Final Year Project – I Short Proposal

PLC based Automatic Car Parking System

Batch 2007 Group ID: fyp0720

Asif Ali Muhammad Imran Shah Muhammad Suhail Ahmed

07-0337 07-0402 07-0357 07-0359

Advisor Engr. Yousuf Irfan Zia

Department of Electrical Engineering National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences – FAST Karachi Campus

A. Introduction:
The purpose of final year project is not only to integrate theory and practical but also to convey and describe results meaningfully in the form of project report. It is essential that the potential engineers are able to express their thoughts clearly in writing and project report is a good exercise for this purpose. This document is compiled in different sections to provide better understanding and to share the workload among group members. Students are strongly advised to read the document carefully and complete each section according to the instructions under the guidelines of the advisor. The line spacing is one and font size is Arial 12. There is no paragraph in the introduction section and the word count of this section must be in the range of 200 to 250 words. The submission of the document should be in time as hard copy (spiral binding) of the document to the department secretary and softcopy emailed to: as attachment with your group number (fyp06xx.doc) as a reference in the field of subject, where xx is the group id. The title of project should not exceed more than two lines and the student names should be in alphabetical order along with their roll numbers. This introduction section will convert into your project abstract later on.

Project Justification:
In this section students will provide reasons for project selection, its practicality, usefulness & its impact on community it might have if successful.

C. Scope of the Project:
Project scope statement tells every single thing you and your team is-and is not-going to do. The preparation of detailed scope statement is critical to project success and builds upon the major deliverables, assumptions, and constraints that are documented during project initiation. During planning, the project scope is defined and described with greater specificity as more information about the project is known. Since the project consists of two semesters of 16 weeks each i.e. 96 contact hrs., so the scope of your project should reflect an equivalent effort. This paragraph is for reference only and students will replace this paragraph by their own scope of project; however the subheadings should be answered precisely. The project includes the following. 1. Project Objectives. i. To provide a guideline for proposal to fyp-I students. ii. To provide a standard template to the students to fill their project Information. 2. Project Requirements. • In this sub-section students will provide the project requirements such as a detailed list of all hardware and software needed for the successful completion of the project. If the university does not have the required hardware and software, you must provide details how do you plan to get them.


3. Project Deliverables. • Deliverable is the list of everything the project creates. In this section students will provide information about the deliverables of project with their submission dates & few lines details of the following. i. Project schedule (mentioned in section D) ii. Project budget (mentioned in section E) iii. Project prototype to be displayed in fyp-I presentation. iv. Project progress report v. Project presentation vi. Project poster for fyp-I and fyp-II presentations vii. Project final design to be displayed in fyp-II presentation.
4. Project Work Breakdown. • In this section students will breakdown and distribute the workload

and document in the form of table as follows. The areas may overlap, but the workload distribution should be justified. Areas Covered Group Member

Sr. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

5. Block Diagram • In this section students will provide high level design of the project.

Figure 1. Block diagram of the project


Project Schedule (Timeline):
Tasks/ Months Experimentation Design Development Testing Real-world Testing Final Report Demonstration
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Figure 2. Project schedule

Project Budget:
Every project has its own budget, which can be determined by various factors including project schedule etc. In this section students are expected to plan a complete budget of the project. Each item should be properly mentioned in tabulated form and the total should also be provided in the end.


List and number all bibliographical references at the end of your proposal. When referenced in the text, enclose the citation number in square brackets, for example [1]. Where appropriate, include the name(s) of editors of referenced books. [1] Your personal PLC tutor [2] Handbook Of Industrial Automation by Richard Shell


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