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MTACS-38 Newsletter Fall 2010
Inside this issue:

From SgtMaj 2 Deploying to OEF: PROS and CONS

When it comes to a deploy- Furthermore, everybody gets
FEX Training 3 ment, there are some tempo- Hardship Duty Pay for being in
rary changes in one’s lifestyle. low quality living conditions, and
Some of us are deployed for the Hostile Fire Pay for being in a
TACC University 4 first time; some of us have been combat zone. Family Separation
on several deployments. Some Allowance and Basic Allowance
of us are single; some of us have for Housing are also given to
Corporal’s Course 4
a family in the rear. We all have those who are married. All pay
our particular issues with de- and allowances are tax exempt!
ploying. Marines that are deployed re-
Family Readiness 5 to deployed Marines is the Sav- ceive Per Diem and Basic Allow-
One positive impact of deploy- ings Deposit Program, an op- ance for Sustenance. There is a
ment is the financial benefits portunity to deposit a total of sandwich shop open twenty-
Pumpkin Patch 6 while being deployed. Available $10,000 for 10% interest. (Continued on page 2)

Message from the 6

Chaplin Keeping Up Deployment Morale
Event Pictures 7
The Marines in MTACS-38 dominoes. But the best morale
FWD are already three months booster is every care package
Events, Resources 8 into the deployment, and they and letter that we receive from
& Calendars have no doubt experienced a everyone back home. From the
high level of stress at some much-needed essentials like
point. Workplace stress is un- baby wipes to the simple pleas-
doubtedly inevitable in anyone's ures such as snacks, it is great
career, and it's no exception for to know that there is an ex-
everyone here in Afghanistan. amazing support in the rear, traordinary amount of help
During the time we’ve been we’ve been able to keep up with from everybody back home.
here, we’ve been working dili- the recent music albums and
gently in all areas to meet op- movies that have been released We’re doing our best to keep
erational requirements. Some while we were gone. Many of us our heads cool and our minds
are very tall orders, and it is our here are big fans of basketball sound, but when the day just
duty to fulfill them at every and UFC, and we were lucky isn’t going well for us, we never
level. However, with every tall enough to be able to watch the forget that our friends and fam-
order comes the burden of NBA Finals and all the UFC ily are anxiously waiting for us
stress, and relieving the stress is events near-live. When argu- to come back.
just as important as getting the ments arise, we have plenty of
job done. video games such as Modern I have a line I leave to everyone,
Warfare 2 and Wii Sports Re- by Bob Marley: “Don't worry
When the going gets tough, you sort to settle the score. If we’re about a thing, 'cause every little
can be sure Marines will always just looking for an old-fashioned thing's gonna be all right.”
find a way to maintain a positive good time, or if the power’s
attitude. Thanks to everyone’s out, there’s always spades or



Message from our new SgtMaj...

Family and Friends of MACG- we have been lucky enough not is not an easy job to be away
38 (FWD), to share the same weather from family and friends, espe-
conditions that this area had cially during the holiday season.
First I would like to wish all of last year and are awaiting the Just know you are in their/our
you a Happy 235th Birth-day. change in season. The change in thought daily and we will be
Our celebration this year was season marks our milestone of home soon enough. Again
represented in glorious fashion, being 1/3rd completed with thank you for your continued
forward deployed and simple, duties forward. support! As always if there are
keeping it within the spirit and any issues that arise, please feel
intent of our illustrious Birth- We have had the opportunity free to contact the command
day celebration; bringing war- to prepare 16 of our Corpo- teams Family Readiness Offi-
fighters together in order to rals to attend our first Corpo- cers. They have a direct line to
preserve peace. With the on- rals Course in the R-2 rota- the command and can assist
going operational tempo, we tion. These NCO's will be bet- with getting official information
have combined forces with the ter prepared for the duties of forward. The point's of contact
other Wing units forward, a leadership outside their techni- for MACG-38 is Jo Anne Din-
merging of the Marines and cal expertise and ready to sup- woodie (858.577.8442/
Sailors currently fulfilling their port the Marines of today and
call to duty. We hope that you tomorrow. Our second class and MTACS-38 is Brooke
have taken a chance to cele- will begin in mid January so we Spitzer (858.864.4231/
brate the birth of our Corps can offer more train-ing to
and toasted those who could others without compromising
not be with you to enjoy this the mission at hand. Have a great holiday season
phenomenal day in history. and know you are in our
I would like to conclude the thoughts as we complete our
The Marines and Sailors of message with a thank you to all mission!
MACG-38 (Fwd) have been of you that continue supporting
extremely busy weatherproof- our Marines and Sailors. Semper Fidelis,
ing our structures in prepa- Through packages, letters, and
ration of the rains to come; communication back home, our
sandbags and siding are just a Marines and Sailors are able to Sergeant Major
few things to mention. To date focus on the duties at hand. It Brandon C. Hall

Deploying to OEF cont...

four hours a day, and a chow some aspects that still make ence between Afghanistan and
hall that serves food four times the deployment difficult. The back home makes it difficult to
a day. It serves various foods PX is a ten minute walk from call family. Email seems to be
such to Lt Col
as pork, chicken, Dodds
the tents, in the heat of Hel- the best way to interact back
ghetti, and fish. Best of all, they
mand province. The PX is a big home.
have steak and lobster and/or tent with three aisles and the
crab on Sunday nights. Free middle one has a line for the Deploying to OEF has its ad-
laundry is a service available tocash register that can stretch vantages and disadvantages. It
those aboard Camp Leather- all the way to the end of the is first exciting, but as time
neck. People are getting into store. It is very hot outside at passes by Marines become
great shape as they utilize the this time of year and those who anxious to return home, and
gym to avoid boredom while like to run will find it difficult settle back in with their family
not working. because the temperature gets and loved ones.
over 100 degrees. It gets pro-
Although Camp Leatherneck gressively harder to breathe
has a lot of advantages to offer during a run, even at 6:00 in
deployed Marines, there are the evening. The time differ-


MTACS-38 Newsletter Page 3

On Monday, July 26th, at 0530 and any hiccups along the way second day the Marines got an
the 85 MTACS-38 Marines are addressed accordingly. opportunity to Battle Sight Zero
climbed aboard a white bus their weapons and conduct a Fa-
heading to Artillery Firing Area Upon reaching the San Mateo miliarization Fire. This required
-6 (AFA-6) on Camp Pendle- range the Marines were put to the Marines to employ their weap-
ton. They were trading the work. Tents were erected, ons systems on targets upon hear-
comfort of their computer vehicles were staged, and the ing commands from the Range Line
desks and chairs for tents and Command Operations Center NCO.
camp- (COC)
stools. was On the third and fourth days all
But, built. training was conducted at the
little The brand new TS-IED complex aboard
did COC Camp Pendleton. This facility is
they housed dedicated to training Marines, Sol-
know the diers, and Sailors in the methods of
that a radio properly detecting and defeating
grassy and plan those who threaten our forces
knoll in for the
the heart of San Mateo would day. Marines in the COC en-
serve as their home for the sured that the FEX ran
next three nights. This event smoothly and efficiently. Upon
served as the R2 Marines’ cli- completion of the set-up, the
mactic training before their Marines attended various
deployment to Afghanistan. classes, which included: Estab-
The purpose of this was to lishing a Vehicle Check Point,
allow the R2 Marines to com- Enemy Prisoner of War Han-
plete their pre-deployment dling, and Squad Tactics Re-
training that had started a few view. After classes they applied
months prior. the techniques, tactics and with Improvised Explosive Devices.
procedures that were taught. This training was an eye-opener to
Developments for this event In one training scenario the most MTACS Marines. The first
began in June. However, the Marines patrolled a road look- day began with classroom instruc-
plan- ing for tion followed by a period of practi-
ning Impro- cal application. Three stations
proc- vised were utilized to test them on the
ess for Explo- material that was taught in class.
a field sive The following day each squad had
exer- Devices. an opportunity to walk a 1-1.5 KM
cise is Just one patrol. During this patrol IED’s
seldom wrong were staged and the squads had to
step and decide, communicate, and act
the when placed in a stressful situation.
device This evolution helped to bridge the
dusted gap between what is happening on
thought of previous to the the Marine with a light coat of the ground during a firefight and
event. Every aspect and angle baby powder. This evolution the support that MTACS-38 pro-
has to be addressed while plan- highlighted the emphasis on the vides.
ning. Aspects such as chow, Marine’s alertness, attention
water, transportation, commu- and decision making abilities. Upon conclusion of their instruc-
nication and first aid are priori- In another scenario they con- tion the Marines were bussed back
ties. Next, the training plan ducted vehicle and personnel
to Miramar. This training evolu-
needs to be established. What searches. This training focused
are the goals of this field exer- on situational awareness and tion served its purpose to help the
cise? Upon determining these attention to detail. It also re- Marines of MTACS-38 hone their
factors a timeline is created and viewed the period of instruc- skills and better prepare them for
a plan is set in motion. From tion that was given on day one their deployment far from the
that point a baseline is created of the field exercise. On the grassy knolls of San Mateo.



TACC University
Prior to R2’s deployment this pared to operate in a deployed (ODO) courses, one ACE Bat-
fall, the Marines of TACC environment. Your TACC tlestaff Officers Course
Company went back to school. Company Marines provided (ABOC), and one Senior
Only, instead of being the stu- Watch Officer (SWO) course.
dents they were the instructors At the end of the week over 40
of what has become known as Marines were trained and
TACC University, or TACC-U. “At the end of the knowledgeable on the Marine
Air Command and Control
When the Tactical Air Com- week over 40 Marines System (MACCS), proficient
mand Center (TACC) is em- with applicable AC2 systems
ployed, the Marines of MTACS- were trained and and capable of performing their
38’s TACC Company make up duties in a real-world TACC.
only a portion of the Current knowledgeable…
Operations (COPS) section in This was the last opportunity
the TACC, be it the COPS capable of to provide instruction to the
Crew or the Systems Control ACE Battlestaff and watch-
Section. The rest of the performing their standers prior to deploying in
TACC, comprised of Future support of OEF R-2. Your
Plans, Future Operations duties in a real-world TACC Company Marines pro-
(FOPS), and Air Combat Intelli- vided professional periods of
gence (ACI), is made up of TACC“ instruction in an environment
Marines from across the Wing that most closely replicates the
(ACE Battlestaff). The purpose current TACC operating in
of TACC-U is to provide these this crucial training, all tailored Afghanistan, and will undoubt-
ACE Battlestaff Officers and to current OEF tactics, tech- edly allow for follow-on suc-
watchstanders training on the niques, and procedures. cess during deployment in sup-
aviation command and control port of OEF. An outstanding
(AC2) computer systems and Over the span of one week, job well done Marines!!
procedures inherent to the TACC Company conducted
TACC so that they are pre- two Operations Duty Officer Semper Fi.

Corporals Course
and sweat beading up on our course would normally be back
foreheads from the dry, Af- in the states, we had the op-
ghanistan heat, we struggled to portunity to live out the ambi-
concentrate on the lesson ance of training to become a
being given by our instructor. better leader in a combat zone,
Controlled detonations, vehi- an occurrence not many Ma-
cles passing by and aircraft rines get to undergo.
flying overhead were some of
the common distractions that Only 13 days in length, we jam-
could be heard throughout our packed our schedule to the
periods of instruction. We limit each training day. PT,
were in the midst of our train- classes (formal and hip pocket),
ing to lead Marines in war, patrolling, drill, class discus-
during a war. sions and studying filled our
days. After it was all said and
I had the privilege of attending done, I, along with 26 other
Corporal’s Course 5-10 at corporals, was grateful for
Camp Leatherneck, Afghani- being given the chance to ex-
stan. Being the first course of perience a formal course in
Corporal’s Course 5-10 at Camp Leatherneck its kind at Leatherneck, we had such an informal location. And
to learn to adapt as we pro- I would highly recommend the
Sitting in a tent set up just days gressed. Although, not as experience to every young
before, sand under our boots lengthy and in depth as a Marine coming up in the ranks.


MTACS-38 Newsletter Page 5

Family Readiness at MTACS

Brooke Spitzer, MTACS-38 Family Readiness Officer

MTACS-38 Families, tear, the white floor squares state of the art setting to train.
no longer had their luster. The Through the TBMCS develop-
It’s just about time to pull out new grey squares were a fan- ment, our training class room
the wooly socks and sweaters tastic surprise to our Marines was converted into a Battle Lab
again as we happily re-integrate as they returned to work these that is used to educate MTACS
our R-1 Marines this fall and last few weeks. Marines as well as many other
look forward to the return of units throughout the Marine
our R2 Marines in the spring. In 2008 the CFT was added to Corps. This Battle Lab was
the annual training qualifica- intended to enhance the overall
tions for Marines. MTACS Marine Corps war fighting ca-
continues to raise the bar and pabilities and has been well
see each Marine push them- utilized during our TACC Uni-
selves to new highs. The CFT versity instruction.
brings out the agility, coordina-
tion, and strength of a Marine Additionally, MTACS-38 con-
to the table. It is an entire tinues to support base func-
body workout and requires the tions and Corps tradition.
Marine to be more of an all The Marines of MTACS-38
around athlete. While difficult, joined those of MACG-38 and
the MTACS Marines enjoy the MACS-1 for the celebration of
adrenaline rush of success as the 235th Marine Corps Birth-
As a “seasoned” Family Readi- they continue to train for this day at the 2010 Birthday Ball.
ness Officer, I have once again year’s CFT. The event was held at the
had the thrill of being at the beautiful downtown Sheraton
Family Readiness helm as we Additional training for the R-1 where our Marines put forth a
welcome home our Marines. group includes the gas chamber full show of respect. The
Nothing can be more exciting (always a good time) and ad- group commander expressed
to me than to see our Marines vancing a few new Marines to many times his gratitude for
return home from Afghanistan. grey belt MCMAP (Marine our professional, crisp and well
Exhausted, having worked tire- Corps Martial Arts Program). organized team presenting the
lessly at the tip of the spear, As usual, S-3 will be dishing out Colors, Ceremony and Cake.
they roll in, waiting for Family all the training for that. In addi- Fantastic job Marines!
and Friends to envelop them in tion we will be conducting the
a circle of hugs and tears. rest of our annual qualifications Lastly, if you haven’t settled
Nothing can compare. It is such as the rifle and pistol into San Diego, I’m here to
truly an honor to be part of range and our semiannual PFT. help. Many of our resources
such a dedicated and devoted respond best to specific re-
group of true Americans. S-6 has completed and main- quests. I can help refer you to
tains it’s Theater Battle Man- great places who fill lots of
After the return of R-1, the agement Core System needs for inexpensive food,
Squadron has been undergoing (TBMCS) here at the headquar- clothes, gas, recreation, finan-
a few changes. S-1 welcomed ters of MTACS-38. As our cial help, legal help, counseling
it’s returning R-1 Marines with Marines return from the de- and tickets to your favorite
brand new flooring in the S-1 ployment, they can continue to activities. As always, I’m just a
shop. After years of wear and be mission ready utilizing this phone call, text or email away.

Volunteering at the Miramar Air Show:




A Message from Chaplin Earley

What does a Chaplain do for me? Part 1, Facilitate.

This will be the first article of a four part series, with the goal of assisting you in understanding how a
Chaplain can serve you and your family. First off, a Military Chaplain is a Minister in the military uni-
form. This means that they have a lengthy Professional Graduate degree, a minimum of two years full
-time experience in the civilian pastorate, and are ordained as a qualified minister according to their
faith group.

The goal of the Chaplain Corps is to provide you with an experienced Chaplain who is eager to min-
ister to you and your family. The denominations represented in the Chaplain Corp are wide and
varied; the following is just a brief snapshot of those who serve as a Chaplain: Catholic Priest, Jewish
Rabbi, Muslim Imam, Liturgical Priest, Methodist, Presbyterian, Mormon, Non-Denominational, Bap-
tist, and the list goes on and on. The common goal and requirement across the entire Chaplaincy is
to: Facilitate, Provide, Care, and Advise.

Facilitate means that I assist service members who are of differing faith groups than mine, in having
the capability to worship according to their faith. This means that I make sure they have the proper
space and materials to worship according to their faith tradition. I also facilitate this request with the
goal to protect the good order and discipline of the unit. Therefore, if there are unique require-
ments of a certain faith group that might be found offensive to others, I assist them in being able to
worship in an environment that is conducive to the whole unit without forsaking their religious be-
liefs. Next month we will discuss the topic of provide.

God Bless,

Chaplain Chris Earley

MTACS-38 Newsletter Page 7

I nside Stor y Hea dli ne

MTACS-38 Welcoming R1

Waving goodbye to R2
December 2010
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Upcoming Events 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
MTACS-38: 26 27 28 29 30 31
Jan Mid-Deployment cele-
bration (R2 Families)
MTACS-38 (Fwd) Family Video Conference
Feb. Return and Reunion on 12 December and 24 December beginning at 0900 PST
Brief (R2 Families)
at MTACS-38 HQ aboard MCAS Miramar
Group, Wing, Base:
Contact Brooke to request a scheduled timeslot
Dec 9 Five love Languages
MTACS-38 Family Readiness Officer Brooke Spitzer
L.I.N.K.S. 4 Kids
Dec 7,8 L.I.N.K.S. 4 MTACS-38 Duty Officer: (858) 864-3321
Spouses Family Readiness Office: (858) 577-9776
Dec 14 L.I.N.K.S 4
Childcare Resources
Dec 14, 15 Volunteer
Training Childcare can be a difficult resource for parents. Here are a few resources that might help...
Baby Signing and Spanish On Miramar we have two CDC’s. You can get on a list for Full Time care at one of those CDC’s by
class at the Children’s emailing the FRO, to get the current contact information for the CCRR
Library every Wed. 10:30a (Childcare Resource and Referral) Office, filling out the paperwork and faxing it in.
Community Support: And there are also programs for short term care too! Both CDC’s will allow Drop In Care as long as they
have an open spot and you have current shot records for your children. It is best to call first to confirm
they have space that day for your children. You can call up to 30 days prior or as little as 10 minutes be-
Operation Homefront
Miramar CDC: 858-577-4144 MiramarCDC2: 858-577-7891
USO dinners every Tues More short term care is available at the Child, Youth and Teen Center. Their service can be utilized by
registering at the center on base and calling at two weeks prior to get a space. Please call for further details.
Important Phone Num- Child, Youth and Teen Center: 858-577-4136
OIC: (858) 577-9544
S-1: (858) 577-9555 Financial Resources
Squadron Military agencies: 1. Tricare-Medical Insurance 2. NMCRS-Interest Free Loans 3. Legal-Consumer
Duty: (858) 864-3321 Frauds, Misrepresentations and Scams
MACG 38 Civilian agencies: 1. Non-profit Debt Management Counseling 2. Credit Unions
Duty: (858) 577-9605 Urgent resources 1. Food Locker 2. Operation Homefront 3. NMCRS 4. Military Outreach Ministry
Family Readiness Financial Counseling: Brooke Spitzer/SSgt Vidal Morales/Sgt Pamela Rivera, SSgt Kisse (MTACS-38
Officer: (858) 577-9776 Command Financial Specialists) or Mr. Craig Hughes, Personal Financial Management Counselor.
MCCS Counseling Center Bldg 2274 (858) 577-4378