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A Holiday Message For Generations
As we all busy ourselves for the holidays, why not take a moment aside from material concerns to evaluate quality time actually spent with your
children. After all, family is at the core of our celebrations this time of year, and it is the ultimate goal of our hard work.

Unfortunately, many good moms and dads will not be able to see their children this season due to New York’s antiquated “custody” and “support”
laws. Blanket rules command the alignment of children with one parent while promoting needless controversies for profit in our domestic relations

Many of you have followed my ordeal in this system as I sacrificed a prominent and lucrative career seeking
justice for my children and “parents similarly situated”. Some have gone so far as to sponsor this public
service message so that your families might appreciate our cause and avoid the dysfunction and damage
which our state is producing here.

We all know that reform is desperately needed. Both the court system and bar of this state have appointed
commissions on the subject in recent years. Adverse impacts are found in our schools, neighborhoods, crime
statistics and productivity in the workforce. Meanwhile, taxpayers are left to shoulder its tremendous costs
through law enforcement and social services.

Rest assured, however, that meaningful results will not follow from these commissions. This is because the state has created a multi-billion dollar
child industry out of these court controversies. It is not inclined to jeopardize fees and revenues for the sake of children even though these processes
routinely violate a full range of rights protected by the American Constitution.

While we may not be able to stem the tide of violence and moral decay coming at us from Hollywood, we have a right, indeed a duty, to reverse the
damage to our families, children and livelihoods when it is being caused by government itself. The problem is a peculiar one arising from decades of
effort to fleece mainstream Americans of their hard earned income through every means available.

If you could make the people believe that the state is acting at all times in the best interests of their children, you could get them to surrender their
rights and even pay for the processes which took away their offspring. It is by no means a novel concept. Nazi, fascist and communist dictators have
mobilized entire nations behind some of the most hideous child propaganda ever known to mankind.

The schemes here may not be as overt, but the trend is similarly alarming. In countless Family Court cases, one loving parent will be phased out of
the childrearing process and forced to pay for it through diverted “child support” obligations. Shared parenting is the civilized remedy, but it is also a
dire threat to the money making system. Hence “equal protection” is not enforced and the public is deceived into believing that the state knows best
how to raise our children.

So it is that we find our children being raised through “custody” and “support”orders that encourage substitute parenting by strangers over the
natural parents. It is a phenomenon receiving little analysis and no reform. Yet it is one which is harming the productivity of an entire nation. Future
generations are being shaped by it.

At first, the problem comes across as a complex and elusive one. This works to the benefit of those who feed off the system. But to the victims who
realize that there can be no utopian parenting philosophy, at least none which the state can competently uphold, the bottom line is this: parents still
retain the inalienable right to decide, in the first instance, how their offspring will be raised.

Under our form of government, the state is remanded to the task of focusing upon cases of patent abuse and neglect where a true public interest may
be found. Instead, parents who simply choose to live apart are lumped together with unfit characters and forced to prove their fitness to the state
under the same rules and processes which are becoming mainstream in America today.

Parents should not be forced to prove themselves in order to spend more time with their children. The state must become more select and restrained
in these delicate matters. Unlike communist and socialist practices, the people’s resources are thereby applied more effectively. Mothers would
become less burdened, fathers would remain a meaningful part of their children’s lives and families would not be deprived of genuine parenting

Today’s barbaric money generating schemes are occurring in public courtrooms across America. Parents are coerced to destroy one another and spoil
their children against a natural order of childrearing. Moreover, if you can deny your “opponent” time with his children, you can retain that all
important welfare check called “child support” even where both parents are self sustaining.

When our state forces itself into private family affairs, it alters the traditional character of our judiciary. Judges should not have to shed their role as
impartial decision makers by rendering personal views on childrearing. Neither our Constitution nor our creator empowered them to pass such
judgments without proper cause. The time has therefore long passed for the people to take back their children.

Recently I filed a comprehensive test case seeking to do exactly this. It has gained momentum as a potential class action. On December 26-27, 2010,
I will be sponsoring a planning session behind a national parenting rights convention at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. In a matter of days,
confirmed attendees include a retired federal judge from California, a former state judge from North Carolina, lawyers, authors and parenting rights

Comparable support is urged here from our own area. We rightfully pride ourselves in prominent achievements such as the Boilermaker and Heart-
Run Walk, but now an opportunity is presented to join our nation’s final civil rights movement. Embracing it would be consistent with our region’s
proud heritage. So much talent has been wasted and lost here in recent decades.

Learn more about our movement at If you believe in our cause, kindly consider a contribution to my attention c/o Parenting
Rights Institute, 1518 Genesee Street, Utica, New York 13502. You may also call me directly at 796-4000. We are hoping to maintain a public
service office with nation-wide support and local staff. A prospectus is available for the details on our site or by requesting a hard copy. Your
assistance would be in every respect a gift for generations to come.

Please share this message with others as you enjoy the festive season and precious time with your own families and children.

Best regards,

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Founder, Parenting Rights Institute

This advertisement is sponsored by New Hartford Concerned Citizens, National League of Fathers, Inc. and supporting parents.

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