Volume 1, Issue 3

December 3, 2010

From The Heart
Thank you AFRICOM to becoming a strong Family for making the and effective Family FRG "Movie Day" a Readiness Group. great success. I was very excited to see all the Directorates and Components took part in this event. I would like to send out a very special "thank you" to those AFRICOM family members who donated tickets to the families that were affected by the warehouse fire. Your kindness helped to enhance cohesion and morale, and brought about a sense of belonging to the Command and the Community. I am proud to say we are well on our way Every mile is two in winter. ~ George Herbert~ The Holiday Season is upon us and there are so many beautiful sights to see and fun things to do. So please be safe as you go about your merry way and enjoy all that the season brings. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Tracey Whitfield AFRICOM FRG LEADER

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Santa Claus Sightings Road and Weather Conditions New Years Fire Works Laws Women’s Leadership Forum

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There is a recall on vehicle license plates that start with AD, AF or HK. If you have one of those old plates please turn them in to the registration office on Panzer by December 31 Please check your CMR mailboxes more often from now until the holidays are over. The postal offices have limited space For those of you that live in on-base housing, if a fire alarm goes off in your housing unit you will need to call the Fire Control Center by dialing 117 or the Military Police at 114/116. An alert is not AUTOMATICLLY sent.

FRG News FRG Directorate Reps Holiday Invite Chaplains Holiday Schedule Post Office Hours Community Happenings Important Numbers

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AFRICOM Family Readiness Group
Thank you to all the families who came and supported the AFRICOM FRG Movie Day! ―MEGAMIND‖ was a fantastic movie for the children and the adults. Please join us at our FRG Kickoff Meeting Friday, January 14th at the Kelley Gym from 10 am to 12 pm. If you are interested in becoming a Directorate Representative, this would be a great time to volunteer. The Family Readiness Group is to provide support for the AFRICOM Service Members, Civilians and Family Members. UPDATE: The packages put together for our Service Members in Liberia at the AFRICOM FRG ―Huddle‖ were sent and received. The Service Members were very appreciative and loved the packages. Thank you for all who donated and helped put the packages together.

“Do you know who your Directorate Rep. is?”
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Volume 1, Issue 3

You are cordially invited to attend United States Africa Command Holiday Party at SindelFingen Stadthalle
Saturday, December 18, 2010
Early Bird Discount: €5 off ticket price if purchased before 30 November
O6/GS15 05/GS13 & GS14: E7 thru O-4/GS9 thru GS12 E6 & below/GS8 & below
Cocktails: 1700-1800 Dinner: 1800-1930 Program, Festivities and Music: 1930-2300 Attire: Semi-formal

€ € € €

40 35 30 25

Please see your directorate representative today to purchase your tickets

Please Note: the Directorate Representative for the Holiday Party is not the FRG Directorate Representative. Please ask your Directorate if you do not know your Representative.

US AFRICA Command Family Readiness Group

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Holiday Season 2010: Army Post Office Hours
15 Nov – 18 Dec 10 Patch Mon – Wed and Fri Thursday Saturday* Panzer Mon - Fri Saturday* Kelley Mon - Fri 0900-1600 1000-1700 1100-1500 1000-1600 1100-1500 1000-1600 15 Nov 2010 – 24 Dec 2010 In addition to normal Monday through Friday hours, your mail room’s customer service window will be open the following days: Saturday 20 Nov 1100 – 1500 Saturday 27 Nov 1100 – 1500 Saturday 04 Dec 1100 – 1500 Saturday 11 Dec 1100 – 1500 Saturday 18 Dec 1100 – 1500 FRIDAY 24 DEC 1100 – 1600 All CMRs will be closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and all Sundays Volunteers are needed at the Kelley & Panzer CMR’s, no experience needed. Please contact : Tammy Clarke at 0711-729-2330 or DSN 421-2330 Tiffany Martin: 07031-15-3407 or 421-3407

Robinson Bks Tues and Thurs 0930-1600 *Open 20, 27 Nov and 04, 11, 18 Dec.

USAG Stuttgart Road and Weather Information
As we near the first adverse winter weather event of the year, I wanted to make sure that everyone had the following link to the Stuttgart Garrison website to check the weather and road conditions which will include DODDS and Garrison late reporting instructions. Internet, a telephone hotline, and both AFN TV and radio sources of road and weather information are available on this site. On the Garrison website the link is on the right side of the home page and appears as a black box with "Weather & Road Conditions" in white text. I recommend forwarding this email home and putting this link in your favorites. about/weather.asp AFRICOM will typically follow the Garrison's lead for late reporting due to poor road conditions. When in doubt, err to the side of safety and report your situation to your supervisor for accountability. Please ensure that your recall information is up to date on your directorate/division/branch recall rosters now to prevent any delay in your chain of command contacting you during a command recall for adverse weather. ~Commandant~

Santa Sightings
Santa can be visited and taken pictures with at the following locations, dates and times. Panzer Exchange: Dec. 11th– 10am -6p.m. Dec. 13-14th– 2 -6p.m. Patch Commissary: Dec. 18th– 10a.m. –2p.m. Kelley Commissary: Dec. 20th—1-6p.m. -USOFor younger than school age kids, Pictures with Santa: Wednesday, December 8 from 8-11apm. He will take pictures with each child and share a continental breakfast during Time for Tots Program. Pictures will be available, just in time for the holidays!

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Community Happenings
Inters port Breitmeyer There will be a Winter Sportswear and Equipment Concessionaire at the Exchange, on Panzer, from December 8-23. If you have not celebrated a New Year's in Germany you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Your neighborhood skies will be FILLED with fireworks. It is a truly amazing site. Know this, fireworks are on sale at local stores, ONLY, 3 days prior to New Year's Eve and they are ONLY LEGAL to shoot them on New Year's Eve and until noon on New Year's Day! All of the USO trips are booking up fast. Give them a call 07031-15-3505 or check the website for openings….book early! **Early Bird Discounts are available by signing up 10 days early to save €10 on the price of your USO tour! (some tours excluded)

Stuttgart Commissaries Holiday Hours
Kelley Commissary will be open 24 Dec, Christmas Eve, From 8:00a.m.– 3p.m. Patch Commissary will be open on 24 Dec, Christmas Eve, from 8:00 a.m. - 4p.m. Panzer Commissary will be open 24 Dec, Christmas Eve, From 9:30a.m.-4p.m. Kelley, Patch and Panzer Commissaries will be closed on 24 Dec. Christmas Day and 01 Jan. New Years Day.

Commissary Holiday Hours

US AFRICA Command Family Readiness Group

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Trudie A. Lara-Smith

HQ USAFRICOM BLDG 3306 Room 102 Kelley Barracks Phone: 421-5264 CIV: 011-49 (0) 711-729-5264 trudie.larasmith@africom.mill It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.
~Author Unknown~ Happy Holidays, All the information concerning Garrison events came from the Monthly Tenants meeting. More information on these events can be accessed through this website If there are any questions concerning the AFRICOM FRG please contact Mrs. Tracey Whitfield the FRG leader, your Directorate representative or myself. Thank you and have a safe holiday. Trudie Lara-Smith

Important Numbers / Websites
Base Operator: 0711-680-113 or DSN: 113 Military Police Desk: 0711-680-5261/5262 Police-110 Ambulance-112 Poison Control: 001-800-222-1222 American Red Cross: 07031-15-2812 On-call Chaplain: 07031-15-3079 Social Work Services: 07031-15-2676/2677 Road Condition Hotline: 07031-15-3744 Army Community Center: 07031-15-3362 Military Family Consultants: 0170-708-0715 Slide your way into the New Year Medical Clinic: 0711-680-8610 Patient Liaison: 0711-680-5262 TRICARE: 0711-680-4381 Nurse Advice Line: 00800-4759-2330 Dental Clinic: 0711-680-8626 Patch High: Patch Elementary: Böblingen Elementary/Middle: Robinson Barracks Elementary/Middle: