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“Who Am I”

A self analysis---

Individual Action:

Anything in this universe that is a part of it has no freedom to maintain

independence over the prescription of cosmic law. The way in which anything has
to conduct itself, the manner in which anything has to behave in this world, is
decided by the law that operates in the universe as a whole. And anybody saying
that he is free to do anything independently would be a complete misplacement of
understanding. Individual is absolutely inseparable from the universe.

As apparent individuals, we may assume ourselves as independent units existing

freely in this universe without any kind of influence from anywhere. But this will
remain only an assumption and will never become a reality, for every bit of
personality is inseparably attached to the universe in different ways. We cannot
choose to sit idle and do something of our own. That is not possible under the law
of universe. Action is a vibration that we set up in ourselves and in our atmosphere
by the process in which the constituents of our individuality conduct themselves.
Even when we don’t move any of our limbs we’re not really inactive. Something is
always going on inside us in the form of thoughts. Then we are working through
our mind. And thinking is an essential process which becomes a background of all
actions in the world. The simple thoughtless act of movement of body or any of its
parts is not an action. To be really inactive is to cease to think. And when we
somehow cease to think we are no more individuals.

Man is called an individual because he is equipped with mind. Therefore, he is an

extension of the intelligent part of the creation. He is very close to the hub of
activity of nature where the entire game plan is processed and executed. He can not
remain idle anyway. As every individual mind is an integral part of the universal
mind, it is the universal mind that works through the individual mind. The human
mind is not absolutely independent. The universal mind exercises strict control
over the individual mind to maintain a balance in all activities of life on earth. The
human sense of apparent individuality in exercise of any action in the world creates
a false understanding of independence which he uses to build up an orbit of ego
around him and carries it for his life and even beyond. He creates a finite entity out
of himself. But we as individuals are not in fact finite entities but are caught up in
finitude due to misunderstanding acquired from previous lives. And this feeling of
finitude compels us to struggle to overcome its limitations which we don’t realize
consciously. This is perhaps the most unfortunate part of our life.

The conscious realization of the fact that I am an integral part of the infinite
universe and not a finite independent entity changes the pattern of life. Our actions
become universal actions and no more bind us to the world. The world becomes
transparent. There are no regrets for past, no wailings over the failures and no
prides about successes. This is an ultimate state of mind which brings about a
feeling of unfathomable peace and tranquility in life.

Tuesday; November 16, 2010