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Dive Club Newsletter

December 2010 Volume 5 Issue 12

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Dream Divers Gift Vouchers
Dream Divers Gift Vouchers Christmas Club Meal Specialty of the Month Course Diary November Club Meeting Club Members Benefits Swimming Pool Sessions

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Club Events and Trips Calendar Club Trips for 2011 Guided Sea Dives

Back by popular demand Dream Divers Christmas Gift Vouchers are available again! These make the ideal present, especially if you are not sure what to buy your partner or child for Christmas.

Give us call us on 01709 525480 or drop into the Dive Centre for more information today.

Christmas Club Meal
Dream Divers branded merchandise now available including Polo Shirts £12.95 Log Binders £15.95 Mask Strap Covers £8.50

To be held at Calton Park Hotel on Saturday 11th December. If you are booked this event you need to be there from 7pm onwards, with the meal to commence from 8:00pm This event is now fully booked

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Dive Club Newsletter

Specialty of the Month
Wreck Diver Specialty
One of the most thrilling experiences when diving is as you are descending down the line and all you can see is the blue of the ocean, then suddenly this large dark shape starts to emerge below you and before you know it the absolute slender and majesty of the wreck emerges before your very eyes. Now you start to explore the outside of the wreck, whilst exploring you see other divers penetrating the wreck. But as a responsible diver you and your buddy are going to dive your plan; carry on your dive as you planned sticking to the outside of the wreck. After the dive and you are both safely back on board the dive boat, you start to review the dive, both of you then decide to get suitable training, so you both can fully experience, everything a wreck dive has to offer in the future.
Don’t let this happen to you!

Now is the time to do something about it, sign up for this month’s PADI specialty of the month the PADI wreck diver course and gain the knowledge and training necessary to be safe and confident divers in and around wrecks. This course consists of a classroom session and four dives spread over 2 days, during which the skills and techniques covered include: Planning o Organisation o Procedures o Techniques o Problems and Hazards of Wreck Diving  The Preparation o Use of Lights o Air Supplies o Special Equipment o Penetration Lines and Reels Etc.  Practice o Navigation o Assessment o Penetration Potential o Line Laying o Limited Visibility Diving Techniques  Emergency Procedures Now Postponed Due To Number of Dives 4 Extreme Weather Location Stoney Cove Conditions! We Will Date(s) Saturday 4th December Reschedule During Classroom Session Friday 3th December January Normally £165 Cost £145 for Club Members

Dive Club Newsletter
Course Diary
January 2011
Navigation Diver Specialty

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To help you plan your diving training we are now going to list the scheduled specialty and other courses, over the next few months.

Minimum Previous Training Requirement Location Date(s) Classroom Session Cost

Open Water Stoney Cove Saturday 22nd January 2011 TBA Normally £135 £115 for Club Members

February 2011
Peak Performance Specialty Diver

Back by popular demand. Dates to be confirmed
Enriched Air (EANx) – Nitrox Specialty Diver

No dives normally £95.00 : Club members £85.00 Includes certification, Dates to be confirmed

March 2011
Search and Recovery Diver Specialty

These courses can be credited towards the PADI Master Scuba Diver qualification, which is PADI's highest recreational diving qualification Contact the dive centre ASAP for more details and to book any of these courses

Dates to be confirmed Price £165 : Club members £145

April 2011
Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Build upon your PADI Open Water Diver Skills, this course consists of five specialty dives; under the guidance of your PADI Instructor you complete the Deep and Underwater Navigation Adventure Dives. These dives boost your confidence to build on these skills. You then choose three additional dives from more than 15 Adventure Dives to complete your course. So if you haven’t already completed the course book your place and start your journey towards the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

Interested in taking any of these courses?
Please contact the dive centre on 01709 525480 ASAP to book your place.
In addition to the courses listed above we are continuously running PADI Open Water Diver Courses, so if you have family or friends who want to learn to dive, please contact the dive centre to find the next available course

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Dive Club Newsletter
25th November 2010

November Club Meeting
Chaired by Alison Smallwood

Many thanks to all the people that managed to attend this month’s club meeting we still had a fantastic turnout. Dream Divers Club Membership Fees are only £12 per person for the full year and in order to take full advantage of the benefits and discounts available to members; you need to have paid your membership fees in full. Membership fees are now due for 2011.

“We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry Xmas and a happy new year.”

Gift Voucher
Members renewing their membership between November 2010 and the end of February 2011 will receive a gift voucher to spend in the shop.

Next Club Meeting is on Thursday 27th January 2011
7.30pm onwards at the Ring O Bells, Church Street, Swinton, Rotherham, S64 8EG.

Club Members Benefits
With your club membership you can save many times the low £12 annual fee.

    

Discount on the Specialty of the month. 50p off Air and Nitrox fills in our shop. Use of the swimming pool every other Sunday for £5, during the pool sessions, provided you have own equipment. Discount on Items purchased in the Dream Divers Shop 10% Discount on regulator and cylinder servicing
At Chapeltown Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Sessions

As Dive Club members, you can use the pool for only £5 per person, during our pool sessions, using your own kit, or just £15 per person including rental of full kit.
So whether you just want to refresh your skills, have a piece of new kit to try out or just having that burning desire to get wet.

Call the dive centre to book your place.
5 December 5:30 pm to 7:30pm 19th December 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Next Sessions

Dive Club Newsletter
Club Events and Trips Calendar

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If you have any other ideas for club trips for next year, please let us know at the next club meeting, so we can organise and book boats etc... This is because we need to book early to ensure that we can have access to the best boats at each destination. If you want to secure a place for next year’s trips you must bring £10 per trip to the meeting otherwise your name cannot be put down to reserve a place. Anyone who pays a deposit and revokes must pay for the trip in full if you do not find anyone to take your place as we have to book and pay for our boats in advance.

Club Trips for 2011 May 2011
Location Dates Trip Details Price

28th. 29th

Diving on hard boat with diver lift, Advanced Divers and above only, with experience of sea diving in the UK essential. £80 for two days diving - 12 Divers

June 2011
Location Dates Trip Details

18th – 19th June

Advanced Divers and above only, with experience of sea diving in the UK essential. Hard boat with diver lift takes 12 divers £110 for two days diving - 12 Divers If you have the diving centre’s accommodation then £140 for the trip.


July 2011
Location Dates Trip Details Price

Farne Islands
30th – 31st July

Glad tidings Hard boat with diver lift 24 divers £80 for two days diving - 24 Divers

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Dive Club Newsletter

August 2011
Location Dates Trip Details

Around 15th August 2011

Due to lack of interest in this trip we may look at other alternatives for this date. Will confirm in due course.

September 2011
Location Dates Trip Details

St Abbs
17th - 18th September

£60 for two days diving, Hard boat with Diver Lift, diving with Pete Possibility of two boats maximum 24 divers. Suitable for Open Water Divers and above.

October 2011
Location Dates Trip Details

Egypt – Marsa Alam
Depart Approx 19th October

Possibly 5 days land based and 3 days mini safari diving with Pharaoh Divers Price to be confirmed with specific dates in the New Year.

Guided Sea Dives
We are now offering guided sea dives for anyone who has not been on a boat before or been in the sea for the price of £25.00 per day for a PADI professional to take you diving. On our trips we will put the names of the Divemasters and Instructors who will be willing to take you on a guided dive and you pay the £25.00 to the divemaster, instructor direct to contribute towards their trip cost. This will enable you to have peace of mind that you can conduct a buoyancy check and be shown all the fabulous critters underwater.

Photo John D Smallwood