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Kindergarten 2

Our Classroom Helpers:

Jesus Time
This week we will be reviewing memory work and songs for the Christmas Service.

This week in Reading and Writing we will:

This week we will:

Mrs. Naumann Mrs. Albrecht

M, Th T, W

• • •

Read a story of the Gingerbread Boy and variations of it Circle words that we know Read family words www.starfall to do a reading sound review

Write numerals 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Count using pennies up to 10 cents Identify the numeral that comes before and after numerals. Count

December 6, 2010 Week 15

• • •

Special points of interest:

Just a reminder that the Children’s Christmas Service is coming up December 18. We will be singing in the 5:30 service. The children will come dressed in their Sunday Best at 5:10 p.m. Take a rest/nap Saturday afternoon to be ready for the evening.

Inside this issue:
Parent Homework Child’s Homework 2 2 2 4

Songs: practice songs for the singing in church at Christmas Concepts: Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Friday: move to the beat

P.E. Please wear comfortable shoes for running.

Social Studies/Science

Collecting Calendar

Social St/Science
M, W: Travel to another

country, Germany T, Th: work on a Christmas Project F: a.m. Scholastic News

Parent Homework Other

Review your child’s homework. Review sheets done. Begin reading a chapter book to your child to expand their vocabulary. Reading gives them a chance to
• •

think and process the meaning of words and ideas. It is gives time for discussion. Keep an early bedtime Include protein in your child’s breakfast for a longer lasting supply of energy

• •

Homework to Do With Your Child
Wednesday: talk about family
Look for I, see, can, do, and, in, to, from, why, run, fast in stories


Christmas traditions in your house

Thursday: Play a game Friday:
half-day 11:45 dismissal

Tuesday: count when you are in
the car

Read books to your child everyday.

By 1’s, 5’s, or 10’s Count pennies

For the School: Place these items in the little wooden basket by the door. Box Tops for Educational Supplies Coke Rewards for School

December 6, 2010

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Helpful Hints from “Resources for Education”
Telling the truth Q: For the third time this week, my child told a lie. They weren’t big ones, but how can I get her to stop? Why is she doing this? A: Youngsters have vivid imaginations and are learning the difference between fantasy and fact. Talk with your daughter about what’s real and what isn’t. “Do talking purple dinosaurs really exist? Let’s look up dinosaurs in the encyclopedia and find out.” Kids also lie to avoid embarrassment. Confronting your child about eating a cookie without permission may prompt her to say a monster ate it. Remind her to tell the truth, even if she’s done something she shouldn’t. “It’s fun to pretend there are monsters, but they aren’t real. What is our rule about having snacks before dinner?” Pointing out when your youngster tells the truth will help build honest

behavior. Write down when she admits to doing something wrong or tells you about what she has done before you are aware of it. Review the list with her, and tell her you’re proud of her honesty. ♥

Family Games from “Resources for Education”

Waiting games
Waiting has become a part of our everyday lives. The next time you hear, “How much longer?” try one of these ideas to occupy your children: Play word games. Start with a simple word like up, and take turns thinking of opposites or alternative words.

Examples: up, down, left, right. Take all the change out of your pocket and let your youngsters sort it. Then, show them how to count it out. Count the pennies. Look at the coins. One side is called the head, it has the head of a former president. The other side is called tails. Play a game and have your child call heads or tails. You flip the coin and have them call it.

Practice counting. If your child can count to 100, count by 10’s. Say each number and ask them to repeat it after you. Try an alphabet search. One person finds an object that begins with the letter a. The next person finds something beginning with b, and so on.

Learning Guidelines from “Resources for Education”
When parents get involved in learning, kids are more successful. Help your youngsters get off to a good start in school by creating habits like these at home: • Make time each day to look over school papers with your youngsters. Be on the lookout for notes from their teachers, and mark important dates on the calendar. • Sharing at dinnertime is helpful. “I see that you have Gordo gorilla
December 6, 2010

(peeling a banana) and Honey horse (galloping). Show the action that they do. Tell me the sound that Gordo and Honey say.

Limit time on electronic game devices. Try to give equal time to developing vocabulary or playing outside.

My daughter Amy always seemed to be “bouncing off the walls”— at home, at school, just about everywhere. I didn’t know what to do. Since my

sister’s son is also very active, I asked her for some advice. She suggested that Amy get as much exercise as possible. So, we try to go for a walk or play in the park almost ever y day. On other days, Amy rides her bike or plays running games with the other kids on our block. I’ve noticed that Amy is especially “wired” when she’s overtired, so I make sure she gets plenty of sleep. The difference these changes have made to her behavior is wonderful — and I’m calmer, too!
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Our Classroom Helpers: Mrs. Naumann M, Th Mrs. Albrecht T, W

Apostles Lutheran School 5828 Santa Teresa Blvd. San Jose, CA 95123 School Phone: 408-578-4800 Miss S: School & Church: WELS (church group) website:


Calendar Items Thursday, Dec. 16 2:00-2:45 p.m. Christmas Party
We will exchange gifts. It will be a surprise until the day of the party where names will be chosen out of a hat. Boys will buy a gift for a boy. Girls will buy a gift for a girl. On the gift tag write: To: A Girl or A Boy From: Your Child’s name

r blog at Look for ou http//: m apostlesk2

Saturday, Dec. 18 Practice 9:30-11:00 a.m.
Rest in the afternoon before arriving for the service.

Saturday, Dec. 18 Children’s Christmas Service 5:30 p.m. Children arrive5:10

Monday: arrive after 8:00 Half-day at 11:45 Full Day 3:00 Review folder Tuesday: arrive after 8:00 Full Day P.E. wear running shoes Dismissal at 3:00 Wednesday: arrive after 8:00 Half-day at 11:45 Full day 3:00 Thursday: arrive after 8:00 P.E. wear running shoes Full day 3:00 Friday: arrive after 8:00

Return folder. Half-day at 11:45

Full Day3:00

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