Superintendent Goals 2010-2011 October 2010 In addition to the goals below the following will continue to be priorities: ● Evaluating financial needs and developing a budget that meets School Committee parameters. ● Reviewing and strengthening fiscal systems and processes. I. Communication and Collaboration a) Continue to develop a skilled leadership team that is committed to collaborative goal setting and problem solving. b) Continue to foster educator-to-educator collaboration and instructional teacher leadership to improve teaching and learning through Task Forces and Leadership Councils. c) Continue to develop partnerships with higher education, professional associations, and other public and private schools that will further our efforts for innovative programming through grants and other outside funding. d) Continue to develop a more effective and innovative district website. e) Continue to work on developing a collaborative relationship with the WEA leadership. f) Continue to foster communication and collaboration with parents and the community, through meeitngs with groups such as the PTOs, Site Councils, the Education Foundation, and Rotary. II. Curriculum, Programming, and Assessment Redesign a) Continue to ensure curriculum renewal with technology integration, 21st C skills, and Universal Design for Learning by providing professional development that focuses on curriculum development and instructional practices using technology. c) Continue to develop an improved system of student assessment that scales up use of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for reading and math. d) Continue to develop an improved system of student assessment that begins to include project-based evaluations focused on 21st century readiness. e) Design an Assistive Technology plan that more effectively integrates technology and UDL into the reading curriculum and the new special education programming. f) Develop a plan for a Watertown Family Center with a staff daycare to open Sept. 2011. g) Continue to design the After school program so that is district-wide and includes academic and enrichment programming at each school. h) Continue to develop a district-wide anti-bullying plan and curriculum that meets state regulations. III. Operations a) Evaluate and revise personnel procedures, provide professional development for principals on hiring and supervision, and in conjunction with Human Resources nurture constructive communication with the WEA. b) Develop a Human Resource plan for next year. c) Revise business systems and procedures based on audit recommendations, and ensure that administrators and faculty understand and use approved fiscal procedures.


d) Strengthen technical services to support the growing use of instructional and administrative technology. e) Design and articulate the next stage of technology purchases to support efficient, effective, and innovative classroom practices. IV. System Supports: Strategic & Action Planning, Budget a) Articulate a “21st Century” strategic framework that is aligned to the District vision and strategic goals. Use this framework for school and department improvement planning. b) Define process and outcome measures for the District strategic goals, and revise the Teaching & Learning goals so that school and department action plans have measurable outcomes tied to the District goals. c) Develop a budget through a collaborative and problem solving process that maintains momentum for efficient and innovative programming during this time of financial uncertainty. d) Continue Capital Improvement Projects to improve our learning environments and employee working conditions. V. Professional Learning: Supervision & Evaluation of Teachers, Principals, and Central Office Administrators a) Give teachers and administrators the tools to self-assess their own professional development needs and set their own professional goals in the context of 21st Century skills. b) In conjunction with the Teacher Evaluation Design Team process, implement teacher supervision and evaluation procedures which are aligned to appropriate Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations.


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