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Pakistan State Oil

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Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

In the field of refined petroleum products. 54 million per day. 18. large size projects and industrial establishments falling in private and public sector in Pakistan. Caltex and other petroleum companies shares the rest.72 bn for approximately Rs. PSO has the proud privilege of serving many prestigious. it is also the largest Pakistani enterprise having an annual turnover of more than Rs. PSO (Pakistan State Oil) is a familiar name known to every consumer and potential consumer of the petroleum industry. LPG. Being the largest petroleum marketing company. But the PSO’s product line is not limited to fuel alone.INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPANY When it comes to fuel. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . distributing and marketing company of Pakistan. in fact it has a distinct level. PSO is the largest storage. In the petroleum sector the market share of PSO is 76% while Shell. chemical and lubricating oil.

Date of Operation Dec 30 onwards Pakistan State Oil Company from Dec 30 onwards has operated under this name slowly and gradually penetrated the market eventually becoming the market leader in petroleum industry. Merger Dec 13 1976 The government merged PNO and POCL into SOCL and named it Pakistan State Oil Limited. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . Purchase Decision Sept 15 1976 The government purchased ESSO undertaking and vest the same in SOCL. Date of Incorporation June 3 1974 The government incorporated “petroleum storage development corporation” (PSDC) Date of Renaming Aug 23 1976 The government decided to change the name of PSDC to State Oil Company Limited (SOCL).COMPANY PROFILE Date of Establishment Jan 1 1974 Federal government took over management of PNO (Pakistan National Oil) and DPL (Daw Petroleum Limited) under marketing petroleum products (federal controlled) at 1974.

which recognize and rewards performance. • Lowest cost operations and assured access to long-term and cost effective supply sources. • Highly ethical. • Sustained growth in earning in real term. high quality. based on: • Professionally trained. motivated workforce. environment friendly and socially responsible business practices. and provides for personal growth and development. working as a team in an environment.VISION STATEMENT “To excel in delivering value to customers as an innovative and dynamic energy company that gets to the future first” MISSION STATEMENT We are committed to leadership in energy market through competitive advantage in providing the highest quality petroleum products and services to our customers. safe. innovation and creativity. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Managing Director Executive Director (1) Executive Director (2) 3 GMs Marketing 2 GMs Finance GM Training & Development GM Logistics Retails Industrial Brand Consumer Mgmt Audit Shares Senior Mangers Managers Senior Executives Executives Senior Officers Officers Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

Personnel 2.HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Pakistan State Oil Limited has a Human Resource Department which is considered to be a back bone of the whole organization. Ever department has to go through the procedures set by the HR department. Industrial Relations PSO’s personnel department carries on the following responsibilities and processes  Recruitment  Selection  Promotion  Compensation  Resignation  Disciplinary actions  Transfers  Terminations  Reference letters  Checks  Custodian of information  Planning implementation Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . PSO’s HR department has divided into two parts: 1.

 Non-Management staff  Contractors  Union  Drivers  Out sought There are numbers of activities human resource department performs. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .The industrial relations department deals with the following processes and responsibilities. But we will be concentrating on the following activities:  Recruitment  Selection  Training and Development We will be discussing the following activities in detail as how does the human resource department of Pakistan State Oil Limited implement these processes. which we have discussed earlier.

Three aspects that are related to PSO’s recruiting procedure. which is. includes  The HR department as whole. it is the beauty of the HR to decide whether the recruit can be found from within the organization by a transfer or a promotion or external recruit are to be hired.  The Publics Relations department. Now. management The procedure starts when the concerned department informs the HR department that it requires a recruit. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . For this purpose the seniors give a brief introduction of the recruiting policies were clearly mentioned.  The concerned department. The role of the publics relations department in this process is that they place an advertisement in the classified sections of the leading newspapers of the country. if an external recruit is to be considered for the vacancy.RECRUITMENT The personnel department of PSO firstly clarified the facts regarding their recruiting procedures.

Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .  Step 1: Receiving applications  Step 2: Screening of applications according to the following criteria’s o Fresh graduates or masters (depending upon the requirement of a particular job). o Applicants who have not applied before.  Step 11: person joins in as a Trainee. In this process those applicants are identified to suit the best for the required job. for a period of two years. o The applicants should hold a degree from a UGC recognized university or college  Step 3: Selected applicants employment tests are conducted  Step 4: 1st interview of the test passed applicants  Step 5: References and background checks  Step 6: The results are send to the selection committee that decides. The human resource department of PSO performs the following steps. comes the process of selection. whether to keep the selected applicants or not.  Step 8: Final interview  Step 9: Job offer  Step 10: Sign different papers for formalities.SELECTION After the process of recruitment.  Step 7: If the committee approves the applicants than a medical test is conducted.

Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

in which the employees participate. It helps the department to find best quality institutes at reasonable rates by comparing institutes with each other. Training Resource Assessment This includes short listing of the institutes available for training. It includes a detailed timetable of courses offered and it is revised every year. The department makes arrangement for both management course and Information Technology courses in order to keep pace with the competitive market. throughout the year there are training programs. which includes schedule of training and it is usually spread through the inter office memorandum. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . Before the existence of this department training was only given to senior employees. Training in PSO is a never-ending cycle. Training needs are identified through the following ways: Training needs analysis Performance appraisal Management request Questionnaires Voluntarily      Budget After assessment it’s the duty of training department to manage courses in the given budget.TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Pakistan State Oil Limited. human resource department encourages employees to take training for their existent job requirements and for the future needs. Training Calendar This is a very important stage. The budget is allocated to the department at the begging of the year.

budget. resources and schedule. which help company to evaluate their learning. Management can always ask training department to revise the spiral if they find any clash. Finally training department will send employees for the desired training courses. This presentation includes all the gathered information about the courses. PSO has established a training program with NCR for training all the employees for I. Trained employees may be required to sit in a test or interview. responses of the trained employees are recorded on the evolution sheet. This help to determine the success of the training course. Implementation Implementation will take place in this step. Like for e.T program. Trainings techniques used at PSO are following:       In-House (PSO House) Off-Campus of PSO House Out of Station Job Rotations Counseling sessions Lectures/presentation Pakistan Petroleum Limited Pakistan State Oil .Presentation & Revision This stage includes a formal presentation to the upper management for the final decision. Evaluation After training.g. Training Resources  In house training sessions  Sessions conducted by outside agencies  Training abroad Training helps the employees to enhance their skills and performance and to meet the ever-growing technology.

 Education Refund Policy Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

The company has a staff of about 2051 employees with about 414 qualified technical staff in the fields of engineering. safety and environment protection. The wide area Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . PPL has well established IT department and all staff in the head offices has access to computers and re interconnected through local area network. The company’s hold operatorship of major oil and gas fields including Sui. 1949 with the main objective of conducting exploration. Miano. computer and earth sciences.Vision Statement Our vision is to maintain PPL’s position as the premier producer of hydro carbons in the country and at the same time make a strategic transition to become an internal company exploiting oil and gas resources beyond the borders of Pakistan. Company Profile PPL. the oldest and largest exploration and production company in the country was incorporated on the 5th June 1950 subsequent to the promulgation of the Pakistan petroleum production rules. resulting in value addition to share holders investment and to there nation as a whole. The company’s exploration portfolio includes operated and non operated joint ventures intend onshore blocks and two offshore blocks. while its non operated portfolio includes interest in the Qadirpur. PPL inherited all the asset and liabilities of Burma Oil Company (Pakistan’s concessions) limited and commenced business on the 1st July 1952. Sawan and Tal fields. Kandhkod and Adhi. Mission Statement Our mission is to optimize the hydro carbon production and pursue an aggressive exploration program in the most efficient manner in the local as well as international horizon through the team of professionals utilizing the latest developments in the exploration and production technology and maintaining the highest standards of health. development and production of Pakistan’s oil and natural gas resources.

The company has embarked on a process pre engineering and information system management project to optimize the business process and work has also been established connecting PPL’s three major producing fields and regional office in Islamabad with the head office at Karachi. This includes procurement of Industry specific enterprise resource planning solution known as SAP (System application Package). Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

PPL organization structure: Pakistan Petroleum Limited Managing Director General Manager Marketing Senior Managers General Manager Human Resource Senior Executives General Manager Finance Operating Managers Executives First Line Managers Non Managerial Staff Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

Human Resource Management PPL is committed to create a work environment based on transparent employer-employee relationship and endeavors to develop a work force not only satisfied in terms of professional development and compensation but also committed to future development of the company. training and development of the employees. has people equipped to cope with change and meets its legal employment obligation. The main objectives of the Human Resources Department are:  Advising management on human resource policies required to ensure that organization has a highly motivated and high performing workforce.  Personnel  Staff  Employee Relation  Medical and services All of the above departments are engaged in different function. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . Personal section is engaged in recruitment and selection of employees. The human resource department of PPL is subdivided into the following four departments. has a highly motivated and high-performing workforce. Staff section is concerned with the compensation system. Employee relation is engaged in performance management and medical and services section is related with the health issues of the employees.

 Assisting in the development of the company's overall direction and strategy.  Handling crises and difficult relations situations to ensure that they do not get in the way of the organization achieving its objectives.  Providing a communication link between employees and the company’s management. These recruitments are done in a very systematic format Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their application are submitted. Recruitment of work force Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The result is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected. Implementing and maintaining all necessary human resource policies and procedures to enable the company to achieve its objectives.  Acting as a custodian of organizational standards and values in the management of human resources. particularly with regard to human resource implications.

PPL recruits from both internal and external channels. In both cases the recruitments for all the positions are firstly posted internally and then externally.that is. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . first of all the manager of a respective unit for which the recruitment has to be made put a recruitment request through a computerized form which is then instantly communicated to the concerned authorities and the human resource department for approval. All the information required and the details about the personal required is entered in the form and it becomes a matter of click of a mouse for approval of the request for the managers and respective action is taken by the Human Resource Department.

The notifies usually are posted on company bulletin board. which inform employees about openings and required qualification and invite qualified employees to apply. This process is for all but entry level positions. Job posting Program Human resource department become involved when job openings are publicized to employees through job posting programs. Then through self nominations or recommendation of the manager employees who are interested in the posted openings report to the human resource department and apply.Internal Channels The first port of call when considering how to fill a vacancy is from PPL itself which results in boosting the motivation and moral of the employees and at the same time PPL is able to select a personal who is good knowledge of the company and knows the rules and regulations along with his experience in the organization. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .

usually for four month.External Recruits Channel When job openings cannot be filled internally. Universities As the company is engaged in the exploration. Write -Ins Write-Ins are job seekers who send a application to Human Resource department in search of a job. the Human Resource department looks for external potential candidates for the job. Advertisement is normally given to fill the senior posts or for the trainee engineers and other management staff. Advertising If human resource department cannot find a suitable candidate from write-ins then advertising is one form of recruitment which is opted. When ever there is a job opening then first of all these written inquires are sorted out and those job seekers who meet the requirement of the job are called in. development and production of oil and gas its source of its technical human resources is the engineering universities in Pakistan Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . The ad describes the job duties. A common way of advertising is through newspapers. outline minimum job qualification and tell the benefits. Usable applications are kept in an active file until a suitable opening occurs or until an application is too old to be considered valid.

NUST. During the internship the internee is given different tasks to do on his own and proper guidance is provided by the concerned employees when ever needed. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . In this way the company recruits those people who can then easily be trained and be of most use to PPL. PPL normally takes internees during the summer for duration of 6 weeks when there is a very large pool to select from. it has regular contact with engineering Universities like NED. Internship Programs PPL has always welcomed internees from different institutes. Mehran and GIKI which helps in providing a flow of potential employees. Through this program PPL wisely creates a record of the performance of each internee through feedback from the managers and conceders them first before placing an advertisement in the newspaper for recruitment.therefore. Competitors PPL has only one major competitor in Pakistan which is British Petroleum limited as far as the human resources are concerned and unfortunately PPL has been very unsuccessful in recruiting personals from BPL because BPL provides a very high pay scale and benefits to its employees and keeps them satisfied all the time. the HR department selects internees just by evaluating the resume and verbal communication with the institute to which the student belongs to.

The company’s trained staff uses this opportunity to obtain specific information about the applicant’s knowledge. skills. which is vital for providing quality-focused. which helps in hiring the most talented. skills and abilities. PPL also use this time to educate the applicant about the company’s interview process. The interview gives the opportunity to establish a solid employer-employee relation. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . 3. productive associates. intelligent and motivated candidates for the company. Application All applicants are required to complete an employment application containing past work history. A particular department finds out. interest and qualification. Testing and evaluation is a solution process. once an opening the HR department then quickly matches the position requirements to qualified associates by using Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). personal attributes and career goals. 2. For a proper match the company follows this selection process: 1. Evaluation Process PPL’s selection process involves measuring the skill level of applicants. Telephone Interview The telephone interview is the first contact with the applicant. Personal Interview An extensive structured based interview between the applicant and HR official enables the HR department to identify qualification.Selection Process of PPL The company selection process helps in hiring competent and qualified individuals to fill staffing needs. 4.

the interviewer is also required to fill an assessment form soon after the interview is over. internal or external are evaluated and tested on all of today’s leading software packages.Candidates. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . Apart from software packages.

degrees. Usually. Search results include the verification of dates. Employment Verification – HR department obtains references on each applicant before their initial assignment.5. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . The department’s quality assurance is to ensure complete satisfaction and encourage two-way communication. Quality Assurance The aim of any Hr department is to provide the company with the best possible recruit to select. • Credit Report. and or certificates awarded. where the candidates are actually taken to the work environment. only the blood test. reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire. • Medical Screen – The company conducts medical tests. All associates past employers will be contacted to verify dates of employment. new associates are introduced to the company policies and procedures. • Education Verification – The HR. Pre-Employment Screening The following pre-employment screening techniques are conducted to ensure the most accurate and up to date information available. Quality assurance is achieved through status calls. verifies educational and professional certification when required for specific positions.The HR department provides a full credit report to include information on all public filings. • 6. Name given to Realistic Job Previews. 7. Oriental Interview Upon completion of the interview and preemployment screening process. position/title.

Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . etc.confirmation calls. first day calls. and weekly progress calls.

Because the petroleum sector requires very highly trained technical staff who can face any situation and use the latest equipment available therefore it becomes necessary for them to continuously monitor the technological advancements made in the world and prepare there work force to make fullest use of it. Effective training is a crucial element of effective performance. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .Training and Development Training is the planned process to modify attitude. Its purpose in the work situation is to develop the abilities of the individual sand to satisfy the current and future human needs of the company. Whereas training is concerned with equipping staff to carry out their responsibilities to the required standard in the present job. knowledge or skill behavior through learning experience to achieve effective performance in an activity or range of activities. development is concerned with giving individuals the necessary knowledge. skills and experience to enable them to undertake greater and more demanding roles and responsibilities. The main reason for undertaking training is for the organization is to ensure that it is achieving the best possible return from its investment in its most important resource. At PPL training and development of its employees plays a very crucial roll in the functioning of the organization.

Every employee in the company now has his personal computer and are computer Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited .literate. One more factor which leads to continuous development of their employees is that PPL's plan to automate virtually every process and start doing things systematically in which PPL has been very successful. SAP which is the best available Enterprise Resource Planning Package in the market. this change was not made very easily PPL had planned for this a long time a go and slowly started bringing in this change by implementing its state of the art technology.

3 years and now it is in its final stages. This is time period of two years is very crucial for the employee during which he or she is very closely looked after and evaluated. To implement a totally computerized solution requires proper training of the employees to use the system in an effective manner therefore due to the large number of employees a small SAP training program was started with in PPL through which the officials were trained on how to use the SAP software for their respective departments. Technical Staff In the beginning all the technical staff is hired as trainee employees for a minimum period of 2 years during which the employees are given on job training and get acquainted with the work settings. After proper checks the employee is made permanent. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . Similarly out in the field the field engineers are initially hired as trainee employees and are given on field on job training concerning the drilling and exploration of oil and gas. Employees working in the field are given fire extinguishing training and how to manage emergencies.SAP Training Program As mentioned earlier that PPL is now using state of the art enterprise resource planning software know as SAP for totally computerizing every thing from purchase to Human Resource Management. The implementation of this software has been going on for the past 2 .

 LUMS  OGTR  Fauji Fertilizer In addition senior staff members also attend overseas training programs at prestigious training institute. Ahmed was sent for ABAP training. For example Mr. which is a programming language for SAP. Training Budget PPL assigns an annual training and development budget for its employees under which employees are selected on performance bases and recommendation by the manager of the respective unit. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . This is a 5 week course and costs 1. seminars and workshops held both in-house as well as at reputed training institutions of the country.Other Training and Development Programs The staff members are regularly sent on short courses.5 million which is a proof that PPL puts its best efforts in training employees and gives highest priorities to it.

internship programs and educational institutions. both conduct the interview and references and background check. All the other processes are almost similar. the HR manager will himself evaluate the candidate. After the recruiting process is well done. for that they have concentrated a lot on job posting programs and in the similar manner PPL also wants to have recruits within the organization and they also initiate their current employees who are fit for the particular job to apply as an applicant. PSO gives a lot of importance in finding recruits from within the organization. If they are satisfied they start finding the recruits. and is the duty of that person to evaluate the needed skill factors. In PSO there are certain jobs for which they need fresh graduates. Whereas in PPL a written document is presented to the HR manager in which the skill factors are written very clearly. For that screening process is conducted at both the organization because there have been always large numbers of applicants due to their extremely good reputation and goodwill.Comparison between the PSO and PPL Recruitment and Selection: Both the companies almost follow the same general pattern of recruitment. the HR department holds the responsibilities to select the qualified applicants. The reason why it be. On the other hand in PPL job openings are identified by the operating managers and then they will inform the HR managers about it then HR manager checks the validity of the job openings. They also keep a sharp eye on potential employees of their competitors. new job category and cost effectiveness for the company while in PPL they look for fresh graduate only for the first line managers. If job openings are not filled internally PPL finds out external potential candidates through advertising. After screening the pool of applicants a general test is conducted (PSO gives more emphasis on their test). the job opening is identified by the operating managers. In PSO there is a selection committee in which the operating manager of the respective department is involved. Then they’ll inform to the HR manager that they are in need of some recruits for that particular job opening. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . In PSO first.

PSO has recently established a training program with NCR for training the employees for the IT program where as PPL offer SAP training program for totally computerizing every thing from purchase to human resource department. The to be employees are required to sign a bonds paper before the official hiring decision is made by the supervisor. Training & Development Training and Development is a very important process in both the organizations. Pakistan State Oil Pakistan Petroleum Limited . OGTR.Final interview is taken by the immediate supervisor in both the companies and the supervisor takes the hiring decision. In PPL training is concerned with equipping staff to carry out their responsibilities to the required standard in the present job. Fauji Fertilizers. In PSO training is a never ending cycle through out the year. Applicants are first employed as a trainee for two years and then they work as a professional worker. They also sent their employees to well reputed institution of the country such as LUMS. seminars and workshops. there are training programs in which employees participate. The staff members are regularly sent on short courses. where as PSO helps the employees to enhance their skills and performance and to meet the ever growing technology.

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