Work in Class, Sixth Grade Escuela Paul Harris Objetivo: Lograr que los estudiantes puedan redactar oraciones

en tiempo pasado. Names: ____________________________________________________ Mark: _____________________________________________________ Date: _____________ Score: / 35 Use this sheet of paper to answer these questions. You have the full period to finish this activity. Good luck! 1. Look up these words in the dictionary. (11 puntos) Best known: Born: Currently: Actress: Kept (keep): Smiling: Smiley: Appearance: Appeared: Heartaches: Wings: Was chosen: Due to: Was seen: Released: Includes: Performed: Called: Meet: Soundtrack: Contains: From which:

2. Read this magazine article and answer true or false. (10 puntos) ____ Miley Cyrus is her real name. ____ She is an actress, singer and songwriter. ____ She is studying at Heritage Middle School. ____ Miley has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. ____ Miley doesn’t have pets. ____ Miley appeared in a music video. ____ Miley acted in High School Musical 2. ____ Miley is Hanna Montana. ____ Miley released two albums. ____ Miley has only one friend.

3. Answer these questions (4 puntos) How Miley got her that nickname? ___________________________________________ Has Miley acted in movies? ________________________________________________ Where did Miley Cyrus act as a singer? _______________________________________ When Miley released her album “Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus? _____________ 4. Choose a person that you admire and write a biography, remember to write some events in past. You have to write at least 100 words and DECORATE it. Use the information below as help for writing the article. (16 puntos) How to write a biographical article
Research the person: read books, read magazines, Internet research, Interviews (if possible). Search about his/her favorite things Select an angle: learn all about a person's life (personal, professional, private) Select one aspect of that person's life. Try to select an aspect of that person's life that has not yet been told Write an outline: Select the main events in the person's life. Write them in a certain order (chronological, professional development, etc.) Write the paper: Simple, pick up your pen and write away. Write more than less. In Biographies, there is always more to cover than is necessary. It is much easier to cut out than try to add in later on. Remember, there are some things that you have to write in past. Edit the paper: Edit purely for grammar, punctuation. Edit purely for content (order). Give the paper to someone else to read.

Useful statements for writing a biography ……… born in 1999 He/she has ……brothers and ….. Sisters He/she is an actor (actress)/ a singer/ a writer/ a football player/ a dancer/ a musician. He/she lived in ……….. He/she studied in………He/she acted in……………. He/she played ……….. Su trabajo tiene los siguientes objetivos que serán medidos por esta tabla. Lee la tabla para que tengas una idea de como será evaluado tu articulo. Objetivo Redacción de oraciones en pasado: Correcto uso de la regla de verbos regulares e irregulares. Orden de las palabras en las oraciones Orden cronológico de datos Existencia de oraciones en presente. Palabras: Cumple con el mínimo de palabras exigidas en el artículo Correcta escritura de palabras Ornamentación : Presencia de dibujos y colores. Limpieza de la hoja donde presenta la actividad 1 punto 5. After writing the biography answer these questions: (4 puntos) a) b) c) d) Why did you choose that person? Why do you admire that person? It was difficult to write the biography? Did you enjoy it? Is this person a role model? Why? Why not? 3 puntos 2 puntos 2 puntos 2 puntos 2 puntos 2 puntos 2 puntos Puntaje asignado Puntaje Obtenido

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