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DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd. is one of the leading Express distribution company in India covering both domestic and international services. Incorporated in the year 1990, DTDC is in its 20th year of operations in India. It has a large delivery network covering close to 10,000 pin codes giving its customers the best reach in the country. Its efficient international network spans over 240 global destinations supported by its own offices in US, UK and UAE and associa offices in all the important global te destinations. Head quartered in Bangalore DTDC has its zonal offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata supported by 300 plus own offices and over 4000 channel partner offices spread across the country delivering over 100 million shipments every year. Company has the state of art IT infrastructure to support their operations and has built many customized applications for its corporate clients. The customer profile cuts across the industry verticals covering banking, insurance, telecom, manufacturing and IT. Company p rovides excellent solutions for E commerce business and has capability of seamless integration of applications with the customer providing efficient transaction and database management. DTDC has strategic equity participation by ADAG group. DTDC plans to consolidate its growth and its vision is to interface with customers more often in their value chain by offering wide range of products and services.

Target Market
DTDC offers a wide variety of services and aims to cater to its target market which is diverse
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Banks Financial Institutions Law firms Government Agencies Hospitals and Medical Labs Manufacturing Supply Services Insurance Firms Telecom Sector Students Professionals Airline Passengers e-Commerce Business Educational institutions

This aids in tracking and grievan redressal. Regional offices and employees. This is a unique feature w here the delay in any consignment and the reason for the delay or non delivery can be mentioned. y y y y y y Prompt delivery Quality delivery Consistency Accessibility Tracking of package(s) Value for money DTDC strives to ensure that the parcels sent via its premium service reach the receiver on a time.bound schedule and in mint condition. It has also facilities for local for intra-city couriers which promises to deliver professional service at a friendly price. In addition. DTDC also looks at customizing its products for its target market. the service provides online and SMS tracking and specialized packaging based on the nature of the article being dispatched. . For this. DTDC has introduced NFS or Newsflash service exclusively for franchisees. DTDC has been instrumental in providing location & pin code finder through their online database so that delivery is prompt and error-free. it has introduced novel services such as the Student Academy Express a cost friendly service aimed at the college students. Plus. Also. DTDC has been reliable in its delivery with a low rate of delay or damage in articles it handles.Service Concept The Service Concept of DTDC is guided by the customers preferences regarding the services it provides. making them value for money service providers. For the courier sender. the company has come up with a solution for travellers with excess baggage by providing services at a cheap price for luggage transport. The value added services ce DTDC provides are useful and user friendly thus.

Stron g Medium Weak DTDC India Post . 9 = good and 1= poor.House of Quality What Customer wants?-Customer Perception Timely Delivery Web tracking Value added service e-mail alerts Reach Assured Delivery Quality Delivery Delivery Of Mass Mailers Tracking Economical prices Responsiveness Reliability 9 7 6 5 8 8 9 8 5 8 9 8 Average Average Average Poor Good Good Good Good Poor Good Good 9 9 9 7 7 9 135 117 45 199 137 Good Poor Average Value added service includes special care for the packages Quality delivery means on time and without damage.

Service Blueprint of DTDC Physical Evidence Different DTDC offices in the locality DTDC website Customer Actions Creating package for delivery Calling or going to DTDC Office for submission of the package Receive Receipt containing tracking no. Payment for delivery Line of interaction Onstage visible contact employee action Backstage Invisible contact employee action Support Processes Making of receipt and assigning tracking number Weighing and estimating the cost of delivery Receiving the Package Line of visibility Transferring the package to the centre office Delivery to the respective address Line of internal interaction Carrying the package from centres to different locations and from there to respective addresses Updating track record on the site Carrying the package from centres to different locations and from there to respective addresses .

The data is available on the web for customers update. Facilities Reliable performance and quality. customer oriented.leased lines. The High End IT capabilities deployed ensure tracking each consignment at every touch point right from booking till delivery. . They work with the country¶s leading airlines. transferring it to the respective location centre and then delivering to the receiver¶s address. Fine tuned and well-connected networks of on-board associates ensure great service and timely deliveries every time. Its goal is to provide such superior service. the best communications and information management technology available. responsive. including the new on-line ordering. It relentlessly pursue providing the most environmentally friendly. DTDC makes extensive use of bar code scanners and electronic weighing machines across our entire network to ensure accuracy and integrity of transactions. At DTDC. railways and roadways. DTDC is committed to remaining at the forefront of the latest same-day delivery technology. well-managed company with over 20 years of success to its credit. Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL). tracking and reporting tool. DTDC performs thousands of deliveries flawlessly on a daily basis. DTDC uses heterogeneous modes to link to our central database . point-to-point delivery service. unwavering commitment is to provide the customers with the best delivery solutions throughout the world. they connect a large percentage of packages through the airways. The peace of mind in knowing that customer is doing business with an established.Service Delivery System At DTDC. that its customers rave about its service each time they use it. which ensures safe and efficient transhipment of parcels and documents. in addition to the highest level of professional customer support. Cable and dial up lines. DTDC has deployed state of the art Technology backed by efficient operations infrastructure to provide efficient services to all its customers. Employee: Taking the package from the customer tracking the package. Equipments and Technology Company has the state of art IT infrastructure to support their operations and has built many customized applications for its corporate clients. Indian Airlines authorized On-Board-Couriers. Short distances and bulk loads at DTDC are best handled via surface cargo services that deliver door-to-door products through rail or road. Role Played Customer: Submission of the package by calling DTDC employee at home or going to the DTDC office to give it for delivery.

Regional offices. Chennai & Mumbai. Area offices. Singapore. The data is available on the web for customers update. at any time. professional and ready for speedy delivery service. ASIC based Firewalls and Enterprise Class Gateway anti-virus solutions are deployed and efficient and strong email network across the country for a better and fast communication. DTDC has extended its service network to the overseas market and provides services to worldwide destinations using its own branches and international associates at prime gateways like USA. Kolkata. Layout Headquartered at Bangalore. and Courier Service agent can carry out the transport of consignments by his own or leased vehicles. To keep the track of the mail Courier Service agent ensures tracking of each consignment at every touch point right from booking till delivery.(can handle close to 400 million transactions in its IT systems) The DTDC team of 13000 Courier Service agents is skilled. Hubs and Sub-offices. Bangladesh. as well as by the public transportation.000 pin code areas and has over 4. Process that generate service outcome The DTDC¶s Courier Service agents take over mail at their respective office location or from customer¶s home or from customer¶s office. Courier Service agent has to hear customer grievances and also works for service recovery in case of failure. multiple Xeon processor based IBM Servers. The Courier Service agent who distributes packages must have the possibility. It has 3700 locations in India and 240 locations abroad. At our Corporate Data Centre at Bangalore. with 4 of its Zonal Offices at Delhi. Sri Lanka & Hong Kong. To transfer the mail one or more kinds of transport is used. UAE. which includes its Branch offices.000 Franchised outlets. . DTDC currently serves around 10. Bhutan. UK. to act by order of the sender. Nepal.It has few Servers and many desktops running diverse applications. supported by 176 offices. transfer it directly and hand it over at the destination address.

It constantly seeks to improve its existent products and based on the requirements of its customers and the business environment. . However. It has also incorporated e-commerce and use of e-mail for the convenience of its customers.Conclusion DTDC provides professional service and its service concept caters to the needs of its target market. It should also look at increasing accessibility to remote areas and foreign locations. it can improve in the areas of grievance redressing and in the area of providing cost effective benefits for the products and services. it introduces new products such as Student Academy Express and International Gift Courier .

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