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Cheadle Campaign Launch Speech

Happy to be here to launch the campaign where we will win back the seat that

we held between 2001 - 2015 and since then has been neglected by the tories.

Area that voted strongly to remain and needs a real, LD, remain voice, to get our

area heard and to Stop Brexit.

In the Euro’s campaigned hard to get myself and my NW colleague Chris Davies

elected, nobody expected to get 2 LDs but look where we are.

Amazing local election results on 2nd May that left the team with 26 Lib Dem

councillors on Stockport Council.

All this shows we have real great ground to work from.

As an MEP been very lucky to come round and see so many active local parties

and none more so than here in Cheadle.

Been great to work in the European Parliament alongside so many amazing

people from different nationalities and backgrounds and made me realise now

more than ever that we need to work together.

On a visit this week for our Renew Europe group, went to European Space

Agency to learn more about vital research and investment the EU provides.

Visiting here made me realise that politics isn’t exactly rocket science and that

actually a rocket launch is similar to a campaign launch. Need 3 key parts to

function otherwise it will never take off.

 Need Astronauts: Our PPC Tom Morrison

- Needs to be somebody strong and reputable to the people.

- Need be someone who can make a difference nationally but also who

knows the local area and what it needs.

- Need somebody who has taken local action and as a councillor has the

knowhow of the important work of local government.

- So delighted to support Cllr Tom Morrison who is already a great

councillor for Cheadle and will make a great MP for the area.

- Will continue to fight for the best deal for both Cheadle and the UK.

 Need Rocket: Volunteers

- Most important part of the campaign. Without volunteers, without your

hard work we would not stand a chance.

- You are the bedrock of the campaign. Your hard work in all local

elections, by-elections, previous GE campaigns and the Euro’s are what

have put us in such a good stead here.

- We can’t win the election without your core manpower and support.

Those dark nights and rainy days knocking on doors are what will win the

election for us. The hard work WILL pay off.

 Need fuel: Campaign Issues

- Can’t go anywhere without fuel, and issues and policy areas are what

fuel our campaigns. 2 issues are more pressing than any others atm.


- Brexit is bad for Cheadle and all of GM/ the North West. We are an area

broken away from the Westminster bubble and hub in the south. EU

provide vital funding and jobs in the area. The irresponsible government

don’t realise this and leave us becoming even more cut off from the rest

of the country with a dangerous deal.

- 40% of Brits say that Brexit has had some impact on their mental health.

In the North it has affected more than most because of our social

deprecation and gap from the south.

- Despite Boris proclaiming to have a great deal. We can still make a

difference, we can still fight for a people’s vote and we can still stop Brexit.

Climate emergency

- 2 degrees increase in temperature by the end of the century rather than

a 1.5 degree rise, Sea levels would be at least 10 centimeters higher.

Collapse of coral reefs would be essentially ensured. The Arctic would be

ice-free once per decade at 2 degrees, compared to once per century at

1.5 degrees.

- We are facing a real climate emergency. We need to make people realise

that this climate emergency is real. We must campaign to make people

aware and to pressure the government to make more effort to bring the

climate target forward.

- Flooding in Cheadle very bad must do something. Tom Morrison has

campaigned hard against this to get investment into flood defences etc

and will continue to do so on a national scale.

I am very proud to introduce to you your new PPC, Tom Morrison.