Home Language: Think about the kind of language that your family uses at home.

How is it alike or different from how you speak in the classroom or with your friends or in other communities to which you belong. How does it fit into the concept of Standard American English as you understand it? Barbee DeBrocq Professor Jan Rieman English 1103 September 23, 2010 Writing to Explore: Home Language In my house, we don’t talk like we are a politician or someone who is super important. We don’t speak like we are giving a presentation, and we definitely don’t always use proper grammar. If you are in my house, everyone is comfortable and talks how they want. Well not necessarily, there is no disrespect tolerated but you get the picture. My mom has five brothers and they all grew up in Miami, so proper grammar usage and swearing was never really a big deal. I was around my wild uncles and older cousins all the time and I would sometimes pick up on things they said. My parents watched it when my sister and I were a lot younger but it wasn’t like we wouldn’t hear those “bad” words anyways. I am so comfortable with my family that I cuss in front of my parents all the time. I have never cussed at any of my elders or used profanity in a disrespectful manner; however, cussing is a bad habit. Sometimes I like to call swearing, “word vomit” because they tend to just slip out unexpectedly. I blame my mother for my potty mouth. Although my comfort level with my family is abundant, it is even greater with my friends. I mean, whose isn’t? When you hear one of your friends use some random word in substitute for another, you start to pick up on it. None of my friends use Ebonics, thank goodness! We actually mock it and it is quite hilarious, but we definitely don’t speak properly. I DeBrocq 1

am never trying to impress my friends so using proper grammar and big words is to the least of my concern. I feel like too much of one way and not enough of the other would just make someone sound stupid and I don’t like to ever sound stupid so I talk pretty normal. Sadly, I do tend to cuss more around my friends. I guess it’s because I know they don’t care at all, and they all do it. And then still, there is the “word vomit” aspect to it. Now I am realizing that I should really try and break that habit because girls aren’t supposed to have potty mouths! In the classroom or in any environment that profanity is usually frowned upon, I always refrain from using foul language. But I am always myself in whatever situation, regardless of whether it is a classroom, a party, or my house. If someone doesn’t like the way I speak to them or talk then they can get over it. I am definitely not talking about being rude, I don’t like being rude or disrespectful to anyone, no matter the age. The way I use language is a part of me as it is anyone else so why should I change it. If we all used perfect and proper grammar or language we would sound like a tape recording of a text book. In my opinion, listening to people would be boring. When someone talks, it is a part of what makes them an individual so it is nice for everyone to sound different. It gives conversation, word exchanging, and all language a little kick!

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