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Business Coaching on Apple's iPad Now a Reality for FocalPoint and Brian


FocalPoint Business Coaching has released an industry-first in the iPad app. Now Business Owners
and Executives can get the recognized business improvement of Brian Tracy delivered on the iPad.
Initial customers have already commented on its eco-friendliness and how it has helped them

San Diego, CA, December 06, 2010 --( FocalPoint Business Coaching, the world's most
recognized Business and Executive Coaching team today announced the release of the iPad edition of its
entire Business and Executive Coaching library, now available at the App Store.

The brands easy-to-navigate application is designed for Business Owners and Executives who are
working with a FocalPoint Coach. The App contains the same content the brand has always used to
successfully guide business improvement, but with the addition of intuitive links to take advantage of the
innovative display and Multi-Touch interface.

“This is a significant innovation, as our industry is still 3-ring binder based. We have jumped ahead to
2025 by leveraging the power of this powerful tool," said Steve Thompson, President of FocalPoint

The Coaching material is based on the proven and respected works of Brian Tracy, the world's foremost
author and speaker on business and sales improvement. It goes deeper into both operational excellence
and providing time management tools for senior business leaders. The new iPad Coaching App features
active links, automated emails, and new ways to move through the coaching material.

Users are raving about this innovation. John Geshay, a FocalPoint Coach in Jacksonville, Florida had a
client exclaim; “I de-programmed paper ages ago. I love this.”

FocalPoint and Brian Tracy have always led the industry with innovation. “We operate with a
future-focus because we practice what we preach - constant and never ending improvement,” said Brian
Tracy, the originator of FocalPoint. “Innovation is part of our culture.”

He goes on to say that “We have always focused on 2 simple things as we grow - client success and coach
success. The iPad App is another step in our global plan.”

The FocalPoint iPad App is unique as it marks the first time that anyone in our industry has moved away
from writing in 3-ring binders. Carlos Rosales, a FocalPoint Coach in Houston Texas says “I now have
what used to take up five large binders in a nice compact device.”

To find out more about the iPad App and its impact on coaching, click here to view a Youtube video.

The FocalPoint Business Coaching App is available from the App Store for free. A client needs to work

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with a coach to get full access to the App.

About FocalPoint Business Coaching, powered by Brian Tracy.

FocalPoint Business Coaching was founded in 2004. We are an elite group of Business and Executive
Coaches worldwide who use the brand and content of Brian Tracy to deliver impactful results to the
clients we serve.

Steve Thompson, President. 702-932-3870.
Dominic Rubino, Executive Vice President. 702-622-9694.


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FocalPoint Business Coaching, powered by Brian Tracy
Dominic Rubino
Steve Thompson, President, 702-277-6622

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