Dashcode Developer Beta Release Notes

This is a developer beta release of Dashcode, a new application for creating powerful Dashboard widgets coming in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). This beta release has been scaled back to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) in order to get feedback from a broad range of users. We appreciate your participation in this beta program and welcome your feedback about bugs fixes and enhancements that would make developing Dashboard widgets even more fun and productive. Dashcode will only be released officially as part of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). This beta release is not a finished product and will cease to function on July 15, 2007. For updates on Dashcode and the developer beta program, please visit the Dashcode ADC home page: http://developer.apple.com/tools/dashcode To submit comments to the Dashcode development team, send email to: dashcode@group.apple.com ADC manages a developer mailing list for general discussion about development for Mac OS X Dashboard. You can subscribe to this list at: http://lists.apple.com/mailman/listinfo/dashboard-dev NOTE: The version of Dashcode you are using is a beta quality product. While Dashcode has been tested and is suitable for creating widgets, there are a number of known issues that you should be aware of when using Dashcode. As a general reminder, you are encouraged to backup your widget project often when using Dashcode.

Known Issues
This section provides a listing of known issues with this release of Dashcode. If you plan on using Dashcode for widget creation, take these issues into account. Podcast Template: Redirected Audio File URLs Require QuickTime 7.1.3 If a podcast publishes URLs for its audio files that redirect using HTTP 302 responses, the audio does not load if any version of QuickTime prior to 7.1.3 is installed.  If you're distributing a widget based on the Podcast template, advise your users to update to QuickTime 7.1.3 before installing your widget. Daily Feed Template: Article Titles Appear Incorrectly Article titles may appear as "Untitled" instead of displaying the article's actual title.  To work around this issue, search for the getFirstElementByTagName method in your widget's JavaScript file and remove any instances of the "*" parameter.  For instance, if the existing call is var titleElt = getFirstElementByTagName (thisItem, "title", "*"), change it to var titleElt = getFirstElementByTagName(thisItem, "title").  There are three instances like this in a Daily Feed widget's JavaScript file. Default Image regeneration When you click on the Regenerate button in the default image preview, you need to click to another view in the navigator and back to the default image preview to see the result of the regeneration.

Default image preview undo support While you can undo many operations when using the default image preview, some operations, such as placing artwork, may not undo properly. Breakpoints on blank lines are not respected Setting a breakpoint on a blank line doesn’t pause a widget. To pause your widget at a certain point, make sure to add the breakpoint to the actual line of code that you want to pause at. Renaming a file doesn’t change references to it When you rename a file within your widget, you should change its name in all references to it. Files are usually referred to in a widget’s Info.plist and its HTML file. iPhoto Library requires iPhoto 6 The iPhoto library, part of the Library window, requires iPhoto 6 to function properly. Autoresize edge cases may not work properly Various combinations of autoresize behaviors, as set in the Metrics inspector, may not behave as intended. No notice when a file is replaced; folder replacement fails When you replace a file in the Files list with another of the same name, the replacement happens without any confirmation. When you try to replace a folder in the Files list by dragging another file with a same name into the list, the replacement fails and the original folder is left in place. To workaround this, remove the old file first (select the file and select Move to Trash) and then add the new file. Arrange menu items available to items selected via the canvas The items in the arrange menu only apply to elements that are selected on the canvas, not in the navigator. Deploying a widget to Dashboard doesn’t refresh a running widget If you already have a version of a widget running on Dashboard when you deploy another version of it to Dashboard, the original version runs until you either close or refresh it. Inspecting multiple items The inspector doesn’t let you select multiple items and change common properties via the Inspector window. Importing a widget may alter existing Apple Button instances If you import a widget that uses a <div> element for an Apple Button or Apple Glass Button instance, an extra <div> element is added inside the existing element. Erroneous visibility CSS attribute on some Button parts Some button parts, such as the lozenge button, may seem to disappear from the canvas after saving a project. To show the button, remove the visibility: hidden; attribute from the button’s CSS property in your widget’s HTML file.

Widget HTML files with missing <html> tags Widgets with HTML files that lack an initial <html> don’t open or import properly in Dashcode. Photocast Template: Photo display background color The background color of the photobox element, used to display photos, cannot be changed via the Fill & Stroke inspector. To change this element’s background color, edit the photobox element’s background-color attribute in the widget’s CSS file. Daily Feed Template: Articles with links If an article contains a link, the link isn’t retargeted to a browser.