnotic Blitz. anywhere. There are basically two branches of the hypnotic family. the secret language of covert hypnosis where I’ll teach you some master keys to use language so subtly that no one will know that you're doing it.32 Street Hypnosis Exposed CD 2 – Covert Hypnosis Introduction to CD2 Track 1 1:49 Welcome to “Street Hypnosis Exposed. It's when you do an obvious induction. Overt – v – Covert Hypnosis Overt basically means that people know that you're doing hypnosis.com . There is the overt and the covert.

completely undetectable. It honestly and genuinely helps people to create a win-win. for example. That way you get to slip in your suggestions and increase your influence. Everything you’ve learned in the regular hypnosis in the “Hypnosis Uncovered” CD still counts. the key to covert hypnosis is how you use your language.StreetHypnosis. Think of covert hypnosis as a very advanced form of hypnosis. and all the other reasons for which you want to use hypnosis in normal everyday settings. too. the more the world opens up to you wonderful things. let us dive into the power of covert hypnosis. Covert hypnosis is a special branch of hypnosis which is. because hypnosis is still the foundation of covert hypnosis. by helping other people get everything they want out of life and more. Of course. before they even get stuck in them. language is our tool. which is more subtle and therefore more elegant. This is one of the beauties about the power of hypnosis. Hence it's a great tool for motivating people and dissolving problems with people. because they don’t know what's happening. at its highest level.33 A covert induction is one where people don’t really know that it's happening. always use hypnosis as a force for good. where everybody is better off than they would have been had they never interacted. The Key To Using Covert Hypnosis Even though this is a separate branch of hypnosis. The more you do this. it's different from regular hypnosis. With these thoughts. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Covert Hypnosis Is A Force For Good Please remember that when you're using these techniques. You still have all the benefits of regular hypnosis in that people become more suggestible and more responsive to your ideas. The Secret Language Of Hypnosis Track 3 7:44 I would like to start things off by looking at the secret language of hypnosis. like people resisting you. your motivation. Never abuse your powers because let's face it. We’re using words and language in order to do all the things that we need to.com . The beauty about covert induction is. in order to make sure the mind enters the hypnotic state. and more. there is no real reason to. it helps you overcome some problems that sometimes arrive in hypnosis. As hypnotists. In this way you can slip in and out of covert hypnosis during the course of an everyday normal conversation. You can get everything you want in life.

but outside of their awareness. Used on their own. Of course. The idea of flow is basically that you want ideas to run smoothly through the mind. you can use the secret language of hypnosis in regular conversations and come across as more charismatic. Covert Hypnosis Master Key 1: A Smooth Flow Imagine a stream that’s running down a mountainside and just smoothly glides.34 We’re using language and words to get someone’s attention. A pseudo logic is something that basically sounds logical but isn’t necessarily logical. or something is in its way—the stream is going to start splashing. As long as it's gliding smoothly it just creates this beautiful. the longer you do it. The beauty about pseudo logic is that it becomes a nice little stepping stone between being ready and aware and critically analyzing information. sound reasonable. It's going to start making noise and it’s going to draw your attention. There is a great power to language and it's something that you can use in a specific way in order to induce trances. As you become more and more used to this flowing process. just to be sure it hasn’t missed anything. This is very useful in the whole influencing process.com . and your ideas will be more influential. that is exactly what you don’t want to have happen. help you and make your regular hypnosis even better. When ideas are running smoothly and seamlessly it kind of lulls the critical factor to sleep. more interesting. seamless experience. Everything that you learn here will. The two master keys are flow and association. at which point you need to be more logical to prevent them from deleting their information. if there is something which breaks the idea or flow of ideas. We’re going to talk about something called pseudo logic. There are two master keys to mastering the secret language of hypnosis. if at any point there is a break—there's a dam. The part of your mind where attention is drawn is going to include that critical factor. Eventually you’ll get to a point where anything you say sounds reasonable and fair and right. We're going to use language and words in order to stimulate their unconscious mind. logical connection. the less you need to be logical. Of course. you throw in things which sound like they should be logical.StreetHypnosis. of course. breaks that kind of state of mind that is being created. Special Covert Hypnosis Principle 1: Pseudo Logic The interesting thing is that as long as you keep your ideas running smoothly. but if they were to investigate them might not necessarily be so. Let's take these two concepts and examine them for a little bit. at that point the critical factor snaps back in and starts analyzing all the things that happened immediately before it came back. more compelling. even though there is no necessary. We’re using language and words in order to bypass their critical factor. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. If there is a break.

the less logical you need to be. or in other words are associated. let's look at the second principle. Association is the language of the unconscious mind. The thing about dreams is that many times dreams are symbolic references to associations that you’ve had in the past. or a person can mean so many different things. There is an interesting set of psychological studies called unconscious priming. It sparks off a whole train of associations that are connected to it. For example they would read a bunch of sentences like. The gray coat is hanging on the hanger. answer some information about them. the thing that determined whether they would walk out at a normal pace or would walk out much slower had everything to do with something that they read. “This is my old hat.StreetHypnosis. The power of association is immense. wrinkled. Then you can flow from one idea to the other and lead people into a hypnotic state. What they don’t know is that when they walk down the corridor and they leave. A wrinkled puppy is looking for some food. I'm going to give you the whole vocabulary of pseudo logic in order to be able to make these connections. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. and then they leave. Amazingly. and for Americans. with old age. and make your ideas seem more compelling and bring them to life more inside people’s minds. To give you an example.” These sentences don’t sound unusual until you realize that there is a theme that runs through each and every one of them. they get measured for how long it takes them to walk down the corridor and come back again. That is why in a dream an item. All of them have words embedded inside them that are connected.35 The general rule of thumb as far as hypnotic flow is concerned is that the more the person is in trance. Florida. depending on what is written on that test. The key is that this was done so subtly that nobody knew what was going on. where basically just by reading random words you can prepare people to think in certain ways without them knowing it. They're talking about old. Interestingly. a bunch of students walked down a long corridor. Covert Hypnosis Master Key 2: The Association Principle Before we do this though. I prefer to go to Florida for my weekends. They were reading sentences that were loaded through their associations to make them think of old age. gray. which is a destination for old age pensioners.com . or else they will walk out at pretty much the same pace. The Power Of Hidden Messages The people who walked out slower were influenced through unconscious priming. people will end up walking out much slower than they walked in. At the end of the corridor is an exam room where they sit down and they read through a bunch of questions. an event. The principle of association is the second master key that we’ve been talking about.

There are many different themes. concepts that you can talk about which have imbedded in them in their very idea. The main theme that we’re going to be focusing on here is the hypnotic theme of relaxation. ideas. That is why they're so powerful. but for the moment let’s concentrate on the one.36 When the mind hears these themes running through it begins to activate these themes. but it's a very powerful one. or maybe two. The interesting thing is when they walk out. The strongest theme going throughout all those sentences that they’ve read is old age. because they can slip by unnoticed and open the doors into hypnosis. The first step in this practical method of combining the two is to do something called the Four Words of Power. The Four Words Of Power The Four Words of Power are perfect for conversational hypnosis or covert hypnosis. They’ve activated all their associations to old age and their behavior conforms with old age. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. because they don’t sound like much. the stronger they become. you end up having a powerful hypnotic induction done purely on the level of language and the level of associations. Special Covert Hypnosis Principle 2: Hypnotic Themes It's the power of association. open the doors into trance without anyone realizing what's happening. relaxation and focus. The more it activates these themes. you then create an environment of intellectual context as well as an experience that puts people into very powerful trances very naturally. and the way you're going to use this is through something I call hypnotic themes. you begin to activate small hypnotic experiences. When you hear them you don’t think much of them. Other themes that you can use are themes like focus or attention. When you do enough of these and put them together. There are many associations that are relevant for hypnosis which just by talking about these themes. or the level of ideas. You can talk about concentration and about dreams. There are certain themes. or things that have more to do with unconscious activity. In fact. As we’ve discovered in CD One. flow and association. It's not the only one. Putting The Master Keys Of Covert Hypnosis Into Action Track 4 7:45 Let's turn our attention to combining the two master keys.StreetHypnosis. in a practical method for using covert trances. relaxation is a great doorway into hypnosis. you’ve used the Four Words of Power hundreds of thousands of times in your life without paying any special attention to them whatsoever.com . All of this is happening at the unconscious level. the relaxation. and they end up walking more slowly. By talking about these themes and using the flow of ideas.

With those four words you can also link things together. Later on we deepen the associations in the same way. The Four Words of Power are particularly powerful because they do the two things that we want to have. So the unconscious mind thinks.” That is how the unconscious mind reasons through the language of association.37 Remember. Let me ask you this: Is there really a logical connection between eyes being closed and being in hypnosis? The answer is “No!” You can be in hypnosis as easily with your eyes wide open as with them completely shut. They're now shut. associating one idea to another. “Close your eyes and go into hypnosis. Therefore I must now be in hypnosis. “Every time you feel X you'll go deeper. However it's absolutely possible to create hypnosis with eyes wide open. in other words. so that the critical factor isn’t alerted to start paying attention. speak the language of the unconscious. In other words. Linguistic Bridges Essentially what the Four Words of Power are doing is they are what are called a linguistic bridge. we’re creating a link.StreetHypnosis. “Well.” and “Means. Again. What linguistic bridges do are allow you to flow smoothly so every © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.” “Because. the word every time is a variation on the Four Words of Power. seamless chain of ideas. my eyes are closing. the secret language of hypnosis is all about being subtle.” “And. or going deeper into hypnosis. It does the same thing.” it's not logically true but the connection builds a connection in the mind. When you learned “The Ten Second Hypnotist.” With those four words you can create an unbroken. Actually you’ve already done so.” Again. They are a language bridge that goes from one concept to the other and links them together. How do you begin “The Ten Second Hypnotist”? Close your eyes “and” go into hypnosis. they activate the two master keys of flow and association inherently in the way that they work. The Four Words of Power are the words “As. When you say. Go back and think about this. You can flow from one idea to the other so smoothly that people don’t realize you're making transitions.com . an association between a touch on the shoulder or the arm dropping or a head rotation or whatever technique you used and the experience of relaxation. The Four Words Of Power In Action Now let's have a look at how you can use the Four Words of Power. Shutting their eyes will certainly help people because it cuts out distractions and therefore helps them to focus.” you had imbedded within that the principles of the Four Words of Power.

38 time you come to a little river.com . More Words Of Power First of all. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. the Four Words of Power that I'm going to teach you aren’t limited to four words. although we are going to focus on the words “as” “because” “and” and “means.” You can use other words that have a similar impact every time. Before I do that I want to make a couple of points. The second thing that linguistic bridges do is they connect things so that you associate things with other things. How To Listen To The Demonstration The second thing I want you to realize is that the demonstration I'm about to give you is going to be semi-overt. These are all parts of your hypnotic language that you can start to work out. because this is a demonstration for you to learn. Anything that works in a similar way with a similar kind of conjunction can be useful. “Close your eyes and go into hypnosis. with things that won't necessarily happen until you suggest them or people won't necessarily agree with until you present it in this particular way. It's just that we’re using those four words because they're easy to remember and they're easy to use. “Does it help you create linguistic bridges? Does it help you to flow with language to move from one idea to another and does it help you combine them. although you can use this in regular conversation as well. When you say. the more the better. This is particularly useful because you can start connecting things that you know are going to happen or that people will agree with. How do you do this? Very simply.” these are all creating a natural flow of language and connecting ideas which have hypnotic power. I'm not going to use it in terms of the way I would use it in normal. There is a smoothness of ideas that flow.StreetHypnosis. rather than just stop and swim across you just walk across the bridge. In other words. We use the Four Words of Power and we combine it with a hypnotic theme. Your First Covert Hypnosis Induction We have the scene set for our very first conversation or covert induction. I'm going to give you an illustration of this in a moment’s time. in the next track. “Every time you feel this you will go deeper into hypnosis.” or when you say. to link one idea with another idea?” Those are the keys for expanding your Four Words of Power into more words of power. regular conversation. The keys are.

into any conversation. being able to use them. but if you go back and analyze it. and colleagues. and being able to flow with them. It's the experience that it evokes from your unconscious mind. Finally. I don’t know in advance what I'm going to be saying because I'm going to make it up as I go along. I'm going to take the hypnotic theme of relaxation and I'm going to find any way at all of talking about relaxation that allows me to flow smoothly using my words of power. Use it with your family. Just because you think about relaxation it means you can relax more and more fully. As you find relaxation somewhere inside your body. If it sounds like what I'm saying makes sense and it's totally reasonable. The Four Words of Power are going to help me be creative and make up something that sounds interesting and sounds persuasive. many people find their body relaxing more and more completely without even thinking about it. that’s more because your unconscious mind is responding than because it's a logical statement that I'm making. or focused. When you can do that. The opposite is also true. it will be great because you'll start sounding like a hypnotist. For them. When you relax mentally. with your friends. it will be great because they’ll feel really relaxed at the end of it. It's interesting that people don’t think about how they relax mentally. do remember the demonstration I'm about to give you is hypnotic. The key starting point is becoming familiar with them. As you enjoy that relaxation you will continue to relax even more deeply. you can start slipping little hypnotic themes. How To Structure A Covert Hypnosis Induction The way I'm going to use them is very simple. because as you relax it means that relaxation is a natural part of the way you think and behave. really it doesn’t mean very much at all.StreetHypnosis. For you. it means that you're beginning to activate a © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Covert Hypnosis Demonstration Track 5 4:59 I find relaxation an interesting thing.com . as everyone knows how to relax physically. just stop what you're doing until you can pay full attention to the demonstration. because when you relax physically you also will find yourself relaxing mentally. That’s the important thing. If you're driving a car or operating any kind of machine. You'll start having a natural ability to speak in these ways. or whatever hypnotic theme you choose to use. and keep talking about the theme of relaxation. I really encourage you to take this example and start using it. together with your Four Words of Power.39 I'm going to focus on using the Four Words of Power together with a hypnotic theme— let's choose relaxation—in such a way that it makes it obvious for you how you can use it yourself.

You can experience it during a peak moment like in sports. As you begin to develop that experience more and more completely. You don’t have to experience relaxation in a comfortable way because you can experience relaxation in so many different situations. Is it your mind that’s relaxing your body. As it continues to relax by itself.StreetHypnosis. You can look forward to a future filled with more relaxation because as you relax physically now. it's easy to build on the relaxation you're experiencing by just allowing it to continue. Now with those happy thoughts I'm going to leave you to come back to the here and now in your own way. so relaxation can continue to deepen. So you get to enjoy that as you continue to think about how you can find relaxation in more and more ways inside your life. your whole identity becomes more relaxed. too. That means things which used to stress you out in the past become things that are totally trivial in the future. in your own rate. You don’t have to think about how to activate that natural relaxation mechanism. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Because it's a natural phenomenon. because relaxation means that both mind and body are becoming more deeply and comfortably relaxed. Just as you can imagine sitting in an arm chair. so your personality. just focus your attention on how that relaxation grows. We’ll be talking more about the secrets of covert hypnosis. or is it your body that’s relaxing your mind? It really doesn’t matter that the body can relax the mind more than the mind can relax the body. so then relaxation is a deeply comforting experience.40 natural phenomenon. so you can relax. You might find yourself being more relaxed as a person in your general life because as your body really learn. it isn’t just to think about how much more comfortable your mind can feel as your body relaxes. As you experience any kind of relaxation. and the more you relax the more you will relax. so you can imagine a body that’s more comfortable. Then when you're ready just join me in the next track. and in your own pace. You can feel relaxation when you're resting in an arm chair. You don’t have to think about it. Where does it move towards? When relaxation begins moving it begins to intensify. The things around you become more relaxed. It begins to feel more comfortable and because you can feel more comfortable.com . where you don’t necessarily think about comfort and feel that comfort. You just enjoy the relaxation. Because you can imagine a relaxed body you might find yourself relaxing automatically. and finding that relaxation occurring automatically means that inside you the natural relaxation mechanism has been activated. You just get to enjoy the relaxation mechanism because it happens automatically. It means that relaxation is a comfortable experience for you.

are things you might notice like their muscles start to relax. If you see it happening. There is less motion involved. running through the process. Here are some simple little things you can look out for in order to tell that their state is changing. especially when they are relaxation-based hypnosis. it's a little bit harder to tell when they're going into hypnosis. If there are changes it means you’ve affected them in some way. People tend to inhibit their motions or their movements when they go into hypnosis. “How can you tell when someone is going into hypnosis?” It was all well and good in the first CD when we were talking about more obvious hypnosis because just by doing the ritual. for example. skin color and that sort of thing.StreetHypnosis. That’s going to usually be a good thing. you want to make sure that you're affecting them in a pleasant way.com . simply notice if there are any changes in the things that you’ve observed from the beginning. It’s very easy to tell with regular hypnosis. Of course. The general rule of thumb is basically talk to them for a little while and then notice however their mannerisms are. Now that you can use the secret language of hypnosis I would like to address an important point which is. and so on. It is as true of big movements. it's pretty likely that you'll get the results. it’s working. you're not officially telling them to have certain experiences. 2nd Sign Of Trance: Lack Of Movement You will also probably notice that they move around less. 1st Sign Of Trance: Relaxation The kinds of things that tend to happen when people go into trance. how they are breathing. Special Hint: Observe All Changes As you begin to shift into your covert hypnosis. because you're not officially telling them to close their eyes. will begin to fix in a point in space and look at it. it's not working. They might look at the floor or the ceiling © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. as it is of little movements. 3rd Sign Of Trance: Eyes Fixate On A Point Typically the eyes. especially if you're suggesting things like their eyes will close. If it isn’t happening. With covert hypnosis.41 How To Tell When Someone Is Hypnotised! Track 6 3:24 Welcome back again. They might look at you fixedly and not look away. Their facial features start smoothing out and it becomes plainer. and how they are looking. like hands moving around and pointing and bouncing and that sort of stuff.

The Secret To Having A Hypnotic Voice Track 7 8:42 I would like to address another key feature of hypnosis in general. Do you find their skin color changing? Is it changing and becoming deeper. and you can say it in a way that you genuinely mean it. what speed. Typically. especially the eyes? 3. slower and lesser. The entire range is based on your tonality. “I love you. rich environment which gives the words more meaning. are: 1. There is a whole range between. darker. or is it turning paler and more waxy? All of these are great signs that they're going into hypnosis. at what point you say things. Your tonality creates this wonderful. Are their eyes getting a little bit glassy? 4. Summary Of The 5 Key Signs Of Trance The key signals. typically lower and deeper but sometimes faster and shallower? 5. what rhythm. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. particularly as it's diverted away from the face. what pitch. it becomes shallower and faster. what voice. smaller. “Is their breathing shifting significantly?” 5th Sign Of Trance: Changes In Skin Colour The final trance signal to look out for is the changing of skin color.42 or some other person. Their eyes will tend to glaze over slightly and get a sort of fixed look or expression. not the whole list but the key ones to look out for. Typically their breathing becomes more deep and more even for people under hypnosis. but they're not the only part of your influence. maybe redder.com . Sometimes it will be the opposite. and that’s the idea of hypnotic tonality. Sometimes. which means people understand you don’t mean it. The key thing is. Sometimes they will begin to blush more. You can say. The words that you speak are very powerful. but that is particularly important in covert hypnosis. of course.” in a sarcastic way. Are their movements becoming more inhibited. Is their breath shifting. Are they getting physically more relaxed? 2. They will get a more red tone to their skin. how you're saying it. They’ll get a bit more pale or waxy as blood flows away from the skin.StreetHypnosis. when people go into hypnosis their coloration will change because blood flows differently. 4th Sign Of Trance: Changes In Breathing Another good giveaway is their breathing.

Change Your Tone To Match Your Suggestion Of course.43 Be Expressive The same is true for all of your suggestions.” The kind of tone you would use to calm down a frightened animal or a frightened child is perfect for hypnosis because it creates the perfect atmosphere. Just relax. Using expressive suggestions is a very powerful way of getting directly to the unconscious mind because your tonality. there is no point talking about excitement…like…this… Why? © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. you don’t just use logical words to reason with them. It kind of seduces people into it. where you just hypnotize people by speaking like this. because people want that experience to become stronger inside them. by stretching them out or shortening them down.com . the ambience in which hypnosis can take place. Shush. that’s kind of like a boredom trance. Tonality is one of the true secrets of hypnosis masters and it's surprising how many people don’t use it well. It's fine. of comfort and relaxation. Really. “Shush now. but you get so much more out of using your tonality with elegance and with deep expression. gives it a whole coloration. It's fine. to be honest with you. Sometimes you take all the words away and you just go. When you have a small child that’s frightened.StreetHypnosis. the way you express yourself. Many people talk about having a monotone. so we are going to use these tonalities in order to kind of wash all of our suggestions and make them that much more appealing because of it. It can work. an emotional undertone. If you want to get someone excited. When you squeeze the meaning out of your words. particularly in the old school of hypnosis. you'll want your tonality to match whatever you're saying. You use a certain tone. Stimulate Emotions Emotions are the seat of the unconscious mind. It’s all okay now. when you really make them mean the things you want them to mean just by making them sound more important. The 2 Key Hypnotic Tonalities We all love the idea of safety and security. at that point it reaches an emotional undertone which the unconscious mind responds to really powerfully. Think of it this way. These are wonderful things throughout our life.

It's the secret of the hypnotic voice. Develop Your “Hypnotic Voice” As a general rule. you'll know that you're making it into a more hypnotic interaction. So we need to be able to speak in this way. When it's calm and relaxing you slow down the pace. is one which is slower. Just notice that even though I'm not doing anything else that’s particularly hypnotic. I'm asking you to listen to what I'm saying and you want to listen to what I'm saying. or to really point something out. Having a slower. Your voice creates that experience. Of course. Is that because I'm suggesting the experience. You need to change your tonality and allow yourself to just create a seductive and a wonderful tonality in which people just want to relax. and of course your language changes. and a more power-filled tonality is a great general tonality to practice and get used to. and with more power. if you want someone to relax you don’t help someone start relaxing in this kind of tonality. Excitement is a different tonality. You get animated and you allow it to happen inside you. This is a perfect example of conversational hypnosis. or is that because I'm mind reading the experience that you're having? The truth lies somewhere in between the two. The Myths & The Truth About A Hypnotic Voice Now whilst we’re talking about tonality. The best kind of hypnotic voice to use. The secret of hypnotic voices is to make your tonality match the experience that you're talking about. so you're slowing down to emphasize something. It seems like it's important. you want to create a hypnotic voice which you can use for different kinds of trances. just by changing the tonality it begins to draw you in and you want to listen to things that I am saying. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.com . where the things that you're saying have a much more powerful impact on the other person. It's like an armchair that people can rest in. Similarly. When it's exciting and motivating you pick up the pace. lower. because it's not a very relaxing tonality. lower. The way other people experience this tonality is it will just seem to them that you just hit an important point. You kind of shut the rest of the world out.44 Because it's not very exciting. just because it's most useful for most situations.StreetHypnosis. so that you can drop into it in the middle of conversations. I want to introduce you to one more really important concept that is totally misunderstood by very many people. It's a bit like when you have an intimate conversation with a friend. By more power I don’t mean commanding in a sense of telling people what to do. but more power in a sense of there is meaning attached. That’s kind of how it will be perceived.

Over time that just conditions it in. you switch back to your regular voice. Everything which is a regular conversation is done in your regular voice. It's a wonderful thing. at that point just by switching tonality they will automatically drop into hypnosis. It's the world’s easiest hypnotic induction. How do you do this? How do you condition your hypnotic voice? The simple way to do this is you talk in your normal regular voice. It's a clever switch inside your own mind. tonality draws people in more into the excitement. and as soon as you do anything that’s even vaguely hypnotic. a kind of urban legend that there is a special kind of voice tone that you use which will send everyone into a trance. then your normal voice will become conditioned to hypnosis and every time you speak to that person they will go into a trance. in other words you're using the imagination or you're using your Four Words of Power together with your hypnotic themes. In a way it's sort of true. You're going to condition a certain tone of voice so that when they hear that tone of voice. people automatically go into hypnosis. Then when you finished doing that. It's really important for the other person. excited. You talk about normal regular things. but wait until you start talking to your friend whilst they're driving a car and they get distracted and end up having an accident. Experiment with it and enjoy it. you switch into your hypnotic voice.com . et cetera. To be ethical. How To Condition People to respond To Your Hypnotic Voice The way you create a hypnotic voice is actually through training. as well as to have control of when you do it and when you don’t. That’s not good. The beauty of this is that once you’ve been talking to someone and you’ve switched in and out of your hypnotic voice and you’ve trained them to respond more hypnotically. the emotion of what you're doing. which kind of opens up your hypnotic abilities at that point. This is particularly important in covert hypnosis because otherwise.45 There is a kind of myth going around. it's important to switch your tonality and have a specific kind of tone and rhythm that you only use for hypnosis and nothing else. they are not by themselves hypnotic. so that by just switching tonality people go into hypnosis. because then you’ve trained them to respond to your hypnotic voice. Now that might sound like fun right now. more powerful or meaningful tonality will kind of pull people in. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Likewise a more energetic. because they want to listen to you more. if you don’t do this. lower. in the sense that a slower. Everything which is hypnotic is done in your hypnotic voice.StreetHypnosis. Having said that.

without people realizing that you're doing something hypnotic? Sometimes you can get away with it by simply saying.46 How To Secretly Use The Hypnotic Imagination Track 8 5:48 Let's go back to an idea that we covered in the first CD. and it will fit the conversational context that you're using.com . or Mary—it doesn’t matter who it is—and how they had some pictures inside of their mind.StreetHypnosis. At other times though. That’s fine. the power of the imagination. how can you do this without being caught. how they thought some things. how they talked themselves in a certain tone of voice. and of course that has the hypnotic effect.” being quite direct about it. Basically it rests on the principle that when you talk to someone about someone else’s experience they have to. In doing so. “Imagine this and imagine that. the imagination is one of the master keys to hypnosis and powerful suggestion. take on that other person’s experience in order to understand what you're talking about.” but if you're doing it conversationally. Remember. a little bit more covert. when you're doing it covertly? It's easy enough to say to someone. Put this picture in your mind. Covert Hypnotic imagination Technique 1: My Friend John… The first technique is called the “My Friend John” technique. “Well. you bring the experience to life. “Just close your eyes and go into hypnosis. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. I'd like to introduce you to three very simple techniques to do this. the hypnotist might just say. your friend Jane. “Imagine this. create a mental movie in all the five senses to really bring it to life. I have a friend called John who wanted to go into hypnosis. The classic way this was done is when talking to someone who wants to go into hypnosis and is a little bit scared of doing so. of course they're having the same experience. The question is: How can you do this when you're doing it conversationally. how they had a certain mental movie going through them. It's a very famous hypnotic induction. as well. Do that. in their mind at some level. They're all related to each other in a slightly different way. Just be able to come in around the side without people’s attention being drawn to the fact that you're beginning to draw pictures inside their minds and control the movies that they make inside their heads. You will really be able to paint a picture in someone’s mind or better still. You can just talk about your friend John. you need to get a little bit more sneaky. I told John.” ” Whilst you're talking about everything that happened with John.

This is called a “Switching of Referential Index. let's say you want someone to excel at using a computer system. “You know when XY Zed happens.StreetHypnosis. but by using the simile principle and the words “just like this.” How often have you turned to a simile in the middle of a conversation in order to explain yourself? “The problem is like I'm doing this and I'm doing that.” you can draw a wonderful picture of something which is pleasant inside their mind. “It's like that. but instead of telling them logically you're telling them through the power of the imagination. Covert Hypnotic imagination Technique 2: Its Just Like… Another very simple and very effective method is the simile. the person right in front of you will have the exact same experience. and link it to whatever idea you're presenting. but don’t worry about the label too much. Learning to use a new computer is exactly the same.” What has computer and swimming got anything to do with it? Not much. they did get the idea that perhaps learning a computer is just a step-by-step process. “Using a computer is just like going swimming. People do this all the time. “You know when you do this.” © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. once the mental picture is inside of their mind you’ve got the power of imagination working for you.” A simile is great because it allows you to draw a mental picture for someone whilst talking or referring to whatever situation you're talking about. You can say. which is much more effective. At first you just dip your little toe in and it feels cold. It's a beautiful little way of putting thoughts and pictures inside someone else’s mind without telling them that that’s what you're doing. “You know when you're walking down the street and you see an old friend and you wave to them but suddenly you realize that they're not really the person you thought they were? Notice what I just did there. I'm talking about my experience or I'm actually talking about universal experience. Covert Hypnotic imagination Technique 3: Switch Referential Index The final technique is related to the “My Friend John” technique.com . “It's like this.” It has a very complex label to it. Of course. It’s like that. For example. It's basically just words like. Essentially you're going to introduce it with a little phrase. but halfway through the experience you switch from saying I to you. but soon you become so used to having your foot or your toe in the water that you just begin to wonder what it’s going to be like to just throw your whole body in and enjoy the splash and that wonderful light sensation of being in the water.47 Whilst you're describing what happened to your friend.” or. You'll know whether or not you can get into the water.” Basically what happens here is you're going to talk about your own experience. but I switched to talking about. Of course.

” It’s a very natural switch to take and it ends up being a very simple way of giving people very direct suggestions without them ever knowing it's happening.StreetHypnosis. remember you're still using the ABS formula. Also remember. When they say. Remember.com . “You know when?” or. I do that. You’ve got the idea of hypnotic themes and the Four Words of Power. With these three methods you can use the power of imagination. and S stands for Stimulate the unconscious mind.” and “You do that. you know when you get these headaches?” I don’t get headaches – but they're talking about this as though you did.” to. and you can use them in little chunks in order to actually achieve this specific outcome. A stands for Attract Attention or Absorb Attention. How To Use The Hypnotic Gaze Induction Track 9 4:54 How can you pull everything you’ve learned together in order to use covert hypnosis in a more official kind of capacity? You have a kind of template inside your mind of what to do. You can use it individually or you can use all of these together for an added impact. “I do this.48 Some people only speak in the second person. which you can use to fit in all the things you know about covert hypnosis. If you want structure. so far you’ve learned some very powerful strategies. They switch their referential index. You have the ability of switching through your tonality in order to influence them at an emotional level. Most of the things you're doing will already have some of their attention. I'm going to teach you a little thing that’s going to do all the AB part of the formula almost automatically. It's kind of a hypnotic suggestion. “You know what it's like?” then you switch from saying. in other words the secret language of hypnosis. there is something called the Hypnotic Gaze Induction. “You do this. while it’s doing the other things. and you have the ability to use the imagination in order to augment your suggestions. B stands for Bypass the critical factor. that your © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. even when they talk about themselves. Just like you had “The Ten Second Hypnotist” for regular hypnosis. of course. “What's the problem?” “Well. and use it covertly. You can start casually dropping them in conversation every now and again.

and start asking questions trying to get your feedback. basically. In other words.49 language and your imagination exercises. When © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. all these things. It kind of leaps out of your body language. they are a little bit nervous. using the master keys like the secret language of hypnosis. has nothing to attach to. Using Your Hypnotic Gaze In A Normal Conversation The approach is very simple. You want that because it kind of throws off-kilter the normal way of thinking. flow. You fall silent for a little while just to see what happens. It’s kind of almost like a lecturing tonality. you start talking and you keep right on talking. people start getting a little bit uncomfortable. and that’s what you want. The difference between them has everything to do with what's going on inside you. The Hypnotic Gaze induction is basically like the Hypnotic Gaze induction we talked about at the end of the first CD. Typically what happens is they’ll start rapid talking for a while. but you still keeping talking and you're still in control of that part of the interaction. You can still talk emphatically and switch your tonality into a different kind of hypnotic experience. their critical mind. Key Secret: Make It Friendly! When you feel good and friendly and have a crinkle in the side of your eyes. When that happens. you start going into a kind of a monologue. You look at their eyes. so when we talk about holding someone’s eye contact I don’t mean staring in a weird or scary way. out of your tonality. It’s the first thing to go when things become uncertain. that attitude projects out of you through something called sub-communication. the eye contact makes them feel a little bit edgy or nervous. You keep right on talking emphatically. purposefully. The Power Of Your Hypnotic Gaze These are just ways of augmenting what you already have. of course. I don’t mean staring in a confrontational sort of way. At that point you can start talking emphatically with purpose and.StreetHypnosis. and the imagination in order to instill the hypnotic attitude that you want another person to adopt. You're going to look at someone’s eyes and hold that gaze. Through the power of eye contact and holding a little bit of silence. and people feel safe around you. This is a very unusual thing to do.com . are going to have the effect of bypassing the critical factor and absorbing their attention as you're talking to them. Believe it or not I am doing it right now. association. which means that their critical factor. like what you're saying is the most important thing in the world. In our society it is considered “impolite” to stare. At that point. At the same time. You can also switch the tonality to a more relaxing tonality.

If they don’t watch their language. I would like to talk a little bit about curses and benediction. You have a bad report card and your mother or your father or your guardian is upset with you and they give you a stern talking to. of course. It's a mental curse. they can actually induce a trance and at the same time give you negative suggestions like.StreetHypnosis. Hypnotic Cycles To solve the problem you just go right back again. However most people. a little bit of hypnosis. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. In fact the Hypnotic Blitz has been used on you several times throughout your life without you really recognizing that that’s what's going on. maybe even hypnotic. These cycles are very useful and very powerful. Curses & Benedictions Before we go into the ins and outs of the Hypnotic Blitz. when they start talking again. a little bit of hypnosis. With a Hypnotic Gaze together with the master keys. a little bit of regular conversation. For example. You go through these cycles. It's the kind of mental baggage that you don’t need and you don’t want. a little bit of regular conversation. and people fall into trances all the time. you now have the makings of a perfect. I want to teach you a technique called the Hypnotic Blitz. You're lazy. “You're no good. covert induction. it will break the hypnotic spell for awhile. unless they know you're a hypnotist. won't realize that you're trying to hypnotize them because it just sounds like you're being very enthusiastic about something or very engaged in something. Why are you so lazy?” These aren’t useful things to be carrying in the back of your mind.50 they start contributing things. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. What this does. the principles that we’ve been talking about. is allow you dispense with a regular induction. as you know. The problem is that sometimes people get negative messages whilst they're in one of these trances. In other words. This technique is technically a semi-overt technique. and the curse is ironically not usually given by someone who doesn’t like you.com . undetectable. there is a reasonable likelihood that people will know that you're doing something unusual. The Hypnotic Blitz Technique Track 10 8:18 Let's see if we can up the ante even further. let's say you come home from school.


It’s usually given in an attempt at being in your best interest. It's given by someone who is a very poor hypnotist, typically, because they don’t know they're doing it. However we still have these curses. The benediction is, of course, the opposite. We’ve all had the experience when a friend, a parent, or a loved one speaks to us in a particular tone of voice, in a particular way, about all the qualities that they like about us. In doing so it's giving a kind of hypnotic blessing. They talk about it in such a way that we’ve been empowered. We feel more confident. We feel better about ourselves. This is the opposite of hypnotic curse. It's a hypnotic benediction. It talks well of someone.

The Hypnotic Blitz As A Benediction
The Hypnotic Blitz is going to use a kind of overload technique of hypnosis in order to create a hypnotic benediction, to make people feel like a million dollars, and then attach that onto a motivator. In other words to get them to do something, maybe to get a dry cleaner to give you better dry cleaning, to get better service from a restaurant, to create a more intimate relationship with a loved one. It doesn’t matter what it is. Benedictions are wonderful tools which will allow you to create a wonderful experience with someone else, whilst at the same time getting something more beneficial for yourself as well.

A Step By Step Guide To The Hypnotic Blitz
For hypnotic benedictions you basically want to pull out a theme. Remember we talked about hypnotic themes before in terms of relaxation and focus, et cetera? Now you're going to switch to a benediction theme. These are things like the ability to learn more easily, the ability to have more self esteem, to feel confident, and also the goal in the future.

The Three Themes
There are many different benediction themes that you can pull out. These are the three that I want you to focus on: 1. The ability to learn because life is about learning new things; 2. The ability to feel confidence and like yourself and be liked by other people; and 3. The goal in the future, to expect good things to happen to you in the future. When you take this theme and you use all the things that you learned about so far, you can start basically having a positive rant about something. The key thing, of course, is that you have to have them engaged with it and you have to have their critical factor, their critical mind, disengaged.

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Here is the method for doing this.

Hypnotic Blitz Step 1: Go First
Step number one is to go first. In hypnosis, when we talk about going first that means having the emotional experience inside you, so you're totally convinced. If you want someone to be excited and motivated and enthused about a product that you're selling, there is no point even starting until you're motivated and excited and infused yourself. Why? Because that carries through and they get kind of charged up by it. They get infected by your enthusiasm. The same is true of relaxation. If you want people to be relaxed, you have to be at least more relaxed than they are when you start off because, again, it gives them a subtle communication in which direction to move as they follow you. Begin by going first. If you're going to give someone self esteem suggestions for more confidence for example, go first and remind yourself of all the good things you think about them, why you think they should be confident, why they should feel great about themselves. At that point, once you’ve stuck that inside your own mind, that’s something you do without really telling people you're doing it.

Hypnotic Blitz Step 2: The Hypnotic Gaze
Then you begin with the whole Hypnotic Gaze procedure we just talked about. You hold their eye contact to the point where it's a little bit uncomfortable. Just at the point where they start getting nervous and they want to break the tension, you'll break the tension by speaking. You will not break the eye contact.

Hypnotic Blitz Step 3: Unleash Your Theme
As you make eye contact, as you have these wonderful ideas and feelings inside yourself and you start getting animated about it, you begin to go into your themes, your hypnotic themes, your benediction themes; let's say your ability to learn things, to learn things quickly and easily. At that point you just get animated and enthused about that theme, because you can learn about hypnosis in so many different ways. It's so easy to learn hypnosis because you have the capacity. Think about it. You have learned hypnosis so many times in your life without even knowing about it. You’ve talked to a friend and cheered them up and you didn’t even know what you were saying. All you had was the genuine desire to help that person and so you learned to do it.

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As you learned those things and as you learned a whole bunch of other things in your life, you can learn to master this thing. Think about how easily you learn to do things like mastering to drive a car and mastering writing and reading. Even though that may not have been easy at the time, they're easy for you right now because you have the benefit of experience and practice. Every single time you learn something it becomes easier to learn something new and something different, because you have more experiences inside you that allow you to learn new things. That is why you're going to master hypnosis and learn it quickly, easily and without any problems whatsoever.

Breakdown Of A Benediction
Notice what I did there. I went into one of these so-called positive rants. I went into a benediction. The Hypnotic Blitz is all about overloading people. You can use the Hypnotic Gaze with a more slow and comfortable pace, and that’s fine. The Hypnotic Blitz, though, requires you to keep talking in such an animated way that it kind of blows through any resistance. It blows through any negativity the person might have. It blows through any objections. Basically it uses overpowering, but in a positive, overpowering mood; to kind of blow through anything that is in its way. You're using enthusiasm. You're using animation. You're using the principle of going first to blow right through any resistance, any problems a person may have. All that’s left at that point is the positive message that you have for people. Think of it a bit like a rabbit being caught in the headlights of a car, but this time instead of being hit by a car, which is going to be a negative experience, they're going to be hit by a really positive experience. Then keep right on hitting them with positive experiences until they're imbedded deeply in their subconscious mind, and the person just feels better. They feel more optimistic about their future. They feel better about themselves. They feel better about their ability to learn and they think, “Yeah. This kind of makes sense.” This is the best way to help people in a conversational setting and be known as a thoroughly enthusiastic, motivating, and wonderful person to be around. This is the power of the Hypnotic Blitz. Use it well and use it often.

Hypnotic Influence
Track 11 4:00 Before we finish up on this CD, I would like to talk a little bit about influence. Influence is really one of the main reasons why people don’t get interested in hypnosis. Of course,

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it's the ability to help other people and create positive life changes, but even that requires you to influence someone at some level.

Influence Secret 1: Change Moods to Change Minds
The main key to influence, and this is one of the most important things you could ever remember, is that you want to change people’s moods in order to change their minds. The problem is most people who try to influence others begin with their minds. They try using logic and reason. Logic and reason have their place in the influencing scheme of things, but more important than logic and reason is the mood, the emotional state. We make decisions based on emotions. If you can affect someone else's emotions you will affect the decisions they make, the conclusions they come to. If you can attach a strong emotion to an idea they’ll become attracted to it, or also repelled towards it. The key to all influence is to change people’s moods in order to change their minds.

Influence Secret 2: Notice Emotions
In order to do this, become very sensitive to how people are feeling at one moment in time. Become observant of people. When you become observant you'll notice what mood they're in right now, and you can start shifting them to one emotion or another emotion in order to attach whatever ideas you want to have to that.

Influence Secret 3: Emphasise Emotions Over Logic
The stronger the emotion is the more convincing your arguments will be, as a rule of thumb. You absolutely need to have emotion in order to have someone engaged in what you're saying. If they're not engaged, no matter how logical you are they will reject the idea. You may have come across this before. You give someone all these logical reasons for why they're wrong, but they're still adamant about why they're right. They can't see their logic. Why? Because the negative emotions they feel when you talk about them in their logical sense creates a defense mechanism which automatically rejects all information. When you get the right mood, a mood where they're more positive or they're more motivated, or they feel good, they're more willing to accept information because it's safe.

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in order to move them forward in the interaction. if you're a sales person you want someone to buy something. You need to be able to release whatever you’ve created in order for them to put themselves into action. for example to ask someone to give you a cup of coffee.com On the next CD.” You'll find all the details on my Web site: www. When you describe the behavior you're kind of turning it in the direction you want it to walk. the first point you get towards is to begin to influence their mood. include the behavior in it and then create a call to action at the end.Conversational-Hypnosis. The call to action is when you just release it and let the bunny walk in a straight line from A all the way to B.StreetHypnosis. If you do want a behavior—for example. That is the key to influence. Include some kind of behavior at that point. or you're a parent and you want your kids to tidy up their rooms—you need to attach a behavior to the feeling and finally create a call to action. or if you're a teacher and you want your kids to do their homework. I look forward to seeing you on that CD. where you'll find even more “Street Hypnosis Exposed. If you're just influencing their ideas.” © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. if you want to have a behavioral outcome. Make them feel great. The way I have it visualized inside my mind is to think of it like one of those windup bunny toys. then come and have a look at my home study course called “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis. in that case you don’t need behaviors and a call to action because the idea already sits there attached to the emotion.55 Troubleshooting Tip: Check The Emotional Climate Make sure that whenever you have a problem with influence.com . Then you can start adding in the ideas of reason and logic and even pseudo logic. When you have an emotion. If you like the things that you discovered here and would like to explore the power of covert hypnosis more deeply. End Of CD Track 12 1:27 This is the end of CD Two. Influence Secret 4: Emotions Drive Behaviours Start with the emotion. When you build up the emotion you're winding up and winding up and winding up the bunny. Describe the behavior maybe using the “My Friend John” technique and then give a call to action and let them just go off and do their thing. you'll discover how to unleash your potential today through the power of self-hypnosis.

Overcoming difficulties. and how to create goals and turn those into powerful suggestions. All Hypnosis Is Self Hypnosis The thing about self-hypnosis is it is pretty much the same as regular forms of hypnosis. You can overcome fears and personal phobias. just sit back.” In this the third and final CD. You can improve your health and overcome health problems. Then I'll take you through the unique method and show you how to install that at a subconscious level. By now you should have a reasonable grasp of what hypnosis is and how to induce it. relax.com . so it's there whenever you want or need it. Your skill as a hypnotist is in allowing someone else.” I want to share a quick and easy method for using the power of hypnosis for yourself.” Self Hypnosis – v – Regular Hypnosis Track 2 3:21 Let's start off by talking about the distinction between self-hypnosis and hypnosis. Unleash Your Potential Today. programming in exciting goals. All in all.StreetHypnosis. and other emotions. You can use self-hypnosis on yourself. to take them to their own personal state of hypnosis. your confidence. As soon as you're ready to experience that. I'm going to show you the difference between hypnosis and self-hypnosis. because of course the state and the condition takes place inside the mind of the other person. and creating a future that glows brightly with promise is easy with this method. you could say that pretty much all hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis. to gain all the benefits that otherwise people would get from the power of hypnosis when you're the hypnotist. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. You can increase your happiness. entitled “Self Hypnosis. These are all the kinds of things that you can program your mind to do for you. and enjoy “Street Hypnosis Exposed. and you can improve upon your wealth and success in life. in particular remembering the all-important ABS formula. hypnotizing them. or guiding someone else through a process.56 Street Hypnosis Exposed CD 3 – Self Hypnosis Introduction to CD3 Track 1 1:23 Welcome to “Street Hypnosis Exposed.

in self-hypnosis. Whatever you learn here will help you in regular hypnosis. All your experiences in regular hypnosis and in covert hypnosis still count. and you do it all directly on yourself. The main distinction is this. it means that to a certain extent they can release responsibility. you could accidentally trigger the critical factor. the critical mind. Because you're guiding someone else during regular or covert hypnosis.StreetHypnosis. In particular. unless you're using a tape of some sort. so that you don’t undo all the good work you’ve just done. will help your covert hypnosis. You will still have to absorb your attention. They just follow along and don’t have to have a sort of guiding and planning part of their mind active to direct them somewhere. Of course. In this program we’re going to show you how to do this. The beauty of this course is the things that you learn here during self-hypnosis will feed back into your ability to do regular hypnosis and covert hypnosis.com . there are important distinctions between regular hypnosis. This is what we call. The only problem that can occur is that when you activate the planning or the guiding part of your mind too much. and will help you become even better at self-hypnosis. which is of course the deadly enemy of hypnosis. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Remember to apply them in the other fields. as well.57 The Crucial Difference In Self Hypnosis In self-hypnosis we cut out the middle man. or even covert hypnosis and self-hypnosis. the receptive mind. The Receptive Mind You want to create a condition in which you can guide yourself through the process—or go through the process of self-hypnosis—without triggering the critical factor. So enjoy the processes and the ideas that you're going to be exposed to here. the ABS formula is going to be crucial in creating a self-hypnosis method that will work for you. You will still have to bypass your critical factor and you will still have to stimulate your unconscious mind. creating a mind which is open and receptive to your own suggestions and at the same time has a block on the critical factor. However. so everything supports itself. when you start doing self-hypnosis there is no one to guide you through it. They are all in a continuous feedback loop.

Not all goals are created equally. The easiest mechanism that we’re going to look at today is something called the SMART goal formula. and your health. or perhaps you have a fear or a phobia that’s a psychological disease. There are many subtleties that go into the art of understanding goals properly. Perhaps you have a physical disease. your wealth or career. It's a very simple and straightforward mechanism. although that is of course at the top of very many people’s lists. We need to begin with a goal in order to be able to convert that goal into something which is hypnotic. If you have no goal. There are sophistications that you can put around it to make it better. They may want to improve the relationships with their clients to make them trust them more. It may be a relationship problem. but for the purposes of creating a simple. Health. it's just meditation. your children. anything that you want to achieve will fit in there somewhere.StreetHypnosis. Either you want to become more creative to help boost your career and become more successful. how are you going to create suggestions to achieve it? The whole purpose of hypnosis is a goal-seeking mechanism. easy to use. and quickly accessed hypnosis program. Without it. your coworkers. and want to buy more. of course.com . Basically. This is something you may be familiar with already. Perhaps you have stress. which you can achieve. to set some kind of goal up.58 How To Set A Compelling Goal Track 3 9:18 Your first step to using self-hypnosis is. which makes them difficult to achieve. in terms of improving yourself and using self-hypnosis to help you. Sales people wanting to increase sales may not have a career problem. make more money. Relationships include more than just personal relationships in the sense of romantic relationships. your clients. “What kind of things would you like to change? What kind of things would you like to improve upon?” © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Alternatively. Hypnosis achieves things. The three goals and categories are self-improvement—basically relationships. in which I include the physical as well as mental health. Wealth or Relationships? Before we look at the SMART goals let's have a look at the kind of categories that you can look at. this is going to be the easiest thing that you can get your hands on. it could be about relationships. Perhaps you have psoriasis. You can have relationships with your spouse. Think in terms of these three categories and ask yourself. which is to say there are some goals which are formed in a bad way.

Measurable. or it could be a financial goal. That’s Specific. SMART is an acronym that stands for five things. R for Realistic and T for Timed. For example. if you knew you could succeed—what would you do? If I had a magic wand in my hand right now and I could wave it three times and at the end of the third wave you would be whatever way you wanted to be. I'm going to assume that you’ve chosen a topic that you want to work through and create a goal around. but that’s your fault for not asking for it. or a dollar bill. you’ve got more money. Just choose one so that we can use that as an example to work through the SMART goals formula. SMART Goals Let's use the SMART formula now. how would the world be? What would you be capable of doing and what would you just experiment with. If you find five cents in the street. It may not be as much as you wanted. which you'll then turn into a hypnotic. It could be stress relief. A stands for Affect.StreetHypnosis. These are the five things that you must include inside a goal. we mean we don’t want to have a vague goal. guess what? The minute your next paycheck comes home. Affect. It could be accelerated learning. M stands for Measurable. S stands for Specific. Realistic. and Timed. just to find out how much fun it could be? Think about this and choose one topic that you would like to work on. It could be to improve a relationship. if your goal is a financial one—you want to have more money—what is more money? If you get a regular paycheck.com . Specific By Specific. If there were no restrictions—in other words. in order to make sure that it works well.59 The Magic Question The magic question which I like to ask people is. you have more money. and everything would be the way you would want to have it. compelling item. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.

To help this is the next step: M for Measurable. Specific also means you're going to also make sure you have a positive goal. and feel frustrated that they can't do it.000. how will they ever know that they’ve achieved it? They might spend the rest of their lives trying to achieve something that they’ve already achieved 50 years ago. Remember what we said during suggestions? That you can't say to “not think of a red cat” without thinking of a red cat first? A poor goal.24. the easier it is to achieve it. Put a number on it.StreetHypnosis. and feeling when you’ve achieved your goal? You’re going to create a scene. It’s not very specific. you can see your skin being clear of it and © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. The fact is.: What will you be seeing. “I don’t want to feel afraid. not a negative one. “Now I've got it. I don’t want to be coughing all the time. I don’t want to be in debt. I mean be specific. You see. Be exact. You’ve got to figure out a way of knowing when you’ve achieved it.” because that doesn’t tell you what you should be doing. sometimes people achieve a goal that they’ll never be able to test whether or not it's working.” The simplest way of doing something which is measurable is to ask yourself a question. You want to have another $374.60 When you want to be specific. so that they would know when it was time to celebrate and pat themselves on the back and say. If they can't test whether it's working.com . The more specific you are. Think of a movie director trying to create a movie that will let you know you’ve achieved it now. Some examples might be picturing a fat wallet of cash that you pull out of your pocket. Say you want to have another $50. It's only specific about what you don’t want. It’s just that they never stopped to figure out how they would know that they’ve achieved it. hearing. By negative I mean to have a goal that’s formulated in a positive frame. Measurable In order to make something specific it really helps to have it measurable. What is it that you do want? Stay clear of the negative and make sure that what you want is stated in some specific way. an unspecific goal is to say. By negative I don’t mean you have a goal that’s bad for you. It could be that if you have a skin condition. they can do it and they have done it.

If your goal hasn’t got a positive emotion. That can't happen. Begin on Tuesday. You might win it or you might not. wanting more money isn’t good enough. Make sure it's realistic.” but realistic is in a sense of having control over it. just make sure you include the time element by saying when you're going to begin. It's something that’s within your power to achieve and not something which would require magic to achieve. make sure it's measurable so I will know when I have achieved what I want. By realistic we don’t mean it in a sort of negative sense like.com . © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Whatever it is. It's got to affect you in some way. it may actually pull you away from it. It can also be a question of when you begin it. Just like being specific. and have a positive affect. if you feel bad or frustrated or angry that’s just going to pull you away from the experience. but as you are imagining it or visualizing it or creating it. Winning the lottery is not a realistic goal because you have no control over it. but you don’t have any control over it. these are all things that are in your control.” Timing can be a question of the end goal. In other words. Timed Finally. because the nature of the goal is one where time doesn’t really fit into it. an emotional intensity. They are realistic because they are things that you can influence by doing other things. et cetera. Begin next week. et cetera.StreetHypnosis. why should your unconscious mind do it? If your goal has a negative emotion. Emotions are the fuel of the unconscious mind. Affect stands for emotion. measurable. particularly continuing goals like improving your golf game. your goals need to have an emotional content because your emotions are the fuel. Set a date on the experience.61 feeling healthy. Set a date on the time you want to get the goal achieved. Realistic The next thing is to make sure it's Realistic. For those kinds of goals. “That’s not realistic. make sure you have a Time frame by which to achieve it. Make sure the goals are specific. Affect The third step is Affect. You might imagine a goal that you think you want. “Begin right now. Writing a particularly good report or learning a language or increasing your vocabulary. when you actually achieve it. Just having a vague time in the future might mean that you never actually achieve it. the motivation that drives goals. Sometimes there are occasions when you can't set a date.

Make sure it has lots of emotion. The first type is called a prehypnotic suggestion. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. go on to the next recording and I'll show you how to turn those goals into golden suggestions. Make sure it's Specific. The Three Types Of Suggestions Essentially. a visualization is basically using the principle of imagination in order to reach the unconscious mind. I'm going to encourage you to just take a few moments before we move on to the next track and actually work through whatever goal that you have chosen for yourself. The next thing to do is to take this goal and turn it into suggestions that you can use to program your unconscious mind.StreetHypnosis. Then you will have your regular hypnotic suggestions. How To Create A Compelling Self-Suggestion Track 4 9:16 I'm going to assume that you’ve taken a goal and you’ve put it through the SMART goal formula to make sure that it's as streamlined as possible for your success. in order to get you what you want. You can think of your unconscious mind in some respects as a bit like a computer. Work through it in the SMART goal formula. A regular hypnotic suggestion is the closest thing to a regular hypnosis session that you'll come across. Your mind just kind of refers back to them and does it automatically.com . once you're in self-hypnosis you just talk to yourself as though you were talking to someone else.62 That’s the SMART goal formula in action. Finally. Basically. If you program it to reach certain outcomes. If you program it to do certain things. Each one works in a slightly different way and has its own unique characteristics. that it's got an Affect for you. and finally we have visualizations. Once you have that. there are three types of suggestions that you'll be able to use with any selfhypnosis program. Make sure it's Realistic. Make sure you Measure it. A prehypnotic suggestion is a suggestion that you give yourself before you actually begin the hypnotic process. and that it has some kind of Timing inside it. it will do them. You give yourself the suggestions that you want. it will find ways of achieving that also. It's kind of like preparing your mind so when you go into hypnosis you don’t have to think about it anymore.

in order to create a SMART goal you have at some level probably already created a mental movie of things you'll hear. Visualisations Let's turn to visualizations first of all. That’s a nice little trick to use when the goal that you are up against is something you really. For the purposes of this program. the regular hypnotic suggestion. you can go into a smaller step. At that point. For example. Going to the end point—when you’ve achieved everything and everything has turned out perfectly well for you—is something that you can mentally rehearse inside your mind. when you go into hypnosis and begin to visualize things.com . At that point. it's an easy psychological trick for getting some distance. That’s basically when you really develop this idea of a receptive mind to its fullness. You almost want it too much. The other thing you can do is. things you'll feel. you're done. You can actually begin to do things like rehearsing behavior.63 The Problem With Self-Suggestions Of all these types of suggestions. you choose swinging the golf club or perhaps playing a particular © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. In other words. Just go with prehypnotic suggestions and visualizations. really want to have. a sport or playing the piano. Believe it or not. because of the time that we have. This is particularly good if you want to improve a skill. The minute you start using your intellect. because they're the easiest ones to convert SMART goals into. you're rehearsing the outcome inside your mind during self-hypnosis. so you can't get some distance from it. for example.StreetHypnosis. you actually choose a skill set. If you think about it. without interfering. believe it or not. there's a huge danger that your critical factor will come online and start ruining things for you. is the most difficult to use during self-hypnosis. things you'll see as a result of achieving whatever your goal is. One refinement is that you could actually go to the point after you’ve achieved something. I'm going to recommend that you ignore regular hypnotic suggestions for the purposes of selfhypnosis at this point. The reason for that is because it usually takes your intellect to kind of work out what to say. There is a real skill to be developed in order to be able to use regular hypnotic suggestion during self-hypnosis. At that point. By going to the future after you’ve already achieved it and it's no longer a big deal for you. that is your visualization. Insider Secrets For Improved Visualisations There are a couple of refinements you can put onto this. when it's all over and it's no longer a big deal. instead of going to the future. you go to a point in the future where you have a history of having achieved it already.

3. “I'm doing this. First of all. When you think about the future. You're using the visualization to stimulate your mind.” You want your attention 110% focused on the activity that you are doing.” Say. You prepare yourself. 2. Now is really the moment of power. there are certain rules that you want to apply when using suggestions on yourself. “I don’t have a headache. 1.StreetHypnosis. If you think about it. I don’t feel © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. “He's doing that. Keep it in the first person. Finally. you'll want the result to be one of the future “nows” that you'll experience. Keep it in the present tense so that you're not suggesting something that will always be in the future. How To Use Visualisations In Self Hypnosis To use visualization is very simple. you're doing it now. time does not exist for you. How To Turn A SMART Goal Into A Verbal Suggestion Next. the third rule is keep it positive. And then whilst you're in hypnosis you just imagine it. When you think about the past. and at the end of it just come right on back and you just let it go. I'm doing that. Time is a relative concept.” or. let's turn our attention to how to change a goal and collapse it into a phrase or a hypnotic suggestion. It's where you get to change things. Ultimately. By positive I mean don’t create negative goals. The unconscious mind doesn’t understand times. Don’t say. Remember of course ABS. forget about it.com . but you still want “A. if you’ve created your SMART goals properly you will have no problem with this. The Three Golden Rules The three basic rules are 1. and get on with your day. Don’t say things like. 3. Keep it in the present tense. All that exists is right now. You go through whatever it is you decided to rehearse or to imagine. “You're doing this. you're doing it now.64 song. You picture it. and you rehearse doing that as though it were the real thing. Again.” 2. You enter into a hypnotic trance in the method I'm going to show you. You feel it. as though you were right there doing it. and it's really the moment that your unconscious mind understands the best.

Keep it simple.” like. you're going to basically run through a monologue inside your mind that’s going to motivate you and excite you and basically give a pep talk to your unconscious mind. complicated sentences. I don’t feel uncomfortable. Keep it short. using the power words and these hypnotic themes about your goal. “Is this right? Is this good enough? Was a word missing?” That’s the last thing you want to do. It's easier to use as a prehypnotic suggestion because you can write it down and read it. for example. these kinds of phrases. Don’t Engage The Critical Factor If you want to do it during regular hypnosis you had better practice it a lot beforehand.65 bad. you're going to pull out of your suggestions or your SMART goal a whole bunch of hypnotic themes that help that goal.” Use positive suggestions like. That. That kind of puts everything you’ve learned together in one neat little package.StreetHypnosis. the “I'm feeling healthy.” Maybe you can picture the new job or you can give it a job title. Either rememorize the phrase thoroughly so you can remember it easily during your hypnotic session if you're going to use it for regular hypnosis. or just write it down and use it as a prehypnotic suggestion.” like “I feel confident. “On February 27th I'm feeling confident in my new job. Basically. focused statement or suggestion is actually going to help you to prepare the mind really well. of course. The very act of changing your goal into a short. here's a little trick for you that will make it much easier and keep the critical factor at bay. That little package is something that you'll be able to use as a prehypnotic suggestion as well as a regular suggestion during hypnosis. The collapsed phrase. make them two or three short sentences of just three or four words each. because the last thing you want to do is be in hypnosis and trying to remember what it is that you wrote down or you decided to say. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.com .” The Law Of Parsimony Notice that all of these examples were actually quite short.” et cetera. in order to create the effect of the hypnotic suggestion. is going to just trigger the critical factor again. might sound something like this. I’m confident. Make it easy to remember. “I have a million dollars. It will be thinking. Don’t write long. Then you're going to combine with power words. simple. “My head feels light and clear. just as the way you did during the hypnotic blitz that I showed you on the previous CD. You want to be able to encapsulate your hypnotic suggestion in 15 words or less. If you're going to have more than one sentence. if you put them into a SMART formula. If you do want to use regular hypnotic suggestions in self-hypnosis. Then.

Give yourself 15 minutes at least. 4. Then it goes to a prehypnotic suggestion phase. 3. you'll only need five or ten minutes. That means you ask someone else to take care of the children for a while and you take the phone off the hook. Then you induce the trance. I love doing exercise because the more I exercise the more amazing I feel inside. My arms are strong. once you get used to it. Really. Minimise Distractions Try to make sure that there will be no outside distractions. And then you'll return.66 It might sound something like this. maybe half an hour. so that you understand how you're going to use self-hypnosis and how it works and all fits together before we actually install the method into you during a self-hypnosis procedure.StreetHypnosis. The method itself is very straightforward. you're basically going to be looking at creating the right conditions in order for you to be able to get the most out of the hypnosis. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Just make sure nothing will intrude on you. It starts off with a preparation phase.” Notice how that little example was just using the power words. Step 1: Prepare Yourself To prepare. and building that into a little mini-blitz that I can make up as I go along whilst I'm in self-hypnosis. the more my energy rises up and the more I feel like doing exercise. Set Time Aside First of all. just choose a time and a place where you'll be doing this. the hypnotic themes around exercise or healthy living. more and more alive. 1. 5. You'll drift around in there for a while. 2. It's ideal to do this in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. The more alive I feel the clearer my lungs become. That means you lock up the dog. I have so much energy and vitality that I'm feeling more and more alive each day.com . A Step By Step Guide To This Easy Self Hypnosis Method Track 5 9:12 I would like to describe to you the whole method. “Every day and everywhere I'm feeling healthier and healthier. My lungs are fresh. That means you turn off your mobile phone.

rather than spending the next ten minutes in trance whilst the house burns around you. to make sure that everything turns out well. The words aren’t the really important part. and ready to deal with the situation. selfhypnosis trance. 2. “I'm going into self-hypnosis for ten minutes. alert. an emergency or otherwise. The next thing you want to do is to create the basic safety statement which says. start getting used to saying. Treat your prehypnotic suggestion slip as a kind of exercise in philosophy and ask yourself. instantly. or safety statements. These safety statements are actually prehypnotic suggestions that you give yourself. Sometimes you'll get the feeling that just once is enough. You're drifting away.com . The safety statements basically are: 1. I'll come back out feeling refreshed. whilst you're in hypnosis you want to give yourself a time limit so that you come back out of it spontaneously. Sometimes you may want to do it a few more times. The really important part is the meaning behind the words. you may have to keep opening your eyes to look at your clock and find out whether or not you’ve taken enough time up or something else has happened. “If anything should happen that requires my attention whilst I'm in hypnosis. Don’t just fill up with the words. in which you take out the suggestion that you’ve prepared previously. what this deals with is a situation where perhaps you're in a nice. I will wake up instantly. relaxed. as part of your preparation you're going to create certain statements. statements of intent to basically set up a session for you. relaxed.” Basically.67 The Safety Statements Then. “For the next ten minutes I'm going to go into hypnosis. Time & Place You choose a time and a place. feeling refreshed. You’ve written it out on a little piece of paper and you're going to read it to yourself between five and ten times. deep. If you don’t give yourself a time limit. it would probably be a very good thing for you to come out of self-hypnosis and deal with the situation.” That’s the preparation phase of it. so that I can deal with the situation quickly and efficiently. You're ignoring the outside world for awhile and your house catches fire. When you go in. but basically what you're doing at this point is filling your mind up with that suggestion. “What do you mean?” © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www.StreetHypnosis. Step 2: Prehypnotic Suggestions Now you're going to go into the official prehypnotic phase. alert. You create a safety statement where you choose a time. and should at any point during this self-hypnosis procedure something require my attention. At that point.” for example.

That’s fine. you just allow yourself to drift. just like when you’ve had a really busy day or a day with a really dominant theme and you end up going to sleep at night and dreaming about that. Just drift around. or your fifteen minutes are up. It needs to absorb them in its own way. You want to get your mind really around it.68 Make sure that those words represent the entire SMART goal. Some of you will go into self-hypnosis and you'll hit it right on the © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. You may not think that you're thinking about anything at all. a little button that lights up all the associations you have to that. When you fill your mind up with some dominant ideas or dominant theme and you go into self-hypnosis. You'll get a sense that it's time for your eyes to open.com . Just allow yourself to kind of notice where your legs are. It will be very pleasant.StreetHypnosis. so that this is like the dominant idea that is inside your mind as you go into hypnosis. bring yourself back into your body. You may get some other version of this. Take a few deep breaths. You may think about different things. just bring yourself back. It becomes like a little red light. Maybe a little voice will tell you that your ten minutes are up. return. a kind of a daydream about the things that you thought about. everything that goes around. your feet are. Step 4: Drift You may have a kind of hypnotic dream. you will want to have a quick look at your watch to check how long you were in hypnosis. Don’t do anything in particular. Step 3: Induce Trance Then you induce a trance. Then once you're in a trance. that gets activated every time you read the prehypnotic suggestion. Importantly. and you'll probably want to stand up and have a nice big stretch to make sure that everything is back in its normal place. your hands. You want to fill your mind completely with that idea before you begin with hypnosis. Priming Your Inner Clock At this point. Open your eyes. when you get a sense that it's time to return. Step 5: Return Then at the end of the time. Of course. the things that you want to avoid. The key idea is to allow your unconscious mind freedom to express itself and do with the suggestions whatever it wants to. so the same is true in hypnosis. the things that you thought about going in. That’s fine. that dominant idea will be the guiding theme throughout your self-hypnosis session. and that is also fine. I'll describe to you in a moment how you do this. Enjoy the experience. How do you know it's time to return? You'll kind of get a feeling.

You check the time. I'll give you an example of how this works.” 2. What will happen over repetition is that your unconscious mind will begin to hook up clock time with internal time. Since that day I have not used an alarm clock. You'll drift. just by listening to your unconscious mind. tell yourself.69 button.” You read that through. when I first learned this method. I have not used an alarm clock since I think it was 1995. Once you’ve got that experience dominating inside your mind. Then you return. You fill your mind with that experience. “I'm going to go into hypnosis for the next 12 minutes.” whatever. In other words. You will read your card aloud. I just use my unconscious mind and tell it when to wake me up in the mornings. Summary Of The 5 Steps The stages again: 1.com . If at any point in time during this 12 minutes an emergency should arise or some other reason comes that needs my attention on the outside. “Ten minutes.StreetHypnosis. 3. I will instantly wake up feeling refreshed. and you read through and get the full emotion of that. instead of drifting during the trance phase allowing your unconscious mind to do whatever it wants to do. You’re done. twelve minutes. 4. You stretch. Just note the time. That was the time. Some of you will miss on the time. you'll go through the trance process. Really don’t concern yourself about this just now. allowing your unconscious mind to do whatever it wants. You read through over and over again. Then you'll go to your prehypnotic statement. That’s how long it really took. This is how good you can get. alert. Just go. wherever you are. every time that you do this—and let's say you're going to spend 15 minutes in trance—you’ll come back out and exactly 15 minutes will have passed. very accurate. There is a slight alternative to this version. “Uh huh. When you hook up clock time with internal time. you'll do it a little bit too short or a little bit too long. “It is the 12th of February 2050. In other words. ever. and ready to deal with whatever requires my attention. and really focus on the time. along the lines of. That will be a certain amount of you as you try that. you can instead use your visualization at this point to really rehearse the outcome or the skill that © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. relaxed. It can be very. you'll be able to basically tell the time any time of day. create a safety statement and a time statement. Prepare: get a time and place where you'll be left undisturbed. I have a bank account with 50 million dollars in it and I'm very happy. The alternative is.” Next time when you do your preparation phase again.

When you get a sense that your time has run out. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. for example. Use your prehypnotic suggestion. It’s a much more involved method. a method which is going to make it much easier and simpler to go into self-hypnosis.” At that point when you go into the trance. which is a kind of mind training program that you can put yourself through in order to basically achieve all the other things you want out of life. The basic element of the iMethod can be used really easily in order to induce a trance in yourself.com .70 you want to have. the angle of your hips.StreetHypnosis. Like before. You might get the feel. 5. You'll choose a spot on the wall out in front of you which is slightly above eye level. It has a whole bunch of interesting things built into it. you come back out. I have a perfect golf swing. how are you going to actually induce a trance in yourself? The good news is that everything you’ve learned so far still counts. by the way. Very simply. have a quick stretch and check the time on your watch. as with many of the other methods you’ve learned. This method is based on the iMethod. so that your eyes lift up a little bit above the horizontal. everything put in place. so you'll have everything being in perfect alignment. That means all the inductions that you’ve learned about so far can still be used to induce a trance in yourself right now. You repeat it over and over and over again for as long as your time allows. You may only imagine it first in slow motion. How To Go Into Self Hypnosis Track 6 4:38 Now that you understand the procedure. as well. Just make sure that your unconscious mind can hook up clock time with internal time. if you want to improve a certain skill. you begin with eye fixation. How do you do this? The Step by Step Self Hypnosis Method 1. It will work really well. instead of drifting you just imagine all the movements of that golf swing. This is particularly useful. To make things easier for you I'm going to show you one more method. “My golf swing is improving more and more.

6. It will change gears. and rather than visualizing the goal you can just visualize a really pleasant scene like we talked about before. of course in the back of your mind your unconscious mind is working through those prehypnotic suggestions that you’ve created. As your vision expands. Like before. The next step is to focus on that spot with utter intensity. At that point you can just simply close your eyes and you’re pretty much in a nice. At the right time I will point your attention down to your breathing and you'll notice that your breathing has changed. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. You have the stress response and the relaxation response for flight or fight. Then you're going to relax all the muscles in your eyes to the point where your vision softens and begins to spread out. When you feel that strain. When you visualize that relaxing scene. the forest or seaside scene. Stretch. just allow the muscles to relax.com . so that you have ripples on a pond spreading out more and more widely.71 2. This is important. You’re activating your peripheral vision. Whereas before. Once it’s beginning to spread out enough. 5. Those are two different parts of neurology. Check the time out and you're pretty much done. You'll begin to see more and more of the room. 3. the relaxation is a great doorway into hypnosis. as soon as you feel that the moment has come to return. something that you find very relaxing. As you know. when you soften your eyes you begin to see more and more of the things around you. enjoy the sensation.StreetHypnosis. especially the muscles around the eyes will strain to try to get a microscopic focus on that particular spot. As you allow the muscles around your eyes to relax. You're going to fix your attention on a spot on the wall. You'll find that you'll begin to strain a little bit. comfortable trance state. and relaxation. 4. or if you prefer you can create some lovely visualizations. typically what will happen is that your vision will soften. Focus so intently that you begin to screw up your eyes a little bit and get a little bit of tension in your eyes. you'll notice that your breathing will shift. because your peripheral vision is tied directly to something known as the relaxation response. Now you can drift. If you find drifting not such a pleasant experience you can use your visualizations. when you're concentrating hard you focus down onto that spot. and alert. so by going to peripheral vision you're actually stimulating the relaxation response in you. Allow it to spread out like a pond. relaxed. just bring yourself back refreshed. This is a great sign that the relaxation response has been triggered.

and make you more happy and confident as a person. Begin to make out the minutest details that you are capable of at this point in time. just stop whatever you're doing before you go on to listen. There is no need to make any distinction anymore between one spot or another. Of course the next track is hypnotic. As you feel the muscles around your eyes relaxing you'll notice that your vision tends to expand. like ripples on a pond. Select that point and fix all your attention on that point. to become deeper.72 That’s the method that I'm going to take you through. easy. If you're operating any kind of machinery or driving a car. make it more enjoyable. Really focus your attention on the installation of this self-hypnosis method. you can see more and more of the room. I'm going to invite your attention to different parts of your experience in order to help you to relax even more deeply into hypnosis. Focus all your attention on that point and notice how that brings a little bit of strain into your eyes. I'm going to install that method in you by going through a little hypnotic procedure which is going to start with this method. It's going to help you rest.StreetHypnosis. Just relax your eyes.com . With your eyes closed. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. As that vision continues to expand. and really establish a solid foundation for your ability to use self-hypnosis to achieve any goal that you want. just so you know up front what's going to happen. That prehypnotic process will basically condition you to the self-hypnosis process and make it easier for you. Allow your vision to expand easily and naturally. and achieve your goals. and then is going to go into a deeper hypnotic process inside. In the next track. there is a tendency for your breathing to shift. the walls and the different colors and textures. perhaps the ceiling. Relax the muscles around your eyes. and other things. Self Hypnosis Installation Track 7 20:31 We’re going to begin the installation of the self-hypnosis method using the iMethod. Just make yourself comfortable and select a point on the wall out in front of you. as your vision expands. I'm going to use suggestions along the lines that it's going to help you have fun. Just notice how. as you begin to go into hypnotic experience to master the art of self-hypnosis. more even. Close your eyes and allow that sense of peace and comfort to drift throughout your mind and your body. a little bit above eye level. As soon as you notice your breathing has shifted just close your eyes. and more comfortable. These are the kinds of suggestions I’m going to use. that you can use it every day. to calm down.

and that is tremendously powerful. the skin around your scalp and the top of your head. As you focus. the more you relax. even feel the comfort of relaxation. and your breathing can relax. Self-hypnosis is fun. more and more deeply. It's fun. In your eyes for example. you realize how restful and peaceful self-hypnosis is. and feeling a warm blanket of relaxation. Because your body knows it's good for you. It's a powerful experience that will allow you to rest and recuperate through all the things that have happened in your day. Self-hypnosis is healthy. Your goals can be achieved more easily when you use self-hypnosis to focus your attention. and open your mind to the power of self-hypnosis. the muscles around your eyelids and feel them relax. relaxing your ribs. Self-hypnosis is an enjoyable and comforting experience. It will help you become more confident as a person. so that in a few minutes of hypnosis you'll have the experience of having rested as well and comfortably as an entire nighttime of sleep. Self-hypnosis is not just easy but thoroughly enjoyable. more © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. attracting them like a magnet attracts iron filings.73 Pay attention to the top of your head. You can enjoy looking forward to your daily practice of self-hypnosis. As the muscles around your eye relax. fun. As you relax the top of your head you can realize that hypnosis and self-hypnosis is easy. your ribs.StreetHypnosis. a time to let good things come to you. letting go of all the stress and tension.com . focus your attention on your eyes. I would like you to focus on your ribcage and your breathing. As you pay attention to this part of your head you'll notice that it's easy to relax the top of your head. healthier. more and more enjoyably. a time to prepare the future. a good. As you feel that relaxation. and happier. your entire chest area. Notice how your chest. your shoulders begin to relax more and more comfortably. Anything that can be improved in your life can be improved quicker. You can hear and notice all kinds of things and that just helps you to focus inside. I would like for you to realize the sounds around you really aren’t important. Just focus your attention now on your shoulders. The deeper you go. and totally enjoyable. a time to recharge your batteries. The sound of my voice will be with you and help you to relax even more comfortably. Self-hypnosis is good for you. you can relax all the way down into hypnosis. As you feel more and more comfortable. confident feeling can grow inside you because in self-hypnosis you're talking directly to your unconscious mind. It gives you a tremendous amount of rest and ability to recuperate. Self-hypnosis is easy. of comfort and ease descending upon you. you'll begin to find yourself practicing self-hypnosis on a daily basis. because your mind knows it's good for you and because your unconscious mind knows that self-hypnosis is good for you. relaxing your breathing. calm. As you continue to drift ever deeper into a more comfortable state of hypnosis.

Through hypnosis you can become happier and more confident and become happier as a person. because your body is so relaxed. and your lower back. Now pay attention to your thighs and the upper portion of your legs. limp. very tranquil. Pay attention to your arms. Already you’ve achieved one important goal. Now you're going deeper and deeper. Resilient people achieve their goals more easily. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. of looking forward to using self-hypnosis in your own life. enjoy it daily. heavy. You can take that ease and memorize it thoroughly. sinking down. You'll find this inner peace and tranquility every single time that you go into selfhypnosis. Find your way back to it any time you want or need to. more and more relaxed. you're revitalizing. which means that your confidence grows on a day by day basis. Pay attention to your lower legs. more and more comfortable. and at ease. Because selfhypnosis is so easy. and looking forward to your next opportunity to experience self-hypnosis once again. overcome any problem. The whole lower portion of your body can relax just as completely. Self-hypnosis is easy. becoming full of energy. and look forward to your next opportunity to practice self-hypnosis again. a wonderful feeling. Pay attention to your lower abdomen. achieve what you want. just as easily. your calves. using selfhypnosis as a force for good in your own life. just as comfortably as everywhere else. you can enjoy a tremendous sense of excitement.74 easily. Your unconscious mind will take your prehypnotic suggestions. because self-hypnosis is so much fun. rewarding. Feel your thighs relaxing as I take you deeper and deeper into a very pleasant. Right now you’re feeling deeply relaxed. Feel your arms relaxing. lead a happy. As you're relaxing so comfortably. which is why you can practice self-hypnosis daily. Self-hypnosis is deeply enjoyable. So you can use self-hypnosis to achieve all the things that you want. you're recovering your vitality. your unconscious mind is learning that in self-hypnosis you learn to relax and become more comfortable as a person.StreetHypnosis. and allow these to relax thoroughly. Self-hypnosis helps you achieve your goals more quickly and more easily. overcome any problem. very peaceful hypnotic trance. and respond to them. you might find yourself doing it every day. Self-hypnosis is fun. which means you become more resilient to life. in which your unconscious mind begins to acquire mastery over this self-hypnosis process. Because you're feeling so wonderful right now. comfortable. In self-hypnosis you can program your unconscious mind to do what you want. and successful life. your hips. loose and relaxed. Achieve any goal. your regular hypnotic suggestions. your visualizations. and your feet.com . As your calves and your feet relax thoroughly. and with greater fun and amazing results using the power of self-hypnosis. happier and more confident.

deeper. the perfect level of relaxation in order for your unconscious mind to program in and permanently acquire the skill of self-hypnosis for you to use in your whole life. but by looking at the spot on the wall slightly above eye level. ready to deal with the situation. so that by the time I come to the count of one you'll be at the perfect level of hypnosis. Then you can allow yourself to drift through a pleasant. One. Two. You're going to break out your prehypnotic suggestions and read through them five. You read through your prehypnotic suggestions to fill your mind up and you fix your attention on a point just slightly above eye level until you feel a slight tension. ten. allow that to continue and your breathing will shift. anytime that you want to go into hypnosis for the purposes of self-hypnosis. “I'm going to go into self-hypnosis.” If there is an emergency or some other reason for you to come out of hypnosis. I'm going to count from five down to one. This is all possible through the power of self-hypnosis. as deep as you are now. and look at your watch. focusing all your attention until you feel some tension in your eyes. deeply relaxed. hypnotic. Four. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. It’s as simple as that. or deeper still. alert. and tranquil experience. you will do so instantly after preparing yourself. “If at any point during this time something should happen on the outside that requires my attention. When you return you'll stand up. learn things more quickly. or visualize a scene before returning at the right time. relaxed. Then as you relax your eyes. deep into hypnosis. relaxed. You prepare yourself by setting a time and making a safety statement. so that your unconscious mind can connect your clock time with your inner time. and with each number between five and one you're going to go ten times more deeply relaxed. Ready now: five. Ready to master the self-hypnosis process because from this day forward. You're going to choose a time and a place where they are free from distractions. feel going deeper. Three. Just close your eyes and go deep.75 become more creative. twelve times.StreetHypnosis. your unconscious mind preparing to absorb the self-hypnosis process. you're going to begin by preparing yourself. however often seems right to fill your mind with the idea of the prehypnotic suggestion. ten times deeper into hypnosis. deep hypnosis. Then you're going to go into trance. deeper. all the way down into a comfortable. amazing hypnotic experience.com . stretch.” and you insert the amount of time. making the time and safety statement. and you'll feel your breathing shifting. and deeper. I will awaken instantly feeling refreshed. You'll decide on how long you want to go into self-hypnosis and then you'll tell yourself. the time that you determined during the preparation stage. allowing your vision to expand into peripheral vision.

in a moment I'm going to count from one to five. When your breathing shifts. your breathing is beginning to shift. You'll get up and stretch. Go back to the previous track and listen to it several times. your feet. alert. your vision expanding like ripples on a pond until you feel your breathing shifting. It's easy to remember. simply fantastic. If you have time. allow your sensations to come back to your hands. coming up slowly. Every time you go into self-hypnosis it will be easier to use self-hypnosis. At the count of five you'll come back out of trance feeling refreshed. and it's fun to go through life using self-hypnosis. or visualize a goal or a skill. The way you can basically condition yourself to be able to use self-hypnosis constantly is very simple. so that your unconscious mind gets used to the habit and the way of doing it. simply fantastic. simply close your eyes and allow yourself to drift through the hypnotic experience. Your breathing will come back to normal. maybe twice a day. and you can look forward to using self-hypnosis on a daily basis to improve yourself and enjoy all the benefits that self-hypnosis has to offer. feeling more alert. or visualize a calming scene. alert. Look at the clock so that you can check and coordinate clock time with inner time.com . When it's time for you to return you'll know. Take a few moments to orient yourself. Now. That induction allowed you to install the selfhypnosis process inside of yourself. all the normal sensations. relaxed. reinvigorating yourself. Self Hypnosis Debrief Track 8 1:41 Congratulations and welcome back. You'll feel refreshed. maybe once a day. alert. Let them soften. Now self-hypnosis has been installed in the unconscious level. relaxed. Two. You'll open your eyes feeling refreshed. Your eyes will open up. knowing that selfhypnosis has been induced at the deepest unconscious level. Each time just allow your mind to go to that special calm. relaxed.76 Then you relax your eyes. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. relaxed. and congratulate yourself for having installed self-hypnosis successfully at the unconscious level. At the count of five your eyes will open up. It will be more fun and more enjoyable. Ready now: one. knowing that you have self-hypnosis and you can find your way back to it any time you want. alert. and tranquil state. simply fantastic. Four. relaxed. Three.StreetHypnosis. and five. and you'll bring yourself back by reanimating your body. open your eyes feeling refreshed. simply fantastic. It's easy to do. So as I count from one to five you will become more and more alert.

ready to deal with the situation in hand.77 As you do this. I would like for you to go on to the next track. roughly in time with when they will happen. That’s right. I'll be silent for a few minutes to give you a chance to read through them a few times. and you'll still be able to go into hypnosis any time you want or need to. of course. just go on to the next track and see how far you can go under your own steam.StreetHypnosis. Eventually you can even let go of the following track. Then when you think you’ve found it. This way you kind of wean yourself off the main induction and you begin to slowly go under hypnosis under your own steam. How To Do Self Hypnosis By Yourself On the next track I'm going to basically give you the beginning part of that process again. ”If at anytime during the course of this hypnosis session you should need to come back and be fully alert for an emergency. or if someone else needs your attention. tell yourself how long you want this hypnotic session to last. without the ending. you'll come back instantly feeling refreshed. in other words when you have been guided through it a few times and you're kind of familiar with the territory. You. Very good. “This hypnotic session is going to last five minutes. whenever you want to. Just make yourself comfortable and begin the preparation phase for self-hypnosis.” let's say. Choose a spot above eye level and focus your attention on it until you feel sudden tension. The Self Hypnosis Live Practice Assistant Track 9 2:48 This is the live assistant to help you on your steps to using self-hypnosis by yourself. Now pick up your prehypnotic suggestions on a piece of paper and read through them a few times. In other words. This time. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. Then remind yourself of the safety statement. instead of guiding you all the way through I'm just going to point out the steps of the process. As soon as you have a little bit of experience with the installation induction. just pause this recording for a while and start it up again as soon as you're ready to begin with the induction. make yourself comfortable. the one that I've got for you.” Very good. Now relax your eyes until you can begin to see more and more of the room. [silence] Very good. alert. relaxed.com . the actual experience of hypnosis will be conditioned inside of you and make it easier for you to find again. Now if you should need more time to read through your prehypnotic suggestions. end up doing the steps in the process this way. To begin the induction.

until you're ready to bring yourself back out. However. you should know what it's like to be asleep. You're looking for a receptive mind. If that happens. I would say try to practice at least once a day. how do you practice? How often do you do it and when and where do you do it? When & Where To Practice The simple answer to this is you can practice as often as you like. How To Practice Self Hypnosis Track 10 3:17 If you have followed this program step by step up to this point. Stay Alert Remember the key thing is that you remain kind of alert as you drift through this trance. of course—well. don’t concern yourself with it. not a mind that’s asleep. and go up to no more than three sessions a day. © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. It feels good and it's very comfortable. Just remember to be more aware. You can spend longer if you want. If you decide you want to do that. and remind yourself in the preparation how long you wish to take. When you're asleep.com . Now you have everything you need in order to be able to achieve all the different goals and use the power of selfhypnosis in your own life. maybe do some in the morning. How long should the session be? I would say spend at least five minutes. where nothing is really important. maybe at lunchtime. When your mind is receptive you're kind of aware of things. The only question that remains is. once you hit three sessions per day you kind of hit diminishing returns.78 Continue to relax your eyes until you begin to sense your breathing shifted. and in the evening. Always choose the time ahead of time. half an hour or an hour. and go into as long as fifteen minutes if you want. but really five to fifteen minutes is an ideal time.StreetHypnosis. then by now you will have installed self-hypnosis at an unconscious level and even practiced going into selfhypnosis. really. following the rough guide in the previous track. You do not want to be falling asleep and waking up an hour or so later. and then just simply close your eyes and continue the rest of the hypnotic process by yourself. Pay attention to that breathing. but it's sort of a detached state where nothing really matters.

End Of CD Track 11 2:22 This is the end of CD Three and with it is the end of this program. If you're an evening person. the same environment—the more the unconscious mind kind of gets used to the ritual.PowerSelfHypnosis. and you really can't say what time you'll have spare to do self-hypnosis. then come and have a look at my home study course called “The Power of Self-Hypnosis for Guaranteed Results. when we just do it.com It's all one word. These are two times that will always be set in your life. the same time. Perhaps you're at your freshest in the evening.79 Practice Regularly The final idea that I want to leave you with is the idea of practicing regularly. That’s the perfect time to do it. all I have left to do is to wish you all the best success in using the power of hypnosis in your own life. If you liked the things you discovered here and would like to explore the power of self-hypnosis more deeply.” and I hope that you enjoyed learning these fascinating skills as much as I did.StreetHypnosis. Perhaps you're at your freshest in the morning when you get up. Perhaps it doesn’t really matter what time of day you do it. and then it doesn’t matter. sometimes come in early. no matter how crazy your schedule is. You'll always be going to bed at some point and you'll always be getting up at some point. If you’ve got a crazy schedule where you sometimes come in late. the unconscious mind is a creature of habit and the more you can create a habit—the same place. or live and in person. Perhaps we'll have the chance to meet again on another audio seminar. the two times which are ideal to choose will be just after you wake up and just before you go to bed. I would like to thank you for accompanying me on this journey through “The Secrets of Street Hypnosis. in which case I would strongly suggest that you still pick a time and do it at the same time every day. You see. I want to wish you great success in your use of Street Hypnosis. It's better to do five minutes a day every day than that you save it all up into maybe half an hour over the weekend or an hour once a month. Until then. With these thoughts.com . © 2008 Street Hypnosis – http://www. One way to achieve this is to choose a time of day that you do it.” You'll find all the details on my Web site: www. do it then. So five minutes a day of regular practice is the best.

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