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This document contains the web site specifications for mChek Bangladesh.

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Select the merchant and Pay .Content Home Top revolving flash with: Access USSD services on your phone Register with your mobile at the Bank.

The mChek mobile POS uses the merchant s existing mobile phone for rapid expansion of the merchant network. Insurance premiums with the use of an S S. such as Western Union. In fact.he c es e v ey s s The e y e s c s he ys he c es he e c s e The y se he e hone o make a payment anytime. It directly helps reduce cash-usage. without disclosing payment account credentials to the merchant.he-c u er (OTC) pay e : mChek enables a privacy-protected. without disclosing payment account credentials. The mChek mobile ATM uses the merchant s existing mobile phone for rapid expansion of the merchant network. It directly benefits the reach for banking points. creating greater value and loyalty with retailers. Satellite TV. M bile Rechar e a d bill pay e : The mChek platform delivers capability of Easy mobile recharge. works with all financial instruments (credit/debit/prepaid cards) and is applicable across merchant categories to give the consumer the convenience and enhanced security of mobile payments. Ca h i /Ca h Ou : mChek enables cash in and cash out same as at an ATM in a privacy-protected. Re ailer ki k ervice : mChek services can be deployed for end-user usage on a low-cost kiosk for use by Telco or other retailers. is handset independent. M ey Tra fer: mChek can enable its users to transfer money to any participating bank account for domestic or cross-border money transfer. mobile bill payment and other utility bills like electricity. mChek can also be integrated into other money transfer platform s. The The mChek mobile payment solution is unique in the sense that it works across telecom operators. any he e struck us as a solution that th consumer is waiting to e discover. ¦ §£ ©   © ©§¨ ©  © ¦ © £ ¨¦ §£ &   ©  £   ©  ©  ©¨ ¨ ¥ ¤£ £  ©§ ¨£¦    ©§  © ¨   ¨  ©  ©¨ £ ©¨§¦ ¥ ¤£   %$" # %$" # % " ! $ % % $" %" % " % $ " $ ¢¡ Pr duc   . fraud-free transaction at Over-the-Counter merchants. mChek is one of 4 global mobile payment firms (and the only one from India) to be selected by Western Union for its Digital Vendor Program. fraud-free transaction during over-the-counter purchases. Over.

2 certified for credit card security and is approved by Visa. To get a detailed view of all your mChek transactions. all without sharing your personal financial information with anyone. Can my bank information be tampered with? No.mChek is the first company to be PCI DSS 1. post -paid mobile bills. 4. How do I ensure that my credit card is not used without my authorization? Each time you make a payment. Gas Bill etc. mChek transactions will appear just as any other transaction would. Telephone Bill. . What is mChek? mChek is a safe new way to make payments using your mobile phone.mChek stores y bank information our in a certified secure data center which is as secure as the database of a bank. through your mobile phone and Cash in and Cash out at mChek outlets. your bank card information cannot be tampered with. 7. 2. insurance premiums. How will mChek transactions appear in my credit card statement? In your bank statement. money transfers.FAQ 1.mChek will not process the transaction if the PIN entered is incorrect. utility bill payments (like Water Bill. Electricity Bill. movie tickets. Also all pages in mChek's online registration process are protected by best in class encryption technology. flight tickets. money transfer or cash in/out using mChek you will be requested to authenticate the transaction by entering your 6 digit mChekPIN number on your mobile phone.) & transact on e-commerce websites. 6. How does mChek work? mChek links your mobile phone to your bank account credit or debit card allowing you to make payments. Is mChek safe? Every transaction using mChek must be authorized from your mobile phone using the 6 digit mChekPIN that you set yourself on your phone and hence is known to nobody else. your account will be blocked and the card data will be deleted preventing any further transactions to avoid misuse. 3. You will be able to access your bank at the nearest corner store for cash in and cash out. Why should I get mChek? mChek is the safest way to pay from your mobile phone and is convenient. MasterCard and by leading banks. Now you can securely pay for your prepaid mobile phone connection. in other words it is tamper proof. 5. Your account will be used to make the payment only after you enter the 6 digit pin. After 3 incorrect attempts.

USSD and SMS which is available on all . To get the mChek application. please send a mail to support@mchek. but operator charges will be applicable. mChek works using only voice. your phone is lost 11. What should I do if my mobile phone is lost? In case of phone-loss. Contact operator to deactivate your SIM and report phone loss to concerned authorities as you would do normally b. 10. Do I need to have GPRS or 3G service on my mobile to use mChek? GPRS. What happens to my mChek account when I get a new mobile phone with the same phone number? You can continue using the same account on your new phone if you have the same mobile number. What happens to my mChek account when I change my mobile number? Please send an email to support@mchek. Send an email to support@mchek. EDGE and 3G services are not needed to use mChek. with your mobile number to download mChek to your new handset. Will I be charged for SMS or USSD communications? mChek does not charge for any stating that. kindly contact your mobile operator to know your SMS tariff. a.For security reasons your account will be de-activated (deleted) and you will have to register your bank with your new mobile number. with details of the change.

notification and payments solution. Kamrul Islam (Managing Director). He ac quired adequate management (( 0 ) ' ( . Additionally. He is associated with Satview Development Ltd (Real Estate Developer).Abou mChek The vision of the company and its founders was to augment everyone s financial universe by creating a mobile payment platform that could make and receive payments securely and instantly over any distance. SMG Holdings. He served as Sr. He is the Director of Satview Cable Network (Cable TV MSO). mChek's PCI/DSS 1. general purpose. TV & VAS Content provider).2). mChek has its 60+ member Research and Development team in Bangalore. ME and Malaysia. and one that does not change. aged 42 years. the 2nd largest private sector bank of Bangladesh). making adoption and overall usage by all constituents simple. India. mChek Bangladesh is an Exclusive Licensee of mCHQ Inc. mChek s solutions have been certified as meeting the security and transaction integrity requirements of Visa International. Ltd. India. Europe. provides a patent-pending. mCHQ Inc. Board of Direc or Mr. He is a qualified Banker & Entrepreneur. authorization. but rather works with and integrates into the existing infrastructure. Execu ive Commi ee Mr. is a Director of the company. VP & Secretary of UCB (United Commercial Bank. SMG Agro (Agro & Sea Food processor). The high capacity data center has 365x24x7 monitoring and is capable of processing over thirty six transactions per second. mChek s solutions are architected to be interoperable across banks/ telecom operators/merchants and currencies ensuring support from the lowest-end mobile handsets to high-end handsets/smartphones with uncompromising security that meets or exceeds the guidelines issued by Central Bank (Regulatory Body). (mChek) Caym Island. He setup ATN Bangla TV in UK. Satview News Network (Entertainment News provider to National Daily Newspaper). a an Cayman-based entity. DCN-Digital Cineplex Network (500 Cinema Hall Digitize Project) as Managing Director. mobile based secure authentication. aged 70 years. He was Director of Govt. mChek India Payment Systems Pvt. He is the Director of SatNet Singapore Pte Ltd (Satellite TV content & capacity Provider) and U-Media SDN. SMG Infocom (VAS & Digital Technology Provider). scalable linearly. of Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB). and a 20+ member Support and Operations team in Mumbai. The company s solutions have been audited and certified by Ernst and Young and SISA Information Security Pvt Ltd as complying with several international standards including ISO 27001 (previously BS 7799) as well as the Payment Card Industry s Data Security Standards (PCI DSS / 1.2 and ISO-27001 certified data-center operations are hosted at the Secure Data Center in Mumbai. Satview Media (Entertainment. One of the key design imperatives of the team was to conceive a product that is in keeping with times. BHD (Provider of First Bangla Mobile TV with Digi Telecom Malaysia).KhandokarHabiburRahman. He is Director of Purabi Insurance Company Ltd. is an experienced and successful business man. India. with its operating company.

is a Director of the company.capabilities which might be of good use to the venture. aged 49 years. ShamimHasan (Rtd). Lt. He is a very hard working and energetic man which makes him successful in business venture. He served as GM and Head of Marketing of Channel-1 TV. Col. He is retired Army person and a successful business man. He is Director of Swarma House (Italian cuisine Restaurant Chain in Bangladesh) and MD & CEO of Buyers & Glory-dale Bangladesh Fashion House. .

bd For marketing related enquiries: email to: Registered Office: .com. Email: support@mchek.Contact Us mChek Technical Support: Phone:+880 22 4005. Email: For queries: 1800 102 1033 (toll free) or+880 22 For career related enquiries: Email your resume to:

In the event you continue to avail the If you do not agree to any modifications. for the 3. with its registered office at _______________________________________ its affiliates. it will be deemed that you agree to abide by the amended terms and conditions.1 3. y y 3. to transfer money from your account to another account. means that you accept and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. based on the details of the credit/ debit card provided by you at the time of registration. If the mChek PIN is incorrect. and assigns. Availing the mChek Services (as defined below).3 3. to effect financial and money transfer transactions through the mobile phone as well as through kiosks.htm. if the Merchant accepts payments via the mChek payment system. Acceptance of Terms of Use for mChek Services 1. credit/debit card issuer or the Merchant. You authorise the Merchant to debit your nominated credit/ debit card. Definitions 2. successors. to avail the mChek Services is correct to the best of your knowledge. mChek may in its sole discretion alter.2 to make payment of bills raised by a person selling goods or providing services ( Merchant ) for the purchase of such goods or services.4 . licensees. please do not avail the mChek Services.2 2. Your Obligations 3. . debit card and other financial instruments. you will be responsible for any additional fees and charges levied by either your Bank.mchek.2 3. List of Merchants who accept mChek is available at http://www. you should discontinue availing the mChek Services (other than those which have already been availed by you prior to such modifications). mChek Services shall include services to enable you: y 2. unless otherwise specified by mChek. it may result in your bill remaining unpaid.1 Please read these terms and conditions carefully.1 You may avail the mChek Services to pay a bill by credit card. In that event. group companies. You agree that all information provided by you to mChek. In case you do not agree to abide by these terms and conditions. You are responsible for correctly entering the mChek PIN.Terms and Conditions 1. 1.1 mChek shall mean and include mChek Bangladesh Limited. add or delete these terms and conditions from time to time without any prior notice which shall come into effect automatically.

taxes and fees. If mChek or the Merchant believes the transaction effected using the mChek Services to be incorrect. incur charges: a. user accounts. mChek Rights and Obligations 6. overburden.7 3. 3. your bill will remain payable to the Merchant. through hacking. The charges shall be intimated to you through a message on your mobile phone provided to mChek at the time of registration. current and complete information about yourself to the mChek Customer Service when you receive the phone call at the time of registration for mCheck services. As applicable by the Merchant for mChek service and such other charges specified by the Merchant. accurate. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any services. 6. 3. As applicable by the Bank for service fees. as well as government duties.1 mChek is entitled to record any communications between mChek and you and any such recording may be used as evidence in any proceedings or disputes involving mChek or its partners including Merchants for fraud or recovery related cases. or impair mChek s servers or networks. or SMS instructions from the mobile shall be treated as communication in writing.6 3.8 4. password mining or any other means. You may not use mChek Services to engage in any illegal activities. computer systems or networks. You also warrant that you are entitled to use the credit/ debit card for such payments. You may. You may not use the mChek Services in any manner that could damage. Your Charges mChek will not charge you for individual bill payment transactions made using the mChek Services. In such circumstances. however. b.5 It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient credit is available on your credit/ debit card account to permit the payment your bill. unauthorized or fraudulent. 5. mChek is authorized to execute instructions given by you ( the User ) through whatever means including but not limited to SMS. devices. mChek however reserves the right to impose applicable charges on you for the mChek Services. Web or through mobile provided the same has been authenticated by use of the mChek PIN or through other mechanisms that can be 6. Each party waives any right it may have to challenge any such communication on the basis that it was prepared or sent or received in electronic form. Communications sent by means of e-mail. disable.2 . Registration Information You agree to provide true. mChek or the Merchant can reverse the payment.settlement of bills as selected by you.

mChek is entitled to set limits on your transaction value from time to time without providing any prior notice of the same. copies of such information and documents concerning its business and financial position as mChek may request.2 While routing funds through mChek for the purpose of either registration or other transactions.3 You acknowledge that mChek may be subject to regulations and obligations with respect to detection. any other category or generally applicable. you undertake and agree in connection therewith: 8. where any User is located.used to identify you including mobile number. Accordingly.3. at all times. and / or other service provider to mChek is located including.4 6. Representations. bank. comply with all applicable laws including but not limited to the laws relating to money laundering.5 7. 8.3 mChek shall not be liable to you (a) for any Loss incurred by you arising from or due to breakdown of an equipment. 8. 8.1 You have the complete authority to accept and agree to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. You agree to be liable for all monies due and liabilities incurred arising from instructions given.1 to fully cooperate with mChek and to provide all information requested by mChek from time to time with regard to you and all transactions executed through mChek in order to enable and assist mChek in discharging its obligations under the applicable laws and practices in any jurisdiction where mChek conducts business. 6. financial account number etc. operator. This limit on your transaction value may be specific to a Merchant. but not limited to. or (b) any breach of mChek's obligations towards you caused by or arising from any of the foregoing events. mChek is hereby entitled to analyse your transaction information from time to time for the purpose of providing you updates with respect to mChek services and facilities. you shall.3. Data Protection For information about mChek s data protection practices. disclosure and prevention of money laundering. delay in the transmission or wrongful interception of any instruction through any equipment or system. credit/debit card. 8. including any equipment or system own ed and/or operated by or for mChek. please read mChek s privacy policy made available to you along with these terms and conditions. account. and to give mChek any instructions from time to time. 6. Warranties and Undertakings You hereby represent. warrant and undertake that: 8.2 mChek may discontinue or suspend providing any further mChek Services to you if mChek has a reason to believe that you have been engaged in the commission of .

4 The representations. (B) any organization which provides any services to mChek in connection with the financial services provided by mChek.any fraud or unlawful activity. administrator or legal representative. (D) other financial institutions. including any banks. law enforcement agencies and courts. government agencies.5 that mChek shall have no liability to you for any disclosure of User information as provided for in this Clause. 8.4 that mChek may disclose any User information to (A) any investigative agencies or other persons which may assist mChek in complying with anti money laundering or regulatory obligations. and mChek will incur no liability to you for such discontinuance or suspension of mChek Services. warranties and undertakings in Clause 8 shall apply for any and all instruction given to mChek from time to time.3. executor.3. 8.3. . and (E) User's authorized agent.3 that mChek may use any User information to prevent or investigate any fraud or unlawful conduct. (C) regulatory bodies. and 8. including any suspected fraud or unlawful conduct. 8.