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it also covers aspects such as the study of Du¶s means through which it provides mobile broadband services and the tailored packages offered for individual needs of customers along with them.Executive Summary There are only two telecom giants present in the UAE. In this report an explanation of the mobile broadband sector in the UAE market has been provided. The broadband sector grew substantially in the first half of the year 2010. . UAE¶s market is that of a diverse nature where in the consumers easily adopt new technologies. One of them is Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat) and the other is Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (Du). It was revealed that there were a huge number of mobile data subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2010. Lastly. Du very proudly states that it falls under one the few operators in the world to successfully test and launch the fasted mobile broadband speed which is upto 42. This research report suggests the efforts made by Du to increase its sales and market share with regards to its mobile as well as broadband sector in the UAE. The aspects that are covered in this report are in relation to the Du¶s marketing strategies and how Du enhances customer awareness through tailored offers and competitive pricing.2 Mbps.

Moreover the purpose of this report was the understanding of the mobile broadband industry in relation to the UAE¶s Emirates Integrated telecommunication Company (du) and this was again analyzed and evaluated. To know the existing structure of the organization by designing a blueprint. 1.2 Objectives y y y y y To develop an industry analysis of the mobile broadband sector. the main topic that is being focused upon is the research for the company¶s ways and means of providing these mobile broadband services tailored to the individual customer¶s needs and wants. Furthermore. The report is submitted to the lecturer of the subject Dr.0 Introduction 1. good examples about the competitors mobile broadband offerings have been included so as to enlighten the topic.3 Report Preview This particular report gives a brief explanation about the basic theory of mobile broadband and how Du has different service offering in relation to the same.1. To develop a proposed blueprint. Nirmal Vijay. To identify the typical service offering by Du mobile broadband. 1.1 Authorization and Purpose of report This report was prepared by Ahmed Hayatt. Roma Jivani and Ziad Palakkal who are students of the University of Wollongong in Dubai for the course named ³Services Marketing´ in the autumn semester of 2010. Prakash Vel who provided insights about the difference between the marketing of products and marketing of services. . To develop and understand how Du maintains the Customer Relationship Management. Moreover.

According to Ericsson 50% of all laptops manufactured would have a built in broadband module in it by 2011. business professionals and corporate executives for whom it was necessary to stay connected and have access to the internet at any given point of time. students and parents. The initially the targeted market was mainly the businesspeople. This shows the scope for usage mobile broadband.000 Per Month and above Career Level: Mid Management level . The characteristics for the typical customer for various target markets would be as follows y Businesspeople.Experienced Education: Bachelors/ Masters Social class: Middle Class ± Upper Class y Students        Age: 18-25 Gender: Male/ Female Generation: Generation Z Income: Pocket money from parents/ Stipend (AED 500-1500 Per Month) Career Level: Beginner Education: Bachelors/ Masters Social class: Middle Class ± Upper Class . the targeted market has shifted to the general public.Industry analysis Mobile broad band came into existence in the early 2000¶s. professionals and corporate executives        Age: 30-55 Gender: Male/ Female Generation: Generation Y Income: AED 20. But over time with the spread of internet. the quest for knowledge and the necessity to stay connected with the emergence of social networking sites.

Unlike other countries there are only two service providers in UAE and Etisalat being the older of the two is the biggest competitor as they have greater market penetration than DU.Experienced Education: Bachelors/ Masters Social class: Middle Class ± Upper Class Worldwide there are many major players in the mobile broad band industry such as Country China UK Spain Mexcio India Norway France Germany Sweden China South Africa Egypt UAE Service Provider China Telecom Vodafone Telefonica America Movil Bharti Airtel TelenorNor Orange T-mobile TeliaSonera China Unicorn MTN Group Orascom Telecom Etisalat All of these are the world¶s largest mobile service providers with Etisalat having around 100 Million customers and China Mobile having more than 560 Million customers. Etisalat has been in the industry since 1976 while Du was founded in 2006.y Parents        Age: 30-55 Gender: Male/ Female Generation: Generation Y Income: AED 20.000 Per Month and above Career Level: Mid Management level . While broadband technology is . these companies also provides mobile broadband connections.

Some of the companies that fall under this list are     Planetfone Xcom global Cellhire MobilityPass On the µtangibility¶ spectrum the company would fall more to the right side making it more to the Intangible domain. Etisalat has a far larger market share and brand recognition while Du though only started in 2006 has already captured 37% of the market in just 4 years¶ time. The company provides services that enable its customer to communicate and stay connected with the rest of the world. The company is a pure service providing company.relatively new and has been introduced in both the companies at the same time. . Other competitors would be those service providers who provide international mobile broadband services. ideally placing it between Airlines and Advertising Agencies.

whereas with Etisalat it costs 395AED. The core service Du wishes to satisfy through its mobile broadband service is perpetual connectivity in the most feasible and convenient manner possible.Typical Service Offerings:Service Offerings Consumers make buying decisions to satisfy an unmet need or a want. The augmented product consists of everything other tan the physical aspects of the product. The means through which Du offers its mobile broadband services are: a. as their unlimited data package costs 360AED. Mobile data card (Usb like devices for laptops) b. Place ± Du¶s product and services are made readily available for their customers through 33 of their retail outlets. 7 P¶s of Service Marketing Mix Product ± Du mobile broadband enables customers to be able to enjoy wireless access to the internet on the move. . over 3000 authorised dealers and through Du E-shop whre customers can make their purchases online. The actual product that Du¶s customers benefit from immensely is the µinternet key¶ which serves dual purpose of a mobile data card that acts like a wireless usb modem and a micro data sim that allows high speed connectivity. Micro data sim (Mini sims for devices that have the particular slot) Price ± Du has very competitive pricing compared to Etisalat. however not all get satisfied. In Du¶s case that would focus on customer care. personalized service offering and effective delivery of services. The pricing for Du¶s data bundles proves that.

It has a very fresh approach to its shops as well as its website when it comes to buying of Du¶s services.Promotion ± A majority of Du¶s promotional activities are targeted towards immigrants. what are the offers and tailor made promotions that . how well does it work with relation to its speed and network coverage as well as how much does the services cost. Last but not the least. Du started offering pages such as facebook. respectful and compassionate nature. thus they have tailor made offers for international calling ad messaging.The essential ingredient to delivering a service would be hiring the right kind of people in a service organization so as to serve and understand the needs of the customers. the service provided to customers by their staff is that of an approachable.com to its mobile broadband users. Du also had promotional activities for its domestic customers such as free sms every time they topped up their account. In order to subscribe to any of Du¶s services. Process ± Du has very well maintained its image when it comes to delivering its services in a systematic manner. There are a certain factors that affect the customer expectations levels while using the mobile broadband connectivity provided by Du. customers need to fill in forms with their personal details be it online or directly from the Du shop. after which the customers are able to avail its services within certain period of activation time as mentioned depending on the service purchased. They could the performance of the device purchased. customers also expect technical support in case of any problems with the device which is provided in case of Du on its customer care support. In the case of Du. Apart from its performance and the cost of the service. there has been an increasing demand in the wireless access to the internet on the go. With Du mobile broadband. People . one can enjoy internet access whilst on the move. Physical Evidence ± The environment in which Du delivers its services is that of a very calm and soothing atmosphere which states an easy going nature of the offers provided to its customers. Also keeping the social networking in mind. Factors That Influence Customer Expectations by Du Mobile Broadband Recently.

Micro data sim slots are only seen in Apple iPads. It comes in a variety of data bundle packages which suits the need of the customers because they are tailored for individual needs. Du promises the good network coverage to its clients and customers with data packages and affordable prices. customers can also store data on the usb which enables them a 2 in 1 convenience factor. It has a straight forward approach so as to prove what it states.suit the specific need of the customer. With regards to Du mobile broadband services offered. Service Quality Dimensions There are 5 service quality dimensions. the customers can avail to high speed connectivity of internet whilst on the move. Also. Du has various data bundle packages which match the diverse needs of consumers depending on the monthly usage. therefore Du has met the needs of that niche as well. assurance. Not only do they get access to internet. empathy and responsiveness. . When it comes to Micro data sim. but also they can send and receive sms¶s on their laptop itself. the most important of the lot is reliability. namely: reliability. Apart from gaining accessibility to the wireless internet through the usb like device. Bundle of Benefits In relation to Du¶s mobile broadband. they can check the usage of internet and pay the bill online as well as recharge it. In the case of the internet key. there are various benefits that a customer can enjoy as well as save a lot with the tailor made packages offered by Du. So as to satisfy the needs of different customers. it allows high speed connectivity. tangibles. Below is the diagram that shows the coverage within Dubai.

Du¶s physical environment of the shops as well as the website is that of an attractive nature. it also has trained staff who are well dressed and have a standard uniform which leaves a good impression in the minds of the consumers. Last but not the least comes the responsiveness of Du¶s customer care operators as there increasing demand of mobile broadband services and Du cannot cope up with the increasing number of customers. Du has tailored made offers and promotions which proves that the firm gives attention to its individual customers. Apart from it being one of the best when it comes to the ambience. As mentioned earlier.Figure 1 Map of Dubai The next most important element of the services quality dimension would be its tangibles. They have the ability to convince the customer and provide them with the service that matches their need the most. The employees have good knowledge about the internet key and micro data sim as well as the data bundles offered along with it. Next in line would be assurance and empathy that go hand in hand. .

performance as per the . etc). For a company from this industry internationally. faster broadband speed etc that allowed people to suggest one brand over another. (Cisco.5 G Internet on mobile phones (blackberry.Customer Relationship Management Lifetime of a Customer in Communication Industry Communication industry has been one of the most fast advancing fields over the last decade. Internet Key etc. over all performance and satisfaction of the operator. There were given options of data card. the average lifespan amounts to 10-15 years. we can assume the lifetime value to be equal to the number of stay in UAE. (Scribd. The NPS tool was used with the help of a questionnaire to identify the word of mouth activity done by consumers and the reason for suggesting or not suggesting an operator to a consumer. The reasons identified were that the two mobile operators do not provide with much of an option for the buyers. However there were certain elements of low cost. Further it is eve a common trend for the consumers to own more than 1 SIM hence for both the currently operating companies of etisalat and du. It was figured out that customer would demonstrate low word of mouth effort. I phone. (Business Monitor 2010) Word of Mouth from loyal customers NPS technique was used to determine the word of mouth effect in the telecommunication industry. the average lifetime would be 25-30 years. The figure would be roughly around 2530 years. 2010) This would be only 4 years if business customers were excluded. 3. In terms of mobile broadband. 2009) If the market of UAE is considered. Other questions included preference of the operator both for general communication and mobile broadband. better network coverage. (Flytxt. For any company to maintain their loyal customers it is essential that they keep track of the advancement and come up with the latest technologies from time to time in order to at least maintain their market share and keep their customers with them. 2010) However this data has been obtained from a country (European) where the competition between the telecommunication industries has been tough. people were asked which mode of Internet do they use when they are mobile.

identified customer relationship as one of the opportunity in the industry. The results obtained are present as below. people did not have any option other than etisalat and hence making a good customer relationship meant an increased market share for Du. These included. The loyalty card kept a track of talk time and added points when the cards were used for . Etisalat also came up with packages to enhance the customer relationship. not satisfied to recommend to others. customized text to different segments. It was identified from the survey that generally the mobile broadband is the same operator as that of the communication provider (used most by the consumers). at the time of its establishment. special offers and deals and rewarding of loyal customers.5 4 2 2. Looking at Du.promises.5 3. The above correlation shows how less likely even the loyal customers are to refer the service to some one. The whole questionnaire is present in the appendix. NPS 1 3 4 2 2 1 3 2 1 1 Correlation Loyalty 3. The main reasons identified were less options to choose from.33 3 2. NPS.33 3 2 1 0. likelihood to recommend an operator to a friend and why would they do so or not do so.average of 3-4 questions.240038102 Loyalty. (Business Monitor. 2010).5th question. Before that. Loyalty programs Etisalat introduced a loyalty program for its customers in partnership with mashreq bank and Visa. Customer Relationship Du. gaps in the services offered etc. and in total 10 mobile broadband users were surveyed.

2010) . the points earned could then be redeemed as free talk time or other benefits. The reason identified for this was the lack of good network coverage and busy network at peak hours. This credit can be used in the next billing month and hence the customer is expected to stay loyal while he uses the credit that he earned due to his usage. which can be fulfilled. (Helal. This is also a gap that Du can look into for future development. The program that du runs for its customers is that they can get credit back on local or international calls depending on the packages they purchased. Du still faces an uphill task to increase the customer satisfaction. (Du. 2010) Du has a slightly different loyalty programs in place. The people are still not convinced of the Du service due to the fact that they don¶t have their own tools for coverage. 2010) Customer Satisfaction The average score from the NPS questionnaire for the satisfaction for Du users was 3. (Etisalat.purchases. This shows that there is still room for increased customer satisfaction. It does not offer any points or credit cards to the customers and this is a possible gap in the service.

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